Nine Plasma Bodies- Make up the Whale Dream

What is it about the NINE Electric Domains which Self Organize? (see below)

This web site is also about WhaleDreaming, about the Film WhaleDreamer..

update May 2018- Whaledreamers film was produced after our friends Kim Kindersley showed Julian Lennon- that John Lennon had 'phoned them' after death. - We knew of Jason Leen- who clearly received from John Lennon after death 'Peace at Last' -John Lennon After Death Experiences' -

Our very special friend Dan Schreiber just died from aggressive leukemia- seems to have phoned back in some bliss - to confirm our map ( to successful death-see ) - and add's -successful death has a binaural accompaniment! - -with thanks to Phiona Gitsham - who wrote:" HI Dan I was thinking of you a bit lately with Dan Schreiber passing. I shared so much lucid dreamwork with him and when he went supernova - he's passed through me about 5 x and he mentioned you to me in this process to remind me of your work with encouraging people to cultivate lucidity. --being able to communicate with some who have passed developed for me a few years into my lucidity practices.. I feel he was prompting me to communicate with you again.' --Also he showed me something (some hours after he passed) to do with the heart conjugation physics and was excited saying "Dan Winter's conjugation!"- Dan Winter:" Dan Schreiber was so special - perhaps he was seeing our map to death we talked much of these things with him.."- - Phiona: "I'm reading it- and YES he showed me this hours into his supernova and I believe he is having a successful death! the message was look at this Dan Winter has described it.. ..'and a kind of conjugating merkaba appeared in front of me' ..(also-note!)
'it has a sound too, like a deep bass fuzz that goes in and out -- ' Dan Winter:"heterodyne -climaxing in implosive conjugation , should be able - to mimic that effect with
Phiona concluded about Dan Schreiber:"His spirit was in bliss like 'Look at THIS it's REAL Yeay!'

also this article is about

Bunna- who Calls the Whales- Sings Them and Dreams them

from the Mirning - WhaleDreaming Aboriginal Tribe-

from the Nullabor - in South Australia

See more about the WhaleDreamers Film and Bunna - who's tale is the tail told..

This web site is dedicated to nominating Bunna - to be the new United Nations Sitting Ambassador for the Whales and Dophins.


Bunna tells detailed stories about their tribal shamans who watched the whales so carefully- if a whale needed parasites removed or a tooth worked on, they would call the whale in to shore, tell it where to roll over- and it would sit patiently for dental work

- then reward the clinical helper by taking him out for a ride - in the whales mouth!

These are true stories- about how we SHOULD live with the whales!

The whales song long wave in space and time- is the one bio-wave which encircles the planet- making out little ball work as an antenna!


Please Support Bunna by ordering his DVD and audio CD's in care of his partner- email: ScottaCampbell (at)

Film Exerpts:

Bunna and Dan Winter in WhaleDreaming & Science - Part ONE:

Particular thanks to Martin Selecki and Filmstream- for the Filming- and to Scotta and to Valerie!


Bunna and Dan Winter in WhaleDreaming & Science - Part TWO:


Bunna and Dan Winter in WhaleDreaming -& Science - Part THREE:


Bunna and Dan Winter in WhaleDreaming and Science - Part FOUR


Below: Bunna's Grandmother and Shaman Teacher and Mentor- She was partner of the chief- and royal to their line.
Notice the fire in her eyes. She was known for her compassion.


Below: Bunna's Grandfather- and Tribal Chief- (left)- wearing the classic shape of the whale on his chest paint- and the whale fins in his headdress.


The family:


Below- Bunna's Grandmother and Shamn teacher is the young girl- 2nd person from the left.




The whale displays its DIAMOND- which is the totem shape of the tribe.


Below: Bunna suggests during intense moment - the actual plasma form of the whale shows up in the photo..
see how the whales mouth appears to reach the man.This is not retouched..




Many orbs of living plasma energy follow Bunna on stage-




Bunna says this is the shape of a whale towering over water- seen in the sky! - unretouched..



Prolog to more with Bunna: The Real WHALEDREAMER-

from WhaleDreamer Movie- see below

A Mimzical Whale Dreaming Tail..

-Star Inhabiting - DNA's 'Phase Conjugating' Rainbow Bridge..

Stars to Earth Bridge - PLASMA STORM -
Physicists Encounter the REAL
- VISHNU ... Deep Space NINE -

The Real (Plasma Physics of Living Body Waveforms) Physics and History of THE NINE

9 Phase Conjugate Plasma Vortex in Opposing Pairs-
Are The Charge Symmetry of How Living Bodies- ARE MADE-
from Your Chakras- to the STELLAR PLASMA
(see NINE toroids- Visnu Body in the Los Alamos Physics Lab: PLASMA STORM-

Our earlier articles on the NINE: ,>more recent-
Plasma Physics on the NINE TOROIAL DONUT PLASMA FIELD: "RING LORDS" in the SELF ORGANIZATION of Stellar Bodies- (below physics)

now agrees- with the spiritual science on the NINE...
*-NINE Chakras in Your Body (2 above your head- 7 below )
*-steps in Palenque
*-levels in Dante's INFERNO
*-politics of POLIS - political bodies of ANNUNAKI, and many other ET groups
*-roofs in a pagoda
*-Puharich's NINE became DEEP SPACE NINE - from Atun / 'Tom' / Enki / Saam (link above)
*-NINE phase conjugate Vortex PAIRS- golden ratio Tetra- became SRI YANTRA in 3D (below animations) (& )


112click above for more images in this series

to add context here- we insert a short exerpt from the above link: " here is our context - we wish to demonstrate that the WAY you can shamanically reinhabit the long wave body (TIME ) to steer it - is to SHAMANICALLY RECAPITULATE. Practically this means that if you can turn your day into a movie you watch with dispassion (and no interruptions to replay undigested emotional melodrama) - just before bed - then your day is compressed enough into the shareable wave - to become immortal in the soul of your DNA (which is ALL of DNA). You have 'turned' 'compressed' memory into CHARGE in the flame in blood (the common information fountain of survival value charge symmetry- only definition of immortality) - - compression into acceleration.

Next noticing that our planetary genepool is about to die - due to a natural climax of the Sun's ("seyfert" orgasm - )- we decide to Shamanically Recapitulate the last few centuries of our genepools LIES TO ITSELF.

SO - we undertake to get a nice BIRDS EYE VIEW - of the greatest LIES of history. (When we lie to ourselves we create inner fractionation of DNA memory - which is the only real definition DEATH has).

Before we are considered anti-Jewish, let us have some compassion for the poor angry kid - Enlil / Yalweh / Amun / Michael / Michabo - here. His younger brother is smarter than he is, and portents to take over the family (An) inheritance. Now he finds out only Enki has the DNA capable of being taught how to haul souls in and out of bardo / death. Enlil wanders the globe for centuries looking for DNA with enough 'implosion' to replace his missing soul - why Michabo / the Ashkans are always trying to marry ( and later abduct - as Greys/ Dracs do) only the indigenous peoples whose DNA is charge embedded enough to lucid dream / make gravity / have a soul / survive death. He is stuck with the Alpha Draconis DRACO genetic law of his political party (Nephilim) which became India's CASTES, Australian Aboriginal strict marriage rules, and Jewish SEX GUILT - all designed to PREVENT DNA from changing / evolving / getting free / making gravity / become stars. (remember - if you plant a genepool - don't let it get free or you may be deprived of your harvest - plus on Alpha Draconis the definition of WEAK DNA is change ).

PLUS the mother (Aide) of his upstart younger half brother ( Enki / Atum / Ea / Merk / Lucifer ) has just arranged the murder of his own mother ( Urash / Ur-Assa )- out of jealousy for the love of An (back on Sirius ). Enlil/ Michael makes a name for himself murdering Dragons ever since. Enki's mom Aide was winged Dragon blue blood 'Paa Taal / Ptah - back from her Rigelian days. Enki's kids Thoth / Hermes etc. convey that (Rigelian copper ) blue black blood - for which Egypt was named (KHEM as in alKHEMY, KHEMistry = ability to create BLACK holes / implode by charge symmetry in blood- check the recent physics measuring back holes made by DNA - ) into Nubian / Ethiopian and later become the "KI-LImanjaro" and BLACK MADONNA story. Then Enki gets to have all the fun - cooking up the powerful DNA ( Eve / Isis / later Akhanaton - who became Moses). So every time Enlil tries to get a family of humanoids to prey off of and parasite emotion juices from ( his glands just can't make any) - the only good stuff comes from his hated brother (why else would Ann Rice historically elaborately describe 'ENKIL??' - as father of all thickening vampire blood ?). Details: how the Jewish religion is a dead end astral conveyor belt to deliver hapless human souls as food into the mouth of the perennially hungry and parasitic ghost ENLIL- . In a new related newsletter we deal with the SHAPE of this hungry ghost ( symbolized as Eagle -eating snakes / souls) as the NINTH GATE, NINTH DOOR, NINTH BARDO TEST - etc. as origins of THE NINE -below..- more complete story - ET origins of DNA: , and


Dante's INFERNO, Jason and the ARgonauts, Journey to the Center of the Earth, the Mayan "Nine Lords of the Night", the Egyptian ENNEAD, Virgil's AENEID, Hopi's PESHMEHTEN, the NINE Tiers of Palenque, DEEP SPACE NINE, and Puharich's THE NINE .

Dan W. - Our original articles exploring the wormhole established by the exact 60 degree conic array from the Solar system to Pleaides and Sirius with Orion at the foci - gravity wind for star and bardo navigating (recursion inviting compression of stellar masses) - called PESHMEHTEN ( 'One Less than TEN - THE WAY OF THE NINE' in Hopi ) are at , and ... inspired in part from
..the Flight of the Navigator thru Robert Morningsky's "Guardians of the Grail". The history in sequence : ("Return of ENKI"): , then - , , ,,

No matter who sees the 9 levels to the astral / 'Inferno' underworld our of death's dream
- the geometry appears clear:

Steer thru 9 layers or embedded bubbles: and you are then face to face with the 9th gate- Eagle who would eat you (most likely Enlil / Yalweh's hungry ghost - see below)

You have yourself become the Eagle..
.. thanks to Ramon: "Hi Dan:

"I was browsing on Dante´s Divine Comedy and I found in some maps of the inferno. :

As you see all of them represents a Vortex- generally with NINE steps inside, perhaps it means that you have to have enough gravity, enough acceleration to pass them and go direct to the Sun.
So this, for me represents that you have to do your Inner Work so you can create what is needed to pas through the inferno" - Ramón

Could it be that you must see your way around 9 steps in the DNA wratchet til you come to the tenth full turn (Implosion ?) Dan..
 This was made by Bartolomeo(reminds of 'What Dreams May Come' film-Robin Williams... Soul retrieval - requires...)


