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Triangle-ating INWARD - to help you TRY IMPLOSION

Implosion Group Newsletter, July 19, 05 - if you don't see the pretty animations click: , main index: - And particularly re-introducing our cosmic geometer and "Astrosonic" Astronomic sound harmonics healer- MICHAEL HELEUS - and his new web site:

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Newsletter: Have you ever noticed if you lie down with your body in a magic place - it feels like something begins to SQUEEZE inside. Then minutes later you feel this rushing electricity inside when SORTING begins to happen. You spit out some mucous, you suddenly insight how to SORT some problem. Yes indeed - it IS true that all blessing and evolution arises when field effects learn to SQUEEZE well. This is because invitations to compress CHARGE and thereby INFORMATION - begin the process of all FIELD EFFECT GROWTH - ( implosion precedes radiance). And this radiance of the charge field is the essence and beginning of everything you call LIFE and CONSIOUSNESS.

In the Heart's evolution - we call this concentric well of toroids squeezing / imploding - the "DIMPLING PROCESS" ( )

Inside Out-Ness? Imagine the Heart Learning the Teachable Skill we Have Called Compassion, like a child learns how to digest foods.. 1 at a time..- Compress Correctly - Digestion Proceeds - Squeeze Well - Emotion Focuses..Creating this Electrical Ratio in the EEG / EKG Harmonics.. Lo Phi - made visible with HeartTuner / BlissTuner

This is why we have invested so much energy to help our course students - learn HOW to correctly arrange things - inside psychically and electrically and in EKG / EEG (Heart/BlissTuner)- versus outside feng shui / magnetically - IN ORDER TO INVITE COMPRESSION / SQUEEZING.

( as in for example- our recent newsletter- "Squeezing the Truth Out" - and our classic HYGIENE FOR BLISS - article- "You Couldn't GET a Better SQUEEZE" -the original - plus discussion).

This -LEARNING TO SQUEEZE (Implode) WELL - process creates life force / creativity / germination / evolution - and prepares biology to leap thru the spark gap of the speed of light - what DNA accelerates by compressing thru - for successful death / dreaming.

In this newsletter think about the PSYCHOLOGY of how you get the SQUEEZING FEELING INSIDE OF THINGS - and thus SORTING OUT EVERYTHING! . This understanding eventually distills into the PURE PRINCIPLE- the GEOMETRY of perfect SQUEEZING - the NEW PHYSICS of HOW compression TRIANGULATES charge into GRAVITY.

Look at this our original 'Timestar' animation - focus particularly on the TRIANGULATING which allows you to zoom within (compress well).

We are getting you ready for the quantum physics article below - showing that THE WAY BILLIARD BALLS (like waves) WOULD BOUNCE CONCENTRICALLY TRIANGLE WITHIN TRIANGLE - suggests quantum charge attraction (Implosion?). (Visualize the Sierpinsky triangle aligned with the Doncheski triangle and the triangular central pattern in the solar barycentric cycle.)

Michael suggests that in order to accurately VISUALIZE - the billiard's motion--the interesting part is to see when CONCENTRIC Triangles ( Sierpinski) become ROTATING SPIRALING TRAINGLES>>>

(more notes from Michael H.) - also see the illustration in Plichta, God's Secret Formula near the end where he shows the random billiard ball making the Sierpinsky triangle design--there is no concentration towards the center shown here--however, there is a better way, if you can illustrate,showing how 20 3d Sierpinsky triangular sponges "Tetrix" or "Sieve"
illustrated at -
- would insert on the faces of an icosa--the sponge. Also drawn on pg 226 of Bruce Rawles sacred geometry design sourcebook... Hausdorff dimension of this sponge is 2.727, Plichtas' order constant is e=2.718 and Cydonia e is 2.7207, so is probably yet another mapping for the primes, like the Sierpinsky gasket per Plichta.

quoting from > The same operation can take place in three dimensions. Starting with a cube, dividing it into 27 smaller cubes, and removing the central cube as well as the cubes lying at the center of each face of the original cube (7 in all) leads inexorably, step by step, to a novel form called the Menger sponge (see Figure 5.4). Its dimension is log 20/log 3 = 2.727 .... Because its dimension is closer to three than to two, the Menger sponge is more a solid body than a smooth surface.- end

Remember how this stellating ICOSA- DODECA was the perfect symmetry from POINCARE and EINSTEIN used to MODEL GRAVITY electrically. (from Winter/ Implosion Group - )

exerpt here:..." when these waves align and embed, does their heterodyning create geometric and arithmetical series of both their wavelength and frequency? and if so, how would one map that imagically onto, for example, a golden rectangle/ spiral? - It would seem that if a wave series were created of geometric and arithmetic cascade for wavelength - then by definition the inverse 1/f would be true for frequency. The important new suggestion here is that the cascade of INCREASING WAVE VELOCITIES - by constructive (Golden Ratio) adding and multiplying - becomes the charge ACCELERATION - called GRAVITY. Imaging this -

