New Updated The New HeartTuner BlissTuner from Dan Winter

"The LoveTuner"

is 4 Channel - Wireless (BlueTooth)

With Direct Compatibility Access to All OpenEEG Software

(Iphone Wireless Options Soon..)

4 Person EKG Group Heart Link up

(or up to 32 to one computer using only 4 -8 ch LoveTuner)

AND- 2 Persons Can EACH See BOTH HEMISPHERES of their EEG- Brainwaves- for Meditation Training - BlissTuner- TOGETHER!


Preliminary Announcement >

This is a preliminary announcement. The launch of The LoveTuner- with complete manual- and examples - is expected by Oct 09

The New LoveTuner- replaces both Dan Winter's original HeartTuner and BlissTuner-

The Amplifier is supplied in a default 4 Channel- version - with 8 Channel -option (reasonably priced)

Default Sensors Supplied for EKG (Heart) and EEG (Brain)

Optional Sensors for Galvanic Skin Response, Skin Temperature, and Blood Volume Pulse- are preconfigured in the software.

More Information / Contact:

Training Film - Mar6,07: HeartTuner / BlissTuner New Features TRAINING FILM

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- 90 min- online! (DVD available)

If film does not play - do you have Real Player installed? - Click Here to Download / Play the Film Externally

Section One 1-19min. - HeartTuner setup - then Practicing Interpreting Heart Harmonics- Climax: Caduceus Breath produces REAL Heart Coherence!
Section Two 20-29min. - Control Panel Features Review
Section Three 29-50 min. - Connecting 2 Hearts, Interpreting, using the HRV and Measuring Empathy 2 ways.
Section Four 50-55 min. - Playing Games with Heart Music - The Butterfly Game
Section Five 55-75 min. - BlissTuner, Setup, Interpreting EEG, Finding RATIO in Brainwaves, BrainCoherence vs Bliss
Summary + Conclusions - 75-78 Min.
Section Six 78-88 min. - One More Thing: Measuring the Heart-Brain Connection - EKG to EEG phase lock in Harmonics + Coherence.

- Here are the Heart / Brain Data Files you can download and Play interactively in the Demo Software

download actual data- play it back yourself - with any settings / display options (demo software) you like! laurentR1.hti