Sweet Ecstasy:

The Difference between Chemical Sugars versus:

The Natural Biological "Sweetness" of the Ecstatic Process, & How to Achieve it

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The CHEMICAL Meaning of Sweetness is a measure of Braiding (Hydrocarbon Bond Braid Density). If the source of the FOLD shape in the braid is richly embedded with the actual SHAPE of NATURE, then the sweetness will add CONTEXT RICHNESS / True Fractal / Grounded / Embedding to you. If on the other hand the context of shape in the Braids were simply added mechanically (factory produced), then the spin added to your body will soon create destructive interference (smoke up your fire). Take Nutrasweet for example, there is spin in the helix there, but so out of context and unembeddable (actually the wrong symmetry -goes down the up staircase), that it quickly cancers.. (../nutrasweet )

Eating lifeless braid (factory source sweetness) is something like feeding the body Schumann resonance from a "Tesla Watch" - or giving a baby a "pacifier". At first the pseudo - pretend source of spin nourishment satisfies, but soon there is weeping because the container was there but empty.

True embedding / context richness - like true love, the REAL sweetness of the peas or the raspberries properly embedded in Sacred Ground.....

cannot be imitated because SWEET braiding's true essence is it's absolute continuous (fractal) fold embedding with all of nature. Only what has immersed itself in the shareable phires of all that spins - thrives here. (Having made the EL - phase shift- into the EYE -focus of PHI - recursion, Ele-eye-ph(i) - "life" force..)

The sweetness which for example comes from the body of your lover during bliss, is an appropriate and ultimate cellular communion of UV & charge which can ONLY result from genetic and spiritual hygiene necessary to PUT THAT SPIN DENSITY there - available to share in the first place. If the charge density (bliss) is hi enough, star maps can enter your bodily communion - Angel Maps - Tantra and Star Navigation - Kundalini: A Web Conversation (and/ or read more on Capacitance as the Cat's Cradle for Gravity - Science & 'Physics of Consciousness' Based on Sacred Geometry )


I would like to share with you some thoughts on how energy metabolism in the body produces sweetness, and how munching on sweets smokes up that fire. Habitual/addictive kind of behavior to things like dairy and sugar will actually shorten the nervous system's evolving connection to the ethers.

For example, I consider that a fire in the blood (also called song in the blood) is particularly at issue in the Jewish and many indigenous blood lines, the lightning from genes to Moses and starseeds, etc. So it seems that personal habits which seek the "permission to taste the sweetness" inappropriately can actually deflect the evolution of the soul, and even the group soul or egregor.

This may sound overly serious but look at the urge for the ecstatic as it manifests in drug use. This is often the life issue for the soul. There is a deep knowing in the cells that participating in ecstasy is a life or death matter. This is because without ecstasy the field effect wiring which connects the cell to its "central computer" has no high frequency "baud rate" carrier wave on which to envelope or modulate a "call home." In other words, no ecstasy means no information umbilical cord to the home office. Which translates to the death of the platoon. You don’t get a sharp tone, ringing ears, bright room tapping resonance in the nervous system when there is smoke in the biological blue fire...

So while the urge to ecstasy is correct and necessary for cells and people, how it gets done is survival related.

In order to understand the chemistry of ecstatic process, and how diet steers it awry, let’s consider "normal" ecstasy first. You have evolved from metabolizing reassembled mother's proteins (dairy) to building your own long wave identity (called weaning). (The mucous response is the digestive wall lining confused about self vs not-self, so it tries to avoid digesting itself with a lining of mucous. There is no such confusion with simple foods like grains and veggies, only dairy, meat and sugar).

In a state of good health, short chain building blocks, whole grains and the right mineral rich veggies from the soil’s chi, serve metabolism. The cell is like a snake charmer taking in food/raw material. The energy of food is massaged as envelope to very short wave high quality ultraviolet light. Biophysically speaking, the UV light literally drives metabolism. It is none other than "blue fire." The UV burst which accompanies cell replication is evidence of this. This is the blue fire which Reich called orgone.

High quality attention (very focused and resolved) is the only charmer capable of moving the snaking blue fire. Only this touch on the still points cups the moving wave of biology’s fire. Remember, fire is a name for pressure which converges because of pattern. This is a very precise description of matter and mind and memory. So that the maintenance of quality in the inner fires is the only access to in-form-ation which the mind truly has! (In electrical terminology this is called impedance matching.)

