"Making Waves":->"Consciousness is an electrically implosive jellyfish like gravity making charge field that sucks its way thru the universe
growing until it can choreograph the birth of stars sustainably - from within its own electrical FIRE!
This field effect requires the environment of fractality electrically -
(what you call SACRED) in order to breath charge and grow.
This is because successful charge compression (the medium of all biologic information)
is THE prerequisite to the efficient charge distribution/ radiance you call life and consciousness."

Implosion Group: publishes Dan Winter notes - Feb 06 Newsletter -
Making Waves:Golden Mean Physics Breakthrus:Implosive gravity making charge field'consciousness'-sucks its way thru the Universe
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Section 1: Two Simple Experiments to Change the World Forever
-a)Fractal Charge MAKES SEEDS GERMINATE! , b) Fractal Charge MAKES GRAVITY!
Section 2: Update on Gold Powder Physics, & also- Wingmakers loses plot?
Section 3: Winter's Annunaki / ET Origins of DNA- Dramatic Synthesis:bioblioteapleyades.net New Index

* Section 4: Book Review One:Dardik's 'Making Waves' Extending Global Superwave Principle-
Section 5: Second Book Review: "Conscious Acts of Creation:Emergence of New Physics" Bill Tiller proves Intention=Charge Compression-Now Ask HOW?-
Section 6: Third Book Review-new
: "The Word Made Manifest Through Sacred Geometry" by Robert Thomas
* Section 7: Gravity Making +The Latest On Golden Mean Physics-Letter sent to gravity physicists around the world: Charge self similarity is the cause of gravity.
-> + How The ANU 7/5 Symmetry-Maps Turns into DNA as well as Quark, Solar,+ Human Heart
-> + A Drive into the Sun's Heart with Bentov's Kundalini-PsychoPhysics and the REAL Shaman.. Revisited

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Bliss Igntion EEG Biofeedback Setup/Example
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Conscious POWER - IS the Sacred Geometry of Fractal Charge Compression?
The latest physics (Bill Tiller book-'Conscious Acts of Creation') show consious intention measureably produces CHARGE COMPRESSION.
Charge compression causes to inertia to be stored, this is how physics DEFINES mass and therefore creation itself!
So how does consciousness compress charge? Some clues: Russian research shows brain waves make Golden Ratio,
during Bliss, Ecstasy, Creativity, even Enlightenment itself. Golden Ratio is the sacred geometry of 3 dimensional fractality itself.

goldenmean.info/grail ) . Dan Winter demonstrates - his 'BlissTuner' EEG invention- teaching you to MAKE a fractal
in your brainwaves and thus macro-systemically attract and compress charge: the- climax of Attention/ creation itself- the RUSH of bliss! - Biofeedback for self-empowerment:
Finally- Winter's powerpoint presents- Einstein was right- Infinite Charge Compression would convert gravity to electric charge:
Too bad he didn't know that fractality IS infinite compression
. (
goldenmean.info/gravitycode ).

-- Followup: Deep Understanding of the Physics of Consciousness -
Sacred Geometry is a technique for visualizing the symmetry of charge (quantum) which causes creation: and animates the origin of alphabets ( http://spirals.eternite.com ). By embedding (symbolizing) ourselves into the coherent charge field - called KA in Egypt - the electric field or spirit our DNA makes generates gravity and penetrates thru light speed - enabling lucid dreaming and electrically surviving death ( goldenmean.info/death ). The hygiene to allow this measureable ignition of DNA ( goldenmean.info/12strands ) - is simply scientifically teachable. Religious myth - while correct in intent (sustainability) are obsolete in the face of the physics of immorality. The Draco history of DNA intervention on Earth ( goldenmean.info/invasion ) -reveals the simple choice we make now: self empowered hygiene of Bliss vs Join the Borgs ( George Bush). Our climax is a summary of lifestyle hygiene choices to ignite DNA with bliss: Once we understand that was once called- Orgone, Shakti, Spirit, Chi, Eck- are now obsolete terms for how dialectric charge travels- fuses and implodes- between the centers of capacitors (ideally biologic and therefore fractal)
- THEN in order to survive and thrive we must
1. Reinvent architecture and feng shui physics (temple) to be a solar fractal capacitor - compress charge and feed DNA bliss (
goldenmean.info/architecture ), 2. Reinvent Agriculture - by understanding the definition of sacred (fractal and therefore constructive biologic charge compression) is the ONLY way DNA is nourished ( goldenmean.info/germination )-the physics of the 'Flowform' water (goldenmean.info/life) , 3. Create a culture of Bliss Discipline and Hygiene for our young people - life force in diet and environment - symmetry in Yoga / Bliss movement ( goldenmean.info/rainbowserpent ) - because this is the only doorway to immortality - Sun making. Or to put it more simply - everyone who does not eventually have self empowerment: their own inner source of charge - bliss (implosive compression) - is by definition a parasite- and will never be self directing.

Feb 10, Perpignan, France- Fri Eve. Conference: grailphysics and South France - Sacre Geometry - French+ English-
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What do the Holy Grail, Mary Magdalene, The Da Vinci Code, The Cathars and Templars, Rennes-le-Chateau, The Golden Ratio, Alchemy, Pharaohs, Freemassons, Ancient Scrolls, and science and modern physics all have in common?? The only way to find out is to come to this special part of France and explore the significant sites and study with one of the leading experts in Ancient Mysteries, Dan Winter. Or you might just wish to come for the French food and countryside!- 3 Days Conference +3 Days-Cathar Day Trips- Here is our Beautiful Retreat Center: domaine-de-fraisse.com
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. Science réelle du Saint Graal : compression fractale infinie. - Extrait.
(Expérience des « Mystères du Saint Graal et Sites Sacrés Cathares » proposée du 30 juin au 6 juillet 2006­ voir : fengshuiseminars.com et goldenmean.info/course ­ Qu'y a t-il de commun entre le Saint Graal, Marie Magdeleine, le code Da Vinci, les Cathares et les Templiers, Rennes-le-Château, le Nombre d'Or, l'Alchimie, les Pharaons, les Maçons, les Anciens Parchemins, et les Sciences et la Physique modernes ?? Pour le savoir le meilleur moyen est de venir explorer cette région particulière du sud de la France en compagnie d'un des experts majeurs, Dan Winter, dans les mystères anciens. Une opportunité unique aussi de goûter à la cuisine française et découvrir la magnificence des paysages !
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* Section 1: Two Simple Experiments to Change the World Forever - -a)Fractal Charge MAKES SEEDS GERMINATE! , b) Fractal Charge MAKES GRAVITY!
"Consciousness is an electrically implosive jellyfish like gravity making charge field that sucks its way thru the Universe growing until it can choreograph the birth of stars sustainably - from within its own electrical FIRE! This field effect requires the environment of fractality electrically - (what you call SACRED) in order to breath charge and grow. This is because successful charge compression (the medium of all biologic information) is THE prerequisite to the efficient charge distribution/ radiance you call life and consciousness."

Dan Winter's 2 experiments to change completely Western Culture:
1: Rock dolmen (biologic charge compression from piezoelectric/paramagnetic stone - like granite) arranged like a pine cone around a dish of seeds - dramatically and replicably
serve germination success ( Orgone friends have shown 30% weight improvement in a replicable experiment - sadly they fail to correctly describe the field effect electrically: harmonic inclusive charge implosion due to fractal self similarity-the same harmonic inclusiveness which predicts disease survival in Heart harmonics ). By measuring the capacitive field at the center for harmonic inclusiveness (power spectra of the weak field- using the goldenmean.info/biophoton technique )- we PROVE the REASON seeds eat charge is the fractality of the field. (Instead of worshipping Stonehenge like natives worshipping the coke bottle that fell from the 'Gods Must be Crazy' - airplane - we could be reproducing the physics to serve and ignite DNA- a solar fractal capacitor). This then will immediately require that we COMPLETELY re-invent agriculture, and re-invent architecture and urban design because we will then know how to build the field that serves instead of poisons DNA! (+ creates the DNA igniting 'sacred' charge environment necessary for electrical bliss process- the only way to not die ). Among other things, in practice this means we will finally realize that the use of steel and aluminum and electrosmog in our cities is a direct and major cause for the cancer and soul-lessness of our children. Everytime we choose a material which was not formed in the necessarily fractal electricity of biology for our dwelling - we die a little - because inside there - charge cannot breathe into efficient and fractal charge distribution (the definition of life and consciousness). - This also means that instead of murdering each other by the billions over pointless 'Religion' wars, we finally realize that the only 'religious' wisdom that ever had any use was the electrical skill + scientific bliss hygiene to prepare your bodies charge field or KA for COHERENCE- the only form immortality ever takes.

2. A similarly shaped pine cone like array of capacitors - triggered by simple single pulse- WILL CREATE GRAVITY measureably. This proves that (charge) self-similarity is the CAUSE and producer of gravity. ref: goldenmean.info/thrust , goldenmean.info/gravitycode This will confirm Einstein's intuition that infinite non-destructive compression - creates gravity from charge. Pity he didn't know that's what a fractal is. This experiment needs to be done immediately - to end the shocking ignorance - and arrogance - of western science not knowing a) why an object falls to the ground , b) how fractal magnetic lines and dolmen stabilize gravity and therefore atmosphere (self organize charge into AWARENESS), c) how and why Golden Ratio based- DNA makes the black holes and gravity (already measured) when excited properly (bliss). --
As Tom Valone - Integrity Electronics- documents in his latest newsletter- Electrogravitics and Electrokinetics - the capacitors that made gravity / thrust here were 'assymmetric' - a recursive helical screw (see goldenmean.info/grailphysics) is assymmetric for example- for the same reason assymmetry in helical quartz and DNA is the CAUSE of it's piezoelectricity - and the direction of thrust -gravity production was toward the positive pole - the'sucking' centripedal nature of fractal charge-the negative pole= implosion? .. - Dear Tom's blindness to the pure principle- charge self-similarity CAUSES gravity may be related to his schizophrenic religion: separating the electrical inertia of gravity - from the charge field's fractal symmetry plenum or 'zero point' . - His religion- we call these 'free'energy misnomers: 'THE ATLANTIS MISTAKE'- is insulted when you tell him his 'free' energy is not free-: Extracting charge inertia from gravity DOES have a price..billions of years making the fractal symmetry to stabilize gravity - does not want to bleed without some return...- Hint: consciousness that serves gravity and stars- can return Gaia's blood invested in her nascent genepool of kids DNA about to become gravity making SUNS themselves.
If you un-weaned kids want to get off your fossil fuel addiction - then choose to restore the (atmosphere holding) fractality of your grid and gravity - BEFORE you bleed it like leeches calling it """"FREE""""" energy!!!!
If you can't make gravity inside - bliss ignition +restored biologic fractality- then you definitely don't deserve to suck wastefully on the gravity made by your Sun 'God'.
--also note in the above link(electrogravitics paper from Valone): (from the assymmetric capacitors)- .." there are effects on plants and animals, as well as effects from the sun, moon and even slightly from some of the planetary positions. Zinsser also reports beneficial effects on plants and humans, including what he called "bacteriostasis and cytostasis.""

 IMPLOSION - Understanding Infinite Non-Destructive Compression - Perfect Collapse- What Einstein missed: Self Smilarity produces gravity because that (golden ratio for heterodyning) turns compression (voltage) in to acceleration
(gravity) by recursive constructive adding of phase velocites.

 Scale Invariance('Global Scaling') is key to gravity and making life
BECAUSE self-similarity (embedability) enables (non-destructive) COMPRESSION
(/ fusion / collapse )
What Dan Winter has done is develop the power spectra tools to optimize / teach this....-
The perfectly coherent FRACTAL HEART is self-similar... A HOLARCHY.
Then finally we can introduce the profoundly confused linguists of Earth- to the simple physics that there is only one sustained and meaningful origin to ANY of their alphabets - particularly Hebrew (take off the 'Matrix'-tagin or crownlets-relative cube symmetry indicators for the golden spiral on the donut: add the vertical and horizontal cross - you have Sanskrit). http://spirals.eternite.com NAMELY- that ALPHABETS origin ultimately are the symmetry tilts for charge domain donuts to be swallowed and braided (re-CORDed) into DNA. goldenmean.info/12strands That symmetry alphabet - being the ONLY way any information is EVER stored (charge compressed) into biology. That 'Language of Light' is the symmetry of charge that makes the shapeshifter charge imploding DNA- into 'Visible Origami'. DNA as a coherent shapeshifting electric field making worm ("Cosmic Serpent")
Origin of all Alphabets + Language:DNA spits out charge donuts in an alphabet of symmetry to communicate to other DNA.
This 7 axis tetra (origin Hebrew / Alpha Draconis genetic engineering software called alphabet) containing the 5 axis 'flame letter' at the heart of the 'ANU' map of the nesting of spirulae (animations below) - is the steering wheel into the braiding of DNA. This creates the gene's most powerful slipknot toroidal ignited (ensouled) and GRAVITY making form. As we see from the ANU animations below- the spirals within spirals map - of this symmetry nesting archetype - nature carries from the inside of the quark - to the making of the human heart - the heart of the sun - right into the making of heart in DNA itself..

 * Section 2: Update on Gold Powder Physics, & also- Wingmakers loses plot?
Get the Physics and the Psyche of GOLD POWDER addiction sorted (Before you email with questions about Gold Powder - uses and abuses PULLEAZE - first read at least a few of the articles I wrote on it - index: goldenmean.info/goldpowder

Chaz, writing about Gold Powder physical's and David Hudson / Lawrence Gardner confusion, below is the alchemist metallurgist www.aetheria.biz , producing the Gold Powder for Path Flanagan www.phisciences.com (I introduced them). I am sure that Pat's discovery of his dodeca implosive radiacal 'free radical' scavenger - is real potential health service. ( I thank him for introducing me to the concept of water's natural molecular Dodecahedron -Clathrate cage- see below). I am pointing out here that we must not ignore the psychological inner work it takes to make use of these chemistries without personality fractionation and addiction. The message goes especially double for David Hudson - who listened politely when I emphasized to him that offering the chemistry of astral immortality for a price to customers was potentially selling their soul- and then proceeded in his naivte toward his downfall.

(Dan wrote) " hi stephanie - happy to hear from you.. here are some of chaz's notes.- re hudson et al..
One of the symptoms of gold powder addiction is shortening of attention span- some say parallels microhydrin addiction.. (Hydrogen atom core is another form of chemically induced implosion - aka Golden Mean in Hydrogen's Balmer emission-)

(Remember - Thoth / Aten / Akanaton - narrates exquisite personal hygiene instructions to help avoid the classic FRACTIONATION OF PERSONALITY that results from Manna / Ormes/ Gold Powder addiction - I have heard personal reports from those mega-dosing on Flanagan's micro-hydrin implosive hydrogen analogs- reporting similar symptoms. It is OK to use the chemistry - IF you do the inner work to use and not be used by the implosive lightening river you squirt into your DNA. ) Germaine may indirectly warn of this selling your soul risk- to addictive implosion chemistry in the occult classic book "Red Lion".

