NEW 'TM Tuner' Sees Golden Ratio multiple cascades in Brainwaves..
all the way to Gamma-
Implosive recursive constructive wave interference: Mechanism of Enlightenment?

+ Glastonbury in Early Dec. 07 Calendar Preview..

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March 1st wk - Bratislavia, with Richard - (to be confirmed)

March 2nd wk - Poland , with Dr. Ramesh - (to be confirmed)

Mar 16-18 Prague- Esoterica International Conference,

Mar 22-25 Prague- 4 Day Science of Feng Shui -

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New additions on GOLDEN MEAN RATIO - in Brainwaves vs. Bliss / Enlightenment...

Implosive + literally ENLIGHTENING compression in BRAINWAVES?
- when phi (golden ratio) optimized allows recursive heterodyning to become all CONstructive interference.

Below- this SUPPLEMENT was just added to the newest newsletter:

the new TM TUNER-display from the BlissTuner> showing MULTIPLE Cascade markers of Golden Mean..displayed- allowing us to see when advanced meditators reaching even up into gamma (like 45-48hz etc) frequencies, are in fact able to do that in GEOMETRIC Golden Ratio / charge compressing- cascades!

(more on Gamma frequencies in meditators-at bottom here)

(here the dialog is from the newest supplement to .. on Golden Mean ratio in brainwaves)
for reference:

1. Full text The golden mean as clyck cycle of brain waves - Harald Weiss and Volkmar Weiss
Rietschelstr. 28, D-04177 Leipzig, Germany;

Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 18 (2003) No. 4, 643-652 - Elsevier Author Gateway, online version
Short term memory capacity, Attention, EEG, Quantum computing
Key words: Short-term memory storage capacity, neoPiagetian, cognitive development, IQ, processing speed, reading rate, power spectral density of the EEG, golden ratio, golden section, Fibonacci, quantum computer

Abstract- The principle of information coding by the brain seems to be based on the golden mean. Since decades psychologists have claimed memory span to be the missing link between psychometric intelligence and cognition. By applying Bose-Einstein-statistics to learning experiments, Pascual-Leone obtained a fit between predicted and tested span. Multiplying span by mental speed (bits processed per unit time) and using the entropy formula for bosons, we obtain the same result. If we understand span as the quantum number n of a harmonic oscillator, we obtain this result from the EEG. The metric of brain waves can always be understood as a superposition of n harmonics times 2 F, where half of the fundamental is the golden mean F (= 1.618) as the point of resonance. Such wave packets scaled in powers of the golden mean have to be understood as numbers with directions, where bifurcations occur at the edge of chaos, i.e. 2 F = 3+ f3. Similarities with El Naschie’s theory for high energy particle’s physics are also discussed.


2. From Matti Pitka (physicist - also see link at )
re: Golden Mean in Matti Pitka - Quantum Geometrodynmics

Dear Dan, your finding that beta/alpha ratio is near Golden Mean in blissed state is quite interesting and I have tried to figure out explanation for this in my own conceptual framework. These considerations lead to prediction that resting potential is quantized in such a manner that beta/alpha ratio correspond to ratio of Fibonacci numbers , approximating Phi but being smaller than it.

Basic model for EEG frequencies

a) Alpha band and its harmonics correspond to cyclotron freqeuncies for biologically important bosonic ions. The cyclotron frequencies of most bosonic ions most are in alpha band for "dark" magnetic field B_d= .2 Gauss explaining the effects of ELF em fields on vertebrates.
This field is smaller than the nominal value of B_E=.5 Gauss. This dark magnetic field would be one example of carrier of dark energy as magnetic energy. Planck constant would be 244 hbar_0 and thus quite large.

b) The model assumes neuronal membrane to be Josephson junction generating Josephson radiation contributing to EEG in external field containing harmonics of cyclotron frequencies plus noise. Beta and theta bands are obtained as Josephson radiation and frequencies are obtained by splitting of harmonics of cyclotron frequencies. Beta and theta are "satellites" of alpha.

