Solar Eclipse 99: Grid Magnetics go to Zero,

Time for Heart's Re-Pent?

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A "timeout" for the New Millenium Inrush?

-new info 7/5/99 re Aug 11 Ur Na Sha Imprinting from Thoth see bottom AND see new article Eye of the Sun: How To Embed for Aug 11 & Ur Na Sha Imprinting

-major new graphic pictorial 7/18/99 using this Re-Pent Geomantic clue to understand:ElDorado & The Re-Penting of America:Pictorial Map to America's Geomantic Global Role

Observatory shows the glow of a solar flareerupting from the sun - as well as the tracks created by high-energy protons blasting the camera.

British planner says space storms could be bigger than Y2K

Solar flares pose millennial threat , REUTERS
LONDON, March 18 -  A burst of solar flare activity around the millennium could wreak more havoc on satellite systems and power grids than the Year 2000 computer problem, a senior British Y2K planner said Thursday.

-see Galactic Alignment article for context of the CROSS of the Great Solar Year better summary of aug 11 solar event sites

 Note added 8/20/99 Re: The Physics of Eclipses.. vs Gravity:

Q:Subject:foucault & eclipse? Fri, 20 Aug 1999 01:26:01 -0700
From: fjchacon <>

Can you tell me where I can get info about the amazing connection
beetween august eclipse and foucault pendulum deviation?

Thanks a lot, colleague!
Did you saw turkish quake and climatological disasters around eclipse´s
date? Hasta luego!


Subject: Gravity?:Proportion of charge recursion below you vs above you.

Re: Tom Van Flandern's "Speed of Gravity"
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 From: dan winter <>
To:, CC: fjchacon <>

Grateful for your work investigating gravity measures..with some geometry in mind.. I see that Alistair Couper mentions your work also at

he mentions mine at..

I had worked with bill ramsey and indirectly
greg hodowanec for years, I thought greg's chart evidence that
sensitive capacitors measured major gravity body alignments at a
much faster than light speed..
was convincing..

this was a big part of my thinking

suggesting.. and do you find any evidence for..?

that when waves of charge add and multiply in golden mean
ratio-perfecting recursion-
the recursive heterodyne add and multiply
applies to their wave velocities as well as their wave lengths
especially when the nesting is golden mean.. add and multiply..

therefore.. the same phi harmonic charge which creates faster than light penetration..
literally creates gravity in the first place.. ( makes the 'well' so nicely pictured on your site..possible..)

some math at predictions link above...?
(hydrogen balmer spectral emission series in golden ratio harmonics etc...)

in generalized terms, gravity occurs in the atom to the extent the nuclear geometric
is recursive or fractal to the electron geometry... making implosion of capacitance possible..
(thru light speed) WHEN waves nest recursively (optimized by golden ratio...

gravity is a charge fractal.. where wave fronts can bootstrap thru light speed
because of recursive wave front addition.. allowing non-destructive velocity acceleration..

also explaining perfect compression in black holes..( bends time...

dan winter

ps re: eclipse effect on foucault's pendulum..
dowsers long knew earth mag lines shrink during eclipse..


could it be that the proportion of charge recursion below you vs above you
is the amount of gravity (wind?) you feel..

moon centroid electrically embeds more toward sun..when geometrically aligned, away from earth..

  Simple suggestions for how to use the Millenium Magnetic "still point" to powerfully re-fabricate/align earth's magnetic grid.

Grid goes down, new grid goes in.

Here's more on how and why.


7/22/99 update: remember access to the magnetic 'still point' is embedding yourself in a fractal (below story), the practical aspect of DOING this is GROUNDING.. this spin path into fractality... grounding... has the SAME meaning/physics in PSYCHOLOGY/MEDIATION as it does in ELECTRICAL THEORY.. this should help you VISUALIZE AND BECOME GROUNDED EMBEDDED.. please see angel's GROUNDING VISUALIZATION Mystress Angelique Serpent:Grounding.



Dan Winter 3/16/99

some patterns are "DEEPLY EMBEDDED"

Inspired by conversations with Beth Bridgman, author of "Binary Fusion" and the Millennium Bug, co presented in the book as the lo-phi wave solution.. "It's not a bug: It's a Feature!".

