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Introduction to Real Science and the Holy Grail..

Including Scientific Measures and Hygiene for Successful DEATH - English and French

Filmed Paris 06- with Dan Winter, translation: Valerie Sandelin.

More at goldenmean.info/realgrail -on the Real Science of HOLY GRAIL-in the blood..(also pics below):
Message with Dan Winter - Filmed 1906 -
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"The Fractal Electric Field: The Ultimate Holy Grail solution to the Physics of Consciousness"

Finally a true and deeply satisfying - profound PHYSICS -AND - profoundly SPIRITUAL - anwer to the meaning of the HOLY GRAIL..
DaVinci= The CODE of..THE (perfect) VINe - (fractal Branching=diVINE)..

from Dan Winter - "Real Grail" newsletter- published by Implosion Group - May 19, 06- web link with graphics: goldenmean.info/realgrail , index: goldenmean.info or goldenmean.info
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 from the new Film(exerpt) - online + new DVD Hi Res version:
Real Physics of Holy Grail: Fractal Blood for Successful Death ( English+French)
Dan Winter presents: The Real Physics for the DaVinci Code "Holy Grail" in the Blood- real key to the KA - Biology's coherent charge field - ticket to a successful death. First: a look at the geometry of the vision seen at death- both from myth (Dante) and research (Kluver). Then a look at how death is measured electrically (GDV) - compared to religious ideas (Tibetan book of the Dead). THEN - the reason the coherent biologic charge field has the possibility of surviving death - (measureably)- namely: IMPLOSIVE COMPRESSION in DNA. Looking at the path charge follows into DNA - we see FRACTAL SELF SIMILARITY. This means - that compression by Golden Ratio embedding can be turned into ACCELERATION (gravity making)- in the Blood... when the blood is ignited with charge (BLISS)! Animating this charge path geometrically - we see LITERALLY -THE BEST ANIMATION OF THE HOLY GRAIL EVER SEEN!!!! Not only that it is REAL PHYSICS!... If ever there was a solution to the DaVinci code's HOLY GRAIL IN BLOOD - this is it... see: www.goldenmean.info/realgrail

Accompanying article about How Death is Measured Electrically+How that Confirms the Geometry-Road Map from those Who Have Died+TELLS US HOW TO DIE SUCCESSFULLY!: goldenmean.info/death

 NEW Hi Res - animated DVD Video! -
Real Science of Holy Grail:Fractal Implosion in DNA Creates Electrically SUCCESSFUL DEATH! -

NEWest Online Video.. Exerpt from Above!! English & French - traduction:Valerie Sandelin

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Special Offer- The COMPLETE FILM.. in Beautiful FULL DVD Resolution WITH the new 3 Disk Set- Science of Grail CONFERENCE (Paris 05) - total 4 DVD's, 14 Hr's video training.. 60 Euro-(+10 ship)..

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Grail Bloodlines in Physics:A Beautifully Spiritually Satisfying Answer:The REAL GRAIL in Your DNA- Is Fired from Your Heart because BLISS is Fractal.

by Implosion Group ( goldenmean.info ) editorial board - ABOUT the work of Dan Winter. (NEW-Download an edited pdf version of this short intro article for magazine / publication use here: - TrueScientificGrailinBlood3.pdf

The message of "DaVinci Code" and "Holy Blood,Holy Grail" is actually quite simple and clear. The GRAIL is in the BLOOD. The question- from a scientific perspective is also simple- Is that true? Fortuneately for science - a hugely exciting path to investigating the question is emerging. Namely - the pure electrical geometry of how blood gets activated. Could this geometric answer - at the same time - be the pure electrical geometry of physics most pressing question? For physics - the most basic issue (usually called THE HOLY GRAIL OF PHYSICS) is the UNIFIED FIELD. To unify the fields for physics is in essence the pure electrical geometry of how ELECTROMAGNETISM becomes GRAVITY. (Compression of charge can directly become ACCELERATION of charge - called Gravity).

Not having answered such questions means usually arrogant physicists have to sit with their humble tail between their legs should any child ask "well- why DOES an object fall to the ground?" It also means - that when physicists (as Fosar/Bludorf et al have written)- discover that DNA does in fact become superconductive and MAKE BLACK HOLES- they also have to sit facing the humble pie that they don't have a CLUE what DNA (in the blood) is really DOING - in electrical terms.

All of this paints a picture of the current state of physics - as being quite simply- stupid. How are they to answer URGENT SURVIVAL questions like- why does GMO and cloning deplete the sustainability and survival of DNA. (How embarassing the WAY - Dolly the Sheep aged..). The rats who had to be forced to eat GMO soy - died so fast the experimenters were breathless. Who explains these stark raving embarassments to modern scientists - still driving around in cars powered by dinosaurs farting?- while their planet fixes to rot in the stink of not knowing the electrical principle of WHAT IS LIFE. Who have no clue to eating the charge inside gravty- ... and who still think the zero point energy is somehow "free" (disconnected- schizophrenic).

SO - can the question called THE HOLY GRAIL in physics- namely what geometry connects elecric charge to gravity - ALSO be the scientific answer to what is the HOLY GRAIL (including gravity making measured) IN BLOOD??

