Corporate Harmonics:

Pure Principle at the Heart of Corporate Identity..

from Dan Winter,

Mar 7, 04 - Capetown, South Africa , for - Prakash Kirpalani ,

Inspired by Valerie Sandelin

Evolution from the e-revolution to e-coherence. That is evolution from

Channel enhancement
Value Chain Integration
Industry Transformation

The eWave become the (heart) wave leading to coherence...when all processes and people are ligned and fire in harmony...the customers are intertwined..

Enhancing the linking through network transformation to linking th mind and hearts of people in an organisation

Stafford Beer's theory of (self) adaptive structures in a viable organisation needs to be linked to self organising and coherence. From a corporate perspective, we need to strat the discussion from a management science baseline and work towards our take on coherence.

The golden mean ratio in an organisation. You have sounded it out...we need to expand further.

Intelligence thru Unity: Fractality vs Fractionation-

How Corporate Bodies are Born and Get Identity..

Oneness=COMPRESSION.. Compression = Taking Heart and has a HARMONIC SIGNATURE (Phi).


The pure arithmetic principle of how corporations get identity and coherence may be simpler and more practical to apply than you think. It all begins with the concept from Feng Shui - which says that the Chinese SHEI - means both TO DIMPLE and TO MAKE HEART. Whatever it is that initiates or begins the dimpling process (apparently - it is the same as COMPRESSION) is that which self - organizes (gives heart) to any system.

A visual example would be the service the human sperm delivers to the surface of the egg membrane. By providing the proper shape of a capacitance or charge wave - the sperm delivers the impulse electrically to initiate...COMPRESSION..


IF the compression wave creates a dimple that is successful in completing the turning inside out process...


THEN you get born. (Zygote / egg becomes fetus IF ectoderm and endoderm switch places - the inside becomes the outside..)

If we apply this process of getting born, or initiating self organization - in essence to all process - we come up with a simple formula which is a symmetry principle. That is - whatever allows or initiates the process of successful - COMPRESSING - IS THAT WHICH INITIATES SELF ORGANIZATION (GIVES HEART). The history of computers, the history of fractals, the history of awareness - are all examples of the history of discovery on improving the efficiency of compression. At the end of this article - we shall conclude that the origin of successful CORPORATE identity - is the same as the origin of consciousness - compression which makes charge distribution efficient - is the definition of CORPORATION and the DEFINITION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

For example: the definition of abundance - is the symmetry which allows distribution without storage. Infinite distribution with zero storage is only possible for charge, for money, and for resources in a geometry which has learned perfect compression. Summarizing we may say - all human- and corporate - scarcity and lack - comes from the attempt to store rather than distribute. We shall see - that fractal compression solves this problem.

The very name CORPORATE - means to take on a body. We now know from mathematic biology ( the text: "Structural Stability and Morphogenesis" for example ) - that all biology (EMBODIED!) shapes - obey a simple arithmetic. That is - biology (living cells) are names for the shape of soap bubbles which do not pop because THE WAVES FOLDED ON THEIR SURFACE ARE CONSTRUCTIVE OR MUSICALLY IN PHASE.. Creating an immune system for your company as the same as creating an immune system for 1 living cell. You must learn how to fold waves onto a folded surface so construtively - so COHERENTLY - that the soap bubble does not pop.



Golden Mean ratio (1.618)..perfects compression.

Compression in science is well known to be made perfect by FRACTALITY.. SELF SIMILARITY..

This is why for example- fractal data compression is the only infinite compressor. Sadly - until software is taught to recognize self-similarity instantly - CPU horsepower is overtaxed to apply fractal compression.. Happily - harmonic analysis based on PHI / Golden Ratio - can solve this problem...

What is less known- is the relationship between GOLDEN MEAN - and FRACTALITY - as the musical arithmatic of perfect compression..

This perfect coherence musically - is self similarity - which shows up in the harmonic analysis -- OF ANYTHING - alive.. your heart - your planet-- your stock market... becomes the musical identity of identity.


So - now for the first time we can meaningfully answer WHY does GOLDEN MEAN RATIO - in the stock market (usually volume harmonics) predict the moment when THAT chaotic oscillator is about to emerge from chaos. The idea that Golden Mean cascades identify the moment when the stock markets next move is predictable.. is long known - as PRECHTER and ELLIOT WAVE theory. Unfortuneately no one til now has explained the principle which allows choatic oscillators like the stock market (and your EKG and your company ) to emerge from chaos. This is where we need to generalize the principle of INITIATING COMPRESSION to INITIATE HEART and SELF ORGANIZATION...















