Draco's Last Stand

informal reprint of dialog's between Roger Kerr and Elora..

Roger reinterprets- the history - big picture- Feb 05: Rogers Big Picture - Update Feb 05

7/5/99 HISTORY OF THE COUNCIL OF SIX, Draco History Becomes Personal wonderfully helpful more personal history of evolution thru Draco memory.. from Roger & Elora


Followed by More Complete- Orion War History...: Roger Kerr memories of Draco Reptilians as opposed to Shapeshifters..


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pictures and history of dracos : reptoids.com

nice gentle fairy tale explanation of our need for a reptilian brain (dragon) stem: Quetzl Coatel

new update 11/14/98 Has Niburu Ship been diverted? (followup to

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new happily ever after? added 10/31/98 see bottom..


Ever wonder why the power trip of the oriental healer of the dragon cult oriental, did not feel like heart energy? (Yet?) .

Their cult won't allow student to supercede master.. (when a priest is required to make phone call to God, resign that religion..)

Here's my sense.. orient has symmetry of alpha draconis at Sen Shi pyramids.. origin of dragon cult... Hive Mind emphasis eliminates compassion by eliminating individuation (& the necessary agony of separateness to produce the urge to turn inside out and feel compassion).

Lovely way for us all to get a glimpse of what happens to a borg culture.. with "it is a privelege to be assimilated" comes the fine print.. here is lost soul force and ability to die, because no passion and no ecstacy mean an end to internally self empowered DNA braiding. So Draco's lines end up with no ability to sustain an immune system in their offspring (necessitating abductive dna hacking and live human gland eating..)

Some of the rich Irony is their culture ran this solar system as a spoil of war longer than the Andromedan/Galactic Council's intervention spanned. So when the interventionist "Orion" group announced to the galactic council they were re taking their spoil of war (us), their was little active intervention by "freedom fighters". HOWEVER as the below suggests, certain more SIRIUS & Well Tempered mitigations emerge to suggest this may be Draco's last stand.

A combined educational effort convinces the higher shape shifting (Senator and Media Mogul abducting.. ) Draco's called ciakar and capellan, that in fact there is real chance our whole galactic sector may be sucked into chaos for millenia if their continue destabilizing Earth's genepools psychokinesis by parasitism. Collective coherent emotion is fabricating gravity each time a heart feels real fractally attractive truth/wonder/compassion. (www.../heartlink). This creates a centering and steering force among wormholes particularly necessary at 1. death, 2. lucid dream, 3. sun implosions 4. to repair atmosphere loss by stabilizing gravity globally. Our Solar system is rounding the volcanic lip of a caldera called "nexus", "peshmehten", (literally "deep space nine"), "time wave zero", "solar flare maxima"... etc.

We have been solemnly advised that as this squirt velocity increases for our whole solar bioregion, thru this wormhole, NAVIGATION or CENTERING FORCE becomes THE ISSUE. We have demonstrated the ability of individual human glands to fabricate this centering force or gravity due to embedding (becoming spin shareable). Essentially what we see below is a priming of the pump where lead Draconian forces learn they need bird brain navigation by heart force skill acquisition. This is turning the tide of a galaxy formerly ruled by terror.

Dan Winter




Black Hole in Orion


Sun, 12 Jul 1998 13:48:42 -0600


Roger Kerr <rakerr@orci.com>


Dan Winter <winter@primeline.com>


Elora Gabriel <egabriel@juno.com>, Shakura Rei <starship@ee.net>


ref below is to

orion stargate


Hi Dan,


Last night I was visiting some of your web pages, and I found my way to

the one about Orion, and the connections to the Pyramids at Giza. You said

that you suspected that there was a black hole in Orion. Well, I think

there is. A year ago, during one of Claire's rituals, I was taken through

it. But it is not in the 'heart' area of Orion, but near the Horsehead

Nebula, which is actually below the belt, in the 'sword' area. I guess

this would more closely align with the 'Core Star' area, the 'Center of

Being'. Anyway, I had written up my experience of this Astral journey for

Claire, and I have copied it below. Just thought you might be interested.


Also, I want to commend you for all the work you have done on your

website. I had no idea of how much information you had put out there.

Truly awesome. Also please acknowledge Steve for me for his part in this.

Reading all of what you wrote in the 'Orion' site was a tremendous help to

me. Several things occurred. I realized that part of what has been

happening to me is that I am turning that Reptilian Aspect of mine,

literally, 'Inside Out' as you say. One of my Draco Selves told me that

'yes, they used the Gold, and he lived for maybe 20,000 years.' I guess

you could say that I have been resolving all of the issues of my Reptilian

Aspects with regards to remembering how to 'have a Soul', and to truly

Live, by letting go of the fear of dying, by letting go of the need for



I also realized that this portal that I am is really a wormhole of sorts,

and that it has been through all of my efforts to honor and respect the

Reptilian Beings and to learn to have Compassion for them and to try to

help them that has begun the process of turning this 'Wormhole' of mine

'Inside Out'. I get the sense that it was the abductions and whatever they

did to me that opened up this portal in me. It was almost like they knew

that the 'Wormhole' was the key to the ultimate survival of their race.

They obviously knew of my connections to them (the Anunnaki and Draco), and

probably of my ability to work with portals. So it was like by making me a

'portal', by opening up a 'Wormhole' inside me, they thought that I would

have the ability to connect to them and to literally pull them through the

'Wormhole' with me. I guess they weren't too far off. I have been helping

them, I just have no idea of how much help to them I have been. And what I

have really been trying to teach them is to honor and respect, and have

compassion for all other life forms. It's like they made me their

'Savior', but of course they had to do it through abduction and

manipulation, which is the only way they know. I guess now, I have more of

an understanding of the heavy burden that Sananda felt when all the

Christians made him their 'Savior', and a feeling of compassion for him and

what he endured. I'm just on the other end of the spectrum.


Another interesting thought occurred to me. I had not been aware that

Orion was a Greek name for Osiris. But it all makes sense now. In Dr.

Eugene Whitworth's book 'Genesis, Children of Thoth', the main character

was A-Sar-U, better known as Osiris. I told you that back in March, I got

that the name for one of the 3 Dark Lords was Asaru. I have always gotten

the sense that he was Lord over the Orion Group of Reptilians. Note that

these are a distinct race of Reptilians, different from the Draco, and from

the Anunnaki. Also, Asaru and the Orion Group are the ultimate Warriors.

So it all fits! Pretty amazing!


Anyway, thanks again. You have really helped open some doors of

awareness for me.


Love and Peace,



Here's my write-up of the Astral experience I mentioned:



Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 14:05:14 -0600

To: Claire

From: kerr@orci.com

Subject: E-Joe-Sa Ritual Experience





Hi Claire,


As promised, I will now relate to you the Astral journey I had with the

E-Joe- Sa Saturday morning. I was performing my usual 'lost spirit escort

service' up to the Higher Astral plane. Then I met the E-Joe-Sa there, and

they took me off on a journey. First they took me to their home world in

Orion. I felt a lot of Light and Loving Energy there. Then I was taken

inside their Merkaba (Light Ship) and went through the 'black hole' near

their world, and we entered the Void. We traveled to distant Galaxy. They

took me to a planet where it was very dark. I'm not sure if it was night or

just a very dark planet. Then I realized that it was a Draco world,

possibly their 'Home World'. There was a very large pyramid there. I saw

many Dracos enter some kind of large ship and disappeared through the

pyramid portal. Then another ship was filled and also disappeared. Then I

was taken to another planet in another Galaxy. It was a world of humanoid

beings. It seemed that their sole purpose of existence was to serve the

Dracos. It was like the Dracos had 'created' them for their own purposes

and needs. Then we were off to still another planet in yet another Galaxy.

I sensed that this Galaxy was in our Local Cluster. The Draco ships had

surrounded the planet and had placed a 'dark band of energy' around it. I

got the feeling that they were beginning their conquest of this world. Then

we moved on to another Galaxy in our Local Cluster, to another planet. I

saw another large pyramid here. I went inside, and it was definitely a

portal. But it was different than the ones like the Great Pyramid on Earth.

The walls seemed darker, and it obviously operated strictly based on

technology. There didn't seem to be any 'Spiritual' content to it. I saw

the portal open and Draco ships passed through. Then we left, and went back

into the Void and through the Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way. We

came to a planet in Lyra. It was a planet of humanoid beings, but this was

a world of Light and Love, Peace and Harmony, no Draco influence. I was

being shown the Big Picture, a picture of the Draco conquest of many worlds

in many Galaxies. Their Empire was still expanding. I asked how many

planets were there under Draco control. The answer was 'millions'. Then I

asked how many worlds were there like the peaceful one in Lyra. The answer

was 'hundreds'. I take it to mean in our corner of the Universe, not just

the Milky Way. Then I was taken back to the E-Joe-Sa's world. The 'Quasar'

there was really a 'White Hole', with Light and Energy coming from the

'Source'. This energy is streaming into our Galaxy. It represents a new

wave of Consciousness, and the E-Joe-Sa are bringing this Light, Love and

Consciousness to the Earth. They will bring this Light and Love to the

Earth through us at the Ritual tonight. The Earth is at a critical juncture

right now. We have the opportunity to 'turn the tide' so to speak. To put a

halt to the Draco expansion. To bring the Earth back into the Light. What

happens here will affect the future of many other worlds. Those already

dominated by the Dracos, and those that are still free. If we can bring

this world back into Balance, then we can go out and help other worlds come

back into Balance. We are the Rebels, at the forefront of the Rebellion

against Draco control. It is up to us to make this happen. The Universe, as

old as it is, is still in its infancy, and there is a whole new future in

front of us. This is a proving grounds of sorts. By connecting with the

E-Joe-Sa in the Ritual, we can help bring this Light, this new wave of

Consciousness onto the Earth. We can turn the Balance of Power away from

the Dark Forces, back to the Light, back into Balance.