Basic formula for generalized beta band is

f_n= nf_c+ f_J

n=1 gives ordinary beta band. f_c is cyclotron frequency of ion in B_d=.2 Gauss belonging to alpha band and f_J the Josephson frequency of Josephson junction proportional to the membrane voltage.

This gives the analog of theta band for n=1 and

f_n= nf_c- f_J

giving the analog of theta band for n=1. n>1 gives harmonics of alpha bands split to analogs of "theta_n" and "beta_n" bands.

c) f_c has average value of alpha peak about 10 Hz. f_J= 5 Hz in wake up state in my model and gives beta=15 Hz and theta=5 Hz as average. Thus for f_c= 10 Hz and f_J=5 Hz the beta/alpha ratio would be 1.5 and correspond the ratio of Fibonacci numbers F_2= 3 and F_1=2 and would give approximation Phi= F_2/F_1= 3/2 to Golden mean which might not be an accident! This holds true in ordinary wake-up state.

Why beta/alpha should approach to Golden Mean in bliss?

Since f_J is assumed to be proportional to membrane resting potential beta/alpha ratio can vary.

The basic question is why the beta/alpha ratio should be higher than F_2/F_1=3/2 in deep meditative state?

a) This state could correspond to state of pure alertness without mental images. In the state in which cell membrane is hyperpolarized, nerve pulse generation does not occur easily and thus sensory or other mental are not easily generated. This would suggest that beta/alpha ratio is maximal in this state and approaches to Phi when mental images are completely absent and only pure self awareness remains. In the state of arousal situation would be opposite.

b) This suggests that the cell membrane potential might be quantized in such a manner that the beta/alpha ratio is the ratio F_n+1/F_n. One finds that if one assumes n to be odd so that only the ratios


F_4/F_3= 8/5=1.6,

F_6/F_5= 21/13=1.6250,...


appear in series approaching to Phi= n goes to infinity. At this idealized limit the state of bliss would be achieved. The quantization of resting potential or its time average is a precise and testable prediction.

Connection with Jones inclusions and topological quantum computation by braids and icosahedral geometry?

It is interesting that this kind of sequence corresponds to a sequence of approximations for the so called Jones inclusions of hyper-finite factors of type II_1 given increasingly improved approximation to the Jones inclusion. It also corresponds to a sequences of Temperley Lieb algebras defining as sequences of increasingly improving braid quantum computations. This for minimal topological quantum computer realized by the geometry with icosahedral symmetry and Planck constant 5 times larger than its minimum value.

With Best Regards,


Dan Winter- Matti - ............> > does this imply that the steps up from resting potential are literally when phi (golden ratio) optimized allows recursive heterodyning to become all CONstructive interference.., grateful for your thoughts, and happy if this triggers dialog
dan winter


Dear Dan,

thank for adding the email to the Newsletter.

Concerning your question: coherence and constructive interference at brain scale would naturally increase along the sequence since neural activity spoiling the coherence would be reduced. Note that entire brain or parts of brain could be in these states. Even the states of single neuron would be at some level of spiritual hierarchy (fractality).

Below some further comments. I add subtitles in order to give a structured view about what I am trying to say.


Could one measure the level of spirituality just by measuring resting potential?

The model predicts a sequence of increasingly spiritual states approaching full bliss labelled by approximations to Golden Mean and that one could decide what this state is just by measuring the average resting potential.

The transitions in this sequence could be detected by measuring the change of resting potential: this would allow to test the model by comparing subjective report of meditator to the measured increase of resting potential.

The model could be proved to be definitely wrong by showing that resting potential is not higher in the state of bliss than in ordinary wake-up consciousness identified as the first level of this sequence (recall that the argument was that in a state of pure awareness mental images are absent and this should mean that neural activity is minimized). A stronger test comes from the ratio of resting potentials in bliss: it should be Phi/1.5 in bliss if wake-up corresponds to beta/alpha=1.5. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

What about hyperpolarized states?