So - if we generalize this principle of getting vibrations (like your companies bottom line) into perfecting compression ... we get -





How - Phi Recursion Induced Charge Acceleration / Implosion IS the SOLUTION to:


Infinite Non-Destructive Collapse
Infinite Compression / Perfect Acceleration / FUSION
Perfect Damping / Phase Conjugation (optics etc)
Hydrodynamic Implosion (Ultimate Sorting)

Non Linear Energy (Voltage from Gravity)
Charge Acceleration thru C Light Speed (Gravity)
Measuring ATTENTION/ Bliss / Euphoria in EEG

Audio Tone Induction of EEG Transcendance
Measuring EKG Heart Openness / Compassion
Self Organization from Chaos/Artificial Intelligence
Electrically Defining & Measuring LIFE FORCE
Pure Geometric Origin of Alphabets (symbol=to embed)

The Shape of The Touch Which Says Love.

..How PhiRICAIS (Implosion)
is revealed by Spectrum Analysis

The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides, and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of Love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire. - Pierre Tielhard De Chardin

..and the Grail

math below a simple proof that Phi is the ratio that selects a sustainable (reverse)
heterodyned set i.e. for spectral coherence..


Below - we give another example of using Coherence based on Golden Ratio to identify when corporations get HEART - get COMPRESSION - get concensus..


Project - Corporate Heart

New Tools to Measure and Feedback:

Leading Leaders Into a Shared Space in the Heart

- A Business Model- Intended to Prove the Principle

to Later be Used To Teach a New Science of PeaceMaking to Political Leaders

In Collaboration with

Prakash Kirpalani , Corporate Harmonics ,

Heart Coherence Team,

Dan Winter (HeartTuner Pro - Inventor),


Submitted by:

Dan Winter

Corporate Coherence is the name... becoming grand attractors in business...

CEO's ultimate and essential tool to help ceo's sustain weath into the coming decades...

The essential question all CEO's need to be asking during these times of chaos and uncertainty - is..




"How do I create a COHERENT business organization - quickly- to sustain our wealth!"

letter - from sonja -.. become grand attractor, heart becomes in tune..

what it is the grand attractor for money... of wealth in business.. relationship to become coherent...

what is coherence, how do you create, how does that bring in wealth.. grandattractors in business.. the essential new physics of commerce for sustaining wealth during the coming turbulence.. grandattractor.. yvonne evans .. director of corporate consciousness... question based.,baby steps..

the new physics now offers us conclusive evidence that we do indeed attract wealth and resource just as magnets attract fields. Example - stock market chaos emerges into self-organization at the moment volume harmonics become Golden Ratio.. (reference) which is really EMOTION becoming coherent..

Grand Attractors have high magnetic draw capabilty in business

High magnetic draw is the result

High magnetic draw is created thru a COHERENT organization


The right partners in diversity - create the ('fractal') possibility of cohesion.


This is just like harmonic diversity in your heart frequencies (Heart Rate Variability / HRV) predicts surviving into old age.


But the science theory is not required to make the necessary next step. We now have the tools to create a coherent organization.. to create Grand Attractors in Business. Thus to minimize the risk of potential loss, and maximize the financial gain.

The new instruments for measuring coherence in business organization, designed by Dan Winter - demonstrate a never before quantified relationship between coherence and attraction.

How do you get access to these tools for coherence in organizations / training programs & seminars..

Contact: Dan Winter


need evidence of unified magnetic field...


Perfect diversity (genetic diversity for example) creates perfec

Grand Attraction is the result of coherence i

Since group coherence produces biological radiance in the UV spectra - aligning leaders into EKG Heart Coherence - produces a 'BLUE FLAME'

January 12, 2003

The Need: To make agreement in the heart teachable and measureable. To make the move from conceptual and un-feeling decision making to true inner concensus FEELING based decision making - measureable and teachable. To make Heart Intelligence and Coherence in Heart Emotion measureable and teachable.

And then - perhaps more importantly - to apply this in a commercially successful way to the corporate business practice ... and finally to create an invitation for POLITICAL leaders to learn how agreement can be measured in the Heart for PEACEMAKING and CONFLICT RESOLUTION.

Biologically, the ability to AGREE depends on getting biological resonance to bond and phase lock. Examples include - the nature of the bond which occures when an egg embeds in the womb, - or when sexual bonding occurs, - or when humans speak and listen in proper timing. All of these, and ultimately every biological bond that ever happens occurs when two waving biological 'oscillators' learn to come into the same musical key or 'get on the same wavelength'. The way this is expressed in the deep principles of chemistry - is to say that: ALL BONDING IS PHASE LOCKING (covalent and ionic - local sharing and extended sharing). .. Among people we may extend this simple physics to say the ALL BONDING IS FACE LOCKING and HEART LOCKING.

Ben Bentov's fascinating book: "Stalking the Wild Pendulum" really focuses on how biological resonance (the 'wild' pendulum) - can come into still point..( Ref - ... - - Still point physics / 'IMPLOSION' is how EVERYTHING ultimate gets sorted in order to be come distributeable / shareable.

