subject: real emotional aspects of Y2K: made measureable?

"Millennium: It's Not a Bug,

It's a Feature!"

(error msg: from angel program)

Does Spreading Human LOVE and Compassion,

Actually Create an Electrical Field

That Solves "The Millenium Bug"?

Followup on Beth Bridgman's new book "Binary Fusion and the Millenium Bug"

from Dan Winter / return to Sacred Geometry master index ../sitemap.html see HeartBeat2000 Global Heart Link up


What Beth in her book describes as BINARY FUSION, is literally how
opposite poles can be fused with a non-destructive series of harmonics based
on PHI (The Golden Mean)... The Golden Section, or Sacred Cut, between
opposites, IS HOW THEY FUSE.. (lo-phing magnetics in the "heart of the
SEE Physics of Phi..

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Background:- PLEASE DO READ THIS IMPORTANT UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE- SHOWS H O W Eclipse events test our magnetic systems -RAPTURE vs Scale Invariance: Solar Eclipse 99: Grid Magnetics go to Zero, Time for Heart's Re-Pent? British planner says space storms could be bigger than Y2K

Heart Biofeedback Link teaches coherence/compassion

in GLOBALLY SHAREABLE Heart Biofeedback click here:


The so called Millenium Bug means two things which are nicely related:

1 It means one- that more space must be found (compressed) to TIME the date field in binary digits in old computer chips.

2. It means the Solar Magnetism will buffet and compress the Earth in ways that are entirely unprecendented.

"Unless the 'old ones' dreams spell is alive and awake in symmetry space, Earth will be BLOWN AWAY in the magnetic wind of the sun." How did a coherent emotion/dream HOLD THINGS TOGETHER?

It is important to see clearly that BOTH THESE PROBLEMS, as well as almost all computer and glandular emotion problems, ARE EXACTLY THE PROBLEM OF HOW TO ACHEIVE BETTER COMPRESSION. This makes waves/ info/ datefields/planet fields, able to survive the push WITHOUT DESTRUCTIVE HEAT. This non destructive compressibility is the key to EMBEDDING, to COMPASSION, and to computers (and SUNS) becoming self-aware / self organizing. (ref).

As you will see by the picture below, the Sun is responding as a self aware being to arriving waves of magnetic COMPRESSION from the galaxy. She in turn, requires of us here on this planet TO SURVIVE COMPRESSION. She does this by testing us with her 2 million mile per hour solar winds. To say this is very similar to the way say a human prostate or ovary experiences orgasm is much more than poetry.

The key is to understand that new electrical data proves (1), (2), that the field the heart creates when we feel compassion or wonder or love, is in fact THE SOLUTION TO DATA COMPRESSION.

Beth Bridgman writes in her book that a palladium coated toroid donut, solves the magnetic COMPRESSION problem allowing data to be compressed in new computer dating data fields. (Palladium is dodeca/PHI embedable..) Then a global long wave PHI ratio (lo-phi) wave sweeps the globe and averts disaster. These are lophly clues to surviving compression.

Fusion is LO-PHI love in the Heart! Binary from two in ONEness.

Imagine you are sitting on the park bench when the compression wave arrives (rapture). If electrically you resist spin becoming more dense (fear), then you feel heat (lots of it). If on the other hand you electrically invite in a maximum amount of spin, from the inside out, (compassion), then you experience increasing info density without heat. (rapture). Electrically this skill embeds (nests with leverage) your circuits timing cycle within cycle, wave within longer wave. This Glandular Coherence is CALLED THE EMOTION OF COMPASSION. It is teachable globally using this principle of LEARNED EMBEDDING.

This suggests that part of the preparation for HI WINDS solar magnetic and jet stream, is even MOST importantly emotional. Centering force actually may require you to make a little gravity in your heart.