Only half of the approximations to Golden Mean are below it. Second half is above it since the approximations define damped oscillation around Golden Mean. The question is whether the hyperpolarized state following the nerve pulse in a given state of spiritual sequence correspond to the next approximation to Golden mean which is *above* Phi.

In the state of full bliss hyperpolarization relative to the state before nerve pulse and therefore no "dead" time after the nerve pulse. Does this mean that neurons would be ready to fire immediately after the pulse? Maximal alertness and maximal ability to generate motor activities? Could one speak about maximal state of alertness without mental images? %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Braid sequence <---> sequence of spiritual states and the state of bliss as state of maximal cognition and intentional resources

I have a strong temptation to believe that the N:th state in this spiritual sequence defined by approximations to Phi is assignable to an N-braid with N measuring the precision of cognitive representation and how precisely intentions are realizable. Maximal cognitive and intentional resources would be available at the limit of full bliss.

First basic ideas about intentionality and cognition and p-adic numbers.

a) p-Adic space-time sheets represent cognitions if they are bosonic and cognitions if they are fermionic. They obey same algebraic equations as real space-time sheets. In quantum jump replacing p-adic space-time sheet with a real one intention is transformed to action.

b) One can regard rational as belonging to both real numbers or p-adic numbers for any prime p=2,3,5,... Also subset of algebraic numbers is common to reals and p-adics. One can therefore say that real and p-adic space-time sheets have some set of rational points and some algebraic points as common points.

c) For fermionic states these common algebraic points would represent the intersection of real (material) states and their cognitive representations. For bosonic states these algebraic points would belong to the intersection of p-adic surface representing intention and real surface representing action and p-adic to real phase transition in quantum jump would transform intention to action. The larger the number of common algebraic points, the better the cognitive representation and the better the chances to achieve the intented effect.

Consider now N:th level in the hierarchy of approximations to Golden Mean and how the N-braids could emerge.

a) N-braid would consist of a *subset* of algebraic points of a "partonic" 2-surface which it has common with its p-adic counterpart obeying same algebraic equations.

["Partonic" 2-surface could refer even to cell membrane and by fractality of dark matter hierarchy also its scaled up dark variants with larger Planck constant differing by scaling factor of 2^(k11) from it, k=1,2,,... from its minimal value in TGD based model of EEG.]

b) The larger the number of common algebraic points (N), the more detailed the cognitive representation would be (since the strength of the "grasp about reality" increases with N) and the higher the cognitive level would be. Bliss would represent in fermionic sector a state of maximal cognition. In bosonic sector the potential to realize intentions would be maximal in bliss. Hence maximal cognitive and intentional resources would become avaiable as full bliss is approached.


Now -more on Gamma Frequencies in Brainwaves- exerpted from original newsletter

(exerpted here)... perfected phase conjugation (caducceus)- electrical self organization -IS:

- the reason any dialectric is biologic and ALIVE! . defining living material for architecture (what capacitor can HELP a seed germinate)
- the REASON any enzyme is ALIVE- (the DNA recursive braid- why heat kills a live enzyme -strucurally - de-organizing electrical recursion ).
- the reason any bio-ceramic material can reduce electrosmog or heal or nourish biology. Bio ceramic= phase conjugate dialectric.
Mesenchymal stem cells and bioceramics: strategies to regenerate the skeleton. skeletal regeneration by bioceramics - success predicted by phase conjugation success-
- the essential mechanism behind all energy / electrical healing technologies. (with power spectra examples-below)..
- the essential mechanism for the 'still point' in sacral cranial work, healing crisis in psychological work , also the - 'collapse process' in counciling work...