Now, suppose you had a good nights sleep, you had fresh fruit in the morning. You drank only hi-energy spring water which you supplemented with blue green algae and minerals. The protein complexion of your mixed whole grain breakfast was exquisite, lunch was lentils, quinoa, fresh juiced carrots, broiled salmon, dinner was miso, seaweed, brown rice, fresh lightly steamed veggies. You breathed only pine forest real air all day, you had a rest in the woods, you were feeling loved, you had some good real water hydrotherapy, the stars were crossed, and you began to meditate (with good pelvic tilt) before sunset.

Now in this scenario, there is a high probability that the pumping action of the coherent heart sonics on the clear fluids of the spine would drive some very sweet wonderful nectar to the very top of the brain crown. This can be tasted on the back roof of the tongue. After years of this experience the flavor of the nectar which drips will be consciously related to the diet hours earlier. The gates which pump ecstatic orgone blue up the spine are particularly open if tantric or erotic but orgasm conserving sexuality has the lower glands open and stimulated, but not drained.

The process of the sweet nutritive dripping blue fire ecstatic juices to the brain top causes growth explosion to the super cortex, increasing conductivity and baud rate to the phase lock of the optical hologram with matter, thus driving up dream weaving power and psychokinesis (among other evolutionary desirable). The rising kundalini force also becomes noted by the earth grid as a rose bush would notice it’s own flower. The new rooting of geomantic flow through the ecstatic human can produce impact on weather, clouds, and the cleansing of undigested emotion in the gravity bloodstream of the geographic region. This can be enhanced by group ecstatic ritual process, as tribal, or sacred dance or movement weaves membrane.

There is a natural drive to reach ecstatic moment in humans because it is a required path to the next evolutionary directive of the human nervous system. The onset coherence in the brain cavity’s superconductive fractal attractor eventually reaches the light focusing stage which creates galaxies.

The desire for sweet food is a deliberate attempt by the nervous system to artificially create the outcome of ecstasy. Unfortunately, if the long waves of carbohydrate we call sugars are poured into the upper brain, while the taste is there for the short run, the glop puts the fire out. Eyes stop twinkling and dullness reigns. It is like the dog salivating for the picture of the food instead of the food itself. Unconsciously we know that joy and love are sweet, but lacking the real thing we clog up the bodies plumbing with stickly junk which can permanently extinguish the flame of consciousness.

In information theory, long waves are context rich shapes touching bigger worlds. The long of waves of sugar, out of context, are poison to a mind needing to touch larger worlds. Only the long waves of true joy writhing passionately up the body can reach out actively and touch whole planets and galaxies.

The person experienced in true ecstasy declines sweets not out of some abstract concept of bad food, but out of a genuine personal experience that better tasting sweetness will happen if real chi food is eaten instead. Ecstatic sweetness makes ice cream’s sweetness taste lousy by comparison.

The problem arises when the habit of seeking sweet artificially instead of building your own long waves (self/not-self) become so engrained, and the body so mucous clogged, that no hope remains to light the real fires. Imagine the sadness of your spiritual Guardian Angel watching the joy potential in twinkling eyes turn into "The Sugar Blues."

Making the choice to change a pattern of discipline is as much surrounding yourself with the "right stuff" as it is resolving what not to eat When the hungers for joy start burning, don't smother them with sticky ersatz, feed them with real ecstatic sweetness.

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More on just how the electrical implosion in the Golden Ratio Concentric Worm Zipper Core of DNA - into heterodynes faster than light - may be a useful model for - life force and the spiritual mechanism of communing. (the ultimate recursion in a 'sweet' Braid?)

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The main point is that 1.618 is also the ratio of the DNA structure and is the only ratio that allows complete information or geometry to cascade down the harmonic series without destructive interference (acheiving perfect fractal "implosive' data/wave compression) - spin path to zero point.

One 360 degree turn of DNA measures 34 angstroms in the direction of the axis. The width of the molecule is 20 angstroms, to the nearest angstrom. These lengths, 34:20, are in the ratio of the golden mean, within thelimits of the accuracy of the measurements. Each DNA strand contains periodically recurring phosphate and sugar subunits. There are 10 such phosphate-sugar groups in each full 360 degree revolution of the DNA spiral. Thus the amount of rotation of each of these subunits around the DNA cylinder is 360 degrees divided by 10, or 36 degrees. This is exactly half the pentagon rotation, showing a close relation of the DNA sub-unit to the golden mean.