Does the Golden Spiral Layout of the Pyramids

Point to A Black Hole Near Orion, and Why?

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quote from robert morningsky:"It is our position that somewhere on our planet, there are women who are descended of the blood of the Queens of Orion. They
are the Daughters of the Star Beings of Heaven. For the last few thousand years, their existence has been manipulated,
suppressed and denied. In our book, 'The World's Oldest Religion', we have proposed that the so-called 'Secret of the Templars'
was that they were protecting, not the descendants of Jesus, but rather, the descendants of Mary! The mysterious Merovingians,
the likely powers behind the thrones in Europe, are descendants of the Divine Female Mary."

Update: Mar07: Real DNA Physics of Soul-The DNA MANIFESTO

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note a major update to this story was writtin 12/98 interpreting genepool ET genetic origins more colorfully perhaps as

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read last: update 3/1/99 OrionGen of Arthur: Blood Of Merkabbah- Messeh/Messiah Reptile Blood, Germain Origins of Vampire Myth. Controversial Analysis of BLOOD LINES in the Grail, (Christ Magda bloodline) Origin of Vampire Myth/Alchemy/ ISIS.. getting DNA self replicating.. Note to "fundamentalists": Getting out of DENIAL about Sitchen's historical proof that ADAM and EVE were genetic experiements in SLAVE MAKING, does not mean Christianity is unfounded because truly LOVE is the CRYSTalization of Embedding, but personality worship should be mitigated with pure principle. Which here is the practical HYGIENE of getting DNA up to speed with COHERENT EMOTION and CHARGE FILLED diet and lifestyle (emBEDability), AND ending soul-less genetic engineering. "TakAdama" became ADAM (a droid or borg or slave)(unensouled & unsustainable gentically) from TAK or ORION. There is a way to make soul force, ending soulessness AND physics can talk about it! AND it simply means take HYGIENE seriously.

KEY BACKGROUND: Lawrence Gardner: Bloodline of the Grail.,StarFire-Annunaki, Genesis of the Grail Kings, ShewBread-Gold Powder & More.. article links.


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See Also: Star Birth Bardo in the Body of Orion, by Vincent Bridges (at San Graal web site)& more info at Magic Journey site map, OPHANIC MILLENIUM WORKING use COMPLETE ENOCHIAN Handbook with Graphics Link..

The below article introduces the Ophanim Enochian Golden Dawn (StarGate Movie Alphabet) Vincent Bridges recently offered more on the story of the origins of the Enochian: John Dee meets ET.

Note the suggestion of double vortex converging immediately below (as in Ophanim 'StarGate' mythos Antarean Conversion depicted further below):A LENS for Gravity?

added 11/20/2000: Useful further reading on the physics of how planck length penetration makes vortex black hole penetration possible: Vortex Symmetries . Just add an understanding of faster than light implosion in DNA and Glands (../magneticx ) .. to the above link.. to understand how coherent emotion enters stars by creating the charge embedding which IS larger and larger gravity fields.

added 3/10/2000: Japan's Cultural Heritage Reflected in the Star Lore of Orion:


After Bauval and Hancock and others determined that indeed the alignment of the pyramid complex pointed to the belt stars of Orion, the obvious and dramatic question became: WHY??

Max Toth and Rocky McCollum and others (below) had also shown that the geometry of the pyramids, the Sphinx and other key features on the plateau at Giza created pointers to a clear Golden Mean Spiral layout there.

adapted from and inspired by original drawings in

"Pyramid Prophecies" by Max Toth, Destiny Books

also reminiscent of drawings in Great Pyramid Final Decoding by Rocky McCollum

(Golden Mean Spiral Accuracy Corrected here from equation to 3D plot software)


If it is true as Bauval and others have suggested that the pyramids make a glyph of belt stars of Orion, then the next step is clear. Use the pyramids Golden Mean Spiral which the pyramids define on the Geza Plateau, to discover what the map of the pyramids points to in the stars..




We have been calling this star navigating shamanic transport perfect vectoring the "Daikomio". This also has a meaning within deep tai chi, quality of movement containing grace or charge or chi.. imaging Michelango's fingertip of god, arc angling in phi spiral at the end of log phi joint distances shoulder,elbow,wrist,kuckle,etc...creating inPHIknit body charge or chi harmonics in spark gap between god and man's finger..(Re: Daikomyo,From:Kevin G.,"Dai" is something that is "large" or "most honored". Komyo is difficult to translate, but it's Buddhist origin is similar to "light which emits"from the matrix or heart when the mind and body work together. )

Also note on this spark gap off the finger tip based on arm/hand joints spaced at PHI ratio, creating fractal capacitance launcher for healing-sending charge BETWEEN FREQUENCIES... the origin of the term "PTERADACTYL".. often thought of as a serpent bird- yet it's literal meaning is "flying finger" (fickel fate).

By using the pattern recognition from a magnetic layout, we find ourselves not only circling the belt stars of Orion, but literally, our magnetism has been guided directly into the HEART of Orion. This is where one of this galactic sectors most significant event hole gateways is said to be...

If we were to take the pulse of nearby star neighborhoods in terms of birth rates, we would certainly regard Orion as one of the pregnant of local stellar bodies. Specifically, more stars are being "born" in the locale of Orion than just about any where else in our local galactic region. So if there were some force of magnetism involved in making the birth of stars sustainable, indeed Orion would be the local candidate for investing whatever aid to starbirth was available.


Is the self similarity optimized by the ARC CONE (60 degree dodeca nest implosion angle: Pesh Meh Ten) the recursion nest among stellar massess to stabilize a gravity wind/ field called "Pesh Meh Ten" by the Hopi (see : Deep Space Nine - shamanic origins:, accompanying the original article )

Below (4 pics) from Henry MacLean.. Timeless Architecture- (Beautiful ORION Starmap on New England.)
working with the ARKHOM Project with Peter S. see

Other examples of Pent / Hex Star Maps - Comparing Washington DC to Cydonia, and mention of Arkhom Project
See ELDORADO and Spiritual Destiny of America (Dan Winter)

Next Image from Wayne Hershel - Orion Starmap on Giza remapped -

Next (2 pics below) - also related (from the US Southwest) link to -

Gary David's ORION StarMaps in the American SouthWest..

next, Important to note that Larry Hunter - perhaps a senior Giza StarMapper - believes he has located a LARGE number of Archeologic Sites-Plotting the ORION STARMAP at Giza, do see: (Thanks Larry for all the fun we had years ago...)next pic below

Larry's star navigating helped us with this original Orion Angle article: (link and pic below)see how the exact coordinates produce THIS precise view angle FROM GIZA:

The Body of Light and the ALCHEMICAL SECRET- Quote from Vincent Bridges, who beautifully, edited Dan Winter's 2nd Book EartHeart, writing very much in the same style of Dan's 'DNA Manifesto' about the PHYSICS of DNA in HOW the SOUL Navigates into the STAR BODY (compare with - Map to the SOUL - Sailing into Orion and beyond).. quoted from : - 3 – “… a star of Gold…”-- Let’s start with the clue about gold. “…I am a soul… I (am) a star of gold…” Osiris/Pharaoh announces. Before we dismiss this as mere poetry, remember that the Egyptian hieroglyphic language was capable of a dense structure of meaning. The “soul,” sa, has a precise meaning. It is the wave nature, the flow of the breath, of the spirit, the khu. The Hebrew word ruach, breath or spirit, preserves this meaning. In Genesis, we are told that God’s breath, His ruach moved across the waters of chaos to begin the process of creation. The sages of On would have agreed, saying that Re put forth his sakhu as he rose from the waters of Nun.
Therefore, the king is declaring that he has entered the state of being called “soul,” a state where the flow of spirit is self-sustaining, self-referencing and self-aware. To be such a soul is to have the possibility of immortality.
He reinforces this by declaring that he has become “a star of gold.” This also has a very precise meaning. One of the deepest held secrets of the Egyptian mysteries was how to rearrange the Nuit star, five lines pointing out from a common center, into an interlocked pentagram, the same five lines crossing around the common center to create an infinite nest of Phi ratios. To the Egyptian sages, this symbolized the embedding of cosmic evolution, the Light of the Horus current, into biological evolution.
And indeed, this pentagonal array is a constant in nature, appearing in everything from the petals on a flower to the bipedal symmetry of the human form. The Pythagoreans claimed that the pentagram was the perfect symbol of humanity, and that its extension into space, the Gnostic “light in extension” of the dodecahedron, was the ultimate symbol of spirit. As the crystalline form of DNA actually forms a dodecahedron, the Pythagoreans were more correct than we might suppose.
Just as the pentagram is a nest of phi ratio recursion, gold, by its atomic geometry, is the most fractally recursive element. The outer d/f electron sub-shells exhibit a 5/7 symmetry pairing, which gives gold the shape of the perfect dodeca-icosa fractal. The dodecahedron, the Pythagorean symbol of spirit, nests with the icosahedron, a symbol for water, to create a polygon that is a model of the crystalline structure of our planetary jewel, according to researchers such as Beth Hagen. The planet then is the vessel or container for the unfoldment of The Cosmic Serpent of DNA, “living in water and emitting photons, like an aquatic dragon spitting fire,” as Jeremy Narby described it.
So the newly dead king’s statement can now be read as: “I am a self-sustaining, self-aware being, whose fractality, inside and out, is as infinite as the perfect shape of gold.” Suddenly, we are on a different level of understanding. With a flash, we see that the Egyptians were not just superstitious priests worshipping the sky out of ignorance; they were spiritual scientists with deep insight into the nature of reality and the physics of immortality. This insight seems to have come from the original creators of the Giza complex; those ancient sages who wrote down the secret texts and stored them in that flint box in Heliopolis.
But there is another way to interpret “the number of the shrines of the secret chamber of the enclosure of Tehuti…” The secrets in the flint box, guarded by the Brotherhood of Heliopolis, could be an Egyptian version of the Tree of Life or the I Ching, in which the 64 shrines count the moon year of Tehuti, whose name means “the one who measures the moon,” with its 13 months for a total 384 days or moving lines. Whatever the secret, its recovery by the Vth ands VIth Dynasty Pharaohs led to the expression of the soul-star religion on the walls of the later pyramids at Sakkara.

