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The Nature of Consciousness - To Self Refer = To Self Embed = To Become Self Aware

Once we understand the essential message that spin or charge embedding renders wave systems able to start steering themselves, we come quickly to the nature of consciousness itself. This need not be an abstract concept, it can be VERY practical. Once a person has enough self-confidence / self-awareness to REFER TO THEMSELVES confidently, their field effect begins to reach out into the world.

The conditions of hygiene, food, diet, and environment which contribute to the development of human awareness are THE GOAL OF BUISINESS. From farming in fields where the magnetism is mapped to the long wave of the grid, to bring life force to food, to creating cities whose long wave magnetic pattern looks like a rose instead of a tangle, THESE ARE SURVIVAL REQUIREMENTS FOR BUSINESS TO SURVIVE THIS CENTURY .

Where the magnetism is dizzy, so too will be the people. If we cannot sort out the magnetic bleeding clouds of electrical pollution WHICH HELP CAUSE AIR POLLUTION , from our cities, we are a doomed species. ("Nuclear Suicide" by Walter Russell).

The same simple pent embedding labyrinth like long wave magnetics which will heal the emotional smog of cities, and restore ground water, and atmosphere retention - are implicit in the very FIELD EFFECT GEOMETRY OF ATTENTION noticeable around brainwave and heartwave FIELDS during BLISS. This is truly the PHYSICS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, and it it simple!

The imploding capacitor becomes a heart / mind system on PHIRE / FIRE with awareness. To teach this process to our kids is something we can choose.

When we choose sources of fire outside our bodies (pre-cooked food, external stimulants), we begin the rapid fall to an addictive, mucous filled personality quickly losing the DNA spin density which ensouls / goes thru light speed / lucid dreams / twinkles.

The alternative is self-empowered bliss / charge dense process which LIGHTS OUR OWN FIRE FROM WITHIN, and makes our phone call to the divine (from the perfect VINE / branch) SPIRIT! (ONE source of all charge).

Please read deeply the articles below. Enrich your sense of how making a simple "my inside looks/feels like what is outside me" field effect of EMPATHY starts this FIRE OF AWARENESS implosion, which unpacks the magnetic flower of CONSCIOUS AWARENESS like a rose.

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