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Can owning spiritual ideas, serve self-empowerment?
I believe not.

Summary of Dan Winter's choice to give away his original work showing the Golden Mean Spiral to be the origin of Hebrew.

Background to Dan Winter's original equations animating the pure geometric origin of the Alphabet.. correcting the slanderous Stan Tenen materials..

"In paragraph 4, page 2, Mr Tenen exposes the crux of his misconception when he defines the signature of his personal discovery (he says the end of the vortex bends back in the opposite direction of any form of the Golden Mean spiral) (again showing that Stan Tenen's model IS NOT the correct Golden Mean spiral..dew) and claims he owns 'copyrights' to it. The idea, once discovered is the property of all humanity, it is only the particular expression of it to which he owns copyrights. He does not have a copyright in the "discovery", only in the words and forms he used to express it. "
quote from legal copyright expert attorney Gordon Kinder.

2/7/95 Re: Stan Tenen's Unsupportable Claim to Copyright His Own Origin of Hebrew Letters. Showing That Hebrew letters were named in biblical times :"tetragramaton", literally a Grammar of Tetrahedrons". Since Hebrew was known in biblical times as a grammar of tetrahedrons, Tenen's claims to originality in using a tetrahedron to derive Hebrew are unfounded.-------

The earliest name for Hebrew's holiest letters is "tetragrammatron". (Yod-He-Vau-He). The literal meaning of this name for Hebrew's holiest letters is that this is "A GRAMMAR OF TETRAHEDRONS". Thus it is hardly original for Stan Tenen to claim centuries later that he first conceived of using the tetrahedron to map Hebrew letters.

Since Stan Tenen in all his comments I ever saw, never defined mathematically which curved strip he was inserting into the tetrahedron to imagine letterforms, his supposed originality in inventing a "new" source for Hebrew extends only to the tetrahedron itself (since this was the only shape he did define in claiming originality). Yet the cover of the book Gematria, on the origin of Biblical Hebrew or Cabala, is a picture of two nested tetrahedron. Appendix F shows three shadows of the tetrahedron, octahedron, and cube as word roots. Page 6 mentions Greek and Hebrew word roots. Published in 1917, this antedates Stan Tenen's recent claims to own a connection of tetrahedron to Hebrew.

In fact Gematria, as a name referring to biblical word meanings, derives from "geometric matrix". To claim to own all Hebrew symmetries based on tetrahedron Stan Tenen also claims to own all letterform origins based on simple cubic "geometric matrix", since these are a subset of the tetra's symmetry. Yet dozens of "Gematria" books in the literature on letterform origins, are cubic matrix plans to derive Hebrew.

Carlo Suares work "Spher Yetsira" on the origin of Hebrew letters antedates Stan Tenen. On page 86 the keys to the letters or "sephirot" are derived from the image of the cross points of two tetrahedron in a cube.

"Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation" by Aryeh Kaplan was written before 1983. It is a treatise on Hebrew letter/word meanings. The cover image is a stack of tetrahedrons, page 110 uses two tetrahedrons to set up the matrix or "gates" which give meaning to Hebrew letterforms in the rest of the book.

Thus it is clear that it is unreasonable to give Stan Tenen copyrights to all Hebrew letters origins based on tetrahedron.

Since the only other form Stan Tenen used, is an undefined spiral, he cannot copyright that. At least my work uses a defined and unique spiral in tetra cube symmetry: "The Golden Mean Spiral". Daniel Winter


Gematria, by Bligh, Bond and Lea, Published by Researh into Lost Knowledge Organization.

The Sepher Yetsira, and also Cipher of Genesis, by Carlo Suares
Shambala, and Bantam press respectively.

Magical Alphabets by Nigel Pennick. Alphabet derived from two nested tetra hedron: page 109. Samuel Wiser pub.

Daniel Winter


-Shadows of an undefined spral strip cast by the shadows of a tetrahedra, creating the complete Hebrew alphabet.. in the book
"The Crown Diamond (2 Tetrahedron) of the Tree of Life" by Bora Ben Elazar..

Note Spiral for Hebrew letter Pe, from tetrahedron shadows, page 106,.
The complete Hebrew alphabet is derived from the shadows of the two tetrahedra on the front cover, as depicted p 91-138.

Published 1989, but describing work done much earlier.

No mention also in this book of Stan Tenen owning all spiral strips that cast Hebrew Alphabet shadows.
Stan Tenen's hand drawn shadowgrams also do not have any mathematical definition of what spiral strip he is using.

Since Stan Tenen insists he is not using the Golden Mean spiral, how can he own that shape?

