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2 astro graphics by
<Galactic 'Finance' Minister

Michael wanted these links here:
Borderland's article 1. RECONNECTING WITH THE COSMIC BEARINGS OF LIFE THROUGH THE RIGHT USE OF SOUND, click BEARINGS (this reference is gif scans of the document) (see also -Water-Elixir of Life exerpt below) - Interview with Michael Heleus, Astrosonics Pioneer -Joe Landwehr (this reference is only the table of contents) -

Borderland's article 2.-THE ASTROSONIC GENERIC TAPES -Michael C. Heleus -

"WATER - ELIXIR OF LIFE- "Since the cells of our physical bodies are composed mostly of water, they are subject to the influence of sound, light, magnetics and other subtle factors. Our physical body cells, also have colloidal suspensions, therefore, they collectively remember these vibrations. The re-structuring of water, seems to be one of the main mechanisms, through which subtle environmental influences, have effects on consciousness. Research has shown, that sound vibration, actually retrains the motion of water molecules in our physical bodies and the planetary body". from - Reconnecting with the Cosmic Bearings of Life, through the Right Use of Sound by Michael Heleus - exerpted at - Universal Sound Garden - SOUNDSCAPES INTERNATIONAL - VISIONARY ACOUSTIC SCULPTURES:

The Musical Octave by Tom Hightower:

For more about the cosmic octave and number systematics get J.G. Bennett's
'The Dramatic Universe"
- at:


Particular thanks to Michael Heleus - also see link - ..This image from Michael Heleus - as used to introduce the concepts of infinite non destructive compression called THE GRAVITY CODE - at

Here is his 30 Birds Function work- exerpt:
Sonification of the Riemann Zeta Function by Dr. Jeff Stopple:
Music of the Primes

> The 30 Birds Function Sonification is used in the Astrosonic - + see Gods Secret Formula below the pic..

Solar 15-Note Scale is a close equivalent of Riemann Zeta Function.
The discovery of this function in 1981 was inspired by Dr. Geoffrey Dean whose book Recent Advances In Natal Astrology (1977) referring to basic math of astrosonics
can be found referenced on Marysol Gonzalez's Biosonic Forum Message No. 2000:

Note. the Egyptian frieze is from Schwaller de Lubicz - (author of "Temple in Man" with Robert Lawlor).

Michael: (exerpt from above)" I conjecture that a function for the exact occurrence of the prime numbers may be found from this waveform. A promising approach is to look for a function expressing the deviation of PHI(n) for any given prime with PHI(n) - idealized for the congruent point in the idealized frame of 30, mod 30.

This idealized PHI(n) waveform with 30 points suggested to me the Sufi story of The 30 Birds. The birds, led by one of their number, the Hoopoe, crossed 7 hills and 7 vales before coming to realize that they themselves, constituted the God for Whom they sought.

Looking at the illustration here, and following the curve fro either end, one crosses 7 maxima and 7 minima - before reaching the point of balance at 15, paralleling the story. There is strong evidence that ancient cultures knew of the 30-Birds Function - as I shall henceforth call it, in some form. Superimposing the function over the Egyptian frieze speaks for itself. .. There is so much more that could be mentioned here. The Sumerian numerology can be appropriately applied here as it was based on 2*30. In their astrology as in the modern version, Innanna (Venus) was the goddess of balance whose number was 15, digitally reducing to 6. This is directly echoed in the frieze with the woman (probably Isis) balance the array at 15.

The 30 Birds Function constitutes one of the greatkeys to the organization of the universe and to true numerology. The octave, the law of 7, the law of three, the 5 non-stellated regular polytopes (platonic solids), which are analogs of the Vedic Koshas, or bodies, and the law of symmetry of planes of being about the great central void - are all well illustrated. Much light is also shed on the meaning of the primes. For example, 7 refers to the power of the heart in numerology, ... ( inset - note from dan w.: - see how the DNA thread starts with the 5th axis of spin of cube-3- to dodec -4- to dodec wratchet down slinky into -5 spins- one THREAD OF DNA- ... then the Heart Sonic of BLISS piezoelectrically BRAIDS that DNA thread recursively SEVEN times until it becomes a - 5spins inside - 7 outside - donut:'lord of the ring' - strands )

whereas its symmetrical partner in the function is 23, the power of the head. Numbers larger than 30, especially primes, can be more readily undersotood by finding their congruence - mod 30 - divide by 30- and take the remainder, e.g. 43 is congruent to 13 mod 13."