As I was preparing for the Ritual, I was recharging all of my crystals. I

had been cleansing them in sea salt for a few days. I called in all of my

spirit guides. I had been told that several of my guides were leaving and I

would be getting new guides. Pi is one of those leaving. I cried tears of

sorrow and tears of joy. Sorrow, because I will truly miss them,

particularly Pi. But Joy because of all the Love they have given me, and

the knowing that I am truly moving on, in the direction of the Light. I

also asked that the E-Joe-Sans join me, and the Sirians, the Andromedan

Light Beings, the Family of Light, the Galactic Council of Light, and

Semjase and the Taygetan Pleiadians. They were all there. So much Joy, Love

and Light. For the Ritual, I used my quartz crystals in a Star of David

pattern, with an Amethyst Crystal Cluster in the center. I also used 4

Medicine Cards, the Eagle, Lnyx, Hawk and Wolf. I held an Amethyst Crystal

point in my hand. First I connected to Claire and the group, then I read

the words and went into a meditation. I focused my intent on the Earth's

8th Auric level, the level of the Collective Sub-Conscious, and just sent

Love and Light into that place. I could feel the energy flow, and the

crystal in my hand began to feel very warm, almost hot. I also sent Light

down into the center of the Earth. Then many of us stepped into the

E-Joe-Sa's Light Vehicle and they took us to their home world in Orion. I

could see the Horsehead Nebula and the 'Quasar' behind it. There was a beam

of Light coming out of the disk of the surrounding black hole. I could feel

the Love and Light as it filled my entire Being. Then Claire, myself and a

few others accepted an invitation to journey on further. We went through

the Black Hole into the Void, as I had done before. Only this time we were

taken to a world in some other Galaxy where there were Beings of Light. I

was basking in the Love and Light, and then something strange happened to

me. I started feeling my body tense up and I guess the Dark Aspect of

myself, that Reptilian part of my Being, took over. I felt a lot of fear

and anger, and like I was being attacked again. Then I felt the Light

again, and then the attacks started up again. Then I felt a strange

powerful surge of Light and it was like I had just died, because everything

went quiet, and a strange, calming energy of Light flowed through me. I

could hear voices asking if I was all right. Other voices said to just let

me be. I asked Pi if she could take me home. She said 'No, the others

weren't finished yet'. So I just laid there, very still. Finally we

returned to the E-Joe-Sa world, and then Pi brought me home. Some intense

anger came up, and I just laid on the floor and cried. I finally realized

that my Inner Child was scared to death. Something had happened to me when

I was 3 years old, something that re-connected me to that Dark, Reptilian

Aspect of myself, and I was terrified. I consoled the Child Inside, and

told him I didn't know why it had happened, but we shouldn't deny to

ourselves that something did happen. The truth is I'm not sure what really

did happen, I know I didn't just imagine it, but I don't really remember

either. Anyway, the next morning I began to realize that all of these

'psychic attacks' that I have been experiencing lately are coming from

within myself, from that Dark, Reptilian Aspect of me. That part of me is

afraid of the Light, and when it feels threatened it only knows to

'attack'. It doesn't even realize that it's really attacking itself. My Ego

is feeling threatened because it is losing control of me, and it doesn't

want to accept that. I guess that is what this whole planet is going

through now. We are bringing lots of Light into this world, and our Shadow

Selves, our Egos, our Collective Sub-Consciousness is feeling threatened,

and is 'fighting back'. I guess what we have to realize here is that what

is really called for is Balance. We need that Dark, Shadow part of our

Consciousness, but it has to be Balanced by the Light, Spiritual side of

ourselves. When either is in total control, we are out of Balance. I truly

believe that our Souls' intention is not to return to an existence of pure

Light, we've already done that; but to remain as a physical being, living a

life of Balance and in perfect Harmony with the Dark energies of the

Universe. To continue the Creation process in the physical realms. Does

this not make sense?


Love and Light,

Roger Kerr




Wormhole Connections


Sun, 21 Jun 1998 12:17:35 -0600


Roger Kerr <kerr@orci.com>


Elora Gabriel <egabriel@juno.com>







Hi Elora,


Here's the part about what we did with the Wormhole:


Once we completed the clearing and retuning of the Tibetan Stargate, I got

the message to connect it with the portal at Roan Mountain, and then to the

Grey Eagle Portal, and then to the Great Pyramid Stargate portal. Then I

connected the Pyramid Stargate to the Angkor Wat Stargate, Angkor Wat to

Machu Picchu, and Machu Picchu to the Great Pyramid. This is the Grand

Triangle of Stargates that when all activated would activate the 'Deep

Space Nine' Wormhole here within the Earth. I had been show this in an

Astral journey in early '97. I had seen a 'parallel' world in another

Galaxy that had 3 equally spaced Pyramid Portals. I saw them all activated

at once, and a beam of energy was sent through each portal down to the

center of the planet, and then I saw a huge beam of energy shoot out across

the Cosmos from the center of the planet. I was then told about these

three portals here on Earth, and knew that they would perform the same

function. So this is what was going to happen today.


The next step was to call in the Archangels Metatron, Ratziel, Khamael,

Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Sandalphon, and also all the Council

of Six members, with the exception of Michael, who was present but only

observing. Then the Archangels formed a Star Tetrahedron at the Christ

Consciousness Grid, and we of the Council formed a 'Star' at the center of

the Earth. John was at the top point, Bill at the bottom, Elora, Mary and

Jan formed the middle triangle, and I was at the center,along with

Archangel Michael, Wottanna, Alisbedescha (Anasazi), Asket and Arunzhia and

God/Goddess from the DAL Universe. I also called on the Hopi Elders to

join with me. Then I asked to be connected to the Wormhole to the Dark

Universe. I could sense the connection being made. Then we charged up the

Star Tetrahedrons with Unconditional Love, and perfectly Balanced Light and

Dark, and Male and Female energies. We held the thought of Peace, Harmony,

Love, Joy and Thrival for all Beings of the Earth, this Solar System, the

Milky Way Galaxy and the entire Universe. We allowed the energy to build

up, and I counted down from three. At one, I asked the Hopi to activate

the 'Deep Space Nine' Wormhole, and when I got to zero, the energy was

released. The three Stargates focused this energy into the center of the

Earth, and the Wormhole opened and a huge beam of energy was sent out to

the Dark Universe Wormhole. Elora saw a Blue-White Light surrounding this

connection. It was forming a cylindrical conduit or sleeve that connected

the two Wormholes.


I had the sense that in time, the 'loop' would be pulled through the Deep

Space Nine Wormhole. All the energies and Consciousness of the Dark

Universe would be pulled through this conduit and through the Earth

Wormhole and as Dan Winter says, it would be turned 'Inside Out'. Then I

realized that on Sunday, when Dan would join us in a session, we would be

making a similar connection to the Wormhole to the DAL (Light) Universe. I

also realized that the 'Loop' or 'Slip Knot' that Dan had referred to was

the combined connections, through the various Wormholes, between this

Universe and the Dark Universe, which in turn was connected to the 'Source'

of Divine Consciousness, which was connected to the DAL Universe, which was

then connected to this Universe and Earth, to complete the 'Loop'. So,

once all the Wormholes are connected, the energies and Consciousnesses of

each Universe and the 'Source' will eventually all be pulled through the

Earth Wormhole or Stargate to form a new Universe of Unity Consciousness of

full awareness of our Divine Consciousness. Everything will have turned

'Inside Out' so that the Love and Divine Spark of Consciousness within all

Beings will now come to the surface so that all Beings may live in Love and

Joy, Peace and Harmony, and Thrival. Nice thought!


Love and Peace,







Re: Roger and Jack's Last Stand


Wed, 27 May 1998 17:11:14 -0500


"Jack O'Brien" <jobrien@yournet.com>




1 , 2





Hi Dan,


This is Roger. Long time no hear. How was the trip to Australia? I

am staying here at Jack's for a while on my way back to Denver. I had

been living in Black Mountain, NC for a couple of months doing some work

with Elora Gabriel there.


> I am most interested that you experience a kind

> of turn around in who is serving whom there,


> I suggest that change of direction amounts

> to reptilian genetic origin deciding it must

> serve bird brain (kundalini in body,

> www.../eaglemorph

> in continents)


> would you make any more comment about

> why draco were on which side in you vision..


Well, to answer your question, you first have to know that I had been

working with the Draco every since last October. As you may or may not

be aware, I have some very strong 'past' life connections to them. I

came to realize that I had been one of their 'Soluruous' or Supreme

Commanders. The next level up from that was Lucifer himself. So over

the course of several months I kept working with them. Showing them

that there was a different way for them to operate that would be much

more effective and powerful. Let's say I earned their respect, and I

kept telling them the importance of accepting the peace and working

together in harmony. I telepathically showed them a projection of what

would happen if the Earth was destroyed in a war, like Maldek was. It

did not have a pleasant ending for anyone, including them. They finally

realized that what I was showing them was the Truth. I finally started

getting through to some of them late last year, Ankraruous in

particular. He was 1st Officer then, and is now the current reigning

'Soluruous'. Back in early December, I called many of the Draco in for

a 'conference', and they all agreed to work with me then, to work for



Well, then my contacts with them tailed off, and they no longer

bothered me at all. Well several weeks ago, these 'battles' began with

the Alcyone Reptilian Group, they are related to the Orion Group but are

not Draco, and also these Reptilian Beings from what I refer to as the

Dark Universe. At one point the Light Forces, the Taygettan Pleiadians

and some allies, took quite a beating and things looked pretty bleak.

