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Filmed at Mevlana Community - Mullumbimby, NSW Australia - 2002:

Completely NEW Never Before Released - Professional Documentary with Dan Winter

- Below part TWO Plays

MAGNETISM: The WIND on Which LOVE TRAVELS! All 5 Parts Thumbnails below-
Volume ONE: "Light Your Own Fire!
Volume TWO: "Feeling The MAGnetism!"

Volume THREE: "STARMAPS and The Hygiene for BLISS"
Volume FOUR "Extraterrestrial Origins of DNA & WHAT Turns Planets GREEN??"-Plays Below
>Since this film has been so central,-Dan would now update the story with Anton Parks detail-for example Enlil/Yalweh/Amun- is not the half brother of Enki/Saam/Ea/Atun -rather his failed clone. The "Dracos" in this story are called URU or USU - in the Anton Parks- Girku/Vril/ME-Enki's Digital Voice Recorder-see goldenmean.info/angelsciencet & Galactic History Index
Volume FIVE: "Physics of the Virgin Myth"-Climax of the ET DNA Origins/Orion Story+Harmonics of Zero Pt+Soul Groups

Wind on Which LOVE TRAVELS- 5Part Video Set - Online- Reloaded...


This Film See Below> Volume TWO: FEELING THE MAGNETISM!
New Film Released JUNE 21,08

Click HERE For Volume ONE: Light Your OWN Fire!

Click HERE- for VOLUME FOUR Exerpt: Galactic and ET Origins of DNA:The DRAGONS Story! -deeper version...What Turns Planets GREEN??

- Interactive Course Series with Dan Winter

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Mullum - Australia- Mevlana Centre... - with Dan Winter - Part TWO - This Film - English

This is - Section 2- online- This New Video online is the First of Five Segments -
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