"Recipe for Schizophrenia:
Christians Learn their Story is Egyptian,
Egyptians Learn their story is Sumerian Annunaki Genetic Intervention:

Finally agreeing on who is Thoth Historically: Ningishidda IS Thoth Hermes AND the 'LINE OF DAVID' AND Quetzlcoatel and Wirachocha?-
IS the Unifying Theme The PHYSICS of CHARGING DNA? (Caducceus = Phase Conjugation) "

Comparitive history of Annunaki Nine- (Egyptian Ennead / Purarich NINE / Palenque NINE / Dante's Inferno 9 / Hopi PESHMEHTEN = WAY OF THE NINE- 'Deep Space Nine' ) originate of most ALL Earth s religions. Making a table of the names for God and family in Sumerian, Egyptian, Babelonian, Greek, Roman, Christian - Hebrew - reveals is it ALL the SAME family? The Sumerian Annunaki political hierarchy was numbered 1 to 9. The Hopi named the gravity wind from Orion - the 'Way of the Nine'- is that the way they came? Does ONE family's DNA problem - ( loss of knowledge how to gather charge into DNA / Nephalim) - in fact pretty much SUMERize EArth history? Can this schizophrenia be healed? ( Summaire of Sumeria means DRAGON, UR means DRAGON- URUassELem/Jerusaem, ibiURU/Hebrew, URUq=Iraq - maybe if we got to the {fractal} uROOT of the problem?)

Is the caducceus - symbol of medicine, DNA, healing and Hermes / Thoth (Ningishidda) - the genetics officer of that family- In fact important BECAUSE it is the PATH for Charge IN to DNA? (becoming the Grail - animated)

You've Got Sail !

Does Your Heart Have Wings?

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This newsetter is about the Dragon / Uru History (Seraphim Family with their fallen DNA - Nephalim - cousins). You are invited to COME TO BUDAPEST! & see Dan teach the history of the Dragon line - AND then visit St Germaine's family base in TRANSYLVANIA! - AND meet and chat with James Hurtak (Ur / dragon, from Tak / Orion)- for HIS view for comparison of this Seraphim Dragon history! - July 27-30 Budapest..- International Conference - with Roger Green, Dan Winter, Tour of Sacred Sites in Hungary.. -info:fengshuiseminars.com

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Bliss- The Final Source of all Education- The Ultimate (+Fractal) Source of Biologic CHARGE-The Atomic Table of Creation - IS IT FRACTAL!-
Questions and Answers.. Very Stimulating Dialog about the Annunaki Problem: Getting Charge into DNA /Blood.

+New Master Spanish Implosion + Sacred Geometry with Dan Winter - Videos Website - Psicogeometria

Uploaded- April 29,07: "Let's Talk About Love"- New Excellent BayFM Byron Bay Australia Radio Interview with Dan Winter, by host Lois Hunt.. Includes- Heart of Healing, and Science of Bliss- Conscious Kids Project.

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now- back to the Comparitive history of Annunaki Nine- (Egyptian Ennead / Purarich NINE / Palenque NINE / Hopi PESHMEHTEN = WAY OF THE NINE - 'Deep Space Nine' ) origin of most ALL Earth s religions:

--In dialog with Janet K. with Dr. Sasha Lessin of enkispeaks.com, Particularly Excellent Summary of the Sumerian Enki Genetic Story from Dr Lessin- reprinted here: Niburu Bred to be Slaves?