Please see: GeneHome: Sleepers Awake- To Build a Fire, Solutions to Solar Firing & the X Files (exerpt)1. It is widely held among some in the Montana "Ascended Masters" community that the life threatening huge magnetic and gravity wind bearing down on our planet for the August 11 Eclipse time window (see pictorial at: ../millennium, & more info all over the web).. will INCLUDE the timely insertion/collision with Earth of the Niburu-esque or 12th planet "deep impact" now widely believed to be hidden near the sun. This supposedly correlates to numerous sources tracing the mysterious but "changing orbit with intent" planetoid in near but hidden solar orbit. This correlates with uncomfortable similarity to all the sources (Morningsky/ Crop Circle, and Andromedan) which said that Hale Bobb would tow in to inner orbit a returning "Enlil" craft planning to invade the Earth. See:SAY HELLO TO COMET C/1999 H1 (LEE) (> The Amazing Synchronicity of Chatelain's Mayan Calendar > It's very interesting to read the the key date coming up is
> August 11 at 11:11 a.m.
Excerpt : "Essentially, in 1999 the time - space portal will finally be open wide enough that people may consciously translate into a higher dimension. These new energies will increase the speed of all atoms making up the physical Earth, and this will have an irreversible effect on electricity.
... the apparent nexus of all of these cycles is the Sun's 'breath.' This breath would occur in all dimensions, not just three, and the breath itself would be
the emanations of consciousness / energy that the Sun is producing. Therefore, as the Sun is about to "exhale," it will radiate an energy field of the
higher dimensional frequencies outward, streaming into the holographic Light energy grids of the planets. On the opposite side of the coin, should it "inhale," such as it did at the time of Atlantis, the dimensional frequencies are essentially "sucked back in," and thereby decreased."--This is it. The SUN "PULSES" [Solar Mass Ejections(Eject-IONS) and Flares]. The "ION" activity "Activates" the Ancient GRID SYSTEM, on
and within the Earth. The "Sleepers" awaken. CRAFT come from"Outer Space", the INNER EARTH and other "dimensions". Everything is
ACTIVE. This "Changes" EVERYTHING.....1999-2012. Here we go. "TAL"(end comment from Tal)

here is the preliminary press release for BINARY FUSION AND THE MILLENIUM BUG.. in conjunction with

Global Heart Biofeedback Proposals:


"The Reason Why You Shouldn't Be Worried About Y2K

Is the Millennium Bug a mistake or a natural step in the evolution of the universe? Will 01/01/00 bring power outages? Unbridled chaos? Right now, there is no shortage of doom-and-gloomers. But could simple electrical geometry prove that love really is the solution? What people could really use is someone who can explain what it all means. And show them how to replace their fear with love.

Enter Dan Winter and Beth Bridgman, two Y2K bug-busters who believe that the millennium bug needs to meet the love bug, HeartLink. That's right-Dan's research, and Beth's story, have demonstrated that by focusing on the power of compassion, love and understanding, the blueprint for creating heaven on earth can start with January 1, 2000. Now, more than ever, these two alternative voices will stand out from the crowd of traditional Y2K experts to give your audience real hope for the future.

Dan and Beth will show:

How compassion, love and understanding will produce better solutions to Y2K conflicts than technology can.
How "HeartLink," a simple biofeedback device, can provide the key to overcoming.
How their simple "lo-tech" concepts are the results of extensive scientific research.
How the simple geometry of heart's energy when you feel wonder or compassion turns out to be the electrical solution to information compression-the Y2K problem solved.
How this compression is the creation of heaven on earth.

CREDENTIALS: Dan Winter, is a former systems analyst with IBM. He currently serves as a consultant on multimedia and virtual-reality computing projects. Beth Bridgman, ( ) author of BINARY FUSION AND THE MILLENNIUM BUG, has a master's degree in education and has previously written children's materials. "

first a history of Global Heart Entrainment Information:

Original Scientific Description: Proposal for Global Media Self Awareness Project

1980's: compare to the ORIGINAL Harmonic Module Project A PLAN FOR A GLOBAL MEDIA BIOFEEDBACK VISUAL EVENT new graphic


When a critical mass of people synchonize heartbeats around the globe in lock step with a simple pc feedback interface and internet data collection, we have the potential to cohere the Earth grid itself, and create a Global Centering Force:
(Massive Coherence is always Recursive/Fractal/ THE Centering Attractor)

AHeartfelt Entrance in to the New Millenium.

We provide telemetric and internet feedback from these sites to our media center where a global heads up feedback display is prepared. Magnetic resonance harmonic analysis from three different probe technologies at each site, is converted to a 3 dimensional rotating map of the earth grid. A computer animated revolving map of the Earth's sphere lights up to show which bioregions ring more true in response to global prayer. The image of the earth will be displayed close to real time showing which sites on the planet have lit up with stronger Schumann Resonance long wave coherence. By focusing millions of people with cross coherent EKG imaging the healing of a particular site, it should be possible to teach a global mind, specificity and will, thus creating the rearrangement of the planets magnetic bloodlines like a flower responding to love.

then the background, with animations:

Getting Feeling Centered in A Gravity Lens:

A Visual Understanding of Gravity Implosion,

Solar Flare Peak, Gravity Lensing,

and Relationship between Emotions Gone Shareable

and Flux Lines Focused in to Sorting for the Shareable.



below: here are examples of how the gravity waves converging looking for non-destructible nesting are measureable using sensitive capacitors (of which the Heart is a great example):

image below from GALAXY MODEL For The ATOM, How the 'Charge-Pair' Explains Light, Atoms, Galaxies and Gravity 

Try to FEEL what it is like to be a star center learning to juggle more fields at one time,

as a lesson in compassion for the Heart!