At that time I wondered if the Draco had helped us, and got 'No'. I

asked the Andromedans why they didn't tell me what was up and I could

have talked with Ankraruous. I got that they did approach him and he

and the Draco declined to join in. So I asked Ankraruous why, and he

told me that he had no support from the rest of his legions. He said

that the human race was not exactly the Draco's most favorite race of

people. So I again reminded him of how critical it was that Earth not

fall under the control of these other Reptilians. As you know, they are

all after control of the Great Pyramid Stargate. With the work that

Elora, myself and John Armitage did at the December Solstice, they are

all locked out so to speak, and they want to be able to change that

situation. So I once again appealed to Ankraruous to help us protect

the Earth and that Stargate, that all of our futures depended on it.


Well, a little over a week ago, I had been doing some portal clearing

in the Smoky Mountains, and Ankraruous and the 5 other Soluruouses

(there are 6 in all, at any one time) came to me. They told me that

they had now all agreed to join with the Light Forces in protecting the

Earth from these Dark Universe Reptilians. I had realized a little

earlier that these Beings had been mortal enemies with the Draco, and I

think the Draco preferred to stay out of this one. But they had a

change of heart. Interesting enough, some of the work that Elora and I

did with them was to return their 'hearts' to them. They had said that

they held the belief that their hearts were stolen from them shortly

after birth. I think more appropriately, their High Priests place an

implant over their hearts that blocks any love or compassion from coming

through. So I think our working with them to remove these blockages is

what finally turned the tide.


Feel free to pass this on to any interested party. By the way, there

is a web page that has all of my posting to Conflight about the work I

have been doing with the Draco. Unfortunately I don't have the URL with

me, but I could get it from Elora if you are interested. It talks about

the work we did with the Pyramid Stargate. Let me know if you'd like to

check that out. Take care!


Love and Peace,





Re: Roger and Jack's Last Stand


Fri, 29 May 1998 13:21:48 -0500


"Jack O'Brien" <jobrien@yournet.com>




1 , 2 , 3 , 4





Hi Dan,


dan winter wrote:


> to roger,

> I am trqveling from southern VA today

> to asheville, then atlanta on mon..


> can we connect?


That would be pretty difficult, as I am not in Black Mountain or the

Asheville area any more. I am currently staying in Harrison, Arkansas,

on my way back to Denver. May I suggest that you connect with Elora

Gabriel. She lives in Black Mountain, about 20 miles east of Ashville.

She is very familiar with my work, as we have done much of this Draco

work together. Elora's email address is < egabriel@juno.com >, her

phone number is (704) 669-0903. She is in the process of moving now, so

her phone may be disconnected today (Friday). But I think she should be

hooked up again by tomorrow. You could always give me a call. I will

be staying here with Jack until Monday or Tuesday of next week. Jack's

number is (870)741-7858.


Sorry about that, but I guess our timing is off just a bit, just as it

was in Boulder last year. Oh, well.


Are you going to be checking in with Claire when you're in Atlanta?

If so, give her my regards.







Roger and Jack's Last Stand - Update


Thu, 28 May 1998 23:42:05 -0400


Mind Magic <ozone@mail.redrose.net>







This is a combination of the last post with some new details and more recent

activity. Much of the first part was posted before, but there is some new







Roger and Jack's Last Stand (3)


Thu, 28 May 1998 10:14:19 -0500




.................Roger and Jack's Last Stand (3)........................


5/25/98 Roger Kerr arrived at my home on Pilot Knob Mountain a couple

of days ago making a circuitous route on his way to Denver, being led by

his guides to different portals which were in need of opening and

clearing. He wanted to come by my house and recuperate before

continuing on to Denver. But when he got here, he kept getting

increasing pressure to do a portal cleansing here.


So today he woke up with plans to do this cleansing on top of the group

of house sized boulders which are located on the west side of the

approximately 30-acre round relatively flat land on top of Kennedy

Mountain (Pilot Knob). But it was raining periodically. Roger said

that he had done some clearing in the rain at another site and since he

was told that it should be today, he was willing to go out in the rain

if necessary to do this work, despite his saying that tomorrow would

seem like the ideal day, based on the Mayan calendar. He was feeling the

presence of several Dark Entities, and could not get clear information.

He called a friend and healer, Shakura Rei, and asked for her help.

Shakura has helped him many times in the past in removing Entities and

in getting helpful information from his Soul Self and from Archangel

Michael. She told him that it really wasn't necessary to perform the

ceremony today and tomorrow would be all right.


Yesterday Roger had a negative entity latch onto him, and my clearing it

off him resulted in his attaching himself to me. But I was able to

convince him that it would be best for him to accept the receiving of

the ultimate power which is Unconditional Love from All that Is. Then

he would be totally protected as I am and he would not need to defend

himself or attack anyone. So he finally agreed and the weight and

headache lifted off my head. He apparently convinced many of his group

to also accept this gift from him, but the ringleader was unconvinced.


Then this morning I felt the house being filled with warrior angels and

was advised that there was another battle brewing. Roger had sensed the

presence of thousands of Reptilian Beings. So I created a protective

shield around myself, but I could feel the negativity starting to

penetrate. So I created a sphere of expanding light around my shield,

and the negativity backed away to get away from the light. Then I was

asked permission to have some warrior angels come inside my shield. So

I defined the shield to allow only those in light to enter inside the

shield. This resulted in several angels moving in next to me and

immediately the negative pressure eased.


I then talked to the negative ringleader and told him that he had just

had a demonstration of my power which was from All that Is and it was

called Unconditional Love and he could have this power if he would

accept it. It took two attempts before he received it and then he left.


In the meantime I was told that a battle was raging over my house and I

was supplying all the energy that was required for the warrior angels to

repel the attack. Soon I received the message saying that it was all

over and the warrior angels had won.


A little later a continuation of the message was received stating that

Roger and I had

been the bait for the assembly of a large number of negative entities

who were resisting the clearing of the local portal and the warrior

angels were ready for them. There were 500 negative entities in the

first wave, with an additional 50,000 held in reserve if needed. But

these 50,000 were being filled with Unconditional Love because of their

ringleader being "converted" and they had crossed over to the Angel's

side as they received it, while the original 500 were being

annihilated, thus shortening the number engaged in the battle and

reducing considerably the number of casualties. The rest agreed to

receive the Unconditional Love Power when they saw their fellow warriors

being received with open arms by the Warrior Angel enemy forces.


My Guardian Angel then arrived and said that this small skirmish this

morning had such an effect on all the negative forces that in effect it

defused the final great battle of Armageddon which was now not going to

take place.


Then a little while later Freckles started barking and as I was walking

outside to see what he was barking at, he told me that "there was

dancing in the streets" among the warrior angels and other beings of

light who witnessed the event. Apparently peace is actually breaking



Roger had commented that he had wondered what it was about this small

mountain that caused what was apparently three battles to be waged on or

in the air over it. So as he was writing a letter to Elora, I started

getting information that there was a house-sized quartz crystal which

had been placed here eons ago by the original founders of intelligent

life on earth, as a major energy source, and that it was tuned to help

provide energy to Mother Earth (Gaia) . So it was apparently worth

fighting for in order to "own". It could be re-programmed to furnish

energy for the ships of alien races and for controlling the masses.


I knew that this small mountain was an anomaly. It is surrounded by

mountains composed of stratified lime stone with the same strata

occurring at the same level on adjacent mountains. Yet this small

mountain is composed of a top layer of sandstone up to 200 feet

thick, terminating in a bluff which surrounds the top of the 30-acre

top, then 300 feet of clay (where quartz crystals are found in abundance

in central Arkansas), forming a conical support for the sandstone cap,

then finally limestone. In addition dowsers have detected a small vein

of silver extending from near the edge of the sandstone bluff inward

about 200 feet. Near where its presence was first detected, shallow

caves are present along the bluff for a short way where apparently the

silver vein was exposed and then removed by the Native Americans long

ago by rubbing the sandstone away around the silver.


Then a short while after receiving the message about the huge crystal,

Freckles started barking again and I received the message that there was

a small group of aliens who wanted to speak to Roger and apologize.

When I let Freckles in, they came in with him and waited until Roger had

finished his E-mail letter. I was told that they represented the Draco

and Anasazi and another race I could not pick up. So Roger tuned in on



Roger: Once I finished my email, I walked outside and tuned in to

these Beings. Ankraruous was one of them (He is the current Draco

Soluruous or Supreme Commander.) He apologized to me for two things.