: charge compression HEALS by sorting

Harmonic Inclusiveness
= Genetic Diversity
= Access to Fractality (definition of grounding for psychologists & electricians)
= Fusion/Implosion
= Charge Communion
= Turning on DNA Radio - the aura production called sainthood / enlightenment -which Korotkov measured example in GDV during bliss /peak experience.
= Access to the -collective unconscious, synchronicity, san-graal DNA piezoelectric ring-grail.
= Ability to Respond/responsibility - self empowerment
= How LIFE POTENTIAL is MEASURED in liquids as RE-DOX Potential.
= How COHERENCE in biologies field effect - the KA (thar,tholic-boat to underworld) prepares to survive death in what compresses out of DNA thru light speed.

2. Tibetan Meditators document Climb to GAMMA (higher freqs)in EEG- Is the cascade FRACTAL?? - gamma training - Important news for BlissTuner / EEG studies of Bliss / Peak Experience: Marty Wuttke - who originally set-up the group - thru Dan Winter, and inspired much of our teaching on Neurofeedback for Attention Deficit and Addiction, - is still doing international conference with A.D.D. - eeg feedback and tai-chi, - announces that he has stopped calling the work simply Attention or Addiction therapy - and is entirely focused on Spiritual Evolution and Spiritual Experience. He points to important new research- High Frequency GAMMA frequencies in Meditators may directly measure and teach Advanced Conscious States: - Marty is working with Dr.Eduardo Rocatti - EEG Project in Argentia- (exerpt here): "... short introduction to a sequence of future presentations about Gamma Frecuency research and the wide range of applications on Coherence Trainings with QDSNFK 256 4 EEG Ch & BioExplorer. - - Meditations Systems can be divided in 2 Groups: 1) Voluntary Concentrative: meditation on an object (such as a meditation on a mantra or the breath or image). These concentration techniques can be seen as a particular form of top-down control that may exhibit an important slow oscillatory component.

2) Objectless Meditation: does not directly attend to a specific object but rather cultivates a state of being. These phenomenological differences suggest that these various meditative states (those that involve focus on an object and those that are objectless) may be associated with different EEG oscillatory signatures. The high-amplitude gamma activity is a Singnature of this Objectless meditation. Assuming that the amplitude of the gamma oscillation is related to the size of the oscillating neural population and the degree of precision with which cells oscillate, massive distributed neural assemblies are synchronized with a high temporal precision in the fast frequencies during this state. The gradual increase of gamma activity during meditation is in agreement with the view that neural synchronization, as a network phenomenon, requires time to develop , proportional to the size of the synchronized neural assembly.

AUM, THE MOST ANCIENT OF ALL SOUNDS: Thousands of years ago in ancient India the seers rediscovered the sacred syllable AUM (pronounced OM). AUM is more than a single word, it is the seed of all other words and a scientific formula. When each letter is vocalized correctly, all vowels and consonants are foreshadowed within it. "A" embodies the waking state of consciousness, the material world. "U" represents the dream state of the astral and subtle planes of existence. "M" symbolizes the state of deep dreamless sleep, a state of bliss and transcendence which is not consciously experienced. The most important part of this primeval formula is the silent resonance that is felt after sounding the "M." This forth part is the spirit, consciousness itself. The vibration of AUM brings about physical and psychological evolution. (DOES a proper OM chant IMPLODE by PHASE CONJUGATION? - insert here: power spectra of the AA EE UU MM sound from Dan Winter- showing probable connection to Caducceus PHASE CONJUGATION-from -3D Harmonic Analysis Power Spectra Waterfall plot: x axis =hz to 3000,y axis=db energy density, z axis=time.
OHM harmonics)- returning to quote from DrRocatti-link above..