Dante's INFERNO, Jason and the ARgonauts
(9 tests), Journey to the Center of the Earth (9 trials-before emergence), the Mayan "Nine Lords of the Night", the Egyptian ENNEAD, Virgil's AENEID (1 ,2 ), Hopi's PESHMEHTEN, the NINE Tiers of Palenque, DEEP SPACE NINE, and Puharich's THE NINE .

This one was made by Boticelli

 This by Mandelbaum.
Which deadly SIN will trap you at What Layer Within??

 Each inferno is where souls get caught, according to the nature of the incompleteness of their charge- See notes on the Van Allen belt - where the fractality of the Solar System breaks down due to the Marduk wound - WHERE SOULS GET STUCK - ref: ,

This pic by Sapegno

 In the Nine Infernos in Dante - Divine Comedy.. at the end after 9 infernos (concentric membranes inside the charge field of your blood) you reach: p-UR- ka-ta ur ee-- purgatory = penetrate the UR (the real dragon current is the shapeshifter of your bloods field).

Gurdjieff says purgatory is the most holy planet - if you reach that far you have done well. Then you play the mayan ball game to the death for the right to pass. The keymaker is the right of passage. who has more knowledge about the laws of the universe. Practically the inner kinesthetic knowing of the laws of symmetry of what makes your heart BIGGER / compression-compassion-feelingis who's aura 'consumes' whom.

EnKi / Atum = Leader of the Nine Annunaki 'Gods' = Egyptian ENNEAD = THE NINE from "The Stargate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett and Clive Princebook about the origins of 'The Nine'"= Puharich's Group roots of - Phyllis Schlemmer, Star Trek, Hurtak, Hoagland, Myers-Percy 'Aulis Press' Two Thirds etc... origins..

Re: Aquarian Conspiracy: "In this extraordinary book the true identity of the Nine - and of Tom (their voice) - was finally revealed. Far from being the chummy character that his rather avuncular name suggests, Tom is actually Atum, the creator-god of the ancient Egyptian religion of Heliopolis, and Uncle Tom with his eight mates are none other than the Great Ennead of Heliopolis."

(Insert here from Dan W.: ATUM is commonly known as ENKI - EA - in for example Sitchen's scholarship - particularly as in ENLIL / AMUN - versus ENKI / ATUM. AkanATUN - 's son TutankAMUN was forced to the AMUN name when Enlil's AMUN mushroom addicted priests got the upper hand when their banking control forced Akhanaton's escape to the desert where he was renamed MOSES - the gold powder cook. The ARK he swiped however for supplying votage for gold powder manufacturer cost the AMUN / ENLIL cult their main source of money - which is why they chased him forcing him to hide so well - ref: "Copper Scrolls" & "The Sacred Ark".)

(No wonder Bentov solemnly announced to me that the miracle entities of THE NINE who dropped airline tickets mysteriously to Puharich - were no more than lo grade spooks - he was on the opposite side of Puharich in the Isreali conflict.)

KEY PLAYERS IN 'THE NINE": - (from Dan Winter.) I spent a great deal of time and energy personally with Andrija Puharich, Ben Bentov, Ira Einhorn, Arthur Young- and that circle. I also have had extensive contact with the stories of Hurtak, Hoagland, and recently wrote in great part about the David Myers, David Percy "Two Thirds" story ( ). So - I would like to put a bigger stamp to the relatively shallow picture painted by "The Stargate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince which claims to look at the so called sinister origins of "The Nine"

Ninth Gate - Film - by Roman Polanski..looking for the devil - "The only thing more terrifying than searching for the devil - is finding him." Circle of Iron.. movie Bruce Lee- find the book to enlightenment. Like in Bible Code - Enlil - trying to find the original book...Drakul code books (Seraphim genetic records stored as fields on plates- aka Moroni) - split in half - like twinning proves youir resolution in optical microscopy - into 2 brothers- 2 angelic families - Ophanic / Seraphic. (Enlil is the Encoder in Bible Code 2 - desperate for the key to languages origin- / symmetry key to how DNA gets a soul-implodes - he 'lost' it somewhere - in the same plains of Sinai where his nuclear bombs always go off...) The keepers of the book (Enlil / Yalweh's people) are not themselves enlightened.. if you cannot do it teach it.. their sacrifice (to hungry ghost) means the secret cannot be lost --Navigate the turns - learn the symmetry laws.. sort the van allen - (draco ) pass the labyrinth-- then you can pass the shot like of BA from a KA thru the Sun's heart.

-- Lost Book of Enki by Sitchen: (not to be confused with "Return of Enki" by Dan Winter) - review: " The Egyptian myth concerning the beginning, Genesis one, is called "Sep Tepi." (See "Gods of Eden" by Andrew Collins or reference "Edfu Texts" online.) Collins makes a very good case for connecting Kumarbi and Alalu to "the first time", where they fight a tremendous battle with "serpent" deities called Aa and Wa, who undoubtedly were Ea and Ra. Kumarbi and Alalu lose the battle, and paradise sinks beneath the sea, and is called "the Island of the Trampling." The landmass rises again, only now there are new "gods" running the show, one of whom is called "The Lord, mighty-chested, who made slaughter, the Soul who lives on blood." These being then give birth to eight other gods, called "Shebtiu", which are called "the Ogdoad" in the Theban myths. The Ogdoad/Shebtiu then give birth to nine other gods, which correspond to the Egyptian Ennead, and eventually this race of Anunnaki gods, gives rise to the Horace Kings, the "Re-heraky" (Ra hierarchy) associated with the Egyptian sphinx, and the "royal blood" of the lion kings of both the Egyptian and Hebrew races. "

So - lets get the big picture right: head of the nine was Atum who is Enki. Opposite to Yalweh - God of the Jews, is ENCODER in Bible Code, AMUN (Enlil) is the murderer of ATUM/ ATON (Enki's kids) in Egypt (Akhanaton et al).. Same guy identified with the veritable ORIGIN of all murderous behavior on Earth . When Ann Rice succinctly describes the very thick blood origin of vampire line as ENKIL - she rather embraces the confusion between Enlil vs Enki. ( end exerpt from )

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Update- January 09:

WHY there are NINE layers in the Plasma Field of LIFE:

New Hypothesis from Michael Heleus- see BOTTOM here...

Please support us-by ordering the new DVD set below - while you enjoy the TWO new major online FILM intro's to the NEW FRACTAL SCIENCE OF LIFE..
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In order to introduce you properly to the simple wave geometry physics for how a WHALE DREAM (spell) means a blossoming star inhabiting, plasma storm steering, charge field which emerges from coherent emotion / bliss fired DNA - we start with ... another movie..

Introduction- to the 'magical' 'bridge to the stars' using the physics of phase conjugation in DNA :

The science behind the new movie: The Last Mimzy

Please read the background - how physicists like Gariev in Russia have explained their measurements of DNA making little black hole gravity effects - by saying that the opposing optical light conic helix in DNA make PHASE CONJUGATION: (wave physics to origin of perception)
... It is important to see how these two opposing - Sri Yantra / Mandala like - 'phase conjugate' paths of charge / light entering DNA excited / braided by the fractal field of BLISS - is precisely - the HOLY GRAIL (in the blood):

After the children open the cyberbot DNA seek engine- toy star gate and magic rabbit - from the stars they find on the beach...

They are informed that something in their DNA is supposed to form a BRIDGE TO THE STARS..

The people of the future have a problem with their genes - and they desperately seek the solution by finding a seed for the perfect (fractal) in the DNA of the past...

Then the little boy - wins the science fair with a model of that bridge - using a spider web which looks like a double cone vortex (phase conjugate: "reciprocal lattice?")

Captivated by the logo of the secret package from the stars they find- the boy keeps doodling its picture in his scrapbook (during his science class on DNA) - which then captivates his science teacher who is shocked to find it is an accurate portrayal of the ancient sacred Tibetan mandala.. 'map to the stars'...

The ancient Tibetan Kalachakra Mandala - is widely regarded to be based on Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio basis of the related SRI YANTRA is animated below.. (9 - 3D Golden Ratio Triangle / Tetra)

Then the boy finds that focusing on the double vortex (Sri Yantra like / phase conjugating) wave guide 'toy' - creates a POWER SURGE - which upsets even 'national security'...

Finally - the little Mimzy doll - super sophisticated ET artificial intelligence toy - catches ONE little tear- wept by the pure little girl - the solution to millenia of lost DNA physics - and returns to the stars and the future - via a wormhole which looks like..

The same -Sri Yantra... (End visual exerpts - intro to "Science of Mimzy")


The POINT is to understand - that the SRI YANTRA is a childs 2D intro to the 3D physics of how concentric PLASMA (or light cones) PHASE CONJUGATE..
This phase conjugation (constructive inertia collapse) IS the ORIGIN OF PERCEPTION - - which also introduces you to how getting electrically FRACTAL IN BLISS MAKES THE GRAVITY NEEDED TO ALLOW YOU TO STEER A PLASMA STORM / 'TORNADO' -
Mathematic evidence that this ELECTRICAL FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY> , ,

And below we shall see - the concentric vortex CONES - like in the SRI YANTRA - which CAUSE gravity making PHASE CONJUGATION - do it in nests of NINE.. (see the Los Alamos Lab Model of the Earth Plasma Storm / Whale Dream / called Vishnu.. below)

When we first investigated the deep 3D geometric wave guide physics origins of the SRI YANTRA.. we were fascinated to learn it consisted of NINE - 3D nested GOLDEN MEAN Triangle / Tetra:

Sri Yantra Morph and 3D 5-7 Turn Inside Out Slipknot Map at

Virtual Zoom Thru of this "Sri Yantra", inspired by Rick Henderson, in VRML Virtual at

The background: Pat Flanagan, with dream help from Sai Baba kindly shared his construction of the Sri Yantra from NINE (PHASE CONJUGATING?) embedded or nested Golden Mean Triangles at Sri Yantra and Hydrogen: 3D PHI?


I was chatting with neuroscientist and perception expert Steve L about his model that PERCEPTION IS BASED ON PHASE CONJUGATION..

He had arrived at his conclusion - phase conjugation was the mechanism of perception - completely independantly from our work. We quoted his article in our presentation: perception=phase conjugation: - altho our conclusion about phase conjugation was based (quite differently) originally on our measurements that GOLDEN MEAN RATIO optimizing phase conjugation was the indication of PEAK PERCEPTION in brainwaves.

In Steve's discussion - on his excellent web site- he also created an intuitive graphic article about how phase conjugation works. His picture shows the mechanism of phase conjugation in a CONIC AREA within the path where two wave fronts oppose. He calls this a 'reciprocal lattice'.

We agreed that probably the perfect 'plasma storm' at the center of phase conjugation was probably the reason that phase conjugating wave systems (like phase conjugate mirrors) appear to self organize eliminating chaos.