Dan Winter has proposed a radical + dramatically exciting answer which is right now rattling the cage of physics around the world. A whole stable of physicists have joined him to explore the unified physics of Golden Ratio - testing his original hypothesis that GOLDEN RATIO based SELF SIMILARITY is the ELECTRICAL CAUSE OF GRAVITY!.

Winter claims specifically that recent new physics for how coherent EKG changes DNA (coherent emotion / love?)- and how BLISS and ECSTASY are measured using GOLDEN RATIO in brainwaves - actually confirm his theory about the GRAIL (and gravity making) in blood.

( In addition to his 4 books, 5 languages at www.goldenmean.info - there is another recent book largely ABOUT Dan Winter's amazing Implosion Physics - free e-book - "Souls of Distortion Awakening \ A convergence of Science and Spirituality " - now in it's 9th edition - www.soulsofdistortion.nl - In addition Implosion Group's website - www.goldenmean.info is currently referenced by over 10,000 other web articles ! )

It started when Dan noticed that the electrical geometry Einstein and Poincare used to model gravity was a nested DODECAHEDRON. ( www.goldenmean.info/gravitycode ). Dan's first book "One Crystals Dance" -30 years ago- had shown that when you extend the edges of a dodecahedron (all 5 sided faces) outward you get icosa then dodeca then icosa infinitely- an ancient Theosophic model called the GREATER MAZE. The point Winter made was that this infinite nest was composed of vertex or nodes ALL of which had x,y,z values in a simple whole multiple of GOLDEN MEAN RATIO (1.618...).

Later Winter claimed this was THE ONLY POSSIBLE 3 DIMENSIONAL FRACTAL. Now - Einstein knew that INFINITE COLLAPSE was the (Holy Grail) key to connecting ELECTRICITY to GRAVITY. Phyisics is now clear that FRACTALITY is key to infinite compression. The problem was - Einstein never knew what a fractal was! So how could he know that charge in a fractal was his solution (infinite constructive wave collapse). This is such a revelation to physics - with Winter claiming that CHARGE in a FRACTAL based on GOLDEN MEAN - MAKES GRAVITY - that numerous serious physicists - have taken on the challenge.

They realized that not only was the Golden Ratio based nested pent Dodeca - the shape Einstein used for Gravity geometry - but it is also the shape of Palladium ( and Platinum Group / PGM - Gold Powder) - key to cold fusion. So proving that this nest is the only possible 3D fractal - may be the actual KEY to physics HOLY GRAIL!

Winter has begun a simple experiment series to PROVE that charge in a fractal is the CAUSE of gravity ( www.goldenmean.info/gravitycause ) - and an international team of physicists (including one of Europes leading fusion physicists) have joined him.

The other stunning part of this new HOLY GRAIL - is Winter's OTHER claim. He says that charge in a fractal is not only the missing CAUSE of gravity - BUT - that it is the ONLY way to efficiently nourish and support DNA ! This could completely redefine the electric field of success for seed germination, agriculture and even architecture. (Winter has been teaching the PHYSICS of Feng Shui for 12 years). He has shown electric field experiments and measurements demonstrating that fractal ( or 'harmonic inclusive' non-destructive compression of charge) actually trigger SEED GERMINATION .. and measure freshness / life force and vitality ( www.goldenmean.info/germination ). This he says finally defines sacred space - and success in architecture and urban design. For example by choosing materials for building - originally simply called 'organic' - architecture that makes DNA healthy - actually is a fractal capacitor! Winter calls the electrical definition of living material a 'phase conjugate dielectric' - he calls this the 'switch to turn on DNA radio' - more at www.goldenmean.info/healingphase - Basically he is saying there is a path curve - looking like the ancient CADUCCEUS based on Golden Ratio - for charge inside DNA - which allows waves of charge (the field effect of 'spirit'?) to CONJUGATE PHASES and acheive IMPLOSIVE COMMUNION - in blood.

What is so exciting - is that when you animate this path curve for charge into blood - (Golden Ratio caducceus) - you get the most stunningly beautiful HOLY GRAIL CUP WITHIN A CUP -which is a hypnotically beautiful spiritual rush to see.( see the FILM - on Real Grail physics-above- goldenmean.info/realgrail which opens and closes with that animation - a film already a hit on google..)

SO - what is the real key - to the Holy Grail in blood - AND where is the proof for physics? AND how could that possibly be a real satisfying solution to the ancient quest for the bloodline of Jesus??

Well - to start with - there is great agreement that the electrical geometry of DNA in blood is the nesting of this exact Golden Ratio based dodecahedron. (see picture). Actually - the Golden Ratio fingerprint is stamped ALL over DNA. So if we add the electrical idea that Golden Ratio is key to CONSTRUCTIVE charge compression ( getting memory packed) we start to get a clue to the deeper functions of DNA and blood. SO - Winter takes this dodeca nest and shows the CONE it makes (60 degree) based on a Golden Ratio Caducceus (symbol for DNA, Hermes & healers) - and then animates that into a beautiful fractal GRAIL CUP - literally one that (being fractal) never runs over - contains infinite SPIN.

