Rogers Big Picture - Update Feb 05


Hi Dan,

Many things have come into my awareness in the last 8 months since we
last conversed. So I thought I would send you one final message, before
going offline, to update you on the information that I have been able to
piece together regarding the ET control structure and their involvement
with the Sumerian operation, etc.

First of all, I have come to realize that there are primarily 3 different
ET groups or control structures that can be represented by what I would
call a "Pyramid Hierarchy". Each of these "Pyramid Hierarchies" represent
a different "Line of Consciousness". There are basically 7 different ET
races in each "pyramid" control structure. Of course, the most powerful of
these many races are the 3 races at the top of each of the 3 "pyramids".
Those 3 races have all been involved in controlling events here on Earth
and in this entire universe, and all parallel universes pretty much from
the beginning of this entire Creation. They have been constantly fighting
amongst each other for ultimate control, oftentimes forming an alliance
with one of the other 3 races in order to keep any one race from gaining
ultimate control over all the others. But yet, there is one particular
race that seems to have outwitted all the others with their complete
mastery of various mind-control techinques. It may come as a major
surprise to you and to most people, but none of these 3 races are truly
Reptilian. The Reptilians represent a 4th "Pyramid", and were specifically
created in order to bring about a balance of power, so to speak, to keep
the other 3 races from destroying everything in their mad attempts to
control this entire Creation. So let me try to explain.

First of all, to put all this into perspective, it might help to draw one
large triangle which would represent the overall pyramid structure. Then
connect the mid-points of each side of that triangle, forming 3 smaller
triangles within the larger one. After you do that, you might notice that
there is a 4th, inverted triangle in the center of the other 3 triangles.
Number each triangle, 1 through 4, starting with the small triangle at the
top being "Pyramid 1". Then the one on the lower left is "Pyramid 2", the
lower right is "Pyramid 3", and the inverted one in the center is "Pyramid
4". I will try to identify each of the 7 races within each of the
"Pyramids" as best I can from the information that I have gotten. I do not
get images of what they look like, just a general impression of the type of
race that they are, and the star system that they currently inhabit. But
before I go into that, there is some very basic information regarding the
structure of this entire Creation that I need to address in order to put
all of this into perspective.

I have become aware that there are 9 different parallel universes that
altogether make up this entire Creation. Think of this entire Creation as
being an enormously large sphere. Within that large sphere are 10 smaller
concentric spheres, one inside the other. The very center sphere
represents Source, the true "Center of Creation". The next outer sphere
represents what I call the "FYL" Universe. I was given 3 letter names for
each of the 9 universes. I have no idea what the significance is of the 3
letters, they are just the names that I was given for each one. It is also
important to understand that each outer sphere or universe really consists
of 2 "spheres", a matter universe and an antimatter universe. In order to
create something out of "Nothing", or the "Void", there has to be equal and
opposite components. So there is an FYL Matter Universe, and an FYL
Antimatter Universe. The same applies to the other 8 universes, which are
the "MAS", "DFG", "CMW", "ESY", "DAL", "ASM", "CAM", and "BTL" universes,
in descending order going out from Source. Each universe exists at a
different energy level, vibration rate, or dimension, depending on how you
like to think of those things. The "FYL" Universe is at the highest energy
or dimension and the "BTL" Universe is the lowest. We currently live in
the "CAM" Universe, or the 8th universe. In terms of dimensions, the first
5 universes are at different levels of the 5th Dimension, the remaining 4
are at different levels of 3rd Dimension. Within each dimension there are
3 different levels that I call "Octaves", and within those there are 8
different levels that I call "Tones". The highest "Octave" is the 3rd
Octave, and the highest "Tone" is the 8th Tone. To put this into
perspective, the Earth is at the 1st "Tone", of the 1st "Octave" of the 3rd
Dimension. So not surprisingly, we are at the lowest possible level of
vibration. The planets in other star systems within our galaxy and
universe generally exist at higher "Tones" or "Octaves".