When I asked HOW he came to his independant conclusion - as a neuroscientist - that PHASE CONJUGATION is the mechanism of PERCEPTION - he described, from his paper - noting how the eye seems able to self sort or self organize the location of boundary conditions within a field of vision. I suggest this is a beautiful parallel to PHASE CONJUGATION FIELDS in general. It is very relevant to read in the physics of PHASE CONJUGATE electric field: "Alice in Barium Titanate Land" how the PHASE CONJUGATE parts of the (plasma) field appear to SELF ORGANIZE in order to LOCATE EACH OTHER!


because here the compression density across all frequencies and wavelengths- would only allow those waves sorted to the phase conjugate and fractal phase discipline to emerge. Herein I believe- lies the symmetry physics of the origin of COLOR , perception and gravity.

the only approach angle for the wave cones coming from opposite direction to phase conjugate

(totally constructive interference in a 'reciprocal lattice)

would be from the dodeca cone angles

which would be color angles..

(hex view of dodec as primary colors

each of which 60 degree cone in 3d is the same as mix in 4 wave mixing?

(because the x,y,z axis vertex values of all nodes in infinite dodeca stellations are powers of 1.618

So 4 cones around the x,y,z axis with which lifted the golden spiral into 3D - get sushon pics here-

here is that cone.. (grail)

Which is the path into DNA- which Peter Gariev - after measuring DNA making Black Holes- says is PHASE CONJUGATING..

(the holy grail)

would outline a complete path into the 6 pair of cones - with THE SAME VERTEX- of the nested DODECAHEDRON- (60 degrees cones into concentric dodeca)

- THE COLOR PURPLE - is almost precisely GOLDEN RATIO to the RED. -

WHY EVERY PLANT BOUNCES OUT THE GREEN! > the 90 degree angle for green is the only angle (color) excluded by biology (the reason plants are green) - because at 90 degrees (cubic) it cannot PHASE CONJUGATE! This also explains WHY green is the strongest perceived color (you see both sides of the donut photon).

quote from : "Re: our discovery that Fractality and PHASE CONJUGATION were the origin symmetry and mechanism of COLOR -

The KEY to the physics of color- is PHASE CONJUGATION- - see update:

Note there how GOLDEN RATIO (phase conjugation) to Planck - PRECISELY predicts the 2 frequencies which power PHOTOSYNTHESIS.. clue to the physics of COLOR.

Plot of TILT ANGLE (bottom x axis on graph) of the (toroidal) PHOTON called COLOR predicts WHY the primary colors have the wavelength they do -

(it is obvious now the reason the cone of the eye is the only place color is perceived, because in wave mechanics only a cone as an antenna can measure phase angle or tilt - in this case measuring the tilt or phase angle of the photon travelling as a donut / torus - which we then call COLOR)

angles predicting color wavelengths- as the angles of a tetrahedron IN a dodeca.
I noticed that - the ONLY angles (63 and 117 degrees -P2 + P3) which were not cubic (45/90/135 degrees, 4 wave mixing in the optics of phase conjugation) were SIMPLY THE INTERNAL and EXTERNAL FACE ANGLES OF A DODECAHEDRON. And since I was the first to publish that the dodeca stellation ( & icosa interdigitation) produce - infinite nodes ALL of which x,y,z vertex values being simply mulitples of Golden RATIO - I then framed the original hypothesis this was evidence that PHASE CONJUGATION (literally the ability of phase angles to conjugate constructively) was the cause of COLOR.

See above graphic - PHASE CONJUGATION at the center of GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD producing DODECAHEDRON- produces an increasingly broad band PLASMA IMPLOSION at the center, which THEN "SELF ORGANIZES" SORTS AND ELIMINATES EVERY SPECTRAL WAVE NOT IN PHASE - (in addition to being the origin of gravity, and perception and life and consciousness) - is the CAUSE OF COLOR.

THE CAUSE OF COLOR: The broad spectral bandwidth implosive plasma fusion at the center of PHASE CONJUGATION -("this is the way phase conjugation.." - pic above) thus sorts and eliminates all toroid photons that do not fit the dodeca --phase conjugating face angles - and thus produces the 3 dimensional photon phase or tilt discipline called COLOR. (next pic) 2 dimensional models of the physics of color simply are not complete.END QUOTE from previous article

-- I was then meditating on WHY these interpenetrating cones of PHASE CONJUGATION -were always modelling using NINE CONES.. (sentence continues below)

these next 3 images are from John Fanuzzi - - with gratitude!

note above- the recurrence of NINE... (thanks John!)


In the below - using Los Alamos plasma physics of the greatest terrestrial plasma storm (Vishnu?) - showing the distinct NINE stacked (phase conjugating?) vortex - to suggestion why the NINE golden ratio vortex tetra - were nested to make the SRI YANTRA. (and the great NINE of .. Enneagram, Ennead, Peshmehten, Deep Space Nine, Annunaki NINE, Palenque NINE, Dante's Inferno NINE, Nine Pagoda roofs etc etc..)


The question of why there were NINE - in this (Sri Yantra) nest - is very similar to our question below - when we tried to learn WHY - the Hopi - called the wave path to ORION / Galaxy Heart - PESHMEHTEN - which means THE WAY OF THE NINE- ..


Also much related: Crop Circle Analysis called :The WORD IS NINE"


We had to believe the shape of the path into the stars - implied by all this ancient spiritual cosmogeny - was based somehow in deep physics ... well now we know... The hotest subject in PLASMA STELLAR PHYSICS TODAY (practically the entire Plasma Physics Dept - at the famous Los Alamos ) is after they spent years modelling the NINE NESTED TOROIDS which formed the PLASMA STORM FROM THE GALAXY HEART which has pretty much toasted all Earth DNA every 7 thousand years or so, they were mystified to find that the results of their hottest computer models - had already been carved on the ROCKS IN THEIR PARKING LOT by indigenous tribes thousands of years ago - AND on literally hundreds of ancient petroglyphs from virtually every major ancient tribe AROUND THE GLOBE...

That plasma storm - was called VISHNU..

read on - the plot thickens...

In the movie WHALE DREAMERS- produced with Julian Lennon's support - by our friends Kim Kindersley - and Australian western shaman Steve Tribbeck... we are introduced to the potential star inhabiting - nature of the long electric wave of the 'whale dream'...

In a key opening scene in Whale Dreamers, the Mirning whale dreaming shaman explain how the Portal into the Stars- emanates from the Whale Tale shaped coast on the 'bite' in South Adelaide, where they have gone for centuries to CALL THE WHALE and ENTER INTO THEIR DREAMING (the scale of their field effect embeds in the shaman's biology).

Compare this star gate magnetic portal in South Australia - down the WHALE MAGNETIC LINE which comes from Uluru - to the PLASMA STORM: Vishnu - which modern physics has now connected to precisely South Australia's near- south pole magnetics.

See the Apple of the Whale Eye:

I say - What a beautiful example of the principle how conjugation of phases - perfect wave collapse CAUSES PERCEPTION!

Compare to Perfect Embedding - Animation of Spin Path to Perfect Charge Compression (Mass Creation)<link)
Then compare to:
from, , "CAMV is essentially a Penning trap". Could we make a guess as to what is the geometry of the perfect 'trap'? could it be perfect recursion? (Phi)..(see next 'cardioid' phases embed / animation) - Phi tuned caddeuceus... / (phase) consumed in perspective

Here Michael Heleus - helps us understand the sacred mystical nature of the EYE OF THE WHALE (his b4c quadrilateral -link below) -"People's lives may be transformed just looking into the eye of a whale - see - (from that link) "That immense...intense and impeccable eye"
> Staring into THE EYE OF THE WHALE certainly seems to be a mystical experience. Unfortunately on the whale watching trips I've been on you get no closer to the whales than the deck of the ship. Not close up and personal (sometimes even rubbing and patting the "friendly whales")as is the case in Baja, California, with watching the Gray whales from small Zodiac boats. Perhaps you are like me then and (unlike the author) know nothing about the metaphysical powers of whales and their ability to bring about meditative and contemplative states in mankind while imparting transcendental wisdom. This book is therefore equal parts a journey of self discovery by the author and a natural history and scientific discourse on the Pacific Gray whale. For my liking there are just a few too many experiences here such as this one by a marine biologist: "It was a calf and I could see its eye looking into my eyes...I knew we were talking..." Mr Spock mind-melds with Gracie the Humpback a la STAR TREK: THE VOYAGE HOME.
- - here Michael Heleus continues: " Folds of skin around a whale's eye approximate pretty well the B4C quadrilateral--see, and quadrilateral illustration, -from Michael"

Michael calls this(his): Basic Four Constants (B4C) Circle Expansion/Contraction Ratio Coordination- AS SEEN IN THE EYE OF THE WHALE



Whale Dreaming:

Line - thru Wilpena pound, grid point 44, (about 80k E. of Wilpena)

thru this peninsula to antartica

Adnamatna and Auntie Lorraine - Bundalung

How Bon-Po Master steers the flame by symmetry..


More reading on Aboriginal view of Star Lore / Star Dreaming..

compare cherokee flame dance.. vs adawi vs letters


compare with golem making physics


vs- tiller -attention=charge compression

vs geller - attention reduces radioactivity

vs winter- attention=fractality AND fractality is how atoms make gravity


compare with what should have been film FLAME IN THE MIND - vs- Pi vs Phi (movies)

plasma storm is a big tornado which needs steering.. see how kundalini does that (ref)

see pic shiva in a plasma storm

compare with the physics of the procedure which allows shamans to steer a tornado (/dowsing)

compare with how you see dna fold sequences (dimensional ascention) at moment of death (kluver)

add reprint - jens paper - note new map there

compare with how shaman (raym) uses crystals in this geometry (compare to rock carving of crown array) to access deep memory - AND how that triggered measureable bliss (angie).