While Akhanaton / Moses profited from the sale of the white powder (Gardner's 'Sacred Ark' - presents wide evidence this white powder sales to the global royalty and addicted- is THE major cash cow of the Essenes - read how the electric powder from the Ark produced the gold powder.. goldenmean.info/ark ) -at the same time he set up strict hygiene - (originally from thoth) to avoid fractionation of the personality while using the stuff- these practices became the Essenes..

Subject: Laurence, From: Chaz, Sat, 5 Mar 2005 21:27:12 -0700
I have been filling Laurence in on what I have been digging up. Most of what Laurence put in print was taken from Hudson and a lot of it is straight from the Johnson Matthey websites on uses of PGEs.
The Hudson yap about the long burn spectroscopy is straight out of the same book used by the guy ( Zieg Bremmer) that did his earliest burns. My associate was Zieg's understudy and is now a PhD. The photocopies of the the pages from the book are buried in my office here somewhere. I think it is a 90 - 120 second burn time to get the Pt/Ir to light up enough to read. All that nonsense of the burn converting some 'monoatomic' mythical particle to metal is Hudson's understanding of the normal spectroscopic process. Whether or not the 300 sec burn ever happened in Russia could only be proven by an original written report.
Ever wonder why Hudson disappeared off radar? Some conspiracy to 'take him down' is utter crap as well. He had a 500 gal tank of nitric acid with a bad valve wisping off an orange plume. The neighbors dialed 911. Huge conspiracy, yeah right.
Oh, and the disappearing weight of the metal? That was because the spectroscope arc vaporizes the metal and the shield gas blows the tiny bead off the pedestal. My friend said that Zieg would replace the bead on the pedestal, if he could find it, and keep burning it until it read for PGEs. Probably, by the time it read, the weight had vaporized down to the magical 4/9ths. Levitation? Yeah as the bead flew through the air from the arc gas.
Hudson was selling a chloride solution made from his ore deposit. He never actually produced enough 'white stuff' to market. He just sold people on a dream fabricated from his ability to regurgitate misinterpreted information and took their money. "There's a sucker born every minute" P.T. Barnum

Back to Laurence, the first story I corrected was the story of the lightning strike creating 'monos' at a gold mine. That story came from Jimmy Dilletosso ( biggest *** I know ) but Hudson got it backwards. Either that or Jimmy told him the reverse story just because it fit Hudson's scenario. Lightening strikes have been known to melt quartz deposits and create nuggets.
Laurence has been very receptive to the information as he doesn't want to be part of the greater con. I think that Laurence wrote the book in good faith being sucked into the myth.
Oh, and the Hudson patent? Laurence and I were in Tempe; right after I correected the lightening story, Laurence goes to Hudson's farm. Hudson admitted to him that the patent chemistry was not accurate. Laurence must have pushed a few buttons to get that one out of him
I almost forgot, the flash of light from mono Rhodium? Hudson's chemist for the cyanide leaching on his farm (he never talked about that to the Gnu Agers did he?), would have breakfast all the time with my PhD friend. He said that he had used zinc to precipitate the gold from the cyanide then in turn precipitated the zinc out. He had spread the finely divided zinc out in the sun on black plastic and the sun heat ignited it. Hudson wasn't even there. No Rhodium anywhere in the vicinity, no pencil either.

The Star Mother is totally engrossing. I have ACAD2K so will ratchet them around a bit. Thanks so much. LoPHI, Chaz

Subject: ark arc, From: Chaz, Thu, 20 Oct 2005 08:10:36 -0700
> Perhaps Laurence is prone to a bit of creative license.
> Here's a story I heard from an 83 yr old miner in N. CA Trinity Alps: Some miners had placed freshly mined gold into a locked strong box and loaded onto a Wells Fago stagecoach for the trip to the San Francisco mint. This was a non-stop, other than to change horses, trip with a driver and two guards. When they got to the mint, the box was still locked and completely empty of gold.
> Using a bit of creativity on that story, how about the iron bands on the rotating wagon wheels set up a magnetic field that took the gold into the aether? Doesn't that prove Laurence's idea since Chartres had a huge lode stone above the transept? Pseudo science explaining ancient stories and further proving its own hypothesis is a sure way back to the Dark Ages.
> Another metallurgist friend of mine had researched the Jesuit formula from 1400's for turning black sand into gold. He said that it worked some of the time but other times the gold would disappear. He would have to leave it out for a couple of weeks to see if it was stable.
> Personally, one time I fired metallic gold out of some ore, placed the bead on a balance that reads to .0000 in a watch glass. The scale is so sensitive that heat will change the zero mark. The bead started out at about 40 mg, so it was visible to start with, the balance kept reading lower and lower and I thought it was cooling that changed the wt. I pulled it off the scale, let it cool down, then started over. Over the course of about 15 min. the wt kept dropping until it read .0000 and the bead was gone.
> The ore deposit that Audra 'saw' in her dream, the one we are working from, started out with free milling, gravity separating gold then it seemed like the longer the ore sat aound in the AZ sun that it wouldn't mill out anymore. The mine is in an old (late 1800 ) gold mining belt with some old shafts within a quarter mile. I always wondered why they never mined on Audra's side of the road.
> On some areas of the claims, I get a tingling sensation walking or even driving the pickup over it. So there are some strange properties of the precious elements in that stuff that give off an energy field. We started off just using the black sand as a psychic shield around the house as you probably remember, then on to coating jewelry with it for protection. I have been calling the stuff "mystery metal" for about 20 yrs.
> Personally, I like David Wilcox's aether/vortex model and his presentations with links and references. He includes mention of Hudson but uses the term microcluster and not ORME to describe the behavior of Iridium under extreme heat. http://ascension2000.com/DivineCosmos/03.htm
> > My entire lab zone is a sacred geo charged space. In addition, I treat the finish oral products with PHI sound patterns driven through a Neurophone in a icosa banded sphere with NIB magnets at the intersections. Spiraling inward to go outward. LoPHI, Chaz

Short updates: 2: - Wingmakers.com losing the plot? vs. the real Ophanim (Reprinted from group :http://groups.yahoo.com/group/prepare4contact/messages msg 18360)

Dan Winter wrote: wingmakers- desire to teach what a portal is-
what I believe is the implosive charge communion core of DNA during charge excitation(bliss) - is clearly useful..
consistent with what the charge wings of DNA would look like electrically when ignited.. and the ophanim history - www.goldenmean.info/orion

concerned that wanttoknow.info claims wingmakers now corrupted... I checked some of james latest on his site..
James of wingmakers- recommends cloning in his answers 3 - proving he does not know what a portal is ( how dna implodes to ensoul..ment

What do you read as the intent of the takeover of wingmakers, dan winter"

Here is the canned response from wanttoknow.info - "Dear Dan, Thanks for your interest in the fascinating WingMakers material. I first came upon the WingMakers website in December of 2000. Though I initially had serious questions and doubts about much of the information on the site, I was immediately struck by the depth, clarity, and beauty of the two spiritual/philosophical writings. Tears welled up in my eyes as I had never in my life read anything which resonated so deeply in my soul.

As I found this philosophical material to be so deeply moving, I decided back then to download most of the WingMakers website for future study. Over the next two years, I saw the website begin to change from it's original form. It gradually transformed from providing only information and materials for contemplation into a commercial endeavor, making the music, paintings, and other material available for sale. Someone named James appeared on the website claiming that he was responsible for it. Very strange.

The discovery of the Lost Arrow site was also changed from 1972 to 1996, and was given a very different story. Two additional philosophical writings were also added (both of which overall did not deeply resonate with me). In addition, I discovered some most surprising and intriguing changes in some of the information, even to the point where in the interviews section some parts were completely deleted, others added, and certain distances of stars mentioned were even changed!

I suspect the website was somehow taken over and that the original information was gradually corrupted by powers that did not want this information going out. They have corrupted the site by changing and distorting the information to lead those who want to know back towards hierarchical ways of thinking. I don't trust the James character you mention, though I can't tell you what his agenda is. Yet amazingly, most of the original webpages of the website are still available (see below). You can also explore the evolution of the website on the Internet Archive at http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.wingmakers.com.

It is interesting that despite the many changes, the two original philosophical writings from the original website have changed very little on the new site. This may be because the originals of this philosophy were written in language that is quite esoteric and difficult for the average person to understand. I have worked professionally as a language interpreter for many years, and was able to understand the originals and recognize the beauty of what I read. Using my translation skills, I translated this esoteric language into common, everyday English, which is what you now read on our website at www.WantToKnow.info/wingmakers <http://www.WantToKnow.info/wingmakers>.

I have lots more on all this. I recommend you start by reading the introduction to the original website, which can still be found at www.wingmakers.com/arrow/briefs/readfirst.html <http://www.wingmakers.com/arrow/briefs/readfirst.html> and comparing it with the full introduction on the new website at http://www.wingmakers.com/fullintro.html. Then I recommend reading the UFO summary at www.WantToKnow.info/ufocover-up10pg <http://www.WantToKnow.info/ufocover-up10pg>. Once you have read both of these, if you would like more information, I'll be happy to provide it. We are clearly in the middle of an incredible planetary shift, and I am happy to help in any way I can. Take care and have a great day! Fred Burks for WantToKnow.info

* Section 3: Winter's Annunaki / ET Origins of DNA-
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Reading the Origin of the Essenes books "Jesus at Qumran" and "Copper Scrolls" from Robert Feather- we see extensive documentation that the true origin of the Essene culture and spiritual wisdom is Akanaton and his source ATEN. "Aton" is Sumerian for ENKI as opposed to Enlil (Amon) as per Sitchen. Then in Islam - we read "Muhammad regularly visited a cave known as Hira, high in one of the mountains surrounding Makkah. He meditated and pondered over the complications and intricacies of the creation. During one of these days when he was deep in thought, the archangel Jibril of Allah appeared in front of him and asked him to read. Muhammad asked him what was he to read, for he had not received any formal education. Jibril told him again " Read in the name of Allah who created man from but a mere clot. It is only He whom you must trust. It is He who teaches every thing. He is who teaches all that can be inscribed, and it is He who taught man what he knew not."-end exerpt

We suspect - Enki was also called the RA or SUN GOD- whose less descended (less Nephalitic) genetic family was called Seraphim(the UR - Dragons). Jibril was probably the same draco family that visited Joseph Smith - also to try to symmetry track DNA reCORDings.
- We know in those days Enki / Enlil were called God's - and their genetic engineering- the skill to make DNA / the blood in a "CLOT". What is that? Could it be the skill to make DNA tie into a slip knot?? - see ANU below.. Remember- all the Annunaki knew Enlil/ Yalweh / Amun was jealous of his half brother Enki - the original Genetic engineer because he could bring people back from the dead - knew how to make a soul. Was this exactly the symmetry skill to make slip knots? ( ... smoke rings.. breathed in DNA? ).


 Grail Animation- GRAIL IN THE DNA BRAID EMBEDDING "Royal Blood", dan winter 3/98 ( goldenmean.info/grail ) - see also the true PHYSICS of the Grail (goldenmean.info/grailphysics )As the field's nest in IN-PHI-KNIT ratio,
allowing their pressures to beat or heterodyne recursively infinitely,
(at the moment of maximum dynamic pressure,
at the moment of maximum feeling/compassion)
the resultant "spin path to the zero point" pineal revolve creates the HOLY GRAIL, which is what light sees as it enters DNA which has been braided to the perfect geometry of embedding by the feeling of compassion. Royal blood is so fractal it contains a complete map of the land in it's foldedness, so that when Arthur's love ended, the rain stopped.
(Arthur and the land were one,
whom does this grail serve... it's self... embedded.)

 Mal G. wrote: > Hi, I had this experience recently where I was being sucked thru the images I see you have posted on your web site. (Implosion?) Its uncanny how close (my experience) resembles your images. Have you experienced these on the "inside"? I don't know what happened. I just felt I was falling into the floor and then I felt I was travelling thru a cocoon of sorts with all sorts of geometrical shapes spinning like a web around me. I then got thru that into a space where I saw these huge brillant white balls. They where awesome. I heard two voices telling me it was time to cross over. I got scared. I felt all this tension in my chest like my heart was going to explode. At all times I never lost body awareness of me lying on the sofa yet at the same time i sensed i was travelling They said it was inevitable about me crossing over
oh dan yes this is so true I can't believe what i'm seeing in your inages they are picture perfect repressntations of what i've seen. This latest intense experience i had went so much deeper - > From the ages of 23+ it would always be going thru the tunnel cocoon spiral - The compression makes sense because as I travel thru the tunnel, basic shapes seemed to morph into other shapes and i'd see them spiraling around me as I was sucked thru the tunnel .
.. ciao, malbo.

Dan replied: "Appreciate your encouragement..
The animations are real- sights into dna's charge-
So this is what you should see going inside
as at www.goldenmean.info/death

Your healthy DNA want's to start this KA coherence field thru implosion and light speed - if you want to steer and make it sustainable- study the hygiene.. Learn from the Shem - An..-one introduction: "Ecstasy & Immortality" book. + Check - Ben Bentov +kundalini story below..

* Section 4: Book Review One:Dardik's 'Making Waves' Extending Global Superwave Principle-

Book review 1:  Making Waves : Irving Dardik and His Superwave Principle

here-from the publisher: The biography of a medical maverick who is challenging scientific convention with his astounding approach to achieving and maintaining health.

Dr. Irving Dardik's radical notions about how all matter moves in interconnected waves has drawn deep skepticism from physicists, and his early attempts to put his theory into practice in the field of health care got him banned from practicing medicine in the 1990s. But now, after a decade's worth of rigorous research that seems to support Dardik's SuperWave theory, scientists at such esteemed institutions as MIT, Harvard, and Stanford Research International are signing on with Dardik's team to probe the possibilities. For example, Dardik's unique approach to physical exercise, based on his Principle, has achieved some remarkable successes in reversing symptoms of chronic disease.

Making Waves weaves together two fascinating stories: Dardik's personal progression from vascular surgeon to scientific iconoclast and pioneer, chronicling his struggle to convince the scientific community to take him seriously; and the evolution of his mind-expanding SuperWave Principle. Colleagues--skeptics as well as supporters--consider the impact of SuperWave theory on current thinking about nature on all scales, from the universe to the subatomic world, and in the realms of biology, applied science, and medicine. The resulting read will interest those concerned with their own health and vitality as well as those curious about the fundamental workings of nature.

Intuitive revolutionary idea.... As a science writer Roger Lewin has always been on the cutting edge of science and as a gifted writer he has made the most difficult scientific concepts read like a novel. He does it again in "Making Waves." Weaving a biography, science, and the evolution of a revolutionary idea, Lewin hits on a big idea, that we can "cause health" rather than attack disease. Beyond the intellectual argument, the power of "Making Waves" strikes an intuitive chord. In a society where the pace is fast and flat, where we grow ever more disconnected from nature's cycles, intuitively it makes sense that if we recreate cycles of exertion and rest, of action and reflection, that we will be healthier because we are in rhythm with nature. It's provocative to look at life through the lens of waves,cycles rhythms or lack of them--according to Dardik everything is waves.
Although controversial, Dardik has to be commended for his tenacity against a lot of resistance. From Galileo to Darwin, new ideas are not received quickly--people resist change when their foundation of beliefs are challenged. But like his predecessors,
Dardik perserveres because he has a gem of truth that can revolutionize our world--from cold fusion, metallurgy, to health. This book is a great and fast read and will leave you thinking. It offers ideas for small actions we can all do to get back into sync with ourselves and with nature. And for those with chronic disease it is a ray of hope.

...Revolutionary Wellness Program Works - I have had personal experience with Irving Dardik's revolutionary wellness program, and I can vouch for its efficacy. Making Waves tells the story of Dardik's journey to developing a revolutionary approach to health and disease, based on his SuperWave Principle. The Principle is far reaching, and goes far beyond the health/disease realm. It's a terrific read, and details Dardik's struggle with the medical establishment, and his ultimate vindication. I recommend the book to anyone who is interested in learning more about their own body, and about the interconnectedness of nature throughout all of nature. It's a true story, but it's so fantastic that it reads like a novel!


Explains- evidence that harmonic inclusiveness in your heart heals most disease. And helpfully shows that exercise (breath rate / heart rate) which varies heart rate in waves (caducceus would be the correct term - not used in the book) does that healing. (Real miracle cures - replicable!) The good thing is that the medical evidence that the wave cascade of harmonic inclusiveness- is becoming something of a popular phenomenon. This might soon lead science to ask the RIGHT questions ... like.. the role of Golden Ratio perfected compression in allowing charge to converge into INTELLIGENCE / FUSION / SELF-ORGANIZATION ... and ultimately the gravity making business of charge ignited (blissful) DNA.

Specifically - what Dardik misses / does not explain :
a)- that the
perfect change in heart rate / breath over time is exactly the caducceus optimized by Golden Ratio
b) that for perfect harmonic inclusiveness to fit into one place (your heart) COMPRESSION must be perfected - THAT is why fractality is critical.
c) that perfect compression and fractality require Golden Ratio
d) how to teach compression + harmonic inclusiveness - using power spectra + biofeedback ( see:
e) the result of perfected compression symmetry macro cellularly attracts the charge into (IMPLOSION) self-organization, emergence from chaos, and disease solution - we call LIFE.

What we would like to ADD to this book - is this description why perfect embedding creates the perfect compression phenomenon to allow humans to recreate their sick biology from within- electrically. We discussed this at length in our review of Dardik's HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS in EKG predicts all survival? - goldenmean.info/holarchy -Wherein we strongly suggest that Dardik did not go far enough - while he showed helpfully medically why :


This includes your DNA, your forest, your planet, your SUN and your galaxy This reason is as elegantly simple as understanding how constructive charge compression of as many different waves as possible (Implosion) - includes survival information into the gravity center of each living thing. While this does correctly explain the physics of how our blood CAN with charge compression ignition make us into gravity making SUN GODS - this advanced perception is too much for most. .(except those who personally know kundalini -see'Bentov'below) .. even while science has measured DNA making black holes.
BUT at a much more basic survival level - .... This concept of charge implosion feeding LIFE - is also why it is so survival essential for science now to understand the fractal symmetry of charge which creates gravity, self organization, implosion, and DNA life in general. Those who understand shudder with horror to realize that those who build our schools and farms and hospitals have no clue to the electric field (capacitor that is not fractal) they build which BLEEDS the DNA of all those who enter!!!
(goldenmean.info/architecture )

Now we cannot even imagine how anyone could even begin to design a dance for kids to teach them to pop into bliss and creativity (see the physics)
- without knowing how charge waves NEED to look like a rose in order to become and create biology itself.
In summary NO PART OF BIOLOGY SURVIVES without learning fractality and thus peaceful constructive compression. A molecule of mineral and water- never become part of efficient cell metabolism without first being nudged into the charge symmetry of fractal self- similarity (see water molecules in Dodeca below , and witness the Triplet State electron in the cell water - which prevents cancer in Nobel Prize winning "Electronic Biology & Cancer" Albert Szent Gyorgyi..). -{ also new PDF - "chargeinwater.pdf" - pictorial on life force, vs Charge Compression, vs dodec molecular geometry in water..}
Urban designers who DON'T know this unfortuneately deserve the death they create for themselves - in the cities they build whose magnetism does NOT look like a rose.
Choosing to fail to embed (called 'evil') - is choosing death. Biology's biofeedback if anything else is also LAWful.

Dardiks favorite picture of heart harmonics including inclusiveness: - - . The only way waves could be superposed upon each other like this (hint: cadduceus)- with destructive interference is Golden Ratio. Dardiks'does not account for the simple mathematics (Golden Ratio) for what would allow many harmonics to exist in one place (your heart) compressed non-destructively. He gets that such compression requires fractality - but doesn't understand how that fractality would show up in a power spectra ( Golden Ratio) (and the basis for HeartTuner) - or that such self similarity is in fact electrically implosive and 'self organizing' or 'healing' to biology. To Dardik's credit - he was encouraging in some of our phone conversations - admitting that he did not do math - accounting for why his contributions to cold fusion research (mentiond in the book) - were not grounded. Unless you model the math for the symmetry which allows charge to compress, implode and fuse - you cannot understand the Heart's source of voltage ( from gravity) or cold fusion.

On the PLUS side - we see dozens of dramatized examples- that if people learn how to use breath / exercise to make their heart rate curve into a perfect cadduceus - virtually any chronic disease can be treated - medically..

Notice how a revolved caducceus in water - would CREATE a water drop emerging from water. Instead of the cadduceus ripple - being CAUSED by the water drop -as in the book cover picture,
the cadduceus ripple could then CAUSE the droplet! .. Harmonic Inclusiveness- casting the wave cadducceus is like this - the created becomes the creator.

.. as in the grail revolution animation at goldenmean.info/grailphysics )

.. Try to visualize the caduceus REVOLVING around its own center in 3D- recreating the compression bubble (droplet) in its midst - in these 3 images from goldenmean.info/hrv


 Recent example from the HeartTuner users group: "HRV and ..The FRACTALLY (compression and Phi?) Perfected Heart Is NOT Chaotic!"
the HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS which defines resistance to disease in HRV ( goldenmean.info/holarchy ) is the SAME harmonic inclusiveness which rises WHEN WE DISPLAY COHERENCE
in the cepstrum of the slightly higher frequencies. SO in my view you are right to be looking for a (harmonic inclusive) cascade in BOTH the HRV display ... AND the simple power spectra.. typically most hearts do one OR the other.. the evolved heart does both... And you are right to look for the continuation of the power spectra cascade (2-20hz) to extend right down into the HRV lower frequency window (.1-.5hz etc).

Harmonic inclusiveness (medicine / Dr Irving Dardik) proves when hearts become sustainable (long life) - IS perfected by perfect compression (perfected by Golden Ratio). We have radically extended this idea to hypothesize that HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS in the power spectra - PREDICTS THE LONGEVITY OF EVERY LIVING THING!

This is why we are so enthused to prove that the symmetry of charge self similarity producing harmonic inclusive non-destructive compression creates not only Gravity but LIFE. Can our hearts invite in the WHOLE world by being harmonic inclusive.. (well put - James calling this fractal geometry in the heart ..) and can we TEACH that...?? Medicine knows the harmonic inclusive heart is immortal but they call that a chaotic heart. We say that the golden mean may solve the problem of compression allowing a harmonic inclusive heart to also be COHERENT and not at all chaotic. ( medicine got oversimple when they saw a mono tone heart rate predicts disease susceptibility .. This insight is real, but the alternative to a 'sickening' monotonic heart IS NOT CHAOS - it is in fact COMPRESSION (recursion). More at goldenmean.info/hrv

Loss of genetic fractality / diversity - The PHYSICS of why the "we copyright genes" assholes of MONSANTO COMPANY - are poisonous to all living things -
(along with George Bush's leutenant's in Iraq who made it a crime for the farmers to do what their families have for thousnads of years- save their seeds):

.. NOW- to test your understanding- ask yourself this question. How could physics prove that genetic diversity actually electrically improves the survival / thrival likelihood of every living thing. AND conversely why does monoculture make things like wheat and corn poison to the immune system?

We all know that a kid raised on a farm intimately touching hundreds of diverse plant and animal species - INVARIABLY grows up far more balanced, self confident and INTELLIGENT. The same is true of a plant that grows up in the middle of genetic diversity and freedom. The DNA electrically learns from diversity because by experiencing (harmonic inclusive charge) implosion in it's environment - and learning to suck in charge actively instead of passively (the jellyfish that steers by sucking) it becomes responsible for the direction of its own survival choices. DNA and kids are the same: set them free in order to teach them to take responsibility and become self directing. Translating this into implosion / or compression symmetry - we see that the more genetic diversity around a plant or animal the more it's DNA has access to the electric broadcasting station of diverse survival info. Essentially - this translates Jung's collective unconscious into the physics of the electric coherence (KA) field of all living DNA.

The reason this follows so perfectly from Darik's "Making Waves" and his discovery that HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS predicts survival - is profound. Harmonic inclusive biology is the lifeform which has best learned (charge) COMPRESSION. Embed yourself in healthy genetic diversity and your internal DNA radio ('spirit') gets access to all the frequencies it needs to build immortallizing fusion.
This explains why the Egypt and Indian culture correctly valued animals beyond their mere food value.

... and finally this is the prolog to my favorite story from my old Crystal Hill Farm. ... that year at the farm, a Seneca Indian trained tribal woman moved to the farm - especially to plant an HEIRLOOM SEEDS GARDEN. This was a garden ( at that time circled with trees of extreme diversity themselves) with many different color beans, colors of potatoes, colors of tomatoes, etc. All the seeds were open pollinated, indiginous, ancient, and diverse. I will never forget as we sat on the sunny porch at Sunset in late summer over looking the lake, while eating these fresh picked vegetables saying " why the colors I get in my head eating these veggies is better than LSD!". DNA as a coherent shapeshifting electric field making worm ("Cosmic Serpent") - CAN get happy and implosive enough to suck and steer it's way into the superluminal wormholes between our worlds. (As any peyote or ayuasca eater will tell you- beware of wormholes you don't make yourself-). The point is - that it is extreme genetic diversity (harmonic inclusiveness induced efficient charge compression) that fuses implodes into DNA enought to teach it to suck it's worm dragon mouth into black holes!

* Section 5: Second Book Review-"Conscious Acts of Creation:Emergence of New Physics" Bill Tiller proves Intention=Charge Compression-Now Ask HOW?-
Bill Tiller's latest (and useful) book: "Conscious Acts of Creation: Emergence of A New Physics"- -Imprinting of DNA

My comment-> Wonderful to prove that Conscious Intention measureably produces CHARGE COMPRESSION.. - Woeful: no model for why and how.

Some of Amazons SIPs (Statistically Improbable Phrases- from this book are illustrative: "deltron activation, locale conditioning, biconformal base space, undulation interval, imprinted intention, vitro fruit, unconditioned site, deltron coupling, electric monopole substance, oscillation continuity, experimental locale, unimprinted devices, charged body moves, larval homogenates, intention imprinted, conditioned locales, site conditioning, phantom profile, larval development time, consciousness imprint" ... note how each of these is a conscious obfuscation of the simple principle that what they call awareness IS the ability to direct the constructive compression of electric charge.

On the PLUS side- this book provides wonderful physics experimental data showing that focused human intention IS able to direct the compression of electric charge.
On the MINUS side- this book also illustrates the huge gap in scientific imagination - dramatized by the authors total failure to make ANY creative postulation about HOW (in symmetry terms) - focused human attention IS able to direct the compression of electric charge

It is even visually obvious by the back cover of the book - that the symmetry ability of human attention to arrange charge into recursion / fractality - IS what invites this psychokinetic compression of electric charge. So how does human attention physically grab hold of charge fields and COHERE THE VACUUM? Simple: human attention IS the implosive wind of charge compression which results from biology's basis in charge attraction itself. In other words- biology goes to work with molecules to get them fractal enough in water to cause charge to be attracted- then that charge packing is specifically the physics called LIFE - which causes a seed to germinate by macro organizing its capacitive field (simply SUCKING IN THE CHARGE OF ITS ENVIRONMENT). Implosion must precede the explosion of charge called growth. (Extensive measurements: goldenmean.info/germination ). Taken to its limit - (bliss / tantra / kundalini for example - the psychokinesis of the trained healer) - that electric field is the capacitive steering of a tornado. It would be simple to prove that the healers power IS their ability to cohere a capacitive field - by using the capacitive coupling we have developed for life force measure in general (goldenmean.info/biophoton ). Since the authors continue to have no idea how electric charge fractality creates the constructive charge compression called awareness and gravity and seed germination, or how capacitive coupling works (thru even a faraday cage) they condemn themselves to continued aimless experimenting - instead of graduating from their kindergarten. Graduation is learning to properly train people to develop the electrical skills ( bliss and blood ignition by correct hygiene) to COHERE the vacuum. (and become immortal).

--by way of pictorial- here are some exerpts of the new Magazine Article from Dan Winter- on Water Geometry-Charge Fractality and the Electrical Creation of Life -
(Principle of life: pent phi recursion geometry allows charge compression in water - Download your copy of the beautiful new Paper in PDF here: goldenmean.info/life/chargeinwater.pdf )

"Why is the geometry of compressing charge in water- so critical to life itself?
Einstein was right that infinite non-destructive compression would extract electric power from gravity. What has been shown since is that FRACTALITY is the solution to infinite compression - and that power source is key to life: from your hearts wiring, your lungs branching, your pine cones seeds - to the molecules in living water which GET FRACTAL to live!"

* Section 6: Third Book Review-new: "The Word Made Manifest Through Sacred Geometry" by Robert Thomas

Thomas / Hamel have discovered the gravity making symmetry map to implosion -really a STAR MOTHER - from the symmetry language instructions in GENESIS.

The section on the gold / wood materials for the ark of the covenant proper construction is helpful. Like most of Hamel's work - the intuitive use of capacitive materials to optimize charge compression / recursion - is stimulating. What is needed - yet is the correct electrical description - WHY charge dialectrics get implosive - gravity and life giving charge compression when fractal or self - similar.
Rodin has for years been winding 'non-linear' toroid wire wrap ratios, with the help of Bill Ramsey (he met thru me)-Missing here: the information about how produced field effect symmetry becomes self-similar and implosive - coupling charge to gravity. (Hint the 'flame letter' wrap). Sincere work - no pure principle.

and -last pic exerpt from the book- suggesting indeed this remnant Annunaki / Sirian / Nephilim capacitive design for gravity making - is recurrent in our ancient monument structures..(this is Enki / Thoth / Hermes at work - implementing the best of his training in what today is the advanced Sirian technologies usually available we are told - to the highest bidder. Both sides Enki(Ea) and Enlil / Atun - Amun / Adonai - Yalweh / Lucifer - Michael- - had this technology at the time they made their first nuclear mess of Sinai in Sumerian times - the upcoming nuclear blast between Isreal and Iran which portends to take out Rome - is exactly the same political factions - little has changed).