I suggest the 3D rotation of this dodeca stellation crossing of 10 Golden Spirals -from the DNA top view - ( called the HOLY GRAIL ) - wherein each node of the infinite interdigitation stellation of dodeca icosa has x,y,+ z coordinate values which are all simple whole number multiples of Golden Ratio - distance to center maintained always in Phi proportion.. as these image illustrated.. -
animated at , , VRML at

and finally - regarding - 4: if this process extends through einstein's c barrier, where is it going? is there a point when c is exceeded? is there a point when the entity starts emitting light? i guess it's when time turns around??

answer from Dan - The PHIRICAIS hypothesis suggests that charge phase velocity modes penetrate the speed of light in multiples of Golden Ratio times C. One of the major tests of the theory is that work like Prof.Ray Chao (next section here). This would occur at a geometric threshold point near center probably associated with the Fine Structure Constant ( see the section of - showing the fine structure constant derived from the translation of vorticity on the surface of a donut). Re: where the entity emits charge ( like the saints halo ) - is when charge attraction (implosion .bliss electricity ) becomes self-sustaining - then sufficient charge exists to radiate. As far as when time turns around - the hypothesis suggests that faster than light speed is precisely where time travel is enabled ( since time is only a name for the phase velocity of rotation). And further..... (aka Carolan book: 'SPIRAL CALENDAR' ). That apparent synchronicity, and the inhabiting of time ( a measure of relative rotation) is only sustainable ... when event histories become themselves fractal and recursive idealized by Golden Ratio.

Implosion Groups' reprints of Dan Winter - have for many years been documenting the powerful physics which connects Golden Ratio to fundamental physics and gravity. For example animations at , - newer- - and particularly the work of Alex Kaivarainen from Finland / Russia, on Golden Mean Ratio solutions in contemporary physics. Quoting Alex: "Our dynamic duality model elucidates the quantum background of non-locality, principle of least action and Golden mean, unifies the quantum and relativist theories. Tending of open systems to conditions of Golden mean is supposed to be a driving force of their self-organization."- see his (updated) links at

This is the context for this next section - about a CONICAL THEORY OF GRAVITY - (Constructive by PHI Self Similar?) Heterodyning PHASE CONJUGATION SYSTEM..
..see if this picture of how the Heart gets power from gravity during bliss - does not come to mind?

Extending this conversation ( ) about WHICH TRI-ANGULATION SYMMETRY nests charge by heterodyning DOWN A GRAVITY CONE- we add a quote from
Dr Douglas White: CONICAL THEORY OF GRAVITY paper - reference: -

"In this way we can interpret the conic sections as a FOUR-WAVE MIXING PHASE CONJUGATION system. The whole system functions like a "gravity" laser. We recall that the principle of four-wave mixing phase conjugation is completely general and applies to any system that is composed of interacting waveforms. Therefore, if gravity expresses itself as a waveform, it must interact in this way. Circles and the center point are degenerate cases. The center point acts as the non-linear conjugate mirror between the upper and lower nappes. Massive particles move about on the cones' surfaces. The foci of curves act as conjugate mirrors with respect to the relation between particles and their directrices."

(Dan notes- elsewhere we have discussed Golden Ratio structural self similarity as the key to the Holy Grail of non-linear optics - the right material { atomic/ molecular } for the PHASE CONJUGATE MIRROR )

Dr White writes: "Dan, you may remember me. We had a nice discussion at my place many years go in Fairfield, Iowa. I am glad you continue your research and attempts to wake the planet up. One thing that may put some people off is your strident tone and the Bucky-style Winteresque dialect you create. I know it's a kind of Howl poetry, but we can vary the tone. This will naturally happen as you engage more people. You can link into my Observer Physics site ( for a large and growing body of material that fits nicely with the soulinvitation material, but is apolitical in its overall viewpoint. As we move through this global phase transition, we all have to pull together. I will gradually link my site to other sites of scientific and cultural relevance and put my other writings up for sharing with the world. My material is all copyrighted with all rights reserved, but it is fine for people to download my articles for their own personal use. Commercial use requires written permission from me or the legal executor of my site. I also encourage other sites to provide links to mine. Tell me and I will make a conjugate link back to complete the loop. I'm putting soulinvintation and implosion group on my linklist unless and until you say not to. Best regards, and in the spirit of a soulinvitation, Douglass A. White , "

