HeartTuner comes complete as is with extensive brainwave biofeedback capability

this means that you need no additional software to see complete
waterfall time history power spectral plots of eeg

for 1 and 2 channel operation

the supplied electrodes work well for brainwaves,
optional electrodes make that more professional by reducing
eye movement noise

the only thing the native heart tuner software does not do
is make it possible to deliver positive reward for programmed cues
when reaching a goal in one particular harmonic

that is professional neurofeedback learning usually only done in
ADD and addiction therapy

that service is offered by the new braintuner software which is currently
only being released to those who submit evidence on official stationary
that they are going to produce scientific research in a clinical setting

you can see how much you CAN do with existing software as standard supplied

it is all the brainwave pictures here up to
the words

"below - images will require the NEW BrainTuner software for HeartTuner which is to be released soon."

First: Here is the new Brainwave analysis shown with the EXISTING HeartTuner software as distributed for use with Heart EKG work. In order to get this clean data it IS necessaary to obtain the new EEG Ear Clip Type Electrodes

(see accessories / heartcoherence.com )

(also new accessory - pic below - see Schumann resonance antenna for HeartTuner at ../earthtuner

The first set of data screens below, illustrate how the presently distributed 'HeartTuner' software environment enables teaching BRAINWAVE coherence. Here, we are using the OPTIONAL but available brainwave electrodes (earclip type) and successfully measuring EEG professionally, by merely switching to hi-gain on the software pre-amp (eeg vs ecg slider switch).


above: brainwave COHERENCE measured. Electrodes for these top 5 images are in the rear of the head (optical cortex) with ear clip ground.

above and below here, very clear ALPHA frequencies in the brainwaves picked up with rear electrode placement (optical cortex) to HeartTuner - this onset of hi ALPHA happened repeatedly just during eye closure.

above: Heart Coherence in PHASE with Brain coherence - measured - the Heart Head link...

Then Below, see the beta test screens for the new HeartTuner "BrainTuner" software environment currently in test mode (not distributed) expressly designed to facilitate Neurofeedback empowering treatment for addiction / attention deficit.

below - images will require the NEW BrainTuner software for HeartTuner which is to be released soon.

Here below - real brainwave sharp decrease in ALPHA (yellow) spectral power accurately accompanies Opening Eyes.



New HeartTuner software will be called Brain Tuner

Intended to be an evolution past current Neurofeedback EEG software enviornments

for Teaching ATTENTION..

in Attention Deficit Therapies, and Addicition Therapy etc.

Sample Screens:

A preliminary demo will be available as soon as development reaches appropriate phase, to HeartTuner users, the full Brain Biofeedback Software enviornment will be an optional upgrade to the HeartTuner system. The hardware preamp works for both, but the improved brainwave electrode transducers (see accessories) are recommended. (Altho the Heart EKG transducers can measure brainwaves, more accurate placement with less noise suggests the ear-clip improved type).

Switchable thresholds and programmable feedback limits are available to each bandwidth, alpha - theta delta etc.

The yellow lines above and below each filter (green) are the moveable goal limits which determine if feedback reward is offered for that bandwidth. (ENHANCE is if power density in that spectral window is ABOVE the preset, INHIBIT is if power density is BELOW the preset.)

Then what each filter does is programmable - more extensively than past systems.

The user can learn from various programmed feedback positive re-inforcement - including movement rate thru a film loop etc.



Then the user can quickly see the relative POWER of each ALPHA - THETA- DELTA etc. bandwidth.

Here see the increase in ALPHA (yellow) which corresponds to the moment of EYES OPEN.

Above- Eyes are closed at PINK arrows, OPEN at YELLOW arrows.


The user can also see a waterfall plot of the power spectra of the EEG over time.


AND the user will have access to the radical new SEPTRUM measuring OVERALL INTERNAL COHERENCE in brainwaves,

which may well be the first time real brain coherence has been quantified in biofeedback. Is this attention itself - made measureable?