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(Golden Mean) Electric FRACTALITY of Phase Conjugation
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Perception and Enlightenment and Life Force

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Download Frank's ( software to prove to yourself - Golden Ratio SELF ORGANIZES all harmonic interference :
El Naschie - mentioned for Nobel Prize- - calls this "GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY" - he is author of E8 Cantorian Space Unified Field Mathematics: quote"THAT FRACTALIZATION IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY")

Physics community unable to deny Dan Winter - was the FIRST among the new rush of scientists to announce FRACTALITY is the CAUSE of GRAVITY.
(while it IS normal to wait for a generation of physicists to die- before a new idea can be announced - it IS much better in a world where communication CANNOT be stopped - that they instead die from EMBARASSMENT!!)

see - Outline from World Leading Scientists for our Upcoming Budapest -2nd- Unified Field Physics Conference
Fred Wolf, John Hagelin, M. El Naschie, Peter Gariaev, Amit Goswami, Richard Amoroso, Alex Hankey, Matti Mitkanen, Dan Winter, many more.

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Dan Winter was the FIRST to correctly announce - FRACTALITY was the electric cause and mechanism of GRAVITY. (Original discussion: how SELF SIMILARITY - electron to nucleus CAUSES the gravity/constructive charge collapse- made by atoms: )

The Wiki Editor who deleted Dan Winter's original and correct 2005 - entry- defining for the first time the FRACTAL - CAUSE of gravity - should now be embarassed (he now must follow into history the Pope who excommunicated Galileo for saying the Earth is round - and the sad Dodo bird into extinction - ) - as the following proof of record reveals

reprinted here - / with - major update to this article on biologic gravity making: - from Aug 05 :
(This from 3 years ago) Implosion Group friends: Please contact WIKIPEDIA - and note their error: (they removed our correction) In their DEFINITION OF GRAVITY - we replaced the embarassing - ignorance of their sentence:"While a great deal is known about the properties of gravity, the ultimate cause of the gravitational force remains an open question."

..With something that was at least useful - for getting us out of our gravity hole: ( Dan Winter's FRACTAL definition of Gravity- as announced then DELETED we suggest by their ignorance- online and RECORDED as such at WIKIPEDIA -BEFORE other scientists confirmed - our position- )- here is Dan Winter's entry before deletion:

Gravity is a force of attraction between massive particles in proportion to their mass. Weight is determined by the mass of an object and its location in a gravitational field. The ultimate cause of the gravitational force is the symmetry of self-similarity which invites non-destructive compression. That Golden Ratio optimized fractality provides a path for charge compression to be turned in to acceleration (gravity). This is probably because the phase velocity of the constructively interfering charge waves ADD and MULTIPLY perfectly in Golden Ratio - producing acceleration out of compression. Perfect (non-destructive) compression creates gravity from charge (Einstein) - we now know only fractality is perfect compression. It is strongly hypothesized that the primary Poincare symmetry Einstein used to describe gravity is essentially Dodeca / Icosa - which is an in"phi"knit Golden Ratio stellation (ref: [1] ) and ref: [2]

It is also strongly hypothesized that this predicts why recent measures have shown DNA producing gravity like black holes. ref: [3] This is because the Golden Ratio based symmetry of DNA makes it a gravity producing device. This should allow us to describe better the role of biology in fabricating stable (gravity for) atmosphere maintenance and star systems. For electrical measures of how DNA is apparently fired (charge compressed/braided) by BLISS to its gravity making destiny - ref: [4]

The electrical similarity of gravity to love itself thus becomes evident in electrical measures of Golden Ratio as PERFECT EMBEDDING - in nature and human emotion. ref: [5] and ref: [6]

Until now General relativity was the most successful theory of gravitation. It postulated that mass and energy curve spacetime, resulting in the phenomenon known as gravity. We now know that space and time are only defined by the rotation of charge (just like mass is a name for the inertia stored when charge rotates and compresses successfully) and both must be fractal to compress and radiate charge well in order to self organize / become 'conscious'. The only sustainable curvature of space and time therefore is hydrodynamics perfected translation of vorticity (path from line / energy to circle / mass making) defined by the GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL. Example of time emerging from chaos into this self organization (Golden Spiral in time)- book "Spiral Calendar" by Carolan.
On 30 Jul, Dan Winter wrote:>> I just redefined gravity at wikipedia,wonder how long this will last... Dr Arkadiusz Jadczyk, , responded: "Probably not long as there are many experts on gravity, some even knighted (or equivalent - see footnote 1), and they are not always in agreement. Footnote1: Best, ark