Re:Vishnu's 'Surge of Mauj" =bliss storm = how plasma storm is entered and steered :

notes from skype call: Prash Trivedi (PT) notes: the vishnu connection with the whale is true beyond a doubt
8:30 PM

actually did a whale ritual in 2005 near adelaide ... so it all fits
8:35 PM

'surge of mauj' is just 'surge of bliss' ... that is a common denominator is all vishnu tales ( dreamspells)
8:35 PM

vishnu has these 9 avatars - the first one is a whale
8:36 PM

the next tortoise and so forth to human in the 5th

Dan Winter- wrote: 8:36 PM
bliss surge is the physics of how you enter (steer) plasma storm..a whale 'dream'

PT responded:the 'whale' avatar has always been a metaphor for navigation through the 'celestial waters' ( the ocean in the plasma universe) to a place outside the turbulent waters of ths soup of consciousness


Jason Nardone -wrote , - Hello there,
there is a book called Srimad Bhagavatam also known as the Puranas
and this has the story of Vishnu and the surge of his Mauj there. The
best translation I´ve found of this book is by Kamala Subramanyiam. If
you have probs getting hold of a copy let me know and I´ll have a pop.


related: Louis writes: Dan , The Arcturus Probe describes the story of how the probe attempts to sound the 'fifth force' - the 'Xymox' 'Rang@ which allows the destroyed maldek planet - now the astroid belt according to bodes law there should be a planet where the astroid belt now is - maldek was the planet of wizard and serpent - and there where full on reptilian sex parties with full chakra union at the planets centre until it was destroyed by a jet of plasma from saturn - one from jupiter wiped out the mars colony - and the 12 (1 jovian year) - 60 year (jupiter and saturn conjunct) timing frequency - the clock, mechanical time and jobspell in the technosphere - took off....more later!best


Is the Atu-Waa - (Eastern Australia?) time reset device - functionally equivalent to the KOALA 'time controller'- equal to the PHASE CONJUGATE (phase conjugation in optics causes time reversal)- the main issue of contention - between the Vulturite vs Reptilian - of the Annunaki. Why do all sources agree this switch is Australian -(relationship to PINE GAP?) if not equal to the WHALE LINE - Vishnu plasma. Entering this plasma - requires the phase conjugation - called TIME RESET? It would sort all ambient charge fields into phase - particularly including DNA. Note that since time - which is reversed in optical phase conjugation - merely names charge rotation- see fractaltime.

This next section is exerpted from: Sunset Eclipse, Lyndhurst Austrlia-

Men on a ritual journey of circumcision to meet First Father as the primordial ego submits to Cosmic Intent.

Below: Wilpena Pound - Volcanic Cauldera -of the EYE - Flinders Range .. the Kingfisher

Wilpena Pound, where as above so below duplicates the cosmic foreskin that surrounds the Sun on Mother Earth.

The world's leading plasma physicists at Los Alamos - modelled the geometry of the massive millions mile long plasma beam that zaps the Earth - toward the South pole (Australia / Southern Cross). ( Southern Cross geometric / in hypercube called CHACANA- also determine the alphabet of the symmetry of charge entry into DNA- discussion )

Then those same physicists (Tony Peratt- see list below- in conjunction which John McGovern - who has been interpreting the Seraphic / Flame Letter / Ophanic scipts on the Flinders Range Wilpena Pound for years)

stepped out into their own parking lot to see rock carvings all over from thousands of years ago - showing the results of their latest equations. Apparently as almost every ancient culture on Earth made rock carvings of this plasma beam (below) - the amount of the body (named VISHNU) of the beam - they carved in their rock - was proportional to their latitude above the south pole determining how much of it they saw. The regular visits of this body of "GOD" - timing is called YUGA?

re: two opposite light cones producing phase conjugation - and therefore - awareness / perception / gravity / centripedal force..

compare the two opposing cones - creating (phase conjugation) in

1. the two cones which are the gravity lens of the shape of orion:

(ANTAREAN CONVERSION - universal symbol of Orion pics from

NOTE Particularly in the above that the HOPI NAME for this CONE OF GRAVITY FROM ORION _ is THE WAY OF THE NINE!

note that altho we said this WAS the Annuaki NINE - and Egyptian Ennead and Deep Space NINE-

in detailed discussions at , and and - the origin of all religions from the Annunaki NINE - at

Even why their are NINE ANGELIC LINEAGES..(youtube)

BUT it is now clear the physics of the origin of the NINE - (The nine golden ratio cone / tetra -phase conjugating - called SRI YANTRA)

it is the shape of the plasma arc (see nine donuts in cascade) which Kundalini's the Earth - phase locking all DNA - and toasting the rest. -as reported by most Every culture in rock carving.. from ancient times..

2. the two cones forming the star tetra / flag of Isreal and Alpha Draconis

3. the two cones forming the phase conjugate opposing helix which cause DNA to make measureable black holes / gravity - as discussed by Peter Gariav-

4. these two opposing cones in DNA - are called Yod (cone away from mouth in phoneme pressure geometry / power spectra of Hebrew)

vs Vau (Yod Hed Vau He - being not just the NAME of Yalweh / Enlil - and the NAME of Krishna - but more particularly the QUALITY OF THE BLOOD ( DNA implosive)--

see opposing cones in DNA in KEYS OF ENOCH...below


We probably need to consider what alignment with galaxy core is the trigger event of the plasma storm - which is the subject of the rest of this article.

(note below where the Maya prophecy of 2012 predicts a SERPENT LADDER - could this be the plasma?)


Could this (plasma storm) be the real galactic superwave? (and related to the SEYFERT galaxy phenomena - aka Paul LaViolette )

Introducing - Plasma Storm - Alien Figures in the sky- intro to VISHNU - in the Plasma Storm - from the Rock Carvings- FILM:

begin exerpt from william henry

(Image above and next 3 down are from William Henry film at link)
In this film William Henry explains the heart of the Maya 2012 prediction is that a "Serpent Ladder"
descends from the Galaxy Core (THE PLASMA NINE????) Up Which Advanced Beings Can Climb / Descend

"A transportation system upon which a group of enlightened beings (THE NINE??) will travel to our world"
We experience the COSMIC CROSS (per the Maya) - compare also with the Chacanna / Hypercube -DNA Plasma Wave

"the christed one steps out of the eye of the needle (could this be vishnu's envelope)

stepping out of an 8 rayed cross (could this be the chacanna).

Transfiguration of Great Perfection, or Mandorla- being the charge envelope? (kundalini vs steering the plasma storm...

end William Henry exerpt

Serpent is Cux-zak tSum - this is HOW YOU SURF ZUVUYAH


So what is the envelope from which this being emerges... could it be plasma storm - with a certain geometry?


above: Vishnu - as the inhabitor of a PLASMA ENVELOPE - is 'God' in effect not the coherent and self organizing, willful and centripedal 'consciousness' of the PLASMA which forms star systems.. AND regularly comes to see if anything which has matured of Earth's genetic conscious 'fruit' which can 'sweeten' (become the gravity of) her 'envelope'. Remember - clearly as stars mature - they require a centripedal and self organizing electric field to stabilize their awareness.

Quote here from "The God Within: A Testament of VISHNU" book by Elwood Babbitt and Charles Hapgood: (p.30_)- Vishnu: "I speak from that great ocean of Tranquillity. I speak from the Ring of Compassion, an outer Ring of true Tranquillity. I use this word for it is the only one I find that expresses the complete balance of all Infinitude. I am like the stone tossed into an ocean, whose ripples reach the outer ring where vibration has the consistency of all Eternity. I have waited through aeons of vibration finally to express from your spirit to mine and mine to yours the great expansion of the universe that you trod.
Aye, it has been long, yet it comes with a mighty force for you little understsnd why you have been chosen for a task that comes upon one among millions in this world. I speak of your writing, 'Earth's Shifting Crust'. For though there may be the slippage of many layers of dust there is also a consideration of your spirit whereby you must realize that the fires that burn within the bowels of the earth shall also proclaim an expansion on the crust upon which you live. I speak to you not in the vibration of the illusory things of earth; I concern myself not with the moment nor with the earth time of that which shall come, yet I do impress upon your spirit a coming expansion of vibration that shall reverberate within the heavens. For all of mankind the approach of this CANOPY OF SPIRIT shall establish a balance, and thus before you lies the great task, yes, even in the face of great adversities, to proclaim that which is to come...."

--commentary- the ring of compassion is the size of the gravity making fractal electric field of the human heart - which learns the geometry of perfect implosive compression in the art of choosing to FEEL - to embed within - called compassion. (See how the EKG - harmonics at the moment of compassion's bliss- measureably programs the braiding / implosion in DNA). This establishes a Ring Pass Knot - barrier / membrane which can potentially (if fractal) grow to the necessary bounds of the universe - encompassing the PLASMA ARC - see below - CALLED VISHNU. This thus enables your aura (spirit / implosive biologic charge field) to inhabit it's inheritance - the stars - and in the process - fabricate the necessary self organizing gravity making field stability - to steer and survive the compression - of this lightening- so very essential to the primary design of DNA. This very much (in a phase conjugate way) returns the 'complement' from the 'time' lightning impressed upon DNA it's potential centripedal gravity making qualities - at the moment proteins were turned in to DNA by the centripedal polarity of the one way ennantiomorphic lightening - key agent in PRIMAL SOUP.

suggesting a new interpretation to Jose Arguelles quote: from

"Pacal VOTAN, the letters said, was alive at the time of the building of the Tower of Babel, at the time of Noah, and was one of the prophets who followed Noah. It was Pacal VOTAN, they noted, who sailed from the old world to the new and founded the city of Palenque. It is also said that he traveled from a distant place called Valum Chivum, a star place, to this planet and built a tower. Beneath that tower was a rock, and Pacal VOTAN traveled through this rock by means of a serpent's ladder, and was said to have made four visits to this rock. This is what was told in the lost book of the tales of Pacal VOTAN.

In the same year, 1692, in the prophecies of the Chilam Balam, Juan Martinez, the shipwrecked sailor, tells the story of finding a golden house with four doors, nine levels and thirteen courtyards. If it were not for these two accounts about Pacal VOTAN, we would know very little of what we know today concerning time. In The Mayan Factor I refer to Pacal VOTAN as the head navigator of the Mayan technical expedition to planet Earth, which left behind keys and codes of time. Because of my description of him in The Mayan Factor, I was later rewarded for having understood this dimension of Pacal VOTAN.

In 1952 (when I was 13 years old) and archaeologist named Alberto Ruz discovered the tomb of Pacal VOTAN. He noticed a curious stone in the floor of the pyramid, Temple of the Inscriptions, at its top. He lifted up this stone in 1949 and saw some rubble and one other thing: a tube made out of something like ceramic tiles. Ruz said later on that if it had not been for that tube, he never would have removed the rubble. He started digging out the stairway that from the floor of the temple at the top of the pyramid down to the tomb and the sarcophagus below. As he dug out that rubble, he noticed that the tube ran all the way down into the tomb itself. He opened the huge door to that tomb on June 15, 1952. Ruz said it was awesome and mystical, because he knew that door hadn't been opened since 692. He said he could feel the breath of the last people who closed that door. He saw that that tube went right into the tomb. If it had not been for the tube, that tomb would not have been found!

What was that tube? Alberto Ruz figured it was a speaking tube through which Pacal VOTAN functioned as an oracle speaking from the Earth to the temple above. This tube was called Telektonon, the Earth-spirit-speaking-tube.