More on Wave Form of the Primes- the '30 Birds':


A highly significant discovery:- 'Equilateral Triangle Quantum Billiards' - Here's a pdf EqlatrTriQntmBillrds.pdf of an article by Doncheski about an equilateral triangle biliard.

Trinitarians will be elated that Plichta was right in God's Secret Formula (link to to also go here) that a random billiard reflected on the inside of an equilateral triangle creates a Sierpinski triangle that includes all primes--check out figure 9,-reproduced below-

compares well with 30 birds function, indicating that all primes and their order is included in an equilateral or Sierpinsky triangle as Plichta claimed and Doncheski's graph also indicates.

Also compare to: (note the similar wave function.. is this the harmonic interference of successful compression?) ( more discussion below)
Above: Here's that gif of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle by Jan Curtis making a recognizable 30 Birds function. Their closest great circle separation at each of 30 successive conjunctions is plotted vs time--that time is also geared to the graphically visibly triangular solar barycentric cycle of 179.8 years of Paul Jose as 2.25 (9/4 or 3 squared over 2 squared, whose circle expansion angles sum to a straight angle) of Jose's cycles equalling about 407 years. (or is it 5^.5=2.236?).
But why should these planets do this? The solar system has been shown to be something less than a perfect harmony of the spheres (Poincare, Steiner, Velikovsky, von Flandern)--Von Flandern { good reference on cosmic side of practical astronomy -} found it to be still something of a demolition derby, ( less than fractal??) going Velikovsky several better, but it is settling down to such a perennially loved harmony of the spheres, and to have all harmonics balanced at once seems to be the goal, as it is with harmonics in a human voice--and this is best achieved by the 30 Birds function where they are all in balance, or by use of phi, not a second best, so the solar system can be considered layed out in phi power ratios, and Euler Phi function sorted whole number harmonic.

I think the former is the view from standpoint of the Cosmic Individuality of Bennett, and the latter the view from the Divided Self. So the oscillating resonant balance of phi and the phi totient 30 birds function is where 'the rubber meets the road'.

When the 30 birds function bites its tail, we get Coxeter's 30-tope as a .gif at
( Dan labeled with some comments below)

which is a wonderful tratakam object, especially when two copies are posted for binocular perception--maybe that could be added just after the Ju/Sa plot and the solar cycle plot by Charvatova at (link doesn't work, so here's a pdf attached. ". Charvatova :

click here for pdf: 2400YrWolfCycleJOSE.pdf - "Can origin of the 2400-year cycle of solar activity be caused by solar inertial motion?"

exerpt image.. blue comments added..

'As above, so below, and conversely

The connection between Bieberich's inner-outer Sierpinsky/Pascal triangle at the micro size level of the cell is reflected over the fractal mirror of the cosmic logarithmic size half-way level (about a continent) in the trefoil triangular pattern made by the Sun as it circles the barycenter of the solar system at a macro level very roughly as far from the half-way mesocosmic size level.' (illustrate with lines drawn between Charvatova figure 2 top row second or 4th image from the left showing an equilateral triangle point down triangle vertices and the vertices of Bieberich fig 2 and the Doncheski inverted triangle)

Wonderful job on the graphics to show the relation of the triangle q-billiard to the 30 Birds function.

The story doesnt end there--the significance for consciousness is that Bieberich has modelled an outer/inner fractal interface using a Sierpinsky triangle involving quantum resonance feedback/forward loops--there are 2 papers by him in html format that are relevant, the first illustrates the triangles inner/outer role, and the second goes more into the resonance situation

and second:

The first of these could be linked just below the Doncheski illustration you make so rivetting using his figures 2,3, and 4.

Bieberich is currently at Medical College of GA. (next 3 pics from link above)

In figure 2 note, the Sierpinsky triangle which could be aligned with blue lines to the Doncheski triangle and the triangular central pattern in the solar barycentric cycle.