OK, given those definitions, the top 4 races of each of the 3 "Pyramids",
12 races total, all originated in the "FYL" Universe. They all have a
silicon-based cell structure, and they can all shape-shift. The true
Reptilian Beings of the 4th "Pyramid" first orginated in the "DFG"
Universe, and they all have carbon-based cell structures. This is a VERY
IMPORTANT distinction, as I will explain as I go on. Now I will continue
with trying to identify the different races, and their order in the
"Pyramid Heirarchy". So here goes:

First of all, it is the races of "Pyramid 1" who seem to be the most
powerful of all the groups, mostly because of their mastery of
mind-control. For "Pyramid 1", the Number 1 race at the top of the pyramid
is a race of Feline Beings from a star known as the "First Point of Aries".
It is the first star that astronomers would consider to be in the
constellation Aries, between Aries and Taurus. These are the Beings who
built and control the pyramid stargates, like the Great Pyramid, on most
worlds. They are the ones that in some of my earlier stories I said came
from what I called the "Home World" in the Andromeda Galaxy. They
controlled what I called the "Blue Crystal Portal". Just to put things
into perspective, many of the so-called Ascended Masters are of this Feline
race. These Beings also represent the "All-Seeing Eye", the "Eye of Horus"
at the "top of the pyramid" on our dollar bills, etc.

The 2nd race in the "Pyramid 1" Heirarchy is a race of Beings that I
call the "Changelings", because of their similarity to the "Changelings" of
the TV show Star Trek Deep Space Nine". They are silicon Beings who I
think take a humanoid form. They are from the star Zeta Cetus, also known
as Baten Kaitos. The 3rd race in this heirarchy are the Beings from
Alcyone in the Pleiades. My sense is that they are very similar to the
Cetus "Changelings". The 4th race are Alex Collier's Andromedans, who are
from a small un-named star in the constellation Andromeda. All these 4
races originated in the "FYL" Universe. The 5th race in this "pyramid" are
the Sirians from Sirius A. They first originated in the "ESY" Universe,
and are carbon-based humanoid Beings. The 6th race is a humanoid race from
Bellatrix in Orion, and the 7th race is a race of Beings from the star
Alpheratz in the constellation Andromeda. These are not the same race as
Collier's Andromedans. They are similar in appearance as the Zeta Reticula
Greys, only they are Blue in color. As I have said, my sense is that this
group of races seems to be most powerful of all the other races.

I would consider the Beings of the 2nd "Pyramid" as the 2nd most powerful
group. The top race of this "Pyramid Heirarchy" are what I have come to
call the "Dragon Beings". They currently reside in the star system Heka at
the top of Orion. These are the Beings that everyone seems to think are
the Reptilians. But these Beings are NOT the Draconians. This is where
that important distinction that I mentioned earlier comes into play. The
Dragon Beings do look very Reptilian, with yellow eyes and vertical pupils.
But they are NOT truly Reptilian, in the sense that these Beings originated
in the "FYL" Universe and have a silicon-based cell structure rather than a
carbon-based cell structure like the Draco and other Beings that I would
call the true Reptilians. The Dragon Beings can shape-shift whereas true
Reptilian Beings cannot. This is the race of the infamous "Orion Dragon
Queens", who I think are the true top ruling Beings of this race. They are
indeed a very powerful race, probably second only to the Felines.

The 2nd race of the "Pyramid 2" hierarchy are some Beings from Barnard's
Star in the constellation Ophiuchus. I get the sense that these are also a
Dragon-like or Lizard-like race, closely related to the Dragon Beings of
Heka, Orion. The 3rd race are a race from the star system Alpha Centaurus.
I'm not sure what they look like, but they too are silicon-based from the
"FYL" Universe. Perhaps they look like the Centaurs of Greek mythology.
The 4th race are from the star system Omega Orion. This star lies near the
"heart" of Orion, and forms a triangle with Betelgeuse and Bellatrix. My
sense is that they are another silicon-based humanoid form, with genetic
connections to the Dragon Beings. The 5th race in this "pyramid" are a
race of Humanoid Beings from a small star near the star Mirfak in the
constellation Perseus. Think "Persian" here, as there is a connection
there. The 6th race are the Beings from Betelgeuse in Orion. They look
similar to the Greys, but have much larger, more bulbous heads, and are
much more powerful psychically than the Greys. The 7th race in this
"pyramid" are the Greys from Zeta Reticula.

