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- An International University for The Science of Peace.

In Conjunction with: International Institute of Inclusive Science ("I.I.I.s" )


The original inspiration for a new university to teach the Real Science of Peacemaking, arose in conversation with Inya and Dan. Inya teaches a form of the Sacral Cranial Pulse work, which used human touch with focused awareness, to align and sort (phase cohere) the waves in the spinal pump. A therapist traces by a light touch on the skin, the focal point of pain, and often measureable produce sorting and healing of the waves in the viscera. (Research suggests that depression is eliminated if the spin liquid pumping becomes coherent.) Dan Winter teaches the 'Sacred Geometry' of touch based on EKG harmonic analysis, and the wave shapes for emotion documented in the research on music ("Sentics" from Manfred Clynes).

The convergeance between these two fields, produces an amazing simple science of what it is to make peace - among waves and among magnetic fields, and among people. Dan and Inya and a wonderful core group of sponsors have agree to found a University to Teach the Science of PEACEMAKING, as a result. (Preliminary Curriculum outline - Ref 1. ) . In simple terms, the geometry which allows the lines of pressure in coherent touch to create stabilization among waves (healing), is exactly the physics of what allows magnetic fields in the land to become stabilized and fertile. In many ways this is an essence of FengShui and Geomancy. If we apply this idea to how you make peace among warring nations, there are some incredible opportunities to heal our world. Namely, Professor Phil Callahan has suggested that since you can often PREDICT where a war will break out based on loss of conductivity / symmetry in the magnetic lines across the land, therefore there is in principle a way to fix it. ( Ref.2 ). Specifically, the science of making the waves of magnetism "TOUCH PERMISSIVE" (which is the same as 'NON-DESCTRUCTIVELY COMPRESSIBLE - literally fractally able to SHARE space), IS the activity of making peace. This skill which the touch therapist understands coheres the body, also can cohere villages, and the land itself. The principle is simple: WATER FOLLOWS MAGNETISM, FOLLOWS SYMMETRY, FOLLOWS FOCUS (coherence), FOLLOWS AWARNESS, FOLLOWS INTENT. These principles form the 'Sacred Geometry' for a new science of what it is to make peace. It is a science, and can be practices by measurement: Hearts can be measured to COHERE and make PEACE, TOUCH can be measured and taught to make PEACE in the body, and MAGNETIC KEY LINES can be measured and re-aligned and taught to make PEACE in the land. In simplicity - PEACE is where waves learn to agree to SHARE. With modern tools to measure the best way for waves to SHARE space (coherence), there is no reason why we cannot teach warring generals to touch hearts, on land that has been healed of magnetically destructive harmonic interference, as the perfect prelude and foundation on which to build PEACEMAKING. ......... Dan Winter


You can read more about the Science of Peace at

Here- The Curriculum for :WORLD TOUCH University for Peace - The Musical Symmetry of TOUCH forms a Science Which Defines PEACEMAKING

Is the EKG Wave Itself a Heart Link to Physics of PEACE?


Does The Prize of PEACE Depend on Understanding the Pure SCIENCE of What Peace IS ?

'World Peace Flame': The Natural Result of Heart's in Agreement on 'Phi-Re'

How the Geometry of Pressure in Your TOUCH - Predicts the Harmonics of EMOTION IN MUSIC- & LOVE?

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TRANCEanDANCE-Biofeedback Harmonics as Bliss Making Solutions to Addiction and Attention Deficit


Global Vision informs us that the Science of Peace in the Heart becomes a teachable science of Peace on the Land and in the World. The research centers in the Netherlands and elsewhere, have shown that Heart EKG Harmonics can measure coherence and peacemaking in individual hearts. Using the principle that water follows magnetism follows symmetry follows awareness, it becomes clear that human bliss and joy are sustainable when this 'fractal attractor' of the heart principle, is applied to environment and the land.

On June 9th, the focus for the day is about IGNITING Compassion is compression that results from perfect sharing. This is the igniting principle which creates implosion or fire/'PHIRE' in the heart and the blood.

On June 10th, we will extend our focus on GERMINATING and CULTIVATING the seeds with this inner fire. To sustain growth, our seeds of wholeness need an ongoing process, creating an institution which grounds and provides a container for this co-creative effort.