"The solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 might well be one of the most important events in human history. " SOLAR ECLIPSE 1999 - FINAL QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL

Eclipse/Earth-Grid Re-Alignment, Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999
From: <raphiem>, To:

Hi Dan,

I have one question, not sure if you can help, you seem to be the
authority on Earth-Grid Engineering. I did try browsing through the your
website, but in the short time I spent online did not come across
anything that may answer my question.

Eversince reading almost all Bruce Cathie's books (Harmonic33 thru
Conquest of Space), where the Sun plays a major role in the earth grid,
I figured that since our conciousness/soul/spirit density/programming is
linked-in and a part of the Earth/Grid, that Eclipses (ala Eclipse Aug
'99 etc) must play havoc or switch-off our restrictive link to the
Earth/Grid. (?)

Question: Could you please answer if this is the case and exactly what
does happened to our soul/spirit when grid re-engineering takes place.
Are we able to also re-engineer our Soul/Spirit/Body interface/program.

Your help/experience/knowledge in this area is most appreciated.
Thank You


and followed by: Stone Circles & Dance Circles Help Seeds to Germinate & Clouds to Formby Simple Physics... RECURSION CREATES ATTRACTOR CALLED AWARENESS?

I first learned about how the grid switches off during eclipses from Vincent Bridges and also from David Yarrow. (geomancers and dowsers).. David has some master dowsers info on his site. Also Vincent deals with some aspects of the grand solar cross associated with this solar eclipse at A Monument To The End Of Time, alchemy, fulcanelli and the great cross, by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges

The pictures of the great magnetic line up implosion of the galactic/solar/earth 3 equators crossing into "erection of holy cross" (Nick Fiorenza et al), are at the original Millennium article.


Here is the principle for a deep understanding of what opportunity exists during Eclipse and magnetic collapse, for the grid and it's bio-communication emotional bloodstream:

There is an old useful story about how the last great druid king died. In those days, Earth's magnetism was much stronger. The paramagnetic stone lensing accomplished by Stonehenge type dolmen massaged that envelope of planet magnetic veins, stabilizing the rose petals. (fractality not fractionation for fertility and bio embedding which IS life force.) Marty Cain even today reports part of her body floating up off the stone quoit due to magnetic focal density there. Well this last great Druid King was floating on his paramagnetic stone "vehicle" along the old ley straight track, when a collapse of the field strength along the ley line DUE TO AN ECLIPSE caused him to crash and die. You see, an important function of the Dolmenic structures was astrocartographic mapping to accurately predict such eclipses, but in his haste, to answer the summons of the Roman King, he miscalculated that timing.

One message is, that in order to keep squirting your juices down the magnetic railroad "ley" lines of the planet, you must know when the plumbing gets shut off IN ADVANCE.

Any dowser like David Yarrow, will tell you that there have been elaborate studies done to show the Earth Magnetic "ley:" lines INVARIABLY AND MEASUREABLY collapse to a tiny fraction of their normal width during Solar and Lunar eclipse. They even have detailed charts of which kinds of eclipses cause the greatest collapse. So, we could say: experimentally, we have extensive data showing collapse of Earth Magntic Line Field Strength during eclipse.

Our challenge here is to understand why, and what to do about it in the context of the great SOLAR ECLIPSE 1999 - FINAL QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL, and also in the sense of the overall magnetic implosion / solar winds associated with the millenium event.