We would like to acknowledge the studious days here with William Theaux who in his many web pages-( akhnaton.net , see english version at akhnaton.net/1000/ExTPAn2Rubriq.htm + his collaborators- Daniel Kolos: hermetisme2006.com , horemheb.com, www.bmts.com/~damilos ) published the identity of Akhanaton as the same as Moses (and then Oedipus) - long before Ahmed Osman. Also his collaboration with Charles Pope domainofman.com - who collectively have now absolute (and compelling?) detail on the Egyptian origins of most ALL the major personalities in the (priestly schizophrenia) Jesus myth. (table below )

William Theaux - new major analysis and discussion of THIS article (click here- in French) - "The link which DanW makes between DNA and force of gravity is remarkable - and maybe so brilliant that I do not dare to deal with it at the moment fearing that readers are disturbed by this intensity"

His connection of the Moses Akhanaton personality - as directly the historical person called OEDIPUS in Greece - becomes in my view much more compelling if we understand the Sumerian Annunaki root of ATUN / ENKI for whose bloodline AkhunATUN is named. (Thuthmoses- the name of the Egyptian royal line - means literally the SONS OF THOTH - who we see is Enki's son - Hermes - later called the line of DAVID - meaning DWD / TWT / Tehuti / Thoth ).

Enki's father (Anu) quite clearly ate the balls (gonads) of the previous Annunaki male king Allalu - in order to take over the line. Enki married Allalu's daughter. Then Enki's other son MARDUK (later called RA) - distinguished the family in that for many documented generations Marduk's successors took over BY MURDERING THEIR FATHER. Now- do you suppose there is something to learn about Oedipus by studying WHO he is named for (AKU-ATUN) ?

The more general recipe for schizophrenia that has been religion on planet Earth - is that the names of the Annunaki Draco family - which ONE FAMILY - definitely became the murderous - Sumerian - Babelonian - Greek - Egyptian - Roman and then CHRISTIAN 'Gods'. The schizophrenia is that each culture thought only THEY knew this 'GOD' family!

Even today - shocked (and lied to) Christians are just about to wake up to discover the story they were told was a veneer about the REAL history in Egypt. ( Ahmed Osman et al- above).

Meantime - the Sumerian scholars - have finally concluded THEIR God's - the ANU family - became the NAMES of the King of Egypt.

And yet- has anyone asked - well then the Christian 'God' family - is now SPECIFICALLY the Sumerian ANU family. This means that the DNA politics ENKI was cooking for the fallen Draco - is the root of HERMETISM - AND the root of Christianity.

SO - perhaps we should turn all this into a DNA lesson- and drop the fairy tales- to reach the moral? .(see the caduceus symbol of Hermes and DNA) - Get FRACTAL charge in your blood - ... or -- get dead. (If the genepool is not toast already from the arrogant stupidity of science unable to see the necessarily fractal and gravity making electrical nature of DNA. If we keep building less than fractal or rose like cities and farms- and feeding fractionated DNA to our kids- then I say - this genepool NEEDS to die.)

ref: goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto , goldenmean.info/12strands

The Deep Science of Hermetism (Thoth web)-: the Physics of DNA Ignition with Fractal Charge.

Translation: En-ki as KA- EL (see- more context for this article below- Janet with Dr Sasha Lessin below of enkispeaks.com - believes Enki's original name may have been KA-EL.. The Ka-El's are probably the ones whose biologic KA/electric field of blood- is coherent enough to make the EL or phase shift / translation of vorticity -thru light speed at toroid lord of ring DNA core- giving them lucid dreaming access/ and star navigating gravity making 'ensouled' power in their blood. The alKHEMic / implosion mystery of how DNA gains or loses this implosive gravity making charge physics - being much of their and our current psychodrama. )

KA= amount of coherence generated by the electric field of your blood- if sufficient - memory retains thru death -ultimately allowing perception and entry THRU THE SUN. KA-anan held KA-in (the electric charge envelope of the blood line). They -the BA of BENJAMINIC / ArKAdia- became - KAtholic, KAthar. goldenmean.info/bo

EL- tracking the translation of vorticity of charge around the surface of toroidal DNA (ref: goldenmean.info/12strands ) refers to those whose blood electric field is coherent enough to make the EL or PHASE SHIFT -which requires compression/implosion/acceleration thru the speed of light at the donut DNA core. An EL is one who can track with the attention (see: phase conjugation= perception goldenmean.info/perception)

IF Enki is Ka-El, then who is MI-KA-EL , below we see Michael is more often referring to (angry brother) Enlil. Yet maybe the irony is rich. Sitchen spends lots of energy defending his definition of ME (MI?)- meaning in Sumerian: COMPUTER DISK. We know - many of the Sumerian Annunaki wars - and much control was over these ME computer disks. (for example even our word "Measurement"= means ME-ASSA-URU-ME nt, litterally ME-'comparison to Annunaki Computer program' by ASSA-Queens (who could spit poison), of URU -ANcient DRAGON BLOOD LINE....

