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More than 3000 people watched our new Barcelona evening conference presentation film
in the first 2 weeks, it was such a success - we decided to share exerpts of the follow up day long conference presentation from the rural retreat center:

NEW- BARCELONA-St.Maria De Besora- Retreat Center- DAY LONG COFERENCE VIDEO with Dan Winter - IN THREE PARTS-
Filming Thanks to Marta!

with Dan Winter- in English -also - with Spanish Translation - by Marco
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The film- is is with Dan Winter- in English with Spanish Translation - by Marco

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This powerpoint was: , the complete powerpoints are at: - from Dan's presentation in Zaragosa Spain - on Fractal Water-

This article is about how and why Golden Ratio - perfects PHASE CONJUGATION...
- for examples of PHASE CONJUGATION (like the CADUCCEUS BREATH) creating healing in biology - we celebrate the release of..

Additional European Tour Conference Options for 09 -
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Prague-Science Alchemy April 9-16
South France Grail Tour
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With Vincent Bridges: Ritual of the Pentagram: How to fold spacetime into stars.
More on this event also at:
A simple ritual ceremony exploring the sacred geometry of the Pentagram,  including the basic uses of pentagrams as sacred geometry. This experience allows the participant to experience the enfolding of 4D pentatopes into 3D space as the phi-nested pentagon/pentagram. Building on this groundwork, the ceremony will also focus on Hebrew, as a traditional sacred language, and how it interfaces with Enochian or Angelic to create a powerful mystical experience.
Also with Vincent Bridges at the Prague Easter Event, - his topics and seminars on:
Mysteries of the Great Cross at Hendaye
Alchemy and the End of Time
Alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Great Cross
Mystery of the Cathedrals
The significance of a monument in the town of Hendaye in the Pyrenees
Angels in the DNA: The Emerald Modem and Dr. Dee's Ophanic Language
John Dee, Edward Kelley and William Shakespeare
Alchemy and espionage at the court of Rudolph II
The Secret Identity of Edward Kelley
The Apocalyptic Angels of Dr. John Dee
Shakespeare, John Dee and the Hermetic Revolution:
Alchemy and Espionage in the Magickal Theatre of Elizabethan England
Join us - at this once in a life time event - in the magical city of Prague
Vincent Bridges is a well known author and researcher in the USA . He was featured on the History Channel's documentary  Nostradamus: 500 Years Later? which first aired in December 2003 as the on-camera tour guide and Historical Consultant.
He was also the featured historian for the History Channel's "Lost Book of Nostradamus" (2007).
He is currently working on a new Nostradamus series, with the History Channel called "The Nostradamus Effect?"
Vincent Bridges is a world traveler, having organized and led tour groups to southern France, Egypt and India. He has produced his own translation of the I-Ching, and his Egyptology work is widely respected and quoted by scholars as diverse as John Major Jenkins, Moira Timms, and Daniel Colianus.
Vincent Bridges was also featured in The Learning Channel's documentary Atlantis in the Andes (June 2001). He has been instrumental in the creation of three schools or educational organizations, The Fifth Way Mystery School, The Newport Earth Institute in Newport, New Hampshire and Pendragon College.


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Join us - July 1 - 8, 2009 in South France. (An easy flight: RyanAir's inexpensive London to Carcasonne)-
For a week questing in Grail Country - learning by experience the Real Science of the Holy Grail in the blood.

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The original first real grail science in the blood essential - article - with film:

Article continues below- first note on Biofeedback system..
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Above: Green is Alpha Frequenceis 7-13 Hz. Establish Baseline Frequency for Calculation of RATIO
Inset Box Upper Left: AMOUNT of Brain Coherence

Next : An Example of EXTREME - PHI / 5 Harmonics in EXTREMELY Blissful Lady in Australity

Above - note how the BlissTuner - measures an intense bliss- meditation moment

TWO Ways to Measure and TEACH EMPATHY..from the Heart (TUNER)

-FULL 2 CHANNEL HRV / Breath Disply
-Long Term HRV History Data Storage - for REAL LONG TERM WELLNESS STUDIES!

