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A series of lectures of well known specialists in the field of sacred geometry, alchemy, history and secrets of human DNA, Dan Winter and Vincent Bridges with a special guest Alaerianem Starbrother, that will be held in the Czech Republic on 30th April till 16th May 2010.


Friday 30th April 2010 at 15,00 – 20,30 and Saturday 1st May at 10,00 – 16,30 in the Maitrea facility, Prague 1, Tynska ulicka 6, lecture of Wincent Bridges peaked by a concert by Alaerian Starbrother:

The Hermetic Revolution in Prague: Alchemy and the Apocalypse: Rosicrucianism in Bohemia 1585 – 1620

April 30. 2010 Part One (15:00 – 17:30) The Apocalyptic Mission of John Dee and Edward Kelley to the Court of Rudolph II: Alchemy, Higher Intelligence and the Prophecy of a New Hermetic Rome The Hermetic Revolution began in 1585 with the arrival in Prague, the newly Imperial capital of Rudolph II, of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley on their apocalyptic missionary journey through Poland and the Empire. The unique mixture, found only in Prague, of geopolitics and mysticism was fertile soil for their message. In this lecture we will examine how magic and mathematics, alchemy and angelology, visionary politics and apocalyptic prophecies created the environment of this spiritual and intellectual revolution. Dee and Kelley’s mission was apparently successful, resulting, thirty years later, in the Rosicrucian movement and the ill-fated reign of Frederick V, the Winter King of Bohemia.
Part Two (18:00 -20:30) Rosicrucianism in Bohemia: The Legacy of Dee and Kelley’s Mission The origins of the Rosicrucian movement are a combination of influences centered on Bohemia and the philosophy of Dr Dee. However, Rosicrucianism in its origin point came to a very bad end after the Battle of White Mountain. Following the life and work of Jan Komensky, we will examine the legacy of Dee and Kelley’s mission from higher intelligence in Bohemia and Prague. From this almost forgotten history of an attempt at a Hermetic and Enlightened revolution, one that was crushed by the forces of reaction, we can draw some conclusions concerning the intersection of politics and religion in our own time.

May 1.2010 Part One (10:00 – 12:30) The Science of Divination- Learning to Communicate with your DNA through the Language of Light. Four hundred years ago, contact with a higher form of intelligence was achieved. Could this higher intelligence be within our very DNA? This lecture covers how the basic divinatory systems of east and west, The I Ching and the Tarot, are based on the structure and coding of DNA, and how the received language of Dee and Kelley contains valuable clues on how to consciously communicate with your own DNA.
Part Two (14:00 – 16:30) The Sacred Geometry of Consciousness From galaxies and nebulae to our DNA and the atoms around us, consciousness, as an awareness of structure and shape, is all around us. The ancient sages called this awareness sacred geometry and explored various ways to visualize these shape as a means of shifting consciousness to deeper levels, including perhaps direct communication the vast information within the DNA itself.
The Angelic Harp: Concert / Performance (19:30 – 21:00) In this concluding portion of the workshop, we will experience how these various components and sacred geometries come together in a ceremonial setting. Using the harp improvisations of Alaerian Starbrother and the inspired art work of local Prague artist Christian del Risco as or guide, the group has the opportunity to explore and experience the spiritual richness of one of Prague’s unique treasures, the Ophanic Keys of Dee and Kelley. More info: http//www.maitrea.cz/akce/hermeticka-revoluce-v-praze

Friday 7th May thru Sunday 9th May in Haluzice u Kyjova , Czech - Vincenta Bridges‘ seminar
Geomanthy, Earth Grid, DNA, The Earth Grid. More info: www.spolekmagdalena.cz; www.haluzice.cz

Wednesday, 12th May 2010 at 9,30 in front of the Astronomical Clock of the Town Hall in the Old Town Square, Prague.

A Tour of Esoteric Prague ... details here
A special full day’s walking tour of the heart of the magic city of Prague, focusing on Old Town, the Jewish Quarter, Mala Strana and Prague Castle.

Wednesday, 12th May 2010 at 9,30 in front of the Astronomical Clock of the Town Hall in the Old Town Square, Prague.