The Beings at the top of "Pyramid 3", are from the star system Algol, in
Perseus. The Arabs called this star the "Demon Star". That may be
fitting, as I get that these Beings are Lucifer's original race, the ones
that are often depicted as the "Devil". They too are silicon-based and
originated in the "FYL" Universe. The 2nd race in this "Pyramid" are what
I have come to call the "Bat Beings", because they have the appearance of
large upright bats. They are from the star system Antares in the
constellation Scorpio. Of course, they have been a nemesis of the Dragon
Beings of Orion, just like in mythology. The 3rd race are from a small
star system near Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus. My sense is that
they are very black in appearance, and may well have heads that have a
bull-like appearance. I just refer to them as the Taurians. The 4th race
in this "pyramid" are the Arcturans, who I sense are "Amphibian-like" in
appearance. The 5th race in this heirarchy may come as a surprise to many,
I know it did for me. They are the Taygetan Pleiadians, of Billy Meier
fame. The 6th race is from the star system Gamma Chamaeleon, and they do
have a chameleon-like appearance, with large bulbous heads and large broad,
snout-like noses. The 7th race are a race of cloned "Amphibian-like"
Beings from the star system Tau Cetus.

Now for "Pyramid 4", the true Reptilian heirarchy. It is very important
to understand that the Draco and other true Reptilian Beings represent an
entirely different "Line of Consciousness" than the Dragon Beings, or any
of the other races for that matter. This "Pyramid" Heirarchy actually
consists of 12 different races. The top races of these 3 smaller groups
are not actually Reptilian themselves. They are actually hybrids of the
top 3 races of the other 3 "Pyramids". The race I am most familiar with
are a Feline-Dragon Hybrid race that are from a star system from another
Galaxy but work closely with the Reptilian Beings from Thuban or Alpha
Draconis. But as I said, they are of a totally different "Line of
Consciousness" from either the Felines or the Dragon Beings. One of the
top 3 races are the Ciakar. They are a hybrid race between the Dragon
Beings and the Algols, Lucifer's original race. I'm not really sure what
star system they currently reside in. The 3rd "top" race is a hybrid
between the Felines and the Algols, but I just became aware of them and
don't know much about them.

The Alpha Draconians are the 4th race in this "Reptilian" Heirarchy.
They are a Feline-Dragon-Reptilian Hybrid, with a similar "Line of
Consciousness" as the Feline-Dragon Hybrids. This was one of the first
races in which the Reptilian DNA was integrated. The 5th race under this
"pyramid" are a Feline-Algol-Reptilian Hybrid race. They had at one time
resided in the star system Hatsya in the "Sword" of Orion. But their planet
was completely blown up in the Orion Wars, and I do not know where they
reside now. The 6th race in this "Pyramid" are what I would call the
"Lower" Draco. They are more of a pure Reptilian race and are from one of
the smaller star systems in the constellation Draco. The 7th race under
this "pyramid" are a race of Reptilian Beings from the a star system in the
constellation Camelopardalis. They are a race under the control of the
Ciakar and are basically a Dragon-Algol-Reptilian Hybrid race, with the
Reptilian DNA being the dominant genetic strain. The 8th race in this
"pyramid" are from the star system Rigel in Orion. They are part of the
Feline-Algol-Reptilian line, again with emphasis on the Reptilian DNA. The
9th race are a mostly Reptilian race from the constellation Triangulum.
They have sort of a crocodile appearance. Finally the 10th race in the
"Pyramid 4" Heirarchy are a race of mostly Reptilian Beings from the star
system Capella in the constellation Auriga.

