Implosion Group Newsletter- with Dan Winter..

1. Dan Winter- presents - at ECOLOGY AND WATER- Fourth International Expo - Saragosa, Spain - Aug 22-24, 2008:

"Fractality:The Deep Science of Life Force in Water:
Fractality in Water is measured by Redox potential. That charge distribution efficiency quantifies ability to support life because perfect compression (fractality) is what creates self organization. Science evidence for this is contained in the principle of PHASE CONJUGATION. Well known for creating self repair in optics, new evidence shows how the phase conjugate principle in every electric spectra- is behind - flowforms, the orgone, and biogeometry ("etheric formative force"). The way waves in water and all living fields create this ability to conjugate phases is direcly illustrated with precise Golden Ratio physics - by the "Cadduceus" long the symbol of DNA, medicine and healing. Dramatic powerpoint visuals on Dan Winter's: 'New Fractal Science of Life' - references: , and
Phase conjugate fractality has been presented by this author - at many international physics symposia - as specifically the wave symmetry, cause and mechanism of : life force, perception, gravity, and color. "

2 . New Advanced Geobiology Conference in Turin - August- details below...


Plus 4. - New July 08- More Powerful new FILM Series ONLINE- from The ORIGINAL -
Professionally Edited by Global Vision Productions, Australia

Conference - Co Sponsored by, and Acknowledgement to Roger Green :

Filmed at Mevlana Community - Mullumbimby, NSW Australia - 2002:

Completely NEW Never Before Released - Professional Documentary with Dan Winter

Volumes 1,2,& 4 are now ONLINE:

New Film Released JUNE 21,08


Click HERE- for VOLUME FOUR Exerpt: Galactic and ET Origins of DNA:The DRAGONS Story! -deeper version...What Turns Planets GREEN??

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Mullum - Australia- Mevlana Centre... - with Dan Winter - Part ONE - This Film - English

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Ending Religion Wars: Using The True ET History of DNA-
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Conference - Co Sponsored by, and Acknowledgement to Roger Green :

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Special Announcement:

Join us in the Beautiful Countryside Outside Turin, in Sunny Italy!!

Aug 14-17, 2008: Turin, Italy - 4 Day Advanced Part Two - Training with Dan Winter / Conference Retreat. Rural Italian Setting

As Guest Conference Presenter at the Part Two - Advanced Course - 4 Day Seminar Intensive
at the Beautiful Turin Conference Center... August 14-17 2008.
(To attend: contact- Khudai - at +39 0161468313 - or >
primary conference languages will be English - and Italian - with French or German available - French Language Translation and Advice for French to Thomas - provided courtesy Valerie Sandelin - also see - film updates. Thomas is fluent in English and will speak in English- /with Italian translation - Valerie will consult for French to English idioms etc.

we are proud to present Thomas Edye:

Thomas is the Long Time Collaborator / Partner of the Stefan Cardinaux School of Geobiology in Lausanne, Switzerland - which we have suggested is probably the world's leading school of geobiology. (Links Below ). Thomas has served both as technical consultant on alternative magnetic and other sensor device technologies - and on the psychological and elementals work of geobiology. Thomas will present both an in depth hands on in the field - experience of geobiology as well as a visual presentation in the conference center.

MORE about the Stefan Cardineau Geobiology School - which Thomas works with:
The (Clairvoyant) GEOBIOLOGY of Stephane Cardinaux -
English Intro: - More info on Stephane Cardinaux's work, and group, and books (mostly in French) :
Stephane is a very well known teacher of geobiology (especially Swiss and French) . His pioneering research and books in many ways - lead the field in Europe, if not the world. His presentation in Budapest introduced - the following - a gentle tour of his extremely profound work in the field (intro by Dan Winter, translation and facilitation by Valerie Sandelin ).- Stephane's major web presence (french) - English intro -

Geobiologic tools in archaeological and geomantic research. - Explanation of telluric phenomenon (type and effect on biofield / vitality ) - Telluric phenomena in ancient sacred places - Using a geomagnetometer, for the measurement of the magnetic anomalies, and rods, for the detection of the telluric networks makes it possible to reconstitute the complete plan of disappeared and buried buildings. The joint use of an electromagnetic instrument and human sensitivity is an effective solution. Many examples.

Measuring life force / vital energy. Living beings interact with cosmotelluric energies by emitting an etheric radiation. This vital energy, called biofield, varies constantly according to our environment. The experiment shows that the forms, the colors, the materials, the food, clothing, and even how thoughts influence this biofield. The measurement of the biochamp is a scientific method (measurable and reproducible) to test, for example, the biocompatibility of products or simply your vitality. Demontration with sonotest on biofield and on grid (sonotest demonstrates tuning fork audio oscillator changes amplitude significantly when passing thru membrane layers in the auric field).

Nature Spirits - Entities - Devas. Folklore calls them phantoms and spirits of nature. In the light of spiritual science, these beings which populate the invisible have a vital role to play. How to discover them and distinguish them. How to behave with them. Emotional hygiene for contact with them.


Finally - Dan and Valerie - would like to share a short photo review with you,
taken during their current research project visit - near Brighton, UK..