Winter is also the one who suggested the scientific study which showed that COHERENT EMOTION / EKG - controls the BRAID or programming of this charge absorbing 'Golden Fleece' in DNA ( www.goldenmean.info/rein ). His original mathematics (cepstrum) to MEASURE coherence in EKG - has earned him literaty credit for inventing the term 'Heart Coherence' (book: 'Instinct to Heal'). He originally showed Heart Math Institute how to take an EKG - how to spectrum analyze it, and has developed the most superior technology for measuring Coherent Emotion in the Heart ( his HeartTuner invention - see heartcoherence.com and goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial ). Simply put - when your heart makes the CADUCCEUS - inclusive harmonic fractal of sounds - which medically identify immune health ('Irving Dardik' see goldenmean.info/holarchy ) - this sonic 'pony tail' measureably BRAIDS your DNA into a 'recursive nest'. This nesting or braiding into recursion of DNA - Winter says is how EMOTION PROGRAMS DNA. The climax of this process - is the 7th time- the DNA helix thread is braided - that it becomes visibly a DONUT - a TORUS. Winter says this 'Circular DNA' is implosive - and the charge radiance that results (from fractal compression by braiding) is the mechanism of how DNA is all connected -the fusion into a 'soul invitation' ( goldenmean.info ). His best pictures and scientific links on DNA-are - goldenmean.info/12strands . It gets really movie like where Winter says the real LORD OF THE RING - was when this DNA gets into a RING - due to the BLISS of pure intention / pure compression. He has a complete animation showing the alphabet on the side of the LORD OF THE RING - being the compression angles to get charge into the vortex ring DNA in the first place ( His controversial origin of the alphabet work - http://spirals.eternite.com - became PI the Movie. - He claims Alphabets MUST be based on the Golden Spiral - since that is the only non-destructive way to get your field of charge into a tornado and steer it - to symbolize = to embed . This becomes an astounding physics suggesting that the origin of psychokinesis AND symbol begins because compassion - or FEELING for the outside FROM the inside / turning inside out - is simply equivalent to perfect COMPRESSION ).

Climactically- Winter also says that the experience of BLISS and ECSTASY and ENLIGHTENMENT is measureable when brainwaves generate this Golden Mean ratio ( based also on work by Dr. Korotkov). This becomes the 2nd dramatically exciting function- (EEG - cross hemispheric tuning )- of his same biofeedback invention - called the BLISSTUNER. ( www.goldenmean.info/clinicalintro ). The point of relevance to the grail story - is that the BLOOD ENERGIZING aura or royal glow or blue UV field - of ecstasy- is actually the result of the whole electric field of the body becoming massive FRACTAL and ATTRACTIVE using Golden Ratio 'self similarity' (fractality). It is simple to visualize fractality in biology - just imagine a rose or a pine cone. All of biology uses this principle - to attract the charge field (spirit / chi / orgone / barraka / shakti ) - into perfect compression - called LIFE ITSELF!

SO - if a person (Magdalen or Jesus??) were to experience BLISS consistently - their blood would become more IMPLOSIVE - is that the Grail? Winter points to meditators who make gravity when they feel bliss (TM floating etc)- and do insect skeletons which make gravity ( goldenmean.info/gravitypolitics ). Similar to other recursive capacitors which make gravity ( goldenmean.info/thrust ).

Well - at least there are very intriguing clues here - that the solution to getting the blood charged- with the true physics of Bliss process - may actually be the REAL GRAIL. Winter says your blood becomes powerful and gravity making ( and he says 'star inhabiting' and 'sun god' making) - when it has the opportunity to implode with charge in the presence of bliss. When saturated in the DNA nourishing charge fractal enviornment which defines the sacred - it reveals how our ancient Dragon Annunaki (Uru / Kelt ) ancestors learned to wake up their blood. This is WHY the map around all the 'holy grail' sites is FIVE sided (Golden Ratio / Implosive-pics below ) - including the pent star symbolizing Magdalen... SO - this leads us to the history part of this problem. Is this the SIEGE PERILOUS part? (Siege Perilous as you enter the grail in DNA fusion holy communion -the tantric marital moment- is the point just below fusion implosion when there is most danger of explosion - as you test to see if each of the memories- the charge stored - can compress fractally into the inPHIknitly SHAREABLE..-rather like the 'combust' moment just before conjunction in the capacitance wave called ASTROLOGY..)

