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Background science update: Phase Conjugation (the Caducceus)- in ORIGIN OF PERCEPTION- and ORIGIN OF BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY: www.fractalfield.com/conjugateperception

The Cadecceus wave IS Phase Conjugate Negentropic Charge Collapse / Implosion - Mechanism of (Cold) Fusion - Non-Destructive Compression

This article also introduces : Caducceus Breathing Trainer for our new IOS HRV HEART BIOFEEDBACK-


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also details on Coherence / Stress HRV IOS Measure : www.hrv-app.com


on the Perfect Caducceus: Electrical mean - as perfected fractal PHASE CONJUGATION:

.. perfect nesting

path for breath to still nest

path light sees on it's way in to dna when braided in perfected embedding/love.. (the grail)

the breath moves in and out in the geometry of perfect damping, or the perfect way to approach the icy stillness of oneness. The depth and the duration of each adjacent breath get smaller by ratio PHI (golden mean).. When you reach the stillness, (preferrably in a magic place), stay there in your body until the tingle tells you you have finished your communion.

Caducceus-Breathing the Heart to Bliss- versus Heartmath .(who think breathing is not important)...

originally from Dan Winter, danwinter@goldenmean.info , reprinted and published by Implosion Group , implosiongroup@yahoo.com -
(new fast) article index: goldenmean.info This Apr 04- newsletter(with pics): goldenmean.info/caducceus , - many science images and software links from dan - goldenmean.info - the HeartTuner group -

1.Major tools - Caducceus -BLISS- Breathing Trainer and Harmonic Explorer Heart Harmonic Builder adds HRV - announced by Heart Coherence Team- with fun friendly jabs at the profoundly confused HeartMath Institute..(like TM still can't measure coherence)..also much updated: goldenmean.info/heartjournal -complete review of Heart Research.. PLUS updated goldenmean.info/sciencetour

2. Frame shots from Harmonic Explorer explain more of Heart Math's error in saying Harmonic Cascades of coherence can be generated by a simple square wave. The real meaning is that Phi intervals create inclusiveness and charge compression - the electrical DEFINITION of LIFE.

3. Exerpts from the original - Cadeuceus Phi Breath pictorial - Simple Exercizes to "Zero Point" making this a practical bliss path .. for you.

4. Updates from the recent Planetary Invasion:Cause for Bliss , and Is This the Papal We?/Enlil Yalweh Jews Create Black Hole to eat Your Bliss.. .. new look at Zeta "Talk"

5. Marvelous High-lights from the MailBag..Michael Heleus - 2 new Science of Phi - Links- 2 More Profoundly Ignorant of Self Empowerment -"PHI" web sites...

Rollin McCraty originally laughed when I told him his (Heart Math) Freeze Framer was merely a way to learn to breathe at one frequency. I tried to explain to him that harmonic INCLUSIVENESS - the healthy heart - was actually the opposite of getting only ONE frequency in your heart. (breath controls heart rate measureably - by setting the interbeat interval-pic below).

We have long published the proper breath to make bliss - a Caducceus breath. In this breath - still point - bliss is acheived by taking a series a breaths in correct GOLDEN RATIO. The result (opposite of what Freeze Framer teaches) is what Golden Mean is meant for - getting harmonics INCLUDED. (The same still point creation is the DEFINITION of the healing moment in Sacro Cranial work).

We usually begin all international conferences on goldenmean with the Caducceus Breath - to create the nice opening Bliss communion point with the group. Many have asked for a simple guide to do this accurately..

goldenmean team - is proud to announce new simple software - anyone can play with..to BREATHE THE HEART TO BLISS!

AND if you happen to have a HeartTuner (goldenmean.info) - you can WATCH AND LEARN as your breath perfects the CADEUCEUS in the MEASURED HRV- AND- produces overall COHERENCE; measured!


