Healing Anger: Musical Key to a Fractal Back Yard..


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" How long will the symptoms of anger etc last?" (kundalini or intense bliss, is usually followed by a processing time which frequently includes erupting anger close to the surface - this is very much my personal experience as well... dew)

by Dan Winter, 4/5/2000 , url: ../healinganger , other articles: ../sitemap.html


In the above map (adapted from"Sentics" Musical origin of emotion) changing pressure over time which descriminates what emotion your hug or squeeze sends:

The wave shape of ANGER at 1 over 7 ratio creates destructive interference most quickly (how to interfere with money changers in a temple)..

If you see anger musically as the wave shape of optimized destructive interference...
then the psychological truism
"urge to touch WHEN FRUSTRATED turns to anger by definition"

takes on extreme importance in the case of kundalini .. (or sustainble bliss /tantra etc.)

let me explain..

The urge to converge becomes seed making folding activity
in the case of sperm making
"1. Semen, like urge to touch, when stopped is the definition of anger (see
the function of the poison pellet -other wise known as football - in the
balinese cockfight...).. If there were ecstatic means for the urge to touch to be
expressed among men, football would not need to exist, and the 'bonfire of
those vanities"
would not collapse from the inside out. What is Testasterone poisoning at
one end of the tail bone is the snake venom of bliss at the Amygdalic snakes mouth.
(Sanchidaan & The Legend of Billy Jack.)"

This harmonic CONvergence is precisely the electrical description
of field effects becoming so charge dense in the spine juice
we label them kundalini..

So in effect kundalini is access to a burning fountain of magma..
which can be destructive or (as in volcanism
is the source of civilization in weaver's
'survival of civilization' by grinding rock to
biological access to remineralization)

it can be the very source of life force...
(magma story of the burning fountain.. flame elements:


Then the defining moment(um) which limits kundalini's / or extreme bliss
charge unpacking nondestructively into your ecosystem
is the extent to which that back yard is
geoMAGnetically fractal or recursive (permissive
to non-destructive unpacking)

backyard in this sense applies to the charge fractality
stored in muscle (nonresistance to spin/fear) as
much as whether there is a stone circle/labyrinth
sacred space etc.. there..

in both cases this verifies the adage
kundalini results in insanity
unless you can inhabity a fractal (sacred) magnetic environment

because, unless there is a capacity(ance) for charge /mind to spread
from your flame, it will burn you..

fire that does not consume, sustains because the wave is

experiment: enter ancient silent pristine paramagnetic
stone cathedral.. at pristine moment..
relax profoundly..
where is your anger then.. gone..

you only need a destructively interferent wave,(anger)
if you have not made your spin shareable...

dan winter

Note in the below, a (loving?/compassion choice) example of a shareable (anger healing?) wave (.618 lo phi above)

from: http://www.onelist.com/group/biosonic , CarolenK@aol.com
Re: [biosonic] Acoustic cardiograph , Date: , Wed, 05 Apr 2000

Dear Group:
I have recently acquired an acoustic cardiograph (ACG). Originally invented
by Dr. Royal Lee in 1937 as the "endocardiograph," this device amplifies and
measures heart sounds. The FDA forced Dr. Lee to cease and desist in the
manufacture and selling of this device because it demonstrated the effects of
nutrition on the function of the heart. In other words: the FDA didn't like
the idea of doctors using a medical device to sell nutritional products. The
patent has been registered again by the International Foundation for
Nutrition and Health, San Diego California and there are about 100 of these
devices now in use across the USA.