So what about the Jesus Magdalen story being the grail??? Well- Winter claims to have an answer to that one as well. (Here is where we go right to 'Star Wars' history). Winter says the reason the Jesus / Magdalen story melts into confusion - whenever you get out your history microscope - is because the REAL Jesus is Joshua son of Moses ('righteous priest')- who is really Akunaton - in EGYPT (300 years before Pontius Pilate). He agrees with authors Amed Osman ("Jesus in the House of the Pharaohs"+ many other books) and Lawrence Gardner's "Sacred Ark" - who insist that the great DaVinci coverup of the church goes much further back - starting with the Enlil / Yalweh's Rabbi's hiding the real Egyptian origins of the Essenes and Jesus. They all agree that AkunATUN - messed up the royal checkbook (bank account)- by trying to build the DNA activating solar fractal capacitor 'Temple' Amarna . So then he is threatened by the (Enlil / Yalweh) Amun priests (Egypt's bankers) - he swipes the cash cow - Gold Powder making electric source ARK OF THE COVENANT - changes his name to Moses- starts the Essenes cottage industry (Gold Powder / Ormes / Spice / Holy Communion's white wafer - making). Most historians agree the blood line cross of the 2 major Essene royal families - David / Benjamin - became Jesus / Magda. Few have noted that the bloodline Essene - is Akhunatun- and that ATUN means Enki - the DAVID in Hebrew means DWD / TWT meaning Tehuti / Thoth / Hermes - Son of Enki- so it all fits together. But why was the bloodline ATUN (vs AMUN ), Enki (vs Enlil), Adonai (vs Yalweh), AKU (vs Draku).. ALWAYS hidden by the (Roman government invention) church?? Here is where we need Star Wars... or rather the BIG picture.(complete at goldenmean.info/therestofthestory )

We can't cover the all that detail here ( goldenmean.info/enki ) - but the real juicy part- is when the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!.. Winter starts the story where the Sirian Annunaki (Antu - Enki's Dad) plot to conceive a bloodline to give the losing Humanoids a chance in the war with the Drac Borg machine empire. (Read what Lucas and other writers learned of real galactic history 'THE NINE' at goldenmean.info/hellsmouth ). For example he says the Hebrew Alphabet - is actually the machine code for tetra 'MATRIX' (+soulless DNA codon programming) nested magnetic domains used in the ASHTAR central computer- the hive mind of the machine empire. A Ptaa Taal / Ophanic / winged dragon / vestal queen / reverend mother / female - named AIDE was assigned as the surrogate wife (replacing Yalweh/Michael/Enlil's mom) to Antu on Sirius A- to create a bloodline psychokinetic enough to threaten a galaxy wide scourage of computer controlled robotic machine dominated (heartless) Draco's. (the fallen Saraphim called NEPHALIM - meaning no DNA implosion). Only the psychokinesis the real SHEM from AN - of coherent KA (body charge field-"May the FORCE be with you!!"-only available to those whose DNA heart core contains THE SHAREABLE / fractal / pure-intention ..WAVE!!) could have any hope of survival in a heartless machine empire. This he says is REAL galactic history and the origin of the Gold Powder slaving Sumerian genetic engineering - called the Bible. (Bigger picture needed here...)

Winter teaches very specifically how surviving death with memory intact is electrically measureable and teachable once we get past the horrifying schizophrenia which separates our understanding of ELECTRICAL coherence - from our teaching of a spiritual aura. Understanding how your body's aura gets COHERENT - is the clue to understanding - the KA in KAthar, KAtholic, KAllisto (Greek descendants of Enki / Benjamin tribe-forrunners of BOheme,BOgomil, Bugaresh), MerKAba, - even KAlllice (chalice) - See how all the meanings agree: IF KA= the death and dream penetrating COHERENCE of your bodies electric charge field, that explains why KA means BOAT TO THE UNDERWORLD in Egyptian - and it means HEAVEN in Sanskrit. Bliss hygiene choices- mean you GET FRACTAL - attract charge - get coherent - and then RADIATE that charge.

Winter's thesis is that political supidity (the Isreali / KAtholic fear saturated religious fundamentalism which elected George Bush for example) - on EA's (Enki) EArth (abRAm- RA=Enki) - is simply an obsolete leftover from the day when confused or fallen Saraphim (UR) dragons thought the only reason for planting a forest (DNA planted on planets like Earth) was to cut it down (harvest it / insurance and banking). Today we plant forests in order to set them free - and feel the bliss of implosive genetic diversity (fractality of DNA radio by phase conjugation) in the electric field of their core.

This means that we make our vote when the Empire Strikes back - as to whether to join the borg, and be ASSIMILATED into a heartless machine cult - when we MAKE THE CHOICE whether to begin the scientific hygiene necessary to IGNITE OUR DNA WITH BLISS! (Electrically measureable - a real GRAIL path for charge). In practice he says this means: stop eating angry (no diversity) DNA / start eating LIVE FOOD! , run from the city and electrosmog to nature, and DO the yoga. The result of teaching bliss making and DNA igniting (Grail in blood) is the COHERENCE of your bodies electric charge field (KA) starts to become sustainable thru lucid dream AND death. In this way self-empowerment based on pure principle can replace the obvious travesty that is the current state of old religion on Earth (mostly a parasite for the disempowered who mistakenly choose miracle and personality worship out of a confused fear of their own creation mechanics). Winter says the holy GRAIL is in your heart when you choose the perfect fractal (and very attractive) perfect compression that is LOVE itself. AND he says - measuring that (EKG+EEG harmonics)- helps makes it teachable!

from : DNA IS the -Grail links at goldenmean.info/12strands

 The Golden Ratio -

below:TOP View of DNA:- The 'black-hole' effect ( naively called KHEM / alCHEMy / CHEMistry ): THE GRAIL:

The Black Hole Effect, Did Lazarus Laze Us Into Remembering/.. ode to "The Lazarus Effect" by Frank Herbert, in which teaching one to string 'embed' memory thru the death wormhole, primes the pump for the whole genepool to ...immortalize? www.goldenmean.info/blackholeeffect/

Pure Principle is a Richer Name than God or Good or Evil... Remember how the stage felt in the last Dune series "Lazarus Effect". then a great split on the planet politically, just after it was first noticed the BIOMASS WAS BECOMING SELF-AWARE!... www.goldenmean.info/pureprinciple

Honey of the Queens.. Solar Shamans Announce: Lazarus Effect- Piloting a Collective BLUE FIRE
DNA BUBBLE THRU THE SUN - www.goldenmean.info/honey/honey.html

Alphabet of the Heart, orig,Did you know that when Lazarus (at the time of Jesus) came out of the tomb-after having. experienced death, he had changed from an old man into a boy of ...www.goldenmean.info/dnaring/FIRSTBK.PDF

TaleEating:Lightspeed Ensoulment-dna squirts woim toining into face... sister of Martha and Lazarus, called the Magdalene. Their marriage sealed a dynastic arrangement within the house of David and their son would have ... www.goldenmean.info/ensoulment/

animated at goldenmean.info/worms , goldenmean.info/gifanims/SUSHONZOOM.html , VRML at goldenmean.info/virtual/sushon.html
Capacitively coupled charge compression has been called 'spirit', 'grace' , 'chi', 'orgone', 'barrakah', 'chakti' -perhaps because physics has been too arrogant or self-destructive to recognize it: above: - the only angle / symmetry recipe (self-similar -implosive - gravity making -recursion) at which capacitively coupled CHARGE - could FEED DNA - enough to ignite it - toward sustainability / immortality ( see electric definition of BLISS / creativity ). Hence - the only way to design an environment ( formerly called 'sacred' ) for agriculture / architecture - pregnant enough ( successful in charge / compression + therefore distribution ) for DNA to become electrically CONSCIOUS and SELF-AWARE (gravity making and implosive ). See photomicrographs below ( knotslipping ) of DNA becoming toroidal ( en'soul'ed ) during sex/bliss/death/kundalini/menopause.

1. In our last note goldenmean.info/healingphase we presented the idea that PHASE CONJUGATION (Implosion perfected by Golden Ratio ) was the essential mechanism of:
- how gravity is made, (for example power spectra of the Hutchinson Device spark would show damped cascade producing self similarity) - Hendershot device...
- how DNA radio works (charge communion, the collective unconscious, and the soul work by coherent communication thru superluminal velocity modes nested by PHI),
- the real physics of the origin of the HOLY GRAIL- DaVinci Code - why S.France and Washington DC grid sites are all PENT etc..
- how awareness and bliss develop electrically around the brain as an imploding charge field-
- how the charge propagation phase path from facet to molecular to atomic to nuclear symmetry make the PHASE CONJUGATE MIRROR .. + the fire crystal of Atlantis (Tuoai stone)

 Physics of HOLY GRAIL + CAUSE of GRAVITY (infinite collapse / produces magnetic monopole..)
Rosy Cross= Perfect PHASE CONJUGATION =IMPLOSION- the only fusion symmetry possible where infinite phase velocity modes converge CONstructively.. (converts charge compression to acceleration>makes gravity)..
This is the exact symmetry (dodeca stellation by Golden Ratio perfected recursion)-> :
->Einstein / Poincare used to model charge symmetry of gravity / infinite compression
->identifying optical phase conjugation (time reversal , aberration self correction etc..)
->of Palladium / dodec - key to cold fusion
->charge path thru phase conjugate dialectrics(ex:barium titanite)
key to access to voltage from gravity
->of the top and side view and
wratchet of DNA (charge communion by phase conjugation /mechanism of soul )
(all living proteins are 5 sided/Phi for this reason)
->water molecules use
(clathrate cage/dodec) to become part of all LIFE (fractal charge distribution)
->of monoatomic (implosive ) Gold atoms
->identifying the CHARGE PATH (breath of life-charge communion) identifying
BIOLOGIC MATERIAL for ARCHITECTURE..(only possible defineable meaning for a commercial term 'organic')
->identifying the (Phi /
cadduceus) harmonic analysis of EEG in Ecstasy, life force in water,harmonic inclusive EKG predicting all disease survival, harmonic content (PHIlotaxes)of all life..(charge attracting self organization)
->the JITTERBUG (cube-octa down to icosa) - presented as mechanism for molecular superconductivity at International Conference on superconductivity, Buffalo,NY by Jim Sawyer, 6 Dimension Design..(pics>
Here we wish to develop this theme further - - to suggest that this same symmetry of perfected phase conjugation (caducceus)- electrical self organization -IS:
- the reason any dialectric is biologic and ALIVE! . defining living material for architecture (what capacitor can HELP a seed germinate)
- the REASON any enzyme is ALIVE- (the DNA recursive braid- why heat kills a live enzyme -strucurally - de-organizing electrical recursion ).
- the reason any bio-ceramic material can reduce electrosmog or heal or nourish biology. Bio ceramic= phase conjugate dialectric.
Mesenchymal stem cells and bioceramics: strategies to regenerate the skeleton. skeletal regeneration by bioceramics - success predicted by phase conjugation success-
- the essential mechanism behind all energy / electrical healing technologies. (with power spectra examples-below)..
- the essential mechanism for the 'still point' in sacral cranial work, healing crisis in psychological work , also the - 'collapse process' in counciling work...
: charge compression HEALS by sorting.