So that pretty much covers the different ET "Pyramid Heirarchies" as I
have come to know them. So now the question is, how do these ET
Heirarchies get reflected in everything that has happened in our universal
history and down here on Earth? First of all, you have to understand that
life first originated in the FYL Universe somewhere between 15 and 20
TRILLION years ago. Beings slowly made their way through the many
different universes until they finally came to this one. Humanoids similar
to ourselves first came into existence in the ESY Universe, and they fell
under the control of the 12 "higher" races from the FYL Universe. Many
wars were played out in all those different universes and many planets were
completely blown apart by antimatter weapons. There were even a few stars
that were completely blown apart in nova-like explosions by antimatter
weapons. The last star system that was inhabited in the ESY Universe was
very much a parallel to our Solar System. There were parallel planets much
like Malona or Maldek, also Mars, Earth and Venus. An interstellar war
took place there just like the one here that completely destroyed
Malona/Maldek and blew the atmosphere off of Mars. But the biggest
difference so far was that the ESY "parallel" Earth was also eventually
completely blown apart by an antimatter weapon. When that planet was
destroyed, it opened a major rift between the ESY matter and antimatter
universes, and the entire ESY Universe was completely annihilated.
However, many races were able to escape through a wormhole to the DAL
Universe before the explosion, so that life could continue. To me, that
event truly marked the beginning of the infamous "Fall from Consciousness".
That annihilation literally created a "Void of Separation" between the
outer universes and Source, and that "Void" was reflected in the minds and
consciousness of all Beings who survived it.

But the most important thing to understand about all of that is that
everything that has happened here on Earth in recent history has been an
almost exact replay of the things that ultimately led to the destruction of
that parallel Earth and the annihilation of the entire ESY Universe. I
have come to be aware that since the beginning in the FYL Universe, there
have been a total of 47 inhabited planets that have been destroyed or
rendered unihabitable. The interesting thing about that is that we have
also dropped through 47 vibrational levels or "Tones" of physical
existence. If the Earth were to be completely blown apart like
Malona/Maldek, it would be the 48th planet, and the destruction of the 48th
"Tone". Well, we are already at the lowest possible level, and the message
that I get is that if this planet is completely destroyed that it would
open up another rift to the CAM antimatter universe, and this entire
universe would be annihilated just like the ESY Universe was. But it would
be more than just this universe that would be annihilated. I get that
every other universe would also explode in a cascading matter-antimatter
explosion, and this entire Creation would come to an end and cease to
exist. That has been the message that I have sent to just about every ET
race that I have encountered. Many have gotten the message, but the
Felines, Dragons and Algols seem to have the attitude that they would
rather destroy this entire Creation than give up their control over it. So
I guess only time will tell.

Anyway, on to how these different races came to exert their control over
the Earth. I will begin with your favorite topic, the Anu-Enki-Enlil
Sumerian "operation". First I have to admit that some of the earlier
information I had gotten about that was not entirely accurate. I have had
a hard time getting good information on this mostly because I have now come
to realize that several of these top ET "Pyramidal Heirarchies" were
involved with what happened. Of course, those Beings don't want the truth
to come out. But here's what I have been able to piece together so far. I
will start with AN. He was actually a genetic hybrid of the 3 top races,
Feline, Dragon Being and Algol. But he was not of any of their "Lines of
Consciousness". He was of the "ONE Consciouscness", meaning he was
directly connected to the "Oneness" or "Creator Consciousness". It was
basically his role, as part of the "Higher Plan" to lead all those races
here to Earth. Anu was actually a lower Aspect of An. His genetic lineage
also included the Cetus "Changelings", the Barnard's Star "Lizards", and
the Antares "Bat Beings". He was also of the "One Consciousness". Enki
was one of the Aries Feline Beings. Enlil was one of the Dragon Beings, as
you have alluded to all along. But I still get that Enlil was female, that
she was one of the "Dragon Queens". I also get that the Algols and the 6
other "highest" FYL silicon races were also involved, including the
Alcyones, Centaurians and the Taurians. But I don't know which characters
were associated with the different races. So they were all involved in
creating the Earth human race. It may come as a surprise to you, but I get
that none of the true Reptilian races were involved in it. Although some
of the Reptilians had been to Earth much earlier and had left their DNA
"signature", which came into play when our human race was created. They
also became more directly involved later on.