So- ME-KA-EL (Michael / Enlil / Yalweh) may be the one of the KA El's who controls the computer disks / the program (Enlil most of the time controlled the BORG forces over brother Enki- KA-EL). (note there are probably also other meanings for 'MI').

BA / then BO - came from PAA-TAAL: original galaxy name for the advanced winged dragon or 'bird tribe' - see OPHANIM- (implosive DNA -able to fabricate and bend gravity fields)- later became the word PTAH - for ENKI - since his mother (Aide?) was Rigelian advanced PAA TAAL - blue blood, trained telepath - WINGED dragon queen. ( www.goldenmean.info/goddess )

KA-IN - as Gardener determines refers to the advanced genetic line Enki created to 'babysit' the copulating Adama's- became our word KING- means simply the KA has been put in them.

Sumer = summaire / dragon ( su+ mer also= south sea , also = your mother...)

An = Sun God - star god or dragon god

Ur = of the dragon blood - as in URigens, URion, URal, URope, UR-assa-el-em (Jerusalem).> became A-UR-a meaning having gold in your charge radiance / aura.

Anu= heart of sun , or patriarch of annunaki

more translations:

Galzu - (check THE STORY link again) was the Annunaki Lucid Dreamer shaman - who knew and lucid dreamed into Enki and others- the need to LEAVE the test genepool (humans) they slave made here on Ea's Earth ... Normally - after you plant a forest - if you are a parasite- then you cut it down. HOWEVER - some knew that a potential salvation for DNA based life EVERYWHERE - WAS possible - IF our genepool stayed here and passed a certain test. WE should meditate on WHAT that salvation for genepools everywhere was: NAMELY - learning enough of the PHYSICS OF DNA - to recognize how gravity making / bliss ignited / sun god making DNA - COULD steer the stars/ and turn planets green. Unfortuneately due to the poisonous RECIPE FOR SCHIZOPHRENIA which is the scientists of Earth - STUPIDITY COMBINED WITH ARROGANCE - THEY HAVE YET TO LEARN OF THE NECESSARY FRACTAL AND GRAVITY MAKING ELECTRIC FIELD OF DNA. ( see PHASE CONJUGATE= Hermes caducceus AND - fractal origin of color, perception, life ).

Netforce- the Sumerian name for gravity implies a deeper physics understanding than our own. The more an electrical net is fractal or self similar - it draws to itself more charge into acceleration- we call that gravity. (Our planet might have evolved far more quickly if Einstein had understood the electric properties of a fractal). We need to understand how that centering force is ONLY generated by self similar fractality- BEFORE we can learn how to fix things like atmosphere decay and DNA decay. Galzu above- indicates CLEARLY he understood the relationship between NETFORCE (fractality in the gravity making electric field ) AND - DNA decay : THE RATE OF AGING!!! (hint dear stupid biophysicists of Earth- Electric field fractality - the origin of SHEM- determines DNA decay / growth rate.)
(Seems like the Annunaki movie compared to our own is beginning to show themes of "Ground Hog Day").