I knew about this tomb, too; even before the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 we traveled to Palenque on guidance from Pacal VOTAN to perform a ceremony. We went to Palenque again in 1989 with our beloved (and befuddled) friend Hunbatz Men, who was able to get clearance with the Mexican government and the archeological institute INA to have ceremony at Palenque on March 12, 1989. It was the first time there had been ceremony there in many years -- perhaps a millennium. When we marched in with Aztec dancers and arrived at the Temple of Inscriptions, Hunbatz Men asked me to do the invocation. I did the invocation, the opening of Palenque, and then we didi a meditation on the steps. Afterward, brother Hunbatz asked me, "What did Pacal VOTAN say to you, brother Jose?" And I said, "Brother Hunbatz, Pacal VOTAN came to me and said that he was going to return, or that his information was going to return and in a form that would make it universally available for every human being on the planet, no matter whether they'd ever heard of Palenque or not." That was March 12, 1989, day Nine Star on the Dreamspell calendar.

From the Harmonic Convergence we knew that we had to keep working with the mathematical codes, and that the Harmonic Convergence proved that the prophecy was correct. What prophecy? The prophecy of the Harmonic Convergence. This is a living prophecy, the prophecy of the thirteen Heavens and the nine Hells. I had learned this from Tony Shearer, in his book Lord of the Dawn, published in 1971. (Tony is a Moab hiding out.) Tony gave me this information in 1970, saying that the thirteen Heavens and the nine Hells each had 52 years, the first of these cycles beginning in 843 A.D.

To review, Pacal VOTAN lived from 631 to 683 A.D. The closing of his tomb and its dedication was in 692 A.D. The seven generations (which is also part of the prophecy) were from 692 to 830 A.D., at the closing of the tenth baktun. The thirteen years of waiting ended in 843 A.D. at the beginning of the thirteen Heaven cycles, which ended August 16-17, 1987. What was to come after the nine Hell cycles? The Harmonic Convergence was the opening to the final cycle.

The Harmonic Convergence prophecy said that these dates (August 16 and 17, 1987) mark the beginning of the final 25 years of the 13-baktun cycle, the cycle of history that ran from 3113 B.C. to 2012 A.D. as well as the final 26 years of the 26,000 year cycle, to the beginning of the new cycle in 2013, a 25 to 26 year closeout. The prophecy said that if 144,000 people were able to greet the Sun on this day, August 16, and remain in meditation circles for these days, that would open the doors to saving the planet. The prophecy also said that only by returning to nature would we be able to save the planet. In other words, the Harmonic Convergence prophecy said that the age of materialism was now to be over, and that we were to return to nature somehow or another."
end quote

The nine is the nine below...?

Baa bel - see Bo

(I was born.. 11 (nov) 13,1952...

Now the plasma physics:- the deep meaning the THE NINE.. continued...

Meet VISHNU? The Plasma Lightning Rod Which Ignites/ births Earth out of Primal Soup? - as carved by hundreds of ancient cultures - shadows of the alphabet of Plasma shadows.. the universal origin of symbol?


Physicists seem clear- this PLASMA body is Visnu- in globally spread ancient carvings.. the timing (last visit 7000 years ago as evidenced in numerous Aboriginal petroglyphs.
(seems like another TERMINATOR saying I'll be BACK!)

preliminary notes from Dan Winter - pictures- all from Tony Peratt articles - links below - except a few pics lower from Hurtak etc..

these notes are private until consulting with John McGovern - for refinement.. Dec 07.


the next below 8 pics are exerpted from: "An Intense Z-pinch Aurora Horn Mapped by Surveys of Recordings from Antiquity
Mathias G. Peratt, IEEE, Raytheon Corporation, Space and Airborne Systems, El Segundo, CA 90245, & Anthony L. Peratt, Fellow IEEE
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545- IEEE Conference Record 06CH37759, 2006 IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science, Traverse City, Michigan - ISBN 1-4244-0124-0

Petroglyphs, like laboratory Z-Pinch plasmas are delineable into 84 distinct shapes (Appendix).
Good Agreement has been found for thousands of petroglyphs as logged from sites world-wide with petroglyphs estimated in the millions.*
A. L. Peratt, ‘Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity’, IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. Vol.31, December 2003.

*It has been estimated that the Dampier site along the coast of western Australia contains 1-2 million petroglyphs alone.

In spite of the 84 reproduced petroglyphs shown in the Appendix, not all petroglyphs have been explained
‘War-Bonnet’ petroglyphs as found in the Columbia River Gorge and on the Great Plains.
Mapping the Intense Auroral Horn
GPS Logging of petroglyphs in over 100 countries.
Latitude 70°N to 44°S.
Each petroglyph treated as a pixel with a preferential field of view and a definite latitude-dependent angle of inclination.
The portion of instability carved, and visual perspective, including a measured azimuthal angle preference dependent on latitude.
Countries mapped in detail by team members, 2004-2006
Remainder of the western United States and western Canada (on-going).
South Korea
India; Zanskar River, Lakdah
Mongolia; Altay and Chuluut River regions,
Valcamonica and Luine regions, Italian Alps
Chile; Cuz Cuz and El Mauro sites
South Africa; Eastern Cape
South Australia; Kimberly range: Argyll Rock, Arkaroo Rock, Ayers Rock, Burra,Farrand, Mt. Chambers, Olary, Orroroo, Uluru, Wartyluna, Wandjina, Yourambulla, Yurlu sites
Some Examples of Site Loggings
Mt.Chambers Gorge, S. Australia
Petroglyphs on Earth have a directionality preference towards polar south
Petroglyphs in the Northern Hemisphere have a small angle of inclination off horizon, 22-28 degrees at 36 deg N, that increases as the southerly latitude increases.
Shape of the multi-gigaampere polar horn circa 2250 B.C.
Influx of plasma into the polar south, above Antarctica, spreading around the Earth.
Length to top of horn, about 4 Earth-Moon lengths.
56 Birkeland filaments at ‘top’, 28 midway converging to 4 at bottom.
Two egg-shaped plasmoids formed below the horn.
Estimated lifetime, many hundreds of years.
An Eastward shift at large distances.
If a north-pole influx occurred, time has erased all recordings of it.

References (partial, see Ref. 1)
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A.L. Peratt, Orientation of Intense Z-Pinch Instabilities from an Intense Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity: Western USA, IEEE Int. Conf. On Plasma Sci, Baltimore, MD, June 28-July1, 2004
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M.G. Peratt and A.L. Peratt, AN INTENSE Z-PINCH AURORA HORN MAPPED BY SURVEYS OF RECORDINGS FROM ANTIQUITY, IEEE Int. Conf. on Plasma Science, Traverse City, MI, June 4-8, 2006.
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A.B. Kukushkin, Kurchatov Institute Moscow, From macroscopic signs of nanodust in space to probable significance of electrodynamics at cosmologicl length scales, IEEE Int. Conf. on Plasma Science, Traverse City, MI, June 4-8, 2006.


here the pdfs- as published at the links below - for your convenience

below are the Tony Peratt / John McGovern articles -


 A. L. Peratt, Orientation of Z-pinch instabilities from an intense aurora as recorded in antiquity: South America, Conf. Record, Int. Conf. Plasma Sci., 2004.

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A. L. Peratt, Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity, Trans. Plasma Sci. v.31, n.6, 2003 (12 MB)

A. L. Peratt, J. McGovern, A. H. Qöyawayma, M. A. Van der Sluijs, and M. G. Peratt, Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current
Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity Part II: Directionality and Source
, Trans. Plasma Sci. v.35, n.4, 2007 (3.4 MB) - .source link ---


from - ".. 2001 when the spacecraft Ulysses discovered long plasma 'tubes' emanating from the bottom pole of our Sun. These tubes are long enough to extend out farther than the distance of the orbit of Mars from the Sun. There are also many images available now of individual 'jetted stars'. Of course, Alfven believed all stars were jetted - but some less visibly than others. .."

Below the graphic showing intuition of the physics of PHASE CONJUGATION in DNA and Gravity Making PLASMAS - from KEYS OF ENOCH - also thanks to John McGovern for suggesting...

An instructive example of phase conjugate materials: Here is Dan Burisch- describing Project Looking Glass- an alien technology - for creating a way to see in the future:

"Project Looking Glass: Dealt with the Physics of Seeing the effects of an artificially produced gravity wave on time. This as with the other projects all embraced gravity and the control of it, and therefore the control of Space/Time as the key element - .... (I feel confident that at least two rings of electromagnets are employed and that the rest of the device is composed of a barrel and the gas injected into the barrel. (Two different sources have indicated that these are the basic components.) These magnets spin in different directions, creating a charge of some kind. Then the gas is injected into the barrel. Depending on the direction of the spin (I am sure speed and tilt and a bunch of other factors must also have an effect) time space can be warped forward or backwards by long or short distances relative to the present. I have reason to believe that the scientists have completed a map of the exact positions and speeds of the magnets necessary to reach targeted times both forward and back.) Apparently, images of the events at different places, relative to the location of the device can be picked up and in essence reflected off the gas, causing it to behave like a teleprompter or crystal ball, for lack of a better example. / ....., my sources have confirmed the presence of electromagnets and a barrel-like device which is injected with some kind of gas....these components seem necessary for LG to function as a viewing device......" end quote

-- end quote- It should be noted that a PHASE CONJUGATE OPTICAL MIRROR - contains a mechanism for what is called time reversal. What apparently Dan Burisch does not understand is that PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETIC FIELDS are also powerful and very much a relative of their optical analog. Also - he does not apparently understand how noble gasses are used - (their nobiliy means they are relative fractal and atomically phase conjugate - note the potential fractality or self similarity of nuclear symmetries to their corresponding electron shell symmetries - explaining THE cause of gravity: ) microcolumnate / implode strong magnetic flux lines for healing. See Inert Gas Strong Magnetic Devices and Healing:

The same physics which allows magnetic phase conjugation to produce superluminal charge path propagation (time penetrating travel and vision) is used for implosive self organized sorting / healing of water and sludge materials. (More soon on this).


exerpt here from
Caption: The pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara, Egypt (left)
Temple I at Tikal, Guatemala (right)
Credit: Rens van der Sluis
Electric Universe: Part III
The Nine Steps to Heaven
Why did so much ancient architecture consist of seven or nine steps or levels?  Did this construction relate to the ancient cosmologies, which speak of seven or nine layers, steps or tiers of heaven?That the ancients were in the habit of erecting large, four-sided or pyramidal towers is well known. But why did so many of these buildings consist of seven to nine stories?...the notions of the tiered mountain and the layered heavens existed in cultures that were never acquainted with the planetary astronomy of the Greeks, and the sanctity of seven and nine chronologically preceded the rise of astronomy. Clearly, the seven or nine steps to heaven relate to a much more archaic stratum of belief, rooting in the mythology of the axis mundi.