First for waiting so long to come to our aide, ( I had worked with them

back in December and had thought that we had an agreement that they

would help me when necessary) and second for all that the Draco had done

to me in that first life in the Council of Six, in a distant Galaxy,

millions of years ago. There were two Anasazi that I had known that

were here also. Then I tuned into the third group of Beings. It took

me a while to figure out who they were, but I got that they were from

another Galaxy. Then I began thinking about the Council life. I had

known that we were 'humanoid', but not human. Well, these Beings were

of that same race that we had been in that life on that Original Planet

that had been nearly destroyed in a war with the Draco. I had been one

of a group of females taken captive by the Draco. We had been used by

them for their genetic breeding program. The hybrid race that resulted

from those breeding experiments were the ancestors of the Anasazi. So

the three original races had all come together here today. The Anasazi

had held the energies of both this race and the Draco. In effect, they

held the energies of the Light and the Dark, and had held these energies

in Balance for countless millenia.


Earlier I had gotten the message that Ankraruous and the Draco had

fought with the Light Forces in the battle today against these Dark

Universe Reptilian Beings. So this act of joining with us in 'Oneness'

helped to make the peace between these two original races of Beings from

that Council World. These Council World Beings forgave the Draco, and I

did as well. Then I got the message that all the Karma from that

original war had been absolved. I also got the message that with this

act, that the Veils of Illusion would soon be lifted. My guides also

told me that the Ascension of the Earth was nearly assured now.


Then my guide, Pi, and Archangel Michael apologized to me for using me

as their bait, to draw these Dark Universe Beings here, to help them

spring the trap that had been laid for them. I had been staying in

Black Mountain, North Carolina, where Elora and myself had been doing a

lot of healing work on ourselves and the planet . When I first began my

journey to return to Denver, I had had a session with Shakura, where she

relayed a message to me from Archangel Michael. I was told that it was

imperative that I leave as soon as possible. This was 2 weeks ago. I

was told that I would be guided to go to several different places, and

to do whatever seemed appropriate. I was told that at some point

something would just happen that would have an adverse effect on these

Dark Universe Beings. They had a surprise waiting for them. I could

not know what would happen, or when, or where it would happen. So along

my journey, I had been guided to several ancient portals in the Great

Smoky Mountains, and one in the Mississippi Valley. In the last couple

of days, I had gotten the sense that I needed to do some portal work

today. It seemed strange to me, because I usually follow the Mayan

Calendar, and Tuesday seemed like a much more appropriate day to do

portal work. But I kept getting that it needed to be done on Monday.

But this morning when I awoke, I had these Dark Beings all over me,

trying to prevent me from doing the work. I had called Shakura for help

and was told that the portal work could wait until tomorrow. Then I

realized that my guides had wanted me to think it had to be done today

so that it would attract these Reptilian Beings. They had obviously

been tuning into my thoughts. They had observed the portal work that I

had been doing over the last week, and they were determined to stop me

from clearing this portal at Pilot Knob. Archangel Michael's plan had

worked to perfection, but I could not be told ahead of time or it would

have given everything away. So I told them that it was OK since it had

such a positive result and had all worked out for the Highest Good for

the Earth and all Beings.


Jack: As I am writing this, Freckles announced through barking and

intuiting, that another large contingency of Warrior Angels and other

Light workers who had just arrived wanted to congratulate me on the part

I had played in this latest major confrontation which indeed had

forestalled any additional major similar event, and that Roger and I had

"single-handedly" wiped out all the remaining resistance to the spread

of Unconditional Love from All that Is, and it is spreading like wild

fire across the entire galaxy and beyond, as a wave of Heavenly Love is

carrying it to the far reaches of the Universe, gaining momentum as it

expands. There is now a celebration going on in Heaven over this

remarkable change. It is unheard of in the history of God's Creation

that just a few light workers have totally reversed the downward trend

of the earth into decadence and ruin in such a short time. Previously

it had taken centuries to even approach such a drastic about face.


Right after the battle the sun came out, and Roger had talked to Elora

telling her of the day's events. She had talked to Shakura who had done

some clearing work on the nearby portal. Elora had received the message

that Roger needed to do some more cleansing work on the portal. So he

and I went up to the top of the nest of house-sized rocks which is the

location of what turned out to be a major portal. Roger release a huge

Dark Entity and a good number of negative energy "pockets". He honored

this Entity for the role that it had played in the Divine Plan, and told

it that it was time for it to leave. It was time for the Earth to be

released from the bondage of these Dark Energies, so that she may Ascend

to her rightful place. We plan to return tomorrow to complete the job,

by anchoring in Unconditional Love and the perfectly Balanced energies

of Light and Dark, Male and Female. This will create the space for

Love and Joy, Peace and Harmony, and Thrival for All Beings of this

planet, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe.


5/26/98 I received a message from a "Free Spirit" entity who is a close

friend and advisor of a friend of mine, and who visits me occasionally.

She said as she had once before that the major battle of Armageddon had

not yet been fought


So I mentally sent out a message to all the negative forces who had not

accepted the gift of Unconditional Love that I was ready to give this

Power to all of them if they were ready to accept it. They said that

they were , and I got the impression that they had been seeing what was

going on with the other negative forces and they didn't want to engage

in any more battles if the outcome went the way the other three battles

had gone. So I asked them to repeat after me "To All that Is, I wish to

receive your gift of the power of Unconditional Love."


After this event, I have been getting periodic mild headaches and a

feeling of weight, the familiar symptoms of a negative entity attack.

When I tuned in on the feeling, I sensed a great number of negative

entities ready to also receive the gift of Unconditional Love. This was

the only way they knew how to attract my attention. So I go through the

same routine, get some headache relief for a short period, then here

comes the headache again. I will try to explain to the next group that

anyone who has received this power can give it to anyone else by asking

them to repeat this same phrase. This is the method used to "convert"

the greatest number of entities. Hopefully they will get the message.


A while ago I had another visit from the "Free Spirit" who said that she

was now convinced that there would be no major battle of Armageddon.

There was no need since there were no more militant negative entities to

start it.


5/26/97 Roger: When we woke up this morning, it was raining pretty

hard. This was the day that I was going to finish the work on the

portal. Today is Caban on the Mayan Calendar, representing Earth

energy. It was also a double power day, and 'Teyolia' or 'Heart of the

Mountain' day. So the energy was perfect for the portal clearing and

Earth healing work that I planned to do. By noon, it had stopped

raining and the sun came out. About 2:00 pm we walked up to the rock

outcropping at the top of hill to perform the Ceremony. I asked

permission from the portal Guardians to enter this sacred space to

perform this clearing and healing ceremony. When doing this kind of

work, I always perform a Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremony, in the

Lakota tradition. I laid out my crystals to form a Medicine Wheel and

then called in all the appropriate Energies, Spirits and Beings to

assist in this Ceremony for the Earth and this portal. Last fall I had

learned an ancient language called WU. This language consists of many

different words that each has its own level of consciousness. So I

called upon the consciousness of these words and had them work through

me to integrate themselves into the portal. These words have various

functions. One clears the chaos from probable futures, some are used

for protection, one represents Thrival, one Balance, one Heart energy.

There are also several words that represent Angelic energies. Several

represent male and female aspects of certain energies. With this

language you open a 'window of intent'. So within this window I placed

the intent of releasing all negativity from this portal and anchoring in

Unconditional Love, and perfectly Balanced Light and Dark, and Male and

Female energies. I also put in the intent of Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony

and Thrival for all Beings of the Earth, this Solar System, this Galaxy,

all local Galaxies and the entire Universe. Then I called on the WU

words to come forward to anchor in their energies. As the

consciousness of these words anchored themselves into the large quartz

crystal within the portal, a lot of negative energy was released. I

asked that it be sent up through the Blue Crystal Portal to be

transmuted to Love. Finally as I was nearly finished, I sensed a large

Dark Entity deep in the portal. I spoke to it, honored it for playing

its role in helping the Earth descend into the 3rd Dimension. I asked

all Beings and God/Goddess and Great Spirit/Divine Oneness to sent it

Love and Forgiveness. I asked it to forgive all of us for projecting

all of our fears, anger and hatred onto it and placing the blame for all

'evil' things onto it. I told it that it the time was at hand for it to

give up its role, that the Earth was ready to release these Dark

energies and to begin her Ascension back to the Higher Realms. So it

finally left, and I felt a huge release of negative energy.


Next I called upon the Archangels and our Council of Six to each

form a 'Star' Tetrahedron around this portal. One end of the 'Star' was

anchored into the Christ Consciousness Grid and the other into the Core

of the Earth. We filled these 'Stars' with Unconditional Love and

perfectly Balanced Light and Dark, and Male and Female energies. We

allowed these energies to build up and then released it in a blinding

flash of Light. I sensed that it filled the Earth and traveled out

across the Cosmos. Later I asked Jack if he had felt anything, and he

said he got pretty dizzy and nearly fell off the rock he was sitting

on. Then I closed the Ceremony by expressing my Love and Gratitude to

all Beings and Spirits who had participated. When we were finished the

energy was quite calm and peaceful.


About 20 minutes after we got back to the house, it started raining

again. So we had been given a window to do the work. I was reminded

that my healer had told me that any time that water is released from

the body that it represents the release of grief. So it was like the

Mother Earth was releasing some of the grief that she had been holding



Things were pretty peaceful and quiet for some time. I am sure that

Freckles enjoyed the break from all the ET visitors. Then later at

night Freckles barked and came over to where I was sitting and looked

right at me, telling me I had some visitors. There was a whole

contingent of ET's here, led by the Pleiadians. They thanked me for the

work that I had done, and asked permission to go up to the portal to

bask in the energy there, and to visit the 'war memorial' here. They

wanted to honor their dead as well. I soon realized that it was all the

ones who had taken part in the battle yesterday. I told them they were

more than welcome to go up to the portal, and to visit the shrine. I

also thanked and honored them for having the courage to take part in

this important battle, and for being willing to sacrifice themselves for

the Greater Good of all Beings. There was a steady stream of Beings

filing past me. They would nod to me, and I would acknowledge them.