1. Q: Why do Earth Magnetics collapse during alignments such as the upcoming major eclipse?

A: Gravity is caused by the wave shape cascading INWARD being SELF-SIMILAR or FRACTAL to the outer wave shape. This permits continuous non-destructive wave collapse by PHI embedding. Whether the field effect is an atom or a planet, phi/recursive wave nesting is what makes the charge fractal imploding WHICH IS CALLED GRAVITY. This means for example that Hydrogen's nuclear wave distances are Golden Mean multiples of the electron distances (See Randy Masters on Phi harmonics in Balmer series. ) It also means that the outer magnetic sheathing of the planet, must jitterbug frequently back to dodeca/icosa in order to stabilize gravity and retain atmosphere, otherwise the attractiveness of Earth fractionates. This also means that the REASON radioactive half life decreases measurebly when you add intense focused human awareness (Uri Geller's UK research), is the addition of the GLUE which is increased recursivness/ self embedding to the magnetic worm hole structure (of the atom..see heart of the anu/sun). Essentially, the little field stays nested in the big field, ONLY when you keep adding the recursion/ self-steering to keep the flux re-entrant, WHICH IS FOCUSED ATTENTION. It also means that gravity can be stabilized by spectrum analyzing the charge envelope and re-steering the harmonic "tensors" to PHI multiples. This "SAVES" planets like Earth with the exact same math of perfecting embedding HeartLink uses to 'save' hearts. To re-pent means to become Phi distributable as a wave and thereby shareable and sustainable... and thus "saved". In suggesting re-'pent'-ence, your fundamentalist minister did not realized he was naming a useful principle for capacitive waves, as well as shareable (pure) intent.

Let us say it very simply first, during an Eclipse there is less resistance to con-centering collapse (implosion)..

this creates:

1. ley line collapse,

2. a big squeeze on everything made of magnetic waves (which is everything)..,

3. testing for non-destructive compression (see scale invariant=perfect embedding)..,

4.which is the same as compassion (feeling embedded inside EVERYTHING.. because your are)..,

5. this magnetic compressional waves tests glandular magnetism (emotion) for this distributability giving rise to the religious term RAPTURE. (see also kundalini as rapt-tor..-re-entrant into stillness-the physics of PEACE).

Next we will visualize WHY eclipses do this. Try to imagine waves entering a better conic vortex array between planets during an eclipse. Remember that what we have been calling gravity is a WIND OF CHARGE OR CAPACITANCE GONE IMPLOSIVE BECAUSE OF RECURSION SYMMETRY. At an eclipse, the cone of the earth moon sun are aligned into a perfect symmetric charge vortex. This DECREASES THE RESISTANCE IN THE COLLAPSING IMPLOSIVE SPIN PATH (FOR CHARGE), from Earth's center onward thru the heart of the sun. The result is, more capacitance waves can leave thru the Earth's gravity core, massaged to superluminal harmonics (which are the gravity bloodstream planets exchange EROTICALLY, see Gurdjieff). See newly rewritten intro to Physics of Phi. Remember 'A GRAVITY WELL IS A CAPACITOR REARRANGED INTO A 3D FRACTAL (see dodec/icos nuclear and planet grid models). Essentially, the flow of gravity from Earth's core onward into a self-aware/self-organizing solar metabolism is enhanced. This results in less magnetic blood being left inside Earth's own vein structures. In physics this could be measured by, not only proving reduced flux density in Schuman magnetics and long magnetic lines, BUT ALSO MEASURED as closer approach to PHI harmonics in spectrum analysis of Schuman harmonics.. even a passive biological capacitor under an old oak tree.. (as we did to prove the effect of ecstatic human heart harmonics on trees.)

More reading on Gravity vs Embedding vs Emotion of Compassion:


Relationship of gravity to love

Recursion in The Harmonic Power Spectra of the Earth's Magnetic Grid

Then getting back specifically to the point of our article:

2. Q: What then does this collapse to zero of Earth Grid's magnetic veins do to deep survival of magnetic communication of biological structures on the planet.

A: Simplest way to answer would be to look at a picture:

This is the magnetic flow line path of:

a. Side view of a Golden Spiral Projected on the simple 60degree implosion cone of nested dodec- which is geometry of perfect embedding/ the holy grail (only true 3D fractal.)

b. Perfect WAVE DAMPING .. (optimized by PHI/Golden Mean mathematically)

c. Perfect and only spin path to a zero point.

d. Perfect BREATHING EXCERCISE TO EMBED! ref: Practical time travel; The Shareable Psyche & Simple Exercizes to "Zero Point"

e. Perfect way to take Earth's magnetics (& therefore ALL of life) into the next superposed spin density (DIMENSION literally).

Use this as a visual tool to understand that if you want to approach the lightening of great spin density/awareness you must reach in in a certain dance. This allows you to do so without burning your finger. (Remember the arc spark gap at the end of your finger of man touching god is a PHI/Golden mean series distance harmonic "con-crescing" capacitance cascade between joint to joint... to elbow, for an important REASON. - aka Universal Man painting.)