Compare the similarity of David Hamel's model (above pic from Thomas's book) - for Three concentric cone lifter
- a design he insists he got directly from the Annunaki descriptions in the BOOK OF GENESIS
- to ( exerpting this next section from my notes- on) -- Electrically Raising the DJED: goldenmean.info/djed

* Section 7: Gravity Making + The Latest On Golden Mean Physics-
Letter sent to gravity physicists around the world:
Dear respected physicist..as you may or may not know, interest is growing.. in the hypothesis that charge self similarity is the cause of gravity
because recursive (golden ratio) CONSTRUCTIVE heterodyning of phase VELOCITIES turns charge compression in to acceleration.. Numerous experimental examples have shown conic or recursive capacitors produce gravity.. the discussion to design experiment to show that self similarity (fractality) optimizes electrical gravity production has recently involved some leading physicists..Ref: goldenmean.info/gravitycode
Notably Poincare's leading symmetry for gravity used by Einstein is the stellated dodeca - each of whose infinite nodal array coordinates (x,y,z) is a whole number power of golden mean.. (Key to Implosion, Fusion, Phase Conjugation, .. the Grail) - also -palladium (cold fusion) has same dodecahedral atomic geometry.-
Examples of capacitive arrays making gravity: goldenmean.info/thrust , Einstein's intuition was that infinite compression would produce gravity from charge.. he didn't know about fractality - and therefore did now know HOW charge can get fractal or self-similar. Using Golden Ratio recursion optimized charge symmetry (capacitor array - in 'thrust' article) is CLEARLY the solution.
-- Soon it may not be possible to ignore this fundamental idea. your input invited. dan winter
How can you be a Djedai by raising the Djed in your heart?

There is a symmetry based on PHI Golden Ratio which raises the Djed!!

Quote from Dan Winter: "I believe that the REASON the Golden Mean recursive wave ratio cascade is THE SOLE SOLUTION to COMPRESSION and "NON-LOCALITY" (true multiple-connected topologies)- is the coherent acceleration of phase velocities thru speed of light. True FUSION is only possible when waves nest in Golden Mean Ratio. Einstein while noting that acceleration was identical to gravity failed to note that recursive compression was identical to acceleration! Wave lengths and wave phase velocities both add and multiply in Golden Ratio- this is the solution to Einstein - because this alone is the symmetry which can turn compression in to acceleration (which is gravity). Thus linking charge compression - mass making - to charge acceleration -gravity making. Hence capacitors linking charge waves in this Golden Ratio cone extract voltage from gravity and produce gravity from voltage."


The secret to gravity and the unified field is knowing HOW capacitors communicate - here obviously faster than light speed..

Thanks to Raphiem "foreverblue" for the connection to the Crooks tubes in Egypt references below..

NOTE THE Djed Concept of Projective Capacitance in ancient architecture..

Below- the CROOKES TUBES projecting charge in Egypt.. referred to in their Hieroglyphs as SEREF or TO GLOW - San Serif- Seraphic- CUT (SERRATE) by PHI..Sacred CUT.. Golden Ratio..


What were these Egyptians doing projecting CHARGE from spiral conic capacitors? Were they directing the shape of a capacitive field into compression/focus/acceleration in order to control healing and life force biologic process?

Compare to CROOKES TUBE-modern method of projecting a charge field..

.. Compare this idea of a capacitive projector - a 'snake head' at the end of a cone.. ("Crooke's Tube)..

And compare to the teachings of Steiner ("Projective Geometry & Etheric Formative Forces")
- confirmed in light of the new science of the electrical nature of LIFE FORCE and bliss.. as PROJECTIVE CHARGE COMPRESSION / ACCELERATION / - the DJED!
The original Steiner idea..that PROJECTIVE GEOMETRY is the map for the ETHERIC FORMATIVE FORCES .. is today perfectly borne out as Winter's group documents the projection of harmonics of CHARGE -- as the definition and measurement technique for electrically understanding LIFE FORCE. ( the ability to fractally attract and self organize CHARGE - by turning charge compression in to acceleration!).

( see also particularly the Gravity Motor design goldenmean.info/babalon - - Making gravity on planets was called "planet taming" in the book"Two Thirds"-review at link. More specifically - phase locking local (Earth) spin IN A HARMONIC CASCADE ( see caducceus = perfect harmonic inclusiveness = perfect compression ) BASED ON RECURSION - to the large spin of local zodiac star masses - STABILIZES GRAVITY and enables the retention of atmosphere. Placing massive paramagnetic dolmen like tuning timing weights - at tetrahedral latitudes accomplishes this IN PART - when they are used as a base for the gravity motors - these pics originally from Mayers and Percy book - Aulis Press - called TWO THIRDS-.

note how these gravity makers were mounted: )

Correspondance to John Schnurer - at www.gravity.org - notably http://www.gravity.org/mythology/mythologyandhistory_14.html , where he discusses fibonacci ..(golden mean ) implications.

Schnurer was the well known replicator of Podkletnov - gravity effect - http://www.americanantigravity.com/podkletnov.html ( thanks for the reference matti..)
Schnurer had also done original work on sensitivie biologic capacitive amps in the early "HeartLink' days of HeartTuner..

"to john schnurer , from dan winter

hi john, matti p ( topologic geometrodynamics)
in finland today said he thought our project to prove self similarity for charge creates gravity ( www.goldenmean.info/thrust & www.goldenmean.info/gravitycode )

reminded him of Podkletnov (link above - electrical gravity effect) , and lo and behold that brought up your name]

I rather much like your gravity web site!

would you brainstorm with us on how capacitor array would best be set (pine cone like) .. to prove - charge self similarity makes gravity

(einstein said infinite compression of charge makes gravity- did not know that fractal
is infinite compression, nor that golden ratio is key to fractality / self-similarity

nor did he or poincare know that the only symmetry group they used to model gravity - was a stellated dodeca-
where each node is a simple log of golden mean from center..same as the symmetry of palladium - key to cold fusion...
appreciate your thoughts.., dan winter'

neu-ark.net copied 2 of our complete web pages text- (below) 'forgetting' to mention Dan Winter or Implosion Group...

1. We should thank our imitators - the koolest kind of complement: Neu Ark http://neu-ark.net/gravity-code.html - (a cosmetic rewrite of goldenmean.info/phiricais ) -

and Neu Ark: http://neu-ark.net/zero-point.html - a mostly reprinted from goldenmean.info/notfree

...TO add to our understanding of the ANU - 7 spin outside - 5 spin inside symmetry model for the wormhole charge slip knot called quark, hydrogen, human heart, solar heart - and as we will see below- the torus knot which allows DNA to have a soul (ring lord). - See - Michael Heleus note about 7/5 and the structure of Golden Ratio.. ( Why does - 7/5^7/5 power=1.6+ ~ phi..)

Then we insert the notes from goldenmean.info/predictions regarding 1) deriving PHI from 7/5 Pi/e,

and 2 - deriving the Fine Structure Constant -- from the translation of vorticity on the surface of a torus (hydrodynamics defines Golden Ratio as optimized translation of vorticity - being translation of inertia from linear to rotation and back - which in physics would be exactly the only path between rotation/ inertia stored call MASS versus charge in a line called ENERGY. - creations' mechanic.)

This becomes the place to connect - Matti P. above link matpika - (matti p ( topologic geometrodynamics)

Matti has been working -like Michael Heleus on the 2^11 and phi multiples of Planck which produce planetary orbits (Kepler vindicated) and EEG phase lock. Matti also helped me understand DARK MATTER..

You know how physics literature is awash with so called DARK MATTER. Matti explains that what DARK MATTER is - is essentially charge waves that are somehow out of phase or at multiples of PLANCK. So in order to cohere access to their inertia, we need to use cascade geometries (geometrodynamics=geometry for charge that makes gravity). Obviously, Michael & I say that is the Golden Ratio in the stellated dodeca which is DNA - and Poincares symmetry used by Einstein for gravity.

All of which takes us nicely back to what I used to think was a joke (my favorite starting joke for sacred geometry physics classes). SINCE only symmetry ( sacred geometry) allows charge waves to stand and sustain rotation - therefore ROTATION is the only difference between MATTER and DOESN"T MATTER (their being only 2 kinds of matter). If it doesn't rotate - then it DOESN"T MATTER (doesn't store inertia therefore no mass is created). Dark matter now confirms this - because if it is out of phase with the symmetry that is PLANCK - then it's charge doesn't cohere our matter- and therefore DARK MATTER doesn't matter!?!?! The way to make dark matter touch us thru the wormhole is to use recursion / golden ratio to suck it in.

Next Matti and I apply this to EEG brainwaves. He shows that not only planet orbits but EEG and schumann resonance planetary long waves- all must either phase lock to massive mulitples of the fundamental constants- or be dead. This forms a kind of geometric proof for people and brainwaves which I have called EMBED (nest well) or DIE! (goldenmean.info/embedability ). Michael Heleus and Matti got enthused because they both tripped over some of the same multipliers they used to translate Planck scales to EEG and planetary scales (2^11) etc. Global Scaling people- eat your heart out.

the ANU as the perfect slip knot- discussion below- we ask - what would happen if the opposing vortext were nested in the 7spin / 5spin array- would that perhaps permanently stabilize-

Department of Theoretical Physics, Uppsala University, In gauge theories with an extended Higgs sector the classical equations of motion can have solutions that describe stable, closed finite energy vortices. Such vortices separate two disjoint Higgs vacua, with one of the vacua embedded in the other in a manner that forms a topologically nontrivial knot.
The knottedness stabilizes the vortex against shrinkage in 3+1 dimensional space-time. But in a world with extra large dimensions we expect the configuration to decay by unknotting.
As an example we consider the semilocal W !É 2 limit of the Weinberg-Salam model. We present numerical evidence for the existence of a stable closed vortex, twisted into a toroidal configuration around a circular Higgs vacuum at its core." (end quote)

As we study the ancient ANU model - we meditate on the question what allows the rotational component of a slip knot - to perfectly phase lock the linear or transverse (thru the center) inertia of the slip knot. We know the photon and the electron have internal symmetry. And we know this has to be due to the stability of a slip knot for waves. This is why the ANU and the golden spiral 'flame letter' origin of alphabet are known as a GORDION KNOT - one that cannot be untangled. This nessesary quality of the perfect slip knot that will NOT SLIP - is part of the profound nature of the ANU. Probably the self-field theory of internal photon symmetry for charge could be clearly implied in the recipe for the ANU's 7/5 spins..
We suspect THIS slipknot's self similarity optimized knot making is NATURES SAME recipe for making the quark, hydrogen, heart, and DNA!

Note below - the implications discussed for why DNA spits out photons.. (implosive hydrogen?).
(thanks to Marc Kroeks for forwarding this link) - A link to this EME06 Mathemnatics paper can be found at http://www.unifiedphysics.com/SFT_Mathematics.pdf

-from the abstract: "A wide range of eigensolutions exist due to the photon's internal dynamics including a new class of spectroscopy, a chemistry that sits below atomic
chemistry. Simlar solutions apply to the electromagnetic fields of atomic and molecular systems often hidden inside atoms due to shielding by outer shell electrons. With hydrates however, the internal electromagnetic field is more exposed to outside fields and interacts via these photons. These predicted solutions agree with observations of weak streams of photons emitted by strands of DNA by Popp et al." -- what is needed is the single isolated photon study. I am doing this at present. This is a study assumed to be very similar (in structure) to the hydrogen atom work - paper is found at ww.unifiedphysics.com.. What is being done is to use the current best estimate for the lower limit of the photon's mass and then determine what the Balmer-like frequencies are. These are the various eigenvalues associated with the photon's spin states (which are NOT a quantum physics phenomenon but a continuous physics phenomenon). Then we have to use ALL the types of data at our disposal to see if we can marry up the observations with the numerical work.

The observed data includes the well-known Schumann resonances which are probably associated with the photon changing its spin states as the photons approach the Earth on their journey from the Sun. But there is other data such as Popp's work on DNA strands as per the maths paper also at www.unifedphysics.com "

For your convenience- we reprint here with the link from quantumaetherdynamics.com the David Thompson origin note on PHI origin of Electron G Factor. (which Sal above has added to). and the PHI Golden Mean origin of TIME (also important to compare to the concept the Events in Time must fit on a GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL IN TIME in order to emerge from chaos, become self organizing and be INHABITABLE (time lord physics). As clearly implied in the book SPIRAL CALENDAR - by Carolan - .. Namely - that space as well as time must both be fractal in order to become self-aware (self referrent and therefore self organizing). Since both (space, time and mass) are all ~ONLY defined by rotation - it is fractality (golden mean spiral on donut - anu model) - which creates centering implosive centripedal gravity force - enabling rotation to stabilize ( resist the change of position defining inertia which defines mass).

Thus nicely connecting the origin of GRAVITY and the G Factor to Golden Ratio and Self Similarity- we might remind ourselves of the suggestion that the below ANU slip knot 7/5 symmetry model is also hypothesized to be the INTERNAL symmetry of the electron / photon?

How DNA is set on fire to gravity making- the 7/5 spin ANU symmetry map vs origin of alphabets.

  Science is beginning to get a clue - that DNA is a word making and word braided black hole making charge symmetry language..

Spiritual Science: DNA is influneced by words and frequencies(with references) - http://www.experiencefestival.com/a/Spirituality_and_Science/id/4161

now all they need is the first clue HOW and WHY..(hint alKHEMy means access to the charge symmetry map to fusion / implosion - the KHEM black hole..).

mkirkpatrick -A Voice in my Ear. Am I ill ? ( at Theory of Everything- forum on Neuroscience)
It may be so that if we experience something that we perceive to be positive, and it causes us no real problems, then we can accept it and live our lives fairly normally. But what if the same or very similar thing happens to another, but this time it causes them fear and much anxiety. What then!

What I am talking about is hearing voices in your head, in the negative aspect of this phenomenon. It is called mental illness, psychosis, and in England you are put on a section of the Mental Health Act and kept in hospital against your will.----
dan winter - biophysics for ringing in the ears, and likely voices in head - have fairly well measured sources..
as in the role of spine liquid phonon (sacro-cranial) triggered toroidal brain magnetic circuit - in kundalini etc.
ref: bentovs measurements (+pic) at -

+piezoelecric triggering of dna in blood - www.goldenmean.info/12strands

actually eeg bliss biofeedback is designed to create this 'ringing'.. www.goldenmean.info/clinicalintro

I feel sorry for humans whose ears do not ring.. means their ancestral dna circuits can't phone home.. (san graal - song in the blood) - goldenmean.info/grail
Medical tradition traditionally diagnoses kundalini as schizophrenia- this is evidence of stupidity..
Not that all schizo is bliss - but not knowing the
physics of bliss - IS evidence that western psychology is absolutely without a clue..
baudrunner -We all have a high-pitched ringing in the ears. There is no stillness because all the Universe is abuzz with the dynamics of resonance. He who hears nothing is dead. -- Voices are another thing. If you hear voices taking to you and there is nobody there to do the speaking go see a shrink.
- mkirkpatrick - How things affect us,the way we react or act,how others see us,many I have
known who hear voices have been afraid of the sound,have been regarded as
mentally ill.and put on medication,yet I know there is also a positive side to this phenomenon,and that people do hear voices that enhance their lives and
also enable them to help others,I have encountered many mediums in my time
some have been very honest and humble,while others have been misguided and somewhat deluded,however I have came to the understanding that there
is Real communication with those who have left this level and our now in another dimension of existence.communication is very possible if you are tuned in to the right frequents.

dan winter- Voices in your head can be alphabet of charge ignited DNA. Going to a psychiatrist when you hear voices in your head - is useless
because they do not know how DNA speaks, its alphabet, or how it makes symbols
http://spirals.eternite.com , http://www.goldenmean.info/12strands
Those who can interpret properly the charge density of the voices in their head are the only ones who can speak to ancestors- and that is the only meaningful well of survival info.. The words you hear if your kundalini is well underway are very dense.. require knowing the physics of origin of alphabets, as in
'hebraic tongue restored' by d'olivet
Could you re translate genesis by just studying the SHAPE of the letters?
The alphabet is the symmetry to program and braid your dna..