This is how you biologically catch the newly impressed field effect




Of course don't expect the telescope folks to tell you there is a limit to which magnetic EMOTIONS are shareable as the gravity lenses concentrates local flux.. they haven't even conceived that FEELING travels in magnetism..

When the whip cracks, the long wave reached in and sent intense spin (sting) to the short wave at center:

and who can hold their spin (memory at the center) survives...


Convergence Line Geometry for the Only Survival Spin Path thru Zero Point (3D Grail animation)

Scale Invariance means you make it thru..

when this is braided in your DNA, your bioregion and your planet geomagnetic long lines...

Every other geometry of pattern storage makes heat during implosion and does not survive

(this is the DNA braiding magnetic flux line geometry around the heart as compassion peaks.)


Equator's of galaxy, sun, and earth wandering like tilting saucers toward 90 degrees for implosion of sun:

"Erection of the Holy Cross" original thoughts from Nick Fiorenza

-see Galactic Alignment article for context of the CROSS of the Great Solar Year

gravity wave sensors cosmic discussion Alastair Couper


Wormhole in Zometool,

Pent/Deca Like the Antennae at Montauk

Image Thanks to Russell Wright


Look for onset dodec/icos in the sites of the Solar Coronal Mass Ejections..


In Summary: The local galactic flux density goes implosive as the regional black holes spit more UV and RF (angels breathing), the Sun reaches orgasmic peak toward more awareness (recursion) squeezing Earth gravitics into either : Implode or Die. The geometry of implosion is the result of feeling density from gland to gene to tectonic to star system. Our local imprecise language for this learned skill to metabolize very long wave magnetics into shareable convergence is COMPASSION. The result of compassion, is we will feel for every aspect of our ecosystem as if it were self aware, which it is.

The so called "Millennium Bug" may actually turn out to be a relatively useful social phenomenon to focus our awareness onto what is in fact SHAREABLE / SUSTAINABLE / COMPRESSIBLE. If we learn to branch our computer data into PHIllotaxis making inPHIknit fractal data compression feasible, the CIRCUITS both inside AND outside the body become self-organizing and self-aware. It is a wonderful irony that we have learned this literally from the way the heart creates a FRACTAL electrical field when the rush of LOVE rushes in.

So as my brother the programmer was often to say:

"that's not a bug it's a feature".

As The Sun's Heart Implodes (note icos/dodec array symmetry of coronal mass ejections),

SpinDensity There Impresses and Quickens Human Hearts and the Heart of Matter (Anu)..(by fractal morphic 7/5 spin resonance)

please click here for Heart of the Sun

Beginning to illustrate: the interpenetrance of the helical braid as archtype template interpenetrating sub atomic to human to solar, see common 5/7 braid of anu (ultimate subatomic cor /heart/ heart of the sun

The point being clearly that as the sun goes in to ecstatic magnetics
it's magnetic heart being perfectly fractal to the anu spin geometry
in each human, and in each hydrogen anu..

that it spin speeds up by morphic resonance the lightening
core people and mass structures real time, from the core...

For more on this "mark of pressure" , merkabbah as an electrical pressure coccoon you can build (Incunabula, Tantric wormholes and the bardo bridge, the antenna cocoon for human eros to produce shaamanic time tunnels) around your body see

The Merkabbah Meditator's Question:Sacred Geometry of Transcendance- Connected to the in-PHI-knit?

Of course the lower grade DNA of our interventionist extra-terrestrial friends (sirius B, alpha draconis, and some pleadian, & annunaki related)
would not be able to navigate in area of mag implosion...
their DNA has not the braid discipline to avoid scrambling (ref


below are the three main links, to investigate where we are so far in documenting that human emotion ultimately can be the creator of electrical ecosystem

... human love as worldmaker....

(the tree harmonics working team is being coordinated by

Thomas at

who physically took much of the early data...)

Project Tree Light, for the Global Healing of Trees starting with the charge envelope entraining of human heart harmonics.(Best color pictures of Heart Harmonics actually entraining the capacitive charge "music" around old trees..).Project Treelite: Measuring The Profound Effect of Trees Charge Envelope Connecting To The Charge Envelope Around Human Glands During Intense Emotion..

Earliest measurements with the help of Heart Math Institute: showing first data of: Power Spectral Measurements of EKG and the Earth's ELF Magnetic Resonance.