Also Newly (Matrix) Reloaded at our ex-imploding ImplosionGroup FILM LIBRARY: Updated Course Film - Dynamic Vancouver / Victoria - Canada- Major Interactive Course Series with Dan Winter
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Bliss- The Final Source of all Education- The Ultimate (+Fractal) Source of Biologic CHARGE-The Atomic Table of Creation - IS IT FRACTAL! Questions and Answers.. Very Stimulating Dialog about the Annunaki Problem: Getting Charge into DNA /Blood.

Message from Dan Winter

As passes 1 million hits and over 150 gig bandwidth per month- we refocus on our primary mission. We are the pioneers in teaching how golden ratio perfected- fractality - or phase conjugation creates the CHARGE IMPLOSION - which is behind ALL centripedal and self organizing universal forces- especially including:


*life force (

*origin of color (

*perception and consciousness (

*bliss / peak experience / ecstasy ( ,

*DNA's electric and immortalizing purpose and destiny (

*origin of alphabet and symbol ( , )


While some who are afraid to believe they can understand the pure principle of creation - for themselves- would suggest to you these profound concepts are beyond the ken of most average people- we implore you to notice: IT IS NOT COMPLICATED. YOU CAN GET IT - personally./ Visualize HOW creation works - for yourself - INSIDE - and you TOO - can then be (self empowered) PART of that creation!!

Here is the rose alchemy of that- all nest embedded quintessentially in the divine folds of YOUR biology:

As every Steiner school student knows- when you make a picture of a rose inside your head- CLEAR enough- the room DOES fill with the smell of roses! And what's more the PHYSICS - of HOW that works is simple.

(rose animation image credits)

The rose is simply the geometric essence of FRACTALITY- so, when you put that geometry IN to the hologram in your optical cortex (your iMAGinaation)- you attract charge (the plasma called 'spirit') to compress into what physics calls 'mass'. Quite a ritual - to store new inertia. The deserved result of this SERVICE you do - by choosing a SHAREABLE wave- is the phase conjugate dielectric stuff of the collective mind - gives you (electric) POWER.

This triggers the synaesthesia (golden mean perfected -phase conjugate) cascade BETWEEN frequencies which identifies the infra-red physics of smell- directly from the folds of YOUR bliss nectar generating FLOWERING BRAIN! You get your well deserved and appropriate positive biofeedback reward (sweet bliss) for having discovered and served - the symmetry of a wave which serves collective survival- by dumping that charge result into the collective mind field. (phase conjugate and superluminally coupled by log phi to C {lo-phi}- light speed harmonics- as is the self organizing DNA mediated plasma field- Jung called the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS).

That's why - when your submissive and uncourageous self- says to you - that you are too humble to be able to VISUALIZE a fractal for yourself- we say just imagine a rose!

Do you remember the HARMONIC MODULE- World Heart Link Project ( see - at the bottom)

then we taught 5000 young-people that Ecstasy and Bliss were acheivable in a self empowered way- without drugs- at RAINBOW SERPENT FESTIVAL in Australia:

see also: EMOMENTUM - of the Heart:

NOW- we invite you to join our new project for Global HeartLink:


(Matrix) RELOADED- here the NEW Online Version of the Phase Conjugation POWERPOINT- now Includes these ANIMATED sequences in the slideshow!
Dan Winter's - (Phase Conjugate, Fractal and Implosive...) updated March 09- Powerpoint!

"An Electron in a FRACTAL Electric Field-

is So Well Distributed - You Call That GOD!"

"Pure Intent is the Wave that is SHAREABLE With ALL of DNA - Because it Serves Survival.
That is how Fractality defines PURE INTENTION: A Perfectly DISTRIBUTEABLE Wave."