To understand how the Earth responds biologically to getting spun in a (planetary aligning gradual) dance, to this STILL POINT, is now easy. To do it, try the breath above. Use the picture again to take a really long deep breath. Then gently take the next breath JUST APPROXIMATELY (as best you can) to .61 (literally binary fusion) as LONG and as DEEP as the previous one.. watching the picture as a bouncing ball, do this again and again, until your breath reaches total REFINEMENT to ALMOST ABSOLUTE STILLNESS. When your intuition tells you, then enter TOTAL STILLNESS. Then here, in this place, totally relax (embed), and FEEL!!!

The TINGLE and PRESENCE which hundreds of audiences around the planet have told me they FEEL as they do this is:

1. electrically- a charge dense fractal

2. emotionally- the arrival of MAX (headroom) memory to ONE point.

3. spiritually- a fine way to telephone GOD (no tax due to any priest).

Imagine you are the Earth, whose experience of rushing magnetism up and down her poles (your compass needle) IS EXACTLY LIKE BREATH. What does she do during STILL POINTS?

Well, what did you do? during your still point..

If you were wise, you installed new wiring! (See "Can INTENT Steer Waves?")

Simply put, this is an ideal time to reshape the patchwork quilt (immune membrane) of your magnetic (inner and outer) landscape.

To understand why and how in what order, ask your neighborhood plummer. Here are his steps:

1. Map out old pipes

2. Assemble new pipes in the more embedded flow path. (fit the long pattern better)


4. Connect new pipes to the flow path.

5. Turn back on the pressure.


Now in the case of an eclipse, the time you have between step 3 and step 5, are somewhat limited, due to the fact that the (magnetic) pressure is not down for long. You really need to get your ducks in a row before hand!

Let me give you a practical example from our film "Grid Engineering" with Vincent Bridges. Vincent was hooking up a powerful magnetic stone circle in Winston Salem, NC. He had communed with a good number of landscape elementals, and had a rather long term plan and concensus. He collected paramagnetic stones from Egypt and round the planet. He dowsed a place on the land above a "water dome" (water veins underground look like star burst umbrellae due to following analogous magnetic dome structure upthrust). (similar technique for the most potent healing labyrinths/ water veins always branch in odd numbers! to branch - scion- jon -lineage of john priori de scion..)

Then he installed these stones as lenses for magnetism into a fairly elaborate pent/ hex grid (important to study, Vincent please should we put picture here?)..

which was a specific intent to essentially make a star map picture or fractal on the land..

See also, Zodiac star maps at Orion, at Glastonbury, at Rennes le Chateaux.. etc. Much info at Templar Repair of the Fabric of Time (back to the fractal) at William Buehler..

The point for this conversation is, that Vincent waited by instruction to install the last and final most powerful resonant corner stones TO SWITCH THE WHOLE THING ON, until a major eclipse. At that point the whole resonating magnetic bubble became "INSTALLED" or rather "EMBEDDED" into the Earth's magnetic bloodstream. (Hopefully a major service to collaborating with the nature spirit..) Later I and dozens of other repeatedly witnessed dramatic cloud and storm and bioregion precipitation MANY TIMES, form into rain etc. specifically at the moment, those stones were again placed in their positions. We all witnessed dramatic increases in biological growth in the immediate area in the succeeding months. Capacitance into self-organization/ LIFE force HAD BEEN FED! There are dozens of examples of grid engineering creating micro-climate.. quoting from: A Deeper UnderStanding of Sun "Burping" Is the Sun Art's Bell? (The Solar Art of Awakening Genepools): "This creates sustainable microclimate, and increases soil fertility measureably (Bill Witherspoon)"

So in summary, when the magnetic pressure goes to the zero point in a grid DURING AN ECLIPSE, is the ideal time to switch in a new flow path, most nondestructively.

Charge convergence communing being the fractal electrical definition of ECSTACY,

planetary OR individual -

since in both cases it represents therefore perfect information convergence/sorting...

Now let us suppose the EARTH grid was (cube-octa/icosa) "jitterbugging"(Bucky's dance), just like the locus of the Sun's coronal mass ejections. This evidences a biological oscillator seeking the sustainable embedding which we call self-organization/self-awareness.