A Tour of Esoteric Prague A special full day’s walking tour of the heart of the magic city of Prague, focusing on Old Town, the Jewish Quarter, Mala Strana and Prague Castle. The tour weaves along the old Royal Way, with detours into Gothic Prague, and follows in the footsteps of alchemists, poets and mystics who lived in Prague and contributed to its esoteric and hermetic history. Led by Vincent Bridges, internationally known esoteric historian, author and TV personality, co-author of Mysteries of the Great Cross at Hendaye, and the forthcoming Grail Mysteries of Provence: The True History of the Holy Grail, and The Hermetic Revolution: The Bohemian Origins of the Rosicrucians, with Dr. Teresa Burns.

‘Prague’s name is no accident. It is a threshold between life on Earth and in Heaven, a much narrower threshold than in other places…’ Gustav Meyrinck

1) Old Town Square – The heart of old Prague; Tynski Chram, the Old Town Hall and its amazing astronomical clock, also the execution spot for the survivors of the Battle of White Mountain. Leave the square by Kafka’s birthplace and St. Nicholas toward Siroka.

2) The Old Ghetto – The Jewish Town Hall, where the clock runs backward, the Old-New Synagogue where the Golem sleeps and the Jewish Cemetery. Back by way of Marian Square, and the Black Knight, and then right onto Karlova.

3) The Royal Way – From the Old Town gates, near the current Powder Tower, along Celetna Ulicke to Old Town Square and then down Karlova to the Old Stone Bridge, crossing to Mala Strana, through the Square and then up Nerudova to the Castle and the Royal Palace, this was the ancient processional route of the Kings of Bohemia on their way to be crowned. We join the Royal Way at Karlova then pass the Klementium with its two churches and round chapel, and cross the main road to the Stone Bridge entrance.

4) Old Stone Bridge/Charles Bridge – The eastern bastion of the western Empire, guarded in the late Middle Ages by an array of Crusading Orders; The Red Star Crusaders, The Knights of St. John, and the Knights of Malta. In the 1200s, the first bridge over the river was defended by two fortified monasteries of Crusading knights, one at St. Klement and the other at Our Lady under the Chain. We cross the bridge, noting various statues, the cross with stars at St. John Nepomuk’s spot, the Turk, St. John the Baptist, and then onto Maltezske namesti, Maltese Square, and the Church of Our Lady under the Chain.

5) Malostranske Namesti – The main square of the Little Town focuses on the Baroque masterpiece of St. Nicholas, a triumph of sacred geometry and trompe l’oeil illusion in service of a didactic vision. The square is surrounded by Renaissance and Baroque era palaces and the former Little Town Hall. We walk across and up Nerudova, continuing on the Royal Way, past the House of The Three Fiddles, The Black Eagles, The Golden Goblet and the Golden Wheel.

6) Kelley’s Tower – We drop down the steps to Janska for lunch at Kelley’s Tower, one of the houses owned by the alchemist Edward Kelley. After lunch, we head back to Nerudova and up to Hradcany and the Prague castle.

7) Hradcany – Back up to Nerudova and down to The House of Two Suns, where we turn and start up to Hradcany Square. Archbishop’s Palace, Sternburg Palace, Schwarzenburg Palace and the Carmelite Convent. Including extra time for Sternburg Palace/National Gallery and Durer’s Feast of the Rose Garland.

8) Prague Castle – The Cathedral of SS Vitus, Wensceslas and Adalbert including the Chapel of St Wenceslas and the tower, the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica of St George, thePowder Towerand the Golden Lane.

9) Tavern Brabant ("U krále Brabantského") - After touring the Castle, we will end our tour of esoteric Prague on Thunovska in Mala Strana, where we will visit a tavern, built in 1375, where all the main characters of Rudolphine Prague came to drink and party. This promises to be a truly unique experience to round off our esoteric tour of Magick Prague.

Contact: Eva Lenova, +420 724 726 444, eva (at) spolekmagdalena.cz More info: www.spolekmagdalena.cz

Thursday, 13th May 2010 at 15,00 – 20,30 in Maitrea facility, Praha 1, Tanska ulicka 6, Dan Winter’s lecture:
Guest Appearance and Presentations Include: Vincent Bridges (above) , also Canadian Alchemist Scientist- Paul Harris
Sacred Geometry: Fusion Physics and the Principles of Alchemy
With introduction to the history of alchemy in Europe (special guset Vincent Bridges)
More info: http://www.maitrea.cz/akce/posvatna-geometrie-fyzikalni-zakony-a-principy-alchymie

On Saturday 15th May, 9,30 – 18,00 and Sunday 16 May 9,30 – 13,30, there will be a lecture of Dan Winter in Brno, Czech. Venue to be announced

Tantra and Bliss Experience- The Sacred Geometry of Fusion.



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