Adam's Rib, The Seventh 'Seal', Does this Put An Arrow Thru Your Heart?

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this article is dedicated to: a Dream Dancer of the Seventh Fire :

Allen Aslan Heart Wabishkie Ginu*~~ (White Eagle Soaring), (in Austria)
"" <>

"My dreamcatchers and their stories are used in workshops to learn the power of the Circle Way and to absorb the mystery of the spiral. I am a Dream Dancer of the Seventh Fire, which is a prophecy from the Ojibwe people. I am Abenaki, a distant relative of today's Ojibwe. My people stayed in the East to hold the energy (the original name of the people before it was corrupted by the invaders is Waubunakee, "People of the Dawn") while the rest of the people embarked on a 500-year migration through the Great Lakes. The seven prophets who came to them about 1100 years ago intended to keep the flame of truth alive long enough to be rekindled now when the wisdom is needed. Much of what you are teaching about the heart and passion is resonant with that tradition. Now is the time for all nations to choose the path of the spirit, to walk in balance between heart and mind. To choose the present road leads to destruction and this we see in the news, in the reports of global warming, ozone layer depletion, etc. This change of mind to allow for a change of heart is very difficult to accomplish alone. I am finding ways to experience the Original Instructions to love, honor, and respect all beings in the Web of Life, by weaving circles and dancing the spirals. "

And an ode here to the indigenous author of "Seven Arrows" H.Storm..

Re: the 7 energy grids of the heart: (heart muscle layers being in the 7 spin axes of the tetra, pic at Heart of The Sun: Perfecting 7/5 Turning Inside Out Solar Heart Symmetry)

7 Arrows of the Heart and the ' Seven Seals'

7 spins
being the 7 spin axis of tetras in cube,
create literally a containment field..
multiples of 2 harmonics (octaves)
where recursive heterodynes immediately
make DEstructive interference..
thus preventing inertia departure..
is called incubeation...


IT IS OBVIOUS THAT THE 7 "SEALS" are the 7 spin symmetries of the tetra, which when unpacked/understood

demodulated properly exactly produce (largest pic below)

1. the ANU ( ultimate subatomic heart of the quark & therefore hydrogen..)

2. the Heart muscle layers

3. the fusion coeur heart of the sun Heart of The Sun: Perfecting 7/5 Turning Inside Out Solar Heart Symmetry

4. the origins of symbols.. To symbolize is to embed.

5. the pure geometric origin of the rainbow, how color's apparent bandwidth discontinuities result from the photon sorting itself as a donut into 7 tilt

symmetries which survive phase squeezing thru prismatic focus.


And yes, the heart of fusion's pure PHIre is revealed to us when we open the 7 seals...

but that is the physcis of how the heart electrically arranges by fractality sustainably recursive phire (implosive life el-eye-phi force),

this is more than some naieve myth of damnation...:

The Prophet Daniel was told to SEAL UP the book,
and that the meaning of the vision would be revealed
at the time of the end. (See Daniel 12:4,9)
John the Revelator was told to SEAL UP what the
Seven Thunders uttered (See Rev.10:4), as the Seven Thunders
were to be revealed not by John, but would be revealed by the
latter day Lamb at the time of the end.

In Isaiah 29:11-18, we see a book that is SEALED, and the prophecy
promises of a day when the eyes of the blind shall see, and the ears
of the deaf shall hear the words of the book that was sealed.
What Daniel and John were told to seal up, has now been revealed.

From: " seems that a entity standing alone can not define itself......and that our knowing is part and parcel of a web of relations that define each other by relation..... such as musical notes each define the nuance of a harmony.

It seems to me that the Monad is a human generated illusion in that in nature it does not exist. It is what has given rise to the ONE GOD illusion , replacing the older pluralism of gods or forces in concert working together to bring a manifesting. It is this Monad concept which I believe has programmed the human brain wrongly......and caused fixation, and hypnosis to overcome the awake condition necessary to observe, feed, and grow in understanding within the infinite inexplicable. Its acceptance has given rise to Pyramidical arrangements of life to suit devotion to an apex of Authority. Such Principles when accepted into the formatting of the organic computations cause forms of slavery to exist and persist, bringing sorrow to the innate desires of freedom expressed vibrationally from the soul's interface with a cognizant body."

