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PART TWO - of the film here... "ANGELS Exist!" of
Ending Religion Wars: Using
The True ET History of DNA-

We have always known the root of all religions (Father of all relgions- abRAham, RA is our Annunaki ancestors lineage of Enki)
was a single family lineage. We explored how the Annunaki names for their leading NINE - became the names for God in most of Earth's relgions. ( See: , , , ). But the true politics of religion is actually HOW you teach the hygiene for bliss that CAN make your memory immortal. Here is the path: It is simple really - learn to be fractal and phase conjugate enough to attract the biologic charge called "GRACE" and you WILL take memory thru death - and BECOME the SKYWALKER !

Since we have such a GOOD handle on the hygiene (which basically turns religious language into a simple science which teaches the physics of bliss) - let us finish the story by fixing the HISTORY. The history is now clear - while the Christians were clearly up to their waists in the blood of the Muslims they murdered BEFORE the other way around - actually - the KArma goes further back.

The real start- is a bloodline (the Seraphim- Uru / Dragon) had a genetic problem... (see below film) -
AND their representative (yes the SAME secret agent) name GABRIEL - came and announced some necessary hygiene measures to:

1. The Christians (Mary spoke to Gabriel)

2. The Mormons (Joseph Smith spoke to Gabriel)

3. The Muslims ( Muhammed spoke to Gabriel).

SO ... who were these Seraphim whose message Gabriel brought to ALL religions? What is the story? Where do we fit in??

The simple conclusion is that ALL the religions have the same source: The hygiene information for how we immortalize our Biologic (DNA) Energy fields!

There is a certain stage in the Annunaki tales- when we are informed repeatedly that our genepool has been saved (Enki did love his kids).. by the Lucid Dreaming star ancestor named GALZU (Links below) . We suspect he was of the Ophanim, Bird Tribe (Enki's Mother's Paa Taal line). The fun question is - what made him suspect that OUR genepool was SO important and worth saving - that we might BE the vaccine to those nasty Orion Wars (Hint: Empire Strikes Back!!>!>>!>!)

.. kids this is even MORE fun than STAR WARS!!! And you ARE the hero when YOU choose to ignite your DNA with the (microchloridians) of your own BLISS.


This FILM SERIES (below) is the most extensive and vibrant synthesis ever released of the real extra-terrestrial history of our genepool. Beautifully synthesizing into a compelling narrative - Hopi, Andromedan, Montauk, Dan's own research - and detailed biologic memories of numerous global researchers - fitting perfectly the works (set after the Annunaki arrived on Earth) of Sitchen, Gardner and many others.

The reading material for with these presentations-
is Dan Winter's world's largest and most synthesized library on the ET HISTORY OF DNA:

How do we use this history of the UR - Seraphim Dragon Blood lines to heal religion wars?

Let us look of the origin of the Q'UR-AN. We recently learned much more about who the UR are , we have long known who the An line is (AN as in AN-unaki is generally interepreted to mean "Sun God" or Solar being - see the film...). We know their alphabet is a genetic DNA programming electric field symmetry sequencing software. We know that Gabriel - who narrated the Q'UR-AN to Muhammed- was offering the genetic hygiene wisdom of the Seraphim bloodline - as he did to Joseph Smith - of the Mormons. The KAtholics are clear- that Gabriel is the communicator with Mary. We know that the Seraphim Draco apologized for creating both the Christian and Muslim religions - for the same (hygiene instruction) purpose - only to realize too late - the result was mostly mass murder. ( Here is the moment when the Draco Seraphim first had their genetic disaster: Nephalim ).

We even know - that the well documented Kundalini like seizures that Muhammed - experienced in chatting with Gabriel - are the classic symptoms of mind meld with the Assa Uru queens.. the REAL Baphomet or SKULL TOUCH. Today's Indiana Jones- interest in crystal skulls ..(more history next time on that).. is about genetic memory of the fall of the skull touch - ability - quite linked to the genetic fall of the Nephalim - from the Seraphim URu line.

We must assume that Galzu - who was clearly responsible for saving Enki's genetic experiment here (see why WE are the vaccine in the URion wars - in the film - below) - must represent the Ophanim Pta Taal ancestry of Enki's mother. "Galzu was a real mysterious guy...even the Annunakis had no idea who he was...he could enter Enki's dream and gave a design of a boat (KA?) which could sustain .'..

So to understand the URigens of the Ophanim and Seraphim genetic history in URion - and restore your aURa- with full phase conjugate fractal genetic memory - we must phase conjugate into oneness - the following hURstURy stURy ...

For the related Beautiful Grail Science - History-

Below see the Photo Gallery Tour of this South France Grail Conference
(note this film is just one part dealing with the Grail History in the Science - the full science curriculum is in the other 7 dvd)
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Particularly recommended that you compare this version of the galactic DNA HISTORY - with the also newly released:

VOLUME FOUR Exerpt: Galactic and ET Origins of DNA:The DRAGONS Story!
-deeper version...What Turns Planets GREEN??
(professionally filmed & edited- Byron, Australia 02-just released)

The above is part FOUR of newly released below:--


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- New Film Released JUNE 21,08

Since some of the charts in the film are not readable there- we reprint some key ones here:

1. Gabriel - the religion URiginator - is Seraphim.....from

(note the Line of DAVID - in Aramaic means the line to TWT (DWD) which means TEHUTI (Thoth - son of Enki)

2. 22 ET Groups Interfered with our Early DNA: from discussion at

pic. above by Stewart Swerdlow (link)- excerpted for commentary

3. Names of God in Most Religion - from 1 Annunak Family -from discussion at

Below- Dragon URU - Seraphim (line of Gabriel) - Becomes....

Best of South France- Science of the Grail Conference- '08 - with Dan Winter & Valerie Sandelin

Visual Collage- The South France - Holy Grail Experience...

Co Sponsored with Roger Green - and Photo Credits thanks to Roger-

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