The preponderance of seven and nine in ancient number symbolism cannot be separated from the propensity of a plasma pinch to segment into a string of nine plasmoids. Plasma physicist Anthony Peratt has demonstrated that a giant plasma column was produced in the atmosphere of the earth some 4,000 to 5,000 years ago and that was luminous enough to be observed by human populations around the world. An early development of this column was that it transformed into a stack of nine segments that subsequently merged to produce three or four layers. As this stupendous plasma formation was the prototype for the axis mundi remembered in world mythology, the layered heavens and the tiered mountains and buildings are understood as commemorative symbols of the stratified plasma column. " (see link above for more)...


and link PLASMA MYTHOLOGYPLASMA MYTHOLOGY –how the gods destroyed the world(This article appeared originally in Dutch in Bres; op de bres voor een bezield bestaan,224, February / March 2004, Amsterdam , 34-48. The illustrations have been left out on this page.)drs. Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs (homepage)"...modern cosmology has found strong indications that as late as Roman times far more was going on in the sky than appears to be happening today....Using the latest insights in cosmology we can form a detailed picture of what exactly was going on in the sky during such an atmospheric disturbance. It turns out that the spellbinding spectacle witnessed by Palaeolithic people around the globe is in precise agreement with the dominant themes in world mythology as well as traditional art. The ancients were by no means insane. On the contrary, age-old traditions appear to be reliable guides in our quest for the past. And plasma plays a decisive role in the decipherment." end quote


Could Comet Holmes (17P) - Now The Largest Object in the Solar System - (80%Bigger than the Sun) - BE- the "Blue Star Kachina"


here for your convenience- understanding more of how PLASMA FIELDS can be inhabited, and be the vehicle of consciousness- this article is reprinted from

Note - how few of us consider the possibility of inhabiting and becoming plasma fields which are interstellar in scale... Dan Winter.

Probably because too few are aware of the scale of Kundalini's ability to direct large field effect- particularly see Ben Bentov's personal reports which I have added to

Plasma Life Forms - Aliens from a Parallel Earth
By Jay Alfred Platinum Quality Author

The Basic Plasma Metaphysics Theory in 3+1 Dimensions

According to plasma metaphysics (Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006), the physical-dense Earth is gravitationally coupled to a counterpart dark matter Earth composed of low density plasma. This "sister" Earth was co-accreted with the physical-dense Earth about 4.6 billion years ago from dark matter components in the embryonic Solar System. Plasma life forms evolved on this counterpart Earth, just like it did on the visible planet. These life forms were as varied in scale, structure and intelligence as carbon-based life forms - as different as a microbe from a whale; a mosquito from a tiger; a giraffe from a crocodile; an ant from a human being. Their degrees of intelligence and awareness were as different as a centipede's awareness to the awareness and intelligence of homo sapiens. Homo sapiens evolved carbon-based bodies that formed symbiotic relationships with some of these plasma life forms (indicating a type of symbio-genesis). Some of these plasma life forms have interacted with us in the past (intentionally or unintentionally).

The entities that we have identified as ghosts, angels, demons, deities (for example the Marian apparitions in the atmosphere), aliens (associated with UFO sightings in the atmosphere), fairies, sightings of the recently deceased (on the surface of the Earth) and balls of light which appear to go through physical barriers (without contracting) are all plasma life forms from this counterpart Earth.

Properties of Bioplasma Bodies

Plasma life forms have bioplasma bodies. These are electromagnetic bodies which generate electromagnetic fields and radiate electromagnetic waves. Embedded in these bioplasma bodies are "plasma antennae" which can tune-in and receive electromagnetic waves generated by other bioplasma bodies. (Plasma antennae are actually being used today in scientific laboratories.) The bodies of plasma life forms that we encounter are molded by our expectations which radiate out from our own bioplasma bodies in the form of electromagnetic waves and are received by them through their embedded antennae (see Jay Alfred, Between the Moon and Earth, 2007). The nearer they come to you the better they are able to tune-in to the thought waves (i.e. electromagnetic waves which are modulated by your thoughts) you are radiating out from your bioplasma body. For example, in the Marian apparitions at Fatima (Portugal), the children saw a ball of light which resolved into a man-like angel as it got nearer to the children.

Psychokinetic effects have a much greater effect on bioplasma bodies compared to the physical-dense body. The reason for this is that the total rest mass of a bioplasma body is very much lower than the physical-dense body. The extremely low rest mass can also give bioplasma bodies a more pronounced macro-quantum effect (compared to macroscopic objects in our universe) due to the de Broglie relationship (see Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006).

According to plasma metaphysics, (dark matter) bioplasma bodies are composed of a complex plasma of non-standard particles. Non-standard particles are particles that are outside the physicists' Standard Model and which are included in dark matter - matter which is six times more prevalent in the known universe than ordinary matter.

"We will realise that most of the encounters with aliens or ghosts are really sporadic encounters with beings from parallel interpenetrating Earth-based magmaspheres. These aliens are dark matter entities...which generally do not register on the known electromagnetic spectrum - but can do so if their frequencies are brought down..." - Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006

Bioplasma bodies composed of non-standard particles glow in the dark, radiate heat, light and other electromagnetic waves that can be measured by our scientific instruments like radar or even infra-red cameras when ordinary matter condenses around them. They also possess other properties associated with these types of bodies (see Jay Alfred, Angels, Ghosts, Deities and their Magnetic Plasma Bodies, 2007 ). The general characteristics of plasma life forms (based on Jay Alfred's 2006 book: Our Invisible Bodies) include the following:

- They emit light (not simply reflect them)
- They are thermochromic (i.e. they change colors at different temperatures)
- They generate colorful auras and halos as high energy particles collide with them.
- They are able to change their degree of opacity - becoming transparent or translucent. Hence, they can apparently materialize and dematerialize.
- They generate electromagnetic fields and radiate electromagnetic waves.
- They are responsive to electromagnetic fields and waves and can have an electrical feel when passing through our bodies.
- They have networks of filamentary currents within their bodies.
- Double helical currents, aligned with the longer axis of their bodies may be discerned.
- They possess rotating orifices that suck in and emit high energy particles.
- They can emit beams of high energy particles from these orifices.
- Their shapes can vary (hence they can shape-shift) but the most stable shape is the ball of light.
- Shapes between a spheroid and a cylinder, ovoid or lenticular are also possible as the plasma membrane is resilient and elastic and can be stretched by the denser matter inside.
- Just like amoeba they can generate temporary limbs (like pseudopods).
- Vortexes and misty irregularly formed primitive plasma life forms also exist.
- Within the ovoid is a denser body which varies from one plasma life form to another.
- A bi-layered plasma (Langmuir) sheath encloses the ovoid.
- They are able to pass through each other in the same way that objects composed of collisionless plasma or dark matter do.
- Very low rest mass.

Some ancient cultures have described bioplasma bodies which are coupled to our carbon-based bodies as "souls". This is not surprising due to their quasi-quantum behavior, their unusual methods of transport, apparent ability to effect action at a distance; and decoupling on the death of the carbon-based body.

Behavior of Plasma Life Forms

Behavior can vary due to the diversity of plasma life forms. Plasma life (let's say with intelligence equivalent to octopuses) may express their curiosity by coming near to see or feel objects that seem strange to them from their frame of reference. More intelligent life forms (equivalent to homo sapiens) may actually conduct experiments. Groups of plasma life forms may exhibit swarm behavior (similar to bats, birds and fishes) with synchronized movements.

Biomechanics of Plasma Life Forms

They move generally by neutralizing or reversing their electric charge and/or redistributing the electric charges in their bodies relative to the background electric field. They may also move by changing their density. Another method of active transport is by sucking in energy particles through their orifices in the direction of the motion. The suction generates a drift.

When they fall in energy sporadically and are visible to us or our scientific instruments in the lower atmosphere, fast-moving plasma life forms will generate only weak sonic booms. This is because they are composed of collisionless plasma and have a very low rest mass. These weak sonic booms can be startling if the observer is in close proximity to a rapidly retreating entity. Ultra-sensitive instruments in close proximity to the entity should be able to pick up the weak sonic boom.

Plasma may be considered to be collisionless when Coulomb interactions are so rare that global fields in the plasma govern the dynamics. A magnetic field endows a collisionless plasma with elastic properties analogous to those of a dense gas and so a plasma wave crossing a magnetic field behaves somewhat like an ordinary sound wave. The Earth's magnetosphere is composed almost entirely of ionized collisionless plasma and is dominated by the Earth's magnetic field. Fast moving plasma life forms would therefore be expected to generate collisionless shock waves in the magnetosphere rather than in the lower atmosphere.

Parallel Plasma Earth - The Habitat of Plasma Life Forms

The counterpart dark matter Earth, composed of low density plasma and co-rotating with our visible Earth, can effectively be considered another planet. The sporadic interactions with plasma-based beings, who may appropriately be called "aliens" (since they are, strictly speaking, from another planet - although a counterpart Earth), can be studied in a more rigorous scientific framework once our current technology improves to take into account non-standard particles. All human beings are the symbiotic products of carbon-based bodies and (alien) plasma-based bodies.

Near-death experiences, astral traveling, (genuine) alien encounters, angelic visitations, apparitions of saints or deities - both privately to individuals and to the public at large leading to mass sightings (such as the Marian apparitions or swarms of UFOs in the atmosphere) occur in this higher energy dark matter counterpart Earth and are superimposed on our more familiar Earth depending on the type of encounter (see below).

This parallel Earth is composed wholly of plasma (unlike our physical-dense Earth, which although it contains a plasmasphere, magnetosphere and ionosphere, is largely a rocky outcrop). Hence, while the biosphere of the physical-dense Earth occupies only a small volume of the Earth i.e. largely confined to plus or minus 10km from sea level (which is less than 1% of the volume of the Earth), the plasma Earth is wholly composed of plasma making it more like a gigantic plasma ocean and having a "tear-drop" shape similar to Earth's magnetosphere. The biosphere of this counterpart Earth is therefore many times larger than the physical Earth and life forms often move in all three dimensions quite extensively (i.e. like fishes in the sea, not like human beings on the surface of the Earth). There is enormous biodiversity in this oceanic plasma planet which teems with life.

Plasma objects which sporadically appear in our atmosphere are actually floating or swimming in this ocean. They are therefore able to dart back and forth (like squid, cuttlefish and octopuses) or swim majestically (like manta rays). Plasma life forms in the atmosphere have been seen at Marian apparitions, in Chinese history as dragons and other ancient civilizations (see Plasma Cosmology) and modern UFO sightings.

Types of Encounters with Plasma Life Forms

Encounters with plasma life forms can be classified as follows:

Type 1 Encounter: This is an encounter with an ordinary matter plasma life form using the cognitive-sensory system of our carbon-based body in our familiar ordinarily visible Earth.