Stan Tenen claimed that the Golden Mean Spiral was not the origin of the Hebrew alphabet, and failed to come up with a useable mathematical model to computer animate it. I had been working for years on the origin of symbol, and had already published before hearing of Stan, the form of the Golden Spiral on the vortex into stellated tetra in my book "One Crystal's Dance". This was on the alphabet waveforms (tongue as a flame letter in the vortex of the throat, creating envelope overlay on the carrier wave of the vocal chords, whose carrier wave envelope shape suggested the FORM of the alphabet letterforms of the vowels.) This is why Stan called me after assembling the Star Mother tetra-dodec stellation kit which he got from me with my book, before he sent me his work.

I spent three hard years on the spreadsheet trig, and surface topology mapping to originally create images of the Hebrew letterforms, after I originally conceived the idea that the Golden Mean Spiral was the solution to the problem that Stan Tenen publicly announced he could not solve.
I knew that The Golden Mean, was the doorway to recursion and self-awareness, compression and shareability of wave pattern, and the only way thoughtforms/spin ever got into and out of the central fractal (God), and became psychokinetic..

THEN Stan Tenen elected to sue me, to own MY ORIGINAL COMPUTER GRAPHICS??!!

In addition to refusing to accept the Golden Mean as the proper origin or Hebrew (Unlike myself, he never shared or had any claim to work on the English/Arabic alphabet), Stan Tenen claims publicly that related information about the alphabet, is a SECRET belonging to the PRIESTS only! (See his video). He also claims that the Golden Mean Spiral has been the instrument of persecution to the Hebrew priests through history!

Well of course, the H'Iburu Priests who massicated the genepool here, set themselves up as "Gods" (see Sitchen on Annunaki, see "Gods of Eden": the Elohim, Annunaki, Hebrew Gods were of Reptilian descent, Noah had scales on his skin.) Pretending to be Gods representatives was the way to psychologically control the masses...

and then, the priests killed Tut, the priests killed the Templars, the priests killed the cathars, the priests killed the Druids, the priests murdered and tortured and robbed the brightest 25% of the women in Europe (the Inquisition), and started more wars than any organization in history (followed closely by the CIA)..

...and then the priests did not pretend to apologize for their lives, whose entire existence depends on keeping the SECRETS from the people whom they control!




I have given away absolutely freely the vast majority of these videos, have given free permission to reproduce EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER DONE. My life is an experiment in total sharing, NO SECRETS. This is an anathema to Priests.

Of course the Golden Mean spiral has been a thorn in the side of the H'Iburu priests:

The whole story of the SIN of Adam and Eve, is the priest assigned guilt for being self-replicating, self-empowered. (Sitchen, & Bramley: Gods of Eden, and Robret Morningsky..) The Orions who controlled the Niburu genesplicers, told them to make Adam / Osiris as DROIDS. Imagine the priests agony now finding that their droids are becoming more psychokinetic their gene hacker priest creator Orion and Sirian priest "Gods"!


After the judge on the west coast through out all of Stan Tenen's motions, and accepted mine saying Stan Tenen's claim to own the form of the Hebrew Letters was "uncopyrightable material.. (you can NEVER OWN AN IDEA, ONLY YOUR PARTICULAR FORM OF IT'S EXPRESSION... Stan Tenen cannot claim that my original form based on the Golden Mean is wrong, and that he still owns it!?)...

then Stan Tenen's free and religiously motivated lawyer harrased the judge on the East coast and my attorney ($20,000 later) said "you cannot afford me to fight their current motion for a restraining order".. so I was coerced into stipulated "I would not put Stan Tenen's copyrighted form" on the internet. Well of course I would never share Stan Tenen's copyrighted form, IT IS NOT BASED ON THE ONLY POSSIBLE CORRECT SOLUTION: THE GOLEND MEAN SPIRAL.. His form is not in anything I've written. ...


I explain this without objection to the judge on the East coast, who has not made any ruling..

BASICALLY that internet supplier says, they believe in my work, but just don't want any hassle..
So they dump me, after taking $450 and weeks of work from me..
Re: Tenen vs Winter

from Dan Winter

On 3-29-1987 before meeting Stan Tenen or knowing of his work, I published a small book entitled "One Crystal's Dance.. Geometric Keys" The booklet accompanied a modeling kit I designed called "Star Mother". This model was the unpacking of the tetrahedron by simple nesting into all the other simple regular "platonic" solids.

The picture on the cover of that book, was also the top down view of my "Star Mother" kit:

(Before Stan Tenen wrote to him)..