Jonathan Dickau writes... (April 28,08) Hello Dan, I wanted you to know that I haven't been idle. You should be pleased to find that there is now an article on the Wikipedia (English) for Fractal cosmology, and that it mentions the work of El Naschie prominently. I haven't put up a link to your pages yet, in part because there are so many that pertain to this subject, and I want to find the best one (/completefractalcosmology perhaps) to include. Perhaps you can create a new page with minimal content, that has all the links to your other pages on the topic.... I am trying to avoid censure, as the predecessor to the page I've created on the Wiki was summarily deleted by the editors. So far; I've toed the line, by keeping my treatment of the subject close to the accepted views of the scientific community, to maintain that all-important neutral point of view. I have not elected to even include a link to my own pages. I intend to make my case stronger first, by writing some papers to show the underpinnings of my work more clearly.
But I'm on the path of making that real in a serious way. I'll be presenting my Mandelbrot Set Cosmology theory at the 2nd Crisis in Cosmology Conference, in Port Angeles, Washington, later this year (Sept 7-11). And I've got a book in preparation, with strong publisher interest. So; you can expect more news from me, on this subject. All the best, Jonathan "

more from Jonathan Dickau: Holarchy-Coherent AND Fractal-Bliss:Solution to Coherence Wars..: perfect nesting, this literally becomes a prescriptionfor how to make ANYTHING sustainable and thus immortal! - related by Jonathan Dickau: Are the Boundaries of Consciousness a Fractal?

AllMonde Bread: Gold's Fractal Structure vs: Embedding as Immortality- Recursion Create Dimple Inside Out-Ness? Subject:Great Fractal Valentine. 13 Feb 99 From: "Jonathan J. Dickau" Hello Dan, I love your Fractal Valentine! It is nice. see:

As Andrei Linde writes... ref- : "... Physicist Andrei Linde, and others, have found fractals helpful in modeling the behavior of the early universe. Their work suggests that the fractal nature of space may actually be the cause of gravity. More recently; the work of Alain Connes has shown that noncommutative spaces evolve fractality naturally. The Mandelbrot Set is the most complex fractal object which can be represented in two dimensions. In my opinion, the Mandelbrot set and its derivative forms (including the Fractal Butterfly) have a lot to convey, which aids our understanding the nature of space, and will help solve the riddle of gravity. Recent observations of the large-scale distribution of matter in space show it to have a fractal pattern. "
Now-> Extending the dialog: IS FRACTALITY THE ELECTRIC CAUSE OF GRAVITY? - originally from (do check out the first part of the dialogs) , and in dialog with Prof. El Naschie at
This was triggered in part by El Naschie's earlier paper: Dimensional symmetry breaking, information and fractal gravity in Cantorian space "... a link between general relativity and Cantorian spacetime is proposed which amounts to the claim that fractalization is the origin of gravity." This was earlier predicted by this author, Dan Winter.
In his newest paper, - Lie and Coxeter Groups / High Energy Particle Physics -(here: elnaschiejan08.pdf ) - Professor El Naschie, mentioned for Nobel nomination along with related Garrett Lisi's new E8 theory of everything, states:
"..the success of E-infinity theory lies in using a golden mean based number system [9]. However this is only part of the story. The second part lies in the well known fact that the most important of the Platonic solids are golden mean proportioned. Consequently their Coxeter polytopes generalization involves the golden mean in a nontrivial manner. Finally it is the generalization of the Coxeter groups which link us with the exceptional Lie symmetry groups and consequently high energy physics. The synthesis so produced culminated in the recent development of what may be termed quantum golden field theory."