This concept of perfect Implosive PHASE CONJUGATION (the capacitance of all LIVING materials)
= Harmonic Inclusiveness
= Genetic Diversity
= Access to Fractality (definition of grounding for psychologists & electricians)
= Fusion/Implosion
= Charge Communion
= Turning on DNA Radio - the aura production called sainthood / enlightenment -which Korotkov measured example in GDV during bliss /peak experience.
= Access to the -collective unconscious, synchronicity, san-graal DNA piezoelectric ring-grail.
= Ability to Respond/responsibility - self empowerment
= How LIFE POTENTIAL is MEASURED in liquids as RE-DOX Potential.
= How COHERENCE in biologies field effect - the KA (thar,tholic-boat to underworld) prepares to survive death in what compresses out of DNA thru light speed.

Self-pumped phase conjugation - From Wikipedia,
-Self Similarity optimized by Golden Ratio - appears to be the mechanism of self-organizing (constructive only) wave interference. In this geometry, the phase velocity and well as the wave length appear to both add and multiply constructively due to Golden Ratio geometry. The conjugation occurs because the number of wave fronts which can constructively interact at one point goes potentially to infinite - specifically because of Golden Mean (1.618...) ratio. The Implosion theory postulates that as the phase VELOCITIES add and multiply constructively, a contiguous path thru the speed of light for charge develops. This then turns compression constructively into charge acceleration ... and the making of gravity. Negative time, gravity effects are commonly linked with phase conjugation. Implosion theory further holds that the electrical structure of DNA -based so much on Golden Mean ratio - is also setting up self-pumping phase conjugation. Scientist DAN WINTER - has called this the 'switch for DNA radio' - and has described 'phase conjugate dielectrics' as the life giving fractal electric field which characterizes all 'LIVING' material. - more at http://www.goldenmean.info/healingphase

The correlate theory is that charge self similarity ( self-pumped phase conjugation) is the electrical CAUSE of gravity http://www.goldenmean.info/gravitycause

image: http://www.goldenmean.info/rosycross/phaseconjugation.gif
Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-pumped_phase_conjugation"


"The Fractal Electric Field: The Ultimate Holy Grail solution to the Physics of Consciousness"

from Valerie Sandelin interview with Dan Winter:
'What were the major turning points in your work?-What is your gift to science?"

Fractality and Perfect Charge Collapse-Reveal the Real Physics of the Holy Grail. Charge Implosion (fractality) makes Gravity. DNA's 'Biology's Coherent Electric Field' ­ (the KA) survives death by perfect compression. The Imploding Field (fractality) begins in DNA and the Blood - and is Ignited into Death Penetrating -Star Inhabiting Immortality. Bliss / Ecstasy / Enlightenment are measurable as a Braid Aligning Caduceus harmonic cascade - phase conjugating (imploding) DNA.

This sets the stage for us to look at recent electrical measurement of the death process. Doctor Korotkov has shown that the timing of the departure of the body's electric field after death is probably the real meaning of the departure of the spirit/ soul. The Tibetan Book of the Dead's instructions about how the soul leaves may be confirmed by measuring the time when the charge field or aura leaves the body. We are forced to conclude that the electrical physics of assembling a coherent and compressed charge field (your KA) ready for fractal unpacking, may be the best religious hygiene information about how to die successfully (take your memory with you).

It is self evident to science that creation is the successful compression of charge. Einstein - taught that infinite collapse of charge was the solution to gravity and the unified field (he used a dodecahedron model). Recent advances in the measurement of the electric field of bliss and enlightenment (goldenmean.info/clinicalintro ) suggest that spiritual illumination is ALSO the perfect compression of biology's electric field. We now see that designing fractal charge environments is the only way to fully develop DNA. This redefines sacred architecture (goldenmean.info/architecture), seed germination improvement by field effect (goldenmean.info/germination), and a true and empowering physics behind the grail / DaVinci code - mythology:

20 years ago in Dan Winter's first book "One Crystal's dance", he showed that the infinite stellation interdigitation of the dodecahedron- icosahedron producing theosophy's "greater maze" resulted in an infinite 3D array whose vertex had all x, y and z coordinates that were a whole number multiple of golden mean ratio. Then about 10 years ago he animated the 3D golden mean spiral on the cone into that nest to show the pure geometric origin of the holly grail in principle.

This was just after his work mapping the same golden spiral onto a similar cone but in a torus donut to show the pure geometric origin of the Hebrew, Latin and Sanskrit alphabet (to symbolize is to embed is to compress charge constructively.) Then about 5 years ago Dan published his first hypothesis that this only possible 3D fractal - symmetry for charge was the only possible cause and creation of life force electrically, AND the only cause and creator of gravity from electromagnetism. This was because this symmetry array (solution to non destructive heterodyning: constructive adding and multiplying ­ turns compression into acceleration) was the only cause and creator of fusion, perfect phase conjugation and implosion.