One very important thing that I have come to understand is that NONE of
these "Higher" FYL races ever actually came down to Earth physically. They
have all somehow managed to maintain their 5th dimensional energy levels in
this 3D Universe. My sense is that they live in or on artificial planets
or giant "space stations". So their energy levels would not be compatible
with the lower 1st Octave, 3D energies of the Earth. It was the Sirius B
Dogon and most likely the Perseans, and possibly a few of the "lower" 3D
Humanoid Beings who actually came down to Earth to do the cloning and other
genetic work to create the Earth humans. Contrary to popular belief, I get
the message that it is still true that NONE of these Higher ET Beings ever
actually incarnate down here on Earth. However, they have created a most
ingenious method of mind-controlling all "lower" Humanoid Beings, and have
been doing so ever since the ESY Universe.

About a year ago, I became aware that most of these 9 "Highest" races
use an implant to project their energies and thought-forms into the brains
of any person that has the implant, essentially transforming the person
into a living android or "Borg". The person's consciousness essentially
becomes that of the "Higher" ET Being who controls the implant. I call it
a "Symbiont Implant" because it works in very much the same way as the
"Symbiont" in the show "Star Trek Deep Space Nine". In that show, the
character Jadzia was a human host for the "Symbiont", which was depicted as
an organ much like the brain that was placed in her abdomen. It completely
took over Jadzia's consciousness, and she literally BECAME the Being whose
Consciousness was carried in the "Symbiont". The only difference is that
the implant that the Higher ETs use is placed in the front of the brain.
The message that I get on it is that this "Symbiont Implant" is a
silicon-based form that functions much like a computer chip. But it is
much more than just a computer chip. It is a "life-form" of sorts, and
actually integrates itself into the person's brain and entire nervous
system. I get that the ETs abduct the person shortly after birth and place
the implant in their brains. From the messages that I have gotten from
some of the Higher Beings that I work with, once it has fully integrated
itself into the brain, there is no way to completely remove it. I have
tried to remove it from a friend of mine who has it, but I have never been
completely successful with that. All I have ever been able to do is to try
to remove the core "chip", which seems to deactivate the implant. But the
ETs are able to just put it right back and re-activate it.

The sense I have about how this implant works is that the "Symbiont"
creates its own holographic energy field that overlays the person's natural
auric energy field. When the implant is activated, the ET Being who
controls it can literally project their energies and consciousness into
this holographic energy field. They can literally "pop into" the person,
and it is just like that ET Being is present within the body of the person.
But it is merely a holographic projection, not an actual spiritual
possession or occupation. This explains why so many people have claimed to
see certain people "shape-shift" into a Dragon Being, or some other ET
race. What they are actually seeing is the holographic image of the Being
who is behind the "Symbiont" implant. I know that this all sounds totally
unbelievable, and I have to admit that I don't fully understand it myself.
What I have presented here is my best interpretation of something that my
Guides and the truly Higher Consciousness Beings made sure that I became
aware of.

This is how they have managed to control the affairs here on Earth ever
since they first arrived in Sumeria. This was the primary reason for all
the genetic alterations that have been performed on the Human DNA since its
original creation. There are certain types of DNA that these Symbionts
work better on than others, which explains why certain "families" try to
maintain such pure bloodlines. The interesting thing is that I get that
these Symbionts do not work very well with true Reptilian DNA, which is one
very big reason that the Reptilians became enemy number one of these FYL
races. It is also why these FYL races have tried so hard to literally
annihilate the Reptilian races by blowing up so many planets, etc. Of
course, they are also the ones who have created the widely accepted belief
that it is the Reptilians who are to blame for all the problems here on
Earth and everywhere else for that matter. But the truth is that it is
really those "Higher" 9 FYL races who are controlling everything and
causing all the problems.