The Capellans were here, the Cassiopians, the Draco and the Rigellans

and many others. It had definitely been a United effort. I could see

some of them being carried in on stretchers, and then realized that many

had died in this battle. I sensed the Spirits of those who had died

were here and I asked that the Blue Crystal Portal be opened to allow

them to go through into the 'Light' of Love. I sensed that many went

through, even some of the Dark Reptilian Beings.


A bit later, Freckles announced some more visitors and Jack said that

they were huge Beings, at least 7 feet tall. It was several of the

Draco Supreme Commanders, they came to honor both of us and thank us

for our work. They came up to me and laid their Black Daggers at my

feet, and said that they would like them to placed at the war monument.

I told them to go right ahead, but they said that no, they wanted me to

do it. Then I had the thought that maybe it was time for me to lay my

own Light Sword and Dagger down one more time, this time for the last

time. So I walked outside to where the monument of weapons from that

earlier battle is and laid these Draco Daggers down in a circle around

the base of the monument. I asked Morenae of the Andromedans and Jack's

Angel, Big John, to also lay one of their Light Swords across each of

the Black Daggers, to symbolize the Light and the Dark working together

in Unity for Peace for all Beings. They did. Then I laid my own Light

Sword and Black Dagger in a cross at the North end of the monument.

Then I asked that a holographic image of this monument be made and

placed at the shrine in the Neutral Zone that had been created last

November, where the Galactic Peace Conference has been taking place.




5/27/98 Jack: Around noon today Roger started being attacked big time.

He later said that they were a continuation of the attacks he had been

receiving periodically by some Beings from the dark universe. They

apparently thought he was the controller of the Kennedy Mountain

Portal. I tuned in and removed several entities, which I was told were

not capable of being brought into the light and would have to be

eliminated. So I placed them one at a time into a chute which at the

far end they would be turned into pure energy. Three I was able to

reason with and gave them the gift of the power of Unconditional Love.

A bit later these Beings came by to apologize to Roger for attacking

him. He accepted their apology and forgave them.


Roger said that he understood that a battle had been going on, in which

the Dark Universe Forces had launched a surprise counter-attack. One of

his Draco Selves later confirmed that a battle had been going on and it

was more or less a stand-off. The Pleiadians, Draco and Capellens had

been involved in the fight and had to fall back to some degree. His

guide Pi told him that there had been some heavy casualties, and that

they weren't really sure what was going to happen next, indicating that

war was not over and the outcome was still up in the air.


So I asked and received permission to address the Negative Forces, after

getting a confirmation that the three of their number who had earlier

received the Unconditional Love would confirm the great benefits of this

gift. So I addressed the group, describing the great defeat of the

Reptilians in their losing 50,000 warriors to the Warrior Angels during

the two battles earlier this month, and the third having taken place

yesterday without the help of these Angels. I then told them that they

would meet with sure defeat if they attacked again because this time the

Warrior Angels numbering over 1 million were prepared to defend this

territory as they had before and they were invincible since they

represented the awesome power of All that Is. On the other hand, these

Negative Forces could accept the free gift from All that Is of

Unconditional Love, which was the ultimate power source behind all other

powers. And having once received it, they would know that there was

nothing more precious and nothing else was worth fighting for. Then the

three "converted" dark entities spoke up and said that they had received

what they considered a priceless jewel and confirmed what I had just

said. So I repeated the phrase "To All that Is, I wish to received your

gift of the power of Unconditional Love." It apparently worked. I

could visualize the power spreading throughout their ranks since they

apparently have a group or "hive" consciousness and a change in a few

can effect the entire race.


We never know how these "conversion" sessions are going to turn out.

But tonight as Roger and I were discussing the "ifyness" of the

situation, Freckles barked softly indicating a familiar visitor, and I

could sense Sir Henry the Deva who had done so much work with Roger

bringing lost souls into the light. He said that there were not going

to be any more major battles. He was only here for a couple of minutes,

and then was gone.


A little later Freckles indicated that there would be an enormous group

of Pleiadians here tomorrow. A little later he indicated that I should

go outside by barking and walking to the door, where a large group of

Pleiadians were present. Their representative said that they had been

prepared to do battle again tomorrow, but the Dark Forces had suddenly

lost their will to fight and so there would be no major conflict. There

was a hint of awe and astonishment in her communication, as to how this

had happened. So the transformation had apparently worked. She said

that the skirmish which had transpired this morning ended with the Dark

Forces advancing, not realizing that the opposing forces had retreated

in order to give them a false sense of victory. She had been assured

that the large group of Warrior Angels who had engaged the Reptilians in

the first two battles would be on hand to take the lead in repelling the

attack by the Dark Forces which they had set up by this ruse.


As the evening progressed, Freckles started barking very excitedly. He

walked over to Roger, but his ears were buzzing and was unable to hear

clearly, so then he walked over to me. I tuned in and sensed a

contingent of the Dark Forces stating that they were going back to their

universe and taking the Unconditional Love power with them. How nice!


As I understand the situation, this contingent of the Dark Forces from

another universe had not been anticipated when it was announced that

there was an end to the hostilities. But my being able to convince them

that a large attack was futile forestalled any further battles.

Perhaps those "in the know" had anticipated this transformation. Roger

had indicated earlier that a leader of the dark forces in this universe

had called in these from a parallel negative universe a few months ago

in order to help him to not go down in defeat. But they stayed on,

wanting a piece of the action, so they had to be dealt with.


5/28/98 The "large group" of Pleiadians who were supposed to have

arrived today are here, and I am receiving the message that they are

working on a living floral garden in our honor located around the

existing monument erected by the Reptilians. It will be a year round

living tribute to our undying faith in the Unconditional Love of All

that Is, which has been exhibited in our work here and elsewhere.


I get the feeling that the small group of intuitives working over the

last few months on different negativity issues are "implants" sent to

earth and recently activated to each "do our thing" in cooperation with

the others, in order to release Gaia to raise to higher densities, which

is her destiny. What do you-all think? (My southern accent sometimes

through my writing) Have any of you sensed any lightening and

brightening in your world within the last few days?


Is the final Battle of Armageddon no longer required? Wouldn't it be

great if this great conflict had been scheduled, but nobody showed up!


Roger and Jack


Jack O'Brien jobrien@yournet.com





Birth of the 5D Earth


Tue, 02 Jun 1998 00:30:03 -0400


Mind Magic <ozone@mail.redrose.net>







Birth of the 5D Earth


Hi Everyone,


This is Roger. Sunday morning, 5/31, when I woke up I received a

message from my Guides that I needed to stay indoors today. So I knew

that something major was about to happen, I just didn't know what it

was. The wind was blowing extremely strong last night and this morning,

and I had the thought that perhaps the Earth changes were beginning.

About noon (CDT) I could feel a build up of energy, and when I tuned

into it, the image of the Great Pyramid came to mind. Then I received

the message from my Guides to open the Pyramid Stargate.


Back in December, Elora Gabriel, John Armitage and myself had done

some clearing and realignment of the Great Pyramid Stargate frequencies

that had essentially placed a filter on who could pass through it. Only

those aligned with Unconditional Love and perfectly Balanced Light and

Dark, and Male and Female energies would be allowed to pass through. In

that earlier session, Elora and I had seen what we called a 'Gateway

Star' being formed on the Other Side of the Stargate. Many of the

Reptilian races have come to realize that they would no longer be able

to access this Stargate, but they all know the importance of it. This

is the 'Gateway to the Future'. Many of these Beings think that I have

the key, the power, to changing the Stargate, and they want it. I keep

trying to teach them that the 'key' is to transform themselves, to honor

and respect all life forms, and to live out of Unconditional Love in

Peace and Harmony with All Beings. They did not know how to do that,

but they are learning and growing in their awareness. Many of them are

truly beginning to transform themselves. As an example of this, in a

recent Higher Dimensional battle that took place last week, the

Draconians sided with the Taygettan Pleiadians and Andromedans to turn

the tide against some Reptilian Beings from a parallel Dark Universe,

who had intentions of taking over the Earth for their own purposes. The

result of this joining of forces was a major victory for the Earth and

all Beings of this Galaxy. It sent a signal that reverberated across

the Cosmos, of the power of integrating the Light and Dark forces for

the good of all.


So, back to Sunday's events concerning the Stargate. I called in

Elora's and John's Higher Selves and the three of us connected our

energies, and we tuned into the Portal Crystal in the Great Pyramid. I

asked for and received permission from the Portal Guardians to access

this portal. I called in my 'past' Self who had been a portal operator

there and asked Elora and John to do the same. Together they activated

the Crystal. First there was some Dark energy and Dark Entities that

had to be released. I sensed that some of these Entities were being

pulled in from other portals. I have spent the last two weeks doing

some clearing and re-energizing work on several major portals here in

the southeastern and south central USA. I had released many Dark

Entities from these portals, so it wasn't surprising to see that more of

them were being released from some of the other portals.