Bentov was a biomedical engineer, and a personal mentor for me. He developed the first meaningful bio-mechanical model of bliss practice and kundalini. This work became the basis for my seminars with young people "Musical Recipes for Self-Empowering Bliss Process". (covered by 4 major Australian National Media Groups for my Workshop in Rainbow Serpent Festival next week). The point is that we do know the musical nature of how biological agreement takes place, it begins with phase lock of hearts, and leads to a musical PHI based wave collapse process (ascknowledgement to Yvonne Evans - Collapse Psychology work for Corporations here).

The Perfect Geometry of Wave Collapse - Neurophysics Solution the Nature of Consciousness

Fusion-Phi Phenomenon-Unlocking Ultimate PHIre.

This produces AGREEMENT because it allows an infinite number of waves (people) to converge (compressed non-destrutively) in one place. We have extensively modeled this GEOMETRY OF TURNING INSIDE OUT - as the electrical symmetry recipe of COMPASSION.

How Symmetry Map to Inside Out Makes Compassion's Harmonics Measureable

We understand how this musical recipe for agreement is based on waves which nest non-destructively (people are biological oscillators learning to agree - the role of mind is to teach waves to agree).The secret or key, becomes measureable and teachable in 2 steps:

1. Measure the moment of PHASE LOCK (all the clocks pendulums in the room naturally lock together, and then each becomes more efficient).

2. Take the harmonic analysis and see when the contained musical notes nest in Golden Mean ratio - because THAT predicts:

a). the moment of Bliss and Euphoria in brainwave studies (Korotkov)

b.) the moment of implosion, self organization, emergence from chaos - 'Phi Recursion Induced Charge Acceleration Implosion Solution'

c.) non-destructive collapse - literally the ability to ATTRACT CHARGE - which is the (electrically measureable) definition of LIFE .

The HeartTuner IS a system specifically designed to measure these musical 'recipes' in Heart, Brain , and life force charge enviornments. With the Heart Coherence Team we have so far been very successful in marketing this concept commercially - largely in clinical, and healing, and biofeedback based environments. Recently, we have also presented this system as a corporate solution to teaching AGREEMENT / CONSENSUS process to Universities (including friends of Corporate Harmonics), and to business groups in Sydney and now ANZ bank group (Sonya S.) in Melbourne. The EXPERIENCE of FEELING the moment at which 2 hearts a.) become coherent and in passion, and b.) phase lock onto the same wavelength - is palpable and real. It has already changed many lives. This evolution of the HeartTuner enviornment is growing nicely.

HOWEVER, the NEXT step is to show that this concept is commercially powerful in GROUP situations.. first for corporate concensus process and agreement making - we call this THE CORPORATE HEART PROJECT. And then ultimately - to teach military and government leaders that conflict resolution and peacemaking is a teacheable and scientifically measureable biological process.

The Heart Coherence team - has been through a great deal of planning to prepare a special software enviornment to enable this dream - of teaching groups - to share HEART SPACE - measureably. The original concept was called THE HARMONIC MODULE - which we have been writing about for over 20 years.


The Harmonic Module includes an eventual intent to teach MILLIONS OF HEARTS TO LINK - around the planet - using internet. With the result that GLOBAL COHERENCE would in fact demonstrably and measureable begin to heal the Earth. (see link)

An early friend of the Heart Coherence team - Marc Kroeks - who is also a visionary programmer - helped us develop a very sophisticated software environment to be used with HeartTuner specifically to enable Heart Link up for groups.

This software for HeartTuner is called HARMONIC MODULE - in honor of this early intention.

Harmonic Module software site at ( )

Marc (as author of the Harmonic Module software for groups with HeartTuner) has expressed enthusiasm specifically to consult and advise (and visit on-site if needed) for this CORPORATE HEART project with Corporate Harmonics. Please see his HeartTuner consulting web site: and

Consultant Marc K. Outlines The Harmonic Module Software Enviornment - NEW LINK

* Start the Harmonic Module on the server computer as server. (Note the IP address)
* Start the HeartTuner Pro and Harmonic Module on the client computers.
* Start the HeartTuner Pro and check the probes, until a nice signal is measured.
* Connect the Harmonic Module on the client to the HeartTuner Pro Eidata.txt data file.
* Connect the Harmonic Module on the client to the server by entering the servers IP address (by hand or using the search list).
* When the connection is established, start the data sending on the Harmonic Module.

HeartTuner's HARMONIC MODULE software environment..simply provides an on-going rolling screen display which shows simultaneously which connected hearts (from 4- to 40 people ) are PHASE LOCKED and in 'SYNC', AND which hearts are COHERENT (the glowing bubble grows).

