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What is The New Science which makes PEACE-MAKING teachable as a scientific language?

1. The SCIENCE of PEACE in the HEART: Years of work with the spectral analysis of heartbeats has revealed that indeed, the electrical geometry (coherence) of the peaceful heart - is found in the rose like symmetry of a 'fractal' at the moment of most emotional openness. (please see : ) .

The principle suggested is that an electrical geometry based on perfect nesting or embedding of magnetic lines - predicts measureably when heart's are compassionate and at peace.

2. The SCIENCE of PEACE in the LAND: Years of work with professional feng-shui and geomantic people lead us to the discoveries of Professor Phil Callahan. He showed that simply measuring the when the magnetic flow was blocked in the soil, was a meaningful predictor of where WAR would break out. Conversely, where magnetism had 'touch permission' (flux permissivity) in the soil - THERE YOU COULD PREDICT WHERE PEACE WOULD BREAK OUT. (please see: EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD REGIONS OF WEAKNESS PREDICT SITES OF WAR )

3. Peace in the MIND: Replicated research from the Russian Korotkov, and the Monroe institute showed that BRAIN wave harmonics during the moment of bliss and euploria (extreme PEACE) were ALSO exactly related by the symmetry of perfect (Golden Ratio Embedding).BrainPhire?Fractal Golden Ratio Harmonics in BrainWaves as Mechanism of Euphoria / Active Visualization / Bliss?

In summary: we now know that the self-organizing centering force which this geometry of perfect FUSION m creates, is the essence in principle of what makes WAVES stable and sustainable - AND THEREFORE THE ESSENCE OF PEACEMAKERS SCIENCE.

We below suggest in the curriculum how to translate these principles:

- perfect embedding or nesting allows the maximum number of waves to touch non-destructively - and THIS IS PEACE. Peace in the place of maximum AGREEMENT among both waves and people. AND THIS AGREEMENT CAN BE TAUGHT IN THE PERFECT COMPRESSION WHICH FRACTALITY OR SELF-SIMILARITY CREATE.

From Inya L'Orange: "Science of Touch Makes Peace"

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Cranio-Sacral Skill to Touch -'Non'Destructively - Becomes a SCIENC OF PEACE

"When we touch non-destructively and with intent - we restore symmetry, we invite HARMONY into the body. We create a STILLPOINT - and thus - we allow for PEACE in the body. "Peace Em-BODIED". We transform the consciousness in ALL our cells.

One peaceful cell influences all its neighbors in all directions. We will instantly extend this peace - this level of consciousness to land, cultures, and fellow Earth citizens. This establishing of symmetry, harmony and PEACE inside - allows us to choose COMPASSION, and to CHOOSE PEACE.

In this way, we MAKE LOVE VISIBLE.

The capacity of HARMONICS give the Heart WINGS - From explaining BLISS to EXPERIENCING BLISS. Hand's ON - with TOUCH. Love itself IS perfectly CONSTRUCTIVE compression.

Our World Can Touch PEACE Outside Just As Wave's Touch Inside Human Bliss

Extending the Sacro Cranial Ideal

(Simple Human Focus Brings Body Waves into "Phase" Making Touch Sustainable)

to Making Cultural Peace

Based on the Sacred Geometry of the Symmetry of Perfect Touch..


Curriculum - Managing Chaos with Heart

"FRACTALITY" - Perfect Embedding - Is Natures Perfect Path OUT OF CHAOS!


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 Practical Introductory to Sacred Geometry

- The Business of Perfect Distribution..

"PHI-lo-tactics = Maximum Exposure (Perfect Sharing of Resource) with Minimum Superposition (Least Interference)."


GLOSSARY: Making Light of Word: Sacred Geometry's-Physics of Self/Reference as Consciousness Glossary:

SYLLABUS.: Concise Outline of 'Pure Principles' Behind Unified Field in "Business of Oneness"


The ONE Force

Defining LIFE Force

Purposing Human / Business Systems

The Nature of Consciousness:

To "Self-Refer" = To "Self-Embed"

= To Be "Self- Aware"

Heart Intelligence:

Electrical "Center of Gravity"

Creates Emotional -

Center of Purpose

What is Learning?