Program for Heart Tuner & Heart COHERENCE - TEACHERS Expanded: The Heart Coherence Team's new Science Teachers tool release - and ongoing programs (also CD's & DVD's) to TEACH Heart Coherence present new opportunities. If you or anyone you know is interested in Teaching, Presenting, and Demonstrating Heart Measurement - and educating the public about goldenmean.info and HeartTuner- we have a special program - enabling you to have a demo unit- and a complete array of multimedia teaching tools. This also includes those who have the time and discipline to help in organized research data collection. And/or - if you teach Kinesiology ( see How HeartTuner Makes Kinesiology Measureable ), if you reach alternative healers who wish to have measurement of success -or- counselors or those who wish to MEASURE EMPATHY - please do contact us: email - danwinter@goldenmean.info

See more nice pics of Cadeuceus and breath - below the science section in this same article - from the original Phi Caducceus Breath:../exercises/exercises.html
Simple Exercizes to "Zero Point"

To really PROVE all this to yourself - you MUST play with the ALSO new easy HARMONIC EXPLORER - www.goldenmean.info/harmonicexplorer beautiful screen shots below...EVEN INPUT SYNTHETIC LO FREQUENCY HRV WAVES into the Harmonic Explorer (Maroon graph in pics below) to SEE the result of BREATHING on the Heart Harmonics- synthesized compared to real!...

CONTRARY to what Heart Math Institute suggests- square wave harmonic series cannot produce this kind of cascade in the EKG power spectra. Square waves (any flat input) to a spectrum analyzer would always produce cascades which are spaced at multiples of 2 (octave based linear) and NEVER produce the cascades based on 'non-linear' Golden Mean - which HeartTuner consistently identifies. Further - subjective reports are overwhelming that when the musical fundamental of the EKG DOES measure Golden Mean (.62) - that these are moments of MOST EMPATHY, heart OPENNESS and Compassion. (This agrees with the geometry of waves of Golden Mean spacing which become TOUCH PERMISSIVE - because interference is CONSTRUCTIVE and not destructive - as shown here).

New: Harmonic Explorer Software offered from Dan of HEART COHERENCE TEAM - from goldenmean.info - sample screens reviewed below..

illustrates WHY the EKG might use Harmonics in Golden Mean cascades ( arithmetic cascading is linked to geometric multiplicative cascades precisely only in Golden Mean condition).

-The EKG is known to need HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS ( most number of contained harmonics at once inside one oscillator - ref: Dr Irving Dardik) to produce immune health.

YET as we see here - the GOLDEN MEAN RATIO - allows the MOST number of harmonics to exists simultaneously in one oscillator without INTERFERENCE..

Producing maximum CONSTRUCTIVE interference is how biological oscillators like the EKG - produce health. (Professor Dardik's statistic evidence correlates resistance to most chronic disease - is correlated strongly to harmonic inclusiveness in the EKG. )

Dr Karl Pribram (author: "Holographic Brain" whose statement- 'there is nothing flamable at the synapse' may be ill advised) commented to me personally - as he looked over my shoulder while I was first instructing Heart Math Institute - how to measure this power spectra of the EKG. He said: "I don't know how we could design an audio oscillator to make a frequency harmonic like that". This is suitably humble - because as we have seen - by using Golden Mean to initiate compression - the heart creates the electrical implosion which explains its source of voltage from gravity. (Similar to the 2-12 millivolts produced by the average fresh chicken egg). - We call this - principle- that when capacitive (charge) oscillators become fractal enough to initiate compression - the electrical principle of LIFE. further reading: goldenmean.info/phiricais LIFE FORCE= the ability to fractally attract (implode) & self organize electrical charge. (measurement examples)


PARTICULARLY note the alternating PHI Golden Ratio and 1.0 intervals in the power spectra above - synthetically generated (5 sine wave in perfect Golden Ratio geometric cascade input - multiplexed then spectrum analyzed)


HeartTuner compared with HeartMath Freeze Framer - revisited: Rollin McCraty of HeartMath institute's responded to the Does 'Heart-Math' Institute mislead people about Heart Coherence? article we published Aug 2004. He said: "Mr. Winter also appears to insist that heart coherence occurs only when the spectrum of the EGC (over 8 seconds) exhibits a standing wave pattern. He also claim that this spectrum is a measure of love"

McCraty appears not to understand what the cepstrum is, referring to our coherence measure as a spectrum of the EGC instead of a cepstrum. In fact our cepstrum ( 2nd order recursive power spectra) refreshes about every 2 seconds, and in fact can respond to an event in the heart which lasts less than 3 seconds. The coherence event we measure (your quick smile or thought of love) - does not even show up on the HRV measure - since that measure - (everything the Heart Math device measures) has a window delay of about 8 - 10 seconds). The issue is that since the Heart Math transducer does not even SEE harmonics above about .5 hertz, the harmonics which HeartTuner compares the PHASE of the quantify coherence (1-40hz) are not even picked up by Freeze Framer.