Then the three of us held the thoughts of Unconditional Love and

perfectly Balanced Energies in our consciousness, and I asked

God/Goddess that the Stargate be opened. It opened and I could see

that the portal was still aligned with the 'Gateway Star' that Elora and

I had seen last December. I had the realization that what was about to

happen was that the Mother Earth, or at least her Consciousness, was

going to move through this Stargate Portal to re-create herself on the

other side of the Stargate. She was splitting and her 3D Self would

remain on this side of the Stargate, and her 5D Self would soon

materialize on the 'future' side of the Stargate. I get the sense that

it is her 4D Self or Consciousness that was moving through the portal to

create this new higher level 5D 'physical' reality for herself.


In my recent clearings of some of the portals, I noticed that there

were many Native American Spirits who had been Guardians of the Portals

and had been holding the energy there. Once the portals were cleared

and re-energized, these Spirits chose to leave the Earth and went

through what I call the Blue Crystal Portal to the Higher Realms.

Today, I saw that many of these Spirits were waiting on the other side

of this Stargate. They were holding the energy and the space for the

'New Earth' to move into. I also sensed the presence of many other

Beings: all the Archangels, Sananda, Mother Mary, Ashtar, Ethena, the

Anasazi Elders, Asket from the DAL Universe, the Taygettan Pleiadians,

the Andromedans and many others. I could now see the Mother Earth as a

beautiful woman, wearing a white dress, like a wedding gown. She was

preparing herself to 'walk down the aisle' to this Stargate Portal and

on to the Other Side. She was preparing to create a new life for

herself, a life of Love and Joy, Peace and Harmony, and Thrival for all

Beings who chose to go with her.


As I laid on the floor, the energy flowing through me was absolutely

incredible. It's like all the energy flowing through the portal was

passing through me. This went on for about an hour, and I was feeling

pretty exhausted and drifted off to sleep. So I did not sense

everything that took place. I woke up about 2 hours later and the

energy was still flowing strong. I told my Guides that I was feeling

pretty weak and had to get up and eat something. So I did, but I could

still feel the energy flowing for some time before it finally let up. I

related all that I had experienced to Jack O'Brien, with whom I have

been visiting and doing some work helping with the transformation of

many different Reptilians. He told me that he had gotten the message

that the reason that we had to remain inside was that the Sun was going

through some intense changes as well, emitting large doses of

radiation. Then it occurred to me, of course, the Sun was making the

transition to the Other Side of the Stargate as well. A parallel Solar

System was being born. Then I had the thought that the 'Gateway Star'

that Elora and I had seen earlier was like an etheric template for the

Sun to move into to create this 5th Dimensional Solar System.


So it would appear that the long awaited move into the 5th Dimension

is near at hand. The Consciousness of the Earth has now made her

transition into that Dimension on the Other Side of the Stargate. I get

the message that she has begun creating her 5D body and is preparing a

place there for us to join her soon. Your ticket is merely to hold

Unconditional Love in your heart, and Balanced Light and Dark energies

in your Consciousness and the Core of your Being.


Later, I was reflecting on the day's events and had been wondering why

I had been chosen to do this work. Then I realized that anyone of

countless Lightworkers could have done it, but I had been given the

honor by God/Goddess and the Divine Oneness to play this particular

role. I had also been given certain 'gifts' to enable me to do this

work. So I expressed my Love and deepest gratitude for this gift and

for having had the honor to play this role in assisting our Mother Earth

to make her transition. I also realized that this had only been made

possible because of all the work of every Lightworker around the world.

By holding this thought in your Consciousness and this Love in your

hearts, every one of you has played a role in creating this new

reality. So thank you to all of you, and congratulations on a job well



Love and Peace,

Roger Kerr














The Problem with the Verdant (reptoid race)


Tue, 02 Jun 1998 21:07:29 -0400


Mind Magic <ozone@mail.redrose.net>







The following is from Jack O'Brien, who works with the Devas and Roger.






5/31/98 Yesterday I received a book titled "The Contact Has Begun",

concerning a journalist who in June, 1997 was beamed up to a Starship on

the back side of the moon, and in a three day period introduced to the

plan of the Verdant race of aliens to peacefully introduce the entire

world to the presence of ET's,. and to help us become peaceful

interstellar travelers. It was his job to write this book about their


The book starts with his witnessing about a hundred humans being

examined to discover every facet of their bodies, how they were

constructed and how they functioned.


I had never heard of this race, but according to the book, they are the

most numerous beings in the universe. They live to 20,000 years, and

their main interest is in discovering new things, races, planets, etc.

They said that they had located God and "heaven" in their exploring of

the universe, and that it was the largest structure in the universe.

Their head holy man had visited "heaven", whose access was through 12

"gates of pearl", reminding me of the Pearly Gates description of the

Christian version of Heaven. When I read this, I thought to myself,

"God is not localized. Being All that Is, he is behind "everywhere" and

yet is nowhere. What they had discovered must be their own mental

construct (thought form) of god and heaven".


After finishing the book and thinking about what it said, I became aware

of a representative from this race who said that they wanted me to visit

their star ship and get indoctrinated into their plan of revealing

themselves to the world. By the way, this plan includes an overnight

creation of a large city surrounded by green grass in the desert

southwest, where the world government will be located in which each

sovereign nation would become a sovereign state, sending representatives

to this central governing body.


So, to make a long story short, I finally agreed. I was told that the

extra power I had been given had been temporarily removed in order to

allow my leaving the earth. So 10:00 AM this morning was the "Beam me

up, Scotty" time.


But after this agreement, the Pleiadians came by and said they wanted

to talk to me after I went to bed. About three weeks ago their

representative came to me and asked what they could do to even partially

repay what I had done for them in turning their adversaries, the

Reptilians into allies by having them accept the power of Unconditional

Love from All that Is (God), which is another story already told

elsewhere. I told them that a ride in one of their UFOs would be just

fine, and a tentative date had been set for this trip. When I retired I

was met with a representative of the Pleiadian race who said that they

wanted me to go with them before the Verdant adventure and they would be

picking me up some time during the night. This seemed like a sudden

reversal of plans since the planned date of their trip was still over a

week away. I began to have second thoughts about the whole affair. But

finally I told them that I was bringing in All that Is into the

agreement and anything He and they would come up with would be OK with

me. This gave me peace of mind, and I went off to sleep.


However my house guest Roger, the experienced opener of many earth

energy portals, was informed by the Andromedans, whose ship Roger had

spotted hiding in a small cloud earlier, told him that if the Verdant

tried to beam him aboard their ship, they would blast it out of the sky

and they were aware of this. In other words the Andromedans knew that

the Verdant were up to no good in so far as Roger was concerned.


I slept through the night without any Pleiadians inviting me to go with

them. They apparently knew that All that Is would not allow the Verdant

aliens to kill me. So they had abandoned their emergency plan to get

hold of me first.


When the time came for my being "beamed aboard" the Verdant ship as was

described in the book, there was a delay of about a half hour. Then the

word came that the trip had been called off at the last minute by the

intervention of God (All that Is) Then I was told that, contrary to

all they had said in the book about not harming anyone, and contrary to

anything they had done in the past, they had decided to dissect my brain

in order to find out where my awareness of "All that Is" was located.

In other words they were going to kill my body. A short while later the

Verdant star ship captain appeared before me, introduced as always by

my dog Freckles barking, and apologized for what they had planned to

do. I accepted her apology.


I explained to her that this awareness was a gift which I could bestow

on her if she was willing to receive it. Then a long conversation

followed in which she said despite their million-year history of their

being what they considered to be the most intelligent race in the

universe, they had no concept of a personal relationship to God, or of

His essence being Unconditional Love, or of reincarnation. So after some

persuasion, I invited her to repeat after me the familiar phrase "To All

that Is, I wish to receive your gift of the power of Unconditional

Love." An oval ball of energy appeared, covered with small yellow

flames, a duplicate of the ball that appeared to the Reptilian leader in

early May when he received this gift. It remained in front of her while

she contemplated whether or not to accept it. Finally she did, and she

lit up just as the Reptilian leader had.


It took a while to seep into every part of her being, but finally she

said that she had received it and it was a great gift and she would

share this gift with all those on her Star Ship. A short while later I

was informed that this gift had been transmitted back to their home

planet, and it was being sent to all the other planets which they had

any connections with, both their own race and all others with which they

had made contact.


This is a real breakthrough, since they say that they are the most

populous race in the Universe, and they maintain close relationships

with countless other races and planets. So the spread of Unconditional

Love is continuing.


It is interesting about the "coincidences" which happened to bring this

about. First of all, Roger mentioned to his friend Elora about the

"Contact Has Begun" book about the Verdant race which he said I would

probably be interested in. A while before, he had asked if I had ever

done any astral traveling. I mentioned a couple of short episodes

which I could recall. Then I remembered the time a couple of years ago

before I had started dealing with ETs in which I had "drifted off" for

about a half hour while meditating. When I became self-aware again, I

was looking down at my body asleep in my favorite chair, and trying to

recall the circumstances surrounding this life which was now totally

foreign to me after my having been disconnected from it for what seemed

a period of at least 50 years. I had to force myself back into my body

in order to reconnect. It was strange to be back in a life in which I

had to be at a certain place at a certain time, instead of being free of

any time constraints. The more I thought about this event, the more it

seemed that the Verdant race must have been in charge of this 50- year

period in which I must have been schooled under their direction. But

now I was a different person, possessing an awareness which they did not

have, and so being interested in new discoveries, they wanted to find

where this awareness was located in my brain. They had no concept of

there being any other location in which it could reside.