Physics may finally understand why every protein that lives is five sided ­ pent and thus essentially based on golden mean ratio. Now we see the reason all biology depends on achieving charge fractality because that perfection of compression enables perfecting the charge distribution efficiency called life. This golden ratio pattern of charge waves is therefore the only path out of chaos into self-organization (mindfulness).

It soon became apparent that this stellated dodeca was the precise symmetry Einstein and Poincaré used to model gravity and further was the precise symmetry of the palladium atom (PGM, gold powder, etc): key to cold fusion.

Today other physicists, several of whom have dedicated much of their lives to describing the profound physics of fractality based on the golden mean ratio, like Nasseim, Alex K, El Naschie, have committed themselves to proving that this symmetry is indeed the only possible 3D fractal. The implication for physics could not be more profound. If it is indeed true that only this symmetry turns charge compression into charge acceleration (gravity) by constructive heterodyning of phase velocities (phase conjugation) then physics may at last answer the question why an object falls to the ground. Self-similarity/fractality optimized by golden mean ratio is the cause of gravity.

This prepares physics to deal with recent measurements in science (Fosar, Bludorf, and others) showing DNA can make black holes (gravity). This would perhaps allow physics to come to grips with why only fractal charge environments allow DNA to mature, and also the stellar (sun God) making purpose of DNA °© and why golden ratio in brainwaves measures the onset of bliss and enlightenment, the igniter of DNA.
The HeartTuner, BlissTuner coherent emotion biofeedback systems are also inventions of Dan Winter. They were triggered by his pioneering discovery to use the Cepstrum (2nd order Power Spectra), to measure internal phase coherence. As a result, he is credited with inventing the term Heart Coherence. (David Servan-Schreiber "Instinct to Heal").

The real breakthrough and holy grail of Physics is the recognition that the fractal perfecting of coherence becomes self-organization and in fact life itself - what Dan sometime calls the pinecone principle. For example another of Dan's inventions measures life force, freshness and vital energy (élan vital) using a gold egg spherical capacitor to measure the weak electric field organized from living materials to quantify how alive they are. (0-20hz power spectra of microvolt output: www.goldenmean.info/biophoton)
(We take a zero to 20 Hz power spectra from the microvolt output of the gold sphere sensor)

The caduceus, golden ratio, principle of phase conjugation which causes implosive compression (symbol of Hermes/Thoth, DNA, and medicine) is clearly the mechanism of all energy healing, (still point breath, sacral cranial pump healing crisis zero point - etc.), the self sorting solution to pollution in general, even the time reversal and self correction in phase conjugate optics. (Rf: www.goldenmean.info/healingphase)

Loi de la PESANTEUR ou création

(traduction: Valerie Sandelin - french web site:goldenmean.info/french )

"Le champ fractal électrique : le Graal ultime en science physique de la conscience"

La fractalité ou l'effondrement parfait - révèle la vraie physique du Graal : l'implosion de charge produisant la gravité. Le champ bioélectrique cohérent de l'ADN (KA) survit, par parfaite compression (effondrement), à la mort.Le champ d'implosion produit dans le sang est activé par tressage des brins d'ADN (conjugaison de phase) durant l'extase - la félicité - l'éveil - distinct par l'alignement en caducée des cascades harmoniques. Il lui assure sa capacité d'immortalité et lui permet de rejoindre les étoiles après la mort.

Puis nous abordons les mesures électriques effectuées récemment du processus de mort, où Docteur Korotkov montre que les moments où la majorité du champ électrique quitte le corps correspond probablement à ce que nous appelons le départ ou passage de l'âme, l'esprit. Les instructions dans le Livre des Morts Tibétain du passage de l'âme peuvent être confirmées en mesurant les moments où le champ de charge électrique (l'aura) quitte le corps. La physique électrique consistant à assembler et comprimer un champ cohérent de charge (ou KA), prêt à se déployer fractalement, est donc peut-être la meilleure instruction religieuse d'hygiène pour une mort réussie (préservant la survie de la mémoire).

En physique, la création (de la masse) correspond à la compression réussie de la charge. Einstein proposa l'effondrement infini de la charge (sur le modèle du dodécaèdre) pour résoudre la question de la gravité et du champ unifié. De récentes mesures du champ électrique (EEG) durant l'extase, l'éveil (goldenmean.info/clinicalintro) semblent suggérer que l'éveil spirituel correspond AUSSI à la compression biologique parfaite du champ électrique. En conséquence seul un environnement fractal peut soutenir la pleine maturation de l'ADN, ce qui nous conduit à redéfinir l'architecture sacrée (goldenmean.info/architecture) et l'effet de champ favorable à la germination (goldenmean.info/germination), et la vraie physique émancipatrice se profilant derrière la mythologie du Graal/ou du code Da Vinci :

Il y a 20 ans Dan Winter, dans son premier livre « La danse du cristal », montre comment la nidification infinie successive de dodécaèdres et icosaèdres, la « plus grande nidification » (maze) en Théosophie, conduit à un modèle infini en 3D dont les coordonnées x, y et z des sommets sont toutes multiples entiers du nombre d'or. Il y a 10 ans environ, il anime la spirale du nombre d'or en 3D sur le cône inscrit dans ce nid, montrant ainsi la pure origine géométrique du Saint Graal.