This then gets to the heart of McCraty's confusion. McCraty says that HeartTuner is entraining low-hrv states (calling that "coherence") & potentially dangerous! When in fact the coherence we measure is often present when there is no peak at all in the HRV display. In other words, there can be and often is a dramatic emotional coherence peak on the HeartTuner (a quick feeling of love or passion) - when there is NO ENERGY OR ORDER AT ALL IN THE HEART FREQUENCIES DEFINED AS HRV (Heart Rate Variability 0-.5hz - which is all the Freeze Framer can detect). So how can McCraty say we are teaching phase lock/entrainment in the HRV by this coherence measure - when the coherence we see is often present when ZERO POWER is present in the HRV of the heart?? It is true that if the heart's lo frequency HRV remains stagnant for too long - this suggests loss of health. We have long taught harmonic richness / incluiveness is precisely what predicts health in the heart - see Dardik.

Some of the things which McCraty (HeartMath) fails to take into account is that stabilizing the Heart's coherence (and heart rate) at a musical key of Golden Mean (when HeartTuner shows Emotional Index EI number as PHI .618 Multiple- the blue lines on the cepstrum display - SEE IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW on GOLDEN MEAN IN HEART HARMONICS) IS ACTUALLY WHAT ALLOWS THE MOST NUMBER OF DIFFERENT HARMONICS TO SIMULTANEOUS BE PRESENT. In other words McCraty like most shallow thinking medical people believes that since harmonic inclusiveness or richness (lots of DIFFERENT FREQUENCIES present at once).. clearly create health - THAT THEREFORE HEALTH EQUALS A HEART RATE THAT DOES NOT STABILIZE???

This is of course absurd - as anyone who has ever seen the health benefits of meditation knows. During meditation the heart rate can be fixed for long periods of time. What McCraty and the medical community stubbornly ignore is that there is ONE WAY to allow the heart to be harmonically inclusive (rich in many frequencies ) AND to be coherent and stable. This is when the cascade of the included frequencies is based on GOLDEN MEAN RATIO (allowing constructive internal relations / coherence / between those harmonics - phase coherence).

This explains beautifully WHY the musical key of the EKG (tied to heart rate / the y axis movement of the cepstrum peak on HeartTuner) for the vast majority of healthy people will park or stabilize at either .618 Golden Mean or .79 it's square root. Anyone who observes how such a majority of people choose a heart rate to lock into Golden Ratio - would have to demand of the medical community an explanation. Of course there is no other explanation than the that heart finds a way to coherence AND harmonic richness - the problem solved by Golden Mean.

As dan from the Heart Coherence Team (goldenmean.info ) said "these (heart harmonics) naturally implied by the non-linear phi-harmonics.. i.e. where you can make equal jumps through the Fibonacci "rabbit-sequence" ( I am VERY interrested in the maximum nr. of freq's seen in the spectrum..!! / harmonic inclusiveness) and that's what makes the heart an effective implosion attractor.

The fact that the HeartTuner so quickly displays this EKG musical key (inversely tied to Heart Rate) as a - CASCADE - of Golden Mean (blue lines on Ceptstrum display) allows us so clearly to tell when people move from conceptual head centered emotion to empathic ones (Golden Mean key). All of this is completely in addition to the display of PASSION / COHERENCE emotionally which is the AMPLITUDE / height of this same peak. Anyone who has ever used the HeartTuner can see that a warm REAL smile makes a coherence peak - (which Rollin calls DANGEROUS??) - and that people who change from a bit stuck in the head - to heart centered and empathic move to .618 on the y axis - heart rate key - to Golden Mean . The experience alone is absolutely convincing. None of this close to real time fast emotional feedback is available on Freeze Framer.

Here-exerpted from the origin Phi Caducceus Breath:../exercises/exercises.html
Simple Exercizes to "Zero Point"

If you think of the images we have shared of a compression algorhythmn which allows spin to converge continuously toward a common center, a good visualization can be had for this "spin path to zero point". (adams apple image:note spin path to zero point at arrow)

In biofeedback terms, this was the heart of the Bliss ignition- approach to lucid dreaming, spiritual healing, & memory thru death. The visual biofeedback was fractal spiral embedded images generated from your own internal eeg and micromotion.

