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New June 05 Users Group Announcement
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from - the Heart Coherence Team -

Dan Winter - Inventor, Instructor - danwinter@goldenmean.info - original link goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial

 HeartTuner and BlissTuner Research Group - focused on sharing resources and developing collaboration between users, researchers, clinical, practical use, and scientific inquiry. HeartTuner uses EKG Harmonics to Measure Empathy, Emotional COHERENCE, HRV. Based on Dan Winter's original development of CEPSTRUM Mathematics to quantify INTERNAL heart and brain COHERENCE. BlissTuner extends this to also measure BLISS / CREATIVITY in Brainwaves by adding GOLDEN MEAN RATIO feedback cues to EEG harmonic biofeedback. More info: heartcoherence.com lead by frank@heartcoherence.com , program development. And / or at goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial with Dan Winter - inventor /research at danwinter@goldenmean.info
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Welcome note from Dan..

We have always known - the HeartTuner users group would be a wonderful tool to enhance dialog among the many dynamic researchers and healers working with HeartTuner. (Now probably numbering three to five hundred globally - many professional, clinical and academics among them). We have been remiss in not getting this together sooner.

So - PLEASE - take a moment - it's simple - JOIN THE GROUP - your input is the fun part for all of us - then post us your -
c) YOUR QUESTIONS!?!?! Which kinds of USERS do YOU need to hear from?

(You can join the group - then click POST - the group's email is: hearttuner@yahoogroups.com ).

We especially need all those who already have their equipment to take a moment and BECOME SHAREBLE (physics says: THIS IS HOW WAVES GET IMMORTAL).

So please - get involved - share what you do with HeartTuner - and the whole community will blossom..



Here is what we are doing to help launch the sharing.

1. Rededicating ourselves to answering your questions.

2. Launching a whole series of new training films - in addition to the 5 of more DVD /CD related at goldenmean.info/tools - we have the new: Internet TV.. goldenmean.info/implosionmovies

3. With the major new software upgrade release this year - we still have major improvements soon on the drawing board: HRV tools, and A.D.D./Addiction EEG neurofeedback therapy rewards system.

4. We plan to post a whole new series of links and resources.. and companion files.. PLEASE POST YOUR SAMPLE DATA FILES!! on the group so we can all play with them and learn!!


Here is a review of some basics:

Private ( for Users who purchased systems) users web link for main software download and upgrade: (email frank or dan if you lost this)
Remember - to get an ACTIVATION Code - you install, run, click INPUT DATA, then note the SERIAL SEED - then EMAIL that to frank@heartcoherence.com -or- danwinter@goldenmean.info (whoever you purchased from). Download page is considerably updated: all works with self-extractors now! (no more untransparent installers etc..)
New Full Chord Sound Cues for Teaching EEG - Golden RATIO BLISSTUNER - AND New Games Now -

Teachers / researchers program - summary description: goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial Also contains nice section on screen interpretation.

New manual: heartcoherence.com/userguide/pro04UserGuide.htm

Research with heart tuner: goldenmean.info/heartjournal

New - updated research PROTOCOL outline: goldenmean.info/heartjournal/research.html

(more on blisstuner)

Links to other language ImplosionGroup sites (most with some HeartTuner info:) German, Italian, French , Spanish + Spanish: psicogeometria.com

most recent articles

Original Software - users manual (still useful for background, philosophy and - as until functions advanced HRV, and Heart/Brain simultaneous functions are completed in the new software) goldenmean.info/tunermanual/

HeartTuner drivers for different versions are separatey downloadable from: heartcoherence.com/resource/ (not needed for those with new type hardware - since the main installer is set for that)

Playable Demo Version of Software (Plays Stored Data- Does Not Input from Hardware) heartcoherence.com/pro04privatedemo

How to USE THE BREATH TO CASCADE THE HEART: Programmable caducceus breathing trainer.. article intro: goldenmean.info/caducceus , Software adjustable breathing trainer for installation: heartcoherence.com/caducceus

VISUALIZING HOW THE HEART NESTS OR EMBEDS: Star Mother :Software Interactive 3 D Sacred Geometrics, heartcoherence.com/starmother Star Mother: Real Model -Platonic Perfect Nesting: goldenmean.info/kit

Harmonic Explorer: Software For Interactive Graphics: Effects of COHERENT Harmonic Interference: www.heartcoherence.com/harmonicexplorer

Making the PHI CASCADES - inside or out? - goldenmean.info/lovevibe

Related: Testing PHI CASCADES- heartcoherence.com/phicomposer

3D Java Animation of Toroid / Pent / Dodec Donut Nest : heartcoherence.com/stillcolourtoroid

3D Java Animation of Why 7 Color Map Donut - Codefines 7 Spin Symmetry Spins Tetra- Implications for Physics heartcoherence.com/tetraphysics

Tetra spin independant from dodeca nest around it! heartcoherence.com/sequentialphysics


Regarding the LIFE FORCE MEASUREMENT projects. Main link: goldenmean.info/biophoton

The new double egg system for active noise reduction - transducers are being completed this month

For earth measurement we recommend: use cheap inductor coil, then cheap capacitor (callahan probe- is hemp fibres dipped in sea spray wound on a pin) into heart tuner-

wiring: goldenmean.info/developer/

Use this to measure effect on locations affected by crystal arrays.. schumann etc.
this will be most effective in places not overwhelmed with 50 or 60 cycle electrosmog

some of these examples at goldenmean.info/trees with links

also- checking effect on people of grid magnetics effect on the body - is even easier- check average coherence curve rise over time they are exposed to his tools
(first check heart coherence - then for those with some experience - you can check brain coherence)

also - living things (like foodstuffs etc) can be checked effect (dynamic improvement)..
by checking for harmonic inclusiveness in the newly upgraded life force measuring..

Please note: a major resource for more information, and for supplying actual TRANSDUCERS for connection to HEARTTUNER - ( capacitive probe - as in the hemp fibre type, the pineal plate probes for capacitive accelerometrics, she has also gold foil coated some experimental ostrich egg spherical capacitors)..
IS: - Dr. Saskia Bosman - from Netherlands: email: sothis@euronet.nl , web: spiralsofevolution.nl
Specialist in Pineal Research, Schumann (to EEG) Research, Life Force work etc.

More on the life force project soon - we are planning a mini conference about this - and DC magnetic ley measure- in South France in early august- email if you can contribute to this work.

Thanks for caring about HeartTuner and BlissTuner ... AND sharing the Dream!

Dan Winter