Jitterbug Illustrated:

..So essentially the Earth is locating her place into longer wave embedding in star orbits, with this erotic gravity dance. She wakes up gradually into self aware embedding, then checks to see what parts of her biomass/ symbiotic resident genepool are either serving or inhibiting her embedding.

In practical terms, this means something important for bioregions. There are unplanned cities whose magnetic lines look tangled and visually undescriminate-able from cancer tissue (see "Global Brain" film by Peter Russell.). The undigested and unsorted mass human emotion magnetic clouds above these cities would be perceived by the Earth as an oozing cancer sore that will not heal, and requires sloughing off. (clouds as collective emotion magnetically- a literal and physical connection).

Versus: there are cities/bioregions which look magnetically from the sky like living biological structures..

- See Eagle in Pennsylvania (head of appalachian "spine"),

- Glastonbury Zodiac Landscape Temples,

- The pent Zodiac Landscape Map Exquisitely Around Rennes Les Chateaux in S.France was the STARTING PLACE of "Holy Blood Holy Grail. related to:Templar

Rennes Southern France Geometric in Much Greater Detail: Precedent for the Templar Re-Pent Agenda?

- Buehler's Reshel Grid Templar maps..

- the Pent Fractal Masonic Outline of the Washington DC grid, or

- Arkhom across NewEngland, A Millenium Monument Project! Many important links here, face of Geometry right across New England, Tree of Life Map of Africa, Tetra Planetary and Star Geometrics

- Trinity Point Project Geomancy Across the Face of Virgina..

- Ophanim Valnaapa in Flinders Range Australia,

- offset PENT on MARS face Cydonia GEOMETRIC(from )

(also see book 2/3's)

- John Michell's book "Simulacra": Faces on the Land... etc.. etc..


Such examples illustrate places where by establishing long wave magnetic embedding in "grid engineering", Earth will perceive "the debt to gravity PAID!"

What this means is that during the gravity pressure rush of ecliptic implosion, these areas are less likely to be pushed down (sink).

On the other hand, since about 60% of the human population/ magnetic pollutant of Earth is within 300 ft or so of sea level, you can guess Earth's solution. Long term, if you have a sewage treatment problem (un "Planet Tamed" - see Two Thirds by Mayers and Percy- resident human genepool which does not know how to feed a simple gravity bubble)..

then creating a wetland is the solution. Here come the polar waters....


What appears to be suggested is that in addition to checking which long magnetic line is bleeding before we build our next interstate highway..

we should all turn off our circuit breakers voluntarily just before the eclipse and the millennium event.

The reason for this is clear. Billions of transformers radiating 60 and 50 cycle around the planet are feeding the grid un-embedable poison , which is the frequency at which the energy required to stop a heart is lowest!

See "What's Poisoning the Farm" (Power Line Grounding & What's Poisoning the Farm? Understanding How Earth's Subtle Magnetism Makes Things Grow, and What Utility Line Grounds Do to Destroy Life.. )

and also "Landscaping your Magnetic Front Yard"

Tesla picked our fatal AC frequency unaware that his wireless transmission experiments were causing earthquakes.

And conveniently our un-timed (unembedded) chip technology has converged to hopefully shut down out grid anyway for the millennium. (See "Millennium's Not a Bug: It's a Feature!")

So if we actively choose to increase the radiance of the relax into embed stillness, we can assist the planet to install new magnetic plumbing. Every building circuit main which gets shut off for the 30 min or so prior to and following 1. August Solar Eclipse, and 2. YearEnd Millennium etc., dramatically reduces the amperage and the field effect poison being radiating by our transformer net.

Read about how our public utility grid, COULD ACTUALLY BECOME ITSELF SELF-AWARE and helpful (symbiotic) to biology, by using complex harmonics based on PHI logs of Hydogen and Schumann, instead of 60 cycle (What's Poisoning Farm link above.)

Then during the stillness, the best alignment of the best fractal magnetic biostructures of the planet (Human Hearts) have a chance to line up. See


What was the role of Beet Juice in immortalizing tantra in "Jitterbug Perfume", (Tom Robbins)

... ever seen heart squeezins?