I replied: The concept monad is undifferentiable from the question: what wave mechanic could make a membrane in a unified field
(same question as catastrophy theory:
>how can a discontinuity /quantization arise from the continuity of one compressible medium..
>in order words where did the illusion of separateness come from..

A thought:
>once you impose a boundary condition of any sort on jello, then you have a wave length...
(the first compression separated from rarefaction... wave FOLDS BACK on itself.. a node..

>after that the wave length has to divide evenly into the circumference
>which is called quantum mechanics.. and quantizing in general...

>so we got the illusion that momentum ....(the inertia of that wave found in even whole lengths around its circular path- which measurement of gyroscopic inertia is the only definition MASS -that is separateness in general - has ever enjoyed in Physics)

...was segregated. (SEPARATED).

The psychology of that moment, is retracing spin path back into that fractal worm to first egg.. (the true wormhole track back re-birthing)

>to find what was your intent(vector direction) at that moment you first conceived of yourself to be separate..

>thus informing you when you will be ready to return. (embed fully.. make memories shareable..

Dalai Lama's favorite hot dog: "Make me ONE with everything")

Sun, 23 Jan , replied..."In other words all you are saying if I can distill correctly is that "separateness"
is the illusion Dan and not Unity. Sort of the argument that Parmenides put forth long ago.
But why is it that we must associate consciousness with unity.?"


Dan: Because the first wave occurence of SELF REFERENCE (baby sees herself in mirror)

not only defines the moment of individuation, (am I separate from mommy?)



cooking up elements of symmetry to make symbols..


(solution to the problem of inphiknit multiply connected topology necessary to account for holography.. so many f( little time..)

then the temporarily segregated compressional pressure bubble/1st membrane bobbing in the jello (matter as spin in a circle) is radiated

with it's spin morphic shape non-destructively packed/unpacked

back into perfect connectivity (non-destructive data compression) with the unified field...:

Con(with) s-cious (s spin-c-containerized-i-separated-o-circled-u-pure toned-s-back into spin.. )/literally: con-scious means

as a symmetry sequence: with turning-inside-out/ness.


So why were there 7 steps to completing the turns on the surface of the donut? The number of color regions which can all TOUCH EACH OTHER maximizes at 7 on the surface of the donut moebius (7color map boundary region is golden spiral on that donut, the tilting shadows of which phire singularity we call ' letters '- cookbook to making spin distributable on and between donuts -prepare the field...y..language of light..only way spin can converge-'precipitate'anything=store inertia/create)..

Those 7 color regions (flatland shadow is 7 circuit labyrinth) codefine the 7 spin symmetries of the tetrahedron.. 7 arrows of the heart..

(where the 7th "SEAL" may be opened unpacking the perfect compression/PHIre..)

image is ../heartsun/3hearts.gif article 7 PHIre Heart of the Sun at ../heartsun/HeartofSun.html

What triggers the EKG to get distributable electrical PACKING right, may be the rib or cut or slice into ADAM.'s "side".. Magnetic Vector thru the Heart..7 Arrows..

Compressing here now....

Added to scale invariance: the gravity of self embedding article on 1/20/00 Scale Invariant = Perfect Embedding = Gravity = Self Aware

The difference beween scale invariant wave form data, versus non-compressible image/imagination has a dramatic parallel in computer image processing. That difference is MORE than symbolized by exactly the difference between vector based (Freehand / Illustrator / Flash), versus bitmapped (pic/gif etc.) images. When each line or curve is a vector, and directed essentially by an equation, than the image can be compressed OR EXPANDED to any scale with 'inphknit' resolution. It is the same as relating all the info you try to store in your head by the mind numbing approach of "Trivial Pursuits", versus relating EVERYTHING your learn, to PURE PRINCIPLE. In the latter data storage algorhythmn inphiknit context dependancy makes all data retrievable with using context alone, even with a lo sampling rate as to detail. (DNA=hi signal to noise ratio because of the CONTEXT RICHNESS of phase disciplined braiding). That is why, memories of pure principle last thru death.. 'ensouled' they survive the compression of the 'still point'. That is also why anyone who sells you any device or learning, who tries to secret from you the PURE PRINCIPLE of HOW IT WORKS, actually is disempowering you. (examples: the Catholic Church or the latest silver bullet miracle cure or gadget ).