The difference between this device and the EKG is that the unit employs a
microphone stethoscope that is placed over the clothing of the subject--no
need to put the EKG "leads" onto the skin of the subject. The recording of
the sounds of the heart is traced onto the same paper that an EKG is traced
onto but rather than electrical activity of the heart muscle, this measures
the sounds of the valves functioning. In taking these tracings, I have
noticed how emotions are reflected in the "coherance" of the heart sounds.
next plan ( inspired by Jackie Calamos, a light/sound therapist in
Chicago--whom I met at the ACG conference last week...) is to deliver light
or sound to the subject and use the ACG as a feedback monitor. I will keep
you posted if there is anything to write about.
take care,

comment from Marysol:

<< The Heartlink will show the normal EKG heartbeat that gives strange or
>abnormal beats when a person is really presented with or talks about
>something that upsets him or remembers a trauma,,, it is a wonderful
>psychological biofeedback tool, On the other hand, it shows in the top of
>the screen when the heart has harmonics, and that is when we feel a
>positive emotion, then the separation between the double cascade of
>harmonics will give the E.I Emotional Index that we are relating to
>distinguish the type of emotion the person is feeling, and when we have the
>E.I. at 0.618 or close to it we definetly are feeling love,,,, verifyed and
>confirmed by everyone that has used the Heartlink. I use it at times to
>help me decide the range of frequencies of harmonics the heart does not
>have with enough amplitude... (eventhough I would like to have more
>resolution in that screen), and compare that range of frequencies to a
>specific musical note,,, and it always coincides with the notes missing or
>weak in the voice."

Comment from Dan Winter:

Valerie Hunt originally sent me her audio tapes (of each of the gland sounds recorded as an electrical contact probe THEN converted to sonic)
for spectrum analysis of heart sonics..
the difference between mic on skin
vs electrodes,
is spectral response..

the frequency range is not nearly as wide
(all hi freq. gone)
using sonic instead of the piezoelectric
source of that same motion: voltage..

yet playing those sounds was always

MOST potent was
taking the voltage recorded wave (like ekg but
1 set for each gland)
converting to sonic in roland sampler
then play sonic

result: each gland literally tingled in sequence responding
to it's voltage wave converted to sound..

this was one origin of
heart double fft technology

electrodes rather than mic need not be more invasive
reusable strap on electrodes will help us..
just better listeners...


Comment to an earlier question,
key was
septrum(2nd order fft)
new elegant display of simple coherence measure
emotional index
simple display of harmonic interval
ratio moving from multiples of 2 (head centered)
to multiples of phi (heart centered feeling)

this mathematical technique is directly applicable to sonics as well

as marysol is pursuing, (her biosonica software / next phase?, Biosonic voice analysis computer program: http://members.aol.com/photonica/COHERENCEresearch.htm )
challenge is sonic event rarely comes
sustainably braided enough to sustain that peak

yet when it does, it heals

lo phi

dan winter

And now, to relate an example of political power acheived in part by locating on an unpackable wave

(see Orion's Alnitak on the Phi spiral on Giza at ../orion/orionheart.html )

Subject: True POINT of Origin (Orion-in): "Sky Matrix" Grid POINT Value for
the Orion belt-star ALNITAK .... the now self-evident 'celestial prime

Wed, 5 Apr 2000 ,from, Milamo@aol.com
To: dan@..

"I want to call your attention to some direct relationships. These are
apparently quite significant ... which, of course, is why I'm writing this

I ask you to recall (or reference) my "Sky Matrix" Grid POINT Value for
the Orion belt-star ALNITAK .... the now self-evident 'celestial prime
marker-star' for our ecliptic. { http://www.farshore.force9.co.uk/skymat_1.htm }." (end quote, continued at link)

from Dan Winter:


you may enjoy a story a friend
he says
'star base one' or TELOS
in the politics of the 'orion wars'
from which the annunaki sought refuge here...
the leader, aleph hyperion
also called ptah in egyptian,
(from the 'paa taal', see collier/andromedan)
was based there, fathered helios
and (if you believe collier and others)
was the source of the high end
'11th dimensional'
paa taal
DNA crossed with the cro magnon
at the time of Sa-ra

if this rather extreme story has some truth,
then indeed Alnitak
would be prime reference...

Alni- (ultimate of?) - tak (orion)
anchor point of spiral on orion at giza..

may give new (recursion optimized)
meaning to the term
'center of gravity'

dan winter


note back from Michael Morton:

Dan ....
Your thought just hit me !!! YES .... the spiral (Fibonnaci) at Giza ..
referring to GRAVITY !! A ... 'center' of .. gravity ? The Great Pyramid
"fire in the middle" .. ? .. center ... recursion ... your recursion thing
embedding .. and Alnitak corresponding to The Great Pyramid a la Bauval.