Type 2 Encounter: This is an encounter with a dark matter plasma life form whose energy level has fallen temporarily to allow ordinary matter in our familiar ordinarily visible Earth to condense around it.

Type 3 Encounter: This is an encounter with a dark matter plasma life form using the cognitive-sensory system of our bioplasma body and takes place wholly in the plasmasphere of the counterpart Earth.

Type 4 Encounter: This is an encounter where there is a dual state of consciousness - both the cognitive-sensory systems of the carbon-based body and bioplasma body are operating. In this case, the plasma life form in the counterpart Earth is superimposed on our familiar ordinarily visible Earth.

So, why do they not land at the White House?

The SETI Institute's program objective in trying to find intelligent life outside Earth is to some extent misguided. The aliens that are most frequently encountered and that can be considered "intelligent life" do not travel at light speed within our low energy physical universe nor do they have any technology to undertake intergalactic or interstellar travel. They are co-inhabitants of the Earth system - which includes the visible Earth and its dark matter counterpart. (It is therefore not surprising that they often express concern about the health of the planet. Why would a distant extra-terrestrial civilization be so concerned about our little planet?)

Although they co-evolved with us, they are likely to have evolved at a faster rate. V N Tsytovich of the Russian Academy of Sciences argues that helical dust structures in plasma would have a "faster evolutionary rate" in his 2007 paper on plasma life forms. This is also supported by Jay Alfred's concept of "accelerated morphogenesis" of bioplasma bodies (see Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006). Hence, this plasma-based civilization could be expected to be more advanced than us.

Nevertheless, despite the headstart, this civilization would also be probably struggling to understand parallel universes and may not be as capable of controlling their technology or society to the extent that we imagine. They would face difficulties in interacting with us as we do in trying to interact with them. As a civilization they would have government, political and social structures; and culture. They are likely to be superior in communications technology using bioplasma bodies since they would obviously be more familiar with these types of bodies compared to us. This includes the ability to communicate with bioplasma bodies that are coupled to our carbon-based bodies. We may interpret this as telepathy.

Based on current technology it is unlikely that the world will believe of any interactions with these aliens even if they were caught on camera talking to the President of the United States. All that would be reported in the media is the sighting of a "ghost" at the White House. (These aliens are ghost-like as they are plasma life forms, just like ghosts.) Communication would be intermittent and weak due to incompatible technology on both sides of the energy curtain separating carbon-based life forms from plasma-based life forms. Medical doctors will opine that they are hallucinations and the case will then be lumped-up with all the other "ghost stories" and shelved away. Perhaps our neighbors on "sister Earth" are quite acquainted with human nature and our feeble scientific attempts to understand them. Maybe they even fear that we will harm them with our growing technological sophistication.

Why do some people see it and some don't?

The wide range of sensory systems in the animal kingdom has already been discussed elsewhere (see Jay Alfred, Brains and Realities, 2006). Unlike the bees we are not able to sense ultra-violet light nor can we hear sounds or smell what our pet dogs can hear and smell. Even within a population of human beings the sensitivity of the sensory systems can be significantly varied. It is quite obvious that even the old and young have very different sensory ranges.

Recently, a certain type of mobile phone became very popular. These phones had telephone ring tones which could only be heard by the young but not the old. The technology relies on the fact that most adults gradually lose the ability to hear high-pitched sounds when they undergo "presbycusis" or "aging ear". If there was only 1 teenager in a population of 100 persons, the rest being much older, only that teen will be able to hear the ring tone. Assuming that we are one of the 99 older persons, should we then conclude that this young person is having an auditory hallucination when he hears the ring tone? The obvious answer is "no". But this type of argument has been unashamedly and repeatedly accepted by skeptics who claim to be using the "scientific method". One skeptic says, "I will not believe it until everybody is able to see it". This is clearly ludicrous. It is a scientific fact that the sensory ranges and acuity of a population of human beings can vary significantly. Now if we bring in the fact that certain people can transfer their locus of consciousness (whether intentionally or more often unintentionally) more easily to the sensory systems of their linked bioplasma bodies, we will find even greater differences.

Dark matter objects, in (the nearest frequency) counterpart Earth, interact with ordinary matter in our visible Earth when their energy levels temporarily fall due to a variety of reasons and ordinary matter condenses around them. Often this may lead to the generation of electromagnetic fields and radiation which may be picked up by our scientific instruments or even become visible to us if the radiation falls within the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Because of this, plasma metaphysics calls this type of matter in our nearest Earth counterpart "gray matter" as it straddles between ordinary and dark matter.

By switching-off relevant (and specific) brain circuits, a person may transfer his or her locus of consciousness to a bioplasma body which has the relevant sensory apparatus to be able to view the plasma life forms currently inhabiting our counterpart Earth. UFO sightings often occur when a person is taking a long car ride in a featureless area (like a desert). This provides the ideal conditions for a person to go into a meditative state and effect a transfer of consciousness to parallel bodies with different cognitive-sensory systems - landing them in our plasma-based counterpart Earth. In this type of encounter, it is not so much a case of the aliens visiting our visible Earth but it is us who are dropping-by, uninvited, an alien Earth environment.

Where did the Aliens go after I took the Medication?

Medication cuts-off awareness of alien attacks on our bioplasma bodies because it normalizes brain functions. In this case, the brain circuits that were "switched-off", allowing the locus of consciousness to be transferred to the bioplasma body which had the necessary sensory systems to view the relevant plasma life forms, had been restored and "switched-on" again. This cuts-off conscious contact with the counterpart Earth environment. The relevant brain circuits (particularly in the parietal and temporal lobes - see Jay, Alfred, Brains and Realities, 2006) may be switched-off physically through surgery, accidents like brain injuries, transcranial magnetic stimulation and ambient electromagnetic fields which simulates brain lesions; chemically through psychoactive or spiritual drugs; psychologically through meditation or hypnosis or during sleep.

How do they go through Walls?

The bioplasma body is composed of collisionless dark plasma (i.e. magnetic plasma in the form of dark matter). This allows it to pass through walls just as dark matter does or float through windows using electromagnetic guides. What the witnesses in alien abductions and Marian apparitions are often viewing is the counterpart Earth environment superimposed on the physical dense Earth. There is much evidence of this (see Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006). Hence, only some people who have shifted their locus of consciousness to their bioplasma bodies can actually witness the abduction. A group of people who shared the same environmental conditions (for example, four people in a car being driven over a featureless desert which generates meditative conditions) may simultaneous witness the abduction. The victim's body that participates in "alien abductions" is the bioplasma body - not the physical-biochemical body which undergoes sleep paralysis during these episodes.

The environment in which this body finds itself is the plasmasphere of our sister Earth. The physics relating to this environment, although fundamentally the same as our physics (extended to higher energy levels), can be quite different from what we experience in our daily lives on the lower energy physical-dense Earth in our carbon-based bodies. It can get somewhat confusing when our perceptions oscillate between the two Earth environments due to fluctuations in our locus of consciousness and their corresponding sensory-cognitive systems - leading sometimes to a superimposed environment. This superimposition also explains why we see ball lightning apparently going through walls or other physical objects. Balls of light are common in the counterpart Earth environment.

Why is there Electromagnetic Interference?

Interference by electric and magnetic fields betray the presence of plasma life forms. In fact, electromagnetic interference, in the absence of other obvious sources, confirms that we are dealing with bioplasma bodies. Bioplasma bodies generate electromagnetic fields and radiate high frequency electromagnetic waves which are currently not measurable by our scientific instruments. However, when their energly levels fall (intentionally or unintentionally) and ordinary matter condenses around them, this ordinary matter then radiates temporarily lower frequency (stepped-down) electromagnetic waves that can be detected by our current scientific instruments such as radar and even infra-red cameras. There is much, not only UFO literature, but also ghost literature which documents electromagnetic interference which points to the presence of plasma life forms.

What about the Marks on the Body?

It is has been documented in the metaphysical literature that marks on the physical-biochemical body may be caused by impacts to the nearest frequency dark matter body or the "physical-etheric" bioplasma body. This is often referred to as "repercussions" in the general metaphysical literature. The body of a human being which participates in an "alien abduction" is not the physical-biochemical body but the (physical-etheric) bioplasma body. If this bioplasma body is impacted, the physical-biochemical body can be impacted - similar to what happens in many reported reincarnation cases (see Jay Alfred, Extreme Biology, 2008). (Note that in the wider plasma metaphysics theory, there is a series of bioplasma bodies covering a spectrum of frequencies which fall outside the known electromagnetic spectrum. The physical-etheric body or the "Level 3" bioplasma body has the frequency closest to our carbon-based body.)

Should I move towards the Light?

While alien abductees see the light as threatening and are drawn to it unwillingly, near-death experiencers feel and see the light as being benevolent and wise and intentionally float towards it. As explained by plasma metaphysics (Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006), the counterpart Earth is a habitat for billions of plasma life forms - many of which appear as balls of light in their natural state. The identity of the light can therefore vary from situation to situation.

Can you get me a Plasma Gun?

The natural ability of bioplasma bodies to direct beams of light using vortices and magnetic fields (similar to what happens in a coaxial plasma accelerator) within the bioplasma body has already been discussed in the plasma metaphysics model (See Jay Alfred, Bioplasma Bodies - Emission of Radiation and Plasma via Plasma Vortex Systems, 2007). ( insert note here from Dan, compare with how Stephane Cardineau uses the plasma gun - shooting capactive fields to remove parasites from aura etc - in advanced geobiology - pics at )

But, seriously, are they Real?

It is well-established in cognitive science that the world as we see it is a construction of the brain. The environment which an abductee experiences, in a similar process, is also constructed from the cognitive system of the corresponding bioplasma body. To say that our world is more real than the alternative counterpart Earth is a kind of egocentricity that was prevalent before the 15th century. Europe is not the center of the world; the Earth is not in the center of the Solar System; the Solar System is not in the center of the Milky Way; the Milky Way is not in the center of the universe nor is our universe the centre of our multiverse. If that is the case, then the biochemical brain of one species of life form, just evolved on a tiny rock in space, cannot be the sole arbiter of reality.

During the first century A.D. Europeans had very little or no contact with India, China or the Americas due to the state of technology at that point of time. Europeans had weird ideas and generated fantastic tales about these "parallel" civilizations. Some Europeans even doubted or did not know of their existence and most did not even think about them. But today we talk about a global village which comprises a multitude of nations. Today, parallel universes and parallel Earths are the new frontiers. Scientists who prefer to remain in their comfort zones - to tinker with only what they can measure with today's scientific instruments will miss the opportunity to make bold strides in understanding the multiverse - starting with the Earth itself.