The Pharaoh did not become a soul merely by dieing. He underwent another, internal, process before his transition to a star of gold, a soul inhabiting a stellar matrix in the heart of Orion. The internal process of building a container for the outburst of transformative energies in the body can only be accomplished by the realization of infinite compassion. Literally, the oldest trick in the book…
Work by Lee Sanella and Isaac Bentov, Kundalini - Psychosis or Transcendence?, has shown that the onset of neural superconductivity, the tantric Kundalini or serpent power, is mediated by the sonic entrainment of the heart’s rhythm. A December, 1996 article by Dr. Irving Dardik in Cycles magazine entitled “Heart Waves as Fractality,” confirms that fractal immune identity is a possible solution to chronic illness. Perfect fractality, perfect coherence and self-awareness, produce perfect immunity, or near immortality of the body.
These findings suggest that by meditating on compassion, feeling the feelings of all beings, the sonic entrainment of the heart’s rhythm is braided into more complex and coherent patterns. These complex sound patterns can then contain the super-conductive neural charge of Kundalini onset, which is nothing less than a sudden resonance with the vivid laser-like intensity of the internal DNA light, and the use of this higher charge energy flow to braid a new being, the state of inhabiting a soul, becoming a conscious expression of the DNA. This soul charge can then be used to open a “magnetic wormhole” to the star fields in Orion. Or, it can be used to create a diamond imperishable body for use as a teaching vehicle down here on earth.
From the Tibetan Buddhist tradition comes many examples of the latter use of this implosive soul force. Padmasambhava, who brought Buddhism to Tibet in the 8th century CE, is said to have attained his diamond body in the Asura Cave in Nepal after three years of tantric meditations. Something happened in that cave; the whole hillside is still pervaded with an astral intensity strong enough to grow a image of Tara, the Tibetan Isis, out of solid rock. Padmasambhava himself demonstrated the power of this transformation by melting the rock of the cave wall and pressing his hand into it like Clark Gable in wet cement on Hollywood Boulevard.
The Pharaoh then, as he began his journey to the star fields, should be seen as a kind of Boddhisatva, an enlightened being making a leap of evolution. The Pharaoh would, in theory, have completed a tantric-type compassion realization and then perhaps used a trace of “alchemical” gold to crystallize the process. Done properly, this would result in an enlightened being capable of compassionately inhabiting a newly born star. In other words, a person whose weak laser light from the DNA had suddenly become “pumped” by the feedback of conscious compassion into a powerfully coherent flash of light. If this flash is done consciously, with full mindfulness all the way down the level of the DNA, then the “Diamond Body of Light” becomes stable and perhaps even flexibly tangible....."END QUOTE


The Orion Stellar Time Gate
Metatronic Alpha-Omega Spiral

1. Bellatrix 'the shoulder' gamma 20 degrees GE 57' 'Atmic Red Serpent'
3.& 4. Star Sirius Calibration
6. Rigel 'ankle' beta 16 degrees GE 50'
7. Saiph 'back of knee' kappa 26 degrees GE 24' 'The Golden Star of Mazuriel'
9.&10. Pleiades
12. Betelgeuse 'shoulder' alpha 28 degrees GE 45 'Sushumnic Blue Serpent'
14. Mintaka Delta
16. Alnitak Zeta
17. Alnilam Epsilon
Position between 1.&17. Alpha North Star Alignment, Theta Draconis

"ORION-origins of DNA and LANGUAGE:

quote from:

" In this part of your 3rd and 4th density universe, specifically your "galaxy" it is the region known as Orion that is the one and
only indigenous home of human type beings... reflect on this! Indigenous home base, not sole locator. What you are most in
need of review of is the accurate profile of "alien" data.
There have been homes in all places, but some were/are transitory, and some are not. Pay attention to Orion! This is your
ancestral home, and your eventual destination. Here is the absolutely accurately accurate profile of Orion to follow: This is the
most heavily populated region of your Milky Way galaxy! This is a region that extends across 3rd and 4th density space for a
distance as vast as the distance between your locator and it. There are 3,444 inhabited "worlds" in this region. Some are
planets as you know them. Some are artificially constructed planetoids. Some are floating space barges. And some are
"satellites." There are primary homes, traveling stations and incubator laboratories all in 2nd, 3rd and 4th densities. There are
overseer zones in 5th and 6th densities. Approximately one half is STO and one half is STS. Together, along with many other
colonies, located elsewhere, this is called, in translation, Orion Federation. Orions created grays in 5 varieties, as cybergenetic
beings, and installed them on Zeta Reticuli 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as on 2 planets orbiting Barnard's Star. The Reptilians also
inhabit 6 planets in the Orion region in 4th density, and are owned by the Orion STS as slaves, and, in some cases, pets!!! The
name "Orion" is the actual native name, and was brought to earth directly. Study the legend of the "god" of Orion for parallels
Q: (L) You indicated that we should study the legend of Orion, and I looked it up in several sources, and basically the legend
is of the perfect man, who fell in love with a woman, and her jealous father caused him to be blinded. The only cure was to
gaze at the light, the goddess Aurora, to regain his sight. Can you tell us how this relates to the idea that Orion was the
indigenous home of humans?
A: It is up to you to look for answers. .

Very early in the Cassiopaean contact, they began to use quote marks in a rather unusual way; that is, a manner that did not strictly follow
the accepted rules of grammar and punctuation. I became curious about this and asked:

Q: (L) I have been poring over this material and it occurs to me that certain words have been put in quotes for a reason, yes?
A: We put in quotes what we want further examined.

I didn't realize then that they were going to be teaching me this "universal language." But, I began to keep a notebook of these quoted
words and my studies in their interpretation. I began with simply looking them up in the dictionary and discovering the fullest possible
meaning or varieties of meanings. This then led to tracking the words back to their roots and discovering other words that "grew" from the
same roots, and often this involved working in other languages. It was utterly amazing how connections became clear in this way. At the
same time, I noticed that, very often, a word that began with a specific meaning, became reversed over time. I also noted that the various
alphabets in used by human beings, had certain relationships that were either similar or antagonistic. I also discovered that, at a certain
point, letters were added to several 22 letter alphabets to make them 24 letter alphabets, and at about the same time, the zodiac was
tinkered with, a sign was added and another one split in two. And, this very period of time was related to all of the issues that led to the
problem of the Grail. It became clear that someone or some force or tendency was at work here which resulted in the "Babel Syndrome," (note from Dan here: failure to EMBED = Babel..?,)

as I came to call it. I could see the "tracks" of some influence that was determined to make the solution of the mystery as difficult as
possible by tossing extra puzzle pieces into the pile; pieces that would lead generations of searchers astray. I knew that I needed to find
some sort of "standard" by which to evaluate these clues, so, I inquired about this:

Q: I am tracking the clues through the various languages and alphabets. I would like to know which of these alphabets, Runic,
Greek, or Etruscan, preceded the others, and from which the others are derived?
A: Etruscan.
Q: Well, who were the Etruscans?
A: Templar carriers.
Q: What does that mean?
A: Seek and ye shall find.
Q: Well, how am I supposed to do that? I can't find anything else on the Etruscans! What are Templar carriers?
A: Penitent Avian Lords.
Q: What does that mean?
A: For your search. All is drawn from some more ancient form.
Q: Next: I notice that Sargon the Great is sort of an unknown person in historical terms. He is the first great 'Akkadian' king
of Sumeria, but no one knows exactly where the term 'Akkadian' came from nor where 'Akkad' even was. Who was this
A: Deep level punctuator.
Q: What?!? What does THAT mean?
A: What does it imply?
Q: Well, punctuation is a way of dealing with language, grammar...
A: Beginning or end.
Q: You guys are making me completely crazy! I will never figure all of this out!
A: All is within your grasp.
Q: Well, I think that a HUGE key is in the tracking of the languages...
A: The roots of all languages are identical...
Q: What do you mean?
A: Your origin.
Q: You mean Orion?
A: Interesting the word root similarity, yes?
Q: Well, the word root similarities of a LOT of things are VERY interesting! It is AMAZING the things I have discovered by
tracking word roots...

A: The architects of your languages left clues aplenty. " end quote see link..

INSET from Dan-  solutions which are elegant are also simple -

"Orion-gens" of psychokinesis in DNA is - principle of perfect embedding ../superDNA which is the same as the origins of the "grail" in principle, ../grail.html which is carried out perfectly in the origins of alphabet and language (symbols as operators to permit embedding/compression../perfect self-contained ness -nesting.. ../goldenarches & ../collapse

Remember, as Jose Arguelles so elegantly depicted in "Mayan Factor" et all, that the centerpiece of the Mayan Calendar is a grid square which represents the timing of the major solar emission events. (See also Mauice Cotterell's "Tutankhamon Prophecies" for a history of Solar timing effects on all of biology including FERTILITY). A major and useful point made by Arguelles, was that this Mayan Calendar - central 64 SQUARE grid timing the Solar fire cycles was exactly THE PERMUTATIONS OF 3, CODON SYMMETRY OF THE I-CHING ... which is a map of the way DNA's Codon's are assembled. There is a nice discussion of the mapping of DNA's codon's - the genetic code inside the I CHING at:

The I Ching, Wholes, Aspects, and the Genetic Code - ( )

If I may suggest a visualization then of the Sun's firey heart activity: It is as if the Sun were breathing out "speaking" magnetic donuts -in alphabet like flame symmetry letter elements - specifically in an array DESIGNED TO TRIGGER / MASSAGE THE WAVEFORM OF DNA?? Thus the 'Heart of the Sun' appears to hold the intent to embed and stir the GENEPOOL into inhabiting it's solar heart .... on our shamanic / soul journey way into stars?

While the below may look like a picture of single living cells about to replicate, mutualize and transform, it is in fact a NASA picture of galactic bodies moving and apparently "metabolizing"..

At this point we may need to hint at what is apparently the Ophanim angels explanation for facing the pyramids into Orion..


Look below for what appear to be "faces" in Orion.. (In the sense of the John Michell book "Simulacra".. or in the "Structural Stability and Morphogenesis" sense of when the folds on a surface recur and embed to the symmetry of recognition, we call that organization of foldedness on a surface, producing by symmetry a gathering of pressure waves, or perspectives..... A FACE.)

imagine the pink star (part of Orion's "trapezium" -trapeze swing for catching the light), as the "third eye" of a face here...

at first finding faces in stars as evidence for self-awareness seems alien to physics, but we ask how do we know when self awareness onsets on the fold of the surface of the egg becoming fetus.. face it.. stable foldedness on surface making stable dimpling (eye-dent-eye tie), shows when recursion has created the spin self organizing "automata" called awareness. (In biophysics this is called "Structural Stability and MorphoGenesis", in mathmatics Von Neuman called this "self-reproducing automata".) So when John Michell called the faces apparent in the folds on the land "Simulacra", this may well indeed have been evidence for awareness in whatever standing wave (body/planet/galaxy) in which there was "time to prepare a face to meet"...

