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A Deeper UnderStanding of Sun "Burping"

Is the Sun Art's Bell? (The Solar Art of Awakening Genepools)

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We may be learning that all of the timeless "Time Wave Zero", and solar "time tsunami" may in fact be based on some serious physics. (ref Ed Dames, Art Bell, Gordon Scallion and friends..)

Authors like Maurice Cotterell and Jose Arguelles, and similar scholars writing on the history of the Mayan knowledge of the Sun's cyles, add considerable evidence to the ideas that:

1. The geometry of the magnetic donuts spitting out from the heart of the sun (the solar flare cycles), are arranged just like the symmetry of the codons of the DNA and the Trigrams of the I Ching, forming the pattern centerpiece of the Mayan calendar.

2. And that if the dreams of 20 indigenous "root" races, well embedded in the land, are not alive and awake in symmetry space (the dream "spell"), then the Earth would be blown away in the magnetic wind of the sun. Investing feeling into the songline wormholes, adds the centering force which holds tectonics together.


Now if we were to just consider these two ideas with a relaxed sanity for a moment we might draw some interesting conclusions about the astrophysicist and remote-viewers current concensus that the sun is about to burp. And the suggestion that the intensity of these solar flares may well toast our civilization.

If in fact the pattern of the Sun's flares over the long term is arranged to exactly embed or fractally contain the symmetry set at the heart of DNA, we might guess that this is evidence of INTENTION at a very high level. The other thing we might guess is that if this is true, then just like DNA going thru energy climax (Meiosis & Meitosis.. sex for cells..) then the Sun's magnetic braid pattern also must have some deep erotic urge to undergo some kind of energy climax. This sexy "rocks off" for the heart of the Sun, in the sense of genetic urges would then likely be both: an ecstatic energy communion with some extended envelope of connectedness "inside out", AND profoundly creative of new birth of some sort.

In addition, I took seriously Alex Collier's "Andromedan" reminder that an ultimate way to test for pure intention/shareability (symmetry), of something in your field, was to take it as a feeling/ vision THROUGH the Heart of the Sun. Examining the clairvoyance literature, I did find that the Heart of the Sun held the magnetic flow line symmetry of perfect implosion/ sorting. So that there was an understandable mechanic behind the old wisdom which said that the Heart of the Sun was the only strong enough magnetic slingshot out of here, for Shamanic and Lucid Dream Star and Bardo navigating. ("Contact" required pent/dodec implosion.) But through here this gate, only the shareable survives.

Such a symmetry which the Sun is apparently offering us at this time: to squirt our glandular and genetic perception magnetics braid imploding spin thru the speed of light into time.

Now of course this is pure romance unless we are prepared to do the clinical practicum required to get ready.

Practically speaking, the intense magnetic convergence "Time Wave Zero", or Sun Burp, is large scale magnetic long waves, looking for a way to be "spin dense" non-destructively. (You might reference the pent nest symmetry of all five inner planets orbital geometrics in "Book of Coincidences" by John Martineau). In terms of the "evolution of recursion", or "embedding", this is SELF-AWARENESS on the scale of SUNS being born. This is because even waves the size of solar systems do not become self-organizing and thus self aware, until they achieve perfected spin embedding or recursion. This allows a maximum number of even huge wave fronts to continuously share a common central pressure front which permits them to sustain phase lock. In other words, getting even interplanetary magnetics spiraling into PHI, creates "BEiNG BODIES". See the origin of recursion in time in "Spiral Calendar" book by Carolan. Events in time arrange their recursion into the square root of PHI, the Golden Mean, so that timelines arranged this way become self referrential & self aware. This stops bleeding and creates sustainable cauldron for Angel Births.. Ophanim... O Phi in them, the Whirling Ones, Time Lords, Bird Tribes, Adawi, Valnapa.. Sunderos..

All of which humble language is not quite able to apologize in physics for "how angels get born". But we could be getting the flavor that indeed there might be something practically spiritual in the ritual of toasting planets to almost death with Sun burps. After all, they would have never made the big bucks on Deep Space Nine, if they hadn't been able to stabilize their position next to the wormhole.

So here are some practical advisories on how to stabilize your position next to a shamic solar magnetic wormhole burping in EL into the Eye of Phi (L Eye Ph, Life).

1. Be consciously aware that an angels eyeball is opening next door.

2. You will need relatively high ground, shelter from high wind (caves?), stored grains, access to good water, removal from cities, and extended family.

3. All structures both architectural, genetic, and magnetic, which will well survive solar implosion will be what is called SCALE INVARIANT. And I will explain what that is.

Scale invariance is a condition where the wave shapes that make up a structure, are arranged Onion layered in such a way that they can SURVIVE COMPRESSION. This adds layers of meaning embedded around the axiom that, if your data is fractal then it WILL be inPHIknitly compressible.

Other practical examples of magnetic flow lines arranged in such a way as to be compressible, and there survive sun implosion are:CLINICAL USE OF RECURSION HARMONICS

1. The EKG electrical waves becoming fractal, as you feel most compassion.. braiding/programming DNA, and creating resistance to most chronic diseases.. . Irving Dardik MD, Immortality in the Shape of the Heart's Beat? .