The plasma metaphysics model explains a wide variety of phenomena associated with genuine sightings of aliens, ghosts, deities, angels by both individuals and groups - using an internally consistent scientific framework. These sightings betray the presence of plasma-based life forms originating from a counterpart sister Earth gravitationally coupled to the visible Earth. (This hypothesis may be cited as the "Parallel Earth" hypothesis.) These terrestrial aliens (whether they be ghosts, fairies, grays, deities or angels) share common properties and may even shed light on the evolution of carbon-based life and consciousness on the Earth that we are most familiar with.

© Copyright Jay Alfred 2008

Jay Alfred has been researching on plasma life forms since 2001. He is the author of three books on a new field called "plasma metaphysics". The books include Our Invisible Bodies, Brains and Realities and Between the Moon and Earth. Plasma metaphysics is the application of plasma and dark matter physics to the study of our high energy subtle bodies and their corresponding environments. These bodies include the "bioplasma" bodies and "astral" bodies found in the metaphysical literature. Plasma metaphysics provides an internally consistent framework for the study of these bodies against the backdrop of modern physics. The books are available at Amazon online bookstores. Visit the Plasma Metaphysics Blog for an introduction to some aspects of the anatomy and physiology of bioplasma bodies.

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Update- January 09:

WHY there are NINE layers in the Plasma Field of LIFE:

New Hypothesis from Michael Heleus

Michael Heleus here- has composed some fascinating intuitions about possible real science for WHY there would be NINE phase conjugating toroidal layers in the stack - of the living plasma body: - 9 chakras in body- plasma storm shiva etc..

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Vishnu toroid stack and magnet experiment --with larger type--Synthesis of Chaotic Eddy and Geometric Order
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 13:50:55 -0700
From: Michael Heleus <>

Dear Dr. Selvam,
I am sending you a copy of the below review of connections and relevancies respecting your chaotic eddy sizing constant phi+2.
Michael Heleus
Fellow researchers, here is a set of mutual relevancies that I think you'll find of interest.
Note: see the link for all the images in the below article
Layers of the 120 Polyhedron

After building a model of the 120 Polyhedron, I noticed that there seemed to be an order to the vertices. They appear to define planes passing through the model. So I have investigated the 3 vertex orientations of the 120 Polyhedron and have compiled the following information on these planes.

Some of this layering information is given in the article
"What's in this polyhedron?"

The 120 Polyhedorn has 3 different vertex types. These can be defined by the radial distance of the vertex from the polyhedron's center of volume.
 3 Vertex types of the 120 Polyhedron.

First consider the planes defined by the 120 Polyhedron's vertices perpendicular to an axis running through the polyhedorn and through vertices of type "A".
 Type A Layers in 120 Polyhedron.

The above image only shows the layers in the top half of the polyhedron. The bottom half will have the same layering, but in reverse ordering.

There are a total of 9 layers. (We count the 2 planes passing through the 2 "A" type vertices. These "A" vertices define the axis to which the planes are all perpendicular.)
 Type A layer spacing.

The sequence of the layer spacing is:
p, 1, p, 1

This particular layer spacing leads to some very interesting angle relations as explained in
"What's in this polyhedron?"

Looking down along the type A axis, the planes defined by the vertices are shown in the following illustration.
 Type A layer shapes.

Next consider the Type B vertices of the 120 Polyhedron. We use 2 opposite vertices to define the axis, and look at how the vertices now define planes perpendicular to the axis.
 Type B layers.

Again, counting the planes passing through the two vertices used to define the axis, there are now 13 planes.

The spacing of the planes are given in the next illustration.
 Type B layers.

Where A=p/sqrt(p+2), B=1/sqrt(p+2), C=A+B=(p+1)/sqrt(p+2).

If we scaled everything by a factor of sqrt(p+2), then the sequence of the layer spacing becomes:
p, (p+1)=p^2, 1, p, p, 1

If we imagine an additional layer, the sequence could be made to be
p, p, 1, 1, p, p, 1.

Looking along the axis we see that the vertices define pentagons at each layer except for the center layer which is a decagon (10 sides).
 Type B layer shapes.

Next consider the Type C vertices of the 120 Polyhedron. We use 2 opposite "C" type vertices to define the axis, and look at how the vertices now define planes perpendicular to the axis.
 Type C layers.
Again, counting the planes passing through the two vertices used to define the axis, there are now 17 planes.

The spacing of the planes are given in the next illustration.
 Type C layers.

Where A=p/sqrt(3), B=1/sqrt(3), C=1/(p sqrt(3)), D=2/sqrt(3).

If we scale everything by a factor of (p sqrt(3)), we have the following layer sequence.
p^2=(1+p), p, 1, 2P, 1, p, p, 1

If we imagine introducing additional planes, we could make this sequence to be
1, p, p, 1, p, p, 1, p, p, 1.

Looking down along the axis, we see triangles and truncated triangles.
 Type C layer shapes.

I do not know if there is any "meaning" or application for this information, particularly when we have to introduce new planes to obtain "nice", plane separation sequences.

For the moment, this is all just curious relations which may mean nothing....

Here is an image looking through an A vertex type at the center/middle plane.
 "A" Vertex Middle Plane.
 "A" Vertex Middle Plane.
 "A" Vertex Middle Plane.

Here is an image looking through a "B" type vertex at its center/middle layer.
 "B" Vertex Middle Plane.

And here are some images looking through a "C" type vertex at the center/middle layer.
 "C" Vertex Middle Plane.
 "C" Vertex Middle Plane.
End section exerpt from, Robert W. Gray
The numbers 13 and 17 are not commonly or obviously found in 2- and 3-d geometries making Gray's layer analysis of the 120-tope of significance. Together they total 30, being 1/4 of the number of vertices of a 120-tope. 13 and 17 are symmetrical about the center of the general pattern of divisibility, the 30 Birds Function:
Gray's Electron Model
3 loops around 2 mapped on a torus--cycle of 5ths musicallycompare Nassim Haramein: Richard Gauthier:
1 loop around 2--diatonic octaval cycle musically
'Vishnu' 9-Torus Plasma Column 9 layers of 120-tope:
Selvam's fractal chaotic eddy size scaling constant= phi + 2:
Selvams' chaotic eddy broadband spectrum dominant waveband equation in the quote below features both powers of phi, as with Gray's type A 2-symmetry 120-tope vertex 9 layer spacing, and 2+phi as in Gray's type B 5-symmetry 120-tope vertex 13 layer spacing.
The broadband power spectrum will have embedded dominant wave-bands(RoOR1,R1OR2,R2OR3,R3OR4,R4OR5,etc.) the bandwidth increasing with period length(Figure 1). The peak periods En in the dominant wavebands will be given by the relation
En = Ts(2+t  ) t  n

where t   is the golden mean equal to {1+sqrt(5)}/2 [approximately equal to 1.618 ] and Ts , the primary perturbation time period ; for example , Ts  is the annual cycle (summer to winter) of solar heating in a study of atmospheric interannual variability. The peak periods En  are superimposed on a continuum background .The union of both phi powers and 2+phi in a chaotic eddy context with the same in the 120-tope represents an advance over the heretofore phi power only fractal series available by nesting 5 symmetry geometric systems, since 2+phi represents a balance of the polar tendencies2 and phi, similar to the possible bistable electron model occurring as an oscillation of the Gauthier 1:2 loop electron with the Gray 3:2 loop electron. This would set a basic precedent for the organization of larger scales noted since antiquity with the Pythagorean and earlier mystery schools' recognition of the struggle of the two worlds, heaven and earth, three and two, mediated by the experiencer.
At 12:53 PM -0700 1/10/09, Michael Heleus wrote:
From: Michael Heleus <>
Subject: Vishnu 9 toroid stack--ennea kesdjan body?

were there 9 layers (donut toroids ) in this stack?

Master Wang photos showing what evidently is a Vishnu toroidal 9 vortex stack. M

 Thanks to Sal's preliminary measurements of magnetic field intensity of the dual magnet array around a mu-metal core indicating a pole to center of core intensity ratio of about 5/4, and Bill's subsequent excitement that the simple relation I describe below defining the arc length of a unit sine wave in terms of 5/4, and Bennett's regenerative ratio could indicate the presence of longitudinal waves in the magnetic field so configured about the mu- metal:
At 4:58 PM -0700 11/29/08, Michael Heleus wrote:
From: Michael Heleus <>
Subject: Potential and Actual, Ideal and Real--Bennett's Regenerative Ratio, EEG Frequency Decussation Ratio, and the Sine Wave Cc:Bcc:


This is  in preparation for the conf call shortly with Bill and Loren Zanier. Maybe we can take this up with Elizabeth and Nassim too, as their time may allow.

Have each of you recieved the htm file copy of Vol 1 of JG Bennett's Dramatic Universe I sent recently describing the regenerative ratio?

I have a significant finding I'd like to share at this point concerning the balance of potential and actual in the cosmos, Bennett's regenerative ratio .0340793=(alpha/(2pi))^.5, and its simple but profound relation to the the 1-2-3 dimension bridging constant ca. the arc length of a unit traverse sine wave of 1.21600+ and the ideal superparticular ratio ascribed in both astrology and numerology of 5/4 =1.25, considering the astro nature of Saturn, 4th planet out from earth to be actualizing and Uranus, 5th  planet out, to be potentializing. This ratio is also resonantly close to the brain hemispheric decussation average frequency ratio 1.242:1::L:R considering the two Heleus/Hotson quantum-resonant planetary
 groups' l.m.s. averaged frequencies obtained from their sidereal periods.
By simple 1d subtractive comparison: 1.25 - .0340793 =1.2159+, or in words, the ideal
cosmic ratio of potential to actual minus the cosmic real ratio of potential to actual as found from physical data is the arc length of a unit traverse sine wave, the ratio of its second- dimensional spread to its first-dimensional x-y axis length. Here, the participant/observer posits the ideal relationship as a Platonic abstract eternally changeless virtual ratio, only approached in reality but never attained, and in a similar way the approximate regenerative ratio, based on the empirically established fine structure constant, also never attains a fully realized concrete measured value. The tension in the participant/observer between the ideal and real forms of the potential/actual ratio brings the sine wave and harmonic motion into apparent existence. So arises the cosmos based on nothing but harmonic motion. (See Ray Tomes' site)

Dan, I can no longer find a copy on this machine of the note I wrote you a few days ago about my finding re the 60 cone inward from a dodec face--when you take the the phi sphere stacking cone angle of 27.309+ degrees and multiply it by the natural log of 9, about 2.19+ you get 60.004 degrees,linking the two cones by the Vishnu torus stacking number.A 60 degree cone stacks spheres with a 3:1 diameter ratio. And tho its a sloppy fit, note that the phi tilt angle of a cube to make a dodec, 31.717+ degrees is only about a degree short of 60-27.309 degrees which helps point to the connection of the phi- and 3-factor scaling cones.
I hope all the above considerations will readily aid your investigations.


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