TOP VIEW OF 3D Spirals on Vortex into Nest of Unfolded Tetrahedron



When the tetrahedron is unpacked this way into the cube and repeating dodecahedron, it creates pairs of Golden Mean Spirals, these are one set cut out from that same March 1987 book cover.
Inside the book I published the exact 3 dimensional point values for these spirals as they wrapped around down vortex in 3D into the center of the nest from tetrahedron to dodecahedron.
Note here for comparison purposes my original accurate computer model of the geometric keys to alphabet, which is the exact same two Golden Mean spirals, separated by 36 degrees.

I spent 2 man-years to develop the spreadsheet algebra. I started with exactly the same 3D points which I published in my book preceding any contact with Stan Tenen's work. The dramatic difference between his work and mine was that I based ALL my letterform images on this exact pair of Golden Mean spirals. Stan Tenen has never accepted the Golden Mean spiral as the correct solution to the problem of symbol and embeddedness.
After receiving my original book and assembling my model of the unpackinging of the tetrahedron in has lab, Stan Tenen invited me there. During that visit, witnessed by Lorin Kiely and Stephanie Sutton, Stan Tenen kept insisting that he had not determined the critical part of the geometric keys to the self organizing alphabet of symmetry. This was WHAT mathematical spiral to use around the self-organizing donut, and how to model it in computer. I knew at that time that the Golden Mean spiral was the most self-evident solution to the problem of self-organization. I also knew that the Golden Mean spiral best solved the problem of embeddedness or nestedness, which was what symbolic alphabets needed to be in order to make true "morphic fractal" shape pictures of objects outside your head.

The formula for the Golden Mean Spiral is the "image of the condition of pure self-reference", or self-embeddedness. This has to be the correct shape to permit symbols, letters, to embed us in our world. Because Stan Tenen chose not to use this shape to create letterforms, his work is fundamentally flawed.
This is a recent summary prepared by

4. Dan Winter

5. fax at ofc til 5 in buffalo 716 823 0371

6. fax at home all weekend 716 992 3025

7. DAN WINTER affadavit Re: Tenen

8. Preface to responses to complaint.

9. In 1984 before knowing of Stan Tenen, I published a little book "One Crystal's Dance". It was the story of the index of symmetry based on the tetrahedron as the seed to all simple 3D solids. I started by showing how a tetrahedron would fit perfectly into a cube. Then I showed how you could simply draw a "pentagonal dodecadedron" exactly around the points of that cube. The pictures then showed the Golden Mean spiral tracing that 3D path which allowed the tetrahedron to fit into the pentagonal shapes.

The subtitle of the book was "Geometric KEYS to the Resonant Spirit of Biology". What I was working on was the key to the nest of shapes which would allow geometric paths (like the Golden Mean spiral), to be indexed in such a way as CREATE THE SHAPES FOUND IN BIOLOGY. The index to the paths of symmetry which created biological shapes, is the same as the origin of true alphabets. The project I published a solution for in 1984 based on how the Golden Mean Spirals nest into the unfolded Tetrahedron, was already then a solution to how vortex made an index to symmetry. Much later when it turned out that this my 1984 use of the Golden Mean spiral, was the solution to the alphabet problem Stan Tenen never solved (because he never determined exactly which spiral to use), then Stan Tenen got upset and defensive because I solved a problem he could not. The pair of spirals on the front cover of that book, Exhibit A and B (and mapped with 3 dimensional coordinates pn a vortex inside), are the exact same top view as the original alphabet views based only on Golden Mean spirals, I published years later.. Exhibit. B.

It is critical to understand that my 1984 "Geometric Keys to the Resonant Spirit of Biology", were the index to symmetry which makes BOTH BIOLOGICAL SHAPES AND ALPHABET.

With the book I sent out a"Star Mother" model kit. This model started with the tetrahedron in the center, and simply connected the tips to make ALL the other simple 3D solids (cube, octa, dodca & icosa). In that book I published exact coodinates of the 3 dimensional curved golden mean spiral which linked each connector of the star mother. Much later when I learned to use spread sheet algebra on 3 dimensional data points, I took the exact spacing trace of two of those golden mean spirals and mapped them onto the donut to discover the correct origin of the alphabet as index to symmetry.

10. Much later, after reading my book, and assembling and mounting my "Star Mother" in his lab, Stan Tenen invited me to his home, and I learned of his work.(LATE 1987-88). During those meetings, Lorin Kiely and Stephanie Sutton were present and witnessed Stan Tenen using my "Star Mother" model of the unfolding tetrahedra, and telling me that he was stuck in work
ing out the alphabetic origin of symbols because he couldn't determine which exact spiral to use. He also said during those meetings that up to that time he had failed to produce a usable computer model of the undetermined spiral.

