New from Australia- Swinbourne University, Melbourne:

NEW FRACTAL SCIENCE OF LIFE- Dramatic New Film Released Mar 15,08
- Interactive Course Series with Dan Winter

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This is Part One- - Section 1- online! This New Video online is the First of 4 Four 2 Hour Segments - (plus the Preceding Evening Intro is below)
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hot off the press - Newest: FRACTAL Science of LIFE

Video Series with Dan Winter, Dec 07 at Swinbourne University, Melbourne

This life changing film series dramatically documents how the FRACTAL Electric Field solves:

* the New Science of Bliss and Peak Perception

* the New Science of Gravity and the generation of electrically centripedal / self organizing force

* the New Science of COLOR

* the Origin of Symbol and Charge compression into DNA


* the New Science of Successful DEATH... and much more...

This New Video online is the Part 1 of 4 (plus intro below)
- Order the Full Resolution- COMPLETE 5 DVD Set of this Conference for $50 US Postpaid.
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Below: THE INTRODUCTORY EVENING LECTURE - (precedes the above Part 1 or the 4 Full 2 hour segments) new film online-
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Sacred Geometry / Science of Consciousness - Amazing European Sacred Initiatory Travel CHOICES for 2008

1. Turin.. Countryside Experience-In Depth Experience with Dan Winter,
or. 2. Boat Cruise from Venice to the Greek Islands with Worlds Leading PsychoSpiritual Teachers..
or- 3. Our Famous World's Most in Depth HOLY GRAIL-Science in the Blood Tour of South France!

-: 1 Join us in the Beautiful Countryside Outside Turin, in Sunny Italy!!

March 27-30, 2008 - Part 1-Complete Course Curriculum - Turin- English & Italian (German Available) - info: (Italy) +39-0161468313 - or or New AssociazionePhi

May 29- June 1, 2008 - Part 2 (Advanced) - Turin- English & Italian (German Available) - info: (Italy) +39-0161468313 - or or New AssociazionePhi

---2: Holy Grail Sites AND Science in South France - June 5-12, 08 (Film Clips here from last year!)... our South France 2008 - Science and Experience of the HOLY GRAIL IN THE BLOOD - tour and conference
.see 2008 June Info. in collaboration with Roger Green -

Join us - June 5 - 12, 2008 in South France. (An easy flight: RyanAir's inexpensive London to Carcasonne)-
For a week questing in Grail Country - learning by experience the Real Science of the Holy Grail in the blood.

For the trip logistics:

Join us to ask YOUR questions about the MEANING OF THE MYSTERIES! -

The original first real grail science in the blood essential - article - with film:

3. - GREEK Islands Boat Cruise from Venice! April 13-20- with the Best BioPsychoSpiritual Scientists of the World OnBoard!!

Fantastique croisiere autour de la mediterrane
(approches holistiques de la personne et des therapies)
*Du 13 au 20 avril 2008 départ de et et retour à Venise *
pour célébrer la dimension holistique de l'être humain
7 jours d'immersion, de régénération, dédiés à la biopsychospiritualité.
en compagnie de cinquante experts mondiaux de la transformation
personnelle et globale
les intervenants :
sur le bateau "MUSICA" :
Le bateau "MUSICA" quitte Venise le 13 avril -
Il se rend successivement Bari, Katakolon, Santorini, Mykonos, Pireo, Corfu, Dubrovnik.
Retour Venise le 20 avril 2008.
Fiche de participation :
% dr. prof. GiuseppeLuigi ESPOSITO
psicologo-psicoterapeuta olistico
Ordine Psicologi Campania: n.601
cell.: 333 53 968 52
contatto Skype: gepposkype
sito web: <>

also in May in Toulouse, France - evening intro events:

Brochure Toulouse 08 in PDF - Telecharger / download: toulouse08danwinter.pdf