A core group has already convened and here offers their dream intention to create AN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FOR THE SCIENCE OF PEACE at this appropriate time during the climax of the Seeds of Wholeness Conference. International groups from Norway, Netherlands, Germany, US, and the UK have already committed to this project.

We are inviting you to join in the formation of an ongoing University of Inclusive Science. In addition to this follow-up event in the Netherlands, a Conference is planned for July in the beautiful countryside outside of Munich, Germany and another near Oslo, Norway later in the year.

Mission Statement:

What is new about a University for the SCIENCE of Peace?

Peace begins in the Heart. This is ancient knowing. Today's science has ways of now teaching how to make peace in the heart measureable and teachable. We have used harmonics to find that the EKG of the heart becomes COHERENT and harmonically EMBEDDED when you FEEL at peace. This ordering of the heart harmonics is easily exoerienced with biofeedback when people see that FOCUS in the heart, and awareness of love and compassion, create the 'singing of the heart' which we measure as COHERENCE.

The new information, is that this science of what makes the electricity of the human heart STABLE and SUSTAINABLE, is truly identical with a new and teachable universal science of WHAT IT IS TO MAKE PEACE. When the heart learns the skill to be INCLUSIVE, this process of getting the MOST HARMONICS included in the EKG is called "Heart Rate Variability" or HRV. Medical literature is very clear, that 'FRACTAL' or inclusiveness in the frequencies contained in the heart, truly define the end of most chronic disease and possibly aging itself! ( ). What we have learned is that the electrical geometry of the heart which learns to be fractal and sustainable, has actually learned how FEELING can share space, making the non-destructive compression possible, which appears to be IDENTICAL WITH THE VERY NATURE OF COMPASSION.

Recent Russian research ( ) has shown that brain wave harmonics 'embed' by the Golden Mean ratio (~ .618) during euphoria or bliss. The HeartTuner ( ) has shown that often when people become coherent AND feel openness or wonder of empathy, their EKG harmonics ALSO choose that perfect golden ratio of embedding. This corresponds to the ability to ('fractally') ATTRACT and SELF ORGANIZE CHARGE, which becomes a new and radically revealing DEFINITION OF LIFE FORCE ITSELF.

The SCIENCE OF PEACEMAKING, recognizes the magnetic relationship, between Hearts which are fractal and joyful, with what makes that charge of life, sustainable in the land and culture. Professor Phil Callahan ( ) documented that often you can predict where a war will break out, based simply on whether there is enough magnetic symmetry (paramagnetic stone circle / feng shui / labyrinth /) to make MAGNETISM FLUX PERMISSIVE in the soil and land. In other words, if magnetic lines get lost and dizzy, because there is not enough symmetry in land and hearts, then the people who inhabit that land FRACTIONATE . Peacemaking IS the difference between FRACTIONATION (breaking up connectivity) VERSUS FRACTALITY (embedding into coherence by non-destructive compression).

Another simple way to say this is to recognize that powerful charge rich bliss or euphoria experiences are unsustainable, unless your backyard or garden is FRACTAL. This means simply that rearranging the magnetic lines in your land to look like a rose instead of like tangled knots, is what feeds your roses.... AND feeds the politics of peace.

Another example of the science of making peace, becomes experiential when you teach political leaders at war, what it means to link hearts by actual measure of EKG musical fundamental, BEFORE you negotiate peace. ( ). This applies to empathy training by heart link up, and corporate concensus process by heart as well.

Now that we can have a working scientific definition of WHAT PEACE IS, peacemaking as a science becomes teachable. Peace is what happens when waves agree! Waves agree when they embed or nest inside each other, so that all can sustain, yet none are destructively interfered. The fact that this physics emerged from Heart EKG discovering health and longevity - evidences that we can apply it to land engineering, and the political process of making peace. Perfect nesting was discovered by nature and called PHYLOTAXIS based on golden mean ratio perfect packing and unpacking. Confirmed now in the Heart EKG discovering compassion, we can apply it to the principles of peacemaking between families, and nations. These principles are outlined in more detail at .