Amenti / Amarna : AkunATUN - Enki's family line- got instruction and funding from probably the Sirian's to attempt another exit route for the trapped genepool / soulgroup of the rather genetically 'stranded' Annunaki. Remember - Galzu has informed them of their TOASTED status - their disastrous aging due to the non-fractal electric atmosphere of Earth (unlike the ARRRtificial one on their craft - called ARRRR) - means they would die if they returned to Niburu's netforce / gravity. SO - the Sirian / Aldebaran techies come up with a plan. Pour into Akanaton's family the resources to build a proper solar fratal capacitor for soul group DNA ignition. The climax of the SHEM technology for fabricating electric fields to trigger DNA, this solar fractal capacitor -AMARNA / AMENTI complex - would allow the soul group fragment who could access it back into the soul inviting charge wormhole thru the heart of the Sun (see solars shamans). It involved placing piezoelectric paramagnetic dolmenic technology intensively and fractally under the 'new city' of Akunaton. Then group bliss ritual - fractal in place and time to stellar charge alignment- could trigger group shamanic journey KA into stars. (Navigation technology - see CEILING AT DENDARA). Eventually - even to this day - most wars (welcome East of E-DIN) are fought over access to even the unconscious soul memory of this the then ONLY stargate out of prison planet status. ( more: goldenmean.info/amenti )

Unfortuneately - Akunaton's governmental and financial skills- (couldn't balance a checkbook to save his life) - eventually sabotaged the project. Running for his life - is when he changed his name to Moses, and swiped the cash cow for his new Essenes: the Ark of the Covenant- voltage source for gold powder manufacture.


The Children of Ba'al were originally meant to be regular vampires, of the Drac variety. (Draco pictures- the Annunaki bloodline: goldenmean.info/enki , goldenmean.info/invasion ). There were made into the Children of Ba'al ...

He is called "Lord Prince" or "Baal Zebul" (-> Beelzebub, Hebrew for "Lord of the Insects" -> "Lord of the Flies- Probably Enlil / Yalweh's angry name for the bloodline of Enki - as in the Winged Dragon's who FLY (Ciakar / Ophanic / Pta Taal ) which became Ba-by-el-an ( goldenmean.info/babel , goldenmean.info/babylon , goldenmean.info/babalon ) and Bo-Heme ( goldenmean.info/bo ) .

Feeling the feelings that our great great ancestors were not able to feel. And that remembering collapses all that memory (in DNA) - to the point of communion - up to the present time: this IS soul retrieval. (Thanks to Jen Marquis here..). Our feelings and memories toward these 'fallen' Annunaki Draco - might be the way we feel about our great grandparents. They were probably klutzy and blind to many things, made many mistakes which screwed our genepoo up - but we still love them rather affectionately - like family.

CURING the Scizophrenia of Religion: The names for God in most EVERY culture - are they the SAME Annunaki Dragon Family? What is the dirty laundry of that family - is it a DNA problem?
Is ONE Genetically Troubled Annunaki Family - the real: Flight of the Gander thru the Ages , Hero with a Thousand Faces , Myth of the Birth of the Hero,
if so - then probably the REAL lesson is - how to fix the Genetic Problem :
DNA sustainability is solved with fractal electric field distribution: the symmetry of LIFE will ALWAYS look like a ROSE!
(no idea could be more Hermetic)

Cultural Tradition , Name (Names for Same Person below in same column)

Anu and Urash had Ninmah and Enlil

Anu and Antu (Aide) had Enki

Sumerian / Annunaki Anu (Father of Enki/Enlil/Innana Enki / Merk /Dagon (Ichtheos-Fish god)
(Father of Thoth/ Hermes + Marduk/Ra


Annunaki name: Ningishidda
Marduk (sons of Enki.. Bo(heme) / Ba (bel)- probably from the word Ptaa Innana Ninhursag/ Ninmah Aruru (in the Epic of Gilgamesh). Nintur, Belet-ili, Mami Utu Galzu


Antu (Wife of Anu, Mother of Enki)


Egyptian Ptah / Atun Amun Line of David
Egyptian Kings:ThuthMoses=
Literally Sons of Thoth
Ra AkunAtun TutankhAMUN Ptah
Greek Apollo Poseidon

(Poseidon / Enki is KING OF ATLANTIS-which is also called THULE after his son Thoth).

