'Bleep' Implodes- Film Doesn't See the (Imploding) Heart. + Physics gets 'attracted' to the PHI-lial - Fractally!

How Does the Bliss / Kundalini of Cellular Microwave (the 'MicroTubule') STEER THE WEATHER ?

Implosion Group Newsletter- Exerpts from Dan Winter's correspondance - Sun Feb 20, 05 - on web with pics: soulinvitation.com/bleepimplodes , complete index: soulinvitation.com



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Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 11:10:24 EST
Subject: Re: BleepImplodes-Film Doesn't See the Heart-+Physics gets PHIlial-Fractally!
To: implosiongroup@yahoo.com

wow to this last news letter
i do not pretend to understand everything on your site
i am amazed i have been able to follow your thoughts and ideas as much as i have .... i have spend a lot of time pursuing your site trying to put it all together

i do appreciate all the time you have put into it

I would like to make a small comment regarding this movie what the bleep.

i think we have to remember the majority of people in the modern world are new to the idea that we are connected in any way what so ever to anything outside ourselves ...so even though this movie is flawed and is produced by ramtha ...which is a flaw by itself .... i think there is a place for this movie .... if it raises the understanding and awareness of the masses a little tiny bit, this eases our ability to be on this changing earth at an appropriate place of oneness and individual awareness.

I know my personal journey began with DR Moody's book on dying and the description of an experiment involving protons and the phrase "you cannot separate the observed from the observer" ... that phrase haunted me for 30 years. And eventually brought me to your site. ... and many other teachers and experiences along the way

so i am supportive of this movie as it will place many people on the path to discover more.... experience more

and now back to your letter to try to understand more myself

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Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 13:39:05 GMT
To: implosiongroup@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: BleepImplodes-Film Doesn't See the Heart-+Physics gets PHIlial-Fra ctally!

Hi Dan,

You have a point here, but Bleep is at least trying to break through
the logical positivist bubble to point to something deeper by using
everyday language and imagery. Why don't you attempt a similar translation
of the implosion & fractal material -- in layman's terms? I think you
have more compelling imagery, but the language and concepts need to be
brought within earshot of the lay public.


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Subject: Re: What the Bleep misses a beat...
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 07:51:15 -0700
To: "Implosion Group" <implosiongroup@yahoo.com>

Good one Dan !!!

On Feb 20, 2005, at 3:09 AM, Implosion Group wrote:

> http://www.soulinvitation.com/bleepimplodes/
> 'Bleep' Implodes- Film Doesn't See the (Imploding) Heart. =-=-=-

>> "By NOT understanding or teaching this physics - that the inside
>> be in phase ( and ultimately FRACTAL ) to what is OUTSIDE - the film
>> merely invites a kind of schizophrenia about - what is more real -
>> dreams or my day. In this state - the dreamer- wakes up thinking
>> he/she has come out of dreaming - only to go into a deeper dream. If
>> physics is to get out of this dream- the WAY charge is attracted to
>> the inner 'holographic brain' will HAVE to be understood...
>> This point alone could have started to redeem the pathetic 'blind
>> leading the blind' science of consciousness in the film..."

Mon, 28 Feb 2005 19:51:17 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Mike: My intended reply to Dan's take on Bleep: Re: BleepImplodes-Film Doesn't See the Heart-+Physics gets PHIlial-Fractally!
To: "Implosion Group" <implosiongroup@yahoo.com>



I am sending you Dan Winter's words in a newsletter due to the fact I
intend to reply.

I am asking you if my reply be objectionable or not.

Dan Winter, as you may recall is a great Divine Geometer. But in this
case he is off the wall.

Below is my reply:

As soon as I send you this, I will send you "his" letter: (with the
same subject line) as a


Please foreward this to Dan.

Dear Dan,

I have always loved you for your Great Work.

The film was done by two students of the Ramtha School of
Enlightenment. Remember the Ram? You
came to Yelm long ago.

Ramtha is an enlightened being who has attracted scientists including
you from around the world.
He is the only being known to science who can speak, eat, drink, walk
and teach while the brain of
his channel is in deep delta.

I invite you to hook up your brain to all the test equipment under
scientific scrutiny, to see
where your brain vibrates in laser like focus.

Ramtha has all of the qualifications you speak of as so necessary to
make sense.

His students are just that, only students. But to my knowledge, you do
not live in waking consciousness in delta, either.

He had only a small part in the movie. But you know, must know some of the other scientists.

To knock the movie for its science only shows your ignorance of its source. Ramtha is the teacher of these students.

I love you always. I just know you to be a person worthy of doing your
research before making statements as you did in your letter, to which I subscribe.

An old teacher once said, "never read a good book".
"always read the best".

I love your concern for love. You have no idea( and I must admit,
neither do I)of the levels of love that Ramtha has, lives, manifests, and proves in the lives of
those he touches. You were here.
Do you remember? Alex Collier, Whintey Striber, and so many other
contactees find their higher civilization friends telling them that Ramtha is well known and
respected by the Andromedans( his people) the greys, and in other galaxies and dimensions. It is a moot point. But I only write about his credentials to beg you to consider the source when you swing your influence around without enough knowledge of facts




Michael Greco