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( description of the DVD - from Implosion Group! )

Dan Winter presents The Science of Love and Compassion -Now on ONE DVD! (approx 2.5 hour total PAL Video on DVD - was 3 vol tape)- each tape 0f the 3 below is contained now on this one DVD.

 Volume One - Duration: 53 minutes
Harmonies of the Heart
This video explains:-

  • The physics of separation.
  • God and the Golden Mean.
  • How to create gravity.
  • The importance of 'permission to center'.
  • The secret to creating an immortal immune system.
  • How to remove all self destructive waves from the blood.
  • The solution to the Earth's growing pollution problem.
  • How to get information into the body through the heartbeat.
  • How to avoid destructive incubation.
  • The connection between love and the heartbeat.
  • The key to non-destructive living and immortality.
  • The role of blood as the 'antennae of the body'.
  • The role of Phi in the measurement of love. 

 Volume Two - Duration: 54 minutes
Time Lords and the Holy Grail
OriginThis video reveals:-

  • How to create self awareness by changing the frequency signature of a biological oscillator.
  • The secret to avoiding all chronic disease.
  • How to bend galaxies with emotion.
  • How to bend magnetism non-destructively to fabricate eco-systems.
  • The secret of climate control via rearrangement of a planet's frequency signature.
  • The physics of grace.
  • How to stabilize the gravity field of a planet.
  • The secret formula to becoming a Time Lord.
  • How Time Lords rearrange spin systems to become self aware.
  • The technology of the Drakos.
  • The reason for the Orion wars.
  • How the Borgs controlled our sector of the galaxy.
  • The role of the hebrew priests, and the formation of sexual guilt.
  • Time doors into the heart of the Sun.
  • The key to bardo navigation and lucid dreaming.
  • How to survive the time implosion and inhabit stars.
  • Why we are a genetic experiment that's taken thousands of years to set up.
  • How the Holy Grail got its name and why it never flows over.

 Volume Three - Duration: 26 minutes
Spiral of the Golden Mean
OriginThis video presents:-

  • The secret of living forever and the true nature of death.
  • How to bend magnetism to make stars.
  • A picture of what Annie Besant saw when he  focussed clairvoyantly on the shape of the heart of the sun.
  • The template for the principle of turning inside out.
  • What Leedbeer and Biscant saw when they looked at the structure of the ultimate physical atom.
  • The sequence of turns necessary to enter and leave stargates.
    + unique computer graphic animations  of :-
  • What it looks like to zoom in on the star system Orion.
  • How the Earth could create leverage on nearby star systems.
  • What the Sun would look like if you could see it clairvoyantly.
  • Seven layers of the human heart muscle exactly at the 7 tilt angles of the tetrahedron.
  • The Ophanium Angels instructions on how to create a test for truth.
  • The central geometric key to the Temple of Solomon.