But it is very important to understand that ALL of those Higher 12 FYL
races can and do use these "Symbiont" implants. But it is primarily the
Felines, the Dragon Beings and the Algols who use them the most to play out
their original games of fighting for ultimate control. I get the message
that the Ciakar, the Dragon-Algol hybrids, also use these implants to some
extent. I have gotten the message that a large majority of people of all
walks of life, including many so-called "Lightworkers", have these
implants. You can be sure that all top political and religious leaders of
every country on the planet have the "Symbiont" implants of one of these
Higher races. But different groups or factions are being controlled by
different ET "Pyramid Hierarchies". For example, my sense is that the
Republican party is pretty much a Feline-Changeling controlled faction,
while the Democratic party is pretty much an Algol-Taurian controlled
faction. The Dragon Beings seem to be split between both parties, ie. I
get that Bush, Sr. is a Dragon "Borg", and so is Kerry. The 3 top
"Illuminati" families each represent one of the 3 "Pyramids". I can't be
completely sure of which is which, but my sense is that the Bilderbergers
are the Feline "Pyramid", the Rockefellers are the Dragon "Pyramid", and
the Rothschilds are the Algol "Pyramid". You can also make similar
associations with the different races of different countries. For example,
if you look at European history, the Greeks were Feline-Changeling, the
Romans were Dragon Beings, and the Spaniards were Algol-Taurian. I get
that the French have Algol-Arcturan connections. The Germans have Alcyone
connections. I think Britain is like the US, with a mixing of the
different factions. For instance, I get that the Queen has Dragon
connections, while Blair has Feline-Changeling connections. I get that the
Israelis are basically Taurian controlled, but yet the high Jewish Priests
seem to be controlled by the Dragon Beings. The Roman Catholic church is
very much a Dragon controlled enterprise. Of course, the Arab races have
strong Reptilian DNA characteristics and are controlled by the Ciakar and
possibly the other top races of the Reptilian "Pyramid". So the Iraq war
is the old Feline-Dragon-Algol war against the Reptilian races being played
out all over again.

I could go on and on, but I think you should get the picture. Once you
become more aware of who and what these "Higher" races are, and how they
use these "Symbionts" to literally take over people, you can begin to see
the connections between them and their human "Borg", and you can begin to
identify which is which. Then you can begin to see all the political and
religious dramas that go on here on Earth from a much higher perspective.
Just remember, everything that is happening now has happened before on a
different planet, in a different star system, in a different galaxy and in
a different universe. It is like these Beings who control all the
"Symbiont" implants are simply running the same programming through their
selective "Borg" over and over and over, and it has always led to
destruction. When you begin to look at our "reality" here on Earth from
this perspective, you can begin to see how the movie "The Matrix" really is
a very accurate representation of how things really are here. You begin to
realize that everything really is huge holographic program, and it is those
Higher FYL Beings who are the programmers. I know that realization can be
very demoralizing, but yet I get the message that there is hope for the
future. I have gotten the message that, just like in the final "Matrix"
movie, the "programming" is being changed from the Highest levels. How
long it will take before the new "programming" begins having any noticeable
effect down here is anyone's guess. But I do get the message that all the
destruction will come to an end eventually and life will go on. I guess
only time will tell.

So I leave you with this, and I leave it up to you as to what to make of
it all. This is the best interpretation that I can come up with for all of
my experiences, and all of the information that has come through to me from
many different "Higher" Beings. So Believe it or Not! I give you
permission to share this message as you feel would be appropriate. As I
said in my short message from yesterday, I will be going offline effective
tomorrow, March 1st. So I will not be able to answer any questions from
you or anyone else. This will be my final message. I have shared my truth
and now it is time for me to move on. My only hope is that people will
think about the things that I have shared here, and allow it to trigger
their own deeper awareness. Then perhaps they will see how it all fits in
with their own experiences.

Best Regards,