The convening coeur group of our Univesity for the Science of Peace, invite you to join us in the curriculum and science of peacemaking. Leaders from countries all over the world, have joined us - and we are grateful for the fire in your heart joining us- as we nourish this flame.

Does The Prize of PEACE

Depend on Understanding the Pure SCIENCE of What Peace IS ?



Instructs Us in the Physics of What Makes PEACE POSSIBLE in the LAND


Land at PEACE is when Waves of Magnetism are at Peace. The Holy Grail of Embedding or Perfect Nesting IS that Peace - and it is teachable in the pure science of musical harmonics based on Golden Ratio - in both the Heart, in the spinal harmonics of bliss, and in its perfection in the Feng Shui of the land. Peace is the wave cocoon that learns to nest - and so become self-steering and self aware. Soul groups (true nations) embed first in their hearts, and then in the shape of magnetism which is the true face of their land. This creates sustainable memory among waves and nations, which is natures essence of peace. The key is to link the symmetry knowledge of perfect embedding/nesting or fractality - to the psychological operation of compassion - which is recursive turning inside out in the heart - creating non-destructive compression: literally - peacefulness for waves.

from Dan Winter July-11-2001


Is the EKG Wave Itself a Heart Link to the Physics of PEACE?

Is It Wave's Nest Become Well Embedded Which Makes HEARTS, COMMUNITIES and PLANETS PEACEFUL?


Dedicated to the Occasion of the Re-Convening of the Nobel Peace Prize Community in Oslo Norway, 2001.

/ more information at Sacred Geometry of emotion research index


A Renewed Defining of Peace: Dedicated to the the Vision of an International University to Teach PeaceMaking from the Understanding of the Nature of TOUCH -

see: World Touch University :




Simple Intro:

Shaman are similar to teachers of both Feng Shui and Sacro Cranial Touch in one respect. They understand that steering a tornado requires getting leverage on a still point. The simple principle that embedding creates centering force, is the SCIENCE OF HOW TO MAKE PEACE. This is what happens when human attention creates the focus necessary to align waves (in phase) and thus steer them. (Scientific Reference-Appendix 1 - PEACE IS CREATED AS FOCUS CREATES THE SYMMETRY OF EMBEDDING / PHASE ALIGNMENT.) . To apply this to understand PEACE MAKING in essence may be taught by a short story:

Once upon a time an approaching Tornado was threatening to destroy a small isolated town in Inca land. The Shaman went out from the town to meet the Tornado, and he was successful in saving the village. After he saved the town, the Shaman taught his students how he steered the tornado. He told them he ATE THE HOOCHA OF THE TORNADO. Eating the "HOOCHA" he said is like consuming the anger - that which was unshareable - and sucking it into your BELLY (Dan Tien / or Solar Plexus). Learning compassion for the tornado, is learning to FEEL FOR THE TORNADO, more than in fact it feels for itself. This has a magetic meaning, and it begins with 'recursively' turning yourself inside out. Directing your center of gravity to EMBED or CENTER ITSELF into the center of gravity of the tornado, literally screws you into it. (grail animation ). The shaman explained to his students that by feeling so well for the center of magnetism / center of feeling, or the tornado - it soon followed him around like a puppy.

Remember that all of physics is the story of WORM HOLES (string theory , song lines , vortex...). These are all names for tornados. So steering a tornado using the embedding of feeling (compassion is compression made non-destructive), is the ultimate physics of creation mechanics. The reason DNA was designed with the ultimate symmetry of Golden Ratio fractal embedding, was to allow the charge compression of hearts in bliss to braid implode genes - to make gravity. ( Ref 1. , 2., 3., 4., ) This wave steering, star bending, centering force evolves and is tested specifically with our racial learning - how to make peace among waves.

Emotions which get out of control between villages are like that tornado. Below you will read how war can be predicted by simply measuring when the magnetism in the soil loses symmetry / permission to touch. Soil flux permissivity - the predictor of war versus peace -IS a symmetry problem.

The activity of peace making in principle, is the activity of creating so much symmetry of magnetic fields, that they make WAVES ABLE TO STAND. - LITERALLY PEACEFUL.