Here we exerpt from the web description:


2. New:Download YOUR copy of Harmonic Module- you can try it with test data: ( with the demo you can play sample data and you can observe dynamically during global linkup experiments - however to send and see your own heart data, the HeartTuner itself is required. )

HeartTuner HARMONIC MODULE Software (beta) just released! Hundreds of interest groups around the world have dreamed together for many years of the day when it would be possible to measure and teach with feedback - LINKING HEARTS AROUND THE WORLD. A very spiritually based and planet healing vision of this plan has been called 'The Harmonic Module' (from Planet Heartworks) - Please see the complete background and philosophy and history of this dream of ONE WORLD - LINKED IN THE HEART ... .

The corporate boardroom - AND the warring military may never be the same, now that sincerity to link hearts is measureable and teachable!

In addition - this capability to link hearts into phase lock and measured coherence TOGETHER, serves many immediate practical and business functions - CORPORATE CONCENSUS PROCESS, CONFLICT RESOLUTION, ( see especially the Science of Peace University group - ), GROUP MEDITATION, HEALING and PRAYER, etc. The brand new HARMONIC MODULE software for HeartTuner links 2 to 40 or more hearts (or even brain harmonics) over computer Internet or Intranet connection. (1 HeartTuner and computer required for each 2 people ). Server arrangements are now being made to be able to link much larger numbers of people. (Also if you are interested in helping with the Linux code - there is hi level commitment to integrate Heart feedback into the Sony Playstation environment!)

Note: If you would like to test join Global Heart Linkup- Especially if you have access to HeartTuner , read here, read the help file at the software download above, and feel free to contact HARMONIC MODULE Coordinator : Marc K. - Email:


above: The control screens and well as the feedback screen for Harmonic Module. In the harmonic display, the color of each ball is the code for each participant, the size of each ball is their COHERENCE (in this case Heart but brain is also possible)., the Position of each ball on the X or horizontal axis is the EI number (or musical key) (closer to .618 usually indicates more empathy and openness - closer to 1.0 usually indicates more head centered - or conceptual emotional framework - technically 1.0 is membrane MAKING emotion - .618 is more membrane BRIDGING emotion). The Y axis vertically is the time history of the Harmonic Module Link up experience.


3. New 4 Page Professional Color Brochure - HeartTuner - A Revolutionary Experience : best printed description yet of what HeartTuner is! - Download Printable (pdf) :

So where is the Harmonic Module project now - with respect to this collaboration with Corporate Harmonics and Rod Griffiths: PROJECT CORPORATE HEART-

To review: the enviornment requires 1 HeartTuner hardware preamp, with software and 1 Computer - for each TWO people connected. Each computer must be connected (usually via ethernet or modem) to INTRANET or INTERNET. (a simple IP protocol with host server is used - as explained above).

The HeartTuner software is running on each, (display small or hidden) plus the Harmonic Module software - which shows the above waterfall display clearly making it visible which hearts are COHERENT - plus WHICH HEARTS HAVE COME INTO MUSICAL PHASE LOCK / AGREEMENT.

In test environments using internet from Germany to Netherlands, and in test lab conditions (intranet) in Netherlands it has been very clear - that this worked in practice. Both Hardware and software do what they say. And it is also true that with a bit of sensitivity focus, you can palpably FEEL when hearts in the room come into phase.

HOWEVER, this environment is new. This means that it needs to be demonstrated in a real practical commercial environment at greater length. Heart Coherence Team is committed to the CORPORATE HEART PROJECT. However, the work with Corporate Harmonics is probably our first real opportunity to develop an ongoing significant collaboration to evolve this concept to powerful commercial training viability. Without some corporate collaboration and shared commitment, Heart Coherence Team is limited to proceed powerfully.

The benefits for Corporate Harmonics group - are exciting:

1. Real on-site HeartLink up experiences - potentially life transforming - for corporate leaders.

2. Preparing to be a global leader in teaching Corporate Training for CONCENSUS and CONFLICT RESOLUTION based on MEASUREMENT in the Heart.

3. Potentially establishing the progressive bioregion - which has already been a leader as a global destination for PEACEMAKING activity ( instead of war in the harbor..?)

( links via 'Conscious Living Magazine' for these trainings already happening at 1. Young Peoples Bliss Training , and 2. Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion = - Practitioner Certificate Course and PeaceUniversity projects. )

The benefits for the Heart Coherence Team include using Corporate Development training materials advertising Corporate Harmonics in the global promotion of the Harmonic Module cutting edge software environment. And obviously, evolving and refining the Training Environment - to even greater usefulness in commercially proven environments.


My calendar is at

Dan Winter - ( ) contact: - MOBILE: +61 (0)416 239957

Heart Coherence team: ( ) contact: Frank - 0011 31 534359178 (Netherlands) ,

Harmonic Module Specialist Consultant: Marc Kroeks, ( ) 0011 31 34-6-283352 ,

Next Step:

Feedback from Prakesh

Feedback from Frank, Marc, etc.