Ultimate Sacred Geometry Modeling Kit - Directions , OR - Printer Friendly (pdf) Version of Kit Assembly Instructions: StarMother2.pdf

from Dan Winter


Work very slowly, do not stop breathing. Each stick must entirely seat in its hole, or else in the outer stellations, your crystal will explode.. not implode.

Think of this as zen. The actual electrical implosion aura of your geometric is both real in your mind, and real in the device itself. This experience and its result are truly sacred in that the wave you are building IS pure principle AND sustainable / immmortal.

count check:

72 short blue

30 medium blue

90 long blue

36 short half green

40 white ball connector

12 yellow ball connector

6 red ball connector



Step 1..

Take a red ball, put 2 little green sticks into their native 5 sided holes, leaving exactly 1 open rectangular hole between them. Put the green sticks into the red ball at the angle which produces a RIGHT angle between them. Then add a red ball to each end. In order to turn out a square, 2 opposite diagonal corners will have only a square hole between the green sticks.

The other 2 opposite diagonals will have a triangle..rectangle triangle between where the sticks go in.


Then use this pattern to finish 1 simple square, with a red ball at each corner. (It may look more like a diamond initially.)

Next, carefully add a 4 side pyramid cap with another red ball to both sides of your square..


to make an OCTAHEDRON. Please note, there are 5 different angles you can put the green sticks in at. You need to choose the angle which allows all 4 sticks to meet at the top to connect to the new red ball. (Your octahedron should have 6 total red balls, and 12 green edges..).



Then take a WHITE ball, insert 3 green sticks at the same angles you used before. Stick that triangular little tetrahedron.. onto 1 face of your OCTAhedron.

Keep doing this adding one white tipped tetra to EACH face of your OCTAhedron til you have completed this star tetrahedron.

See how the 2 'interdigitated' tetra nest the octa in their center.

Next insert 12 short blue sticks, between each of the white tips, to assemble your cube.

(Note: in order to pursuade the blue sticks between the white balls for your cube, either bend them as you insert, or partially pull out the green connectors and reinsert them after pressing in the blue ones.)


Next take 1 yellow ball (to become icosahedron), and put 5 short blue sticks around a empty center 5 sided hole, to make a pent tent like this.

Do this to each yellow ball, til you have 12 of these.

Now take one of these 5 sided tents and connect 2 of the 5 blue sticks to the cube, leaving one blue stick open between the 2 you insert into the cube. You need to arrange the angle to look like this:


In this way the white balls end up in the correct places around the cube, to make a DODECAHEDRON.

Finish building your inner white dodecahedron,

Now you need to add the middle length blue sticks to connect all the yellow balls to make your

Finally, add 1 of longest blue sticks to extend the ICOS edges straight out to meet at the outer white ball DODEC.
You can do this by building 20 of 3 sided tents of the longest blue stick, with a white ball at the tip - then placing one on each face of our ICOSAhedron.

Lastly connect the outer white balls to make the outer DODEC.