This may be an appropriate time to point out how parochial we have been in regarding only the shape of the human body as a possible container for awareness. It is now clear that any standing wave ("bio-logical oscillator"), which becomes recursive or self-embedded enough, becomes by definition self-aware. The human body was only able to self-organizing the breath of charge to become self aware to the extent the body was geometrically self-embedded. (As DaVinci showed in the PHI geometrics of the human form).

Visually this is just the rate at which charge donuts nest, becomes self-feeding when their ratio is The Golden Mean perfection of embedding/recursion..

icos in truncated tetra shadow on right, cube in hex view of dodec in center.. where the witches hex fixed what was pent.. sent..


where waves of charge ("eck") converge non destructively (Phi ratio). there is statis (eck in statsis)..

and the form truly "feels" it is All eye Phi.. alive.. able to breathe charge..

Or, as the dodeca DNA said to the Dodeca Earth Grid, who said to the Dodeca Zodiac faces: "Shall we get em-bed?"






and so, now that we know what the mystery is.. we may look for clues..

Mystery: the pyramid apparently pointed the magnetism of the initiates body thrusting towards Orion.. at initiation or death moments (bardo navigation required for admission..)


-Orion is pregnant.. (Many stars are being born there)..



- Sirius and Pleades 60 degree Isis angle.. implosive.. allows PHI based dodeca 3D wave concrescence..

Alcyone heart of Pleades, means El Zion, means heart of Scion.. branching algorhythm,

Scion refers to scion which branch branch, suggesting the perfect branching algorhythm to make fractality.. as in the Priore de Scion.. The recursion based perfected PHI braid in the DNA creates the adding and multiplying of wave fronts in the grail genetics. The Golden Mean solves the problem of separateness, the perfect PHIlotactic solution to the bi-furcation puzzle.

(note this conic arc angle is known to the Hopi as PESHMEHTEN - the way of the nine, origin: deep space nine... see article)

Earth's relationship to the spin imploding arc-angles.. of Pleades to Sirius to Orion- The "Star Gate"

acknowledge meant to John Martineau for pointing out the 60 degree relationship between Sirius and Pleades, I was pleased to inform him that this was the pent embedding (imploding) angle of concentric dodeca..

the details on the 60 degree angle of stellar time door implosion (Pleadian, Sirian, Orion angles), here coutesy of Doug Maxwell, fr canada, wonderful friend 3d spherical trig whiz..

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 23:59:35 -0400 (EDT) To: From: (Doug Maxwell)

Subject: Pleiadean/Sirian midpoint

"Dear Dan & Bill (Buehler) (Templar School)

Here are some figures you might find useful for your article. Bellatrix conforms to the parameters, as it is a corner of Orion constellation (opposite Rigel and Saiph) and lies nearly at Alcyone/Sirius midpoint, viewed from Earth perspective. These figures are accurate circa July 10, 1997 (I convert R.A. from hours to degrees).

Sirius R.A. 101 15' 13.5", dec. -16 42' 51"

Bellatrix R.A. 81 14' 40.5" dec. +06 20' 44"

Alcyone R.A. 56 49' 49.5" dec. +24 05' 40"

Angular distance between Sirius and Alcyone = 59.5351692466 deg. or 1.039084724 radians.

Ang. dist. betw. Sirius and Bellatrix = 30.3857645739 deg. or .530331637 rad.

Ang. dist. betw. Alcyone and Bellatrix = 29.3929740677 deg. or .513004174 rad. Error from true angular equidistance = .496395255 deg. or 29' 47.02" or .008663717 rad.

Note that Bellatrix is not on the straight line between Sirius and Alcyone, being displaced from that line by an angular distance of 3.772 degrees.

Here are additional figures for polar triangles: Angle North Pole - Sirius - Bellatrix = 40.3825408 deg. Angle N.P. - Bellatrix - Sirius = 137.75337812 deg. Angle N.P. - Alcyone - Bellatrix = 123.1752745737 deg. Angle N.P. - Bellatrix - Alcyone = 50.2449864457 deg. Additional gleanings: Bellatrix - Gamma Orionis - NGC 6668 - Mag. 1.7 - Spec. class B2 Zodiacal longitude 20 Gemini 54' - R.A. 5h 24m 58.7s

I will be checking for coming planetary contacts to Bellatrix' position (RA and zod.). (Success through the Shadow) "The gamma star of Orion and the shadow twin to Betegeuse. This is the left shoulder of the great god Osiris*, later renamed Orion by the Greeks. One of the great stars of the sky, Bellatrix is success through a long, and at times hard, struggle. The star promises great potential but only through a journey which deals with the more difficult aspects of the psyche." I read elsewhere that she is named for an Amazon. (Orion Queen??) This is all quickly thrown together and I'll check it for accuracy. You may also wish to know that Alnilam at the middle of Orion's belt (home of the "greys"?) is almost exactly at the midpoint of Sirius and Aldebaran. Could this be a source of some of our "predicament"? More on all this later. Lovely to hear from you. Respectfully, Doug Maxwell "

* Tron who could not die because of such contiguous memory: "I have seen the starships burning off the shoulders of Orion".

 more on the significance of the 'Orion Light Cones' -here exerpted from , first 5 rows from Stephane Cardineaux - see link ..

If you have wondered what an Earth portal- 'stargate' magnetic vortex really looks like in 3D: behold- the TELLURIC CHIMNEY - a phenomenon witnessed and measured in detail by many in the group - at many churches / sacred sites...
Total solar eclipse effect measured on Earth grid lines. Various proofs / measures for what dowsers have known for years: Earth energy lines (& your aura on them) generally COLLAPSE COMPLETELY during eclipse. This is a good place to remind yourself - why? First - recall - that IF you want to get a seed to germinate you need to AVOID THE MOON. Now recall your history ( - the moon is a hollow metal poisonous parasite infested ball (star war's death star) shot in here by interventionist reptilians who did not want our DNA to be psychokinetic. (Took out Martian atmosphere, and left the wound to fractality - Van Allen belts which traps most souls trying to leave solar orbit after death) .. Visualize now the lovely superluminal charge wormhole going from your center of gravity, down thru the Earth's center of gravity - tunneling in to the SUN's center of gravity. This wormhole is the PHASE CONJUGATION CHARGE COMMUNITON - DNA radio of interstellar survival info ( as well as the physics which Gurdjieff announced explaining Planets and Suns experience gravity relations erotically). (Ask NASA why they hid the seismic data proving the moon was hollow and metal : the humans there were eaten - If you really want to meet the parasite Grey's and Draco's read Ingo Swann's remote viewing of the backside of the moon - don't let your children wander over there..)..Usually when there is something dangerous in a childrens playground- the adults remove it. The Andromedan's have offered - but the stupid humans are still listening to George Bush. When the metal hollow poison (opposite to fractal) moon blocks the implosion path wormhole of bio-charge to the SUN from EARTH- then charge recursion - collapse implosion (gravity coherence / seed germination ... and LEY LINES) is interrupted / bleed. Simple physics.


Stephane with -left lower: "l'appareil de radionique est une antenne Qi-Cong" - projects charge field of rare-earth / trace mineral- for healing (kind of radionic moxibustion from China) - is also used to shoot astral parasites off people. (Lo grade non-implosive DNA is toasted in the presence of implosion) . On the right lower, analogous more home made device for shooting the charge field for example of different metals - to measure the amount by which each metals field effect - bends the Harmann / vs Curry vs Peyre grid. This is how the Peyre grid came to be called the GOLD GRID- cross points site bee hives and really sacred sites. Stephane generally confirms our chart showing metals arranged by how fractal is their charge field ( ). This would make sense since the fractality predicts their availability to charge distribution / life fields.(see REDOX discussion)..> here Stephan adds more detail to his measurement experience:"Variations of the (body's aura) vital field in the presence of a metal patch (10cm /10cm) - placed in front of the breast - Metals are placed in the lessening order- Gold 160 %, Silver 140 %, Copper 130 %, Zink 113 %, Titanium 110 %, ----Normal vital field 100 %, Nickel 79 %, Iron 76 %, Aluminium 68 %, Lead 58 % - - ................ average values for non allergic persons to certain metals..

 From Stephane's web site- beginning to understand how to map the overlay of ELECTROSMOG upon TELLURIC lines..
Above Stephane's work with geometric shapes for healing - has lead them to use the opposing (microwave guide / charge compressing) CONES - to create potent transformation / healing fields.. (dimensions right>)
Note above how the force is inverted by inverting the stacking of the cones...

 other cones - to illustrate the (implosion sorts / heals) principle - the following from (not stephane).

also see - William Buehler - Templar repair of the (fractal) fabric of time - with links..


So where are we in our mystery...


Apparently there is some inherently "implosive" relationship among the stellar geometrics of Orion in its position to Sirius/Pleades and Earth..

Numerous independant but somewhat ET sources confirm that Orion is a major local star-gate. I am trying to obtain astronomic data to determine if there is a known black-hole or massive structure corresponding to the geometric "heart of Orion" (where the spiral points..).

What we need to understand is the meaning of all this to the possible evolution of the genepool on Earth..

So first, we propose an addendum to our understanding of the local politics..

Queen Suttee was a matriarch in Orion who sponsored the nuclear catastrophe on Earth which desertified Sinai, (and for whom Sutee (widow immolation- (which was named for Jacques DeMolay's templar burning))..was named) (ref:Alex Collier)..

The Orion Queen bloodline later was named Isis, Ninhursag, Hathor, etc.

The remnant bird tribe humanoids on Earth either went underground or to Sirius and Pleades. My suspicion was that the truly implosive arc-angles of these two star systems made pursuit by the fallen Nephilitic angelics impossible (just as those with no-pure-intention, non-shareable/implosive DNA braids cannot enter the Heart of the Sun shamanic time sling shot).

Here Sitchin picks up the story.. missing only the role of Gold in the diet of the technologic (as opposed to genetic) immortals.. (Turn left at Orion Gilgamesh)..

Gold is by atomic geometry most geometrically recursive/fractal (the outer d/f electron sub-shell 5/7 symmetry pairs are dodec icos..). Because of this quantum recursion optimized in gold's electron valency, when gold is made soluble in the blood, it has the function of creating wormhole magnetic implosion in the blood. (Implosion is the ultimate connectivity device, and sort by shareability function, among waves.) . Gold is made soluble in blood and water when it's rendered almost mono-atomic (you might say chopped finely), and then subjected to intense (and hopefully perfectly self-embedded or recursive shaped) capactive charge. At this point the gold does a pop-corn inside out maneuver in it's electron shell geometry. David Hudson calls this Ormes. You can watch a fine white powder precipitate on Gold in a well charged pyramid. This was called manna in the bible and the spice in Dune.