11. AS A FORMER SYSTEMS ANALYST WITH IBM, I returned to my lab, and spent two years consulting on the best way to map a spiral upon a 3D donut. Michael Martin, the author of the 3D software package Super3D, gave me the key idea, that it was necessary to take the data point out of the 3D picture software into a simple speadsheet and do algebra upon them. And then, to reimport them back into the imaging program Super3D. Working on this problem of how to best get pure symmetry into symbol, made me such an expert of this 3D modeling technique, that I have frequently been called upon to consult on high level professional problems in 3D mapping.

12. (with Ben Procari, Imageographer, 66 Calodine Ave, Amherst, NY, 14226,

13. also with Karl Vesterling, installer of the multimedia system in the White House, of Exucom MultiMedia, home: 167 West Royal Pkwy, Wiliamsville, NY 14221, 716 626 4279)

14. During this time I was mystified by why Stan Tenen continuously refused to accept my idea that the Golden Mean Spiral was the correct shape for the origin of symbolic alphabets. It was clear from my Star Mother model that MY GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL IDEA WAS the only way to unpack the tetrahedron (index to all symmetry), into the rest of the simple 3D solids (the ICOSAHEDRON AND DODECAHEDRON).

15. Stan's failure to accept the Golden Mean spiral for alphabets was particularly strange in light of the obvious need for the origin of symbols to make possible embeddedness or nestedness into the world. AS THE PERFECT MAKER OF NESTEDNESS (SELF-REFERENCE), ONLY THE GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL WORKS. SEE EXHIBIT C).

Stan Tenen himself continually referred to the importance of self-reference or recursion in his work. The world class mathematician author of "Self Reference and Recursion", Louis Kaufmann, whom we both knew, published the formula for the Golden Mean Spiral as "the image of pure self-reference". This meant that symbols made of the Golden Mean spiral could best get our ideas embedded in, or "fractal" to our world. For those who understand this exciting idea, it means that Golden Mean shaped symbols permit information itself to become fractal. As any software scientist will agree, that fractal information sets become: highly compressible, and highly storable, and therefore best shareable. This is the purpose of symbolic alphabets.

16. For this reason Stan Tenen's continued failure to accept my idea to use the Golden Mean spiral to create the origin of symbolic alphabets, has to be the most sad mistake of his life. It means that philosophically, he has opposed himself to all the thinkers focused on fractals as the path out of chaos. The Golden Mean spiral is the best Fractal Maker (of recursion or self-embeddedness) See Exhibit C. GOLDEN MEAN SYMBOLS BEING THE BEST "LITTLE FRACTALS" THEREFORE HAVE THE BEST ABILITY TO TAKE ON THE SHAPE OF THEIR OBJECTS!. Unlike Stan Tenen, using the Golden Mean spiral also enabled me to extend my work beyond the biblical Hebrew alphabet to the Arabic and English letterforms.

17. With regard to Stan Tenen's claim that I shared his work without permission, there is little more than irony. Stan Tenen on numerous occasions sent me his manuscripts specifically asking me to send them out with my work, since they obviously were related to my origin work. He never sent me any material after the complete package which accompanied the letter attached which said: "Stan wanted me to send the enclosed off to you... perhaps they will help establish the credibility of our work with others. ... We heard from Judy Chiswell today - thanks for turning so many people on to our work." The letter was dated April 13, 1988, signed by Cynthia Tenen, Secretary of Meru Foundation. If I did not have permission to reproduce and distribute their materials, why were Stan Tenen and Cynthia Tenen, Meru Secretary sending me the material repeatedly suggesting I share it with others, and THANKING ME FOR SHARING IT WITH "SO MANY PEOPLE". I never shared any other materials than were accompanied by this written letter of permission. This was in addition to dozens of phone calls from Stan Tenen, encouraging me to copy and send out his material, with mine. Even though Stan may deny making those phone calls to me today, this is outweighed by the evidence of so many friends who supported him and sent him money as a result of my efforts on his behalf... Mary Emeny in TX, Kirk Van Allyn in Southern CA, Henry MacLean in Cambridge, Judy Chiswell in CA, and others.

Stan Tenen prepared a video which I paid for production of, to address the issues which I raised with regard our work. He began the film stating the production was for me, and ended by thanking me for the issues I raised, and suggesting I continue. This is clear evidence that my role at that time was significant, was of great service to Stan Tenen, and was openly encouraged by him. I distributed that film to hundreds of my friends, at my cost, to help further Stan's work for him. This lead directly to the highly paid speaking engagements which I arranged for Stan Tenen at Kirk Van Allyn's in Leucadia, and Henry MacLean's in Cambridge. (Letters attached).