I spit on most of western psychiatry.. even jung did not have a clue that his word collective unconscious referred only to the amount of electric field coherence (KA) implosive DNA makes (fusion= holy communion of charge..

My graduate mentor Al Ax- famous quest for the chemistry of schizophrenia was hopelessly ill advised..

We have discussed extensively ( goldenmean.info/12strands ) - the experiments and the geometry which prove DNA is designed electrically for gravity making. We learn that the inner disciplines of EMOTION are a phonon piezoelectric sonic braid trigger - getting DNA in this way 'bliss' ignited.

"Consciousness is an electrically implosive jellyfish like gravity making charge field that sucks its way thru the Universe growing until it can choreograph the birth of stars sustainably - from within its own electrical FIRE! This field effect requires the environment of fractality electrically - (what you call SACRED) in order to breath charge and grow. This is because successful charge compression (the medium of all biologic information) is THE prerequisite to the efficient charge distribution/ radiance you call life and consciousness."

This requires urgently that we re-invent architecture and agriculture - into Stonehenge like fractal capacitors. Earth science does not now know what causes DNA to grow- namely it's ability to efficiently -that is fractally - compress charge information into what you call biology. This meissner efficient propagating electric field shared implosively by all of DNA- what you call the collective unconscious - is biology's ONLY possible reservoir library of survival info. Without knowledge of it's gravity making power - this genepool is toast - NOW!

This symmetry field effect growth process is HOW our SUN became so intelligent / radiant to be the named 'God' person or blood line- AN in every ancient religion. This growth of the Star Making and Star Steering - DNA field past the capabilities of the galactic borg machine cult - is precisely what the parasite ET's represented today by George Bush and Isreal's government- fear. Now when Empire is STRIKING BACK - there are some things you need to know. The ancient DNA laws to prevent genes from changing and getting free into starmaking - were originally from Alpha Draconis implemented here by Yalweh into India's Castes, Catholic sex guilt - and Aboriginal marriage conserves- were part of a DNA harvesting business - NOT an attempt to teach your children to become (Sun) God's. (The Ultimate War Crime: Breaking the Agricultural Cycle U.S. declares Iraqis can not save their own seeds" "As part of sweeping "economic restructuring" implemented by the Bush Administration in Iraq, Iraqi farmers will no longer be permitted to save their seeds, which include seeds the Iraqis themselves have developed over hundreds of years. Instead, they will be forced to buy seeds from US corporations. That is because in recent years, transnational corporations have patented and now own many seed varieties originated or developed by indigenous peoples. In a short time, Iraq will be living under the new American credo: Pay Monsanto, or starve ." "The American Administrator of the Iraqi CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) government, Paul Bremer, updated Iraq's intellectual property law to 'meet current internationally-recognized standards of protection'. The updated law makes saving seeds for next year's harvest, practiced by 97% of Iraqi farmers in 2002, and is the standard farming practice for thousands of years across human civilizations, to be now illegal.. Instead, farmers will have to obtain a yearly license for genetically modified (GM) seeds from American corporations. These GM seeds have typically been modified from seeds developed over thousands of generations by indigenous farmers like the Iraqis, and shared freely like agricultural 'open source.'" Iraq law Requires Seed Licenses November 13, 2004)

Bentov - Kundalini and Becoming a REAL Star Navigator ( 'Contact' Jody Foster and take a lesson)..

- We insert one demonstration of that STAR INHABITING quality inherent to the human condition here ( recently added to the discussion at goldenmean.info/blisstuner - and goldenmean.info/kundalini - in honor of Ben Bentov - from Dr.Lee Sannella):

 Exerpt from Dr. Lee Sannella - author of Kundalini Psychosis or Transcendance - writing about Ben Bentov:

( earlier Sannella noted:"Once -Bob Monroe- told me his reason for coming to this world. "Lee, I'm here to find my own and to journey with them to our home out there." And he pointed to the great nebula of Andromeda. "It's up there, and in that place we hurtle by each other like blue clouds, exchanging packets of information." This was the ultimate reality of his inspired life.") Both (Bob) Monroe and Bentov described the awesome barriers to be negotiated as one's consciousness goes from the physical and the outer reaches of Earth-space to the infinity of what we can only imagine. And here is an astounding similarity. About ten years after Bob's confession about his home in Andromeda, I was speaking to Bentov on a similar theme. Referring to the world he came from he said: "Oh, in that place we pass by each other at terrific speeds like we are blue clouds of energy and as we pass by each other we exchange packets of information, greetings and love." I gulped and almost cried out at the coincidence. In a moment I asked: "But where do you come from? Where is this place you speak of?" And Bentov, without speaking, immediately pointed above, towards Andromeda. Then he said: "Well you go towards Andromeda and then you go off to the left and that's where it is." He was always very explicit.

Bentov personified his own relationship to the same realm in quite a different way. His vastly accelerated and very short life was like the formation of a new star. He had a joyously earthy manner and was characteristically full of good humor. He was a rigorous scientist, healer, cosmic traveler and the epitome of humanness surrounded all his acts. But how did he come to his grand vision of the cosmos? He confided in me, during our meetings and exchanges, that he was able to enter at will into an internal, or meditative state and then travel mentally or, probably, astrally. Being a cautious soul, he was loath to reveal to most of his admirers his superb talents. But, I began to see the evidence of this from the utter focus and accuracy of his descriptions filled with the most minute details of the cosmic dimensions of infinite space-time which he provided in his book Stalking the Wild Pendulum.

"Well, it seems that the real reality&emdash;the micro-reality, that which underlies all our solid, good, common-sense reality&emdash;is made up, as we have just witnessed, of a vast empty space filled with oscillating fields! Many different kinds of fields, all interacting with each other. The tiniest disturbance in one field carries over into the others. It's an interlocked web of fields, each pulsating at their own rate but in harmony with the others, their pulsations spreading out farther and farther throughout the cosmos.

Whenever a focus of disturbance tends to drive these fields out of their harmonious rhythm, the irregularity will spread and disturb the neighboring fields. As soon as the source of disturbance is removed, orderly rhythm will return to the system. Conversely, when a strong harmonizing rhythm is applied to this matrix of interlocking fields, its harmonic influence may entrain parts of the system that may have been vibrating off key. It will put more orderliness into the system.

We may look at a disease as such out-of-tune behavior of one or another of our organs of the body. When a strong harmonizing rhythm is applied to it, the interference pattern of waves, which is the organ, may start beating in tune again. This may be the principle of psychic healing."
...Ben and I first met on a life-changing trip to Hiroshi Motoyama's lab in Japan. We were immediately simpatico. We connected like two lost brothers, and this was so until he became very successful and famous. At first, the things he said were very modest and obviously toned down, but as we continued to talk on the long air trip to the east, the utter magnificence of what this astounding, really, impossible, and most unlikely man was about, started to emerge. First he described to us his 'flights' (really translocation of consciousness or fully awake OOB), and then he discussed his views of the universe which were nothing less than awesome. And as the model of the state that he was speaking of came forth, like the opening of a flower, the impact of all of this suddenly struck me, and apparently some of the others there, and we began to stare at each other in amazement. It became apparent to us that he really lived from a point of view that was fully integrated with his emerging awareness of the spiritual, or unseen dimension of existence. No big fanfare and talk about it. He knew; and he helped me know what I thought I had forgotten. In his first public speaking engagement, he just sat in the middle of the floor, talking and talking from his heart. He was so lovely. He bridged some gap inside of me and everyone that was present that connected us with our own awareness of the dimensions of the cosmic.....

... Once Bentov was here in the US, he took up meditation. He was soon involved in an increasingly active arousal of the energies of kiundalini in himself and began a detailed study of this phenomenon in his well-equipped laboratory. Ben's goal in going to Motoyama's lab on our trip was to repeat and confirm his own lab findings. Motoyama's laboratory was reputed to be the best in the world&emdash;excluding those top-secret Government installations in the USSR and the US. Motoyama had agreed at our first meeting to repeat those experiments in his much more adequately equipped laboratory. However, as the days passed, Ben and I started to get anxious because Motoyama showed no sign of proceeding with the experiments. So, on the last possible day to do this, we had a meeting with Motoyama and his American assistant. After a good deal of back and forth, Motoyama finally took off his suit coat and put on his lab jacket. The four of us then proceeded with these epic experiments. Both of us have described these research findings in great detail in our books.

When we finally repeated Ben's experiments in Motoyama's laboratory, most or even all of this original thinkers theories were, in my view, confirmed. And these experiments also uncovered an anomaly which is yet to be fully understood. By placing an accelerometer on each side of the head, we uncovered a 25% differential in the amplitude of the micro-movements on the left and right hemispheres of his brain. This was a completely unexpected finding and begs to be researched in greater depth in the future. Ben demonstrated that the body is capable of a highly resonant state in which the pulse and cerebro-spinal fluid become synchronized with the breath, producing very fine micro-movements which induce an electro-magnetic flow which he described as a feeling of bliss or ecstasy. Ben had already successfully recorded wave-form signatures of the highly resonant state which were reflected by actual micro movements in his soma and head. He had posited in the beginning of his own experimentation that the fully developed reflections of these resonances would be measurable by the magnetometers that were available at that time, but it would be necessary to measure and study these bits of esoteric physiology on both sides of one's head as they were of equal and opposite polarity. So it was necessary to record these minute pulses with two sensors placed on both sides of the head so that each of the elements would be clearly discerned. These micro-movements arise from an intuitive capacity to coordinate the breath and the heart-beat so that a resonant wave is encouraged. Ben hypothesized that in this state a discrete magnetic field is created in each hemisphere of the brain which stimulates the center of ecstasy deep in the brain's core. This results in the amplification of the electro-magnetic current in the brain which he theorized would be measurable by a super sensitive magnetometer.

Ben built a sensitometer for me that was designed to imitate these micro-magnetic-electrical discharges by applying a pulsing magnetic field to either side of the head. Those inclined towards kundalini arousal would report significant subjective effects. He experimented with this device with a modest number of subjects, and I did likewise. One sensitive physician, after a few applications reported that he had dreamed in full color for the first time ever. Other more bizarre visual effects were also reported. About one out of every ten persons were similarly responsive to this magnetic stimulator and readily reported all these various effects.

Bentov had the intrinsic physiologic skill, yes genius, to cause his body to go into a highly resonant state at will. These states probably echoed the attainment of the various samadhis professed by great realizers in the past, souls of great genius and those closest to ultimate liberation. And similar states are undoubtedly found in certain dissociated persons, or what we western physicians call the mentally ill ones among us, but these experiences differ in that they are uncontrolled and largely negative.

Ben, in his short life, touched many profoundly. Years later I discovered that Motoyama had established a scholarship in Ben's name following his death. His interest in the psychic dimension of existence attracted many gifted people. After our return from Asia, Ben worked with many investigators and meditators. Ben received his first four initiations on the astral or dream level and had a long history of contact with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the TM master. The last three initiations were received in that master's physical presence. Ben developed an accelerometer to measure states of meditative trance at his teacher's behest and was in weekly contact by phone with him for years discussing their mutual interests. I was disappointed to see that their organization never developed any facility to assist their practitioners when the arousal of the kundalini energies would occur. Ben was always highly critical of this irresponsible attitude. Ben and his pioneering work with the kundalini was surely disturbing for Maharishi. The process that Maharishi was teaching to produce the goal of levitation was, more often than not, arousing kundalini energies that apparently distracted his followers more than their brief and often bumpy flight. It was undoubtedly the reason that he did not honor his long intimacy with Ben by making him a researcher or professor at his large University near LA. Ben was also criticized for doing healing, a gift which was given to him in his very deep meditations. It seems likely to me that the guru himself had some initial kundalini experiences which were disturbing to him and never resolved. So he quickly dismissed all kundalini phenomena as a nuisance that potentially threatened his levitation program.

(Insert note from Dan here - looks like TM and the Maharishsi mistook real star making bliss kundalini as an inconvenience to their money collection for teaching people how to do the float siddhi. Seems about par for their course - a group that has consistently refused to measure EKG's role -the HEART of the harmonics of consciousness - and refused to even measure the EEG coherence - with proper Cepstrum mathematics - even tho they TALK about coherence ).

I had taken up TM at Ben's urgent recommendation. I was pleased at the one shot initiation and mantra they gave me, but later I had many patients who became moderately disturbed (especially if they displayed any talent for trancing in meditation) while practicing TM. Some had to stop or change to other methods of meditation. I became disenchanted with it and soon left the TM movement.

Ben had the ability to travel mentally to virtually any place he wished in the universe. He acquired information that astounded astronomers and astrophysicists. Ben used to regale me with the most personal parts of these journeys in which he used the most wonderful colloquial language as well as naming all the dramatis persona. His accounts were ornamented with characters from the fairy world and biblical figures, which he called by funny names that he made up as easily as he breathed. Mo was one of the guardians in this great play of elemental forces that were very much alive in Ben's accounts and that were found at every important transition or barrier. For example, to get out of the earth's sphere one had to match wits, as it were, with particular archetypal figures. And to leave the solar system, still other hosts were encountered which needed to be convinced.

Ben's untimely death in a DC 10 crash out of Chicago was a tragedy that I mourned deeply. Rick Ingrasci, a mutual friend, claims Ben told his secretary that he was all through with this life just before he got on that ill-fated plane. All I was certain of was that Ben had felt rejected pretty much all around. He just got too famous too quickly and often had simple answers for those enlightened ones who cherished ambiguities."

Our discussion here below is about the ANU 7/5 slipknot spin symmetry -for making DNA toroidal / implosive and gravity making. This slip knot making symmetry recipe is at the heart of pure principle in general -because this same ANU slipknot quantum mechanically creates the Quark core of hydrogen, the human heart and the Sun' heart - AND now we see that it becomes absolutely central to the growth of the golden 'meissner' field effect of DNA - we call consciousness. By learning to BRAID DNA - using alphabets of symmetry - to this charge swallowing - gravity and star making (AN=Sun God) - symmetry - the keys to evolution are presented.

