(more graphic below of data display during 'channelling')

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Short Video Clip exerpt from the 4 Day Conference in Turin - 2005 -

Showing the Bliss Tuner Connection - with a lady who is deeply focused in telepathy and channeling.

Notive the remarkable spacing of the alpha (green 8-13hz) to beta (blue 14-23hz) in EXACTLY octave (power of 2) relationship. This suggests the 'incubeation' cascade associated with group mind - as quite different from the GOLDEN MEAN eeg ratios which define BLISS / CREATIVITY / ENLIGHTENMENT - (charge attraction / individuation vs. charge stasis).

Review: HEX geometrics (octaves - cube in hex view) isolate and preserve charge within the frequencies of the 'in-CUBE-ation' containment symmetry. VS: PENT geometrics (powers of Golden Ratio) push charge BETWEEN frequencies toward the individuating - gravity making - implosion of charge.

-- more at : goldenmean.info/merkabbah (hex vs pent in the tetrahedral fire breath meditation)

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The film clip contrasts - The OCTAVE based 'telepathy / channeling' brainwave state..(first pic here) vs the individuating / bliss GOLDEN RATIO brainwaves..(2nd pic below)- more at - Mar 15 05: New- HeartTuner BlissTuner- reveals DRAMATIC -EEG Difference between Bliss State- Versus Telepathy / Channelling - Bliss=Phi Cascades, while Channelling/Telepathy Appear Preliminarily as OCTAVE EEG CASCADES!