The symmetry (for waves, for magnetism, for hearts, for land magnetics, and for people ) which makes PEACE, makes waves able to stand - compress non-destructively - and become PEACE - FULL. The picture of this FRACTALITY (versus fractionation), is perfect EMBEDDING or nesting, and might best be realized by visualizing a ROSE or a LABYRINTH as the magnetic layout for your PEACEFUL - heart / bed / backyard / town / bioregion / planet. Magnetism is the wind on which both LOVE and PEACE travel. In order for its waves to permit the non-hurtful / non-destructive touch which peace requires, magnetism needs only the symmetry of the rose. And yet the labyrinth of creating this perfect turning inside out in both your heart and your land, while teachable as the pure synmmetry of the physics of embedding, requires also a PSYCHOLOGICAL insight. Namely, that COMPASSION and COMPRESSION are the same thing. These are names for how space (and magnetism and everything that is ) become shareable. Thus the test for peace in the same topology as the test for pure intention. When waves can compress well, they can share well. Nature solved this problem in the Golden Mean ratio we call PHILOTAXES the perfect branching of all biology. (The scion branches into the grail: Maximum exposure / minimum superposition is natures solution to the best way to share light).

The Heartlink EKG biofeedback invention measures this by measuring compassion as the musical fundamental of the EKG becomes Golden Ratio / embeds. Then amount of EKG coherence is the intensity of the emotion, the musical key signature of the EKF moves from octave to PHI based as emotion moves from head to heart centered. When 2 peoples EKG phase embed by musical KEY - so visible using HeartLink - they have made peace. This can be synchronized for millions. ( Harmonics Module Project - ) .

The physics of peace in the land requires nothing more than the simple projective geometry of these same symmetry lines of magnetism into the land. The ultimate peace pavilion is the labyrinthine extension of the dowsed ancient sacred temple concept - to true temple of the SOL of Man. (Solomon). Where the heart of the SOL / Sun - is the heart of man. Simply, we create peace by restoring the long wave magnetic symmetry of the land - kind of the physics of Feng Shui - integrated with new understanding of the magnetics of embedding. The mathematics of HOW WAVES SELF ORGANIZE TO BECOME SELF-AWARE - is simply a restatement that the only path out of chaos for waves and people and cultures is fractal - the path with heart - the path that embeds. (see The World Touch School ).

We propose a convening of peacemakers to experience and learn these principles:

1. HeartLink EKG biofeedback - peacemaking inside - then between 2 - then in groups.

2. Applying embedding to creating peace temples in the land using dowsing, labyrinths, and long wave magnetic grid engineering - eventually to taking responsibility to modulate and bring the climate of bioregions out of chaos. Then applying these long wave magnetic lines re-steered to embed, to healing countries at WAR.

3. Understanding that BLISS / ecstacy is biology's way to compress DNA to braid, implode, and make the light cocoon of peace (sustainable ensoulment if you will), we embark on the hygiene for bliss collectively:

a) Diet of Live Food and Live force, eliminating stimulants and DNA in pain from lack of freedom like wheat etc.

b) Feng Shui / Geomancy / Grid Engineering / Bau-Biology : Dowsing your bed, your house, your back yard and your bioregion - to make a map of where feeling can travel. Eliminating the non-embedable for your living environment (metal etc.)

c) Kinesthetics of Bliss and peacemaking. Sacred Dance and Movement.

d) Understanding SOUL Purpose, and the Alchemy of Fusion by Emotion for Soul Groups, destined for star inhabiting.


(the above is an abreviated intro - we would propose to meet formally with the relevant committees)

Frame 1: Left-Raw EKG, Right-Harmonics0-20hz, Middle, 2nd Order FFT Amplitude=Learning Heart Coherence,Position.62=Golden Mean Is This Heart's Musical Fundamental - A Scalar Key Signature Indicating Learned Embedding: Heart Opening.