18. Stan only decided he was suing me later, for what he openly encouraged me to do namely share his original work with my related original work. He did so only when he observed his error in not choosing the Golden Mean spiral as the correct origin of self-embeddedness and symbol. This was an error because the Golden Mean spiral best makes embeddedness in ALL shapes. As a result it permits symbols to be literally embedded in the world they represent. Letterforms made of the Golden Mean physically represent reality as perfect little data fractal of the forms they point to as symbols. Fractal data in computers is the only perfectly compressible and shareable data. Stan Tenen's undefined spiral hand drawings he admits do not use this critical Golden Mean Spiral to make symbols WORK. His work is absolutely defective at the heart of the matter, in this regard.

When I spent two years acheiving a map of that form on the donut, to produce the first usable computer animation of the alphabet, Stan quickly decided he was suing me for ever having shared his work, which was now far overshadowed by my own. My alphabet letters were an accurate new computer model using the Golden Mean Spiral to create alphabet, a dramatic advance over Stan Tenen's choice of what was at that time an undefined
spiral, and not successfully computer modeled. Numerous experts in various fields have confirmed the dramatic superiority of my work since the Golden Mean produces self-organizing nestedness of symbols. The National Psychotronics Associates did so when they declined Stan Tenen's libel of my work. Professor Louis Kaufman at University of Chicago Math Dept, did so when he wrote to me thanking me for my CD, and requesting permission to use my 3D topo map of Hebrew, even though he previously had Stan Tenen's work. Other international experts who have confirmed the value of my work using a computer model instead of hand drawings, and using the Golden Mean spiral instead of an undefined one, and using each letter as a "little fractal", over Stan Tenen's work, include Anders Johansson, Director of Sirius University in Stockholm, Wil Van Gemert, Director Stardust Learning Center in Amsterdam, Holland, Vincent Bridges, Anthropologist, Director 5th Way School, Mt Gildead, NC. Letterforms not based on the Golden Mean spirals do not fit the nest of the tetrahedron as it fits into icosahedron and dodecahedron. This dodecahedron nest is the geometry upon which DNA and the Earth's gravity "grid" is based as a fractal.

19. Grace Engler who knew of Stan Tenen's work long before she requested me to speak in Yelm WA wrote: "... it is obvious to us that Mr.Winter has taken whatever you may have shared with him years ago and gone far beyond it, bringing new understandings to physics, sacred geometry and consciousness". Vincent Bridges, Anthopologist and author from North Carolina said, after reviewing the whole stack of Stan Tenen's claims, that one look at my book compared to Stan's little pamphlet confirms the greater depth and significance of my work. He sponsored my lectures in Winston Salem, his address is PO Box 877, Mt.Gilead, NC 27306.

20. Stan's claim that I did not have permission to share his work is made completely unbelievable by the large number of people who will confirm that they provided help and support to Stan Tenen as a result of receiving his material from me. (Henry MacLean, Judy Chiswell, Kirk Van Allyn, Mary Emeny, were among those that I knew of who responded to my requests for help be given to Stan Tenen, because he specifically thanked me, I'm sure there were others, because I spent thousands of dollars of my money spreading Stan Tenen's material for his benefit at his request). Even if Stan Tenen chooses to lie to the court now that he did not phone me many times and thank me for sending his material, his phone bills during that time 1989 to 1991 will show evidence of his conversations with me, INITIATED BY HIM.

These friends of mine who then contributed to Stan Tenen as a result of my effort on his behalf, will each individually confirm, also that Stan Tenen was aware that the reason he received help from them, was because I included his material with my original work, mailed out because Stan Tenen requested I do so. Included with my mailings for Stan Tenen's benefit were a request for monetary support to be given to Stan Tenen.

21. In 1987 Stan Tenen phoned to thank me for putting a large section of his material with my original manuscript after as a result of my doing so, he received a monetary donation from Mary Emeny , a teacher, PO Box 148, Bushland, TX 79012. Stan Tenen phoned me again to thank me for sending
out his work, after receiving help as a result of my doing so from Judy Chiswell, American Film Institute, 2021 North Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027, 310 477 4330.

22. Stan Tenen also knowingly received money help as a result of my copying and mailing his work at his request, when he spoke for pay at the conference at Kirk Van Allyn's, 461 Naiad, Leucadia, CA 92024, 619-753-4641. That conference was arranged primarily have me speak for 3 days, Stan Tenen was invited & paid to speak there for an hour, at my request, to illustrate the connection of his work to my original work, which was the primary subject of the 3 day conference, attended by approximately 40 people. While there, Stan Tenen publicly thanked me for distributing his work and thus connecting him with all my friends there. Among many witnesses to this included: Shelleah Conitchan, 4139 W. Gail Dr., Chandler, AZ, 85226, 602-491-5884 and Cheryl Lynn Triplet, 29235 Valley Center Rd #A10G, Valley Center, CA, 92082, 619-749-6449

23. The largest monetary benefit Stan Tenen received specifically because I mailed out copies of his material with mine, at his request, was from Henry MacLean, PO Box 381102, (270 Norfolk, Apt 1A), Cambride, MA, 02238, 617-876-6683. Henry invited Stan Tenen to speak at his "Timeless Archtecture" conference in Boston, at my suggestion. A large number of the attendees were people who learned of Stan Tenen's work because I mailed it to them, mostly at my expense. Stan Tenen received a large monetary compensation for that talk which I initiated for him, even though he took that occasiion to slander and libel my unique work using the Golden Mean spiral.