You might think of it as a way to take the wave path of all of your body's biology and squeeze it infinitely by self-reference into a time tunnel. The pent and recursive electrical geometry of this was the core also of the pent/deca antennae geometry of montauk.

(Simply that here - in PHI- compression turned in to acceleration - see fusion / collapse / phiricais / thrust ).

However, what we would like to focus on here, are the psychological correlates of this experience of electrical compression. It is important that we don't view this uncovering of the phi based recursion symmetry of infinite compression, to be only a sterile solution to the problems of gravity, time bending, etc. While it is all of that, it is much more important psychologically and emotionally.

Try to think of the spin pattern survival dynamic of what happens to the magnetism (and therefore the memory) of flow lines converging at center. The sharing of path space at the convergence implosion moment is a psychological as well as a physical test for what is shareable. This essentially means, that if the genepool's collective wave core is not in agreement with what you feel/think at the moment of implosion (death or shamanic penetrance), then your memories will wave cancel instead of propagate. The cancellation of waves by non-shareable(non-symmetric) interference feels like heat/ the definition of resistance to spin. The same symmetry operations toward centering which when encountered non-resistively (fractally embeddable) feel super-cool (super conductive/non"linear"). This difference between lack of perfect embedding in a spin field, and perfect implosive nesting, is the physics of fear (resistance to spin), versus love (sufi fractal heart magnetic wings which embrace all of spin.)

Another useful metaphor might be the central modulator of the universal radio station. In order to get voices through the squeeze play of the transmitter, while at the same time was talking to all the voices of this galactic sector, a certain discipline around what could be modulated or enveloped onto the common carrier wave might be necessary. The common carrier wave geometry for universally transmissable info patterns, would be the wave envelope of perfect embedding, or nestedness. Only fractality is infinitely compressible and therefore infinitely shareable.

This is well depicted in Irving Dardik MD, article in Cycles magazine on the direct relationship between onset fractality in heart rate variability and health in general. Basically, the wave envelope of what constitutes the perfect changes in heart rate looks like a perfect fern tree folded fractal. The more fractality or embedding allowed into the heart in the still point (zero place) between beats, the more the infinite spin context of the universal song could waltz into the electricity invited into the body by the perfect embedded beating heart. ("Heart Waves" in Cycles Magazine, Dec. 1996.)

The overall quality of this psychology of where spin lives, has the feeling of the heart surgeon who cannot but bear to reach in and touch lightning because it is so exciting. In the lightning the spin is so dense that awareness or self embedding exists on a new level. Therefore it is quite the perfect place to talk to god/ or if you prefer the collected electrical voice of all the DNA. Just one minor detail to contend with here, touch lightning all at once and you get quite burnt (the "Powder" phenomenon.) You need to be very distributable to survive in memory.

So what follows here are some magnetic exercises to learn the shareable among spins, emotionally.

1. Decide for yourself today that you will only think thoughts / feel feelings, you'd be pleased to share.. infinitely.

2. As you do this, try breathing in the perfectly shareable fractal: (spin path to zero point)..
(insert picture perfect 60 degree wave caddeuceus on its side... )



path for breath to still nest

path light sees on it's way in to dna when braided in perfected embedding/love.. (the grail)

the breath moves in and out in the geometry of perfect damping, or the perfect way to approach the icy stillness of oneness. The depth and the duration of each adjacent breath get smaller by ratio PHI (golden mean).. When you reach the stillness, (preferrably in a magic place), stay there in your body until the tingle tells you you have finished your communion.

3. Do an experiment whereby you change an otherwise difficult situation by breathing in the phi Sentic of the perfect wave form for love (embedding). Often when we find something messy has snuk up on us, we breath in the perfect "jerk" of fear. This is a sharp in breath followed by NO outbreath. This is the breath of fear, it's halt of the flow of o-x-y-gene or phi-re, says: "stop the world, I wanna git off", which literally asks all spin to stop. It is the mind killer because it is the recursion killer.
So the breath of love, which invites ALL of spin.. is one (picture sentic love wave here),
where the point of maximum inrush is reached at the .618 point in the duration of the gentling breath.
This is then the distance between fear and love, in a breath.