The Anu 7 / 5 spins..- see Frank's True 3dimensional Anu interactive Java animation at: http://www.heartcoherence.com/anu-of-theosophy/UltimateAtom.htm


actually represents the 7 / 5 spin symmetry which guides DNA into it's toroidal and ensouled charge dense implosive form.-

It is particularly useful to note the analog between what the clairvoyants have always described as the recursively nested and braided SPIRALAE or threaded braid structure of the fibres which made the ANU ...

compared to how DNA is braided! The clairvoyants who originally described 'SEEING' the Anu - told of noticing they could zoom into the thread and see a braided thread inside the thread - EXACTLY WHAT IS TRUE OF DNA.

Also - note the extensive literature suggesting the ANU - profoundly predicted modern physics: (3 Anu / quark , 9 per unit Hydrogen ) ..http://www.smphillips.8m.com/html/publications.html

We would be well to remind ourselves here about the role of the Golden Mean - whose geometry is EVERYWHERE in DNA structure - in physics: ( exerpting) - : "Unified Field" Physics? based on Golden Mean Ratio by Alex Kaivarainen new additions from Alex Kaivarainen from Finland / Russia, on Golden Mean Ratio solutions in contemporary physics. Quoting Alex: "Our dynamic duality model elucidates the quantum background of non-locality, principle of least action and Golden mean, unifies the quantum and relativist theories. Tending of open systems to conditions of Golden mean is supposed to be a driving force of their self-organization." ,
Nov 27,2003: From: Alex Kaivarainen http://www.karelia.ru/~alexk , http://camp.karelia.ru , e-mail: h2o@karelia.ru - Dear Dan, What point of Globe and HOW are you ? I like our contact this August very much. Strongly improved and developed version of my Unified theory is attached. UnifTheory251103.pdf - Gradually, with help of Bivacuum Harmonization Force this work turns to Golden mean shape ;-) Hopefully, you like it. Warm greetings also to your very special - French/Sweden girl friend. Sincerely yours. Alex"

..The relation between the external and internal parameters of Bivacuum fermions & quantum roots of Golden mean..5 The relation between the external and internal parameters
of Bivacuum fermions & quantum roots of Golden mean...( the CONE of torus based on Golden Mean Geometry .. which balances the forces..)
- exerpt here:

Feb 4,-Update note from Alex K. in Finland: "I just got the confirmation from the arXiv (big electronic journal, located at Los-Alamos), that the new version of my Unified Theory and its application to so-called 'paranormal phenomena' (turning them to normal in the framework of my theory ;-)) is accepted. Its title: Unified Theory of Bivacuum, Matter, Fields & Time as a Background of New Fundamental Bivacuum Mediated Interaction and Paranormal Phenomena http://arxiv.org/abs/physics/0103031 - I know, it would be interesting for you, my friends, to browse Chapters 4 and 10 of this paper. In latter one I found out a new interpretation of famous ancient Sri Yantra diagram (Patrick Flanagan provides it me about 10 years ago in Sedona, AZ), confirming origination of matter and charge at Bivacuum dipoles symmetry shift, corresponding to realization of Golden mean condition and my mechanism of Corpuscle - Wave duality.

More on Golden Mean Physics: Matti Pitkänen.. matpitka@mappi.helsinki.fi - (also Finnish like Alex K above) of Topological Geometrodynamics - www.physics.helsinki.fi/~matpitka/index.html (geometry of gravity) -adds his new pdf notes on Golden Mean in physics - after recent physicists conference calls on this...

1 Could the dynamics of field equations represent the dynamics for solving them? 1
1.1 The two dynamics associated with Fibonacci numbers . . . . 2
1.1.1 Fibonacci series from a model of population dynamics 2
1.1.2 Fibonacci numbers from differential equation . . . . . 3
1.2 p-Adic scaling laws and generalized Golden Mean . . . . . . . 4
1.2.1 Slight generalization of Fibonacci differential equation 4
1.2.2 p-Adic scaling laws and generalized Golden Means associated with primes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
1.2.3 Golden Mean of Golden Mean is Golden Mean . . . . 5
1.3 What is the interpretation of the duality between discrete and continuum dynamics? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
1.3.1 Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
1.3.2 p-Adic length scale hypothesis and self-referentiality . 6
1.3.3 How this picture relates to the notion of rational physics? 7

---- More from Matti: Hi, -I have been working with the polished version of Phi considerations.
Regrettably, I ended to the conclusion that the idea as such is probably too simplistic. The fundamental idea is however that *short distance dynamics somehow characterizes long distance dynamics*. The question is what "short" and "long" in this statement really means and how p-adicity is involved. I indeed made a definite step in understanding of p-adicity. I also clarified to myself the existing view about the emergence
of Fibonacci numbers and Golden Mean and try to explain it below.

1. p-Adic physics - Concerning p-adic physics and topology, the key point is that *short p-adic* distances correspond to *long real* distances and vice versa. The p-adic variant of local dynamics therefore determines long length scale real dynamics and vice versa. This leads to a construction recipe of solutions of field equations in which only local real and p-adic solutions need to be considered. p-Adic fractal long range correlations for real space-time surfaces reflect the purely local features of p-adic dynamics: essentially p-adic continuity and smoothness and to lesser degree field equations themselves. Long distance fractal dynamics would be universal, practically independent of the variational principle.

This is really remarkable result since it also gives hopes of constructing global solutions despite the fact that the failure of strict determinism makes impossible determination of unique solutions from initial or boundary values. p-Adic dynamics as determining long length scale real dynamics and reducing p-adic fractality to p-adic continuity and smoothness (and vice versa) is something completely new and certainly very powerful tool.

2 Concerning Fibonaccis and Golden Mean. These numbers emerge in the quantum theory of braidings, which can be used among other things to build topological quantum computations, program is defined by the braiding as threads through line in plane. So called Hecke algebras characterize the anyonic statistics of braids and are characterized by quantum phase exp(ipi/n), n=5 corresponds to Golden Mean. Beraha number B_n= 4 cos2(pi/n) equals Phi2 for n=5 and has interpretation as fractal Clifford algebra dimension. n=5 provides the minimal universal quantum computer realized in terms of braidings.There is a very nice article in New Scientist about this (a couple of years ago). The dimensions of Hecke algebras reduce to direct sums of nxn matrix algebras with dimensions n coming as Fibonacci numbers in this case. Logarithmic spiral could be seen as a symbolic representation for the a
braid with infinite number of threads.

The infinite braid represents pictorially also so called Jones inclusion of certain von Neumann algebras emerging in TGD (Topological Geometrodynamics) context(Clifford algebra in the "world of classical worlds"): essentially a representation for subsystem-system inclusion could be in question. Logarithmic spiral could be perhaps seen as a space-time correlate (by quantum-classical correspondence) for this kind of inclusion although I must say I do not understand precisely how. This is extremely abstract and technical mathematics and I can only use existing results and try to combine it with quantum classical correspondence to find interpretation. My bet is that DNA and logarithmic spirals can be seen as signals about topo-quantum computational activities by dark matter using ordinary matter as hardware.

Inset note here from Dan W.: The 'dark matter' theme echoes thru Matti's work - I may be oversimplifying here - but my read on dark matter is essentially charge waves in the universal compressible medium (ether, quantum foam , bose-einstein condensate - how many names do we need for universal charge compression)- which are OUT OF PHASE or out of wave length phase lock with the unversal wave music of the plank length multiples which characterize matter. The fundamental Planck frequencies and lengths - as master drummers of the frequencies we call matter (and define touching the sacred)- may be like 'baby drool': the universal solvent of the quantum foam. - You wana get 'grounded' then get in phase - touch the Earth / Sun.

This fits beautifully because it says that only (Golden Mean optimized- perfected translation of vorticity) COHERENCE can suck the charge into phase relation and TOUCH OUR WORLD ( otherwise the so called dark matter- charge waves out of phase- is invisible). This then all becomes another appropriate language for helping us understand the role of DNA -AND self-awareness as charge implosion - in COHERING THE VACUUM - and making gravity. (by Imploding). So when we say feel compassion and get SELF SIMILAR in order to be IN CHARGE - you can take this as PHYSICS! - end insert

3. A comment about the planetary orbits. There are three parametrizations that I know. *Titius-Bode law suggesting 2-adicity in long length scales (I should
check whether the length scale in question corresponds to dark scaled up variant of fundamental 2-adic length scale).

*Golden Mean. Here the parametrization seems to fails in the range 1-5 AU, where asteroid belt is. Why both Titius-Bode and Golden MEan work satisfactorily too follows from the fact that radii comes as powers of Phi^
(4/3) =about 1.8, not far from 2 appearing in Titius Bode. By the way Phi2 = 2.61 and is not far from e=2.71 so that also Mueller's powers of e might correspond to powers of Phi2.

Inset note here from Dan W.: As discussed elsewhere - we have suggeted that Kepler fundamental insight that planetary orbits should be predicted by Platonic Nesting..-becomes more profound when we realize that the outer infinite dodeca icosa stellations of this 'star mother' nest- produce only PHI_Golden Mean- and thus self similarity. Which then becomes HOW you make and stabilize gravity..--And that would be how to make things like solar systems not only self organizing by perfected charge collapse, gravity making and stable - but also - SELF AWARE (hint Sun God / ANU) end insert

(resume Matti quote) *Hydrogen atom: the 3 lowest states correspond to ratios of lowest Fibonacci numbers so that one can understand why also this approach works for them. For higher states ratios are not given in Fibonacci numbers. In the work of Nottale the best fit uses n=3,4,5 for Mercury, Mars, Venus. After this only states n=k*5 are realized which is of course possible: one could say that dark matter associated with with outer planets have made quantum transition to higher states. There is also an alternative explanation based on phase transition changing the integer characterizing of the fundamental parameter characterizing the Planck constant.

 for your convenience- we reprint here (not from Matti) from the discussion goldenmean.info/watercharged - the preliminary (unconfirmed) notes from Randy Masters - on Golden Mean Ratio .62 or ~ .618 .. in the frequency recipe that is HYDROGEN..
The 'Balmer' emission Series of Hydrogen:
Balmer Series Phi Wavelength
M3 6561 =81481 OT 1.62 x 4050 6561
M4 4860 OT 1.62 x 3000 4860
M5 (30375:7) 2460375/ 1.62 x 350 = 4339 4339
M6 (32805:8) OT 1.62/4 x 10125 4100.6
M7 3969 ((49(+2)) OT 1.62 x 2450 3969
M8 3888 1215 X (3.2 = 2 x 1.6) = OT 1.62 x 2400 3888
M9 (295245:77) 6237 = OT 1.62 x 3850 3834
M10 (30375:8) OT 1.62/4 x 9375 3797
M11 (49005:13) = <793881/ 1.62 x 130> = 3769 3769

One angstrom unit = 10 billionths of a meter
14 spectral lines out. of 25 are overtones of 1.62 = phi = A flat + 1, or an octave of 1.62/2N
OT = overtone

360 degrees/1.62 = 222.222222 degrees
222.222222 degrees/1.62 = ((137.174211248 = (C## -1)
= RA system Fine structure constant of hydrogen
= C## (- 1) = (3125:2916) X (128)) = (100,000:729)
Angstrom/10 = millimicron = one billionth of a meter

With one of Randy's favorite quotes saying, "Just say Balmer M3 and the body knows what its for".

Lyman Series ratio to 1.62 = 81250 wavelength
M2 = 1215 angstroms OT 1.62 x 750
M3 (32805:32) OT 1.62/16 x 10125
M4 972 OT 1.62 x 600
M5 (30375:32) 2460375 / 1.62 x 1600 4339
M6 (6561:7) 531441 OT 1.62 x 350 =567) 4100
M7 (59535;64) OT 1.62/32 x 18375
M8 (6480:7) OT (1.62 x 4000)/7
from Paschen:
M9 (59049:64) 36450/64 x 1.62 (all 81 = 80)

Golden Mean appears also in the mathematics of topological quantum computation and DNA structure (winding angle per nucleotide) involves also Golden Mean. This plus some other observations suggest that DNA might be topological quantum computer and I have considered this possibility. I have discussed somewhat about the high charge density of DNA: two units of charge per nucleotide from phosphates. It is difficult to understand in the framework of standard physics.

*The high charge density guarantees that DNA cyclotron frequency in Earth's magnetic field is just above thermal threshold in the sense that cyclotron energy for the value of hbar involved (about 2^(44) times larger than ordinary hbar is above thermal threshold.

*I believe that exotic color and weak interactions associated with various levels of dark matter hierarchy are needed to understand why DNA does not explode and why DNA strands of same negative charge can attract each
other. Attraction could be due to color force: like in confinement of quarks inside hadrons. There are however many possible new physics phenomena involved and I do not have any clear ideas about this.

I do not try to explain here more. I have documented the evolution of ideas at my blog page http://matpitka.blogspot.com , Best Matti" end quote

We have shown in several hundred international conference settings now - the simple visual series which convinced anyone willing to look (from physicists of CERN to cardiology doctorates from Arizona) - that arranging a charge field into a pine cone like fractal symmetry is DIRECTLY able to help a seed germinate, revolutionize architecture, help a human experience bliss/ creativity + peak experience. AND this symmetry for capacitive charge is directly able to convert voltage to gravity and the reverse. Self-similarity for charge is the CAUSE of gravity because only that CONSTRUCTIVE (by Golden recusion) interference of phase (waves of charge) velocities - CONVERTS compression IN to acceleration (called gravity). This (charge self-similar enabled collapse being the CAUSE of gravity) is not only the only possible PRACTICAL solution to the unified field - it immediately suggests the correct mathematics approach (identify self awareness / birth of LIFE- in oscillations emerging from chaos by spectral harmonics in Golden Ratio multiples - ref 1 , ref 2 , ref 3 ).

The appalling arrogance of Western science to ignore these simple wave mechanic rules (which frequently are explained back to me by school children once they learn them) - creates some stark and horrible and death creating blanks in western knowledge- for example:

1. no information to teach why an object falls to the ground. (self similar charge compression constructive wave velocity interference - producing acceleration / gravity- creates 'suction' thru light speed).

2. no information to teach what (capacity field / all shareable biological memory ) of DNA survives death (by compression/acceleration ).

3. no information to teach what in the FIELD (electrical pattern) makes a seed grow.

4. no information to teach what electrical pattern ignites BLISS and DNA to sustainability / immortality.

5. no information to teach what is the only sustainable path thru the speed of light. And yet it is MORTAL (fatal) for anything in biology to be condemned to remain below light speed . (Because this collapse compression spin path to acceleration in DNA is measureably the only way to take memory / charge -your 'KA'- thru death.) This is why every living protein is based on pent PHI recursion symmetry - because LIFE REQUIRES this superluminal connection - intimately necessary to understand the physics behind the childlike human concept of SOUL .

One starkly absurd notion resulting from such confusion is Einstein's patently wrong idea that anything which approaches the speed of light goes to infinite mass. Charge which is compressed in Golden Mean wave interference (what a pine cone, + a blissful EKG or EEG does) actually takes it's inertia COHERENTLY thru the speed of light with ZERO resistance!