Dan's comment: "It is so nice to hear from Dr White again after all these years. He hosted conferences at his home in conjunction with a series of lectures I gave at MIU, Maharishi International University, on Physics and Consciousness - many years ago. He certainly is a deep thinking and useful partner in developing a real science of consciousness. Dr. White is suggesting I take a more diplomatic tone in addressing current scientific thinkers. He may be right. However I absolutely insist that as long as conventional biology and physics HAS NO CLUE ABOUT THE ROLE OF EVOLVING DNA IN THE FABRICATION OF GRAVITY (coherent charge compression) - that this physics which now rules our planet is HOPELESSLY STUPID and QUICKLY THREATENING THE SURVIVAL OF THIS WHOLE GENEPOOL - because of their ugly arrogance. The only way DNA and all biology gets sustainable is to learn the fractal, symmetry of charge which allows DNA to be nourished (sacred charge density) - and DNA to make the (lucid dream steering, death penetrating) gravity that ensures it's survival.

There is a time for diplomacy - and there is a time for scorpio sting to boot the stupid ass of the stuck in the mud.

----- Original Message -----
to Douglas White , re: his OBSERVER PHYSICS ( ,, From : Dan Winter (, Subject : Re: our self similarity
Thanks Doug for taking the time to put this together there anything there - say implicating the spiral which could specifically be used to support the notion that it is in fact(charge) self similarity optimized by golden ratio which creates gravity?

we list Doug's 2nd note first - perhaps more introductory: "Hi Dan,

I am expanding that brief summary I sent you with the steps of the derivations spelled out more clearly. I try to keep the math from getting too difficult. I usually write in "email" notation because I do not have a typesetting slave and do not want to become one myself.

My fundamental theory of gravity is that it is the reflection of a desire to be close to someone or something. It is a reflection of LOVE. Ultimately it is the recollection of and innate desire to return to the primordial state of UNITY. Ultimate self similarity becomes self identity. People are held to the earth, not by gravity, but by their original desire to come be here, to be close and intimate with GAIA. At a deeper level people feel an ¡§involuntary¡¨physical attraction to what they formerly separated from, a long-lost aspect of self. Then they forget about the original desire when problems and other interests come up. They may decide they want to leave, but "gravity" holds them down and becomes a great "challenge" for the physicists at NASA who want to explore space and the spiritual people who want to ascend, go to heaven, float about with the angels, and so on.

Several thousand years ago Archimedes discovered his Great Principle of Buoyancy/Density. In OBSERVER PHYSICS ( we introduce as a fundamental principle that ¡§what you experience AS effects what you perceive as TRUE. ¡§ (See Palmer, Living Deliberately, p. 109, online at Put that technology together with Archimedes' Principle, and you can go where you please and achieve what you please. This is Density Modulation. (Balloons and submarines are crude examples of a technology we have barely begun to explore.)

That the Self Similar Golden Ratio is an essential component of gravity is a natural implication of OBSERVER PHYSICS theory. I arrive at the FRACTAL PHI SPIRAL as the most logical mathematical description of the way electrons emit and absorb photons (OBSERVER PHYSICS, 11.35-39 et al.) The electron is nothing but a channel for photons PHI-coiling in and out of a Planck-scale quasi-singularity. Protons and neutrons are elaborate quark/neutrino bubbles to insulate positrons from electrons. Gravity is only associated with varying densities of mass-energy -- that is various particles, of which the most stable are electrons and protons (puffed up positrons). Thus all gravitational effects are ultimately symptoms of EM effects. (If you feel a gravitational tug, go to the center of that influence and you will find MASS with lots of wonderful intense EM effects.) The fractal relationship is visible when you compare Newton's gravity force equation (Fg) with Coulomb's electric force equation (Fe) .

* Fg = G M^2 / R^2. (for two equal masses)

* Fe = k e^2 / R^2 (for two equal quantum charges)

Here (G) and (k) are constants, (M) is mass, (e) is the quantum charge unit, (R) is radial distance separating the two masses or charges. The two equations are identical relationships occurring at different scales and with different distribution of units. The difference in units (for example, e is usually in coulombs and M is usually in kilograms) is due to historical reasons in the development of two branches of physics and inhibits a clearer understanding of the true identity of the equations. The ratio of Fe/Fg is 2.3x10^39 / 1, and seems to span an awesome gap in scale, gravity being so much weaker than EM force. But, because mass can distribute variously in space, and charges can distribute variously in mass, this fundamental quantum ratio can be manipulated and leads to crossover points where the two forces actually become equal. When they reach a dynamic equilibrium, you get HOVERING, FLOATING, BUOYANCY . A key crossover point occurs at around 1.86x10^-9 kg, roughly the mass of a flea.