Is Learning Necessary?

Embed or Die - To Adapt is to Embed.


Their Electrical Nature -

Transcendant / Uplifting Purpose

& Practical Application

Understanding CHAOS:

(Introducing Fractality)

Complete SACRED GEOMETRY index-

A "GOLDEN" Path -


Fractality: Perfect Data Compression


Compassion: Perfect Shared Space for Feeling


and - Business Environments:

Feng Shui / Energy Management -

Constructive Application of Emotion / Fractality and "Charge" Conservation

(see: Geomancy, Feng Shui, Bo-Biology, Grid Engineering.. )

TO EMBED which is TO INHABIT - Requires NESTING in the FRACTALITY of both Space/Light and TIME: The Science of-




Photons and the Psychology of "Light Body"..

Moving Thru LIGHT - Speed:

in DNA and Human Emotion....

Lucid Imagining / Dreaming as

the Creative Forming Force.

Ensoulment / Moving into Time Itself!

Understanding DNA - The Wave of Life:

Geometry of Embedding in Genes -

Genetic Engineering "Inside Out" is Self Empowered!

Relaxation / Biofeedback / Concensus Process

Solutions to Produce AGREEMENT by bioentrainment in Business.

To Relax Into, is to Embed, is to Inhabit or FEEL FOR is to "Steer the Wave"

Neurofeedback - Brain & Heart Coherence as Memory. (Heart Intelligence:)

Lead to Self Empowered Solutions to Addiction, to Attention Deficit, and to Lack of Bliss.

Love - as "PHI-lo-TACTICS" in action

for Business

Perfect Embedding / Sharing

versus: The Golden Mean / PHI


 Applying Pure Symmetry to the Life Giving Business of "BioGeometry":

Geomancy, Feng Shui, Bau-Biologie, Grid Engineering..

Bau-biologieUSA - BioGeometry



This is the essence of PEACE MAKING.. Symmetry Teaches Waves and People HOW TO SHARE..

Implosion is Perfect Touch Inherent to the very Spiritual Nature of Perfect FUSION!



The Heart EKG Voltages LEARN Bliss - The Result of Perfect Compassion / Compression without Pain..

Perfect Implosion =

Inner PHIre / Fire

To be Self- Similar (Fractal) , Feeling Inside the Same as What is Felt Outside =

Able to Self - Refer =

Able to Self - Embed =

Able to be Self - Aware !


Fractality =

Embedability =

(Non-Destructive) Compressibility =

Turning Inside- Out ness =

Scale Invariance =

Spin Density =

Information Density =

Charge Density =

Sustainability =

Share-Ability =

Marketability !


Intention: to Launch as part of International Institute of Inclusive Science ("I.I.I.s" )

- An International University for The Science of Peace.

The original inspiration for a new university to teach the Real Science of Peacemaking, arose in conversation with Inya L'Orange and Dan Winter. Inya teaches a form of the Sacral Cranial Pulse work, which used human touch with focused awareness, to align and sort (phase cohere) the waves in the spinal pump. A therapist traces by a light touch on the skin, the focal point of pain, and often measureable produce sorting and healing of the waves in the viscera. (Research suggests that depression is eliminated if the spin liquid pumping becomes coherent.) Dan Winter teaches the 'Sacred Geometry' of touch based on EKG harmonic analysis, and the wave shapes for emotion documented in the research on music ("Sentics" from Manfred Clynes).