Frame 2. Embedding by Phi or Golden Mean Ratio in the EKG Ignites Fire by Implosion / Embedding

Frame 3. This Imploding Wind of Charge to Center IS Gravity. (Capacitance Arranged Fractally is COMPRESSION , AND COMPASSION)

Imagine 2 Hearts Touching - Dalai Lama and a Little Girl - Cueing the Whole Planet to A Music in the Heart to Create One Mind..(The Harmonic Module)

To Learn More About HeartLink - Click on Each of These Images..


Scientific abstract: Harmonic analysis of the EKG (approaching fractality or simply: all inclusiveness) has been increasingly correlated to sustainability in HEALTH (ref 1. Dardik and Heart Rate Variability key to MOST chronic diseases? ), AND more recently in our work with heart biofeedback, with the sustainability of emotion. The geometry or ratio between contained harmonics in the lo frequency EKG, in the same bandwidth as brainwaves, and the Earth's Shumann resonance, appear to be a predictor of the QUALITY of emotion, by large numbers of subject reports. When the wave lengths contained in a heartbeat's voltage nest by multiples of 2, the emotions are reported to relate to creating membranes, separateness. Whereas when the ratio between contained harmonics nest by mulitples of the Golden Mean, the emotions reported are far more frequently related to BUILDING BRIDGES ACROSS MEMBRANES. (literally: embedding, ref above)(reports of wonder/compassion/love). This may be teaching us something which could be applied directly to understanding what is the physics of waves which makes non-destructive nesting possible. This in turn may well be applicable quite immediately to what makes large social structures AND magnetics able to non-desctructively nest. It is our belief that THIS portends a radical new definition of WHAT IS THE NATURE OF PEACE.. (wave mechanically), learned from the geometry of the peaceful heart, applied directly to solving global conflict.


This author has a long history of study of the wave geometry of peace. Robert Mueller, of the World Peace University was kind enough to offer positive "feedback" and great personal encouragement to me years ago, in studying this.

The field of "sacred geometry" is probably central to the pure principle behind most wave mechanical revolutionary ideas of our culture. As a term, "sacred geometry" may need to mean little more than, WHAT MAKES WAVES SUSTAINABLE. It is obvious that symmetry and nesting, called quantum mechanics, is what makes waves, stand and wave. This phenomenon which allows waves to resist change of position (momentum stored), is the only definition physics has ever had for mass: hence this is a spirited (spiral) creation mechanic at work.

We have recently spent much time studying the nature of what makes a heartbeat choose it's frequencies. The result has been our new biodfeedback device, which clearly is able to TEACH coherent emotion, and TEACH moving from head to heart centered emotion. \

What we have learned is that we can identify the not just the AMOUNT OF COHERENCE or EMOTIONAL INTENSITY from moment to moment in the EKG, but also the QUALITY of that emotion. The amount of coherence or laser like ordering in the hearts harmonics is the amplitude of the first peak of the second order frequency signature (a radically new mathematical technique this author has pioneered). Further, the QUALITY of the emotion of the moment appears (by large numbers of subjective reports), to be predicted by the position of numeric value of that same peak (first peak of the second order fft)..

This NUMBER which appears on the HeartLink biofeedback screen, dynamicaly updated, is called EMOTIONAL INDEX or EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EI). Numerically when this number is 1.0, the interval BETWEEN harmonics is 1, and the emotion generally is intellectual satisfaction, descriminating, and MEMBRANE BUILDING (literally making separateness). Whereas when this number approaches .62 (near Golden Mean), the interval between harmonics is the inverse 1.62, which corresponds to emotions which are MEMBRANE BRIDGING (literally making connectedness sustainable wave mechanically) which is to make many (waves) into ONE.

Technically this should be called sustainable phase conjugation based on recursion, of which the GOLDEN MEAN is the mathematical perfection of nesting/embedding/branching/PHYllotaxes . While our data correlating wave sustainability to PHI is preliminary, in the EKG, it is already overwhelmingly common, to see people able to maintain this geometry IN A VERY PEACEFUL STATE ( .62 EI... embedding by phi.. we lable wonder/love in our table of EI interpretation.)

The reason all of this applies directly to how we should teach PEACE making, is the subject of this paper.

Clearly, it would appear the heart is teaching us the way in which to create charge envelopes to nest in a way which are most mutually constructive. What we here propose, is that in the process, we have arrived at what is LITERALLY A NEW AND HIGHLY SPECIFIC DEFINITION OF: WHAT IS PEACE !