Repairing atmosphere with the fractality of Gold's charge was true but a cover story .. the true "spice" in Dune.

It is true that gold precipitates best most generally in a planets grid mineral vein structure where the magnetic lines (ley) cross into fractality (cf earth grid dodec icos). This is because atomic precipitation is embedded in the imploding geometry of magnetic precipitation. It is also true that gold arranged geometrically in long waves (Bill Witherspoon used paramagnetic sand in shallow trenches hundreds of yards in size, in the pattern of star of david, or sri yantra, to create measureable change in climate), will repair and stabilize atmosphere on planets. This is because recursion creates and stabilizes gravity. So Sitchen had it right that gold was the excuse for gene splicing adam and eve on earth. However, this was only a cover story.

The real poop was that the draco and Orion queen cultures ate the gold powders to acheive artificial, technologic, (and unsouled) immortality. (cf the spice in Dune, turned your eyes deep blue, and you lived forever). The reason you began to live forever, was implosion in the blood sorted magnetics, creating sustainable immunity. Doing this from the outside in technologically, instead of from the inside out, with emotion, however had its drawbacks..... forgetting how to die meant forgetting how to have a soul....

The minor detail was that in forgetting how to die, you forget how to maintain magnetic squirt of DNA memory thru implosion into time. This became the survival issue for genepools wishing to inhabit time (Time Lord, Opanim, Bird Tribe, Valnapa, Sunderos, Adawi). It also meant that genepools having lost the DNA implosion which makes soul, would get scrambled eggs instead of DNA when traveling time lines (Montauk, Philadelphia, Incunabula... if the DNA coherence were not "Boson 7" harmonic of recursion, then only confusion returned from time travel).

Details on Montauk -Time Travel - Deca Delta Antennae -Time Empath project, with pics: Montauk Magnetic Travel Experiments on Video Found with USS Eldridge , (pt2: ) Montauk Project:Stealth Technology and Multi-Dimensional Time Travel Videos Found from Phoenix Project

Below is a top down view of DNA, as the wratcheting of a dodeca down a helix, into ten spirals of the Golden Mean. When the braiding algorhythmn of that mechanical piezoelectric wratchet is PHI perfected embedding, as this picture shows...

then the adding AND multiplying of waves (which only PHI the Golden Mean permits).. creates a continuous "spin path to zero point". Normally in wave interference physics, the amount of inertia in the adding and multiplying of wave forms, is discounted past about the third and fourth harmonic. This essentially is because in normal powers of two (incubation or holding within) geometry, those spurious harmonics weaken over distance. HOWEVER in the GOLDEN MEAN ( of PHI-cycle or physical for short, because PHI cycle creates the only centering force which creates the gravity we call physical)..

there the adding and multiplying of waves can continue the pack non-destructively. Thus not only are wave lengths added and multiplied in-PHI-knitly, but also are the wave VELOCITIES. This becomes biologies must potent wave geometric doorway through the speed of light, and into time. Creating the more sustainable wormhole, we have called soul.

This also creates the fractal of charge which we call gravity. (The amount of gravity force in any wave structure is proportionate to the amount of perfected recursion embedding in its geometry.)

Well normally the impulse to perfect this PHI based braiding algorhythmn in DNA, is induced by love and compassion.

This embedding of braid, induced by the heart sonics into the DNA at the moment of the rush of compassion, creates the adding and multiplying of harmonics between envelope and carrier wave in the braid, which results in measureable superconductivity in the DNA (William Pensinger). This squirts genetic magnetism by the constructive conjugation (PHI adding and multiplying) of the wave front velocities, thru the speed of light and into time. This creates soul. This is the Draco issue of creating enough DNA force for their genepool to enter timelines and survive the time implosion. Only the imploding skill of choosing compassion, sorts for pure intention in the field around you, and creates soul force necessary to survive zero point (death).. simply a test to sort shareable memory.

(see below on the Enochian language -Ophanic- from "Stargate",

as the symmetry of the hypercube solves this problem)

GOLD was merely an EXTERNAL waveguide to such perfected embedding.

Note the effect of EKG on DNA braid study which Glen Rein did at Institute of Heart Math, and published in ISSEM forgetting to mention I was the one who told him to do such a study, subsequent to the pioneering chapter in my book entitled: "Braiding DNA, Is Emotion the Weaver?", now confirmed in the medical literature as the solution to chronic disease: Irving Dardik MD, Cycles magazine Dec 96, Heart Waves as Fractality.

The storal to the mory is that if you can make your heart's electricity perfectly fractal, you will indeed live forever, from a strictly medical perspective. The number of ordered harmonics which can exist in any oscillator of which the heart is an example, goes to inPHIknit only when the ratio is a power of PHI. So more than 3"dimensional" coherence, is not possible without recursion. The heart "ascends" in harmonics when you FEEL:

(recursive EKG harmonics during the coherent moment of compassion, measured and arranged on the central vertical axis)

This is how compassion solves the problem of compression...

How shall these lines of magnetism (feeling) share space non destructively..

Just embed them perfectly, then the amount of spin pattern in the magnetic flow should be able to contain an inPHI-knit amount of information, this makes room for you inside of me... not-self inside of self... permission to turn inside out... inPHI-knit information density.. perfect compression.

then revolving that spin path which light sees on it's way into DNA which has been braided with love we see:

(The Holy Grail) (Whom Does It Serve: Itself.)

It never runs over, and it has no inside or outside, so it solves the problem of separateness.

which is a cup within a cup. It is fractal, you can zoom in forever and always see the same thing:

so it never runs over. It has no inside or outside so it solves the problem of separateness. It is called the grail, because in this shape, the magnetism in the blood can embedd everything. This is the way genetic magnetism can bend stars. Fractality gives you a way to grab all donuts by their throat at the same time. Here waves agree.


The minor detail they forget to tell you, is in order to have a fractal and immortal heart beat, you must relax and embed your heart's feeling magnetics so completely, that you must FEEL for everyone and everything. This means that your EKG becomes inPHIknitly harmonically inclusive, eating all of the spin in it's ecosystem. This is called turning inside out. Which is what you do when you choose to feel someone's feeling (magnetism) outside you, inside you. Try thinking a really shareable thought or feeling a very shareable feeling, notice that you feel a tingle of added charge. This recursion implosion of charge able to stabilize is called ECK in Stasis. (Eck being a name for charge.) Ecstacy for short. Eventually this produces enough spin density in your DNA to make it sustainable as a perfectly embedded wave function. This is called, getting a soul:


So without compassion, DNA does not rush and tingle and implode, and the whoosh of magnetism up it's core can make no implosion (soul).

This is because the inside out rush of added magnetic embedding in the heart, phonon phase locks the piezoelectric DNA braid, perfecting context dependancy to inPHIknit context. ("Gramatical Man, Information, Entropy, Language and Life" by Jeremy Campbell).

So, the psychological activity of heart PHIsics immortality is clear.

1: Sort your filing cabinet for only memories useful and shareable to the whole genepool.

2.. Think and feel ONLY shareble thoughts (pure principle) and feelings.

This creates a service envelope for your charge field which is embeddable, sustainable, inPHInitely leveraged psychokinetically, and immortal.

Well the borg (the Greys genetic stooges of the Draco), from the empire, were stuck in their externally imposed embeddedness, which produced perfect telepathy and zero compassion. It was fun for them to cut down DNA genepools, like we do forests, a "natural resource". Abducting mostly indigenous DNA looking for soul (implosion) from the outside in, did not work. They needed to use their glands like lenses for magnetism becoming embedded to great bendability. They needed to learn to feel. This was the only sustainable creator of sustainability (recursion) in DNA. (soul).

And even moreso, the buck stopped here, when it was discovered that the local galactic time implosion was centered near earth. This "Time Wave Zero" resulted when the spin plane of the galaxy, versus Solar System, versus Earth, went 90 degrees. (Erection of the Holy Cross, Nick Fiorenza).


This allowed the adding and multiplying of the pressure fronts of the waves in both the pattern of space, and the pattern in time, to converge non-destructively. (Hex view of cube=dodec). ("Spiral Calendar" by Carolan documents recursion in time= root PHI, proving recursion makes time also self-embedded, self-aware, and inhabitable... namely as the magnetic bodies of angels, Lords of Time, Ophanim.. their bodies stop bleeding when the recursion in time is repaired, cf Templar Agenda, William Buehler, and zodiac fractal cathedral layouts in time...)

So time was imploding locally. The sun is about to burp in response. The bad news is that local planetoids like Earth become toast. The good news is the DNA soul enabled (lucid dreaming, bardo navigable) genepools get to squirt their magnetics thru the imploding sun, into time. So the baby chicks get to peck their way out of the egg shell called the speed of light, into time. Genepools that can the the chutzpah into their DNA, get a chance at being time lords (Ophanim), for the rest, it's curtains. Last time the Draco's tried to resist a solar burp, Mars lost her atmosphere. This time their Haarp will do the same for Earth.

This created great pressure on the crotchety Draco, to cook up soul force into their DNA, otherwise their genepool was history. This meant they were suckers for a plan from the poor bird tribe humanoid remnant on Pleides and Sirius. Everyone knew that galactic resonant DNA able to have star bending emotion, was the only hope for the galactic sector.


The crafty humanoid Prince from Sirius called EA for whom EArth was named, cooked up a plan. (He was also called alpha, Aleph Hyperion, and An was his father as in An-nunaki and D'An i el, el from chronos).. (also called Ptah)..(also called Enki, half brother to Enlil by An, as An-Ki..) He pursuaded the trading houses of the Orion Queens to finance the big bucks to pay for a gene-splicing craft called Niburu, dispatched to our remote mineral rich planetoid.. For this they would get the Gold from the droid slaves created (Adam & Eve, Isis & Osiris).. The Orion queens staffed Niburu with gene-splicing technicians priests. They used the tetra index to field tilting part of Annunaki gematria.. This tetra index to the tilting of codons resulted in tetra-helix DNA. This produced no implosion due to no recursion in the DNA braiding.. (This symmetry index to tetrahelical DNA splicing was later called the Hebrew alphabet, after the Hiburu genetic engineer Niburu 'priests'). This was intentional as the Orion fallen "Nephilitic" (no PHI in them), DNA droids were intended to have no soul, and be non-fertile and non-self replicating. This soul-less ness is the intention of all Droid or borg created this way. The priests had to hide tremendous guilt from the women queens for making Eve/Isis self replicating and fertile. This only occurred because Ea had sex with the prettier cross.. Sa Ra (wife of Sun God Ra/ Ea)..