6. no information on what DNA is FOR - on the scale of stars for example. (It is designed to create and stabilize the gravity ultimately to sustain star birth and orbital mechanics). 22 Extra terrestrial cultures aggressively competing for the incredibly powerful and valuable political position of administrators of the galaxies most diverse genetic library (Earth's) - more valuable than gold. ( story: goldenmean.info/invasion ) . And guess what - Earth's present human culture has no chance to even apply for the role! Specifically because - lead by their arrogant and stupid Western Science - they do not have a clue what DNA is even for - or why it is valuable! ( Gravity making and steering -the key to stabilizing biology on nascent planets - as well as star navigating - is about the most high paying job among the evolved in those 'ET' cultures.)

7. no information on what compression symmetry (fractal) could allow Earth's human architecture + human urban design - to survive upcoming Solar maxima.

8. no information on how to design a temple / a home / a farm to fabricate FERTILITY and BLISS - electrically.

9. no information on the biophysics of what created alphabets (ref 1, ref 2) - ( symbolizing is created embedding- that which allows a cell to take inside -RE-PRESENTING - what was outside).

and therefore

10. no information on the true deep meaning of ancient sacred texts in every tradition ( symmetry ingredients to ignite DNA to implosive immortalizing charge radiance).

For example - earlier we demonstrated by equation - that the Golden Spiral (perfected charge compression=symbol-making) mapped on the torus donut (shape of all field effect) casts shadows when viewed from a tetra cube - was the origin in principle of the "Hebrew" alphabet. ( http://spirals.eternite.com ) This proved that the REAL 'Bible Code' was not just a flat sum of numbers per letter added - but rather the actual quantum mechanics of a 3 dimensional map for non-destructive nesting ('touch permission = word making') of field effects - to program creation of matter from charge. Sadly - as the Hebrew tradition proves - limiting the symmetry of charge donut domains to the symmetry of a tetra cube ('The Matrix') - Hebrew letters - when used as the software environ for genetic engineering makes only a soul-less Golem. This is because tetra-helical arrayed DNA codons have no implosion therefore no soul ( more at goldenmean.info/ringlord ). The Annunaki / Sumerian culture from Sirius was rooted in interventionist genetic engineering : 'Genesis'. .

By raising the number of views of the same spiral on the same donut to the symmetry shadows of Dodeca and Pent - (Implosion) - the higher alphabets - Ophanim / Greek and roots of Arabic / Anglish are created. ( goldenmean.info/orion ) . In this way cultures could be taught the charge symmetry of what COULD be made sustainable and immortal - as waves enter the slip knot rope of DNA ( goldenmean.info/knotslipping ) . Alphabet letters - as the only (symmetry) access to the immortalizing implosive fire in the throat of DNA - are the only way in and out of history (wave sustainability). With this symmetry view, Western genetic engineers might finally get a clue to what gives life and soul to DNA.

So - it becomes clear when we see the - relation of Sanskrit to Hebrew:

The 3 superscript commas used over the Hebrew letters (crownlets 'Taggin' on the letters in the Torah) to indicate your relative view from the symmetry axes of the cube (the 'Matrix' - 3X3X3 matrix = 27 letter Hebrew alphabet) - became the vertical and horizontal bar ('The Cross') lines in Sanskrit - which when removed leave the same alphabet (from Alpha Draconis* - where the Caste system genetic laws orignate). Releasing yourself from the 'Matrix' - getting up off your cross - in flatland - requires consuming this perspective. Each alphabet letter is a shadow on the wall of ('flatland' )the cave - you get up off your cross when you see - E pluribus Unun- From Many: ONE.

(* Alpha Draconis whose star map geometry becomes the design for Ankor Wat, Senshi Chinese Pyramids, for the Arabic letter 'eL'- whose flag star triangles shadow of cube matrix becomes Isreal, whose genetic laws become Caste system, & aboriginal law, and whose D-Raa-- Kaa-n -, dragons become the center of most of family genetic crest in Europe. See also their triangular shaped star craft mentioned below ).

The 'Matrix' - the traditional Hebrew ( H'ibiUru ) alphabet - was the soul eating design for Jewish 'religion' to feed hapless human souls to Enlil / Yalweh's hungry ghost - story at goldenmean.info/pope . Beware of these fallen Saraphim 'Nephalim' - 'Flame Letter' worshippers like Keys of Enoch's Hurtak (who wouldn't know an Enochian letter if it bit him )- who tell you with beady eyes that don't unfold - to obey a HIERARCHY (opposite of fractality) !

The REASON the tetra/cube (design of Hebrew alphabet) is a prison - is the cube is NOT inherently compressible. (Internal wave harmonics interfering with each other create cancellation- incubeation). In the Dodeca / pent ( language ) symmetries ( of Ophanim, Greek, Arabic - overview goldenmean.info/orion ) - internal (Golden Ratio perfected self-similarity) wave interference is all constructive (non-destructive). This produces perfect compression, collapse, scale-invariance, fusion, implosion,

Reference to goldenmean.info/gravitycode

"While America was expressing its gratitude for all things with characteristic gluttony, former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer was his steeling his nation's representative body for apparently imminent encounters with aliens. (ref 1, ref 2 ).. Hellyer has gotten Canada's Parilaiment to initiate hearings about the implications of such encounters and has also recruited three Canadian NGOs to join forces with him--because, hey, you have to be really bored to be working at a Canadian NGO. - The former defense minister first raised the alarums about the likelihood of new excursions into "exopolitics"--ie., relations with "ethical, advanced civilizations that may now be visiting Earth" back in September, at a speech at the University of Toronto. And oh yes, do we ever have excerpts: "The secrecy involved in all matters pertaining to the Roswell incident was unparalled. The classification was, from the outset, above top secret, so the vast majority of U.S. officials and politicians, let alone a mere allied minister of defence, were never in-the-loop. . . . The United States military are preparing weapons which could be used against the aliens, and they could get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning. . . . The Bush administration has finally agreed to let the military build a forward base on the moon, which will put them in a better position to keep track of the goings and comings of the visitors from space, and to shoot at them, if they so decide."

The REAL Color of DNA: How the 7/5 Spin ANU -fractally models the slip knot symmetry turns - not just how the Quark becomes the heart of hydrogen (below), how the Human heart muscle is braided, how the Suns fiery heart fuses, but ALSO - exactly the symmetry rotations to braid DNA into the donut which creates gravity, bliss and ensoulment: - Specifically - that the thread of DNA - is the 5th superposed symmetry (cube 3spin,tilts and spins into dodec 4th spin, steps down helix slinky 5th spin) - like the FIVE SPINS INSIDE the ANU, .... then that thread is Braided into String, String Braided in Rope, Braided into Fat Rope, Braided into... until at the SEVENTH SUPERPOSED THICKENING BRAID..the DNA learns non-destructive self re-entry based on the 7 color map of the donut (+ alphabet) - and the DNA becomes a DONUT (circularDNA )- we have seen the microscopy. Is toroidal DNA the REAL - 'Lord of the Ring' phenomenon. So we suggest- the ancient ANU visions so clearly drawn by many clairvoyants is not only an accurate symmetry map as shown to predict the Quark in physics- but ALSO a symmetry map to slip knotting (5 spins inside, 7 without) DNA into ENSOULMENT - by charge embedding. (Many pics and animations below).

a) - Deriving the DONUT DNA Symmetry model from THE PURE GEOMETRIC ORIGIN OF COLOR:

1st the Background: Our dialog on the PURE GEOMETRIC ORIGIN OF COLOR- has actively involved many wonderful collaborators- thanks Frank, Michael Heleus, Luke Gatto, and all!

Most agree that there probably is a fundamental physics pure principle to explain why color is divided into 3 primary pair colors in a hex color wheel. Thanks also to Luke for introducing us on the phone to Duane Whitlock - whose QUANTUM HEXADYNAMICS, A Cryptologic Solution to the Atomic Code, Hadronic Journal Supplement, www.usncva.org/books/book-04.html - is one of others to take this view. To review- we had taken the view that:

since- all wave domains organize themselves toroidally - then it becomes rather self evident that the photon MUST be a donut.
And further- that since the only possible thing a CONE can be used to pick up in wave or antenna theory is the TILT or PHASE angle of the DONUT field effect - and since color is ONLY perceived in the CONES of the retina - that therefore - COLOR MUST BY THIS SIMPLE LOGIC ALONE - be (nothing more than?!) the measure of the TILT OF PHASE ANGLE in 3 Dimensions - of the photon traveling as a donut / torus.

This all fit beautifully with the observed data - ( from hydrodynamics et al) that the torus as a self organizing FLOWFORM will always self organize itself (lots of self's in there...)- into the SEVEN COLOR DONUT MAP. This then co-defines the 7 axis of spin symmetry thru a tetrahedron. That tetra- cube - will have a hex shadow, (The color wheel) - while it's primary tilts - and the seven colors of the rainbow - then occur- due to the fact that the donut photon - when forced to share space in one lane of a traffic jam - namely a PRISM - will sort itself into non-destructive spin interference in that compressed spin space - and emerge (from non-destructive compression) sorted into the 7 simultaneous spin symmetries of the tetra-hedra (the seven color rainbow).

previous animation / discussion at: goldenmean.info/rainbows , goldenmean.info/7arrows , goldenmean.info/knotslipping, goldenmean.info/12strands

We had recent phone conversations regarding how to PROVE the 7 color donut map is the physics of the origin of color: I took the view that- since we know the there are only three different kinds of cones in the retina of the eye - which are clearly WAVELENGTH SPECIFIC. This is what makes them color specific. Their interlaced wiring/ blending apparently is a big part of the rich and colorful mystery of color.

PROOF THAT COLOR IS THE 7 COLOR MAP OF THE PHOTON AS A TORUS? While physics has apparently modeled the proteins on the surface of the RODs which make black and white vision possible, apparently (and PLEASE I AM ASKING FOR HELP ON THIS)- biophysics HAS NOT IDENTIFIED the proteins on the surface of the CONES which make them wavelength (and Color) specific. - Until this information becomes available, it was my speculation that there could be no proof in physical chemistry that the mechanism to those proteins in the boundary layer of the retinal cones - was in fact quantum mechanically triggered in 3D by the TILT of the PHOTON.

We base this investigation on a rather a-priori assumption that what we are calling a color wavelength cannot in fact be a 2 dimensional wave at all - and MUST have some volume (in 3D). This would have to make the photon toroidal - and require that our pure geometric understanding of color get up off of 'Flatland'. (tilt the donut).

Is it possible that color is a name for the (3) pairs of opposing spin axis of charge flowing on the surface of the TOROIDAL PHOTON.

We have introduced pictures elsewhere- suggesting that modeling the photon 3 dimensionally instead of flatland to understand color has immediate rewards. It helps us see why the photon's donut hydrodynamic quantum surface- would have one side more centripedal, the other more centrifugal - electrically. This helps us see why the Hebrew word for RED (ATOM) - means also to compress or MAKE HARD (Adamic Race). The early Hebrew alphabet was said to exclude the word for Blue since they had not evolved to be able to perceive it. Yet from other languages we see that BLUE means to make wet or to make touchable or to unpack (reference : Fabre D'Olivet- HEBRAIC TONGUE RESTORED). We saw that the word for GREEN (Verre, Rouanen)- in most languages - contained the letter R emphatically- which means literally- THE TURNING POINT- or mechanism of the turning. And indeed - green is the photon geometry of photosynthesis because in the phase angle from the side entry into the donut photon - you are at the balanced turning point- neither being sucked in or pushed out.

For healing - green is more stabilizing, blue is more unpacking - red is more aggressive / packing etc. This would have profound implications for understanding how nature uses color.

This is far richer than seeing the flatland shadow of the photon divided into the 8 - octave- 440-880 angstroms.

The above dialog also successfully introduces the idea- that the Hebrew alphabet indexes the phase angles into the 7 spin tetra. (The photon )..By showing the physics of color is implicate in Hebrew ancient meaning.

We have discussed elsewhere - detailed mechanisms strongly evidencing Hebrew was a DNA programming electrically symmetry braid alphabet language software environment for genetic engineering. http://spirals.eternite.com

Now let us deal further with how the ANU toroidal symmetry.. 7 spin / 5 spin.. is key to Hydrogen, Sun Heart, Human Heart, FUSION in general.. and especially.. to what is happening in the coeur of DNA when it becomes toroidal:

Summary / abstract- The thread or filament that DNA begins with - in symmetry terms - is a dodecahedron which has been stepped down a helix ( see pics below). Since the dodeca is the only possible 4th superposed axis of spin symmetry for the CUBE - it is thus the 4 th spin symmetry of dimension. When we turn or step that dodeca ('wratchet') down the helix in one more axis of superposed spin - this is thus the FIFTH spin symmetry or dimension. Thus it is literally correct to say that the DNA thread is FIVE SPINS INSIDE ( this should begin to sound like the ANU : FIVE SPINS INSIDE).

- THEN - we take that thread - braid the thread into string, the string into rope, the rope into fat rope - exactly SEVEN times recursively braiding the braid inside the braid. The plot - thickens. UNTIL - exactly the SEVENTH time you recursively braid the thickening DNA- upon itself ... (7th seal-opened by alphabet itself) - THEN the DNA turns inside out and becomes a DONUT. This is toroidal DNA.. See the circular DNA papers at the links ( goldenmean.info/12strands , goldenmean.info/circularDNA

The working mechanic to get DNA braided recursively - is evidently the process of absorbing CHARGE. The ability of the DNA to absorb non-destructively (nutritively) the charge of it's environment - depends on the fractality of that environment (the charge compressibility which should define 'sacred' space.) Knowing that enviornments must be electrically fractal to properly sustain seed germination AND human bliss - is the exact reason we must quickly re-invent agriculture (goldenmean.info/germination ) and architecture ( goldenmean.info/architecture) .

Moving the environment charge into accessibility to DNA is also the essence of EMOTION (and in the climax state: measureable BLISS). In which the glands measureably regulate and massage the braiding of the DNA by sending cascades of lo frequency phonons (sonic harmonic inclusive cadduceus like cascades)- into cells and DNA. The result is the measureable effect of coherent EKG and coherent emotion upon the BRAIDING (and charge eating) of DNA. (ref: goldenmean.info/rein etc.).

The result is a DNA which is braided into a DONUT - implosive, ensouled and measureably gravity or black hole making. This structure (toroidal - lord of the ring- DNA) has then precisely FIVE SPINS INSIDE, and SEVEN SPINS OUTSIDE - compare to the ANU structure below.

So we suggest - the ANU - (java animation below) was a way for a clairvoyant who had no access to spin symmetry modelling tools - to draw for us - what is actually the recipe for tieing the BOW TIE- which is the fractal same for.. anu/quark/hydrogen, DNA, heart, and solar core.

This Animation-multimedia_mobius.htm- is from : Bruce Simmons - it is helpful to visualizing what is happening in the implosive core of DNA (holy communion of charge compression) when it becomes properly toroidal during charge compression / bliss.