To try to phrase this simply, wave mechanics tell us our world is probably MADE OF WAVES. Further, those like myself in the study of emotion and consciousness have largely come to the view that feeling and awareness CAN BE MODELED EFFECTIVELY AS WAVE PHENOMENON. For example, we frequently say now (with great conviction), that MAGNETISM may be THE WAVE ON WHICH LOVE TRAVELS.

This is important because we can now look at how PEACEFULNESS, IN THE HEART, IN BIOREGIONS, AND IN CULTURES, may be a direct result of how we nest our waves, NON-DESTRUCTIVELY.

We need only take this from a pleasant abstraction, to HIGHLY PRACTICAL WAYS TO MAKE PEACE.

First let us establish a few basic principles we may have learned about long wave cohereing versus peacefulness. In the heart's voltage the ordering of the long wave magnetics into sustainable nests, seems to be the principle of PEACEFULNESS (both electrically AND psychologically) . This is very understandable even by the most basic intuitive inspection, in that clearly the electrical waves arrange themselves so that there is no WAR among their wave fronts. In wave mechanical terms, this is also called non-destructive interference. It turns out that the KEY geometry which allows this most AGREEABLE and therefore PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE among the partied waves, is the GEOMETRY OF PERFECT EMBEDDING, OR NESTING, OR "FRACTALITY". What all this boils down to, is that the heart uses the electrical shape of what NATURE has ALWAYS used to branch things into MAXIMUM EXPOSURE (SHARING), MINIMUM SUPERPOSITION (WAR). This is simply the biological definition of tree branching called PHYllotaxes. It was so names because it's basis is PHI: The Golden Mean. (see ref 4: )

Now how could we suspect that this principle could allow us to end wars?

Let us consider some clues together here:

1. When people feel euphoric rapturous connection between themselves, HEARTBEATS ALMOST INVARIABLY SYNCH UP AND PHASE LOCK AT MULITPLES OF The Golden Mean (HeartLink EI close to .62 ). Thus it would appear that the mechanism of connectivity between people capacitively is indeed this geometry of EMBEDDING. (It even sounds romantic.)

2. Our project to enlist hearts around the globe to embed, nest, phase lock, and heal our planet electrically is based precisely on this principle:



1. - Using Heart Beats from People all around the Earth, tuned to the same MUSICAL FUNDAMENTAL (in phase) to produce GLOBAL PEACE:


2. About the world heartbeat2000 project


3. Professor Phil Callahan (ref 5. ) showed that you could predict where war would break out politically by simply measuring how permissive the soil was to magnetism propagation. Altho he only made tests in places like Isreal, Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia, and The Amazon Jungle, the precedent is excitingly indicative. To summarize in principle: as the magnetic long waves in the land get broken up, the assymetry (fractionation/ lack of fractal embedding), inhibits conductivity to magnetism in the soil. This resistance to the passage of long wave magnetics causes a breakdown in the way EMOTIONS are passed between bioregions! This sounds so romantic as to be incredible, but time and again I have observed this at work. I tell the story of Vukovar where the Yugoslavian underground water retreated because of social breakdown (war), and human symmetry making behavior (empowered women and labyrinth rituals, sacred/ecstatic movement/ COUPLED with intelligent landscape grid magnetic engineering) -- brought the water back! (water seeks magnetic symmetry - love ).

(ref 6. HeartBeat Earth: Project 2000- Through One Heart into the New Millenium coherence at particular site. For example, the underground water veins which disappeared at Vukovar
in Yugoslavia during the war, could be rebraided, reappear and ...)