(see below for the superset of Biblical script, the Ophanim "Enochian" language of John Dee. These symbols on StarGate, being the hypercube superset of Annunaki's priest's tetra script, solve the implosion and time sustain and soul problem, but require feeling.)

Sarahs kids Joseph (braid of many colors) and Benjamin spawned Jesus and Magda and the grail story. San Graal's "Song in the Blood", was the magnetic fields of up to galactic size embedded directly and psychokinetically in DNA braiding recursively/implosively. Good if you want to bend star births directly from fractal morphic resonance within Genepools, Bad if you have no compassion to induce the implosion necessary to braid DNA recursively enough so it's magnetism would survive time travel. Unfortunately for the un-shareable this required "feeling" for everyone (compassion). Simple genepool wide telepathy (hearing all your ancestors incomplete desires singing from your DNA to ring in your ears) only results in hive mind (Borg). Genepool wide compassion requires arriving at implosion in DNA from inside out (compassion braids DNA by EKG coherence/recursion), Genepool wide telepathy results fron DNA implosion from outside in (technologically eating GOLD). Gold as a valence atomic fractal makes field effect sorting by implosion happen in the blood articificially making immune systems sustainable (immortal).

The priests guilt for making too much psycho-kinesis in crossing the Ea's bird tribe human DNA with the Saraphic, could really upset the Orion Queen's. The Queen's genetomagnetic force in sewing up star systems might be overshadowed. So much so that the Priest's had to kill the majority of the women in Europe (Inquisition). Would it occur to them to apologize? No, we wait for more news of priestly pederasty (they even forgot why they felt guilt about sex with women). The fractality of the egg is greater than the seed, so blood line psychokinesis repression began with the women.


In order to understand why the local politics required tracking down every place psycho-kinesis would erupt in the DNA (the CIA was founded upon Magda's skull and bones), we need a bigger picture..

The regional magnetic fields spinning through black holes into time (recursion made inhabitable) glued stars together into self aware spin called....


only genepools empowered by compassion get sufficient braid recursion to penetrate the time lines..


These bodies of magnetic arc-angles sewn recursive (breatheable), are indexed by the sequence of turns superset language to Annunaki's simple tetra: the hypercubic symmetry set of magnetic tilts called Ophanim Angel Alphabet: Enochian Keys. (See the symbols on StarGate, see also book: "Enochian Physics..")

The superset of original bible letterform, was the Ophanim "Enochian" language of John Dee. These symbols on StarGate, being the hypercube superset of Annunaki's tetra, solve the implosion and time sustain and soul problem, but require feeling.

The letters of the Ophanim alphabet were arranged in a table "The Tablet of Nalvage" using the Greek alphabet GEMATRIA (letter to numeric values). Revealing the hypercube symmetry (key to stargates - CHEM - from the black-hole-ness) (below pics). Then reading down in the Ophanim alphabet tables like tic tac toe, we discovered the letters read: Ureil, Gabirel, Michael, Ophaniel, Exekiel, etc. This suggests that our ANGEL NAMES were simply symmetry turn instructions for how to cookie cut biology's magnetics into black holes. Literally, the Angel Names are the symmetry turns for light bodies to squirt into time. These letters were the actual glyphs used to make the movie Stargate.

This is how the Ophanim Angels become lightbodies incubating blackholes through stars. This is also how people can become stars, as perfect embedding permits. (Nest into a membrane then steer it.) The Greek alphabet (geometry letter number values) was the key to the puzzle.

To be a star you have to make gravity (centering fractal attractive force) for yourself in your own heart.

When the DNA implodes with the hearts sonic ponytail (braiding algorhythmn) embedding makes the gravity we use to slingshot ourselves from heart ot plane to the sun to the stars.

(The below images specifically of Ophanim/Enochian are directly from and courtesy of Vincent Bridges and Darlene.)more info at Magic Journey site map, OPHANIC MILLENIUM WORKING use COMPLETE ENOCHIAN Handbook with Graphics Link..

If I understand the story, John Dee learned most of the languages of Earth, then said I need to understand true Angel language. An Ophanim Angel knocked on his window, handed him of grey green magnetic stone sphere. This egg Ophanic communication device is in the British museum today. Some clarivoyance enabled the perception of a symmetry alphabet inside, which became the true physics of magic (cf Order of the Golden Dawn). Now with Vincent's help we learn that the quantum cookery symmetry implicit here is the true hypercube implosion symmetry. No coincidence these were the symbols on stargate.These are the playdough cookie cutters necessary to thread magnetism non-destructively thru implosion (time and death). They are useful for organizing the magnetism of glands and optical cortex hologram to enable shamanic star penetrance. This would be how Ophanim angels as magnetic clouds recursive enough to be self aware thru black holes, glue star births together sustainably. Note apparent match to the Sirian alphabet (per Robert Morningsky and Claire Watson), also note implications for glyph set on the strut of the Roswell craft. ... Imagine how this more implosive braiding algorhythmn when applied to gene splicing instead of tetra priest annunaki language, would create the superluminal soul force in DNA. But imagine why only feeling compassion as a rush in your blood would enable this psycho-kinesis. This may alos be lang-doc.. language of the bird (tribes) (Ophanim.) Also suggest comparison to Adawi, Bird Tribe Language of the ancient Cherooki.. Chi-Rook-Key (Rookery of Birds)..called Earth Language, thanks to DHYANI YWAHOO.

hyper cube symetrically is the next dimension past 3D for the cube (dodec=cube in 4d)

for more info on OPHANIM ENOCHIAN see: - the above 4 pictures see their creators, Darlene and Vincent Bridges at

symmetry appearance of star-gate penetrance (star mother kit=theosophy's "greater maze"=implosion symmetry of black holes=magnetic navigation terrain enabled by a true star language (Ophanic)

please see the extenive update to this angelic origins of star symmetrics - may 05 -

also including more exerpts from vincent bridges -

Was Greek An Alphabet Angelically ROOTED?

Comparison of Greek to the Ophanic..

> vincent
> would you consider commenting on whether you believe this
> comparison of ophanim to greek is useful?
> thanks much
> dan
> from athens
Well Dan, it depends on what you mean by useful.

There are similarities between the two, as you noted. Bu the letter shapes
do not match the sound values, so the usefulness of that approach is

We did find that arranging the Enochian letters, by sound, according to the
Greek order allowed us to use Greek gematria to find useful values for
Enochian words and letter patterns. I used these patterns to create
sound/light entrainment programs that allowed the user to experience the
atmosphere of the lesser squares on the Great Tablet.

I do have a couple of theories on the similarities:
1) Dee was a Greek scholar, and when forced to create an alphabetic form
for this new language he was receiving, fell back on the unconscious
resonance of the Greek alphabet he knew so well. He used Greek letter forms
and English grammar to to give substance to the "Angelic" language.
2) Doric or Classical Greek developed its alphabet in the same way as
all Indo-Aryan languages did, by appropriating the forms of the higher
cultures they bumped into. Since all of these letter forms go back to
hieratic Egyptian, a sort of simple hieroglyphs, then Enochian may be an
alphabetic origin point of great antiquity.

I think, to a certain degree, both of these are true. However, since entire
sentences of Old Kingdom Egyptian can be found in Dee's Enochian, the second
choice might be the most accurate. Since Enochian was delivered to Dee in a
title, not phonetic, based grid, we might suppose that each letter is
somewhat hieroglyphic. Therefore, each letter in a word should be seen as
the sum of the letters used to spell its name.

For instance, the P sound, which looks like an omega, is spelled with an M,
an A, an L and an S. Therefore, the P/omega symbol is composed of the other
four components in ways that are both ideographic and logographic. The
phonographic component, while there, is de-emphasized. In other words, it is
more important to understand the structure of the letter's meaning than it
is to pronounce it. To me, this suggests a computer language format, more
than a human language.

Hope this answers your questions,







reference below to "Earth's Stages of Descent into Matter" from Thoth in "Temple Doors" published by Simeon and Maia, Johanine Grove, Crestone, CO.

Thoth refers to Metatronic or full-light spectra, which is what I call implosive or recursively embedded.. This is as opposed to the Oritronic or half-light spectra. (root two incubation)..He says:

"In the full Light Metatronic spectrum the constellation of Orion is the 'Guardian of the Gate', or the universal portal of return to the full Light Universe. The beings from the full Light matrix of the Orion star system act as a touchstone for Light Redemption, that is the return of the divine codes of evolutionized intelligence to the source. A gathering of Rigel (the blue star in Orion) human-like beings called the Blue-Fire Command oversee th(is) ongoing disparity of energetics that exist .... and intervene in the name of the Metatronic..."


Important to understand that magnetic cusps of star patterns create large lenses, which effect the way squirts of magnetism, and thus shamanic awareness, can penetrate thru galaxies. Awareness as recursion glues not only tectonics together but stars.

Thus a grail DNA was the angelic solution to premature star deaths. The Ophanim and Sara's phim plot to cross the bird braid DNA (Jesus) with the reptile brain DNA (Magda), was implosive and dangerous, but necessary, if Orion's pregnant star births were to be made sustainable by the recursive magnetic inertia of collective bardo. The San Graal, song in the blood, would permit piezoelectric and fractal embedding in DNA (grail picture above)


If Deanna Emerson is right (author of Mars Earth Enigma"), then one origin of the Skull and Bones myth of Magdalens true grail/embedded bloodline (origin of templar/pirate/&CIA-also psychoactive substance traders)

is her true star home origins: (below image)-

bones was stinging tailbone cross of serpens "the serpent", and skull was the grail cup container of "corona borealis" the crown of radiance.





Dendara ceiling shows Sirius Rigel.(node not heart of Orion). Bethlehem angle (28 degrees 18 minute 9.7 seconds..)fits

angle from great pyramid to bethlehem, and angle between 2 great passageways in pyramid, and appears in grail map on britain.. feathered bird serpent caddeucceus, energetic for redemption, resolution and evolution.. that is what is going on between Rigel and Sirius..

boats of ra, merkabbah..

pythum, aculum..

metatronic temple.... embeddable...


Thoth says Pleiades Orion Sirius create triadic from Missoureal in another time continuum.. triunity to administer the objectives in creating this time continuum, orchestrating redemption and evolution.. of the angels that fell.. clear reconciliation.. anakephalaosisthai.. oahpse calls it cosmone.. operation victory.. recapitulation of all things, eternal return.. recursion.. remission, attrition.. contrition...(time implosion)


essential function of bethlehem angle energetic.. our angel from there critical reference position/ tangential..

appears in zodiac as the staff of aesclepios.. head of serpent.. thru rigel an dandera thru head of scorpion..

starwalker for serpent axis if serpent with head of bird.. vault below serpent bird at dandera appears PHI

bethlehem angle is the same angle to sirius plus 5. something..

cela spoke is sirius on dendera.. aeslepios

solarions are star eagles.. sun beings.. bird tribes.. the shepards..

arcturians.. star guides.. el conversion.. origins of essenes..


