" World Touch "

The ONE Force

Defining LIFE Force

Purposing Human / Business Systems

* Modern Physics, Einstein, and Christ all described our Universe as a UNIFIED FIELD - One Substance, all made of wave. The compressible universal medium or "Ether" may be described as "Charge Compressed" or "Stored Inertia" (waves 'sucked' into a circle become a gyroscope storing spin, and that is the ONLY way MATTER is Created!)

* LOVE or Compassion, by Creating the Electrical / Feeling Conditions to Embed or Nest waves perfectly, creates the FRACTAL ATTRACTOR which sucks or draws OR BENDS waves into the CIRCLE (MASS) from the LINE (ENERGY). In this wave, 'Since only LOVE Bends the Light: Only LOVE Creates!' (Bliss Implodes Waves to Infinite Shared Space - Perfect Compression).

Matter or Mass is only defined as stored inertia, whatever bends the light into a circle is the only way ANYTHING gets created.

COMPASSION is a learned process: the skill to Implode/ Embed Charge

* LIFE FORCE therefore is Created when these waves of Charge (or Capacitance or Chi or "Holy Spirit" or Orgone etc.) become so "Self Embedded" (or simply WELL NESTED), they become SELF-AWARE (Self-Steering). (This is the 'aura' of charge which surrounds fresh foods.) Mechanically what happens is there is a phase convergence or 'concensus implosion' which allows a maximum or infinite number of waves to converge at one point. The symmetry or agreement testing which SORTS these waves for 'what is shareable' produces a resultant DIRECTING or 'self-referring' or 'self-steering'.


Read further on the mathematical definition of life force in "Physics of Phi", "Phylotactics - Golden Meaning for BUSINESS", and "Predictions - for a New Physics Based on Embedding / Fractality" articles.


Summarizing our research approach:

- we measure when the POWER SPECTRUM of oscillators develop (perfect nesting / 'non-linear') harmonics at PHI intervals, to measure LIFE FORCE. See also "HeartLink", measuring IGNITION in the Heart EKG using "Septrum" - 2nd order frequency signature to quantify coherence and optimize PHI embedding.

- our first measurement tool (transducer / pickup) simply amplifies the CHARGE or capacitive field around any living thing - seed / plant / tree / liquid.. etc., allowing us to see when it's field effect and LIFE FORCE are becoming electrically self organizing..

- we also propose in the advanced stage to spectrum analyze the optical, phonon (sonic), radio , and eventually microwave emmisions of the test material (food ) USING THE SAME SECOND ORDER FFT SPECTRAL MATH to check for self embedding. ( see for example: checking DNA for ensoulment? by frequency emission. Decode Genetics -Research Collaboration Proposal)


* Having thus defined what life force is, it becomes possible to decide what is valuable in business, because you can know what serves LIFE.

Once we know what life force is, we can decide better how food and housing should be designed. Food becomes "fractionated" or becomes non-coherent with too much processing. Essentially, every time we further CHOP DICE STIR and HEAT food, each of these steps is simply a measure of long waves of charge - 'sacred' life force being chopped up and disconnected. This is the meaning of fractionation. The opposite of fractionation or too much breaking up into disconnected pieces, is FRACTALITY. Examples of fractality in food, is a whole APPLE or fruit, unbruised, and full of the charge or capacitance of it's place of growing. Being EMBEDDED in the charge of it's original roots in the land, means the fruit or vegetable can bring to your body the full nested shape message of the LONG WAVE memory of EARTH from which it arose.

The simple experiment to FEEL the difference between FRACTALITY versus FRACTIONATION, is in the eating of an apple. First, to TASTE and FEEL fractal embedding, take one large bite out of a fresh whole really healthy looking apple. See if you do not feel a rather specific TINGLE travel up your jaw and thru your mouth. That TINGLE you felt is a LONG WAVE OF CHARGE or 'freshness' informing your body of the SHAPE of the presence of the site where the apple grew. Next, for the opposite experience, try some apple that has chopped up and rendered "spin dead". Any applesauce which has for example been chopped, heated, over-beaten, then STORED IN A METAL magnetic field deadening can, will do. See how much tingle you feel when you take a bite. Then ask yourself, where has the SPIN gone? Spin which cannot embed, dies.

Read selectively further on apply the PRINCIPLE OF LIFE FORCE, to practical exercises to increase SPIN and CHARGE in LIFE and BUSINESS, below.

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