Il réalise ce travail peu après avoir tracé cette même spirale d'or sur un cône similaire, mais à la surface d'un tore, démontrant ainsi la pure origine géométrique de l'alphabet hébreu, latin, voire sanskrit, (symboliser signifie nidifier, comprimer la charge constructivement). Il y a 5 ans environ, Dan publie sa première hypothèse : cette symétrie fractale de la charge, la seule possible en trois dimensions (3D), seule cause et création possible de la force vitale électriquement, ET seule cause et seul créateur de la gravité à partir de l'électromagnétisme. Car ce modèle de symétrie (solution à l'hétérodyne non destructif : addition et multiplication constructive ­ transformant la compression en accélération), est la seule cause et seul créateur de la fusion, de la conjugaison de phase parfaite, de l'implosion.

La physique peut enfin comprendre pourquoi les protéines vivantes sont de forme pentagonale (5 côtés) sur base par conséquent du nombre d'or, et pourquoi la biologie recourt à la fractalité pour réaliser la compression et la distribution de charge efficace, appelée vie.Ce modèle ondulatoire basé sur le nombre d'or est donc le seul chemin possible hors du chaos vers l'auto organisation (sous-tendant la création de l'esprit).

La stellation dodécaèdre est précisément la symétrie utilisée par Einstein et Poincaré pour modeler la gravité, et aussi celle de l'atome de palladium à la clef de la fusion froide (PGM, poudre d'or, ormes, etc.).

Aujourd'hui d'autres physiciens, comme Nasseim, Alex K., El Naschie, consacrés à décrire la physique de la fractalité basée sur la proportion du nombre d'or, s'attachent à démontrer que cette symétrie est effectivement la seule fractale tridimensionnelle (3D) possible. Les implications physiques sont sans égale. En effet, cette symétrie est capable à elle seule de transformer la compression de charge en accélération de charge (gravité) par hétérodyne constructive des vélocités (conjugaisons) de phase. La physique peut enfin répondre pourquoi un objet tombe par terre. Car l'autosimilarité (fractalité) optimisée par la proportion du nombre d'or crée la gravité.

Ceci prépare la physique à prendre en compte les récentes mesures (de Fosar, Bludorf, et d'autres) prouvant la capacité de l'ADN à fabriquer des trous noirs (gravité), et comprendre pourquoi seul l'environnement fractal permet la maturation de l'ADN et son éventuelle vocation stellaire (sun god) - et pourquoi la proportion d'or mesurée par EEG des ondes cérébrales identifie l'extase - l'éveil - activateurs de l'ADN.
Les instruments (HeartTuner, BlissTuner) mesurant par biofeedback l'émotion cohérente sont aussi des inventions de Dan Winter, ils furent mis au point grâce à son application pionnière du cepstrum (analyse spectrale de second ordre) pour mesurer la cohérence interne. Il est crédité comme inventeur de l'expression « Cohérence Cardiaque » (David Servan-Schreiber dans son livre « Instinct to Heal »).

La vraie percée, le vrai Graal en science est la reconnaissance que le perfectionnement fractal de la cohérence devient l'auto organisation et de fait la vie elle-même ­ que Dan appelle parfois le principe de la pomme de pin. Une autre de ses inventions permet de mesurer la force de vie, la fraîcheur, l'énergie vitale de substances vivantes à l'aide d'un condensateur sphérique ­ un uf recouvert d'or. (Analyse spectrale de 0 à 20 hertz à partir de la production en microvolt du capteur que constitue l'uf recouvert d'une fine couche d'or sur sa face interne : www.goldenmean.info/biophoton)

Le caducée, le nombre d'or, le principe de conjugaison de phase qui crée la compression implosive (symbole d'Hermès/Thoth, de l'ADN, et de la médecine) est clairement le mécanisme de la plupart des médecines électromagnétiques et énergétiques, (respiration ou thérapie cranio-sacrale, au point zéro - etc.), solution générale à la pollution, et aussi inversion temporel et correction optique par conjugaison de phase (www.goldenmean.info/healingphase

- perhaps you think the BLOODLINE meaning of GRAIL is a bit shallow - needs more context?...(like what is a MAG anyway, and why do 'sacred' words like LEVITE and KHUMARA mean SNAKE, and why would Templars be depicted (like at Sintra) with reptile faces worshipping a black madonna..- hint Enki had blue black blood.. his daughters line- the genetic best.-had genes whose electric field TOWERS- defining - Amygdala...
- see Aksenpaaten later called Magdalen below..- Mag means Mother of FIRE / AG in Dragon blood... AND the electric field of potently imploding DNA -LOOKS like a snake / shapeshifter..!.. aka: 'Cosmic Serpent'
QuetzlCoatl / ViraChoca - other names for Thoth / Hermes - means Winged Snake- see kundalini )