Sacred Geometry and Antroposophy / Rudolf Steiner..

Making the Connection to Science.. from Electrical Engineer - Dan Winter -index and



Dan Winter- global teacher on the scientific understanding of consciousness and bliss.. presents..

a new look at the teachings of Steiner - confirmed in light of the new science of the electrical nature of LIFE FORCE and bliss..

Dan's teachings on the role of bliss in fabricating immune health, gravity, and biologic sustainability are the essence of his new book IMPLOSION'S GRAND ATTRACTOR.. ( ) - and his training courses offered in many countries. ( )

The original Steiner idea..that PROJECTIVE GEOMETRY is the map for the ETHERIC FORMATIVE FORCES .. is today perfectly borne out as Winter's group documents the projection of harmonics of CHARGE -- as the definition and measurement technique for electrically understanding LIFE FORCE.

Since we now know HOW - 'etheric formative force' is in fact capacitive lines of charge 'projective geometry' - we know exactly WHY life force in biologic architecture is defined by high dielectric constant (generally biologic materials)-

see our world leading biologic architecture full curriculum:
We explain there the problem with plastics has to do with dielectric constant- which is idealized in biologic materials
because charge distribution efficiency is the actual physics behind what Steiner tried to described (without knowing what a capacitor is- unfortuneately-  reich had a similar limitation)
- as  projective geometry in etheric formative force - these words sadly will never have rigor because they do not support the necessary foundation for discipline in communication - namely measurement.

First Picture exerpts for Dan's PowerPoint animated 200+ slide presentation..

connecting the classic STEINER ideas - to modern science in the understanding of the nature of SPIRIT (as spirals of charge) and LIFE itself.

Then further below - we reprint the summary of the current literature on Dan's current research MEASURING LIFE FORCE ELECTRICALLY.. - a TRUE SCIENCE OF SPIRIT..


p 66-73 in Dan Winter's book "Implosion Secret Science of Ecstacy and Immortality
full pdf : - are about steiner physics

has the pictorial - exerpt here:" Implosion and Fractals: Breakthrough for Science of Spirituality & the Sacred, by Dan Winter- for magazine editors (release of English version) -

Tradition has always taught that the rose and the rosy cross of the Rosicrucian's were the key to many spiritual mysteries. Steiner- Waldorf schools have long taught children to visualize a rose inside so clearly that the room fills with the smell of roses.

The new physics explains- that most of the information of olfaction (smell) travels in the infrared - (ref Prof Phil Callahan) - We have seen hummingbirds smashing into the windows of a sealed building trying to access the bliss nectar coming from a lady in bliss- the bliss nectar smell infrared - flowering brain - went thru the window!

The power of understanding how living energy uses shapes like the rose has inspired mystics, poets and spiritual philosophers for millennia. Now science and physics may be using the same rosy geometry for the breakthrough they need to teach about the universe as a living body, the so called "unified field", and the real science behind things like consciousness and spirituality.

The key is the science of Fractals. We have all seen beautiful pictures of fractals – and even noticed that zooming infinitely into a fractal is often a profoundly inspiring even meditative experience. The principle of fractality, in essence, occurs where the inside of a pattern is the same shape as the outside of the same pattern. (This is called "self similarity"). Visualizing this is as easy as imagining an onion, or a fern, or a rose, or Russian dolls one inside the other. Imagining this shape you could focus or zoom inside more and more infinitely and you would always see the same thing – repeating itself endlessly. This is the beginning of the real science of Alchemy: the geometry which allows waves of energy to implode and create centering force.

====== end exerpt see link above...

acknowledgement and thanks to NICK THOMAS for the right hand part of the above and below images!

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Preliminary-First Section: Table of Contents

P 3. Chapter One: Introduction- Science now knows - BLISS- is the only way to health AND immortality!
P 4. Why it is healthy to want Ecstacy
P 7. Politics of Bliss
P 8. Rave Parties and Musical Recipe for BLISS without Drugs
P 10. Real Meaning of SELF - emPOWERment.
P 12. Religion after Miracle or Personality Worship- is really about BLISS
P 13. Chapter Two: How does CREATION Invite YOU to DO it?
P 14. Secret of ATOMS and CREATION out of DONUTS.
P 19. Secret of LETTERS and ALPHABETS and WRITING.
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P 53. Not so Secret Secret of DYING SUCCESSFULLY based in SCIENCE
P 55. Projective Geometry and Etheric Formative Forces from -Waldorf Science -Steiner
P 56. Secret of VISUALIZATION : Creative IMAGINATION Science.
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followed by: the BIOPHOTON reprint on the nature of LIFE - AS PROJECTIVE GEOMETRY of CHARGE (ETHERIC FORMATIVE FORCES..) as in Steiner's vision..

reprinted from

Can Life Force Be Measured in Capacitive Terms?