Thoth in these documents continually refers to tears or rifts in the fabric of time. Repairing the geometric embeddedness of zodiac fractal structures like the layout of the gothic cathedrals into a picture of Virgo, is an example of repairing the fabric of time. When spin systems as pressure nodes are arranged into the pent PHI geometry either in pattern in space or pattern in time, this creates a wave form which becomes inhabitable. This is as true for the Golden Mean geometrics of the human limb structure as it is for pentagonal planet orbitals, for spiral galaxies, or for time ("Spiral Calendar" recursion square root of PHI origin of time, book by Carolan..)

Earth's time tear exacerbated by Montauk and PhiSumum (German), Thoth calls Kali rift.



Saraphim are evolving, ophanim are not evolving..

saraphic concened with technology..



Virtual Trips to


Black Holes and Neutron Stars


by Robert Nemiroff


Circling the Black Hole


The first frame shows a background sky highly distorted by the black hole in the center. The gravity of the black hole is so great that it

actually deflects the background starlight. Large light bending effects cause the background sky to appear to move in unusual ways as

you circle the black hole. Light paths are so curved that light can reach you from anywhere on the sky - even from behind the black

hole - no part of the sky is eclipsed. Distant starlight has fallen to you and therefore appears 'blueshifted.'


The large light bending effects cause stars on the opposite side of the black hole to become greatly magnified. Stars usually too dim to

see become visible. If you watch closely you can identify an invisible circular ring around the black hole on either side of which stars

counter-rotate. This is an Einstein ring , and stars do not cross through it. Stars approaching the exact opposite side of the black

hole from you are seen to have two bright images, one appearing just outside this Einstein ring, and the other 180 degrees around the

face of the black hole and just inside this Einstein ring. Stars in this location appear to move with the highest angular speed.


Next: Dropping down to the photon sphere.


Approaching the Black Hole


The first frame depicts the observer in empty space looking toward the constellation Orion. The three stars in Orion's belt are visible

to the right of the center of the screen. Sirius can be seen as the brightest star in the sky below and to left of Orion's belt, and

Betelgeuse is the reddish star just above Orion's belt.


As the movie progresses the observer moves toward the black hole. An odd diffuse glow of light appears in the center of the screen.

Soon a black spot appears - the black hole itself. The black hole is almost completely dark - light cannot escape from it. Black holes

do release a slight bit of light as they evaporate, as postulated by Hawking.


As the observer moves toward the black hole, the original star images appear pushed away from the black hole This is because the

starlight that originally reached you is now strongly attracted toward the black hole and hence deflected away from you. Only starlight

passing further from the black hole might now be attracted toward the black hole so that it is deflected to your eye.


Note also "new" dimmer images of stars become visible near the black hole. Here the strong gravity of the black hole has pulled

another image of stars around the far side toward your eye. Soon there are two discernable images of everything in the sky. A

secondary images of star can be identified with their corresponding primary image by noting that they can be connected by drawing a

straight line on the sky through the center of the black hole and finding stars of like color.

Next: Orbiting the black hole.

hidden meanings .com, delta fornax, the furnace and the pineal...,, helix and dna

trans cubic/hypercubic (precis to dodec) glyph symmetry routes genetic/glandular/and emotive magnetics thru implosion/wormhole:

(into "lords of time" "ophanic" "whirling ones", "O PHI in them", "angel bodies")

from Dan Winter

more info at Magic Journey site map, OPHANIC MILLENIUM WORKING use COMPLETE ENOCHIAN Handbook with Graphics Link..


Proposal for an Ophanic Mystery School:

Angelic Science and Intergalactic Communication

article and all but the last image here,

by Vincent Bridge and Darlene


As the one year anniversary of the Ophanic Contact working approaches, one of the participants asked me if I thought we had dropped the ball. Reluctantly, I had to admit that in some ways we had indeed let them down.

So, let's think this through, look at all the possibilities. To me the important points can be sorted into a few interrelated categories. First of all, we have the powerful and suggestive evidence of an ancient planetary civilization which appeared to have some sort of galactic involvement. We are the descendants of that ancient civilization, though we but dimly recall its presence. Our memories of such a Golden Age are hidden within myths, hoarded as the secret possession of families and institutions, shared as the Gnostic experience of the mystery school, analyzed as psychology and even encoded within the structure of the alphabet itself.

The clues left us by the Golden Age culture can then be applied to the next category, human evolution. What does the Great Mystery tell us about ourselves?

Phillip Dick used to say that if he could talk to God, the aliens or any other form of higher intelligence, he would have only one simple message: we need medical attention. And, essentially, that sums up the human condition. A species of monkey wandering and proliferating mindlessly in a state of trauma induced shock. The Great Mystery is the antidote, the blast of cool air that clears our collective heads. It is the opposite of our collective amnesia, it is the sudden return of memory.

With the return of memory comes responsibility. If we know who we are, then we must act accordingly. We are forced to choose whether we will remain as a smart monkey or make the leap to galactic standard humanity. In many ancient cultures, such as Egypt, the technology of galactic evolution was held as the prerogative of the King and the royal or priestly establishment. Such narrow lines of transmission both ensured the information's survival and at the same time aided in its ultimate loss. Cultures and languages emerged that had no psycho-spiritual depth, and the secret became more and more closely guarded.

However, like survival packages dropped to disaster victims, Phillip Dick's "higher intelligence" supplies us from time to time with "wisdom" treasures, as the Tibetan Buddhists call them. These contacts, though brief, usually result in the transmission of an informationally dense symbolic structure of open-ended complexity. One such contact occurred in England in the late 16th century.

In the 1580's, Dr. John Dee and his seer, Edward Kelley, downloaded a massive amount of information from the Ophanim or Enochian angelic intelligences. This information was beyond the abilities of its receivers to understand; they never tried to use the system they were given. Most of it lay hidden in Dee's private papers, and such caches as the secret drawer where the Heptarchia Mysteria was found, for over fifty years. By the 1670's, most of it had been recovered and a small group of intellectuals and mystics begin to study the material. Work continued in private until the late nineteenth century.

In 1887, a group of English Masons and Rosecrucians found the work done by the Oxford group of Ophanics in the British Museum at the same time that a continental connection with a German group working with Dee's material appeared. The discovery of a set of cipher ritual outlines, which included several curious bits of Ophanic information, led to the formation of a magickal order designed to produce Ophanic adepts.

However, this group never managed to assemble the complete Ophanic system. The Ophanim transmitted the information over the course of almost eight years in the face of constant interference. Consequently, the system itself looks fragmented, some pieces appearing to contradict others, while other pieces seem to be completely separate. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was never able to solve the problem of what these Ophanic initiations were for; why exactly are we exposing ourselves to an ordered pattern of Ophanic energy, leading up to permission to work with the system? This unanswered question seemed to short-circuit the magickal current of any group attempting to work with the Ophanic system.

Careful examination of the surviving manuscripts indicate that there is a pattern and a coherence to the entire Ophanic opus. The pattern points to sacred geometry as the key to the puzzle. As we understand this underlying structure, it becomes possible to realign and correct the misunderstanding of previous Ophanic scholars. In 1996, it become possible, for the first time since it was transmitted in the 1580's, to work with a whole, balanced and corrected version of the Ophanic system.

Seen as a whole, the Ophanic system resembles nothing so much as a metaphysical computer-like communication device. The Golden Dawn's initiation structure is a way to interface with the system, but without an understanding of higher dimensional geometry, some of it not discovered in the 1880's, the components do not make sense. The adept then is trained, but without a purpose; it is as if we were training auto mechanics, but didn't understand the idea of an automobile.

Our Ophanic Contact working of a year ago demonstrated that the Ophanic system worked. We built the physical and psychic structure, revved it up and made contact, but couldn't hold it in place for very long.

The Ophanic system is a time capsule of information, given to the smartest mind of his era and then allowed to ferment a few centuries until human knowledge caught up with it. As such, it provides our best evidence of contact with higher intelligence. No human mind in the 1580's could have defined a hyper, or fourth dimensional cube, yet there it is, embedded within the very structure of the Ophanic language itself.

Support for this idea comes from wide variety of sources. Robert Morningsky and Dhani Wahoo have both identified the Ophanic script as similar to those used by indigenous ET elders, such as the Adowi. The geometrical pattern has been discerned in the mysterious Phaistos disk of Crete as well as on the pieces of Roswell debris. Even the symbols on the Stargate, in the movie Stargate, resembled Ophanic letters.

All of this points to a need to do more concentrated work on and with the Ophanic system. In that sense, I am offering these proposals:

1) A group of individuals could be trained in the basics by a combination of text and exercises. This group could then be assembled at specific times and places to establish a contact structure and begin an on-going dialogue with the Ophanic intelligences.

2) Research should be undertaken in a variety of different areas related to the Ophanic system:

a) The magnetic and microwave resonance of the letter shapes themselves should be examined.

b) The use of Ophanic communication to effect the environment should be researched. The Governors of the Aethyrs have a direct relationship to areas of he earth's surface. Can we interact with these intelligences to promote environmental health?

c) Physical changes, such as DNA structure, should researched as the individuals in the group under go their initiatory exercises.

3) An on-going web-site and data base should be established for the dissemination of the information produced by the research and the direct contact workings. The information must be available to everyone as freely as possible.

4) more research should be done into the origin of the Ophanic letter shapes and the language itself. How does Ophanic relate to Old Kingdom Egyptian for instance?


If any of this strikes your fancy or resonates a deep chord in your being, please let us know. To get involved, or for more information on the Ophanic system itself, write The Fifth Way Mystery School, PO Box 877, Mt. Gilead, NC, 27306. Or e-mail us at


Star Birth Bardo in the Body of Orion

by Vincent Bridges


Just west of where the Nile begins to widen out into the fan-shaped delta, a rough limestone escarpment rises a few hundred feet and then flattens off into a wind swept plateau. An ancient civilization built a complex pattern of structures on the edge of the plateau, structures which have fascinated humanity throughout its history.

Consider the tale, first written down in the XVIIth Dynasty from a Middle Kingdom version of a IVth Dynasty original, of Prince Radjedef, the Djedi and King Khufu. The King and his four sons are relaxing at the palace telling stories of famous magicians. Radjedef tops them all by announcing that he knows of a living magician equal to those of the past. Khufu is interested and Radjedef tells him of the Djedi, or stable one, who is apparently ageless and knows many things, including "the shrines of the secret chambers of the enclosure of Tehuti." Now Khufu is really interested, because the King "had spent much time in seeking for himself these secret chambers of the enclosure of Tehuti to fashion for himself their likeness for his horizon." Khufu dispatches Radjedef to bring the Djedi back to the palace.