Dr. Bieberich worked at a bioelectronics lab in U VA giving him opportunity to examine capacitance effects biologically, note the use of capacitors in figure 4A

Note from Dan - "consider in the above - how perfected WAVE distribution (perfect branching) creates perfected CHARGE distribution - which is quite clearly - perfected LIFE and AWARENESS itself. Note that the interefence of balls in a triangle to model quantum phenomena suddenly becomes the geometry of waves of charge creating compression and therefore life. ( If we see each of the nested triangle..waves nesting as what is happening on each triangular face of the icosa in the dodeca interdigitation..)"

Then the 30 Birds shows up in nature as the plot of time vs the separation of Jupiter and Saturn over a period of 30 conjunctions, and this graph could be featured just below Bieberich for an as-below in cell-world to as above planetary-world connection. A .gif of the graph is at ( as noted above as well..

The sequence of these items in the 30 Birds secion makes quite an unforgettable tutorial on the Pythagorean basis of fractally modelled consciousness.


Comment from Dan W. here: Generalizing here perhaps: (Golden Ratio) compression optimized makes wave systems including solar systems self organize and come alive.

Physics agrees that perfect compression is necessarily fractal - when will we conclude that Golden Ratio optimizes that fractality?


Michael Heleus - is focused on the astrologic of music that heals ( aka: )-

Below (followed by more Michael Heleus links) - is an exerpt of the dialog on GRAVITY CREATION FROM above gravity code link - as inspired from some of Michael's suggestions:
"Step one: download TonySweBook.pdf - around 100 MB, a tagged pdf file.
or or
as you read this - see exerpt immediately below-- - (the dialog begins by discussing how the compression of spheres can be optimized. Think about Jim Sawyer - 6 dimension design - teaching the International Conference on Superconductivity in Buffalo NY years ago - that the BEGINNING OF SUPERCONDUCTIVITY - hint palladium is dodeca - is when that major charge centers in a molecular structure JITTERBUG - like the vectorflexor - to CHANGE SYMMETRY in 3D - from the CUBE-OCTA - WHICH DEFINES 3D spheres - charge radiance fields- best close packing - origin of zodiac geometrics - to ICOSA / DODECA! - origin of ZOME - and STAR MOTHER KIT -

.. this leads to his analysis of what Richard HAWKINS (his Jitterbug- ) CALLED TIMESTAR - then he presents Krsanan Duran's version of the Timestar - which is the simplified way 5 TETRA (which in pair would be 5 cube) perfectly tilt into DODECA (without noting that the critical tilt angle that allows 3D cube into 4spin dodec - hypercube / tesseract- is the 32 degree critical spine top chin tilt of sphinx - see - ) - . When Krsana first worked to produce her image of 5 tetra in cube timestar - ( about 8 years ago I think) I showed her at that time my version of the timestar - which extends that dodec by continous stellation (straight out extension of every edge by Golden Ratio) to produce an infinite interdigitation nest (only 3D fractal - ) od dodeca icosa. This symmetry then beings the website - on the PHIRICAIS physics ( and the Hadron article ).

ask your self WHY the Poincare major symmetry space is dodecahedral - WHY that stellation (the nodes of the interdigitation extension of edge lines - creating dodec / icos / dodec infinitedly) has an x,y and z coordinate value which are EACH ALL a simple whole number power of Golden Ratio. The distance to center is all precisely a cascade of Golden Ratio to allow compression. This is then what we animated - into this picture - the starting point of the Hadron article: see: - the connection there to Tony Smith's work on the DODECA symmetry from Poincare - is with thanks to the suggestion from Michael Heleus -Gravity Code:Self-Similarity(Fractality)Creates Gravity&Awareness
Particular thanks to Michael Heleus
- also see link - for his suggestions here:. Step one: download TonySweBook.pdf - around 100 MB, a tagged pdf file. ...

'Hartmut Muller in Germany is also working with these same 4 constants as the basis of cosmic scaling in size time, and radiation. See his essay on this, Global Scaling as a pdf here GlobalScalingTheory01.pdf - also his also from Dan Winter / Implosion Group:

Michael also recommends these references: Sonification of the Platonic Solids/Systems by HSM Coxeter data in his 'Regular Polytopes' ( a geometer's classic reference book).

and - Sonification of the Platonic Solids/Systems -

Michael Heleus was asked by Dan Winter - Regarding his Healing Sound Astrosonics:

"> how can external application of audio tones imitating astronomic symmetry be self empowering? - when do you make it from within?
> is perhaps the most psychodynamic issue the intent folded in the envelope from the moment of creation of the recording..
> exactly like intent of the maker shapes the psychometry of the newly made magnet or quartz?