To see how this works, set the ratio Fe / Fg as equal to unity and solve for M. The radial distances cancel out making this solution independent of space.

* k e^2 / G M^2 = 1.

The solution for M is easy.

* M^2 = k e^2 / G.

M is the square root of that little expression. That's all there is to it.

* M = +/- 1.86x10^-9 kg.

Study of the EM/Gravity relationship is a vast science that we are barely starting to explore. Notice that the equation really requires a pair of fleas making love to each other (M^2) or it is unstable. We also get the probability of negative mass. (Negative solutions are rampant in physics due to the common use of second degree equations.) We also discover "inverse" mass (kg^-1) when we see how a nucleon emerges from this particle. As Dirac first pointed out, negative mass corresponds to antiparticles. Observer Physics holds that inverse mass corresponds to the subconscious resistance in the observer that sustains the phenomenon of mass in the particle. This resistance comes from the observer's persistent transparent belief that the particle is somehow separate from the observer. A belief becomes transparent when the observer holds the belief, but has forgotten about it because of conscious attention on other priorities and fails to notice that the belief is still there sucking up creative energy.

* (1.86x10^-9 kg)(1.86x10^-9 kg)(4.83x10^-9 kg^-1) = 1.67x10^-27 kg.

This generates a nucleon (proton or neutron). The inverse mass ranges down to around 1.86x10^-9 kg^-1, at which point we get 4-nucleon jets of proto-helium and other combinations of hadrons, leptons, and photons. The process occurs by Hawking's black hole radiation principle. ( PHASE CONJUGATION FEYNMAN DIAGRAMS, p. 14) This means that what we think is solid matter is really rapidly flickering frames of a movie (jittering at 10^34 Hz or higher.) Higher intelligences that understand these mechanics can generate, manipulate, and record various synthetic realities and project them into space/time formats. Man is learning to manipulate genetic code the way he works on his word-processor. Mastery of the principles of phase conjugation both in physical and mental reality leads to total liberation from fixation on the world movie. First we build Hollywood, then we move beyond it to bigger and better entertainment.

We may not just be watching the handiwork of Spielberg, Lucas, and other clever moguls. Something much more interesting is going on. It's time to wake up.

Regards, Doug White

--------Doug's earlier note:" Dear Dan,
Thanks for your reply and for inserting into the IMPLOSION site some references to OBSERVER PHYSICS (OP) ( that relate to your work. I took the liberty of posting some of your beautiful PHI SPIRALS as an appendix to OP, chapter 11, where I describe the intimate ELECTRON-POSITRON-PHOTON menage a trois in terms of such a vortex structure. As you rightly note, the same model applies to gravitational interactions. That in itself suggests a unification of electromagnetism and gravity. In OBSERVER PHYSICS I calculate three different ways to unify EM and Gravity into my version of the Planck Mass.
1) The Electro-Gravity Equilibrium or crossover point between the EM and the Gravity forces. (See OP 8.8-15).
2) Black Hole Solution taking the de Broglie wavelength as the Schwarzschild radius, modulated by the fine structure constant. (See OP 12.1-3)
3) The Pseudo-Mass Density derivation as the inverse Coulomb constant (1/k) times the unit (1-meter radius) spherical volume times the ratio of the area of that same sphere to the area of its equatorial disc. (e.g., see OP 12.7; 13.12-13)

Here (Bu) stands for the Unity Boson, my version of the Planck Mass, (e) is the quantum unit of electric charge, (G) is the gravity constant, (h-bar) is Planck's constant, (c) is light speed, and (k) is the Coulomb constant from Coulomb's law. I interpret (eo) as a pseudo mass density (units = kg / m^3) so that there is a smooth transition between EM units and mechanical units instead of the obfuscation that is rampant in standard physics to keep ordinary folks as well as scientists from the truth by compartmentalizing information. (Ru) is the marvelous Radial Unit that happens to be almost exactly 1 m, the average distance between two hearts when they communicate in normal discourse. Armed with the Radial Unit we define a Unit Circle with Circumference (Oo), Area (Ao), plus a Unit Sphere with Area (As) and Volume (Ss). The (Bu) has the following approximate value, roughly equal to the mass of a flea.

This is the tiny (but amazingly still at the edge of our human scale) mustard seed from which the entire physical cosmos grows.

In OP 8.14-15 I show the connection of the quantum spin marker (h-bar) to energy and to the fundamental structure of the proton whose essential makeup is pi times the ratio (e/c) with a Radial Unit for its magnetic field. This gives the elegant mass of the proton (Mp), which was previously unknown.

Here (e) is the quantum of electric charge, (b) is the quantum of magnetic charge (square root of a weber, and thus = 1 Ru = 1 meter), and (c) is light speed. The ratio (e / c) also shows up in the Dirac equation for the electron, and is the fundamental ratio of charge to light speed.