Exerpt from the article I wrote about the PHYSICS OF PEACE MAKING.. (beginning with the film I was making at the time with Professor Phil Callahan in Florida: ) ".... he began to notice that all the politically agonized areas of the world where war and killing were breaking out were exactly the places where Earth's magnetic field was not conducted by the soil. He has traveled globally to Ireland, Yugoslavia, Israel etc. carrying his liquid crystal battery oscilloscope and ingenious organic fibre mineral wetted probe. He measures with the latest technology the "penetrance" or susceptibility of the soil to magnetic flux lines. Then he measures the strength of the natural "Schumann" magnetic resonance of the Earth at that site. He finds that the amount of rich rock dust like paramagnetic mineral in the land is a predictor of the sites overall "Earth heartbeat" Schumann magnetic field strength. This suggests that the Earth's magnetic "flowform bloodstream" by the shape or frequency signature of its envelope of electrical pressure, actually informs biology at Earth's surface of an organizing information context "long wave."

We might compare the metaphor to the book "Grammatical Man, Information, Entropy, Language and Life," in which we see that the reason DNA has a high signal to noise information flow ratio is specifically "context dependency." In the weave of genetic material this translates to mean that the braid angle of the long wave on the short wave, in DNA, creates an information link.

So back to Phil Callahan. What he then noticed was it seemed that wherever he measured a weak penetrance by the Earth's natural magnetic resonances (Schumann 2-16 hz), not only was agriculture more difficult, but he also noticed a specifically greater tendency for there to be political strife and warfare in the region. Fascinated by this possible connection, he began flying around the world to make more measurements. And in fact he has now been to most of the globe "hot spots" where killing is a fact of life. (Yugoslavia, Ireland, etc.)... His hypothesis was born out in measurement with uncanny definition.

Then he decided to investigate whether it was just human structures and unwise land management that resulted in low magnetic flow susceptibility in the soil, and thus produced fractionation/strife in the civilization there. He chartered a plane and then a canoe to witchdoctor headhunter country in the Amazon. He consistently found amiable and easy to live with natives in the river delta where the soil was deep. Traveling upstream and upcountry to where the growth was still lush, but there was almost no soil, just a webwork of roots on thin dirt, he found very poor magnetic penetrance, low Earth magnetic flux intensity, AND very hostile headhunters!

Prof. Callahan's preliminary conclusion is that indeed where magnetic fields cannot penetrate into coherent long waves, cultural breakup results. We may see this as similar to the additional spin ordering in water, braided through flowforms (changing flotation ability and seed growth) is partially lost when you pass the water through a fractionating screen or sieve.

We must begin actively siting magnetic stone structures in architecture, dolmen, and land tuning, to actively allow Earth to distribute the information of her context into our living systems. If we continue siting cities in ways that mindlessly interfere with the natural magnetic mineral veins of the land, we will continue to destroy the immune identity of the Earth's skin, and ours with it.

Energy generation based on coherent recursion of magnetic fields, appropriately harmonically tuned to Earth's retrograde spin bubble, will feel like a blood communion to Gaia. Only then will she really trust us with her energy secrets. As long as we keep criss crossing our land with 60 cycle harmonic poison, she will continue to respond with fear. Energy distributed with love will be in a complex square wave like harmonic series calculated to synchronize with Earth's natural bell like quality. And the geometry of power distribution we use to share it will be Druid like. Then our planet will sing with self-awareness.

The Black Hole Effect, Did Lazarus Laze Us Into Remembering our Embedding - Redeemed from the Angle of Death?

Another example is in the way, dairy farms go immediately bankrupt if the power line dumps too many poisonous 60 cycle amps down your ground rod (see ref 7. Power Line Grounding & What's Poisoning the Farm? ( )

In order to generalize such examples into A NEW GENERALIZED CURRICULUM ON THE PHYSICS OF PEACE, we need to evolve a philosophy that ALL HUMAN ACTIVITIES EITHER LEAD TOWARD OR AWAY FROM EMBEDDING. This author believes that live means an EL into PHI recursion. And that therefore a useful working wave mechanical definition for EVIL (as live spelled backwards or in mirror reverse), would be simply motion away from phi/embedding/recursion. This would work, in that then the definition of evil becomes simply the activity of entering a wave pattern which by virtue of it's geometry, FAILS TO RECUR. (In other words: If it dies fast- as a wave, it is therefore evil?) Try applying this to dowsing for life-force in the grocery aisle, or dowsing for who to hug at a dance. (ref 8. Nourished by Spin / Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle / What Hygiene permits ecstatic moment.)

