Zaragoza Film THREE- First Conference Films Released here - Aug 25, 2008

Conference - Co Sponsored by, and Acknowledgement to Georg Gaupp

Filmed at Huesca, near Zaragoza, Spain - Internation Expo on Water- Aug 22-24, 2008:

Dan Winter- presents - at ECOLOGY AND WATER- Fourth International Expo - Saragosa, Spain - Aug 22-24, 2008:

Konstantin Korotkov, Dan Winter, Irvin Lazlo, Emoto, Minnie Hein and many others..

"Fractality:The Deep Science of Life Force in Water:
Fractality in Water in measured by Redox potential. That charge distribution efficiency quantifies ability to support life because perfect compression (fractality) is what creates self organization. Science evidence for this is contained in the principle of PHASE CONJUGATION. Well known for creating self repair in optics, new evidence shows how the phase conjugate principle in every electric spectra- is behind - flowforms, the orgone, and biogeometry ("etheric formative force"). The way waves in water and all living fields create this ability to conjugate phases is direcly illustrated with precise Golden Ratio physics - by the "Cadduceus" long the symbol of DNA, medicine and healing. Dramatic powerpoint visuals on Dan Winter's: 'New Fractal Science of Life' - references: , and
Phase conjugate fractality has been presented by this author - at many international physics symposia - as specifically the wave symmetry, cause and mechanism of : life force, perception, gravity, and color. "

Fractality and the New Science of WATER- Zaragoza Film Part THREE

- Conference Series with Dan Winter

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Above- Double Rainbow Encircles the Huesca, Spain Congresso - Hall- Just Before the Conference..

Above- Organizers lead formal Tai Kwan Do - ritual of Purification nested in one of the highest waterfalls of the Pyrenees

Above- Dr. Korotkov proposes toast at Presenters Celebratory Dinner- just before the event-

Above- Dan Winter- and Dr Emoto and his translator..

Above and below- Irvin Lazlo in action at the conference...

Above- Dan Winter- was accepted 2 TV interviews just after his main presentation..