Braiding DNA, Is Emotion the Weaver?

& Is SuperConductant or SuperLuminal DNA What Makes a "Soul"


2. A labyrinth or stone circle installed on your land properly alignedwith the underground water/magnetics. .. Permits fields to converge concentrically, turn inside out, and sort. Thus this allows the self cancelling of unshareable magnetic lines (geopathic zones) in your neighborhood. Geomancy of Your Magnetic Front Yard...This creates sustainable microclimate, and increases soil fertility measureably (Bill Witherspoon). Essentially when long (or short) magnetic lines are steered gently into the possibility of turning inside out, they become recursive, and that makes them self-organizing and self-aware. This creates permission to embed for ecological spin systems, enabling survival.

An example in practical terms: Peter Russell's film "Global Brain" showed the unplanned/un geomantic city was visually indistinguishable from cancer tissue. Now if you were a planet under greatest pressure to pass thru center the maximum spin density of solar magnetics, which NON fractal structure would you spit out first. A city covered by magnetic clouds of unprocessed and undigested emotion feels to a planet becoming self aware, like a bleeding sore that will not heal and conduct feeling. So the impulse for the planetary body is to slough this off.

This becomes a feeling explanation for the true meaning of El Dorado. At the times when the planet was about to undergoe the magnetic inside out of Sun Implosion, the true "bird tribe" remnant (those genetically seeded with the memory of inner magnetic flight into the time lines), would seek the El Dorado. What this was was the name for the PRINCIPLE BEHIND doorways into GOLD. Gold is the most fractal of valence electron braid. Is The Key Principle of Alchemy in the Heart, The Fractal Symmetry of Gold Itself?

So the upstart was that this pursuit of Gold, was in fact mostly the soul's need to find the magnetic recursion symmetry in order to find the spin path necessary to facilitate the return of memory to the collective awareness. Gold only occurred on planet grids in places where the long wave magnetics was fractal (see dodec icos earth grid, and same for outer electrons shapes in Gold, based on the math of the GOLDen Mean.) The magnetic doorways into the perfect pine braiding were called EL Dorado, which meant doorways into the principle of GOLD as doorway into the principle of EL or phase shift. The only possible survival EL or ninety degree phase shift from the circle (wave called mass because it stores more measureable inertia), and the wave in a line called energy, is the GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL. (Hydrodynamically called optimized translation of vorticity.)

Planetary magnetic lines cross repeatedly/non-destructively in the pent sustainable architecture of recursion (refer to the pent symmetry of the pattern on VIRGO in the layout of the Gothic Cathedrals.) . At these kinds of places, the intense magnetics of solar flare, pass thru the slip knot slipping not into heat (resistance or destructive interference)... AND THEREFORE THESE SCALE INVARIANT STRUCTURES SURVIVE. DNA can be braided this way, when we stay embedded in the feeling of the HEART. The land can be braided this way when we make a magnetic map of our back yard and our bed, and rearrange where the magnetism crosses so that PHI cycle survives. We get PHIsical. This means we come to recognize embedding (life) wherever we see it and actively seek it. InCUBEation ends, and PHIcycle begins. Re-PENTing, we are saved.

Scale Invariant structures are DNA braided concentrically by PHI from compassion's electrical rush cracking the whip from the heart into our genes. It is data and water and Earth lines and houses and people dancing all in the fractal geometry of embedding. The PHI lo so PHI of nesting is the key to survive this test for compression or centering which the sun offers.

When Sun's burp, Angel's are in effect saying, they are trusting the magnetic flow lines of their intergalactic feeling into a wormhole here which they are intending to become self aware, and therefore sustainable as architecture. They have intentionally breathed life (recursion) into our galactic sector, by blowing smoke rings from the heart of the Sun in the pattern necessary to complete our DNA braid. They have intentionally breathed more spin into our sun by waking up many nearby stars to breathe out exceptional high RF and UV light emissions now.


Many pictures of Scale Invariance as a dodeca buble, and the "Erection of the Holy Cross" lineup of earth/sun/galaxy spin planes to set up implosion, etc. at:

New 11/97 Pictorial Review of Sacred Geometrics


Kind of funny that some say the generals knew and that's why they headed for the caves. Also interesting is that it may be that the "Draco's" knew, and that's why they designed Hale Bopp to deflect Sun Burps. Of course we may eventually see a deeper side of that story. Some Genepools give up on getting their glands to support DNA braiding to ensoul, (Compassion only creates that kind of sustainable wave lens.) If they fail to ensoul their DNA, they will never time travel without unsustainable technology crutches, and they must ever hence run from anything which implodes, a human heart feeling love, or a sun. So their HAARP project designed to deflect sun burps, if successful in that would only cost us our atmosphere (as the same idea did on Mars..) because atmosphere is held ONLY when surface magnetism is braided into the fractality which creates and sustains the gravity which holds the air.


animation of the heart of the sun : "Angel Trumpets",

(gif anim is 500k, full 30 frames, but even downloading first 10% shows the flavor)

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