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This is - Section SIX- online- The ET History of DNA-

The most extensive and vibrant synthesis ever released of the real extra-terrestrial history of our genepool. Beautifully synthesizing into a compelling narrative - Hopi, Andromedan, Montauk, Dan's own research - and detailed biologic memories of numerous global researchers - fitting perfectly the works (set after the Annunaki arrived on Earth) of Sitchen, Gardner and many others.

The reading material for with these presentations-
is Dan Winter's world's largest and most synthesized library on the ET HISTORY OF DNA:

How do we use this history of the UR - Seraphim Dragon Blood lines to heal religion wars?

Let us look of the origin of the Q'UR-AN. We recently learned much more about who the UR are , we have long known who the An line is (AN as in AN-unaki is generally interepreted to mean "Sun God" or Solar being - see the film...). We know their alphabet is a genetic DNA programming electric field symmetry sequencing software. We know that Gabriel - who narrated the Q'UR-AN to Muhammed- was offering the genetic hygiene wisdom of the Seraphim bloodline - as he did to Joseph Smith - of the Mormons. The KAtholics are clear- that Gabriel is the communicator with Mary. We know that the Seraphim Draco apologized for creating both the Christian and Muslim religions - for the same (hygiene instruction) purpose - only to realize too late - the result was mostly mass murder. ( Here is the moment when the Draco Seraphim first had their genetic disaster: Nephalim ).

We even know - that the well documented Kundalini like seizures that Muhammed - experienced in chatting with Gabriel - are the classic symptoms of mind meld with the Assa Uru queens.. the REAL Baphomet or SKULL TOUCH. Today's Indiana Jones- interest in crystal skulls ..(more history next time on that).. is about genetic memory of the fall of the skull touch - ability - quite linked to the genetic fall of the Nephalim - from the Seraphim URu line.

We must assume that Galzu - who was clearly responsible for saving Enki's genetic experiment here (see why WE are the vaccine in the URion wars - in the film - below) - must represent the Ophanim Pta Taal ancestry of Enki's mother. "Galzu was a real mysterious guy...even the Annunakis had no idea who he was...he could enter Enki's dream and gave a design of a boat (KA?) which could sustain .'..

So to understand the URigens of the Ophanim and Seraphim genetic history in URion - and restore your aURa- with full phase conjugate fractal genetic memory - we must phase conjugate into oneness - the following hURstURy stURy ...

For the related Beautiful Grail Science - History-

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(note this film is just one part dealing with the Grail History in the Science - the full science curriculum is in the other 7 dvd)
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Particularly recommended that you compare this version of the galactic DNA HISTORY - with the also newly released:

VOLUME FOUR Exerpt: Galactic and ET Origins of DNA:The DRAGONS Story!
-deeper version...What Turns Planets GREEN??
(professionally filmed & edited- Byron, Australia 02-just released)

The above is part FOUR of newly released below:--


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- New Film Released JUNE 21,08

Best of South France- Science of the Grail Conference- '08 - with Dan Winter & Valerie Sandelin

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