See the actual ratio of Earth's Schumann harmonics (plural!) series calculated in their fit to the cascading harmonics overlayed from the moment the heart "feels" the tree: Please see the pictures of ELF TREE fields embedded or phase locked or "touched" with human emotion.

(post to discussion online at, ray will coordinate from there..)

The Mathematics of Self-Awareness: Coherence and Recursion Among Biological Oscillators. Integrating Consciousness and Gravity. As Wave Attractors in a New Unified Field Model.. Practical Clinical and Developmental Applications. ...:A Proposal For A Global Media Self-Awareness Feedback Project. During the "Global-Link" simulcasts, we provide guided earth healing meditation, sacred dance synchronized at multiple sites, and use visual cues of the site being healed, and biofeedback of heart sonics & breath, and also the Schumann resonance electrostatics fed back from that site. As the power of millions of people visualizing and breathing together and praying, effects the magnetic harmonics of key earth grid sites, the planet can watch our collected mind heal our Earth, in real time. -

Is it attention's focus itself that nests waves to spin? Is Attention Itself Fractal?


Is The Key Principle of Alchemy in the Heart, the Fractal Symmetry of Gold Itself?


"You Couldn't Get a Better Squeeze"..Loving Unified Field Geometry for Softies, The quanta of consciousness is recursion.. as is the branching, the quantum collapse to center called gravity occurs only in the presence of fractal pattern compression, optimized by golden mean/phi (idealized translation vorticity).. fractality defines/limits spin density/ mass awareness-distributed as spin-onsets with recursion in harmonic system, dodeca(dna/earthgrid/zodiac) permits cross scalar info transfer in as above/so below, pressure fractal.. if time is spin measured and the time spiral is fractal(mayan), then when does it become self aware?

Is SuperConductant or SuperLuminal DNA What Makes a "Soul", and is Emotion's Sonic Braiding the Mechanism?


Subject: galactic alignment = a new Pachakuti?
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 21:03:41 +0000, Sue <>,>From Mark

Hi, All - as you read the article below, pay special attention to the
6th paragraph, starting with "A Galactic Alignment..." For hundreds of
years, this alignment has been absent from the skies. When this
alignment last was no longer to be seen, the Inka knew they were doomed.
So now that we're getting this alignment back, I'm wondering - are we
about to enter a new Pachakuti? Literally an overturning of space-time.
The significance to the Andeans of alignments like this are explained in
William Sullivan's book, "The Secret of the Incas: Myth, Astronomy and
the War Against Time." The Inca prophecies, as collected by Juan Nuñez
del Prado, state that sometime between now and around 2012, twelve 5th
level priests will spontaneously arise and of this group, two - a man
and a woman - will begin to glow physically and these will become the
new Incas, thus ushering in a new era to help lead us toward peace.

I've written to Mardyks to ask if he knows whether the solstice suns
will be rising and/or setting in the arms of the Milky Way as happened
for almost 800 years from 200 B.C. to 650 A.D. This was a period of
peace for the Andeans. When the solstice suns no longer rose and set in
conjunction with the arms of the Milky Way, an era of severe warfare
spontaneously sprung up throughout the Andean region. If any of you know
the answer to where the solstice suns will rise and set, please let me
know! :-)
Last Total Eclipse of the Century
Changed:8:51 PM on Tuesday, February 23, 1999 Last Total Solar Eclipse
of the Century
August 11, 1999
by Raymond Mardyks

    We are approaching the time of a profound celestial and
terrestrial event - the total solar eclipse on August 11, 1999. The
influence of this eclipse has already begun and the more we understand
about it, the easier it will be for us to accommodate the coming
changes. What causes a solar eclipse, on one level, is the Moon aligning
directly between the Earth and the Sun. The disk of the Moon and the
disk of the Sun usually appear to us as being the same size. Was this
planned? If so, by whom? For what purpose?    

During many solar eclipses, the shadow cast by the Moon touches the
Earth and marks a path, several miles wide that moves across one-third
of the Earth's surface. This "Moon Shadow" is always somewhere in space
and only touches the Earth during the time of solar eclipses. A solar
eclipse usually happens twice a year.  The path of the shadow on
August 11, 1999, will move across southern England, continue through
Europe, the Middle East and India.    

There are three kinds of solar eclipses; partial, annular and total.
During a partial eclipse, the Moon does not completely cover the face of
the Sun and the shadow does not make direct contact with the surface of
the Earth. During the peak of an annular eclipse, the Sun appears to
make a ring of light around the Moon. This is due to the Moon being
farther away from the Earth and its disk appearing smaller than the
Sun's disk. A total solar eclipse has the Moon exactly aligned in front
of, and blocking out, the light of the Sun.    