24. In summary, Stan Tenen's claim that I did not have permission to mail out copies of his work is even more unbelievable in light of the large number of people from whom he accepted help, knowing that it was a result of my doing so. Stan cannot legally make money because I copied and mailed his material at my expense, at his request, and then sue me for doing so.

25. Stan Tenen's claims that I profited from my sharing of his material is completely contrary to what my wallet evidences. I literally spent thousands of dollars sharing those early manuscripts containing a small amount of his work, along with my original work. In almost every case, I received no money for sending materials. Now today, after removing all mention of Stan Tenen and all his material from my book (which I did approximately 4 years ago at his request), I continue to do the majority of my information sharing gratis. The conference in Yelm, WA at which Stan Tenen claims I libeled him (even though the videotapes show no hint of that), resulted in a specific loss to me of approximately $1500. This is easily confirmed by reference to its sponsor Grace Engler in Yelm.

26. My recent trip to Stockholm, while promised at least travel costs, resulted in my losing $600 in travel cost alone. Confirmation available from sponsor Andres Johansson, in Stockholm (fax 46 880 5108), who found it humorous that Stan's obviously religiously motivated attorney accused me of anti-semitism on the phone. I consider it serious libel.

27. My last years federal tax return shows a detailed (but not claimed for
credit) loss of over $10000 from my efforts to share materials on geometry in service to society and schools. Currently my total endebtedness over $120000 is approximately double of what it was when I first began preparing my manuscript and sharing information materials. I have no money in any form.

28. Stan Tenen's claim that I consider Copyright laws childish are entirely misconstrued and out of context. What I was referring to him was of my attorney and specialist on copyright law, Gordon Kinder (Cleveland, OH) at that time writing: "In paragraph 4, page 2, Mr. Tenen exposes the crux of his misconception when he defines the signature of his personal discovery (the end of the vortex bends back in the opposite direction of any form of the Golden Mean spiral) and claims he owns "copyrights" to it. The idea once discovered is the property of all humanity. It is only the particular expression of it to which he holds copyrights. He does not have a copyright in the "discovery", only in the words and forms which he used to express it". Since my form was an accurate computer model, and a totally unique form: the Golden Mean Spiral (which Stan freely admits is different than his form), Attorney Kinder was making it very clear that my distribution of my original work was legal. I accepted his legal advise. I sincerely felt at that time that Mr.Tenen's failure too understand that one idea didn't give him a broad copyright to all expressions of that idea, was in fact a childish understanding of copyright law.

Individual Response to the complaint showing a Stan Tenen drawing as part of what I distributed to show the relationship to my work:

Every image of Stan Tenen's drawing which I ever shared at Stan Tenen's request for Stan Tenen's monetary benefit was among others sent to me by Cynthia Tenen, officer of Meru Foundation, accompanied by the letter which said "Stan wanted me to send the enclosed off to you....perhaps they will help establish the credibility of OUR work with others... thanks for turning so many people on to OUR work...". I shared the image with others as a direct result of dozens of phone calls from Stan Tenen encouraging me to copy and send off his materials with mine, and thanking me for doing so, as for example when he received money as a direct result of my doing so, from among others Henry MacLean, Mary Emeny, and Kirk Van Allyn. The reason Stan Tenen sent the images to me to share along with my work, for his benefit, was because of the obvious relationship to my original work on the extended symmetry of the tetrahedron, my "Star Mother" model and book he was using in his lab. I removed this and all images and material stan Tenen sent me from what I shared informally, over four years ago, when Stan changed his mind about encouraging me to share his work. He never would have had to tell me then to cease sharing his work, if indeed he had not encouraged me begin in the first place. These images do not appear in any material I have shared since that time, nor do any images generated by Stan Tenen appear in my book and video and CD (copies attached). I have repeatedly begged Stan Tenen to pick out ANY image in my book as shared since that time over four years ago, which belongs to him, so that I may remove it.
I am most anxious to obey the letter of the law in sharing ONLY my original material. EACH letter form which I currently share in my book and visuals is exactly and only generated by my computer projection of only my original 2 man year project to map the unique, not accepted by Stan, GOLDEN MEAN spiral, on the donut.