Subject: Re Adams Rib
From: marilyn pye

"Raphiem asked the meaning of the word rib. In Sumer...the goddess of
life was called En Ti....En meaning lord or lady....Ti was the
Sumerian word for life and for rib.Eve or Havvah is the Hebrew word for
life...eve equals the Mother of Life,when the Hebrews finally wrote
genesis...thousands of years after the events...they borrowed heavilly
from ancient mesopotamian mythologies.hence the confusion with life and
rib and Eve.who is ribbing whome?


Compression's 7th seal comes out of the side(s) of the heart. (a rib of...)

Notice in the below, how Rib... (as in Adam's "Rib" source of Eve -Ieve= word making/wet making/permission to touch {symmetries} So 'Ieve' which D'Olivet translated to make wet or to make word is to take the 7th RIB / 7 spin vectors of tetra make Hebrew letter/ making moments of spin touch possible without creating destructive non symmetry interferance for the touching toroidal domain donut fields..)

is a mistranslation of what is in fact a projection or vector 'FROM THE SIDE OF' ADAM'

(=adom-to make red/make hard/make spin dense/converge as in fold inward to make seed...

subtitle of Hebraic Tongue Restored: 'Origins of the ADAMic Race')


quoting:"Returning to Enki and Ninhursag, we find a possible parallel to the creation of Eve. Enki consumed the plants that were Ninhursag's children and so was cursed by Ninhursag, receiving one wound for each plant consumed. Enlil and a fox act on Enki's behalf to call back Ninhursag in order to undo the damage. She joins with him again and bears eight new children, each of whom are the cure to one of his wounds. The one who cures his rib is named
Ninti, whose name means the Queen of months, (Kramer & Maier 1989: pp. 28-30) the lady of the rib, or she who makes live.
This association carries over to Eve. (Kramer, History Begins at Sumer 1981: pp. 143-144) In Genesis, Eve is fashioned from Adam's rib and her name hawwa is related to the Hebrew word hay or living. (New American Bible p. 7.) The prologue of "Gilgamesh, Enkidu and the Underworld" may contain the predecessor to the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This tree not only contains a crafty serpent, but also Lilith, the legendary first wife of Adam. The huluppu tree is transplanted by Inanna from the banks of the Euphrates to her garden in Uruk, where she finds that:...." end quote


quoting:"Adam's Rib

The grotesque and impossible manner in which the separation of the sexes is said to have been accomplished (as described
in the common versions of the Bible and, in this particular case, in the Masoretic text also) is another example of what may
be done by changing vowels in the old Hebrew text. Read in one way, the work is "rib"; but in another, which has at least as
good a claim to consideration, with the additional advantage of being common-sense, it reads "side." If we interpret this to mean that man was male-female and that Jehovah caused one side or sex in each being to remain latent, we shall not be doing violence to our reason, as we would by accepting the "rib" story."
end quote




Ur-light from, AN-Annunaki.. Urantia.. the reptilian's spin doctor their "celestial surgery" for you.. (gives better PR than 'cloning' borgs)

quoting: "The story of creating Eve out of Adam's rib is a confused condensation of the Adamic arrival and the celestial surgery
connected with the interchange of living substances associated with the coming of the corporeal staff of the Planetary Prince
more than four hundred and fifty thousand years previously.

The majority of the world's peoples have been influenced by the tradition that Adam and Eve had physical forms created for
them upon their arrival on Urantia. The belief in man's having been created from clay was well-nigh universal in the Eastern
Hemisphere; this tradition can be traced from the Philippine Islands around the world to Africa. And many groups accepted
this story of man's clay origin by some form of special creation in the place of the earlier beliefs in progressive

Away from the influences of Dalamatia and Eden, mankind tended toward the belief in the gradual ascent of the human race.
The fact of evolution is not a modern discovery; the ancients understood the slow and evolutionary character of human
progress. The early Greeks had clear ideas of this despite their proximity to Mesopotamia. Although the various races of earth
became sadly mixed up in their notions of evolution, nevertheless, many of the primitive tribes believed and taught that they
were the descendants of various animals. Primitive peoples made a practice of selecting for their "totems" the animals of their
supposed ancestry. Certain North American Indian tribes believed they originated from beavers and coyotes. Certain African
tribes teach that they are descended from the hyena, a Malay tribe from the lemur, a New Guinea group from the parrot.