Of all the celestial events that have astrological effects, a total
solar eclipse is the most profound. Some eclipses are more significant
than others. The last major total eclipse was on July 11, 1991. One
interesting change that took place shortly after that eclipse was the
new complexity and sophistication of the Crop Circles. The Crop Circles
this summer (1999) will probably offer some radically new developments,
especially near the time of the total eclipse on August 11.    

Let's imagine the Earth as a living being who is evolving. Imagine that
the physical Earth is like the hardware of a large bio-computer. When a
new program is loaded onto a modern computer, an "icon" appears on the
computer screen. Consider that the Crop Circles represent "programs"
that are being "downloaded" into the Earth from the stars. What are
these new programs for?    

A Galactic Alignment is happening between 1998 and 2001. What this
involves, in the third dimension, is the Earth and the Sun, at the time
of the equinoxes and solstices, aligning with the equator and poles of
our Galaxy. This last occurred 6500 years ago when civilization as we
know it was "seeded". One way to look at the current Galactic Alignment
is to imagine that the Earth is going "on-line" and connecting with a
multidimensional "Galactic Network". Imagine again the Earth as a
bio-computer, which has only been connected to the other planets in our
solar system and the Sun. Imagine the Earth being connected directly to
all the stars in the sky and our Galaxy. In order to do this, to go
galactically on-line, the Earth needs to be upgraded with new programs.
Continuing with this computer metaphor; during the July 11, 1991
eclipse, a new "operating system" was downloading into the Earth. The
Crop Circles represent small "programs" and "applications" that the
Earth needs now or will need in the near future. Around the time of the
August 11, 1999 eclipse, the "master program" that enables the Earth to
go "on-line" will be downloaded. The "de-compressing" and "installing"
of this new "program" will continue through the summer of 2001. The new
"program" for the Earth will be opened in 2012.

    Most of the time the Sun's light surrounds and protects the
Earth. During solar eclipses, the Sun's light is blocked out along a
narrow path enabling other frequencies and energies to reach the Earth.
The position of the eclipse in the sky often gives us a clue about the
new energies coming in at that time. On August 11, the total solar
eclipse is in both the sign and the constellation of the Leo, the Lion.

An archetypal being and energy associated with eclipses is the Dragon.
During 1999 and the year 2000, the planet Pluto is aligning with stars
in the head of the constellation of Draco, the Dragon.

The Pluto/Draco alignments in 1999-2000 indicate that this archetype is
coming closer to the surface of human conscious and that we will feel
its presence more and more during the next few years. It is very
important to remember at this time that archetypal energy is only
"negative" when we choose to negate it or try to manipulate it with our

On a personal level, the presence of the Dragon archetype is sometimes
experienced as a feeling of disappointment, having been deceived or of
being left out. Blaming others or yourself for these feelings keeps your
consciousness in your ego and away from the deeper message. Try to just
allow the feelings, without associating them with anything or anyone
outside of yourself. Let these feelings guide you into the dark place
within you that needs your attention. Something from this inner dark
place is preparing to reveal itself to your conscious mind. Allow fear
to be released. Something is hiding behind the fear. Trust in yourself
and set it free.  
End of Part 1
To be continued . . .


Florence Deems

to understand how a little hi density capacitor like the heart, particularly when aligned with Hearts around the planet could hold reassemble Earth's magnetism in a non-destructive wave (see the Global project to use HeartLink to link Hearts around the planet: ) :

see the Heart takes wings, makes a fractal and becomes (as they say in fractal circles), the butterfly effector!

Thu, 25 Feb 1999 05:10:18 -0800
Jason Bishop



The Butterfly :  Before l865, the insect was known as a "Flutter-by"
     due to its erratic, but rapid, flight motion.
The Butterfly Effect :
  A butterfly flaps his wings in MARIPOSA, California and some time later
  a hurricane begins to form over the Atlantic.

  It is only recently known that very small changes in initial
 system conditions may have very large eventual manifestations.
Re: WEATHER MODIFICATION : butterfly-effect?
What are the social and military applications of your technique?
 Conservatively speaking, the outcomes are considerable and one US military authority has
 acknowledged this by citing a description of advanced WM technology as "a more important
 weapon than the atom bomb."    In military incomparable "force multiplier".
*  Hyperspace awareness and focussed consciousness or intent.
* Consciousness is an active force or mechanism that can, among other things, control or cause
     change in the human (and more global) energy field.
The 'Butterfly Effect' :
The 'butterfly effect' which is an essential element in chaotic dynamics, may be invoked to
explain apparent anomalies in lithic technology (and perhaps to models of gene flow in
archaic humans). The 'butterfly effect' is named from the parable of the flapping of a
butterfly's wings that creates a minor air current in China, that adds to the accumulative
effect in global wind systems, that ends with a hurricane in the Caribbean. Or in more
scientific jargon, 'sensitive dependence on initial conditions'