The convergeance between these two fields, produces an amazing simple science of what it is to make peace - among waves and among magnetic fields, and among people. Dan and Inya and a wonderful core group of sponsors have agree to found a University to Teach the Science of PEACEMAKING, as a result. (Preliminary Curriculum outline - Ref 1. ) . In simple terms, the geometry which allows the lines of pressure in coherent touch to create stabilization among waves (healing), is exactly the physics of what allows magnetic fields in the land to become stabilized and fertile. In many ways this is an essence of FengShui and Geomancy. If we apply this idea to how you make peace among warring nations, there are some incredible opportunities to heal our world. Namely, Professor Phil Callahan has suggested that since you can often PREDICT where a war will break out based on loss of conductivity / symmetry in the magnetic lines across the land, therefore there is in principle a way to fix it. ( Ref.2 ). Specifically, the science of making the waves of magnetism "TOUCH PERMISSIVE" (which is the same as 'NON-DESCTRUCTIVELY COMPRESSIBLE - literally fractally able to SHARE space), IS the activity of making peace. This skill which the touch therapist understands coheres the body, also can cohere villages, and the land itself. The principle is simple: WATER FOLLOWS MAGNETISM, FOLLOWS SYMMETRY, FOLLOWS FOCUS (coherence), FOLLOWS AWARNESS, FOLLOWS INTENT. These principles form the 'Sacred Geometry' for a new science of what it is to make peace. It is a science, and can be practices by measurement: Hearts can be measured to COHERE and make PEACE, TOUCH can be measured and taught to make PEACE in the body, and MAGNETIC KEY LINES can be measured and re-aligned and taught to make PEACE in the land. In simplicity - PEACE is where waves learn to agree to SHARE. With modern tools to measure the best way for waves to SHARE space (coherence), there is no reason why we cannot teach warring generals to touch hearts, on land that has been healed of magnetically destructive harmonic interference, as the perfect prelude and foundation on which to build PEACEMAKING. ......... Dan Winter


You can read more about the Science of Peace at

Here- The Curriculum for :WORLD TOUCH University for Peace - The Musical Symmetry of TOUCH forms a Science Which Defines PEACEMAKING

Is the EKG Wave Itself a Heart Link to Physics of PEACE?


Does The Prize of PEACE Depend on Understanding the Pure SCIENCE of What Peace IS ?

'World Peace Flame': The Natural Result of Heart's in Agreement on 'Phi-Re'

How the Geometry of Pressure in Your TOUCH - Predicts the Harmonics of EMOTION IN MUSIC- & LOVE?

Letter to the UN:Genetically Modified Foods-Threaten the Physics of COHERENCE (& Ensoulment?) in DNA

TRANCEanDANCE-Biofeedback Harmonics as Bliss Making Solutions to Addiction and Attention Deficit


Global Vision informs us that the Science of Peace in the Heart becomes a teachable science of Peace on the Land and in the World. The research centers in the Netherlands and elsewhere, have shown that Heart EKG Harmonics can measure coherence and peacemaking in individual hearts. Using the principle that water follows magnetism follows symmetry follows awareness, it becomes clear that human bliss and joy are sustainable when this 'fractal attractor' of the heart principle, is applied to environment and the land.

On June 9th, the focus for the day is about IGNITING Compassion is compression that results from perfect sharing. This is the igniting principle which creates implosion or fire/'PHIRE' in the heart and the blood.

On June 10th, we will extend our focus on GERMINATING and CULTIVATING the seeds with this inner fire. To sustain growth, our seeds of wholeness need an ongoing process, creating an institution which grounds and provides a container for this co-creative effort.

A core group has already convened and here offers their dream intention to create AN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FOR THE SCIENCE OF PEACE at this appropriate time during the climax of the Seeds of Wholeness Conference. International groups from Norway, Netherlands, Germany, US, and the UK have already committed to this project. Sponsoring groups for ongoing international conferences include:,,,,,, www., and others. (Secretary: W. BRADSTREET STEWART, SACRED SCIENCE INSTITUTE,, )

We are inviting you to join in the formation of an ongoing University of Inclusive Science. In addition to this follow-up event in the Netherlands, a Conference is planned for July in the beautiful countryside outside of Munich, Germany and another near Oslo, Norway later in the year.

