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STAR MOTHER KIT = Instruction and Info Video

The Ultimate Sacred Geometry Modeling Tool..

More at goldenmean.info/kit -on the Star Mother..(also pics below):
"Welcome to Sacred Geometry "
Message with Dan Winter - Filmed 1906 -
International Course Calendar - Course Handbook - Advanced Course

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Star Mother II

A "Cosmic Fractal BioCrystal"


New! Star Mother Kit - Includes - Hi Res Instructions and Explanation DVD Video !


Sacred Geometry Modeling Ultimate Learning Tool, - cost- $55.00 , from Dan Winter


Embeds: StarTetra (Green) / Octa (Red) / Cube (White) 1.0 / Inner Dodec (White) .618 / Icosa (Yellow) 1.618 / Outer Dodec (White ) 2.618 .

Star Mother II Kit $59 , Online Ordering : Kit Description :

NEW! Star Mother Kit DVD (video PAL)- Instruction, Assemble, Interpretation and Scientific Implication (Perfect CHARGE Collapse)- Included with the Kit / and with DVD set orders..

- ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS , Printer Friendly (pdf) Version of Kit Assembly Instructions: StarMother2.pdf

Above: The Icosahedron (light blue) animates from perfect HEX to perfect PENT view..

(Visual Basic animation courtesy of Frank B.)