Zeus Oedipus..

Greek Line Arcadia= Essene tribe Benjamin

Roman Jupiter Neptune? Mars Venus
Babylonian An Ea

/ Zoroaster?

Ellil (Zoroaster? Ishtar,
Aruru, Mammi Shamash
African Atum
Amun Ra
Christian Lucifer

Ba-al-Zebul (Beelzebub)- see Ba / Bo

Michael / George
(Ge-OGre , OG)
Line of David Moses Joshua/Jeshua/Jesus Di-ana
Norse Loki? Odin
American Atum becomes 'Tom' in Puharich / Annunaki / Egyptian Ennead NINE. Michabo Quetzlcoatel / Virachoca Bird Tribe,


Aboriginal Australia Fish God Snake God Valnaapa Warrazam (Bunjelung)
Star Wars Darth Vader

Anni-kin (Anu's Kin)

Luke S

More - Background for these notes: dialog with Janet K. with Dr. Sasha Lessin of enkispeaks.com

(in counterpoint to Dan Winter's Return of Enki: goldenmean.info/enki goldenmean.info/invasion goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto )

In addition to their base Niburu - there is also connection to Aldebaran. (The word may originate as EL de BAR AN- the place of the EL (those can phase shift superluminally in their DNA)- de BAR (sons or lineage of ) AN - (sun gods).

The controversy over where the Annunaki / Sumerian / Draco called home - may be caused by the fact that they rather controlled both Sirius A, Pleides, and Many of the Orion Planetoids.

The below image is from the story : goldenmean.info/orion

Note that at the fulcrum of this conic gravity wind lies OUR SOLAR SYSTEM. (Real estate: location, location and location). The gravity wind down this cone was called in Hopi: PESHMEHTEN. We now WHY this transliterates to THE WAY OF THE NINE. It was this gravity wind which brought in the ANNUNAKI RULING NINE (Egytian Ennead etc). This is the real physics from the Sci Fiction series DEEP SPACE NINE.

So the main Annunaki family listed across most of the top row - was called in the Annunaki rulership by NUMBER - the NINE. Read more in the above link - Annunaki ruling Nine about how this became the Nine of Puharich / and the Nine steps of the INFERNO and PALENQUE.

Note in the below- also how the Japanese name for Pleiades- SUBARU - means the Place of Origin of the URU (DRACO). While the Aboriginal name for Pleiades MAKARA- means the MAK (fish or reptile God) - ARR (vehicle or planetoid source).

from Hurtak: (H'UR-TAK) "To the Japanese, the Pleiades constellation is called Subaru and in Sanskrit it is Krittikas. To some of the aboriginal people of Australia, it is Makara and was recognized to be connected to the Orion constellation. For the Aztec it was called Tianquiztli, which means the ‘gathering place’, and was considered an important sign of the continuation of life: on midnight every 52 years it appeared directly overhead and assured the ancient Americans that the world would not come to an end. The Aztecs perform a special religious ceremony called the Dance of the New Fire (or Ceremony of the New Fire) once every 52 years to ensure the movement of the cosmos and the rebirth of the sun. This 52 year time period also corresponds to the 260-day religious calendar (Tonalpohualli in Aztec, or Tolkin in Mayan) when it interlocks with the 365-day civil calendar (Xiupohualli in Aztec or Haab in Mayan). Every 52 Haab solar years (73 Tolkin years) these calendars coincide. This was sometimes called by the Aztecs the Calendar Round. The 52 year cycle was said to begin when the Pleiades crossed the fifth cardinal point or the zenith of heaven at midnight. Sometimes not only is the Pleiades in its zenith over Mesoamerica, but this alignment also comes into a full conjunction with the sun (as we will see again in the 21st Century). In addition, two 52 year cycles (104 years) coordinate with a further alignment with Venus (symbolic of the female creative form on a local scale)."