After the aborted adventure, Roger said that he had some misgivings

about my going on this trip, since he knew the Verdant race was

reptilian, and they had a reputation of taking what they wanted

regardless of how it was done. Upon looking back, I could see that

their plan to bring peace on earth and introduce interplanetary travel

was actually a benevolent form of peaceful conquering. We would be

given no alternative but to follow their plan which had been used

thousands of times before and never failed. But a new wrinkle was it

would include isolating the approximately 20% of the population who

could not live in peace with their neighbor without stringent laws to

govern them, allowing the remaining 80% to participate in the world

government they had in mind, with minimum regulation. In the meantime

the 20% would not be able to reproduce and would gradually die out.

(They would have to be isolated in a state-sized confinement area where

mob rule would quickly thin out the population.)


The problem here is that all other races they had ever encountered they

found could be completely analyzed by investigating one member. All

other members would be found to be the same. But they had found that

humans had a wide variation in self-regulating behavior. The Verdants

believe that isolating the bad guys would eliminate any more cropping up

in the remaining 80% of the population. WRONG. Baddies will show up in

this 80%, and goodies would show up in the other 20% if allowed to

reproduce. So their plan will falter and ultimately fail on earth as

they try to weed out the 'baddies" who start showing up in the 80%

"goody" portion of the population. Free will is the basic rule here on

earth. This prevents predicting who will be law abiding and who will

always be "incorrigible``. It also points out the fact that behavior is

a function of the Spirit inhabiting the body, and is not totally based

on the genetics of the body. Genetics only produce propensities or

tendencies as a starting point, not an end result.


I believe that the Verdant are in the process of rethinking a good bit

of their benevolent conquering plan for Earth. Perhaps Phillip Krapf,

author of "The Contact Has Begun" will have to revise his book to

include these revisions. And even then, since these revisions have

never been tried before, there is no assurance that they will work.

There is one asset we now have when the Verdant representatives are

dealing with us. They are now being filled with Unconditional Love

directly from All that Is. With this as their new basis for planning, I

feel confident that things will work out for the highest good for all

concerned. There will be no more taking without regard for the

"takee". They are working under a whole new set of rules and the human

race can only benefit from this.


They are learning that unpredictability is the very nature of the Divine

law of Free Will under which we humans operate. This tends to make life

more interesting, doesn't it?


6/1/98 Speaking of our interesting life, I have been contacted by the

Verdant representatives about a half dozen times with their asking my

advice about how to proceed in view of the new circumstances they are

trying to deal with here on earth. Finally a few minutes ago I was told

that they had abandoned their planned introduction of themselves to the

earth. They said that in another couple of years they may revisit the

earth and reevaluate the new paradigm. But for now, they plan to call

in all their ambassadors and other contactees and advise them that they

are free of their commitment to help introduce the world to Aliens, and

they can do whatever they wish with the information that they have been

given. It was interesting that they started using the word "take over"

when referring to their benevolent contact plans. I'm not sure that

their helping the earth to become intergalactic travelers along with the

tremendous advance in technology that this entails would be a bad

thing. But the method they planned to use was flawed. I also picked up

the fact that they had actually killed many of some races on which they

had enforced their "benevolent takeover". So as Roger says, Reptilians

at heart are not benevolent. They always have a selfish agenda,

although it may be hidden.


As a final bit to this series of events, the Pleiadians have arrived and

expressed great joy and relief in the Verdant aliens packing up and

leaving. Then Freckles announced loudly a new strange group of

reptilians who Roger says expressed fear and confusion at the departure

of the Verdants. Roger sensed that these Beings were from Sirius B. So

I contacted their leader who said that they numbered about 25 but the

represented a much larger group. With little resistance they received

the gift of Unconditional Love. Then I suggested that they send one of

their number through the Stargate Portal and back again. Up to now it

was not allowing them through because it had been designed by Roger and

his crew to pass only those filled with Unconditional Love and an equal

balance between light and dark energies, and they had felt trapped. So

they sent one of their group to test the portal, and within about a half

minute, I could detect wild elation at his return. It worked. He was

not denied entrance into the portal.


Freckles behaved quite strangely during this episode. He started

barking loudly to introduce them. As they received the Unconditional

Love, he calmed down, and then jumped into my lap and started licking my

face. He had detected the changeover from negative to positive, and

wanted to express his appreciation, apparently. A short time later some

of the Grays showed up saying that they too wanted help, and Roger is

dealing with them. So this adventure may go on and on. But for now I

will end this communication.


Jack O'B

















Jack O'Brien wrote:


> Folks, for what it's worth, I had a visit this morning from Mother

> Earth. She said that she wanted to straighten out our understanding of

> her changes. First of all, she will continue to live in this earth as

> it changes from 3d to 4d, overnight. She said we would go to sleep one

> night this fall, and wake up in the 4d earth. She also said that her

> child will inhabit the 5d earth being formed the other side of the

> stargate.


> When it is finished, I assume at the same time after we go to 4d, anyone

> who wishes can ascend into the 5d earth. It is not mandatory. We can

> do it any time we wish (and can be comfortable with the new higher

> vibration). Or we can remain on 4d earth as long as we want.


> It is my understanding that we can take our present physical body with

> us, which will be acelerated to the higher vibration as we transit the

> Stargate vortex. Or we can shed it and take on a new one designed

> specifically for this new earth. But we won't be able to do both.


> Also those who are not ready for the 4d vibration will be transported in

> mass to another planet designed especially for them, where they can

> ascend more gradually. I don't know exactly how all this works, but

> this is the information I am getting now after Gaia has left.


I just received the information that nobody will be coaxed to go

into the 4th or the 5th density. It is all voluntary. If we think that

we are ready and feel uncomfortable, we can return to the 3d and work

out the attitudes and focus needed to succeed the next try. Or we can

just stay put. I also am getting that the 5d earth will be identical in

every detail to the 3d (At the Time of Creation). Virtually no upgrades

will be made after that point.


> I always like to receive confirmation on these insights in order to

> satisfy myself that I am getting it right. So see how it resonates with

> you.


> Jack O'B




further info on Earth Changes


Sun, 07 Jun 1998 21:36:56 -0400


Mind Magic <ozone@mail.redrose.net>







Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 19:31:18 -0500

From: "Jack O'Brien" <jobrien@yournet.com>

Subject: further info on Earth Changes


Folks, a group of entities just visited, identifying themselves as

members of a higher realm who are going to assist Mother Earth in her

changes prior to the final frequency shift to 4D. They said that they

will be doing the actual work of changing land masses and water masses

well ahead of the final frequency shift. They said they will start in

late August, and will be finished by the October date of the frequency

shift (exact date intentionally not specified). They said this would

include a magnetic pole shift and a slight shift in the earth's axis to

make winters and summers in the mid latitudes less extreme. They said

that they would give periodic updates as the work continues.


Finally they said that those not ready to accelerate to the 4d

invironment will have been evacuated from the earth before the October

frequency shift, since it would be too hard on them to suddenly be

surrounded by a whole new paradigm and their not knowing what was going

on before they were moved back to the 3d environment.


Reading between the lines, I believe that the large land masses

scheduled for flooding will probably contain the greater number of

non-shifting 3d's and these will no doubt be removed before inundations

start. This would allow the ns 3d's to continue living their normal

lives with the least disruption instead of snuffing out their physical

bodies by drowning and having to reincarnate them back into the 3d

world. After all, this would not be a loving act of All that Is, and

they should not be penalized for remaining in the 3d environment just

because they are slow learners.


The remaining 4d folk would find plenty of room in the mid latitudes,

especially with Atlantis rising from the sea, plus Lemuria (according to

other channelers) allowing the extreme northern and southern areas to

remain cold and perhaps snowbound most of the time, making living there

impractical as it is now. But I have the feeling that the polar summers

would periodically be sufficiently long and warm to melt the accumulated

snow fall, so that it would not continue building up. At least that is

the way I would do it if I were in charge. I'm sure I, or some other

sensitive will get more information on the details as time goes along.


Finally, I am getting the plan for the new 3d earth. It is being

designed to correspond exactly to what the new 3d inhabitants will have

left behind on the old 3d earth. So not to worry, they will have the

same pets, balky mowers and jobs or farms, the same banks and even

possibly the same tellers. No doubt a Walmart store will be close, or

whatever the equivalent is in other countries. It will be as near a

duplicate of 3d earth, as the new 5d earth will be to the 3d earth,

but both will be less populated. After all, we co-create our worlds, so

how else could it be?


Let's hear from other sensitives about how this resonates with you.


Jack O'Brian

Turning Point for Earth
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 02:15:08 -0700
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Hi Everyone,

Over the last several days, some major events have transpired on the
Higher Planes which culminated on Sunday, October 25 with a major shift in
the Earth's timeline. Jack O'Brien and myself worked together and were
Guided through some important steps that lead up to the events of Sunday.
On October 21st I had done a meditation where I asked for Guidance to know
my Soul's desires for the next phase of my Path. A short while later I
found myself being prepared for another major interdimensional battle with
the Beings from what I call the Dark Universe. This is a parallel Universe
where the Reptilian Beings and others of the 'Dark' Consciousness reign
supreme. Last September I had gotten the message that I had completed my
Mission here, so it seems that was a bit premature.

Over the last couple of weeks many Beings from the Dark Universe had been
coming to me to be escorted to another Star System with one or more planets
somewhere in our Galaxy that has been especially prepared for these and
other Reptilian Beings. I do not know where it is located, but it is a
place where they will be able to evolve their own Consciousness and learn
to live in Peace and Harmony. I have been working with a Being known as
the 'Galaxy Being' who is a very high level Being that basically contains
the Collective Consciousness of the entire Milky Way Galaxy. I ask the
Galaxy Being to send them the gift of Unconditional Love and the Spark of
Divine Awareness, then transport them to their new home.