Bu particles are unstable by themselves, but an overlapping pair becomes extremely stable, forming a mini black hole in the center. This black hole has an inverse mass of 4.83x10^-10 kg^-1. The two interacting Bu masses multiplied together times the black hole inverse mass gives the mass of the proton. In terms of "real world" mass the black hole comes to 2.07x10^9 kg, a hunk of virtual hyperspace/time warp energy. According to Hawking's formula, such a black hole has a temperature of around 10^14 K at the Quark-Hadron Transition window and spits out protons and neutrons at high frequency. But the ensemble traps them and swallows them again. This is the proton movie projector. We see the movie of our physical universe as the resultant of this super high frequency zitterbewegung that probably goes at about 10^34 Hz.

The (h-bar) component in the Bu formulas above has to do with the spin (just as it does in the Dirac equation and the Schroedinger equation), and the compound (h-bar c) introduces the fractal Dimensional Shift Operator (%), which is 3.1622 m, or the square root of 10 square meters times a fundamental quantum unit of energy. (See my article "The Geometry of White's Dimensional Shift Operator %" at A weber (or squared Radial Unit) shifted by one order of magnitude becomes (%) squared. The ratio of the Dimensional Shift circle (pi times % squared) to Ao is the pure number 10. The role of the Dimensional Shift Operator (%) that comes up both in geometry and physics is to enable the twisting spin-energy to tunnel as a fractal into and out of the Phi Vortex, not as an arbitrary spatial interval, but as the constant value formed by the conjunction of the Planck scale and the speed of photons (h-bar c). In other words Phi and % are fractal partners that bridge geometry and physics, as my D-Shift article demonstrates

The first two of the three Bu derivations mentioned above turn out to be exactly equivalent via a transformation with the fine structure constant even though I derive them from very different approaches. The third derivation shows how tightly connected the physical world is to pure geometry. The vacuum of space itself is programmed around a mustard seed of Big Bang potential.

We can express every phenomenon as an equivalence relation between the mental geometry of space and a corresponding physical energy structure. We can start with a Unified Field of Nothing, a blank slate of pure zeroes. Then we define the seven universal constants of Euclidean (Blank Mind Vacuum) Geometry (7 chakra jewels for 7 quantum dwarves), plus an arbitrary set of five defined universal constant relationships that must be coherent among themselves. In our universe the physical constants are Planck's constant (h-bar), light speed (c), Newton's constant (G), elementary quantum charge (e), and the electric permittivity of the vacuum (eo). (See "Snow White and the Seven Quantum Dwarves", in OBSERVER PHYSICS, chapter 13, at for a handy procedure to construct universes.)

The Planck Mass turns out to be the key to the structure of the proton. The Planck mass only stabilizes when it can form an ensemble of two overlapping Planck masses yab-yum style. The two cosmic partners create a dynamic black hole IMPLOSION that produces a negative energy vortex between them. This negenergy vortex radiates by Hawking radiation, spitting out PROTONS, which the implosion then promptly swallows again. This high frequency zitterbewegung (zbw) appears to stabilize as the ecstatic flickering movie we call physical reality. The electron zbw is calculated at around 10^21 Hz. The overall proton zbw may well be in the range of 10^34 Hz, which is pretty fast.

