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In hopes that William Buehler will allow us to further share his important material

Update Sept 2016: William Buehler- updated web site links:

New Buelher Summary graphic series: added July 2011: (click for series) (45 image series- all but the first 8 are from William Buehler)



"Repair of the Fabric of Time" from William Buehler

Initial Graphic Image Review

Note well here- Aug 06 Graphic Grids of Washington and Edinburg- UPDATE FROM William Buehler- thanks Bill!

NOTE DEC 2003: Willam Buehler-cosmic TEMPLAR SACRED ARCHITECT-is apparently setting up a major new resource- have a look around at

also on Bill- see: , related:

re: templar "fabric of time" etc.

Believing that the Templar legacy, of Earth Magnetic Alignment to be a true geometric path with HEART to star embedding, I am grateful to present this material by William Buehler...

also please see PeaceMaking and the Land references:

International University for the SCIENCE of Peacemaking (also at )

Examples of LeyLines and PeaceMaking from Peter Champoux et al.

ElDorado & The Re-Penting of America:Pictorial Map to America's Geomantic Global Role

William Buehler articles and images:

2002 updates

Bird-Serpent Staff of Aesculpius - "Shamir Staff"

Chartres 3: Alignments

Chartres Music

Sinclair and Nova Scotia (2)

Penta Biome- US Midwest Great Lakes -Spiritual Mapping etc.

update 2000 index:

Mont-Rose; new grid line - Origins Arthur?

The Margate Connection, Zeno Narrative-Sinclair Expedition & Glastonbury Grail

Round churches (Temple as Wheel , etc.)

Rosslyn overlay, Famous Templar Chapel Design Geometrics

Ruta Transit- Earth Grid-Solarians:Solar Beings-Zeno Chart-Consciousness Map

Rosslyn's violation?


SHELBURNE LINE,Grail Across Atlantic, Arkhom

Baptism of Yeshua (Painting Interpretation -Protosiniatic Hebrew)

Who is the MOON-HARE? Christic Dove Emptied into Glatonbury Zodiac Image..


Thoth Partner Sheshet? (2 graphics)

Grail Across the Atlantic:Story in North America?


Hawaii Grail Magnetics?

Hendaye Cross-Spain-Jefferson Connection (also see Monticello link below)

Thoth-Merlin Connection/Orion-gin Grail Genetics



Initial Graphic Image Review

Meaning of 666

Meaning of 999

Main Chartres Info OverView

Chartres Outline2

Crop Circles Deep Meaning


Entrainment, Sending Love and Global Linkup?

Getting the ET Story Right?

Grail Dynamic: A Templar View

Grove in Hi Places: Trees and the Grid..

Koala Time Portal (Also see Koala Graphic)


LightGroup Process

Megalithic Yard and Measurement Dynamics

2.618 and PHI Meanings?

Rosslyn Scottish Templar Chapel: Deep Mystery?

Selah Grid Dynamic

Serapha Story

Sinclair Story Notes


How to Love a Tron Without Half Trying

StoneHenge Notes

Arkhom and Orion


 Nova Scotia Sacred Space notes

Lion Place and Psalm 22

Boston, Rosslyn and Arkhom

Magdalene: (Templar) Ultimate Search 2/99

Monticello,Jefferson vs. Templar Reshel "L Gates"

Blue of Conventry: St. Clair?

Sinclair Castle and the Orkney's

7/17/99 Crux Arvata .. the SINCLAIRS & THE ATLANS..

7/99 An Article on Earth Grid Geometrics, by William Buehler

The REAL Templar View? 4/99 Response from William Buehler on America's Spritual Founding - Sacred Geometric..