This becomes rather quickly a political yardstick for how to make peace, when we understand that PEACE ELECTRICALLY IS MAGNETIC WAVES ABLE TO NEST. Careful study reveals that not only is this what makes THE FEELING OF PEACE IN THE HEART, but IT IS WHAT KEEPS MICROCLIMATES STABLE OVER GREEN BIOREGIONS. (Bill Witherspoon's work for example creating long wave magnetic trenches in Sri Yantra type patterns, measureably affecting long term precipitation.)

The electricity around the heart learns how to turn inside out, and thus literally electrically, reaches out and touches someone. Suppose you had a bioregion like Yugoslavia where so much ground magnetics had been broken as long waves, that bioregions could NO LONGER FEEL EACH OTHER. In established cultures it can be as simple as consulting a geomancer/grid engineer/dowser/fengshui expert before cutting a mountain to make a road. In damaged cultures it would require a very active involvement in placing paramagnetic stone etc. to re-weave long wave patterns on the land , which embed them better in the planet grid. (electrical grounding.. with both it's psychological and electrical meaning). Washington DC's Pent Masonic design is an EXQUISITE prototype of this. See examples of this at , , and

So what do we propose:

1. Gradually growing global experiment to link ethnic groups by actual heart feedback experiences.. in intimate families and across the globe- heart entrainment over the web heartbeat2000.

2. Ethnic bioregions in agony be actively mapped for long wave magnetic breakdown, AND BE REPAIRED IN THAT WAY CONSCIOUSLY!

3. A curriculum of What is PEACE? be evolved which actively notes the sustainability of embedding behaviors as the ONLY OPTION TO SURVIVAL.

(also see ref: 8 . Scale Invariance - Physics of Rapture as Non Destructive Compression.. ).


These TAUGHT PEACEMAKING behaviors which permit electrical embedding would then include such radically diverse elements as:

1. Realigning Power grids and CITIES and roads to nourish long wave magnetic flowering. (fractality instead of fractionation IS love vs fear). So after bombing ley lines and underground water veins (and therefore intercultural "substance of we feeling") out of existence (symmetry), we would at least know HOW to put humpty dumpty (life/recursion force) back together. In principle...

2. Diet/hygiene for life force/ DNA non engineered coherence/ living water etc.

3. Legitimate ecstatic process teaching for the young and old (immune spin feeding). (sacred movement/dance/tai chi/eurhythmy/ sufi/ tribal ritual etc.)

4. Entertainment/education which recognizes what spins the DNA (Heart Coherence is the true shareability/lie detector).


When our spiritual friends tell us to "get grounded", they mean become embedded enough in the waves outside self, in order to better LEVERAGE them (LITERALLY INHABIT THEM), from inside self. (In other words: "Get a Grip!" ). This activity of squirting yourself magnetically inside a wave outside you, in order to then steer it, BY CREATING GRAVITY AT IT'S CENTER, is what is behind the human experiment in locating it's consciousness (recursion) inside waves. The experiment in discovering how increasing population density can non-destructively inhabit the same space, nudges us nicely in the direction of learning the principle of embedding. This is a way for all of us (waves) to agree, on WHAT IS PEACE: in principle!


Further background reading: Introduction to Sacred Wave Geometry of Emotion:

Understanding Magnetics:

Science of the magnetism of peace making - original article:

additional animations on the perfect flame geometry of assembled
labyrinthine magnetic mapping for perfect peace making gardens
-also note references to water veins reappearing after war
in vokovar yugoslavia when the women installed labyrinth..
also callahan references...
world peace flame project visuals:
the physics of peace is how the flame of sharing is assembled of hearts
magnetized in the land
this is the water vortex implosion article...

click on ultimate water purifier nozzle ( which is:

re: making implosion measureable

in summary implosion can be quantized by second order fft
as embedability perfected:

as we have measured it in the heart gone self organizing
implosive, we apply the math to frequency signature
of ANY osciallator (implosion device / building / tree )
(coupled to callahans probe- charge amplification
in high gain frequency signature)
to make implosion measureable / teachable / replicable..

and hence sorting in principle... is quantized- by the mathematical
geometry of embedding perfected IS implosion (non destructive compression)