Using the radiance of the field of electrical charge- capacitively measured by spectrum analysis..


technique originally pioneered by Dan Winter - (data here presented by Implosion Group)



Dan Winter lecture calendar & new curriculm

An invitation to the research community to collaborate. (reprints of this invite privately at )

update new: May 2003- Using spherical capacitor (gold egg below) IS able to measure life force in water: (ability to radiate charge equals ability to radiate the information which organizes biology by orienting the geometry of water crystallization)..

Here we measure power spectra (harmonic analysis) of the weak capacitive field... harmonic inclusiveness / charge density (ability to sustainably radiate charge) = life


also see - by comparison - how duration of charge radiation measures the death bardo...

how charge radiation creates rain

how charge radiation revitalizes cities...

how charge radiation measures life force in general :

Implosion Group - Newsletter ( on web: ) - from Dan Winter's Lecture Tour ( )

New Tool for Measuring Life Force in Water
Complements Original Studies Measuring Life Force in Food (below this update)

Test Series Shows Spherical Capacitor
(Gold Coated Ostrich Egg - weak capacitive field amplified from microvolts then spectrum analyzed)
is Able to Discern Charged Water / LIFE FORCE
& that Data is Replicable


1. Early Data Showed Harmonic Inclusiveness Predicts Viability / Survival in Heart Data ( )

2. D.Winter evidences Harmonic Inclusiveness Predicts Viability in Everything Living, and Further that Harmonic Inclusiveness is Precisely Optimized in Golden Mean Ratio . ( , , )

Further that Golden Mean Ratio in Power Spectral Emission identifies successful compression
- a.) predicting the moment of self-organization from chaos
- b.) predicting the creation of gravity from capacitors (charge compression becomes acceleration when symmetry is self-similar) -
- b.) predicting Euphoria / Peak Experience / onset of Attention.( in EEG) / onset of Compassion/Compression (in EKG) - ( , , , )

3. D.Winter presents repeated evidence that measuring the charge radiance - capacitive field power spectra replaces biophoton technology in more elegantly meauring life force in food ( )

4. Now (new) - D.Winter presents new data here from repeated samples taken weeks apart - spherical capacitor measuring charge density - can measure life force in water - replicably. - - here-

The concept reviewed: It has long been known that the Kirlian Photo and the GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) were a way to map the shape of the capacitive field of charge which was providing the orienting function to arrange biological liquids into life. It is also self-evident that the sensitive crystallization (Steiner Technique), water drop experiments, and such techniques as Immoto's work with water crystals shape revealed during freezing - were all techniques to make the shape of the field of charge of the liquid visible. ( It is also clear that the measurably faster than light propagation of the gravity field measured using capacitors - proves the physics of astrology is simply to map the projective geometry of the charge field capacitively.) The resolution of the problem then of quantifying and measuring LIFE is the problem of accurately measuring the order and COHERENCE of the electrical field of charge. The amount of life giving information in the charge field is a) coherence , b) harmonic inclusiveness - which is correlated to c) ability to acheive charge COMPRESSION - which IS information density. It happens that self similarity (think of the shape of a pine cone) perfects the implosive charge sucking in process of compressing charge into the acceleration of charge thru light speed called LIFE ITSELF! (explaining how the egg and the pine cone and the EKG during bliss extract voltage from gravity: gravity IS implosive / non-destructive charge compression which self similarity by PHI turns in to acceleration | ).

In summary - while Dr. Popp correctly surmised that the ability to store and emit a photon measures life - (biophoton) - the PROCESS which allows biology to store a photon IS the ability to (fractally) ATTRACT and SELF-ORGANIZE electrical charge. This is why D.Winter extended the Celestine Prophecy definition of LIFE ( All Human Interaction is About CHARGE) - to read more completely - LIFE FORCE EQUALS THE ABILITY TO ATTRACT (Implosive Compression) and Self-Organize Electrical Charge.

It is simple to understand that the weak capacitive charge field is what makes the critical orienting decision at the instant the liquid decides in what angle to join the crystal. (for example the physics of rainmaking - , or of restoring life to cities - ). Biology happens when liquid approaches the tight rope of becoming liquid crystal due to the COHEREing of CHARGE. The physics of sensitive crystallization is therefore totally dependant on the ORDER implicate in the ambient electrical field of charge. Thus LIFE FORCE is determined solely by the ability to compress, store and radiate this capacitive field. ( your Glow is your Charge radiance).

Further- that life happens - when charge compression at center becomes implosive ( evidenced in the pent 5 sided PHI based - self similarity which symmetry identifies everything living). - more at