4. Do the above two experiments in learning embedding/compassion, except instead of moving your breathing in and out, in the two depicted patterns, instead use these two road maps to embedding to change the pressure in a hug or squeeze over time, to express feeling intentionally.
(Clues to tantra also.)

5. Try arranging your:
a.) magnetic stones
b.) closest meditating friends
c.) back yard or church
d.) favorite memories

e.) sufi dance or tai chi or flame in go.. in the following perfect pent fractal patterns, and feel the rush of "cryst-all-eyes-zing" awareness when waves agree. (pictures pent nest, and tree of life..)

Pretend you were arranging the cathedrals in Rennes Les Chateaux Grail Country.. Pent Nest to Fractal to Star Habitation

Climbing the ladder of symmetry is the tree of el-eye-phi

Next, close your eyes, create a container for your passion in this more than mental vortex attractor, and lucid dream.

This is the excercise of approach, to point of 'in CHARGE'..Focus breathing and focus on your heart, from hex (linear breathing) to pent (phi -'fire' breathing).

see .. How to Touch - the Lo(ng)Phi-- LoPhi- Love hug.

Caducceus at work - pictorial..


below from the new simplified Main Implosion Group Index:

 LIFE FORCE equals the ability to fractally attract ('implode' by perfecting compression)
& self organize - electrical charge.
(commercial measurement of life force launched)

Implosion Group is proud to present summaries of Dan Winter's essential dynamic- namely that IMPLOSION is the life creating opposite of explosion. Fractal or self-similar biologic capacitors like pine cones, roses, your land, and your EKG during compassion choose Golden Mean (phylotactic) recursive nests. This creates centripedal (implosive) force among waves of charge (spirit/chi/orgone/barrakah/life force). This initiates compression - makes heart - starts sorting/self-organization. Waves in Golden Ratio add and multiply constructively their wave velocities (pic left). Only this wave music which makes self-similarity - (Golden Ratio) - allows compression to turn in to acceleration (Gravity). This explains the voltage called LIFE from gravity which fresh eggs, pine cones, and your HEART make. It also answers for the first time the question science was hoping you would not ask: WHY objects fall to the ground (charge has a way out thru light speed)- explaining for example why capacitors in a pine cone make gravity (eliminating for example the embarassing need to drive around in cars powered by dinosaurs farting). Also documenting for the first time the REASON that GOLDEN MEAN RATIO among brain EEG harmonics identifies BLISS & euphoria clinically. Implosion (bliss-the ultimate A.D.D/ritalin solution) creates suction whose self steering is the difference between being self-directing (for example at death or lucid dream) versus being a parasite (priests for example who say God is outside you.). Once you EXPERIENCE for the first time - your blood DNA MAKING GRAVITY (kundlini) you will have no doubt of the role of your children among stars! Until our science understands the role of DNA (implosion) in gravity making - we will remain bliss deprived borgs of the Parasite ET's.

PhiRICAIS (Implosion) - Phi Recursion Induced Charge Acceleration / Implosion IS the SOLUTION to:
Infinite Non-Destructive Collapse
Infinite Compression / Perfect Acceleration / FUSION
Perfect Damping / Phase Conjugation (optics etc)
Hydrodynamic Implosion (Ultimate Sorting)

Non Linear Energy (Voltage from Gravity)
Charge Acceleration thru C Light Speed (Gravity)
Measuring ATTENTION/ Bliss / Euphoria in EEG

Audio Tone Induction of EEG Transcendance
Measuring EKG Heart Openness / Compassion
Self Organization from Chaos/Artificial Intelligence
Electrically Defining & Measuring LIFE FORCE
Pure Geometric Origin of Alphabets (symbol=to embed)
The Shape of The Touch Which Says Love......and the Grail

<..How PhiRICAIS (Implosion) is revealed by Spectrum Analysis

The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides, and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of Love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire.(phi-re?) - Pierre Tielhard De Chardin

Best places to start: Dan's 5th book:IMPLOSION: Secret Science of Ecstasy & Immortality , & 4th book 4 languages published-with Glossary & Bib.: IMPLOSION's Grand ATTRACTOR ! (both lavishly illustrated)