Note- how the codon pairs- naturally nest in the tetra symmetry- -Next section is exerpted from goldenmean.info/knotslipping

"PARTICLE is a name for the wave when it gets tied in a Knot"

(Inertia Stored = Mass Created)

Knot Slipping - Into the Coeur of DNA-Alphabet of Genes!

IF a charge slip knot can be compressed into the throat of DNA -
that is the origin of symbol (the Alphabeta of the Symmetry of Genes?) -
AND the ONLY way anything in biology becomes immortal?

Is Your Knot-Slipping?
Could this tetra compression 7 axis model be the REAL KEY TO DNA?
first step-Tetra co-defining a 7-colour spin coupled toroid
The seven symmetry angles of a tetrahedron perfectly reveal a profoundly hidden 7- fold symmetry map on a spin-coupled toroidal surface.

reason why 7 color map must codefine 7 spin tetra axes:

+max compression of charge produced sustainability for each particle

+ compression in hydrodynamics for flow requires:

1 toroidal result
2. max superposed axes of symmetry

result: charge symmetry map produced

heart muscle
heart of sun
origin hebrew

click to start animation http://www.heartcoherence.com/tetraphysics/

Tetra symmetry co-defining a 7-colour spin coupled toroid
a clue to the sacred physics of the mechanical world?

The seven symmetry angles of a tetrahedron reveal a profoundly hidden 7- fold symmetry map on a spin-coupled toroidal surface.

The tetra can be thought of as the sumtotal symmetry of mechanical principle. The toroid here embodies the transformation between ROTATIONAL INERTIA vs the CETRIPEDAL INERTIA (Gravity) - 'translation of vorticity optimized by Phi'. . Their mutual (co-defining) physics can be thought of as the (only) sustainable symmetry of non-destructive charge interaction between the two. Together they form the general physics blueprint of all unit life (the esoteric "Anu"), atomic, cosmic or biological, and more specifically that of conscious perception of a mechanical world.


Imagine that what we call "biology" is the way the mechanical world invented how to build a toroidal charge vector thruster device using molecules. DNA is the device biology used to store this compression into a 'holy communion' / IMPLOSION or burning fountain of charge at it's core. DNA (and every protein alive - is pent) TOP VIEW: (mechanism of IMPLOSION's Grand Attractor)


The ONLY tilting angle of the toroid relative to the tetra for which it works, is the angle prescribed by the orientation of both the toroid and the tetra inside golden mean projective geometry (icosa-dodeca "implosion" physics). This is the hub of cosmic creation. In this, case, the spiral map on the surface of the toroid shows the ideal coupling of rotational and toroidal momentum as defined by the Golden Mean projective physics, in the form of seven spiraling charge regions.


Two ways to store memory in a compressible medium: A) spin vector thruster and B) charge vector thruster. If the geometry is optimized, the result in both cases is the same and the physics of the mechanical world merges back into its primary cause.

This dual aspect of the toroid, the coupled spin geometry and the surface thrust geometry, makes it function as the archetypal shape and operative principle of going in and out of mechanical creation, which is the true physics of life force and individual perception.

Below are the SEVEN main symmetry arrows through the
vertices of the tetra, accurately touching the symmetry centres
of sustainable charge projection on the toroidal surface...
Reference Article: 7 Arrows of the Heart and 7 Colors of the Rainbow, from the Hydrodynamics of the Perfect Ink 'Drop'?

Toroidal donut shaped ink drop in free fall in laminar folded coherent (sacred) water self organizes into the 7 symmetry arrows of the tetra...

suggesting the physics of color in why the photon donut self organizes into the 7 colors of the rainbow when passing thru the compression sorting - 'traffic jam' of the prism.

see the white light where they overlap...

(Reference: Alphabet of the Heart manuscript at http://spirals.eternite.com ) It would also be important to see the original pics on the fusion symmetry slip knot map which is the heart of hydrogen / ANU, the human heart and the Heart of the Sun..

This helps introduce what happens on the 7th recursive superposed piezoelectric (phonon wave of BLISS induced) BRAID of DNA.
(thread to string to rope to fat rope to very fat rope etc.) :
7 Arrows, 7th Seal, 7th Sign, and Septuagesima... The Re-Ept-EL of SSS Ept - DNA Turns Inside Out and YOU get a Soul..
( called BOSON 7 in the DNA power spectra predicting time travel ability at Montauk - called Chloridians in DNA in Star Wars - Anikin.)
The Dodeca
(4th Dimension for a cube) stair which is the THREAD your DNA begins with is a 5th axis of spin - add 7 more - you have 12 SUPERPOSED SPIN AXES - or 'threads' in your DNA.
Ref: + The RING in DNA - Genetically Going in Circles May Eventually Turn You Inside OUT!-the academic view on CIRCULAR DNA
+ How's The Radiance of Your Magnetic X "Designer Genes" Today?
+ SuperConductant DNA vs. Braiding and "Soul" Making
+ Real Mystery of LORD OF THE RING - Explained - DNA becomes Source of Gravity!

..but-- re-pent and be saved - and you become (see Toroidal DNA) RINGlord..

Becoming compressed (from cube-oct to dodec icos) the language flower Implodes into Ophanim -Enochian ../ Greek /
Orion Star Gate (Antarean Conversion)..
(from Ophanim -Enochian ..) "
Basic symmetry set alignment and dimensional projection of geometric forms are accomplished by the Hebrew language operations. The Hypercube, and its dual the 16-cell, become the basic building block of the entire structure. The combination of Hebrew and Ophanic produce the dodecahedron of the Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram. The faces of this dodecahedron become the twelve gates through which the Elemental Tablets, the Aethyrs and the Governors are organized. The dodeca also organizes the 7/5 spin imparted by the Sigil of Truth and the phi ratios of the Holy Tablet. The Tablet of Union forms the icosahedron that contains, or unifies, the other forms."

`Below- we wish to explore HOW this 7 spin outside- 5 spin inside symmetry map that is the ANU - provides a key to HOW DNA becomes toroidal. Key to the 'Lord of the Ring' in DNA. Next here more exerpt from goldenmean.info/ringlord :what it takes for the blood to glow charge radiance?..The Magnetic X.. Super DNA.. when DNA braids densely into a RING in the presence of BLISS / charge density.

click to load paper on Biology of DNA as a RING DONUT..

Is this RECURSIVE TURNING INSIDE OUT - perfected by the penetrant "Pelestrating" self re-entry (creating self awareness) ANGLE of GOLDEN MEAN?

(What Dirk Laureyssens pic&link below - hollywood.org/cosmology beautifully describes as Pelastration in his COSMOLGY--)-
Dirk Laureyssens <dirk@hollywood.org>- adds here, January 18, 2006 4:57 AM, Dear Dan, Dear Roger, - Please check my website about holons and pelastration. On http://www.mu6.com/holon_growth.html I show how - starting from only one indestructible membrane - we can build up all complexity. These holons can only "pelastrate" if the correct angle is used. This relates to the Golden Ratio. -(Also) Interesting is also that there are on 4 basic holons (2*, 2°, 2" and 2') which make each 22 different holons (each with another layer structure -> with proper frequency and resonance). 22: Letter of Alphabet. see http://www.mu6.com/holon_causality.html . This concept explains how the basic energy (= Neutral Energy) becomes on certain spots: Manifested Energy (= holons with duality: A Yang part covered by a Ying part). On http://www.mu6.com/life_body_and_mind.html you can see how we can prove the coupling of spirit and body in a topological way. Kind regards and success in your positive work!. Dirk Laureyssens, Antwerpen - Belgium


Response from Dan: "In describing' geometric ability to self refer as the origin of self awareness, we have often spoke of golden mean as the only hydrodynamic angle at which self re-entry was non-destructive electrically, - but I have seen nothing which scientifically makes that case in a 3 dimensional membrane context. (pelestration re-entry based on golden ratio).. Historically the classic biophysics "Structural Stability and Morphogenesis" had made the case membrane geometry was only phase coherent or 'musical from emoting' wave embedding (cellular membrane origin of immune health) , but there was no discovery of the role of golden ratio. ... Re: origin of alphabets- it seems more specific to describe the number of hebrew letter autiot as the 22+5=27 which is the 3 cubed derived from the number of possible symmetry arrows thru tetra cube.. Your number of possible 'holon' must relate to summating all possible symmetry axis? Glad to hear from you..."Dan Winter

So- if we apply this to the origin of ALPHABETS (origin of all symbol). The process of discovering which approach angles for charge fields or donuts would allow insertion / non-destructive compression- into the "Burning Fountain"
(see the book on origin of language by this title- author: Wheelright) which is the charge core of the THROAT OF DNA. - "We knew that - to symbolize IS to EMBED - NOW we know to embed in where! (DNA implosive center)"

So the only origin of symbol that ever existed (ability to embed) was the symmetry alphabet to allow charge (all biologic memory) to enter into the throat and braid determination of DNA. This makes sense - because no biologic event has any ability to become sustainable / or cause to enter history UNLESS IT IS RECORDED IN THE BRAID OF DNA!

-above- in the top Pent view - we have the TOP DOWN VIEW OF DNA -
AND the top down view of the origin of Alpabet Letters!
"Angle-ish" (how would you inhabit/branch into tornado steering / physics by Phi cycles?)
Now do you know why the i has a dot? (Consume the perspective - leap off flatland - get up off your cross-) Here is 1 unchanging golden mean spiral wrapped on the self organizing donut - changing your point of view.
If you are interested in the deep geometric meaning of the origin of alphabets -
and/or have read the stupid lies Stan Tenen has been spreading for 10 years about Dan Winter-
He tries to create commercial value for his piece of jewelry - without the pure principle of Phi /recursion. Tenen also does not understand that being trapped in just his Hiburu Tetra (the MATRIX) - is actually a loss of ensoulment (see how Golem are made in Hebrew- tetra helix DNA does not implode or shine) - only the Golden Spiral and pent allows the way out.
The origin of symbol is only the -Golden- wave geometry of EMBEDDING - because that is what allows the outside - inside!


play pinwheels (why do you see THE ORIGIN OF THE ALPHABET - AND - 7 arrows?)

Origin of symbol: embedding yourself into the center of psychokinesis by tornado steering..

(physics is no-thing if not wormholes)
and CONSUME THE PERSPECTIVE - the REAL Origin of Symbol: To Embed - You into the DePHIne.
Could this tetra compression 7 axis model be the REAL KEY TO DNA- as well as- Alphabets?

Tetra co-defining a 7-colour spin coupled toroid
The seven symmetry angles of a tetrahedron perfectly reveal a profoundly hidden 7- fold symmetry map on a spin-coupled toroidal surface.see below-

Rafiki from codefun.com

end quotes from link above.
Conclusions? The stupid science leading civilization to death in this decade- had better get their head out of their ass quickly. Aside from realizing that the mystics who showed us the 7/5 spin ANU- were only making drawings in flatland cause they did not understand 7 spin (tetra) vs 5 spin (cube in dodec) symmetry theory- the gordian fractal slip knot to make quark, heart,sun and DNA -implosion.

Science must:

1. Admit that not knowing why any object falls to the ground, was symptom to why they had no clue to the gravity making function of DNA - to stabilize and electrically self-organize and INHABIT - things like ecosytem / climate etc.

2. Admit that confusing all the ancient and childish terms like CHI, ORGONE, SPIRIT, BARRAKAH, ECK, ECTOPLASM, ALCHEMY- - caused them to ignore the obvious (and murder billions of children) by not knowing all of this was simply how a capacitive field gets biologic by fractally imploding and compressing charge into fusion. THEN we could invent the only possible sustainable purpose and physics (get fractal) for architecture and agriculture.

3. We either develop the physics for the hygiene - to teach our kids to ignite their DNA with bliss- or they like us will be just dead.
(Failing this - instead of bliss - our kids will get to be members of the George Bush-raped team of BORG's harvesting Earth's DNA for the parasite nephalim and today's Isreali Mossad.)

Appendix- especially for American's who might escape the clutches of George Bush:

 Top 25 Censored Stories of 2006
#1 Bush Administration Moves to Eliminate Open Government
#2 Media Coverage Fails on Iraq: Fallujah and the Civilian Death
#3 Another Year of Distorted Election Coverage
#4 Surveillance Society Quietly Moves In
#5 U.S. Uses Tsunami to Military Advantage in Southeast Asia
#6 The Real Oil for Food Scam
#7 Journalists Face Unprecedented Dangers to Life and Livelihood
#8 Iraqi Farmers Threatened By Bremer's Mandates
#9 Iran's New Oil Trade System Challenges U.S. Currency
#10 Mountaintop Removal Threatens Ecosystem and Economy
#11 Universal Mental Screening Program Usurps Parental Rights
#12 Military in Iraq Contracts Human Rights Violators
#13 Rich Countries Fail to Live up to Global Pledges
#14 Corporations Win Big on Tort Reform, Justice Suffers
#15 Conservative Plan to Override Academic Freedom in the Classroom
#16 U.S. Plans for Hemispheric Integration Include Canada
#17 U.S. Uses South American Military Bases to Expand Control of the Region
#18 Little Known Stock Fraud Could Weaken U.S. Economy
#19 Child Wards of the State Used in AIDS Experiments
#20 American Indians Sue for Resources; Compensation Provided to Others
#21 New Immigration Plan Favors Business Over People
#22 Nanotechnology Offers Exciting Possibilities But Health Effects Need Scrutiny
#23 Plight of Palestinian Child Detainees Highlights Global Problem
#24 Ethiopian Indigenous Victims of Corporate and Government Resource Aspirations
#25 Homeland Security Was Designed to Fail

How Iran's new Euro's Oil Market will Destroy George Bush + the U.S. Economy (the WHY behind the nuclear threats)

+Make use of one of the best summaries of alternative news links: http://blogs.albawaba.com/alexanderjames Exerpt: - As William Colby, former Director of the CIA, once admitted: "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."US General Smedley Butler exposed in his 1935 classic, “War Is a Racket”: "I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interests in 1914," "I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested." Butler acknowledged that he ' d spent most of his thirty-three years in the Marines as "a high class muscle man for Big Business, Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism[ts]."

Pay a debt to those who risk their lives to tell you the truth about your government - by studying.

Do you know what it is like when you get arbitrarily put on George Bush's Nazi gestapo styled - so called "NO FLY" list?

Like most green-party leaders, non-violence advocates, and anti-war activists? (including Ted Kennedy) ..

You arrive at the airport - you find out when it is too late and lose your ticket money - and there is no way to fight. - Hitler was nicer. http://www.inthesetimes.com/issue/27/02/feature3.shtml

Read the details of the corporate involvement in George Bush's shit, by someone who has spent a lifetime in the courts: http://www.skolnicksreport.com/

See the films as the truth comes out: http://infowars.com/

Read documentation of Bush's trial for crimes against humanity: http://www.bushcommission.org/

Read evidence the lady who was supposed to die on 9/11 plane- phone call - is alive and still criminal: http://www.tomflocco.com/fs/OlsenArrested.htm

& more...