Winter's powerpoint visuals - of his Fractal / Phase Conjugate Field Theory of GRAVITY - AND- Consciousness.
Click Here- or Below on the Thumbnails to Go to the html web version of the Powerpoint..>
(Using the Thumbnails- You Can Take note of which series number to advance to your images of interest)

Here are pics of phase conjugation in optics- creating what quantum physics calls SELF ORGANIZATION:

3. More Science of PHASE CONJUGATION - Solution to DNA Radio -and Phantom DNA!

ONLY IN A FRACTAL CAN THE EFFICIENT BREATH (DISTRIBUTION OF CHARGE='spiritual') CALLED LIFE SUCCEED! As the choking smog finishes killing the last hope of immune health in all Earth's cities- from simple lack of the most BASIC understanding of how to build a (fractal=phase conjugate dielectric) field in which DNA can communicate and thrive. - Please join us in challenging the arrogant stupidity of physics and biology universities on the planet. Incredibly the humans race on building square metal cages for all cities and buildings - destroying the very souls of the children - all the while a 2 dollar experiment can prove the same metal cage will MURDER most any germinating seed..(not to mention the twinkle in any childs eye)..

This exact same fractal / self similar charge field / non destructive compression (examples include Plocher charging his crystals and Grander healing his water) - Hermes secret of life / Al-KHEMy- key to seed germination, all truly efficient biologic growth / charge distribution, immune health/disease end AND access to bliss...... IS the stellated dodec (Einstein+Poincare used to model gravity, and exact electrical geometry of palladium key to cold fusion) - key to charge coupling the gravity field to: a) end the energy crisis, b) restore atmosphere & c) allow all biologic systems to emerge from chaos. (Tell Al Gore there is a 'CONVENIENT Truth').

4. New-IGA-Torsional Cascade-MEASURES RESIDUAL "IMPLOSION" Electrical Signature of EVERYTHING ALIVE- by Measuring "Fractality in AIR!"..?? - .. +Tom Bearden 'almost' understood Phase Conjugation..

5. Was the AMENTI COMPLEX AT GIZA- Redemption for SOUL GROUPS INTO STARS..Simply Charge Phase Conjugation on the scale of Star Maps (Group DNA Bliss Field Accelerator)?

6. WHY Time Reversal - + Self Correction occur in PHASE CONJUGATE OPTICS.. relation to cancer therapy..Time reversed 'phase conjugate soundchair'..

7. Grail Physics + Real Grail Story FINAL PIECE: The 'Lucifer' statue at Rennes le Chateaux - base of Magdalen Mary bloodline is Black and Has Horns because that is AkunATUN / Moses.(Atun=Enki). THAT is Why the Be'Deviled' Sauniere got so much money from the Hapsburgs..

Update Oct 07- new Fractal Field- a COMPLETE FRACTAL COSMOLOGY:

also - see article - PHASE CONJUGATION (fractal optimized) as the wave mechanism in principle of PERCEPTION:

- backgroup reading here: The Constructive Aspect of Visual Perception: A Gestalt Field Theory Principle of Visual Reification Suggests a Phase Conjugate Mirror Principle of Perceptual Computation Steven Lehar - Abstract Many Gestalt illusions reveal a constructive, or generative aspect of perceptual processing where the experience contains more explicit spatial information than the visual stimulus on which it is based.ÿy´ The experience of Gestalt illusions often appears as volumetric spatial structures bounded by continuous colored surfaces embedded in a volumetric space. These, and many other phenomena, suggest a field theory principle of visual representation and computation in the brain. That is, an essential aspect of neurocomputation involves extended spatial fields of energy interacting in lawful ways across the tissue of the brain, as a spatial computation taking place in a spatial medium. ÿy´The explicitly spatial parallel nature of field theory computation offers a solution to the otherwise intractable inverse optics problem; that is, to reverse the optical projection to the retina, and reconstruct the three-dimensional configuration of objects and surfaces in the world that is most likely to have been the cause of the two-dimensional stimulus. A two-dimensional reverse grassfire algorithm, and a three-dimensional reverse shock scaffold algorithm are presented as examples of parallel spatial algorithms that address the inverse optics problem by essentially constructing every possible spatial interpretation simultaneously in parallel, and then selecting from that infinite set, the subset of patterns that embody the greatest intrinsic symmetry. ÿy´The principle of nonlinear wave phenomenaÿy´ and phase conjugate mirrors is invoked as a possible mechanism.

more background: A Practical Usage of Phase Conjugate Sound for Physical Stress Relief (reference Tom Bearden - Betar)

The FRACTAL FIELD - Revolutionary Research Frontier - with Radically Powerful Solutions to Virtually ALL Major Global Issues..
"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."--Max Planck, German Theoretical Physicist

1. Peacemaking: How The FRACTAL FIELD Can Make Teaching PEACE Into a New and Powerful SCIENCE - more:

2. Agriculture: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can Revolutionize Farming by creating Phase Conjugate Environment which properly allow DNA to Communicate and Thrive electrically - more: , and

3. Architecture: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can ReInvent Architecture now that the Principle of Building a BIOLOGIC CAPACITOR Allows us to Create Structure to Truly Create Healing and Bliss in Biology - more:

4. Genetics: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can ReDefine Success in Genetic Research / and Engineering - based on ReDefining DNA COHERENCE, and DNA 'Radio', and DNA Ability to Absorb and Radiate the Electric Field of LIFE! - more: , and ,

5. Psychology of BLISS / Ecstasy and PEAK EXPERIENCE: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows Us Now to Define, Measure and most of all TEACH - Peak Experience , Bliss, Ecstasy - True Enlightenment - more:

6. Urban Design: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows us to Re-Invent URBAN DESIGN Based on Fractal Charge Compression- to Attract People, Money, Charge and LIFE FORCE Back into Urban Design- more: ,

7. Weather / Climate / Rainmaking: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows us to Attract Rain - and Regulate Precipitation - more: , and The Yantra Pics at

8. Energy: How the FRACTAL

This article is about how and why Golden Ratio - perfects PHASE CONJUGATION...
- for examples of PHASE CONJUGATION (like the CADUCCEUS BREATH) creating healing in biology - we celebrate the release of..


the slip knot (ANU 7/5 spin)

Cosmic Serpent

Rainbow Snake

Buddha's (fractal) Endless Knot --

Dan Winter was the FIRST to correctly announce - FRACTALITY was the electric cause and mechanism of GRAVITY. (Original discussion: how SELF SIMILARITY - electron to nucleus CAUSES the gravity/constructive charge collapse- made by atoms: )



exerpted from: Reports from the Budapest 08 - Unified Field Theories Physics Conferences-

Conjuring Up the Phase Conjugate World:

by Dan Winter

We all dream of a unified world. We would all like to understand how to make it possible. Communication of course is the key. But the most efficient communicator on Earth is clearly biology herself.

In our exciting conference in Budapest this year, Peter Gariev explained at length how his laser polarity matching technology worked to prove how DNA communicated at distance ( - for Peter's DNAWAVE background). Peter G. has become somewhat world famous, after Fosser and Bludorf, wrote so much (expecially in German) about how his work evidenced BLACK HOLE MAKING - in DNA. I also have written about the gravity making cohering field of DNA. ( ).

We all agreed with Richard Amoroso, that calling the ability of DNA to leave a residual field - which would then affect a laser, even after the DNA was removed- was probably NOT best labelled a BLACK HOLE. Since, for the conventional science community - the concept of BLACK HOLE was very specifically limited to hugely massive gravitational phenomenon. This is again where a more precise language is useful to describe the efficiency of this magical 'DNA Radio". Enter- the concept of PHASE CONJUGATE fields.

--------Regard: pentagonal supersymmetry (phase conjugate?) -mechanism of gravity..( original summary -
> and the fractal electron-perfect distribution of charge=god
Tony Bermanseder <>
who wrote about: Monatomic Superconductivity in the Alchemy of the Stability of the Nucleus
1. Elementary Nucleon Stability in Unification Physics.
3. The Natural Superconductivity of Monatomic Elements
4. The Letters from Cheryl DeLuca addressing Orbitally-Rearranged-Monatomic Elements.
5. The Alchemy and 'occult-suppressed' omniphysics in pre-2013 paradigms.>
writes - To: <> >
> I do not disagree with your statement about the golden ratio 'making monopoles'.
> It indeed does. But the underpinning cosmology is built on a pentagonal 'supersymmetry', which incorporates all the socalled interactions and which alows gravity to emerge in proportionality.
> Even more fundamentally though, gravity becomes a symmetry in itself in that the massless preBig Bang cosmos required the precursor of massless (related to the sought Higgs Induction) gauge boson of opposing double-spin (known as graviton).
> But it is from this, that the Fibonacci series emerges as a finestructure underpinning basically everything in the universe as metaphysical 'parent' for the physics.
> So I would only support anyones line of research etc. incorporating say phi as the elementary parameter. The socalled sacred geometry is the metaphysics causative for the physical manifestos. Where I disagree with you somewhat, is in the reduction of gravity to the golden mean, without taking into consideration the (self-creation) of the universe from its encompassing Quantum Big Bang-Cosmology. > Gravity is part (of the spacetime metricated geometrical) of the metaphysical geometry becoming 'material', read inertial, and so one can say that the geometrical anture of gravity allows inertia to manifest (just as General Relativity postulates, albeit NOT requiring preexistent mass).

--Exerpt- on how the PHASE CONJUGATE / FRACTAL UNIFIED FIELD - can revolutionize physics:

Copy here of note from Dan Winter- to Professor Sigismondi
in Astrophsics and Macro Modelling - see
At , we are investigating prof el nashie's mathematics "golden mean quantum field theory' (behind garret lisi E8 unfied physics etc)
in which he agrees (with my prediction) fractality is the effective cause of gravity. We hypothesize - golden ratio optimized phase conjugation is this mechanism of gravity's cause.
Would you look at the SCALING LAW FOR ALL ORGANIZED MATTER based on Golden Ratio from Nasseim Harramein (2 pics JUST BELOW here- also at 3rd pic from bottom- at the link)
Could this fit the self similarity mathematics also behind the neutrino?
Could (GOLDEN RATIO - phase conjugate?) non destructive charge collapse- define gravity and all mass creation?
In the way for example the Golden Ratio - is the ONLY ratio in the STELLATED DODECAHEDRON models of the universe - AND DNA- (see link)
Note how in the infinitely stellated dodec / icos (behind E8 etc)
how each infinite node - has all x,y,z values as simple whole number multiples of golden ratio
(note the universe as dodeca vs universe as fractal - pics at link)
Should we not be quantifying self similarity - as the cause of gravity in this way, so if the universe is arranging itself to use golden ratio dodec to stabilize its gravity
-then we should see it also in atoms:
for example- to prove the self similarity between electron shells vs nucleus is the mechanism which allows atoms to produce gravity ( , grateful for your thought (our web project now reaches 1million+ hits / month)- dan winter
-(Here as mentioned from Nassim) note how GOLDEN RATIO (phase conjugate) animates the UNIVERSAL SCALING of FREQUENCY vs Radius of UNVERSAL MASSES.
The remainder of this article- below - exerpt reprinted here from Nassim Haramein,

Below - legend for the above: (U,G,S,A - datapoints defined)

-end exerpt from Nassim-


Finally - we include these beautiful drawings from John Fanuzzi: - note how the cascade of imploding PENT DODECA- in the vortex- helps you FEEL how phase conjugation works. John writes "Dan, If you have time I would like you to check out these drawings and theories before I go further. I think I have some new theories and many building on yours and others as Marko Rodin and hope to publish soon. Only Victory!! Jøhn Fanuzzi"

New!> JOHN FANUZZI- great phi graphics - please check out his NEW!>