2nd Unified Theories -Scientific Conference Program - May 16-19, 2008, Budapest
The Hall of the Hungarian Cultural Foundation
, 1014 Budapest, I. Szentháromság tér 6 -
May 2008 (friday) at 13.00 opening speeches and key note lectures from the world renowned guest scientists.

Fred Alan Wolf – USA: Is the Mind of God Found in Quantum Field Theory?
John Hagelin – USA: Is Consciousness the Unified Field? A Field Theorist’s Perspective
Amit Goswami - India – USA:Science within Consciousness: toward an Integration of all sciences
Uma Krishnamurthy - India – USA (workshop): Consciousness, Creativity, and the yoga psychology of transformation
Continuation of the development of the Unified theory of physics
Matti Pitkanen – FI: Principles of Quantum Topological Geometrodynamics
Richard Amoroso – USA: Mind-Body Interactions Surmount the Uncertainty Principle
Alex Hankey – GB: -Observing Quantum Systems: How far-from-Equilibrium Feedback Instabilities can Offer Comprehensive Solutions to the Mind-Matter and Mind-Body Problems incorporating Macroscopic Quantum Coherence
Bjarne Lorenzen - DK: Whirlpool gravitation and space-time torsion and contraction
V. G. Kryuk - UR: Structure And Their Physical Analogue
Unified natural sciences and the theory of mind and consciousness
Dienes István –HU: Gravitational Holgraphy to Living Holograms, From Consciousness-Holomatrix to Self-Conscious Neuronetworks
Grandpierre Attila – HU: of physics, biology and psychology into a unified natural science
Alex Kaivarainen – FI: Unified Theory of Bivacuum, Matter-Field Duality, Virtual Replicas and Cycle of Mind, as a Background of Paranormal Phenomena
Szántó Borisz - HU: Type Man. The evolution of apperception
S. Székely Attila – RO: Paradigm of the Biopsychology of Consciousness
S. K. Ramesh – AE (workshop): Quantum mechanics of  age reversal an evidence based presentation
2008. május 18. The unified theory life and Complex theory of human existence
Peter Gariaev – RU: Brief introduction into WaveGenetics. Its scope and opportunities
Dan Winter – USA: Fractal Fields: The CAUSE of Gravity, Mass Creation, Consciousness, Color, Bliss – and The Real Science of Peacemaking
M. El Naschie – SA: Fractal gravitation and the golden ratio in elemetary particle physics
Dmitry Weise – RU: The Pythagorean View on Problems of Periodicity in Modern Science /
Jakab István - HU: Living water: the fourth condition of water
Ugrin Emese –HU: Knowledge-city, a research to develop meta-space
Délutáni témakör 14 órától 19 óráig: The unified theory of religions and sciences
Nádor Judit - HU: and ghosts: holistic and ecology in the healing (lessons of strange traditions and integrating opportunities)
Kamarás István - HU: árható-e

some notes from our first Budapest Physicists conference: - from the related article:
Visualizing WHY Self-Similarity of Charge symmetry- is the electrical cause of the gravity (constructive charge collapse) which holds atoms (and everything) together..
Where Dan Winter first proposed his original hypothesis that fractal charge collapse is the CAUSE of gravity. ( , , , , )

At the previous- Unified Field Physicists Conference - in Budapest- ( Nassim Haramein- ( ) beautifully aligned with the principle - lecturing that the Nature of the Universal VACUUM was FRACTAL... but then - he demonstrated how he missed the point - when he went on to INSIST the symmetry of that vacuum is TETRAhedral. When in fact the only symmetry of charge in the vacuum that can create gravity is DODECA - because only that creates Golden Ratio and thereby allows the key principle of gravity - perfect fractal wave compression / collapse (the dodec/icos dual is very much a required SUPERset of the tetra/cubic lattice - as Michael Heleus nicely points out- by just penta spinning tetra/cubic lattices- they create Phi and implosion - likely the essence of E8 Unified Field.) . Over one million people have read our proof of his error - - complete with interactive software download - to prove only Golden Ratio allows interference to be constructive (and thus compress in a fractal). In this way Nassim's tetra matrix is in fact the OPPOSITE of compressibility / and fractality! I tried to explain this to him in person. In the tetra cube all wave interactions are octave based producing maximum DESTRUCTIVE interference - by actual experiment- thus in fact PREVENTING compression and fractality. At that time - it seemed Nassim missed the Golden Ratio principle behind the fractal compression that became the solution to gravity. He declined our invite to present in Budapest this year . El Naschie accepted the invitation I arranged for him - and will present the Golden Quantum mathematics evidence that FRACTALITY is the CAUSE OF GRAVITY - which is the TITLE of my original presentation last year (Fractal Electric Cause of Gravity was my term).. . At that time - we did not have the mathematics model confirmation with El Naschie.