In summary, with this complaint, Stan Tenen, is in fact requesting that I stop sharing, what I in fact have never shared for over four years since he changed his mind about requesting my help in sharing his work with mine. My response is, yes I already did stop sharing your material Stan Tenen, over four years ago, when you stopped being grateful for the donations I generated for you. I challenge MERU foundation or Stan Tenen, to pick out any specific image or paragraph created by Stan Tenen, in ANY OF THE MATERIAL, book or video, that I have shared in over four years since he changed his mind about asking me to share his work to as it related to mine. Copy of my book "Alphabet of the Heart", and film "Sacred Geometry" attached. Never have Stan Tenen et al showed any specific image or sentences in these all of my currently shared materials, was in ANY WAY GENERATED BY STAN TENEN. Every letterform, both HEBREW AND ARABIC/ENGLISH in ALL of my work and current material is only an exact computer plot of only the same product of my two year matrix algebra topology map project on my original Golden Mean Spiral idea, mapped on the same kind of vortex I published in 1984 before hearing of Stan Tenen. Stan Tenen specifically says that his work is based on something entirely different, even if he does not define mathematically what shape his work is based on, like I do.

Stan Tenen et al. have specifically said they have no claim or objection to the originality of my work which shows the geometric origin of the English and Arabic Cursive alphabets, based on the Golden Mean Spirals. Yet my Hebrew letterforms are ONLY DIFFERENT VIEWPOINTS OF EXACTLY THIS SAME 3D FORM! As a result in effect what they are claiming is it is illegal for me to print one viewpoint of my original 2 year sculpture project, while legal to print another view of the same object. Clearly Stan Tenen et al. are simply greedy, childish, fearful and confused in their claims.

Since I stopped sharing ALL of Stan Tenen's material over four years ago when he changed his mind, and decided he was not grateful for all the support I had generated for him, therefore there was absolutely no image of his shared at Yelm, WA, as there are none in my book and videos currently. They are readily available for inspection.

Response to complaint that I copied Stan Tenen's claim to the shape of the spiral shape creating Hebrew alphabet.

I have submitted to counsel and to many others copies of the video tape prepared specifically for Stan Tenen, showing my abolutely original spreadsheet algebra, using my absolutely original idea to use the mathematically precise Golden Mean spiral. The video shows the exact points from the spreadsheet algebra, imported into the Macintosh Computer Super 3D pro
gram creating the letter shape. From that exact letter shape, I simple revolve to see the views which create both English and Hebrew. It is strange that Stan Tenen makes no claim to my original work creating the English- arabic letterforms, AND YET IT IS EXACTLY THIS SAME 3D FORM WHICH I SWIVEL TO VIEW THE HEBREW LETTERFORMS. In effect what Stan Tenen is claiming is that I may look at the 3D form which I derived from pure mathematics from certain viewpoints which create English. But he is saying that it is illegal for me to view that same form which I spent years generating by algebra on data points, from any of its points of view which produce Hebrew.

During all the time I knew Stan Tenen, he never had a algebraic way of creating the Hebrew letterforms he was hand drawing. As a result rigorous laboratory usages of his form were very limited. In my original work, I solved the problem of which spiral to use, namely the Golden Mean spiral, and created a body of shareable computer data which other labs could then rigorously use for virtual reality work etc. This is why Louis Kaufmann, mathematician specifically wrote to me after seeing both Stan's and my work, requesting to use my mathematics in his virtual reality computer lab at University of Chicago.

In all our conversations Stan Tenen insisted the major obstacle to developing a rigorous model for alphabet was determining which spiral to use, and how to map it mathematically. Others like Lorin Kiely and Stephanie Dearborn, were present for these conversations. I set to work using my knowledge of matrix algebra and topology to map my antecendent original work on the Golden Mean spiral 3D strip indexing the spin of the unfolding of the tetrahedron. (My "One Crystal's Dance" book and Star Mother kit I published before I had ever heard of Stan Tenen.) My choice of the Golden Mean spiral to index the spin of 3D solids was unlike anything Stan Tenen had done. My choice to nest the donut on which I mapped that spiral, one inside the other, to make them fractal and self-embedded was unlike any Stan Tenen model of letters created by donuts. When I created the model such that each individual letterform as infinitely fractal and recursive, so that you zoom into each letter and see its tail creting its same form over and over again, this was unlike anything Stan Tenen had ever done.