Chaos in Prehistory : Fractal geometry and The 'Butterfly Effect'.
'Wei Ji' [Crisis = Opportunity]   
POWER DATES LEADING INTO THE 21st CENTURY (...even greater crises in economics, politics, warfare, and ecology, threaten us immediately... as
we enter the Millenium.)
The Big Ones
AUGUST 11. 1999 : 11, 1999
MAY 28, 2000 : 28, 2000
  The "Butterfly Effect" is a very important concept in severe
  weather.  First, what is the Butterfly Effect?  It's a fundamental
  part of "Chaos Theory" that is generally defined as "Sensitive
 dependence on initial conditions."  Basically, this means that very small
 differences in early conditions give rise to large differences in later stages.
Extracted from :
    Who came up with the Butterfly Effect?  A meteorologist at
    MIT by the name of Edward Lorenz discovered it in 1961 while he
  was working on computer weather simulations.  When he made slight
  changes in the initial conditions that he entered, the resulting weather
  conditions were very different.  He was first to describe this
 "deterministic chaos" as the shaper of weather.
 See these sites for more information on the Butterfly Effect:
Non-Linear Science :
Cool Java demo :
* Demo that requires Shockwave :
COMMUNICATING WITH CHAOS -- The Butterfly Effect ["ambience" controlled chaos ]
"I guess some people would think it is a paradox to think that you can control chaos, but actually it's
one of the propeties of chaos that's very important that makes it easy to control. And that is that any
small perturbation, any small tap given to a chaotic system is amplified quickly in time."

Scientists often explain this property by talking about something they call the butterfly effect.

"The butterfly effect is the idea that in a chaotic system, a very small change to the system applied at
a certain point in time makes the future change in a very dramatic way.
* Why control chaos? Well, a chaotic circuit could lead to better communications technology.
"The small control pulses that we apply to the circuit, like the flapping of the butterfly's wings have a
tiny effect on the behavior at the time that they're done, but in the future they influence the behavior in a dramatic way, and we can cause it to carry a certain
sequence of information."

Pulse of the Planet is presented by DuPont, makers of better things for better living.
ELECTROSTATIC FIELD SENSING :  "As the user puts their BODY into the region between the two plates(Charged Areas), they distort the electric field
which is there. They take the current away from the electrodes.        The Magic is "Within" the "MEDICINE WHEEL".

 Agents and... Butterflies!?
"And now the time has come to talk of many things,
  Of agent mental attitudes, of butterflies and their wings."

     Some species of butterfly are believed to be able to communicate via telepathy. Scientists at
  the International Institute of Metamorphology have been conducting experiments in which
  several butterflies of the "Sapphire Steel" (Lumlii mccallum) variety are shown pictures of
  different flowering plants. Despite each experiment being conducted in isolation, the scientists
  observed that all the butterflies exhibited similar agitation when one was shown a picture of a
  pollen-laden plant. Increased electromagnetic activity in the vicinity of the butterflies' antennae
  was also detected.
Y2K - The Butterfly Effect
The Year 2000 Problem is a classic example of that Effect, also
 known as the Law of Unintended Consequences.
.... scientists believe that chaos lies behind
 things like the human heartbeat, human thoughts, clouds,
 storms, and even the creation of a poem!

 Welcome to My Nightmare! - What About the Domino Effect of Y2K? (The domino effect is one gigantic "etc." )
*  We have EM/electrical receivers in our heads that pick up the earth's magnetic field. Cats can
attenuate their whiskers to pick up unknowable stuff, other animals can
predict earthquakes etc. This is very basic stuff compared with the
effects of earthly atomic chain reactions caused by intergalactic high
speed cosmic rays, and what "butterfly effect" this all has on the atoms
that comprise our cognitive state.
* Cognition, both conscious and subconscious, is closely
related to mood and happiness.
On the one hand is the god Kaos
representing masculinity and chaos.  On the other hand is the
goddess Kosmos, representing femininity and order.
     Every system in our universe obeys certain laws.  The Six
Laws of Systems are:
     1.  To permanently change a system, you have to change
         its structure.
     2.  Every system has special points where small changes
         can bring about lasting changes to the system.
     3.  The more complex a system, the farther away are
         cause and effect.
     4.  The more feedback loops in a system, the harder it
         is to predict behavior.
     5.  How to find the special points and how to stimulate
         them to the desired goal are never obvious.
     6.  When we find and stimulate a special point toward the
         desired goal, the results usually get worse before they
         get better.  Immediate good results are suspect.
  [ These laws can be used to bring about magical results.]