He returns with the Djedi, who quickly charms and awes the court with his magickal abilities. Then the King comes to the point: "Now, as for the rumor that you know the number of the shrines of the secret chamber of the enclosure of Tehuti...?" Djedi says that he does not, although he knows where that information can be found. "There is a box of flint in a chamber called the Revision of On: in that box." The Djedi claims that he cannot recover this information, but the eldest of the triplets then in the womb of the wife of the high priest of "Re, Lord of Sakhbu," will discover the information and found a new Dynasty.

Whatever we may think of the miraculous origins of the Vth Dynasty, this tale poses some interesting questions. Just what is the "enclosure of Tehuti?" And what are the "shrines of the secret chambers" whose likeness Khufu wants for his own "horizon?" Why is it that the information concerning these secrets could be found in a chamber called "Revision" in On, or Heliopolis as the Greeks called it a thousand years into its decline?

The so-called Inventory Stele of Khufu, found in the Isis Chapel near Khufu's mortuary temple at Giza in the 1850's, suggests that the "enclosure of Tehuti" is none other than the Great Pyramid complex itself. The stele clearly states that at least the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were in existence at the time Khufu ascended to the throne. Peter Lemesurier, a pyramid scholar, has speculated that Khufu, which means simply (he) "protects us," assumed the name of the traditional builder of the pyramid, Knum Khufu, or "Knum protects us," to symbolize his possibly reincarnative connection with this semi-mythical builder. One of the earliest artifacts of Egyptian civilization, the Narmer palette, indicates that the pyramids predated the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. A pyramid in a rectangular enclosure looms over the right shoulder of Narmer/Menes on the Lower Egypt side of the tablet like some relic from a forgotten age.

The Djedi story then presents us with the image of a King who doesn't know the secret chambers of his own tomb, if we are to believe the Egyptologists. But the enclosure of Tehuti is clearly no tomb, and Khufu is sincerely interested in discovering its secrets. What these shrines of the secret chambers might be is suggested by the archaic title for the ancient Nome or precinct of On, Sakhbu. The literal translation of this word is "soul star place," and the ancient Egyptians used it to describe the entire plateau at Giza.

The "soul star place," which contains the enclosure of Tehuti and its secret chambers, is the Duat on earth through which the King travels as he makes his journey toward re-birth in Re's Boat of a Million Years. Khufu wishes to know its secret so that his horizon, his transition, might truly result in immortality among the imperishable stars. This was no idle concern for Khufu. The Djedi story suggest that his failure to understand the mystery caused the failure of his Dynasty. It would be the Vth Dynasty Pharaohs who would bring forth or make public the secrets of the enclosure of Tehuti.

But the "soul star place" remains, and its inconceivably ancient monuments continue to haunt us with their mystery. But perhaps, just perhaps, the shrines of the secret chambers, like some time locked vault, have begun to open and we can glimpse an awe-filled universe of meaning and connection.



The secret chambers began to open in 1989 with an article in the Oxford journal, Discussions in Egyptology. Engineer Robert Bauval argued that not only did the pyramids at Giza exhibit a grand unified pattern, but that pattern mirrored the stars in the constellation of Orion. In ancient Egypt, Orion was the "Place of Osiris," suggesting a deep connection between the constellation and the myth of death and rebirth. Bauval's idea made sense, (he would go on to co-author the bestsellers The Orion Mystery and The Message of the Sphinx) and further investigation has shown that the entire pyramid field, from Dashur to Abu Roash, mirrors the stars in the sky above it.

The plan of the Giza pyramids also exhibits an amazing degree of geometrical and mathematical coherence. For example, the three pyramids fit inside a rectangle formed from a vesicia piscis, from which the generative roots (the square root of 2, 3 and 5) are derived. The vesicia piscis also determines the angle of each face and the height of the floor of the King's chamber. R.J. Cook demonstrated that a geometrical axial system linked the smaller pyramids with the center pyramid. He found that this system of linkages was based on the use of 60 degree and 26.5 degree angles.

Sixty degrees is the angle of an isosceles triangle; 26.5 degrees is the angle of the diagonal of a double square. The floor of the King's Chamber is a double square and the ascending and descending passages are set at 26.5 degrees; this can hardly be accidental. The entire complex seems arranged to create a pointer indicating the helical rising of Orion/Osiris. Even more fascinating, a line drawn at 26.5 degrees north of east, the indicator point for the pre-dawn rise of Orion, runs from the second pyramid to Bethlehem in Palestine. Given the similarity between the dying god Osiris and the resurrected Christ, this alignment suggests an ancient stellar connection much too significant to be co-incidental.

A number of Giza researchers, including Max Toth, Rocky McCollum and William Buehler, have noticed that the arrangement of the three major pyramids produces a short section of a Golden Mean spiral. Extending this spiral on the ground leads to a small rise in the escarpment a few kilometers to the south-east of the pyramid complex. This area has received very little archeological attention since it covers a portion of the local village's cemetery. The 1947 survey map notes the existence, near the center of the spiral, of an unidentified ruin of which nothing seems to have survived to the present. Without more research, including on-site inspection, the ground level Golden Mean spiral seems to be a dead end.

But, adds journalist, author and esoteric philosopher Jay Wiedner, what if we draw the Golden Mean spiral in the sky? If the pyramids are a model of the stars in Orion's belt, then they should also describe a small section of the Golden Mean spiral. If we continue the line in the sky, following the yellow brick road of the Golden Mean, we arrive at the heart of the figure of Orion/Osiris.

Visually, this appears to be an empty region of space, but radio and x-ray astronomy reveal a seething area of collapsing stellar material below and to the left of the shoulder star, Bellatrix. Stars are being born in the heart of Orion. Indeed, the general area of Orion has more stellar formation occurring than anywhere else in our local galactic neighborhood.

The complex geometry of Giza, the Sakhbu or "soul star place," apparently was designed to embed and encode certain "truths" about the star fields of Orion. Giza's monuments function as a cosmic clock, ticking off the ages through cyclical stellar alignments while establishing galactic scale resonance with the regions of energetic star birth far off in Orion. This resonating clock reminds of us who we are and where we came from on a galactic scale. It holds our cosmic memory, that echo of self-awareness that allows us to overcome our monkey body programming.

Tron, the self-aware computer program in Disney's film of the same name, claims his identity through memory: "I have seen the starships burning off the shoulder of Orion."



Our third question remains: If the enclosure of Tehuti is the pyramid complex itself and the shrines of the secret chambers are the stellar alignments and geometric resonance points on the Giza plateau, then how can this information be found in a flint box in a storeroom in Heliopolis?

Dan Winter, Gnostic alchemist and author of Embedability & the heart biofeedback, has suggested that the answer is perhaps a symmetry set of the phase angles of the nesting platonic solids, theosophy's greater maze. Or, in other "words," mathematics. And this does make sense; the monuments on Giza were there for all to see, no secret there. But how to use them was a secret that could be coded into a text and stored with a few models in a flint box.

Given that the "Book of Coming Forth unto the Light," the core of the Pyramid Texts, appeared near the end of the Vth Dynasty, maybe SahuRe, the eldest of the royal triplets, did indeed find that flint box with the secret operating manual for the "soul star place."

The Pyramid Texts, mankind's oldest religious writings, were carved on the internal walls of one Vth Dynasty pyramid and four more from the VIth Dynasty. Frozen, like an ant in amber, these inscriptions record the definitive expression of an ancient star religion, whose beliefs included the translation of the dead king into a star in the constellation of Orion. Even the Victorian Egyptologists with their Christian and solar bias agreed that the Pyramid Texts had greater antiquity than the Vth Dynasty. Gaston Maspero, their original discoverer and translator, thought that "the greater part were originally written during the pre-historic period of Egypt." That is, at least before about 3300 BC.

Professor R. T. Rundle Clark, who had a great respect for the Pyramid Texts, notes that "the rising of Orion in the southern sky after the time of its invisibility is the sign. . . Osiris has been transformed into a 'living soul.' " (Remember, the ability to mark this moment is one of the major design factors involved in the overall plan of the monuments on Giza. This line, indicated by the 26.5 degree angle north of east, points to the summer solstice sunrise at the time of Orion's return; it also runs to Bethlehem.) The Texts themselves are quite clear on this:

"Behold he has come as Orion, behold Osiris has come as Orion. . . O king, the sky conceives you with Orion, the dawn-light bears you with Orion. . . you will regularly ascend with Orion from the eastern regions of the sky, you will regularly descend with Orion in the western region of the sky." (Pyramid Texts, line 820-2)

"O king, you are this Great Star, the Companion of Orion, who traverses the sky with Orion, who Navigates the (Duat) Netherworld with Osiris; you ascend from the east of the sky, being renewed in your due season, and rejuvenated in your due time. The sky has born you with Orion. . ." (Pyramid Texts, line 882-3)

A little further along in the same passage, we find an important clue: "I am a soul. . . I (am) a star of gold. . ." (Pyramid Texts, Line 886-9)

Thus the dead King, as an "Osiris," evolved to inhabit a newly born stellar matrix in the constellation of Orion. The Duat, translated as Netherworld by most Egyptologists, actually appears to be the star birth Bardo field in the heart of Orion. There the newly immortal King must "Navigate the Duat" as a companion of Orion/Osiris. Significantly, the Osiris-king announces: "The sky is pregnant of wine (the dawn-light), Nuit has given birth to her daughter, the dawn-light, I raise myself indeed. . ." (Pyramid Texts, line 1082-3)

In several places in the Pyramid Texts, a curious statement is made: "The (dead) king's sister is Sothis, (Sirius) his offspring is the Morning Star. . ." (Pyramid Texts, lines 357, 929, 935, 1707) It is easy to see Isis, Osiris' sister/wife, as the star Sirius, which follows Orion in the sky. But to see Horus, Osiris' offspring, as the Morning Star, Venus, takes a bit of understanding. Until we remember that Venus, rising against the zodiac of the ecliptic, creates a five pointed star through time. This symbol, a star made of five lines drawn from a common center toward the points in the zodiac of Venus' rising, covers the ceiling of Unas' pyramid where the earliest Pyramid Text is inscribed.

