Presentation on LIFE FORCE: Electrical Symmetry of LIFE

This presentation is at Southern Cross University, Environmental Sciences Dept., Thurs. Feb 5 at 1PM, Lecture Theatre U231
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The LIFE FORCE Presentation background aticle with Measurement graphs - is at -

The Life Force Measuring technology is also featured at this year's LEBENSKRAFT (Means LIFE FORCE ) Conference in ZURICH - see events calendar

Some more info on Earth symmetry mapping also at


Below: certain environments: capacitive recursion.. egg shape, no metal, organic charge dialectrics

serve to compress the charge necessary to sustain viability.. critical for seed storage etc..

The principle is - that when charge is compressed into recursive self similar geometry - the harmonic inclusiveness

of charge is produced that measureably serves all life.

Thanks to Callum Coates and Water research team in Byron Bay for their help in taking the Water Life Force measurements above...


Above: Cliff Pound assisted in measuring the charge radiance comparing the new FIJI Water .. new Feb 9, 2004. Dark Blue Cascade Shows Excellent Symmetry.

Below: We are grateful to Frank- for Data harmonic analysis below - of the above Fiji Water data... NOTE: We expect to be able to isolate (and optimize) the charge sources in the environment which contribute to the life force in the water - by looking at their harmonic signatures!

Below- update July 3,2003 - Team from organic college in Witzenhausen Germany - found that straw or peak around the sensor spherical capacitor gold coated egg provided good isolation from ambient electrical noise..
here we successfully measure the difference in life force between an onion JUST picked from the beautiful mountain garden versus a store bought olded onion..