Also, with regard to the Phi alphabet, take a look at my chart that depicts the RUNES IN THE PYRAMIDS. The chart is near the end of my book, THOTH AND THE TAROT: THE AMAZING SECRETS (available online at The phi spiral definitely has a rich diversity of profiles when viewed from various angles and is a major key in the alphabet of nature to build physical forms, and hence the Language of Light. On the other hand, the primitive Semitic tribes were not quite up to speed with that level of sophisticated math (though the high Egyptian priests and adepts may have been.) For the common people they adopted the simple universal Euclidean geometry of straight lines, circles, triangles, and squares. They combined these in various ways to get the 22 letters of the alphabet. They probably chose 22 because 22/7 was the ancient approximation of PI. When arranged properly, the 22 also generate PHI nicely (See The Universal Language of Cabalah by William Eisen, Fig. 29, p. 74), but 3-D rotations of phi spirals was beyond most people who were primarily concerned with day-to-day survival and making a buck. The ancient Semitic word OD, which means Eternity, became the code for the Eye (Oayn, the sphere/circle) on the Pyramid (Daleth, triangular door to the infinite). The Eye was the Sun in the sky above, source of light and life on earth, incarnated in the eye of man as the Wisdom Eye of the Magus. The pyramid was Giza, a giant symbol of Isis. Osiris (the Magus, resurrected, enlightened, immortal pharaoh) opened his Eye of Wisdom, became the eternal erect phallus of Min (generative power of the Sun) and the Eternal Orgasm of Tem, and was placed forever inside his beloved Isis, goddess of the beautiful Asset, the mystery of Eternity. Thus Giza is a gigantic yab-yum icon, and the alphabet enshrines the Heart of Osiris (his phallic frenulum) with its hungry I/Eye within the phire/tent of his beloved. Therefore, the original Phoenician/Hebrew Sinaitic letters did NOT look at all like the decoratively serifed Hebrew letters we see in the Torah today. They looked like Runes of elementary geometry derived by projective geometry from Infinity and shaped to represent important aspects of the everyday life and survival of Semitic nomad tribes, trading caravans, and Phoenician merchant ships. The letters also represent the parts of a person's body and reproductive apparatus. That is why the Eternal Garden is called in GeNesis "GN ODN", the Eternal Place of GeNeration. G = C, the camel's hump. GN, or CN is the generative cuneus or cunt, the cuneiform letter shape (the mystic Delta Sumerian female sign) impressed with a stiff phallic stylus into clay tablets to generate the garden of literary flowers. N is the nose or gonad, with the ODor of eternity. OD is the O-eye not just on, but in the magic triangle. This is also the secret of Babaji's magic signature, the yantra for the root chakra: Circle within Triangle, within Square, within Circle. OD-BO, the eternal Bo, Babaji bubble babbling holy baboon fool (QDS BOBO), or the Cloud of Knowing OB-DO, as the attention zooms into the bindu point for trataka.
Regards, Doug White (

thanks to Frank, Heart Coherence Team - for this suggesting this site:

To further get you visually hypnotized / embedded into our COMPRESSION (Implosion / gravity making) BY TRIANGULATION theme- we present exerpts from METAEDER- ( remember the images in this section are not from Implosion Group or Dan Winter )- they are from - Dr. Eckhard Schulze-, Essen (Germany) ,, links: ,

It just happens that what he described as "Metaeder" is identical with the embedding DOCEC/ICOS infinite stellation we have been animating as STAR MOTHER - and the physics of compression - we have animated so extensively at

end Metaeder exerpt - are you squeezed into a triangle yet?
^ We are back to Kepler - knowing that Gravity (planet orbitals) is stabilized IF the platonics NEST by Triangulation.


But why should these planets do this? (Quoting from Michael Heleus now - more below) "The solar system has been shown to be something less than a perfect harmony of the spheres (Poincare, Steiner, Velikovsky, von Flandern)--Von Flandern { good reference on cosmic side of practical astronomy -} found it to be still something of a demolition derby, ( less than fractal??) going Velikovsky several better, but it is settling down to such a perennially loved harmony of the spheres, and to have all harmonics balanced at once seems to be the goal, as it is with harmonics in a human voice--and this is best achieved by the 30 Birds function where they are all in balance, or by use of phi, not a second best, so the solar system can be considered layed out in phi power ratios, and Euler Phi function sorted whole number harmonic."

Now let us introduce again our friend Michael Heleus - work in "Astrosonics". Implosion Group is happy to announce the new web site for Michael -

We'll use some exerpts from that site here to develop our focus (squeezing) in to our 'point' here:

Michael has been working for decades on the healing use of sound - much of which is based on Astronomic symmetry ( "ASTRO-sonics") . His healing sound tapes are world famous.

As your proceed- visualize pressure waves of sound and charge - squeezing down a series of NESTED TRIANGLES - inside you - your water - your biology - your 'dreaming'..

Michael begins with -
Borderland's article 1. RECONNECTING WITH THE COSMIC BEARINGS OF LIFE THROUGH THE RIGHT USE OF SOUND, click BEARINGS (this reference is gif scans of the document) (see also -Water-Elixir of Life exerpt below) - Interview with Michael Heleus, Astrosonics Pioneer -Joe Landwehr (this reference is only the table of contents) -

Borderland's article 2.-THE ASTROSONIC GENERIC TAPES -Michael C. Heleus -

"WATER - ELIXIR OF LIFE- "Since the cells of our physical bodies are composed mostly of water, they are subject to the influence of sound, light, magnetics and other subtle factors. Our physical body cells, also have colloidal suspensions, therefore, they collectively remember these vibrations. The re-structuring of water, seems to be one of the main mechanisms, through which subtle environmental influences, have effects on consciousness. Research has shown, that sound vibration, actually retrains the motion of water molecules in our physical bodies and the planetary body". from - Reconnecting with the Cosmic Bearings of Life, through the Right Use of Sound by Michael Heleus - exerpted at - Universal Sound Garden - SOUNDSCAPES INTERNATIONAL - VISIONARY ACOUSTIC SCULPTURES:

The Musical Octave by Tom Hightower:

For more about the cosmic octave and number systematics get J.G. Bennett's
'The Dramatic Universe"
- at:

I think the former is the view from standpoint of the Cosmic Individuality of Bennett, and the latter the view from the Divided Self. So the oscillating resonant balance of phi and the phi totient 30 birds function (pics below) is where 'the rubber meets the road'.