The Babylonians, because of immediate contact with the remnants of the civilization of the Adamites, enlarged and
embellished the story of man's creation; they taught that he had descended directly from the gods. They held to an
aristocratic origin for the race which was incompatible with even the doctrine of creation out of clay.

The Old Testament account of creation dates from long after the time of Moses; he never taught the Hebrews such a distorted
story. But he did present a simple and condensed narrative of creation to the Israelites, hoping thereby to augment his appeal
to worship the Creator, the Universal Father, whom he called the Lord God of Israel.

In his early teachings, Moses very wisely did not attempt to go back of Adam's time, and since Moses was the supreme teacher
of the Hebrews, the stories of Adam became intimately associated with those of creation. That the earlier traditions recognized
pre-Adamic civilization is clearly shown by the fact that later editors, intending to eradicate all reference to human affairs
before Adam's time, neglected to remove the telltale reference to Cain's emigration to the "land of Nod," where he took
himself a wife." end quote


Here's the confusion of a biologist at least trying to understand the DNA side of the rib story as biblical (who doesn't even know the word rib itself is a mistranslation of THE SEVENTH VECTOR)

(welcome to 'trust the' humor here....first the Sumerian/celtic for Draco/ was a watered down mistranlation

of Draco/Hiburu gene splicing symmetry codes/Hebrew Alphabet, then Genesis in Hebrew is a mistranslation

of Sumerian, then the Hebrew is mistranslated into Aramaic, then the Aramaic is mistranslated into Latin,

then the Latin is mistranslated into English/Angle-ish, and today about 1/4 of the confused population of Earth worships that???)

quoting:"Then, God made Eve from Adam's rib. Genesis 2:20-23. To make Eve, a
female, God may have simply deleted the Y chromosome in Adam's rib
while he duplicated the X chromosome in Adam's rib. God, of course,
is the author and creator of all life. How long did God take to make
Eve from Adam's rib? The Bible doesn't say. What process did God
use to produce Eve from Adam's rib? The Bible doesn't say. God may
have almost instantly made Eve from Adam's rib, just like he almost
instantly changed the staff of Moses into a snake and back again.
Exodus 4:2-4. God may have also used a longer drawn out procedure,
similiar to that used by scientist today in cloning."end quote

What a shameful misinterpretation of what a medium grade reptilian Enlil named Yalweh was doing with his Annunaki genetic engineering symmetry codons Gematriac golem making TakADAMa.. {believe and worship something other than pure principle and YOU TOO can be a borg (Adama) from Orion (Tak)}.

The problem is the children of Ieve will never know who they are until they get past their 'worship Yalweh' myth.. to what it takes to implode/redeem/make superluminally distributable DNA field effects by Emoto magnetics.


Here we get a little closer: adam's rib as life force source,

quoting: "Edin (akkadian edinni) is a Sumerian name for a plain (e.g. Mesopotamia). Earlier sumerian images are pictograms, which
much more explicit to their meaning than the later, more abstract cuneiform. The image for edin is clearly a water jar,
perhaps representing a spring / fountain. In the epic of gilgamesh, which is more ancient than surviving Hebrew texts, the
hero goes to the paradise Dilmun, home of his ancestor Ut-na-pish-tim. Unfortunately, I do not know the translations of
these names.

The title a-dam in Sumerian (as in Damkina) means either husband or wife, and comes from the word for an equal.

The origin of 'Lilith' is also speculated to be Sumerian, c.f. the Babylonian-Assyrian female demon/wind-spirit Lilitu.

In one Sumerian tale the goddess Ninti heals the rib of her father God Enki. Ninti means either the Queen of months, the
lady of the rib, or she who makes live. Likewise, Eve is created from Adam's rib and means 'the living one'. [In the tales of
King Arthur there is mention of Merlin's lover Nineve, the lady eve?]