Fascinating there; about 'Orion Wars', etc. ... Annunaki seeking refuge here
I wonder how much truth is in Collier's material. I've always wondered where
Annunaki 'really' originated from ... whether an actual 'Nibiru' as per
Sitchin, or ..
just what.

Ptah would be EN.KI. ... as I understand or 'read' Sitchin. Is that your
take ?

Regarding my findings of numbers at Cydonia ... recent posts, etc. ...
I found "1296" as Grid LAT for "Cydonia City Square" AND for "The Tholus" ..
41 (deg) X 03 (min) X 10.53658537 (sec) North ...
= 1296 North. And "1296" is the Square of "36" ... such an important
number !! It really supports your 'Phi-embedding awareness' !! And even the
Grid POINT Value of "City Square" is "18Pi" ... ... 18 half of 36 ... then;
times Pi.

-- Michael

Subject: Re: Healing Anger: Musical Key to a Fractal Back Yard.., Wed, 5 Apr 2000 11:47:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mike Cassidy <hyper_scribe@yahoo.com>
Dear Dan,

Thanks for your last. Healing anger is definitely a
positive. Also, your phi material is coalescing and
becoming ever clearer and comprehensible, and it's
validity and importance is becoming self evident.
Repeating that knowledge in various forms is by no
means boring, and is quite meditative.

I would suggest applying your phi principle towards
responsible ecological sustainability, this is what
you and your audience need most. Your phi principle is
most applicable to interspecies relationships of
ecology. Human relationships have only so much
ecological potential, and human relationships are
currently overdone. Underrepresentation of
biodiversity results in bacteriological attack. As
you say, the principle is reflected in geography but
more importantly it is reflected in interspecies
relationships. "



response from Dan:

and the geometry of sustainable biodiversity
is modeled
bioacoustic habitat theory
where forests ability to have an immune system
depended on the harmonic inclusiveness of the SOUNDS there..

and the most sounds can live in one (sonic) skin
when their phases are phi nested...

apply that to every bandwidth which creates skin...

like pent long wave magnetics..



quote from


this becomes "signature sound works" by Sherri Edwards, in creating
healthy forests by replacing missing audio harmonics this becomes "BioAcoustic Habitat Theory" by Bernie Kraus (as published in Electronic Musician, in
WildFire Magazine, and in his music: "Gorilla's in the Mix". theory also called "biosonics" or "niche theory") So from the perspective of GET ENOUGH

pressure over time
Wed, 5 Apr 2000 14:05:06 -0400
Elizabeth Austin <eaustin@Humanitas2.com>
"'dan@..'" <dan@..>

"for example 1/6 = joy
can you please give a sense of what this experience is like
is it like a pressure over 6 times as long
how about 1/phi
a pressure over a bit of time that is less than the pressure??this is
interesting.....anger, joy, hate, love sequence
and also, over time it there is "less" anger
so if the wave goes up and down, kinda sorta
how does a wave go when there is more up than down?
how does the wave go when there isnt a down?
or is that when it goes inside?
sometimes i wish for this all to be a bit more practical.....
and probably it is, i just dont get it yet. "
Elizabeth Austin
Humanitas, Inc.


response from Dan:

have your friend identify 3 different emotions you choose
then send them only by squeezing their hand..

notice how you vary only pressure over time in the squeeze

you start a ratio,
of total squeeze duration vs time to max pressure in the hug

and that is the language of feeling

(read 'sentics"?


you couldn't get a better squeeze article, ../bettersqueeze/squeeze.html




Question from Marysol...

Thanks Dan,
Please explain a little more how "MOST potent was
taking the voltage recorded wave (like ekg but
1 set for each gland)
converting to sonic in roland sampler
then play sonic"?




Never felt individual glands start to tingle in response to sound sample so clearly

as when Valerie sent me the voltage waves she had recorded electrically above and below gland sites..

I converted the voltage wave to lo freq sound in roland s-50 before doing fft work...