Meditation Research Findings: Gamma and PreFrontal Cortex ...research on Gamma Field about Coherence, shows the basis for the development of algorithms that explain and measure Coherence, Phase and Sinchrony with increasing accuracy. All this research done from the perspective of Neurophysiology, Neuropsychology and Electrophysiology correlations lead to the discovery of new Gamma Signatures. The research is developing every year with more speed, more dedication, and the results are impressive and infinitelly promising. As a simple example, the Conectivity Studies show that Negative EEG coherence may indicate reduced functional connectivity. The absence of these negative scores implies that connections may have been made in these regions. Brain research is beginning to produce concrete evidence for something that Buddhist practitioners of meditation have maintained for centuries: Mental discipline and meditative practice can change the workings of the brain and allow people to achieve different levels of awareness.
Those transformed states have traditionally been understood in transcendent terms, as something outside the world of physical measurement and objective evaluation. But over the past few years, researchers at the University of Wisconsin working with Tibetan monks have been able to translate those mental experiences into the scientific language of high-frequency gamma waves and brain synchrony, or coordination. And they have pinpointed the left prefrontal cortex, an area just behind the left forehead, as the place where brain activity associated with meditation is especially intense.

"What we found is that the longtime practitioners (meditators) showed brain activation on a scale we have never seen before," said Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist at the university's new $10 million W.M. Keck Laboratory for Functional Brain Imaging and Behavior. "Their mental practice is having an effect on the brain in the same way golf or tennis practice will enhance performance." It demonstrates, he said, that the brain is capable of being trained and physically modified in ways few people can imagine. - Davidson says his newest results from the meditation study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in November, take the concept of neuroplasticity a step further by showing that mental training through meditation (and presumably other disciplines) can itself change the inner workings and circuitry of the brain.The new findings are the result of a long, if unlikely, collaboration between Davidson and Tibet's Dalai Lama, the world's best-known practitioner of Buddhism . - The Dalai Lama first invited Davidson to his home in Dharamsala, India, in 1992 after learning about Davidson's innovative research into the neuroscience of emotions.
The Tibetans have a centuries-old tradition of intensive meditation and, from the start, the Dalai Lama was interested in having Davidson scientifically explore the workings of his monks' meditating minds. Three years ago, the Dalai Lama spent two days visiting Davidson's lab. - The Dalai Lama ultimately dispatched eight of his most accomplished practitioners to Davidson's lab to have them hooked up for electroencephalograph (EEG) testing and brain scanning. . - - Davidson was especially interested in measuring gamma waves, some of the highest-frequency and most important electrical brain impulses.

The monks who had spent the most years meditating had the highest levels of gamma waves, he added. This "dose response" -- where higher levels of a drug or activity have greater effect than lower levels -- is what researchers look for to assess cause and effect. - - In previous studies, mental activities such as focus, memory, learning and consciousness were associated with the kind of enhanced neural coordination found in the monks. The intense gamma waves found in the monks have also been associated with knitting together disparate brain circuits, and so are connected to higher mental activity and heightened awareness, as well. - - Davidson's research is consistent with his earlier work that pinpointed the left prefrontal cortex as a brain region associated with happiness and positive thoughts and emotions. Using functional magnetic resonance imagining (fMRI) on the meditating monks, Davidson found that their brain activity -- as measured by the EEG -- was especially high in this area.
Davidson concludes from the research that meditation not only changes the workings of the brain in the short term, but also quite possibly produces permanent changes. That finding, he said, is based on the fact that the monks had considerably more gamma wave activity than the control group even before they started meditating. "- more at Dr Rocatti link above..

-- related: "Long-term meditators self-induce high-amplitude gamma synchrony during mental practice"

