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Introduction to Spiritual Science: Sacred Geometry

In physics- what survives death?

"Adding to the romance and mystery and beauty of sprituality using Physics"

selected exerpts only.. from > Kingston, London, UK Conference Nov 06.. with Dan Winter

acknowledgement to Christian Kyracou- Sacred Architecture..

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Part 1- is Alchemy of Creation, slide 1-88

Part 2- Geometric Origins of Life Force as Charge Attraction , 89-113

Part 3- Tornado Self Steering and the Slip Knots of Creation, 114-136

Part 4 - Understanding Why Fractality is the Principle of LIFE , 137-150

Part 5- Pure Geometric Origin of Alphabets:To Symbolize is to EMBED, 151-207 (the animations are avail at: )

Part 6- Heart Harmonics and the Programming of DNA by BRAIDING , 208- 271

Part 7- HeartTuner, EKG Biofeedback, Heart Coherence plus BLISSTUNER and Physics of Enlightenment, 272-332

Part 8- BIOLOGIC Architecture and Intro to GRID Engineering , 333-380

Part 9- Implosion, Orbital Nesting: Self Similarity the BIOLOGIC CAUSE of Gravity, 381-422