When the 30 birds function bites its tail, we get Coxeter's 30-tope as a .gif at
( Dan labeled with some comments below)

which is a wonderful tratakam object, especially when two copies are posted for binocular perception--maybe that could be added just after the Ju/Sa plot and the solar cycle plot by Charvatova- click here for pdf: 2400YrWolfCycleJOSE.pdf - "Can origin of the 2400-year cycle of solar activity be caused by solar inertial motion?"

exerpt image.. blue comments added..


'As above, so below, and conversely

The connection between Bieberich's inner-outer Sierpinsky/Pascal triangle at the micro size level of the cell is reflected over the fractal mirror of the cosmic logarithmic size half-way level (about a continent) in the trefoil triangular pattern made by the Sun as it circles the barycenter of the solar system at a macro level very roughly as far from the half-way mesocosmic size level.'

Particular thanks to Michael Heleus - also see link - ..This image from Michael Heleus - as used to introduce the concepts of infinite non destructive compression called THE GRAVITY CODE - at

Here is his 30 Birds Function work- exerpt:
Sonification of the Riemann Zeta Function by Dr. Jeff Stopple:
Music of the Primes

> The 30 Birds Function Sonification is used in the Astrosonic - + see Gods Secret Formula below the pic..

Solar 15-Note Scale is a close equivalent of Riemann Zeta Function.
The discovery of this function in 1981 was inspired by Dr. Geoffrey Dean whose book Recent Advances In Natal Astrology (1977) referring to basic math of astrosonics
can be found referenced on Marysol Gonzalez's Biosonic Forum Message No. 2000:

Note. the Egyptian frieze is from Schwaller de Lubicz - (author of "Temple in Man" with Robert Lawlor).

Michael: (exerpt from above)" I conjecture that a function for the exact occurrence of the prime numbers may be found from this waveform. A promising approach is to look for a function expressing the deviation of PHI(n) for any given prime with PHI(n) - idealized for the congruent point in the idealized frame of 30, mod 30.

This idealized PHI(n) waveform with 30 points suggested to me the Sufi story of The 30 Birds. The birds, led by one of their number, the Hoopoe, crossed 7 hills and 7 vales before coming to realize that they themselves, constituted the God for Whom they sought.

Looking at the illustration here, and following the curve fro either end, one crosses 7 maxima and 7 minima - before reaching the point of balance at 15, paralleling the story. There is strong evidence that ancient cultures knew of the 30-Birds Function - as I shall henceforth call it, in some form. Superimposing the function over the Egyptian frieze speaks for itself. .. There is so much more that could be mentioned here. The Sumerian numerology can be appropriately applied here as it was based on 2*30. In their astrology as in the modern version, Innanna (Venus) was the goddess of balance whose number was 15, digitally reducing to 6. This is directly echoed in the frieze with the woman (probably Isis) balance the array at 15.

The 30 Birds Function constitutes one of the greatkeys to the organization of the universe and to true numerology. The octave, the law of 7, the law of three, the 5 non-stellated regular polytopes (platonic solids), which are analogs of the Vedic Koshas, or bodies, and the law of symmetry of planes of being about the great central void - are all well illustrated. Much light is also shed on the meaning of the primes. For example, 7 refers to the power of the heart in numerology, ... ( inset - note from dan w.: - see how the DNA thread starts with the 5th axis of spin of cube-3- to dodec -4- to dodec wratchet down slinky into -5 spins- one THREAD OF DNA- ... then the Heart Sonic of BLISS piezoelectrically BRAIDS that DNA thread recursively SEVEN times until it becomes a - 5spins inside - 7 outside - donut:'lord of the ring' - strands )

whereas its symmetrical partner in the function is 23, the power of the head. Numbers larger than 30, especially primes, can be more readily undersotood by finding their congruence - mod 30 - divide by 30- and take the remainder, e.g. 43 is congruent to 13 mod 13."

More on Wave Form of the Primes- the '30 Birds':

A highly significant discovery:- 'Equilateral Triangle Quantum Billiards' - Here's a pdf EqlatrTriQntmBillrds.pdf of an article by Doncheski about an equilateral triangle biliard.