So the next morning, the 22nd, the battle began. I had been given my
Light Sword back and used it to reflect all their negative energies back at
them. I allowed the energy of Source to come through me and asked that the
Divine Will be done. As a consequence many of these Beings were destroyed.
After the first battle, the hostile Dark Beings came to tell me that if I
didn't stop helping these other Beings they would launch an all out attack
against me. So I was advised by my associates to stop this 'service', at
least temporarily .

Later that day Jack relayed a message to me, giving me some important
information concerning the events that were developing. It turns out that
both Jack and I have Higher Aspects who are members of a Galactic High
Council of 12, which was where the message he received had come from. The
most important part of the message was that there was a problem with some
'water pipes', and it had something to do with me. I realized that 'water'
was symbolic of Consciousness, and 'pipes' were conduits. So I interpreted
this to mean 'conduits' to a particular Earth Portal, the name of which
Jack had also mentioned. I have particularly strong connections to this
Portal and there is a portal in my home that is connected to it. I asked
Jack to confirm this, and he did. So I knew that something had to be done
concerning this Portal, and I suspected that the Dark Beings had somehow
tapped into it.

The next day I received an email that contained a recent message from
Alex Collier. In that message the Andromedans had said that the Anunnaki,
one of the Reptilian races, were on their way to Earth in their ship
'Niburu' to restake their claim to the Earth. Since I have some rather
high level connections to the Anunnaki, I made mental contact with the
Commander of their ship and asked him if he knew who I was. He said he
did, so I talked with him and tried to convince him to turn their ship
around. He said they would take my message under advisement. I had the
sense that it was very important that the Anunnaki be turned back, and
mentioned this to Jack.

On Saturday the 24th, I had been feeling lots of negative energy all day,
and that night felt the presence of the hostile Dark Beings again. So I
sat in my portal and connected to the Great Pyramid and then to the Blue
Crystal Portal in the Andromeda Galaxy, which is a connecting point to
Source for me. I connected to Source and asked that these Beings be
cleared out, and that the Divine Will be done. They were removed and my
thoughts shifted to the 'conduit' between the Wormhole to the Dark Universe
and the one here which exists within our Sun, and happens to be called
'Deep Space Nine'. This 'conduit' had been formed in a ceremony performed
on the Solstice last June. I realized that this was one of the 'conduits'
that Jack's message was referring to. So I spiraled the Divine Energy into
this 'conduit' to clear it out. Then I was directed to send this Energy
into the Wormhole itself. So I asked permission from the Wormhole
Guardians and sensed this Divine Energy filling the Wormhole. Next I
spiraled the Divine Energy into the particular Earth Portal that I had
connections to and cleared it and all of its 'conduits' as well.

Then just before going to sleep I focused on the Core of my Being and
breathed in the Divine Energy several times. All night as I was sleeping I
had the sense of Light and Energy flowing all around me and through me.
But yet when I woke up on Sunday morning, the 25th, my ears were ringing
very loudly, which is always a sign to me that there are Dark Beings
present, and I sensed it was the Anunnaki. So I did a short clearing
meditation and asked to be taken to the Great Pyramid again and made my
connection to Source. Then, since the Anunnaki were already connected to
me, I merely focused on their ship, 'Niburu'. I asked that the Divine Will
be done, and just allowed the Divine Energy to flow through me into their
ship. I sensed that their computers and navigational equipment were
malfunctioning. Then all of a sudden the ship just disappeared, it was
gone. I sensed that it may have gone into some kind of time warp. I
called on the Andromedans and asked if they could confirm this. They told
me the ship had indeed vanished, but did not know why.

Then when I got up and checked my email, there was a message from Jack
telling me he had contacted the Anunnaki ship and had used his own power
and Divine connections to stop the ship. He had sensed 'a lot of things
coming loose inside the ship'. He said he asked All That Is to send them
the gift of Unconditional Love, and that they had received it. Then he
sensed that the ship was leaving. When he got my message he tuned in and
realized that indeed they had gone into some kind of time warp. Apparently
with both of us working on them at nearly the same time, it was sort of a
double whammy. The amazing thing is that neither of us knew that the other
one was doing anything. So he asked All That Is if he could, and should
bring them back to this reality. He got a yes and was able to bring them
out of the time warp. He said that they were pretty shook up, but were
insistent on continuing on to Earth. He said he got the message that they
would no longer be allowed to come to Earth for any reason. So he told
them they had to turn around. When they refused, he used his powers to
begin heating up their ship. When they realized what he was doing they
panicked and agreed to reverse course. The drive on their ship had been
damaged, so the Galaxy Being was called in to escort them to their new home
with the other Reptilian Beings.

Meanwhile, right after I had seen the Anunnaki ship disappear, I was told
to connect to the Dark Universe Wormhole. I did and sensed a huge wave of
Divine Energy entering the Dark Universe. Then I sensed I was to do one
more thing. So I just allowed the Energy to come through and asked that
the Divine Will be done again. I sensed a beam of energy going down into
the Earth. I wasn't sure what the significance of this was, but last
December when Elora and I were doing our Great Pyramid Stargate work, I had
gotten the message that when the time was right that the Earth would
receive a signal from Source that would tell her when to proceed with her
Ascension. I had the sense that this might be that signal. Then I got the
message that Anunnaki were definitely not going to be returning to Earth,
and that the whole planet had just shifted onto a new timeline. I also got
that the Earth's Ascension was definitely back on track, and may begin very

The rest of that day and all day Monday, swarms of Dark Beings came to me
to be escorted to their new home, and the Galaxy Being was busy shuttling
back and forth. I got that nearly 4 million of them had been transported
on those two days alone. Then late Monday night, another large group
showed up, only they had not come for help. I sensed that they were
hostile and instinctively prepared myself for an attack. I asked to be
taken to the Great Pyramid and to be connected to the Blue Crystal Portal
and to Source. I also called in the two Beings who had agreed to help me
in all of this, and who prefer to remain anonymous. Well, the attack soon
began. I had taken out my Light Sword and asked that it be fully charged.
I warned all of them that I had the power to destroy them, and asked them
to leave peacefully. But they declined, and some of them attacked. So, I
reflected all their negative energies back at them. The other two Beings
protected my back side. I sensed that most of them had been killed. Then
I sensed another wave was about to attack, so I asked that the Divine Will
Be Done to serve the Highest Good, and just allowed the Divine Energy to
flow through me. I placed a 'force field of Light' around me and charged
the Light Sword to reflect all of their energies back at them. So this
wave of attackers was also destroyed. Then another wave came at me, then
another. I kept allowing the Divine Power to work through me. Finally
after the 5th wave, I was losing energy and called on Archangel Michael and
Jack's Guardian Angel and asked that the Warrior Angels assist me. They
showed up and the 6th wave was also destroyed.

After this attack, I heard a voice ask me to connect to the 'conduit' to
the Dark Universe Wormhole, so I did. I felt a wave of Energy going into
that conduit clearing it out once again. They asked me to connect to the
Wormhole, so I asked permission from the Guardians and then made the
connections. I felt more Energy going into the Wormhole, and then got the
message that the Wormhole had been closed and sealed on this end, so that
no more Dark Beings could come through. I also got the message that all
rips or tears between our two Universes had all been mended and sealed.
Then things got pretty quiet. I got that this Dark Universe Wormhole will
remain closed until most Beings of our Galaxy and Universe have made their
Ascension. I asked how many of these Dark Universe Beings had been killed,
and got about 125,000. I asked that their Souls be guided into the Light
and returned to Source. And yes Virginia, they did have Souls. I had
tears running down my face as I thought about all those who had died so

I then realized that when the Divine Energy was sent into the Dark
Universe Sunday morning, a message had been sent that the Wormhole was
going to be closed, and any Beings who desired to have an opportunity to
continue their evolution and to eventually make their own Ascension into
the future Universe, should leave there at once, and ask to be taken to
their new home. So that would explain the huge influx of Beings coming
here for assistance. The next three days the Galaxy Being was running a
continuous escort service, so all total I would say that about 7.5 million
of them have now been transported to their new home. Many of them were
thanking me for helping them, and they are all very grateful for this
opportunity and are looking forward to their new lives. Some of them had
been in the battle Monday night, and apologized for the attacks on me.
They were also sorry that many of their comrades had decided not to join
them. I really felt a lot of compassion for them and told them to 'live
long and prosper'.

Finally, on Wednesday morning, the 28th, I did a meditation where I
connected some key Earth Portals and they formed a Double Star Tetrahedron.
Then I saw the Soul of the Earth moving into this Tetrahedron. I was
directed to connect to the Sun and it was like the Earth and the Sun joined
together as Mother and Father. Next I connected to the 'Deep Space Nine'
Wormhole that resides within the Sun, and it opened. I saw several Beings
come through and took the Earth's Soul and this Star Tetrahedron through
the Wormhole and it integrated into the 5D Earth on the Other Side,
connecting with all the portals that had been formed there during my
Stargate work back in September at the Equinox. The sense I had was that
the Earth's Soul had now incarnated into her 5D body. I was not given any
specific time frame, but sensed that the Ascension was not far off.

Love and Peace,
Roger and Jack