Re: how to stay EMBEDDED during Aug 11-18 1999: This information (below) has been provided courtesy of Johannine Grove
Ministry ~ PO Box 235 ~ Crestone, CO 81131 ~ VOX (719) 256-
4057 / FAX (719) 256-4056 / /

Source of information: the Master Illuminari Thoth & the Akashic Records of
Toth Subject: the Solar Eclipse & Grand Cross Planetary Alignment in August,
1999 Released by: Johannine Grove Ministry & Mazzaroth On Nathai Templum


During the period between August 11th through the 21st, the planet and it's
humanity and indeed all living creatures, flora and even stone, will
experience what Thoth is calling "imprinting." Without attempting to access
all the details of this occurrence, this is the basic essence of what will
be happening during this window of time and why it will take place.

In this particular, "imprinting" is meant to define a wave of stellar Light
codes coming from a unified field of the Universal Hierarchy which is
created by the Brotherhoods of Light. The "wave" of stellar Light codes is
being cosmically assisted in its release and movement through the coming
solar eclipse and grand cross planetary alignments of August, 1999.

The "wave" Thoth is calling the "UrNaSha." The UrNaSha will imprint every
elemental thing on earth with a program of higher Light orientation to
Source. What this essentially means is that each elemental particle will
receive a renewed "program of return" to Source. All sentient beings will
receive this program within their biological unit as a whole, and will carry
the charge of this program on a level of experience which is in
synchronization with their consciousness. In other words, a flower, a bird
and a human will carry very different 'programs' and EACH human, will
contain a program that is as distinct as a finger print (animals less
distinct, plants even lesser).

This program of return will not insure our ascension, but it will give us a
pinpoint window to that portal WHICH WE DID NOT HAVE BEFORE, or
rather lost
from our evolution many eons ago. This program will be imprinted by the
UrNaSha into our DNA crystalline structure. It will be released as a living
hologram at the appropriate phases within the World Ascension schematic.
This will enable us to leave this realm and enter the New Earth Star. Of
course, there are more factors to ascension that just this one program. But
it is nevertheless, an essential one, and it will be given through GRACE to
every particle of elemental being on this planet. Sadly, not every particle
or every creature of every soul will ascend, but it is ALL being given this
first measure of Grace to carry it to the next point. For mankind, the
final moment will be decided through the CHOICE of the soul in its inner
most being. Still, when that moment comes, the soul will of necessity call
upon the living hologram, which Thoth is calling the "Ar 'Yra" or "Star
Print," to achieve the transition into the New Earth Star reality.

The "Adonai 'Tsebayoth," who are the angelic Host of Deliverance for the
earth, will assist each individual human in receiving and integrating their
program of return and the resultant creation of the Ar 'Yra within their
crystalline DNA.

Since the UrNaSha will sweep the earth in a pattern determined by the solar
eclipse and the grand cross dynamic, each person will be imprinted with the
codes of the location on the planet where they happen to be during that
window of time. If they are traveling during that window, their imprinting
will contain mixed codes.

Thoth is suggesting that you choose where you wish to be during this window
of time (August11-21) and STAY there until the "sweep" is completed. By
this he is not inferring that you remain glued to the spot, but simply
remain within say, a fifty to one hundred mile radius of that location.
This is only a guideline, as the energy vibration and conscious of one
location could change in as little as five miles, while in other areas it
could remain the same for hundreds of miles. ASK FOR GUIDANCE. Of
in the greater destiny of things, one could say that a person will be where
they are intended to in that time period, just as Thoth has told us will be
true when time comes for the Ascension. However, in this case he informs me
that MAKING A CONSCIOUS CHOICE is a powerful addition to the

What difference will it make where you are when you are imprinted? Different
points on the earth contain different karmic saturation, different "Light
codes," different dharmic potential. The specifics contained within the
land you will be on at the time will be introduced into the imprint path
being created within your DNA.

If you find that you simply cannot remain within the vibrational envelope of
your chosen location for this period of time during the month of August, the
next best alternative would be to go to the place of your choice and do some
very strong intentional anchoring of that location within your field. This
will most likely allow THAT POINT to become the dominant earth vibration in
your imprint path. How- ever, if at all possible, Thoth is urging that you
stay within your chosen zone for the entire "sweep" of the UrNaSha.



there has been subsequent information that indicates it's OK to travel long
distances, but to be receptive, aware, not stressed and be conscious of
where one is and where one is going ---for the place one is will be
imprinted at the same time that one's own field and body is imprinted. So
it's more a matter of consciousness,...

a person will be where they are intended to in that time period.....

MAKING A CONSCIOUS CHOICE is a powerful addition to the dynamic.


Clarifications on the July 1, 1999 UrNaSha Transmission
I wish to clarify that what was given in the previous transmission
regarding the UrNaSha and Thoth's recommendation for staying in one
location during August 1999 was a general spiritual guideline only. I
(Rev. Maia) did not fully understand the true intent of the message
myself when I first brought it through. Since then, I have worked with a
couple of person's questions in this regard which have provided a more
complete understanding.

The following is a summary of all current guidelines which Thoth has
given in regard to how we may integrate with the UrNaSha wave during its
earth window properly, and still be able to travel for SACRED purposes:

1) It would be best to avoid any especially stressful activity.

2) It would be best to avoid travel for the purpose of ordinary business or
pleasure alone. If you planned to travel to a sacred site for spiritual
purposes during August 1999, AND return home (or go elsewhere) in the
same month, do a special procedure at (or with the location(s) from
distance if you are not able to be at them BEFORE the passing of the
UrNaSha) the location(s) your guidance indicates have the energy that
needs to be a part of your UrNaSha imprinting, and ask that they be the
ONLY earth energies involved in that process when the UrNaSha
imprints your form.

For example, lets suppose you live in an area which holds sacred earth
energies which you feel should be incorporated in your UrNaSha
imprinting. But you will be traveling to another location for sacred
purposes during the UrNaSha window, because you feel that site ALSO
should be incorporated in the UrNaSha imprinting. Thus, before leaving
home do a procedure at the home location in the place which holds the
highest resonance for you there, asking that these earth energies be
incorporated into your field in such a way that they will be fully a part of
your UrNaSha imprint. There will most likely be specific devic guardian
beings assigned to you from that area which will travel with you and help
you to hold that energy in your field during the UrNaSha imprinting

3) It would be best to avoid being in close company with persons that are
not spiritually attuned to what is transpiring in regard to the Solar
Eclipse/UrNaSha and astrological Grand Cross events.

4) It would be best to avoid travel to geographical sites that may hold
heavy karma, especially those with a sacrificial element in their karmic
field. Thoth states that SOME of the places where sacrifices and other
such atrocities were performed ARE SO SACRED, and SO MUCH A
STAR REALITY, that this would not apply--in other words, the Grace
Light factor is strong enough at those specific locations to offset the
denser karmic astral forms present. You would have to USE YOUR
INNER GUIDANCE in this regard. Many of the Temples and sacred
sites in Mexico, Hawaii, Indonesia and many of the South Pacific Isles
hold these types of astral density as overlays upon the sacred energy

5) HOLD A HIGH INTENTIONAL FOCUS to be a living presence of
your NEW EARTH STAR being in the NOW during the UrNaSha/Grand
Cross window (8/11-8/18). Ask for your crystalline DNA spirals to
receive the PURITY of this being as the UrNaSha encodes your form.
6) Realize that you have a choice to MAKE A CONSCIOUS CHOICE
where to be at this time, and that there is MORE THAN ONE CHOICE
which could be aligned to your highest destiny path.

In essence, Thoth is giving us an opportunity that most people on the
planet will not have during this window, and that is, to make a
CONSCIOUS choice at this very momentous time in our soul's journey
on this planet, as we prepare our soul and physical form for ascension
into the New Earth Star. He is offering this insight to us because we have
consciously assumed roles of service in which such consciousness
decisions as to where we wish to be when the UrNaSha passes, and how
we wish to respond to this wave, will actually be transferred as Light
codes into the planetary consciousness FOR ALL OF HUMANITY on a
very specific and highly activational level. What we need to be very
aware of at this time, is that as planetary Light workers our roles of
service will reflect in the planetary consciousness to a much higher
degree than those souls that are not consciously in such a service. Thus,
the responsibility for wise decisions which prioritize spiritual focus
above all else will be brought to a new level in your experience.

Peace, Love & Blessings,
Rev.'s Simeon & Maia
Johannine Grove Ministry
Mazzaroth On Nathai Templum Mysterium
Church of Antioch

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