-- Stuart Hameroff: in his review of GAMMA Frequencies in Meditators- "- ....the study by Antoine Lutz and colleagues in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, - - compared EEG in two subject groups before and during meditationnot of an object or activity, but of a pure feeling of unreferenced compassion.- - One subject group was composed of young students trained for a week in meditative technique; the second group consisted of Tibetan Buddhist practitioners with 15 to 40 years of meditation training and practice. The EEG methodology was rigorous, and the results were clear. Compared to novice meditators, the highly trained Tibetan Buddhist meditators had markedly higher amplitude, long-range global gamma synchrony in bilateral frontal and parietal/temporal regions. An increase in gamma synchrony was also observed in baseline measurement (before meditation) which became enhanced and more global during meditation in the trained Tibetan meditators.
For technical reasons (possible muscle artifact and 60 Hz AC interference) the absolute frequency spectrum was not determined, though the experimenters hinted of a significant rise in synchrony and amplitude in the 80 to 120 Hz range during the Tibetans meditation. The coherence and power in the range of 25 to 42 Hz was significantly increased statistically. (Coherence is usually defined as synchrony with a very brief lag, on the order of a few milliseconds). Amplitude of the synchronized gamma activity was greater than any previously reported nonpathological (i.e. non seizure-based) gamma synchrony.
So, what does this tell us about consciousness? Well first, there is an increase in gamma synchrony amplitude and coherence during what I think is fair to call an enhanced state of consciousnesspure intense experience unfettered by cognitive contents. This supports the notion of gamma synchrony as an electrophysiological correlate of consciousness.
Second, the trained Tibetan meditators had baseline increases in gamma synchrony and amplitude, suggesting long-term changes in their brains from years of meditation. One might say they are more highly conscious in a baseline state, achieving even greater intensity of consciousness during meditation.
In a book titled The Quantum and the Lotus by Mathieu Ricard and Trinh Xuan Thuan (Crown Publishers, 2001), Ricard (a molecular biologist turned Buddhist meditator and co-author of the Lutz study) describes the Buddhist concept of three levels of consciousness, including the most important fundamental luminosity of the mind. This is a state of pure awareness that transcends the perception of a subject/object duality and breaks free from the constraints and traps of discursive thought. Moreover this form of consciousness, according to Mathieu Ricard, can exist independently of the brain, and in fact pervades the universe. Presumably, the meditative state marked by enhanced gamma synchrony represents an immersion of the subjects in this fundamental luminosity. (Such a connection may possibly be explained through the quantum approach to consciousness. For example the Penrose-Hameroff model suggests a connection between brain processes and a funda-mental Platonic realm embedded in the space-time continuum.12,13) ---
Like most good research, this study raises more questions than it answers. How is the contentin this case the pure quale of compassionrepresented? Is it in the specific coherent frequency? Is it in the specific neural regions entrained in the coherent process? Is it in some finer-grained process? Are the coherence, amplitude and/or frequency related to intensity of experience?
One could say (I would not) that the gamma synchrony/coherent 40 Hz corresponding with contentless meditation implied a blank slate, perhaps like a radio station carrier wave, that the coherent amplitude increase was due to lack of interference stemming from lack of cognitive processing. But the trained meditators were highly conscious of the feeling of pure compassion. So my impression, as suggested above, is that their enhanced gamma synchrony reflected a release from external (e.g. thalamic) distractions, allowing pure qualia to fill consciousness. Why gamma synchrony (or any brain activity) should be conscious is, of course the hard problem. As those familiar with my views might suppose, my guess is that conscious experience derives from quantum mechanisms in cytoskeletal structures within coherently excited components of hyper-neurons. These in turn facilitate a more direct absorption in what Buddhists call fundamental luminosity. My guess is also that intensity of experience corresponds not only with coherence, but also frequency, that the 80 to 120 Hz coherence is present in the trained meditators and represents the highest form of consciousness." end quote from Hameroff

Comment from Dan Winter- Good that this dialog is stimulated. Stuart- like the other 'blind leading the blind' presenters of"WHAT THE BLEEP" - et al continue to stubbornly ignore the fundamental principle - that extending the harmonics of EEG into the higher frequency gamma is correlated to harmonic inclusiveness (caducceus / PHASE CONJUTATION) including Golden Ratio self similarity - to create the COMPRESSION which makes the brains electric field coherent (by becoming fractal).

The good news is that the option to adjust for high frequency display in the cross hemispheric BLISSTUNER display - beautifully allows the display of these higher meditative frequencies - up to 60 hz. We have suggested that the option to positively reward Golden Ratio from Alpha to Beta- so proven in the Russian research - be extended upward to gamma.