Dan wrote to them:In a message dated 4/23/2007 hi
suggest you include where the annunaki descend from draco - the UR in uru
and their genetic problem (gold powder addiction - and dna decay

you also missed enki's mother's ancestry..

Janet with Dr Sasha responded: ( www.enkispeaks.com)
Janetkiralessin@aol.com - Aloha Dan & Everyone,
> Janet Kira Lessin here, Sasha's wife. Thanks for joining the discussion on the Anunnaki. It's time. We need to put pieces together. We need your help, your genius.
> I've forwarded your information to my husband, Sasha and some of my other colleague, Michael, Terry, Bill, John, Titi, Charles, etc. Would you be willing to be a part of the team that helps us figure this out? We need other references, other resources besides Sitchin and from what I see it seems you've compiled a lot of this alternative information on your web site.
> It will take me a little while to read all this, sort it out. Dr. Lessin's a much faster reader. Do you have a book we can put in our hands and read? Web sites are sometimes cumbersome, a bit hard to read.
> I was going over your information and I must say I'm a bit confused and intriqued all at the same tiime.
> Do you mind if we ask some questions? I, probably we, wish to get to the bottom of this great mystery surrounding Sitchin and the Anunnaki. I personally identify with Ninmah, feel her soul. She and Enki are communicating with me on some deep level. I get messages from them in dreams, almost nightly. My husband and I are obsessed with this information, find time every day to read and investigate. So I'm delighted you wrote to us. We love other sources.
> I DREAM this stuff. As I said it seems that Enki speaks to me from the ethers. I sometimes can access and channel Ninmah. Channelling seems to be a logical progression on my natural abilities. I've always been very psychic. I have been able to see discarnates and interdimensionals. I've had numerous "abduction" experiences all throughout my life. Actually, I don't think I was abducted. I believe on some level I've always been a willing participant. My ego self doth protests. But my higher self is aware of much beyond the Matrix.
> So are you saying Enki and Ninmah are Dracos? Do you know anything about Ninmah's mother? I know you probably have may answers within your writings, but I can't find them as yet.
> I see that you refer to Montauk in your writings. Just to let you know, I count among my friends Janet and Stewart Swerdlow.
> Eventually we need to all meet somewhere, talk, share, compare notes. I'm also communicating with Phil Corso, Jr. (he's awesome) and David Icke stayed with us in Maui in 2004.
> We're planning on a peace conference and will probably have our initial organization meeting the Friday before the SF Bay Area UFO Conference in August in Santa Clara, CA. Would you be able to come?
> So.. our team's coming together.
> What I got (channeled?) is that Ninmah's other name is Ki' Ra and Enki's other name is Ka-El. It's something about an incarnation before they became Ninmah and Ea. I see that you refer to KA
> Please feel free to write to me personally at janetkiralessin@aol.com or cc the entire group.
> Thanks for writing,
> Mahalo, Blessings,
> Janet Kira Lessin

----------more Janet ( enkispeaks.com ) and Dan dialog followed:

Dear Dan & the Others on this Discussion,

Dan's opened up the discussion to a select few. Please feel free to add your insights, thoughts, ideas. Do not censor yourselves, please. Some of us get things on psychic levels. Please share. We may all be accessing different universes. No one's wrong. We're working to create a consensus reality that's more loving for more people. I will insert my answers, comments, observations in blue. Please select a different color and/or font for your answers. Dan's in black.

Dan wrote: dated 4/28/2007, danwinter@goldenmean.info writes:
hi janet, we must indeed have a nice talk sometime.. I would definitely like to hear more of your dreams of Enki and ninhursag.. etc..
excellent to have that lucidity I think...

Janet: Yes, I feel blessed to be receiving information on this level. I share what I bring "home" with Sasha. He's a good witness, creates safe space for Enki and Ninhursag to continue their dialogue with me. Some of these things that come to me are waayy above my level of intelligence and knowing. So, I think they may be real. But who knows.