- since our dialog at Budapest last year - where I emphasized the role of Golden Ratio in creating the necessary fracality to cause gravity- recently Nassim has added this paper:
Scale Unification – A Universal Scaling Law For Organized Matter - to his site...(finally admitting the key role of Golden Ratio). His useful insight - adds to the Global Scaling dialog & a nice clue to the fracal / phi generated nature of gravity-

More good news- having just returned from UK - we co-presented with David Ash - author of PHYSICS OF CONSCIOUSNESS - proposed for the Templeton prize- who now agrees and in collaboration -is changing the title of his next book to FRACTALITY....!

Interesting to note that the previous week - we copresented from Venice to Greece - (filmed, along with 42 international experts) with - Dr Manjir Laughton - author of PUNK SCIENCE ( Physics of Soul) - While her main point seemed to be that EVERYTHING is a BLACK HOLE (seems similar to vortex or string theory) - we suggested to her the real breakthru may be to describe the symmetry (obviously fractality) which CAUSES black holes ! (like those measureably made by DNA the REAL physics of soul?) Dr. Manjir- replied here - appropriately noting that in her book she DOES say "that the universe is fractal and quotes the group of Italian physicists saying so." So perhaps for her - the next step is near- agreeing that Fractality is the CAUSE of gravity.

Re Continuing evidence- Bliss Ecstacy and Enlightenment are electrically CAUSED by Golden Ratio Phase Conjugation: we recently added even more dramatic bliss moment GOLDEN RATIO EEG plots (phase conjugation causing peak perception) - to

HeartTuner BlissTuner System COMPLETE 2 channel Brainwaves and EKG and HRV - all the latest upgrades. Special if you order thru the Inventor, Dan Winter - receive -personal support and Free Gift (Training!) above FULL SET 25 DVD (SEVEN are HeartTuner / BlissTuner Training) +3 Books: Price Euro 1570 - FREE shipping. Note included is Full Support and the same FULL PROFESSIONAL system and price from the dedicated- Heart Coherence Team - , Paypal, Visa, M/C > ,US Phone 310 651 8123

We soon expect to complete dramatic capacitive phase conjugate designs to create growth and conscious producing enviornments- electrically - which is the ONLY physics behind BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE (the only life producing field structures):

Physics after Einstein is clear- that perfect wave collapse is the holy grail of field unification - now with Prof El Naschie's "quantum Golden Field Theory" mathematics - announcing fractality causes gravity... It is irrefuteable that Golden Ratio PHASE CONJUGATION is ONLY mechanism of this perfect wave collapse. Allowing waves to add AND multiply recursively (Golden Ratio's exclusive) - IS the perfect wave collapse & holy grail of physics!

New Color Powerpoint with film as presented by Dan Winter - in Greece- in Psychosynthesis CruiseShip Theatre MSC Musica -

AND - the prepared lecture - for Budapest Conference of Physics and Unified Field Theories- (see below) this year with Fred Wolf, Prof. El Naschie, John Hagelin..

Deeply vindicating Dan Winter's lifetime of work on Golden Mean ratio in physics - with the powerful mathematics of high energy physics - Professor El Naschie, mentioned for Nobel nomination along with related Garrett Lisi's new E8 theory of everything ,- in his newest paper (below) announces: "..the success of E-infinity theory lies in using a golden mean based number system [9]. However this is only part of the story. The second part lies in the well known fact that the most important of the Platonic solids are golden mean proportioned. ( here you need a star mother kit) Consequently their Coxeter polytopes generalization involves the golden mean in a nontrivial manner. Finally it is the generalization of the Coxeter groups which link us with the exceptional Lie symmetry groups and consequently high energy physics. The synthesis so produced culminated in the recent development of what may be termed quantum golden field theory."