In the Gilgamesh story there is a creature with a name very similar to the Hebrew for Eve (H wwa). The creature
Huwawa lives in the remote cedar forest and is killed by the heroes Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Unfortunately, little remains of
the full story.

An earlier Sumerian tablet tells of a willow tree (Huluppu), which drifted down the Euphrates. It was found by Anath (the
goddess Inanna) and taken to her garden in Uruk. A dragon (i.e. serpent) had built its nest at the foot of the tree, the
demoness Lillake built her house in the middle of the tree, and the Zu bird was rearing its young in the crown. Gilgamesh
chopped down the tree and the dragon, the Zu bird and Lilake fled.

At the eastern gate of Eden were posted two Cherubim with fiery flashing swords. Cherubim is derived from the
Babylonian Karibu, winged guardians of temple gates. "end quote.

Note cherubum / karibu similarity to CIAKAR, hi reptilian winged Draco.ref: role of Gabriel /Moroni at Jesus conception, and Mormon tablets.. guarding the gold tablets of gene splicer codes, symmetry index ('sacred' alphabet) burnt as magneto toroid domains on stable gold foil, indexed optically for ' translation' with transparent quartz tetra called urim / thummin.


from daily grail ,

Maurice Cotterell, author
of The Mayan Prophecies (with Adrian Gilbert), Supergods and his forthcoming (now out) work The
Tutankhamun Prophecies.
(misplaced? at, found at )

(a review) quoting: "....Maurice Cotterell explained the rotational behaviour
and radioactivity of the sun and its impact on foetuses and therefore its influence on astrology. He
explained the Mayan Calendar and how it mirrored sunspot activity and how this activity also mirrored
the rise and fall of civilisations. (inset comment by dew here: Cotterell is saying Palenque MEANS civilizations fall when solar magnetic patterns cause a catastrophic fall in ovulation/ human fertility) The next part was just breath-taking. Taking the site of Palenque he
gave an analysis of the building itself and worked his way down to the sarcophagus found in a
concealed chamber at the bottom. On the lid of the sarcophagus patterns were etched that seemed to
make no sense, as if bits were missing, although MC believed that they held secrets. It was said that the
truths of the Maya had been hidden from the 'searcher and the thinker' but evidently they overlooked
people who play with jigsaw puzzles! It seems that stories had been encoded in the lid of the
sarcophagus but to decipher them you had to fill in the missing pieces. To do this MC had ingeniously
solved the puzzle. He made a copy of the section of the sarcophagus and put it on a transparency. He
then flipped this copy over and set it down along side the original pattern as a mirror image. Far from
just copying a nonsensical image it completed it and we saw representation after representation of
Mayan mythological symbols appear from the nonsense. MC then ran through a few of the stories
listed on the sarcophagus lid. These included the virgin birth of a great man! In fact not only did some
of these stories relate very closely to Bible stories but MC showed, albeit with a different metaphor, the
same message was conveyed in the tomb of Tutankhamun explaining that Tutankhamun was not the
son of Akhenaten. The tomb of Tutankhamun contained a number of skeletons, one of which was
different to the others. The contents of the canopic jars in the tomb was also different in one case,
carrying goosemeat, the goose being a symbolic representation. MC also suggested that the boy-King
was born of a virgin (essentially Tutankhamun was the Son of God) and also that he was the first
freemason." end quote

I discussed this with Maurice at Glastonbury during my lectures there some years back, where he was kind enough to give me a lengthy tour of his gorgeous color overlay transparency 'animations' of the lid of Palenque. His solar magnetic scholarship was also wonderful. Clearly the link between a certain series of solar 'smoke signal' donuts timing (the mayan calendar's map of solar flare timing), and a cataclysmic fall in fertility must be examined.


(insert image missing here: graph of average sperm fertility count fall off in recent years.. it's a cliff hanger... to make seed requires how to fold ..IN.. seeded by the sun's PHIre..)


We have dealt elsewhere with the virgin birth motif..kundalini ... Moses, Jesus..'Myth of the Birth of the Hero' by Otto Rank.. That is, how to conceal Dad was ET and the electrical trigger to split the donut was a kundalini ecstatic tantric (vestal) communion with that ET.


It need not be racist to plan for quality bloodlines.. to plan for DNA to Phi.. into a sign of the cross Magnetic X..