Michael H. response: "yes, this is the crux of the matter--and the articles I cited elsewhere by Bieberich are one approach which shed some light on it--and the astrosonic experiences I and many others have had also indicate a few things--just toning with the astrosonics makes them active and from within rather than passive, and are much more effective that way--but this is still superficially within in waking consciousness to start--early on with astrosonics work in the '70's I would listen to a single planetary note until I became that note, and all else was excluded--a form of tamasic samadhi I later learned, but still only compatible with the outer form of the inner sound, the Varnatmik Shabd.
If one's alignment to Source is good enough, generated by whatever means, including astrosonic, then the inner part of the sound current, the Dhunatmik Shabd (this can't be done on demand by any means I have found), becomes percieved, and all other outer sounds are blocked, unlike with the Varnatmik Shabd. In my experience, it is much harder to get even a slight bit of Dhunatmik, and there is no sense of self during it like that tamasic samadhi, but differing in that no light comes with the former, and it does with the latter--self is not apparent during either experience but the experience is remembered after return of the ego, so self is meeting the beyond-self transpersonal and transcendent experience in some way. Self-empowerment is a term that applies into the middle levels, but at the higher it is the greater Self that's important and empowerment becomes self-Self merging/oscillation. I think Justa Smith was able to show this oscillation on EEG. Does that show in cepstrum (coherence measure) phenomena? This also could be called ordinary perception to direct perception/monitor awarenes, or awareness of awareness and we ge to the fractal which can go 10-12 levels deep depending on who you are reading. One client apparently got 3-level with Sun-Trine-Pluto chord once. In m-state terms, ordinary waking is more iridium oriented, and the monitor comes about from Rhodium, when that is properly separated from the Ir--this separation of the Divided self of Bennett from the Cosmic Individuality Self appears to be modulated by at least Cr whose atomic radius is the arithmetic mean of Ir-Rh, and the psychopathology of Cr deficiency tends to show this as the yesses and noes of inner processing tend to collide producing the so-called 'bad-seed' syndrome a manic/angry valence vs a depressed valence..


other references to Michael Heleus at Implosion Group,

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picture from Michael Heleus
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A story Michael Heleus once suggested is that the Orion Syndicate Terror driven
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Phire Up my DNA! SOLUTION to:The REAL Terminator Story
inset note from Michael Heleus - about Gurdjieff - rather confirms the moon
resident parasites bit...(see Andromedan stuff at bottom)

Gravity Politics- Why Governments DON'T Want You to Know HOW ...
... stone sand - in the paint- ringing the capacitance - bloody DNA - wave with
phonon- HOWEVER- Michael Heleus- writes: Dan, I read the Grebennikov story, ...

(inset note from dan winter here, if as Michael Heleus suggested the layerings
of concentric tubes. in the microtubules, are in Phi golden ratio perfect ...

Does Love Have a Freqeuncy:Mapping the 'LOVE VIBE'
Dedicated to Michael Heleus..
who today wrote: "to paraphrase Jonathan Switft's

COSMIC CRYSTOS-Galactic Wave Physics & Vise-like grip of compression
Michael Heleus
<> wrote. Fwd: Indian Scientists predicted parameters
of great quake pretty accurately except magnitude using syzygy method ...

The Implosion Phenomenon: Psychological Import of Phi Harmonic ...
Michael Heleus
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on. the scale of hydrogen's wavelengths, he wrote these notes:. Greetings ...

Is Embedding a Mathematical Opposite to Cancer as Wave Fractionation
stuart, my friend Michael Heleus has oft repeated work which I am remiss in not
having references to, saying that key layering diameters? ...

Pure Principle is a Richer Name than God or Good or Evil
Yes, Michael Heleus
that Galactic History from Thoth appended to all the notes
going around about the Nov 7-11 landing of the ET's in the comet trail, ...

What is LIFE-answered electrically-AND - Newest Science TEST - DO ...
Notice the picture (next below) from Michael Heleus suggesting that the concentric
rings in many micro tubules may approximate Golden Mean ratio RADII self ...

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