Physics has been clear that optical phase conjugation (opposing laser light cones) in addition to creating time reversal- self organizes the elimination of optical abberation-- disorder. Physics now needs to discover that fractal self similarity is the atomic / molecular key to choosing the mysterious MATERIAL needed FOR the (optical) phase conjugate mirror. Then physics needs to learn the analogous MAGNETIC phase conjugation is the ultimate water and liquid PURIFIER (more soon). Then physics needs to learn that CAPACITIVE PHASE CONJUGATE DIELECTRIC is how consciousness / life / perception and BLISS are created. Of course it MIGHT be helpful if they knew that optical phase conjugation is the cause, mechanism and origin of COLOR.. In a similar way Golden Ratio Fractal PHASE CONJUGATION is the electrical cause and mechanism of gravity: latest-

We must clarify the profound - path out of chaos which is Fractal Field Phase Conjugation. This will then allow us to better introduce Earth's gravitationally confused scientists to the gravity / black hole making physics WHICH IS- the most powerful thing ABOUT DNA. It was helpful - when Peter Gariaev (he is with us again at Budapest- see list below) - after measuring DNA making these BLACK HOLES - he explains the reason DNA is able to do this is OPTICAL PHASE CONJUGATION. ( ). The point being - then to learn the (fractal and phase conjugate) field theory of BLISS hygiene - to ignite DNA to this - it's only sustainable state ( ).

Click here accompanying for the Powerpoint:

Re: our discovery that Fractality and PHASE CONJUGATION were the origin symmetry and mechanism of COLOR - It was Frank of who first brilliantly discovered that the plot of TILT ANGLE (bottom x axis on graph) of the (toroidal) PHOTON called COLOR predicts WHY the primary colors have the wavelength they do -

(it is obvious now the reason the cone of the eye is the only place color is perceived, because in wave mechanics only a cone as an antenna can measure phase angle or tilt - in this case measuring the tilt or phase angle of the photon travelling as a donut / torus - which we then call COLOR)

Frank - originally interpreted his set of angles predicting color wavelengths- as the angles of a tetrahedron IN a dodeca.
I noticed that in his beautiful plot - the ONLY angles (63 and 117 degrees -P2 + P3) which were not cubic (45/90/135 degrees, 4 wave mixing in the optics of phase conjugation) were SIMPLY THE INTERNAL and EXTERNAL FACE ANGLES OF A DODECAHEDRON. And since I was the first to publish that the dodeca stellation ( & icosa interdigitation) produce - infinite nodes ALL of which x,y,z vertex values being simply mulitples of Golden RATIO - I then framed the original hypothesis this was evidence that PHASE CONJUGATION (literally the ability of phase angles to conjugate constructively) was the cause of COLOR.

See above graphic - PHASE CONJUGATION at the center of GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD producing DODECAHEDRON- produces an increasingly broad band PLASMA IMPLOSION at the center, which THEN "SELF ORGANIZES" SORTS AND ELIMINATES EVERY SPECTRAL WAVE NOT IN PHASE - (in addition to being the origin of gravity, and perception and life and consciousness) - is the CAUSE OF COLOR.

THE CAUSE OF COLOR: The broad spectral bandwidth implosive plasma fusion at the center of PHASE CONJUGATION -("this is the way phase conjugation.." - pic above) thus sorts and eliminates all toroid photons that do not fit the dodeca --phase conjugating face angles - and thus produces the 3 dimensional photon phase or tilt discipline called COLOR. (next pic) 2 dimensional models of the physics of color simply are not complete.

This (perfecting of wave collapse) ALSO then determines which wave has 'permission' to be distributed - become radiant - (fractality is COHERENCE perfected) : thus defining for example pure intention, the collective unconscious, and how memories survive death electrically - out of DNA's phase conjugation ( ) - See the story of how karma and forgiveness are directly the result and mechanism of constructive collapse and phase conjugation in DNA: .