Horus, the son of Osiris, was the prototype of the earthly king; the Egyptian Pharaohs ruled in his name. As such, the symbol of Horus preserves the idea of transcendence and the possibility of stellar evolution. Again, the Pyramid Texts give a flavor of this: ". . .and Har-Sopd has come forth from you as Horus who is in Sothis (Isis). . . and he protects you in his name of Horus, the son who protects the father. . ." (Pyramid Texts, lines 632-3) Har-Sopd, or Horus who is the morning star, is depicted as a hawk-headed human with a Nuit star in a circle above his head.

If the Pyramid Texts are truly the operating manual for the monuments on Giza and their evolutionary resonance with the star fields of Orion, then they deserve much more study than they have received in the century or so since their discovery. Others, primarily Robert Bauval in The Orion Mystery, have drawn attention to these clues, but Egyptologists and archeologists have been slow to respond. No attempt has been made to examine other texts of comparable antiquity, such as the Builder Texts of Edfu and Dendera, for more clues. It is as if this tantalizing evidence of man's early fascination with this vibrantly creative area of stellar birth leads to a dead end.

Perhaps for the academics, with reputations to make and preserve, it does. But for the group of mystics, scientists and esoteric philosophers I call the "Post-Modern Alchemists," these clues provide startling evidence of ancient Egypt's knowledge of the equivalent of a spiritual unified field theory. For them, the monuments on Giza are reminders of humanity's galactic destiny.



Let's start with the clue about gold. ". . .I am a soul. . . I (am) a star of gold. . ." Osiris/Pharaoh announces. Before we dismiss this as mere poetry, remember that the Egyptian hieroglyphic language was capable of a dense structure of meaning. The "soul," sa, has a precise meaning. It is the wave nature, the flow of the breath, of the spirit, the khu. The Bible word "ruach," breath or spirit, preserves this meaning. In Genesis, we are told that God's breath, His "ruach," moved across the waters of chaos to begin the process of creation. The sages of On would have agreed, saying that Re put forth his sa as he rose from the waters of Nun.

Therefore, the king is declaring that he has entered the state of being called "soul," a state where the flow of spirit is self-sustaining, self-referencing and self-aware. To be a soul is to have the possibility of immortality.

He reinforces this by declaring that he has become "a star of gold." This also has a very precise meaning. One of the deepest held secrets of the Egyptian mysteries was how to rearrange the Nuit star, five lines pointing out from a common center, into an interlocked pentagram, the same five lines crossing around the common center to create an infinite nest of Phi ratios. To the Egyptian sages, this symbolized the embedding of cosmic evolution, the Horus current, into biological evolution.

And indeed, this pentagonal array is a constant in nature, appearing in everything from the petals on a flower to the bipedal symmetry of the human form. The Pythagoreans claimed that the pentagram was the perfect symbol of humanity, and that its extension into space, the Gnostic "light in extension," the dodecahedron, was the ultimate symbol of spirit.

Just as the pentagram is a nest of phi ratio recursion, gold, by its atomic geometry, is the most fractally recursive element. The outer d/f electron sub-shells exhibit a 5/7 symmetry pairing, which gives gold the shape of the perfect dodeca-icosa fractal. The dodecahedron, the Pythagorean symbol of spirit, nests with the icosahedron, the symbol for water, to create a polygon that models the fractally attractive gravity well of our planetary jewel.

Alchemist Dan Winter comments that "because of this quantum recursion optimized in gold's electron valency, when gold is made soluble in blood, it has the function of creating wormhole magnetic implosion in the blood. (Implosion is the ultimate connectivity device, and sorts by shareablity of function among waves.)" The alchemical process of making gold soluble in blood, the white powder Elixir of Immortality of the medieval alchemists, has been described at length by another post-modern alchemist, David Hudson.

Basically, ionized gold particles are subjected to a powerful and recursively shaped capacitive charge. The gold particles then do a pop-corn-like inside-out maneuver in their electron geometry. David Hudson calls this new form of gold "Ormes," and suggests that it's now soluble in the blood. As Dan Winter noted: "Gold as a valence atomic fractal makes field effect sorting by implosion happen in the blood artificially making immune systems sustainable (immortal)."

So the newly dead king's statement can now be read as: "I am a self-sustaining, self-aware being, whose fractality is as infinite as the perfect shape of gold." Suddenly, we are on a different level of understanding. With a flash, we see that the Egyptians were not just superstitious priests worshipping the sky out of ignorance, they were spiritual scientists with deep insight into the nature of reality and the physics of immortality. This insight seems to have come from the original creators of the Giza complex, those ancient sages who wrote down the secret texts and stored them in that flint box in Heliopolis.

Whether we consider these ancient sages as part of the lost prehistory of the human race or as visitors from another star system, their interest in gold mining and processing is demonstrated by the ruins and traces they left behind. Z. Sitchin, in his extensive revisioning of the Babylonian myths, has suggested that these alien visitors were mining gold to help repair a damaged atmosphere on their home planet. The fractal quality of gold would help increase the gravity of a planet and therefore help hold an atmosphere, but even ionized throughout the planet's surface, it hard to see how even tons of gold would help. Yet, the ancient civilization, as shown by Graham Hancock in Fingerprints of the Gods, was certainly deeply concerned with mining and processing gold.

If the use of alchemical gold, (alchemy, remember, comes from Al Khem, the black land of Egypt) as a technological way to attain immortality suggests that embedding recursion into the blood, into the DNA, is the key, then there must be non-technological ways to produce the same effect. Dan Winter suggests that the use of alchemical gold produces a Borg-like collective consciousness, but does not facilitate the development of a soul, becoming in the end a materialist dead-end. The Pharaoh did not become a soul by eating alchemical gold alone, he underwent another, internal, process to become a star of gold, a soul inhabiting a stellar matrix in the heart of Orion.

This internal process is based on embedding fractality in the DNA by the realization of infinite compassion. Literally, the oldest trick in the book.

Work by Lee Sanella and Isaac Bentov has shown that the onset of neural superconductivity, the tantric kundalini, is mediated by the sonic entrainment of the heart's rhythm. Dan Winter, demonstrated that the heart's ECG rhythm embeds Phi ratios at the moment of compassion, or expressing love. In the same book, Dan speculated that coherent heart rhythms could braid immunity into the cell at the level of its DNA structure. A recent article, December, '96, by Dr. Irving Dardik in Cycles magazine entitled "Heart Waves as Fractality," confirms that fractal immune identity is a possible solution to chronic illness. Perfect fractality, perfect coherence and self-awareness produces perfect immunity, or near immortality of the body.

By meditating on compassion, feeling the feelings of all beings, DNA is braided into more complex and coherent patterns. These complex patterns can then contain the superconductive neural charge of kundalini onset and use this higher charge energy flow to braid a new being, the state of inhabiting a soul. This soul charge can then be used to open the magnetic wormhole to the star fields in Orion. Or, it can be used to create a diamond imperishable body for use as a teaching vehicle down here on earth.

From the Tibetan Buddhist tradition comes many examples of the latter use this implosive soul force. Padmasambhava, the tantric master who brought Buddhism to Tibet, is said to have attained his diamond body in the Asura Cave in Nepal after three years of tantric meditations. Something happened in that cave; the whole hillside is still pervaded with an astral intensity strong enough to grow a Tara image out of solid rock. Padmasambhava himself demonstrated the power of this transformation by melting the rock of the cave wall and pressing his hand into it like Clark Gable in wet cement on Hollywood Boulevard.

The Pharaoh then, as he began his journey to the star fields, should be seen as a kind of Boddhisatva, an enlightened being making a leap of evolution. The Pharaoh would, in theory, have completed the tantric-type compassion realization and then perhaps used a trace of alchemical gold to crystallize the process. Done properly, this would result in a compassionate, enlightened being capable of compassionately inhabiting a newly born star.

Carried to its end, the implications of this belief system suggests that our own star, the sun, is also inhabited by a vast compassionate and enlightened being. From this perspective, it is easy to understand the solar influence on Egyptian religion. Even Akhnaton's insistence on worshipping the sun's physical body, the Aton, as the only source of divinity makes sense as a way of establishing and strengthening a direct communication with that vast compassionate being whose star body is our sun.



The monuments of the "soul star place" and their hieroglyphic operating manual, the Pyramid Texts, offer solid evidence of an advanced civilization far back in prehistory who understood both the stellar mechanics of our local galactic neighborhood and the psycho-dynamics of neural superconductivity. This alone should make us sit up and take notice. That it does not may have consequences far beyond our comprehension.

What happened to the advanced civilization that designed and built these monuments? Was it destroyed in some cosmic catastrophe predicted by its own cosmic clock? Is that catastrophe point approaching critical once again?

Such distant cultural groups as the Mayan and the Tibetan point to a date around 2012 as the crisis point. Terrence McKenna, in his "Time Wave Zero" computer program, which uses the permutation pattern found in the primal arrangement of the I Ching's trigrams, predicts that novelty, or lack of continuity in ideas, will also reach infinite around December of 2012.

A clue to the dynamics of this cosmic crisis can be found in the work of Nick Fiorenza on what he calls the "Erection of the Holy Cross." From our location in space, orbiting the sun, the center of the galaxy lies in the direction of the zodiacal sign Sagittarius. This unmoving axis locates us in space in relation to the center of the galaxy. The plane of our solar system is tilted 60 degrees from the galactic plane. The sun's orbit around a center point near Alcyone in the Pleiades and the earth's wobbling precession around the sun create another moving axis marked by the zodiacal sign of the spring and autumn equinoxes. As we approach a spring equinox that falls at the beginning of the sign of Aquarius, our two axis, galactic and local, approach a 90 degree angle.

When this happens, the informational and energetic inertia of the entire galaxy will implode in our local systems' backyard. This cyclical implosion of galactic energy may have caused the planetary disaster that destroyed the builders of Giza. Graham Hancock, in Fingerprints of the Gods, notes the powerful geological evidence for some kind of catastrophe around 11,000 BC. Curiously enough, this was the last time the "Holy Cross" alignment swept through our galactic neighborhood.

Perhaps this cosmic event is meant to be a harvesting mechanism for biologics who have learned to inhabit "souls" through the realization of compassion. If that is the case, then learning to weave your Bardo body into nicely fractal flows of self-awareness as infinite compassion may just become the ultimate survival skill.

The geometry of Giza's monuments and their resonance with the star fields of Orion teaches us that human evolution has a cosmic, stellar component. The pyramid complex holds our contiguous memory through the implosion of galactic catastrophe, and offers us hope for our own evolution. The ancient star religion believed that sentience was evolving toward ever greater levels of compassionate awareness as a living stellar matrix, coalescing and nurturing the planetary jewels in hopes of nourishing life, which would in turn evolve toward stellar sentience.

As Nuit declared in the first section of the Book of the Law: "Every man and every women is a star."