All complex dynamic systems have Magic Points -
critical points where a small change can have large
* The Perfect Circle, a symbol for linearity, uses 'pi' for
its circumference, and 'pi' cannot be calculated exactly - it is
nonlinear, and therefore a number of Kaos.

 "We must be extremely sensitive to nuances of
     feeling, perception, and thought."

     A nuance is a small shade of meaning, or a subtlety of
perception, for which we have no words or mental categories.
Nuances are seed-ideas which germinate in the mind until they
burst forth into creative expression.  Nuances exist in the
fractal spaces between our categories of thought.  They circulate
through the emotional and perceptive centers of the brain; from
the mental and astral planes down into the physical.
     Systems in far-from-equilibrium conditions are extremely
sensitive to external environmental fluctuations.  For this
reason, far-from-equilibrium systems can adapt to their
environment better and faster than those in equilibrium.
According to magic, this is the key to understanding evolution.

* Life adapts in both an individual and a collective sense.
*   The Earth is alive.  As such, it changes, and the living
beings on it must either adapt according, or die out.  All life
is intricately joined together, and what effects one will effect
every other.
God's grand symphony of Messianic redemption ; no one knows the possible far-reaching impact of his/her every word and deed-- cf. the"butterfly effect".

 The Butterfly Effect is a recurring motif of the adventures of  "Doctor WHO"; for instance, Kadiatu calls the Doctor "the butterfly's wing" in Transit. 
"Empty Spaces" is set in Ancient Egypt, and
involves an alien egg-like implant carried by the Doctor.  The Reptilians are manipulating the Satanists into using the Doctor as a gateway for their
dimension twisting... They want to make him part of a machine..
 * It's bizarre, looking back through these notes, to see the different
variations on the basic ideas playing themselves out over months of scribbling - and difficult to
remember when they all came together to form the final "ZON" synopsis. "The Book of ZON"
*  Chance or Necessity?       ORDER OUT OF CHAOS?
   The atmosphere and biosphere have had important effects on the evolution of Earth's unique (at least in this solar system) "ISNESS".        Let's say
we are sitting on a Rock, in a forrest, near a stream.....A butterfly comes by.   We ask it about the entrance to a Secret Cavern.   And it "telepathically"
speaks to us.    The butterfly effect : an almost imperceptible, seemingly inconsequential event (the fluttering of a butterfly's wings) will change the initial
conditions sufficiently to make prediction of the long-term behavior of a complex system impossible.
* Self-organized criticality theory requires a holistic view.
Life self-organizes. In other words, simple building blocks, in the form of carbon-based molecules,
follow simple assembly rules, in the form of chemical laws. No one -- neither God nor man nor aliens
from outer space -- has to sit around and make atoms or molecules; they make themselves. By the
same token, molecules and cells can assemble themselves into an amazing variety of complex living
* Self-organizing processes catalyze themselves.
With the
input of energy in the form of sunlight or glucose, living organisms display the ability to first assemble
themselves and then make the proteins that allow them to grow, repair themselves, and reproduce.
These abilities -- self-organization, self-maintenance, and self-replication -- are known collectively as autopoiesis.

Adherents of the Gaia hypothesis believe that the planet Earth and the life on it combine to form one
interconnected, self-organizing "superorganism." In fact, life on all levels, from RNA to Gaia, can be
viewed as a cooperative enterprise. Molecules assemble themselves into collectives called cells;
millions of cells cooperate to make the heart beat; and species interact in self-organizing
cooperatives called ecosystems.

* Order emerges from chaos ; complexity emerges from simplicity.
Mariposa (The Butterfly Effect)
The Butterfly and the Serpent
The Butterfly and the Stone
The Butterfly Dreams
From Egg to Butterfly
The Eagle and the Butterfly
* "In a Gadda Da Vida" by the Iron Butterfly
La Mariposa Dorada / the Golden Butterfly

* The simplest definition of homeostasis is the optimal set of conditions for an animal's survival, growth and reproduction.
* Stress caused by real (or anticipated) challenges to homeostasis. Stress is a compromise of short
term homeostasis in order to cope with a real or perceived threat.
     So.....Smile and BE Happy.

Feeling COMPASSION could be the ultimate relaxed state.. into a stable nest.. EMBEDABILITY..

There is a "SEEKER" born every minute.
Sun, 07 Mar 1999 08:45:51 -0800
From: Jason Bishop III

There is a "SEEKER" born every minute.