When Stan Tenen rejected my obviously correct choice to use the Golden Mean Spiral, I had to review my options carefully. First, I verified that the Golden Mean spiral best created self-embeddedness or self-contained-ness or recursion. This was confirmed in the writings of Louis Kaufmann mathematician, and phycist's Fred Wolf's book, "Taking the Quantum Leap". This meant that The Golden Mean spiral was by mathematical definition natures most perfect way to permit symbols to embed us in our world.

Therefore it felt very important to me to share this now corrected model of the BEST way to understand how the alphabet was best self-organized, using the self organizing Golden Mean spiral.

My work "Geometric Keys" antedated my connection to Stan Tenen, and clearly presented the same pair of Golden Mean spirals wrapped on a vortex which I had mapped in the unfolding tetrahedron, already in my 1987 book.

Fortunately I had access at that time to the best legal advice available, as well. Copyright Law Specialist Attorney Gordon Kinder from Cleveland wrote to me on 3/20/92:

"In my opinion the campaign of malignment which Mr. Tenen has undertaken is actionable by you. He has engaged in a course of libel and slander which seems to me to be unjustified..

In my opinion you are under no legal obligation to cease this work.. As a philosophical matter, it would seem that the closer you approach the ultimate truth, the more likely it is to be susceptible to only one mode of expression...

In my opinion you are under no legal obligation to credit Mr.Tenen with origination of any of the theories relating to sacred alphabets. (I had only removed Stan Tenen's name from my book at his insistance that I do so.) In paragraph 4, page 2, Mr Tenen exposes the crux of his misconception when he defines the signature of his personal discovery (he says the end of the vortex bends back in the opposite direction of any form of the Golden Mean spiral) (again showing that Stan Tenen's model IS NOT the correct Golden Mean spiral..dew) and claims he owns 'copyrights' to it. The idea, once discovered is the property of all humanity, it is only the particular expression of it to which he owns copyrights. He does not have a copyright in the "discovery", only in the words and forms he used to express it.

The balance of the February 18th letter is a clear threat to you which is to a large degree unfounded. Specifically, it is my view that uou have an absolute right to continue working with sacred alphabet.

Re: paragraph 2, you do not need Tenen's authorization to display Hebrew looking letters generated from vortex forms, unless you are copying Tenen's expression. (The Golden Mean spiral mathematically modeled, is clearly NOT Tenen's expression). Further, MERU continues to insist on a copyright to it's "idea". This concept is not recognized in the law.."

Being a simple and very law abiding person, I took the advise of this the best expert I could find, and continued to work on this form. As a practical matter, the vast majority of the people who write to me for information and materials which I have informally published, are not in the least bit interested in the origin of Hebrew. And furthermore this is a tiny percentage of the information shared in my materials.

So therfore Stan Tenen's claims that I am making big bucks by selling his invention are even more ill founded. In any case, I am happy to submit to the court proof that I am over $40000 further in debt now, than when I first completed this map using computer topology for letterforms. And further, I am happy to submit to the court copies of my last years tax return proving 5 figure losses last year alone, in attempting to share this work (of which again Hebrew is a miniscule part thereof).

Magistrate Maxwell
United States District Court
Western District of New York
Buffalo, NY


Daniel Winter
137 Biodome Drive
Waynesville, NC 28786
704 926 2200

Joe Goergen
John Panara
4388 Clark St.
Hamburg, NY 14075

Brian Coyne
2415 Evergreen Drive SW, Cuite C-1
Olympia, WA 98502

Winter case NO. C94-934S


I, Dan Winter, was forced to sell my home in June, to pay overwhelming debt which became totally unsupportable after borrowing around $17000 for legal bills caused by Stan Tenen's libel of my original work on the Golden Mean spiral. I am living out of boxes, in space provided by friends in return for physical labor, here. I do not have the funds to travel to Buffalo. I learned of the attorneys request that I be in Buffalo on July 5 only about 1 week ago. It is not economically possible for me to come.

I enclose new evidence which shows that Stan Tenen is not the first party to generate Hebrew from an UNDEFINED spiral cast within a tetrahedron. I, however, am the first party to generate Hebrew from a MATHEMATICALLY DEFINED spiral within a tetrahedron.

The settlement which Joe Goergen informed me that the Tene's proposed, is acceptable to me: "joint production of a video tape wherein your clients 'in a positive fashion' state their point of view, and my client 'in a positive fashion' would state his point of view. My client would market the tapee and share profits from the sale with your client."

I am no longer able to pay counsel for further services: Panara and Goergen, and beg the courts appreciate to my position of no funds caused by this libel, which I had informed Magistrate Maxwell at our last meeting.

Given that it is now clear that generating Hebrew from an undefined spiral within a tetrahedron is NOT original to Stan Tenen, I humbly beg the court to dismiss this matter.

Daniel Winter


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