Emotions: Understanding their WAVE Nature, and Using them COHERENTLY


World Touch Foundation:

E-Motion means Energy in Motion, BETWEEN FREQUENCIES.

The ability to move magnetism up and down the ladder of harmonics, happens when glands learn to "massage the envelope" , that is "throw their weight around" magnetically. When the Heart learns to send a CASCADE of magnetism up the scale from HEART SOUNDS to DNA ringing, we call that COHERENT EMOTION. This is ultimately the way FEELING actually programs DNA by using of 'sonic or sound pony tail' to braid and align and switch on and off ACTIVE SITES.

Please read these articles. The first one is quite funny, and 'tongue in cheek', and yet illustrates the vital message of the musical wave shape of emotion / feeling, which is truly a global universal language of HOW WE TOUCH!


starts at The Wave SHAPE of Emotions Touch: How to Touch

Then Continues at : Braiding DNA, Is Emotion the Weaver? was updated 6/28/99 -WITH MUCH NEW DISCUSSION, & also A DOZEN MAJOR NEW ILLUSTRATIONS -near the bottom..

Braiding DNA, Is Emotion the Weaver?