A Personal Welcome from Dan Winter-

TWO - Amazing European Sacred Initiatory Travel CHOICES for 2008

Either: Holy Grail Sites AND Real Science of Grail in the Blood > in South France - June 5-12, 08 (Film Clips here from last year!)

or - : GREEK Islands Boat Cruise from Venice! April 13-20- with the Best BioPsychoSpiritual Scientists of the World OnBoard!!

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First... our South France 2008 - Science and Experience of the HOLY GRAIL IN THE BLOOD - tour and conference
see 2008 June Info.
in collaboration with Roger Green - fengshuiseminars.com

Join us - June 5 - 12, 2008 in South France. (An easy flight: RyanAir's inexpensive London to Carcasonne)-
For a week questing in Grail Country - learning by experience the Real Science of the Holy Grail in the blood.

For the trip logistics: fengshuiseminars.com/tours/sofrance_2008.html

Join us to ask YOUR questions about the MEANING OF THE MYSTERIES! -

The original first real grail science in the blood essential - article - with film: www.goldenmean.info/realgrail

In 2007 - we were the first to introduce- with Henry Lincoln in person and Jean Luc Robin - the actual historical connection between the Rennes Le Chateau clues in the church - to Fr. Sauniere's history with the bloodline families: read www.goldenmean.info/grailstory

In 2008 - we are very excited to announce - we will be the first to experience the real meaning of LORD OF THE RING's TWIN TOWERS - (the 2 Grail MAGDALEN TOWERS- actually 'phase conjugate' and produce the grail space in the pine cone like CANIGOU) - read the story and see the animation at: www.goldenmean.info/twintowers

We now understand so much about how the fractal grail charge of BLISS is ignited in the blood. The pent symmetry of perhaps the worlds oldest Necropole- city of the dead- Rennes Le Chateau is only the beginning of actually making charge ignite Bliss the real priority of your life. In our South France Grail Questing tour we actually have the enviornment, the science, the visuals AND the lifestyle, the yoga and the sacred space to put it all together for you. See the joy on the faces of those who joined us in 06 and 07 - and come join us for the even deeper revelations and experience we plan in 08!

South France Grail Science Tour - fengshuiseminars.com - with Dan Winter, 2007 - Film Short Highlights!

Choice TWO: > GREEK Islands Boat Cruise from Venice! April 13-20- with the Best BioPsychoSpiritual Scientists of the World OnBoard!!

Dan Winter joins some of the greatest visionaries and spiritual scientists of the world - on a dream cruise! Sponsored by some of the leading Spiritual Scientists of Europe... Come Join Us!!

"The biopsychospiritual synchronicity and the holistic man" : 40 Expert/Leaders. - 7 intense, full-immersion, regenerating days, dedicated to the biopsychospirituality to get us closer to the holistic man dimension.
----On a MSC cruise ship, called "Musica" that will leave from Venice on the 13th April 2008, and will travel through Bari, Katakolon, Santorini, Mykonos, Pireo, Corfù, Dubrovnik and then back to Venice on the 20th April 2008