More than 3000 people watched our new Barcelona evening conference presentation
in the first 2 weeks, it was such a success - we decided to share exerpts of the follow up day long conference presentation from the rural retreat center:

NEW- BARCELONA-St.Maria De Besora- Retreat Center- DAY LONG COFERENCE VIDEO with Dan Winter - IN THREE PARTS

with Dan Winter- in English -also - with Spanish Translation - by Marco
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Note the first 1 minute intro in the film- is in Spanish- the rest is with Dan Winter- in English with Spanish Translation - by Marco

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This powerpoint was: , the complete powerpoints are at: - from Dan's presentation in Zaragosa Spain - on Fractal Water-

on tour -with Dan Winter- makes News and Radio Headlines- in Barcelona.. Feb 25-30, 09

Newest Film- in ENGLISH and SPANISH - of Dan's premiere presentation that tour

"An Electron in a FRACTAL Electric Field-

is So Well Distributed - You Call That GOD!"

"Pure Intent is the Wave that is SHAREABLE With ALL of DNA - Because it Serves Survival.
That is how Fractality defines PURE INTENTION: A Perfectly DISTRIBUTEABLE Wave."

Winter's clearest explication yet - of his Fractal / Phase Conjugate Field Theory of GRAVITY - AND- Consciousness.

Last Chance- Prague in APRIL- with Dan & Vincent Bridges (pic below)-
Prague-Science Alchemy April 9-16, South France Grail Tour July 1-8
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from the Barcelona, Spain - Caixa -Conference Centre... - with Dan Winter - This Film - English-and Spanish

In this dramatic new film release- Dan entertains & articulates - in the most simple and direct terms- the scientific connection between the way your aura size and coherence (your 'KA') is fed by bliss experience- and how that directly creates the plasma field- which takes you into the sustainability (immortality?)- of lucid dreaming- ... + how that plasma field - 'ghost' - CAN in fact navigate at death. The key is to see how the EYE or (phase conjugate) PERCEPTION point of that charge tornado - is assembled (by getting fractal) - and what it takes to MOVE that field: 'assemblage point'.

(Sequel to - film: quoting- " the (fractal /'phase conjugate') field of our DNA creates an electric tunnel which projects a measureable field (your 'Ka') at the moment of death. How this departure of your soul or ghost is measured at death, how you steer it, and the map of what you will see at death ("Kluver Form Contants")- based on the sequence of fold symmetries in your DNA. Why these angles which determine your DNA's ability to absorb and emit charge- are the origin of your alphabet. And how your skill to generate implosive heart coherence ( feel LOVE) - by evolving the muscles to flex the cavity of your pericardium ('hat of Osiris') - generates the electrical direction (rocket nozzle to your EKG's phase conjugate gravity motor) -to steer your soul - as you enter death or lucid dreaming. This wormhole to the divine is the place where many paths and errands meet- a place in physics named - the implosion of charge where waves converge their inertia constructively by phase conjugation. ) ( ) - 857,773 total hits- in Feb.
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-New "Able to Love" Golden Mean- Intro- YouTube Multimedia Video -Online - Thanks to Jeff Grant<Check out "Perfect HADRON COLLISION

Partially as a result of the headline news coverage (below pics)- and the extensive radio coverage - 500 people showed up for Dan Winter's -Saturday evening conference- when the auditorium overflowed- closed circuit TV was used to an adjacent auditorium.

Also- there was some charge in the air there.. as Oswaldo was kind enough to send some pics of his photos of me onstage preparing the talk - showing a few "orbs"- plasma coherence...(little orbs- can be an instructional example of how living plasma starts self steering- see their INNER- icosa / phase conjugate structure: )

One of Spain's leading newspapers- LaVanguardia- Barcelona- Feb 25, and also follow up - on the back cover- Feb 27, 09

more- from Spanish Speaking World..

Feb 28-Mar 1 - Barcelona, Spain: see link


Last Chance- Prague in APRIL- with Dan & Vincent Bridges (pic below) has a few spaces left- at the advanced booking discount rate...-
Prague-Science Alchemy April 9-16, South France Grail Tour July 1-8
More-European Tour Conference Options for 09 with Dan Winter and Valerie Sandelin: