Natural Law - Sustain the Wave That is DNA


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This article is dedicated to Presidential Candidate for the Natural Law Party, John Hagelin,

whose Ph.D. in physics was his attempt to understand deep spiritual and psychological principles.

See , ,

"A Reason to Vote - The Natural Law Party" by Robert Roth, foreward by Joh Hagelin, Ph.D.

and also the video "Spirituality Is Politics - An Uncommon Dialog" with Neale Donald Walsch, (author:"Conversations with God"), and John Hagelin, Ph.D.

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Let us consider an example of a NATURAL LAW, which may inform us about what creates and is the PRINCIPLE OF - natural laws.

In old Aboriginal Australia, it is the grandmother's right and decision as to whether each new-born baby should be kept or killed mercifully. There can be a myriad of reasons why a new-born baby would best be killed.

Now given the fact that Aboriginal ways survived many orders of magnitude longer than our current western culture, WE MAY SUSPECT THERE MUST BE SOME SURVIVAL VALUE / or natural law - to giving grandmothers that right. A newborn might be deformed or handicapped in a way that would hold back the tribe for example. If there were no one to make those survival decisions decisively, clearly the tribes GENEPOOL would weaken, and probably die. If the tribe ended up spending a huge portion of its energy caring for the sick and the maimed, then it probably would not make it thru the harsh wilderness. In the West we tend to judge death as being unacceptable in most cases, whereas a tribe aware that genetic memory SURVIVES DEATH, will have more options.

In fact clearly there would be lot's of ways to illustrate that our current western way of making cultural laws, actively weakens the DNA. Look for example at the perilous crash in male sperm counts. Or consider the explosion of child obesity. Or consider the MUCOUS MAKING loss of sustainable life force in self-replication of our primary grains like in genetically engineered WHEAT AND CORN. It is eminently clear that our genepool is going rapidly downhill - and further that this is a direct result of our inability to have discipline where it really counts: KNOWING WHAT LIFE FORCE IS ELECTRICALLY, and applying that to GENETIC HYGIENE. ( How's The Radiance of Your Magnetic X Today? )

My personal experience of the inner voice returning from such spiritual guides as Jesus, and Bacon etc., is indeed that they decry the irony that the very institutions that resulted from their lives ("Churchianity"), seem to continuously do everything they can to weaken the DNA and dilute the genepool. Giving a mother the life-death choice whether to bring a child into the world, (abortion) is a fundamental way DNA becomes self-steering. The church in their deathly fear of women and deathly misunderstanding/fear of death cannot abide this simple NATURAL LAW. Inability to control population growth is a classic and cliche way to weak ANY genepool, something obvious to ANY anthropologist. Yet governments swelling with lower and lower standards of living are getting farther not closer to the self-discipline to act on this GENEPOOL THREATENING catastrophy. (For MASTER RESOURCE INDEX on our immanent GLOBAL DIEOFF - )

Western Culture's need to come to grips with what SUSTAINS DNA, goes much deeper as well. Fundamentally the first pure principle of natural law is simple:

-THAT WHICH ENABLES A WAVE TO BECOME SUSTAINED, IS THE PURE PRINCIPLE OF WHAT SUSTAINS LAW. Any law that opposes natural law in this regard is doomed over time. Therefore the only pure principle that can sustain political and natural laws ultimately, will be the pure principles (of symnmetry) which sustains waves! (ref: Sacred Geometry Syllabus )

-DNA (including it's superluminal field effect radiance) is the way human consciousness / memory propagates (even thru gravity and stars) as a wave.

-Therefore the activities which excite DNA to it's only measureable Superluminal and sustainable emission, NAMELY BLISS ITSELF (an EKG Sonic Coherence Mediated Gland to Gene Snake Charming & UltraViolet 'Blue' Firing Trigger for DNA), BECOME THE ULTIMATE NATURAL LAW.


We could put this a simpler way, BLISS ACTIVITY is the ONLY way genes get to escape the death associated with the speed limit of light.

We have seen the physics of this when DNA becomes superconducive in a braided monofilament, welded to the symmetry of a gold monofilament. The inducement to enter this kind of perfected braid embedded, is clearly the heart's sonic (san graal) message to the gene during bliss. (Heart Biofeedback Spectrum analysis showing Phi intervals associated with Compassion / openness / Bliss. )

In the T.M. literature (Transcendental Meditation) which is the starting place of John Hagelin, the understanding of cross hemisphere brain coherence, is deeply studied in association with advanced meditative relaxation. In our nice phone conversation, he was very appreciative of the concept I developed with the EKG spectrum analyzer, used a harmonic analysis OF THE HARMONIC ANALYSIS, to get the INTERVAL BETWEEN HARMONICS map. This (Emotional Index Number), appears by hundreds of reports to be a highly useful indicator of heart centered vs. head centered emotion.

( )

The point here (to repeat what we have often suggested) is that MASSIVE COHERENCE requires MASSIVE EMBEDDING. (Perfected Recursion / branch / nesting / compression / fractality).

Applying this to cultural law is very rich.

If you take the pent / phi / golden ratio / nesting which is the Heart's E-field at the moment of love, and apply it to landscapes, you get the pent nests which are (the geomantic design of) Washington DC, Rennes Le Chateaux, etc.. (see ) Apparently since generations of builders devoted millenia to getting perfect embedding applied to POLITICAL LANDSCAPES, there must have been some GENETIC SURVIVAL principle which required it.


Appropriately, this then also becomes how the magnetic UV bubble squirting from the Shaman or the Near Death Experiencer, gets up the speed to go thru the sun into stars. (Golden spiral star map to Orion on Giza, etc..)

It turns out the Symmetry Motions (Sufi Dance, Tai Chi, Eurhythmy, Sacred Circle Dance, tribal ritual) which engender BLISS (the Purpose of DNA?), are more effective in Places also (geomantically) nested like this ...'all pent up'. Again the DNA becomes a shareable wave in the presence of shareable "body politic". (geomancy, feng shui)

We have outlined approximately 30 articles of PRACTICAL HOW-TO's on the pure principles HYGIENE FOR BLISS -How To's/Coherent Emotion/Practical Uses/Sacred Twinkle Hygiene 1 These begin with the simplest notion of knowing that spin density of charge is what you are seeking to create life force, as you make grocery store choices. (Nourished by Spin - Twinkling Eyes LifeStyle). And how hugging's wave geometry creates love and bliss. (How to Touch)

The question this article poses is - what would a government look like, if it were built on such PURE PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW (could John Hagelin or we, be this brave?)

Well first of all, a government built upon the pure principle of self empowering self-direction, might not need any elected leaders at all. This is because we have the capability to have almost instant collective decision making democracy over the web. This is the central theme of the moment for my new novel:

'Voting to Mind' about how when the rate at which the people voted back and forth on the internet approached instant FEEDBACK,

Earth's global collective mind was BORN - a democracy with no layers of serparation between the peoples voice and decision about worm become {implosively?} SELF steering...) Inspired in part by Sagan's new:'Bleeding Sun" -future of virtual reality? book- , spritual school)

This of course is the root of the project: Harmonic Module , where global heart entrainment, becomes global concensus process, becomes global collective conscious/mind.


Next let's look at some examples of what government decision making might be like, if everyone agreed that the PURPOSE of DNA was to make the BLISS needed to get squirted immortally into stars. If we examine how profound current cultural discussions, might be resolved if the voters agreed on pure principle behind Genes and Life Force, we might decide we should try it!


I suspect the dead filtered cancer oil used to cook at McDonald's would be illegal. Tho probably the best way to discourage death making activity (like gene-splicing out life force, and then grinding and bleaching and storing grains non capacitively) is simply to tax them heavily.

How about sex for kids. They would probably be taught, like "Coming of Age in Samoa", that touch permissiveness makes cultural bonds, BUT ONLY IN A TOTALLY SAFE SPACE. (The discipline and love embedding of extended family). Imagine a child during puberty's raging hormones, studying how bliss waves propagate capacitively during tantra. For one thing, there would be a reason to learn electrical theory. For another, there might be some more disciplined choices about who to hug, based on how HYGIENE creates spin (Nourished by Spin - Twinkling Eyes LifeStyle).

How about capital punishment and abortion? Probably there would be tribal Shaman's skilled in genetic soul retrieval.. re-locating life purpose.

In addition to degree programs in school, there would probably be some recognition and measure of BLISS DENSITY and RADIANCE OF CHARGE peak acheivements. (Like the Charge spectrum analysis which tells us which trees are still Bliss embedding the Schumann resonance.. )

What about Extra-Terrestrial History. Clearly in order to recapture and learn to STEER, the vector direction behind our DNA as one collective worm for aiming, we need to understand the INTENT behind the hackers of our DNA. (Annunaki, Draco, Hiburu, etc.) This is like rebirthing, collectively. It is like remembering the key turns of emotion back to your mothers egg, back to the 'big bang' (or harmonic convergence point called "theory of continuous creation"). In short, an Earth culture based on pure principles of what keeps DNA memory contiguous, would not hide it's ET origin, but rather embrace and explore it in all it's Galaxy Wide (and sometimes rather humbling for Earth) implications... (article summary: Galactic Context/Genetic History & ET Origins of Religion etc. INDEX )

And what about Copyrighting DNA sequences. The concept of intellectual property being ownable to create a reward system, has clearly been useful. And yet in certain ways, as separate intellectual concepts, become PURE PRINCIPLE... like what makes symmetry sustain in DNA, prove that we may be reaching the limit of how to use our present reward system. Another example of this is Copyrighting the Shapes of the LetterForms of the Hebrew Alphabet. Here, we are so close to the pure principle of creation itself, that we must create new legal framework to make this SHAREABLE.

How about agriculture? Chances are life force on the farm, requires some meaningful re-integration of rural life as beautiful. Including such principles are

- family organic farm as Perelandra,

-Organic Politics such as

-One of Many Good Summaries of Agriculture based on the self aware principle of LIFE FORCE: David Yarrow's: The Green Dragon ( ( a new resource on Earth restoration ,How to Improve Topsoil , with minerals and microbes, Fire in the Water - How Mineral Becomes Biology , Dr. Gerald Olarsch on trace elements and electrolytes , The lost legacies of Dr. George Earp-Thomas ,The Spark of Life , Trace Elements ,Living Water , The First Law of Stewardship , Gaia's Magnetic Bubble , introduction to Earth Grid geometry , Stone Age Agriculture , an organic farmer discovers glacial gravel dust , climate change, reforestation and soil remineralization , Forests of Champions .EarthPlus: a secret of soil fertility , To B12 or not to B12? , Return of the Dragon: Part 3 - Stray Earth Currents , Bioponics: Revolution in Food Growing , Missouri Aquafarmers Try Trace Elements , dowsing & Earth wisdom ,Asleep with a Vampire , The Geopathology of Geomagnetism, Bones of the Ancestors , mysteries of magnetism , Return of the Dragon , Hazards of Man-Made Magnetism ,The Dragon and the Ice Castle ,Rediscovery of Sacred Space in the Finger Lakes , Healing Waters in a Petrochemical Age , PHI: The Divine Ratio ,Life's Archetypal Architecture )


How about some of us filling in the blanks.. how would Democracy based on the pure principle / Natural Law - that Genes were made to create BLISS..

- politically affect:

Gun Laws,

Space Policy, (Why bother hiding which ET's shot down the Mar's probes..? We may need a large number of new off planet treaties.)

Building Codes (consider: Feng Shui / geomancy / sacred architecture),

Public Utilities (consider- power grids based not on 60 hz but Earth harmonics? as at: Power Line Grounding & What's Poisoning the Farm?

Taxes (or how does perfect heart embedding eliminate the need for taxes? - because it creates perfect distribution / no waste / electrically efficient idealized sharing -the opposite of taxes), (consider- if the community does not exceed critical size {the circle of people you can accomodate in your FEELING for - all at once - 'this is my body'}, the only resources needed to maintain a public domain, is the simple love of taking care of each other! So then the question becomes, how does one avoid having the size of your spiritual family community EXCEED the size of your horizon of compassion? What is your horizon of compassion? Roughly equal how many people you can be in love with at one time..?(Harmonic inclusiveness gone non-destructively compressible - as at Scale Invariant = Perfect Embedding = Gravity = Self Aware)

Which becomes the same EKG voltage question as : how many harmonics can you hold in your heart at once... (see Heart Rate Variability in this quote...)

(as just appended to new pics at the bottom of: Turning Inside Out: Wave Guide to Heart learning to Feel? s

K green-'s comments.." Posel describes this equation as the most fundamental law of all
physics and hence of Nature itself.
'The heart (body politic also?) is a pump, and nowadays nobody troubles himself over the vast
implications of this statement as apparently was the case two centuries ago.
Thus if the heart is such a pump,"...

stand in interesting contrast to:

" The Heart is not a Pump: A Refutation of the
Pressure Propulsion Premise of Heart Function by Marinelli, Ralph; Furst, Branco; van der Zee, Hoyte; McGinn,
Andrew and Marinelli, William." Frontier Perspectives Index ( )

pictorials at
Suction Steers! Implosion Makes Waves: Creating a TORRENT thru your Heart
Suction Steers! Implosion Makes Waves: Creating a TORRENT thru your Heart. by Dan Winter 12/10/99 url: URL:

clearly the issue is not to get caught in a simplistic dialectic of WHETHER the heart (body politic also?) is a pump,
but rather to understand the extent to which vorticity properly wrapped and folded
makes the pumping efficient
AND a good distributer of subtle and hi frequency info,,


is the heart's beat like a vortex flame letter hand wrap like unscrewing a bottle,
throwing the blood into a SUSTAINABLE vortex eddy... to the extent to which the
muscle firing it's laminar layers in phi harmonics?... thus permitting the
subtles hi frequency echoes of the hearts bliss intent into the fingertips and toes... a tingling...?


A wave is more propagable (shareable) if the wave is more dimpled..

dimpling (vorticity) is sustained if the sonic factors which push it are in a PHI cascade
(ekg phi effect of bliss on braiding and vortex maintenance)

essentially, a recursion perfected phi sonic can cascade a VERY hi frequency sonic (and uv?)
heart radiance into the bodily extremities... the tingling of BLISS?
thru the very blood laminations of spin...

(original pics paper and exerpts from book on heart arrythmias versus the vortex shapes
of the ekg voltages /sonics -'when time breaks down'

pic above...

understanding how recursion sonics feed the ekg's ability to pump bliss, into blood
is clearly a key to marysol's and the hearts sonics feedback project (harmonic module /


this (need for recursion in lo frequency harmonic intervals to be
contained in the heart sonics)

is what is meant by the AMA
solemn proclamation that if you can get enough harmonics
all at once into
Heart Rate Variability...
(only maximized in Phi cascade)

then by definition, all chronic diseases end..

Irving Dardik, MD Article from Cycles Magazine:
Dan Winter paper on Heart Rate Variability:



dan winter

An Example of Bliss Dynamics in Brain Coherence (stepping past TM to coherence perfected = perfect embedding to DEFINE TRANSCENDANCE)

re: marysol request to please explain:

phi harmonic intervals in eeg -induced from audio headphones-
were the mathematical DEFINITION
of the brainwave signature
in dr. ed wilson
elaborate sonic research at monroe institute...(we made a video with him

on this)

and I suspect as well behind
the successful 'build the missing tinkertoy in the
eeg harmonic cascade'
neurofeedback solution to Attention Deficiit and addiction

not sure how many knew much background about monroe institute

but at the time, (before he died) dr ed. wilson
research with bob monroe there was primarily
in the area of facilitating out of body experiences
etc. using training in sonic interference.

what they did was feed slightly different frequencies
in opposite headphones audio..

when the difference between the 2 frequencies in the headphones
was sub sonic.. and the phase would 'walk'

people universally reported feeling like fingers were moving around
palpably INSIDE their head..

the only explanation was the only place the actual phonon waves
could be interfering was inside the liquids of the brain itself..
(since the difference waves between the 2 headphones could not touch
in air outside the head..)

so they were clearly massaging the brain structure itself with the
moving heterodyne beat note..
as the phase and frequency difference would walk thru...

so then they began to look at the geometry of the effect on brainwaves..

(he was close to jaffey who designed the lexicor eeg system)

what dr . wilson found was that if he cascaded the subsonic (starting
below 20hz)
difference frequencies
in multiples based on 2 (octaves)
almost invariably got regions of eeg coherence 'lighting up' the brain

he called this dissociation... because it helped the brain make
difference/ descrimination / separateness barriers..

in this case literally separating the hemispheres
into opposite lobes of zones of alpha./ delta coherence...

he displayed many color slides of the lexicor brainmapper
of this phenomenon of the opposite sides of the brain lighting
up .,., in the 2 hour documentary he filmed at my farm..

OF AUDIO DIFFERENCE TONES, where the difference
cascaded in a fibonacci (leading to phi) series...

THAT WOULD 'LIGHT UP' in the brain mapper,

because of the psychological reports that accompanied this,

this became his brainwave definition of TRANSCENDENCE
for years of his work...

dr wilson believed Bob Monroe was afraid of the meaning of this.,
and as soon as he, ed wilson, learned I was finding
the SAME PHI harmonic cascade in the EKG at moments of bliss/ love..

he literally quit working for bob monroe, and drove 700 miles
to work with me at the farm, where we made the film...


it was clear to me why the phi cascade would light up the brain top,
instead of the dissociative opposite extremes,
because this was creating the geometry of fusion...

in this case the electrical fusion of the hemispheres...

later I came to believe the phi phases needed to be rather
accurate to acheive the peaks...

marty wuttke,
believes this non-linear intervalling
between the alpha./ beta / delta
harmonic cascade he teaches people using neurofeedback
to eliminate addiction / attention deficit..
is in fact the phi cascade...

but altho he saw this measured powerfully in his personal response
on the heartlink... (heart space emotion moved to lower EI)
the necessary 2nd order fft has not been
part of his eeg work to prove that part..
--(correct me here marty)

surely we need to build some phi log math into that software??

graphic waterfall display of the 2nd order fft (septrum)
to reveal cascade interharmonic interval
(the shape of the chord)...

the sherry edwards voice had the necessary warble at the key moments..
3 pics below

actual voice samples, 1 dot / sample over time, see COHERENCE of the BRAID enveloping envelope within envelope...

from SUPER-DNA-the spin braiding and


dan winter ... THIS GRAIL EMBEDDING IS Natural Law


the point here is to understanding that the only possible geometric way to understand what has been described in the literature as context richness, is in fact the geometry of BRAIDING.... NESTING... "The answer lies folded in an envelope" (St. Germain, personal communication).


as we zoom further and further out, we discover if there is discipline, or coherence in the braiding algorhythmn of our DNA..