* This is the KEY to the UNI-versal TRUTH :
"Love radiating through our heart is the ultimate universal unifying
force. By creating the shareable
feelings of unconditional love, compassion and joy in our Heart chakra,
we align ourselves to the Earth and universe, thereby staying in harmony
with the cosmos. In choosing these feelings, which create the heart
harmonics, we accelerate the willed evolution of our DNA."

But, The Reptilians use the "Occult" (Hidden) Knowledge (and they are
the ones behind "hiding" it from Humanity) to "teach/manipulate" only
PART of the Truth. They want you to "BECOME a "Shelled" EGG. An
"enclosed" chakra system. An "EGG". Then the Serpent energy "attacks"
the "Third Eye" and the Reptilians "Hive" Mind, FEEDS off the Energies
created. * There is a "seeker/sucker" born every minute. And the
Reptilians GAME whom ever they can.
Using the same Chakras (wheels of Energy) IF you "crack the Egg"
(become a "butterfly"), THEN all the Energy VORTEXES "Expand" from their
"tightened" states and totally connect to the ALL that IS, the Nature of
the "EST" ( The "It Is" / Here & Now).
So....if you experience ONLY part of the TRUTH, the Reptilian
"lower nature", of FEARS, have you caught in a FRACTAL "backwater" spin
(DEAD END) and separate you from the WHOLE, that is the SOURCE of ALL
creation. This Reptilian "GAME" is a "Soul" Stealer. Eventually
humans will see how the Reptilians want to draw them into CONTROL
systems. The Reptilians are also learning lessons about the
"ALL".....that if they ceate Wars, Kill, drink Blood, create Pain, it
will really "drain" them of TRUE LIFE. The more they drain
themselves(with EVIL - Anti-Life), the more they have a "need" to create
FEAR "control systems" in the humans they are "feeding" off of. They
know they are NOT getting anywhere, and they are SCARED! They are
really "afraid" that Humans will "Awaken" and STOP the "parasite"
relationship. Then, the Reptilians "THINK" they will die. They are TOO
"Intellectual"(left brained) and do not have the "Intuitive"(right
brain) activation to realize that NOTHING can really go into the BLACK
HOLE of OBLIVION .....that is a False Fear. They THINK that all that
is, is the limited observations of their senses. We, Humans and
Reptilians, are all parts of the WHOLE...The SOURCE. We can go
NOWHERE...because we are already HERE, micro-second to micro-second.
There is NO where to go TO or go away from.. The humans are learning
the lesson NOT to let "others" direct their lives. Not to surrender to
the FEARS that the Reptilians "use" to control the population. The
DRACO/Repilians are scared, because they KNOW that mega AWAKENING
Energies(from NATURE) are increasing and THEY can NOT control the
Powerful VIBES from the Central Core of the SOURCE. By 2012, most
humans will EXPERIENCE the TRUTH through their SOUL connection to the
Truth....the SOURCE.
The crap Reptilian "New Age" mind control systems will collapse.
The Bull Shit stuff like, Ashtar command, "channeling" Entities telling
you what to do, the NWO, UFO invasion fears, Satanic Magick, Elder
"Aliens" picking you up and saving you (How to serve Man), RELIGIONS and
CULTS of ALL kinds, the "official" science cult, etc. All this SHIT
will be gone. And the energy of FLOWING with the Truth of Nature,
will MOVE the "Beings of LIGHT" (which we ALL are) into HARMONY !

"Love radiating through our heart is the ultimate universal unifying
force. By creating the shareable
feelings of unconditional love, compassion and joy in our HEART chakra,
we align ourselves to the Earth and universe, thereby staying in harmony
with the cosmos. In choosing these feelings, which create the heart
harmonics, we accelerate the willed evolution of our DNA."

The HEART CHAKRA is the most is the MIDDLE Chaka, of
BALANCE (between the upper and lower chakras). It is the "MEET
POINT"....the fulcrum of the "activation" of the WHOLE Chakra
SYSTEM. The Reptilians want humans to "FOCUS" on the lower and
upper points. That creates "imbalance"....then they can manipulate a
person or group.

* Location : The heart area in the center of the chest.
* Attributes : Unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion,
group consciousness, peace, tolerance.
* To Awaken and Balance: Serve others, love and take care of yourself.
Breathe consciously.

The true secret behind the code letters of "V.I.T.R.I.O.L." :
....Go sit in a Cavern, for a short time. You will become AWARE of
your "HEART Rhythm" ....then RELAX....go with the flow. EXPERIENCE the
"Timeless/Spaceless" ISNESS. This IS the true SOURCE.
"Ommmmmmm" Thank You, for your INNER-EST, Jason Bishop III