Mission Statement:

What is new about a University for the SCIENCE of Peace?

Peace begins in the Heart. This is ancient knowing. Today's science has ways of now teaching how to make peace in the heart measureable and teachable. We have used harmonics to find that the EKG of the heart becomes COHERENT and harmonically EMBEDDED when you FEEL at peace. This ordering of the heart harmonics is easily exoerienced with biofeedback when people see that FOCUS in the heart, and awareness of love and compassion, create the 'singing of the heart' which we measure as COHERENCE.

The new information, is that this science of what makes the electricity of the human heart STABLE and SUSTAINABLE, is truly identical with a new and teachable universal science of WHAT IT IS TO MAKE PEACE. When the heart learns the skill to be INCLUSIVE, this process of getting the MOST HARMONICS included in the EKG is called "Heart Rate Variability" or HRV. Medical literature is very clear, that 'FRACTAL' or inclusiveness in the frequencies contained in the heart, truly define the end of most chronic disease and possibly aging itself! ( ). What we have learned is that the electrical geometry of the heart which learns to be fractal and sustainable, has actually learned how FEELING can share space, making the non-destructive compression possible, which appears to be IDENTICAL WITH THE VERY NATURE OF COMPASSION.

Recent Russian research ( ) has shown that brain wave harmonics 'embed' by the Golden Mean ratio (~ .618) during euphoria or bliss. The HeartTuner ( ) has shown that often when people become coherent AND feel openness or wonder of empathy, their EKG harmonics ALSO choose that perfect golden ratio of embedding. This corresponds to the ability to ('fractally') ATTRACT and SELF ORGANIZE CHARGE, which becomes a new and radically revealing DEFINITION OF LIFE FORCE ITSELF.

The SCIENCE OF PEACEMAKING, recognizes the magnetic relationship, between Hearts which are fractal and joyful, with what makes that charge of life, sustainable in the land and culture. Professor Phil Callahan ( ) documented that often you can predict where a war will break out, based simply on whether there is enough magnetic symmetry (paramagnetic stone circle / feng shui / labyrinth /) to make MAGNETISM FLUX PERMISSIVE in the soil and land. In other words, if magnetic lines get lost and dizzy, because there is not enough symmetry in land and hearts, then the people who inhabit that land FRACTIONATE . Peacemaking IS the difference between FRACTIONATION (breaking up connectivity) VERSUS FRACTALITY (embedding into coherence by non-destructive compression).

Another simple way to say this is to recognize that powerful charge rich bliss or euphoria experiences are unsustainable, unless your backyard or garden is FRACTAL. This means simply that rearranging the magnetic lines in your land to look like a rose instead of like tangled knots, is what feeds your roses.... AND feeds the politics of peace.

Another example of the science of making peace, becomes experiential when you teach political leaders at war, what it means to link hearts by actual measure of EKG musical fundamental, BEFORE you negotiate peace. ( ). This applies to empathy training by heart link up, and corporate concensus process by heart as well.

Now that we can have a working scientific definition of WHAT PEACE IS, peacemaking as a science becomes teachable. Peace is what happens when waves agree! Waves agree when they embed or nest inside each other, so that all can sustain, yet none are destructively interfered. The fact that this physics emerged from Heart EKG discovering health and longevity - evidences that we can apply it to land engineering, and the political process of making peace. Perfect nesting was discovered by nature and called PHYLOTAXIS based on golden mean ratio perfect packing and unpacking. Confirmed now in the Heart EKG discovering compassion, we can apply it to the principles of peacemaking between families, and nations. These principles are outlined in more detail at .

The convening coeur group of our Univesity for the Science of Peace, invite you to join us in the curriculum and science of peacemaking. Leaders from countries all over the world, have joined us - and we are grateful for the fire in your heart joining us- as we nourish this flame.