More notes on Color: Dan's perspective: RE: new symmetry model of ORIGIN OF COLOR - below - based on DODEC - Dan suggests that the most likely reason the primary colors frequencies (P1=R, P2=Y, P3=B) differential angles are accurately predicted by the dodecahedron planes central angles is because PHASE CONJUGATION is specifically permitted BY THE GOLDEN RATIO stellations of this dodecahedron. He hypothesizes that the REASON the photon toroidal vortex HAVE to find dodeca symmetries -and thus create COLOR- is because that dodeca array is the only way PHASE CONJUGATION and therefore 3D sorting / successful compression + distribution can happen.

Dan's picture shows how those conic dodec angles also have a planar hex view... like the 3 primary colors/ color pairs. (Dan see's these conic angles as the result of the sorting process - which Frank has modeled. Frank suggested the angles he found were those of a tetra nested in a dodeca, Dan finds more directly the 63/117 degree angles are simply the FACE angles of the Dodeca).

= the symmetry at the core of optical PHASE CONJUGATION / 4 wave mixing: (key to optical PHASE CONJUGATION)

Note that in the stellated DODECA /ICOSA infinite 3D nest / fractal (SarMother Kit)- ALL of the vertex have x,y,z rectilinear coordinate values which are simply MULTIPLES of GOLDEN RATIO. THAT means the 6 cube cones (4 or six wave MIXING from optics) above ACTUALLY make all the NODES of the stellated DODECA!

Dan explains the vortex into the dodecahedron's planes are NOT actually at 60 degree angles in 3D - but there is a 2D view of them which is HEX- like the shadow of the cube in the dodec- and has 60 degree shadow view of those cones. Dan believes this is a useful understanding of how 3 pairs of primary colors are sorted by phase conjugation. (the hues above are not precise).

The vortex into the toroidal photon needs to be dodeca because phase conjugation is how waves sort. Dan suggests this also explains alphabet origins: The alphabet's symmetry of the vortex index- is a result of the need to phase conjugate- in order to compress and sort and be distributed successfully. Only that which can phase conjugate can be distributed.. (BE SYMBOLIZED is to BE EMBEDDED) .

All the primary and secondary colors are lined up with the dodeca- planes -(parallel and perpedicular).- because getting lined up-( or perpendicular) with the faces of the dodec is how the light rays acheive the necessary phase conjugation. (Stellating the dodec is natures only 3D way of nesting by Golden Ratio, and Golden Ratio is the only perfect way to phase conjugate - that is - to add AND multiply constructively).

Dan suggests that no other principle mechanism could be doing the sorting at the fusion point other than phase conjugation...

Dan is hypothesizing there is some important parallel to phase conjugation as in a phase conjugate mirror optically; he believes Golden Ratio based phase conjugation IS the primary mechanism by which color is sorted by frequency. Also Dan believes that this sorting principle for color DOES occur outside of, as well as inside the human perception. (Frank apparently is suggesting the phenomenon of color only exists inside human perception). Dan suggests this dodeca phase sorting for colors inertial symmetry is also how nature - selectively employs the photon's inertia calibrated in this way - for example in photosynthesis. (where GREEN at 90 tilt of the photon is the ONLY angle at which the photons inertia is neither centripedal or centripfugal-enabling biologic moleculars to balance it optically on the photosynthetic chemical - head of a pin - while for the opposing RED - the centripedal side of the photon - the very word ADOM - means to MAKE HARD - in Hebrew).

Human perception (of color) had to utilize a perception of this phase conjugation phase sorting in order to embed and survive in nature.

Dan also believes that the sorting for wavelength which is also a sorting for color bands inside a prism is a 3 dimensional toroidal vortex photon phenomenon.THE SORTING (color) IS THE RESULT OF PLASMA IMPLOSION IN CENTER DUE TO PHASE CONJUGATION. Dan does not believe the sorting by wavelength in a prism can be well described as simply 2D waves. (which is the unsatisfying current physics explanation of color).

Now we are announcing the ability to completely reinvent how to heal, and create beauty (color fusion by phase conjugation - the essence of 'fashion') - knowing the corrected physics of color.