Dan: I am trying to include a response in my new article... goldenmean.info/recipeforschizophrenia/

attached.., I have something of the KA EL - annotated there.. but I must admit - still working on the ninmah - ki-ra...

Janet: Yes, what I got, strictly psychically, is that KI RA and KA EL were the original names of Enki and Ninmah when they were incarnated in their Galzu/Q incarnation. That was before they went to Nibiru and came down through the birth process to Nibiru in Anunnaki form.

But interesting, you found a connection with KA EL to Enki.

We know KI was the original name of Earth. RA the sun, also Enki's line is the house of RA, correct?

I think KI RA and KA EL were planet spirits who came into physical form for the creation of sentient life on Earth and other planets in our solar system which would be in symbiotic relationship to their planets' souls. That process involved lowering their vibrational frequency until they eventually got caught up in the veil, the net force, the web, Matix, however you symbol it and forgot who they are/were. Oops!

However, Thoth discovered the Halls of Amenti, recovered that he's an interdimensional being and surely conveyed these truths to Enki and Ninmah. That's where I think they are now, in the Halls of Amenti, bodies lying in stasis. They await the time (Age of Aquarius to begin) where they can come out and assist humanity in her final evolution to a Universally accepted species, where they're invited to join the Federation of Planets (Light)

Dan: as you can see- in my view- it seems best to simply USE the story to get people interested in the principles (science of waking DNA....

Janet: Yes, I'm very interested in waking up my DNA and those of my beloveds. Especially those of like mind. I think we can achieve a lot of this through loving, spiritual, sex-positive, tantric ritual. But.. we need those who are open to a certain level or the energy becomes stuck, cannot move and thus open to the next highest level of consciousness. Tricky business. I have friends who know tantra but not polyamory. Others who know tantra and polyamory, but not the UFO/ET stuff. So without all three, we're pretty stuck can only do part of the work.

Meanwhile, satanic rituals are performed all over this world using sexual energy to create the negative, evil, Illuminati agenda. We need to do positive rituals, tantric lovemaking to take back our planet.

I'm reminded of Michael Moore. "Hey Dude, give me back my planet!"

Dan: I cc this to jen- with memories also of enki mother aide.- author of goldenmean.info/goddess
also related goldenmean.info/pope (where enlil becomes the vampire...

Janet: I'll take a look at that. Thanks for the link. Thanks Jen for all your work. Blessings.

Dan: perhaps you will help me correct and finish or make suggestions to this article.. I was going to include
exerpt from sasha lessin also..

Janet: I'll forward it to Sasha and see what he says. He's a good editor. Don't take anything he does personally as he used to make all my articles red with his corrections. After I stopped crying I realized he was right. Sasha's a former college professor so he can't help himself. But, what he suggests usually makes it much better. So, should we let him lose on your article? I think so.. :)

Here's Dan's article. http://www.goldenmean.info/recipeforschizophrenia/
Comments anyone?

Dan: you noticed..I exerpted and commented on much from stuart swerdlow at

my view of the draco root of annunaki is correlated there as well.. essentially - the alpha draconis (ankUR ankor watt starmap/arabic EL is the star system shape, double triangle starmap of orion see goldenmean.info/orion - is their warcraft shape and logo and isRAel flag...)
culture had conquered many of the orion civilizations - by the time enki's mother came from rigel in orion- and connected to sirius A and aldebaran where Anu sired the family in question (see table) - Seraphim became Assa-Ra-Phi - dragon queen whose blood was cut by phi - this was the re-al URagin..

Janet: OK, I need to take this apart so I can grok it. I'm outta time for today so I'll go investigate these parts and make comments later.

I think this is enough for today. I can't hardly wait to see everyone's feedback. Please, feel free to post what I say on the yahoo groups above. If everyone's agreeable, we can post these discussions so the world can see and participate. Or else, if we want we can keep our talks private which may encourage us to reveal more of what we know.


Bye for now., Love, Blessings,