Trinitarians will be elated that Plichta was right in God's Secret Formula (link to Principles behind PRIME NUMBERS etc. ) that a random billiard reflected on the inside of an equilateral triangle creates a Sierpinski triangle that includes all primes--check Plichtas figure near the end of the book mentioned, then check out figure 9 of Doncheski,-reproduced below--

-where the graph of wave-packet regenerations in row 3 - compares well with 30 birds function, indicating that all primes and their order is included in an equilateral or Sierpinsky triangle as Plichta claimed and Doncheski's graph also indicates.

Also compare to: (note the similar wave function.. is this the harmonic interference of successful compression?) ( more discussion below)
Above: Here's that gif of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle by Jan Curtis making a recognizable 30 Birds function. Their closest great circle separation at each of 30 successive conjunctions is plotted vs time--that time is also geared to the graphically visibly triangular solar barycentric cycle of 179.8 years of Paul Jose as 2.25 (9/4 or 3 squared over 2 squared, whose circle expansion angles sum to a straight angle) of Jose's cycles equalling about 407 years. (or is it 5^.5=2.236?).

Wonderful job on the graphics to show the relation of the triangle q-billiard to the 30 Birds function.

The story doesnt end there--the significance for consciousness is that Bieberich has modelled an outer/inner fractal interface using a Sierpinsky triangle involving quantum resonance feedback/forward loops--there are 2 papers by him in html format that are relevant, the first illustrates the triangles inner/outer role, and the second goes more into the resonance situation and second:

Bieberich is currently at Medical College of GA. (next 3 pics from link above)

In figure 2 note, the Sierpinsky triangle suggests comparison with the Doncheski triangle and the triangular central pattern in the solar barycentric cycle.

Dr. Bieberich worked at a bioelectronics lab in U VA giving him opportunity to examine capacitance effects biologically, note the use of capacitors in figure 4A

Note from Dan - "consider in the above - how perfected WAVE distribution (perfect branching) creates perfected CHARGE distribution - which is quite clearly - perfected LIFE and AWARENESS itself. Note that the interefence of balls in a triangle to model quantum phenomena suddenly becomes the geometry of waves of charge creating compression and therefore life. ( If we see each of the nested triangle..waves nesting as what is happening on each triangular face of the icosa in the dodeca interdigitation..)"

Comment from Dan W. here: Generalizing here perhaps: (Golden Ratio) compression optimized makes wave systems including solar systems self organize and come alive.

Physics agrees that perfect compression is necessarily fractal - when will we conclude that Golden Ratio optimizes that fractality?


Michael Heleus - is focused on the astrologic of music that heals ( aka: )-

Below (followed by more Michael Heleus links) - is an exerpt of the dialog on GRAVITY CREATION FROM above gravity code link - as inspired from some of Michael's suggestions:
"Step one: download TonySweBook.pdf - around 100 MB, a tagged pdf file.
or or
as you read this - see exerpt immediately below-- - (the dialog begins by discussing how the compression of spheres can be optimized. Think about Jim Sawyer - 6 dimension design - teaching the International Conference on Superconductivity in Buffalo NY years ago - that the BEGINNING OF SUPERCONDUCTIVITY - hint palladium is dodeca - is when that major charge centers in a molecular structure JITTERBUG - like the vectorflexor - to CHANGE SYMMETRY in 3D - from the CUBE-OCTA - WHICH DEFINES 3D spheres - charge radiance fields- best close packing - origin of zodiac geometrics - to ICOSA / DODECA! - origin of ZOME - and STAR MOTHER KIT -

.. this leads to his analysis of what Richard HAWKINS (his Jitterbug- ) CALLED TIMESTAR - then he presents Krsanan Duran's version of the Timestar - which is the simplified way 5 TETRA (which in pair would be 5 cube) perfectly tilt into DODECA (without noting that the critical tilt angle that allows 3D cube into 4spin dodec - hypercube / tesseract- is the 32 degree critical spine top chin tilt of sphinx - see - ) - . When Krsana first worked to produce her image of 5 tetra in cube timestar - ( about 8 years ago I think) I showed her at that time my version of the timestar - which extends that dodec by continous stellation (straight out extension of every edge by Golden Ratio) to produce an infinite interdigitation nest (only 3D fractal - ) od dodeca icosa. This symmetry then beings the website - on the PHIRICAIS physics ( and the Hadron article ).

ask your self WHY the Poincare major symmetry space is dodecahedral - WHY that stellation (the nodes of the interdigitation extension of edge lines - creating dodec / icos / dodec infinitedly) has an x,y and z coordinate value which are EACH ALL a simple whole number power of Golden Ratio. The distance to center is all precisely a cascade of Golden Ratio to allow compression. This is then what we animated - into this picture - the starting point of the Hadron article: see: - the connection there to Tony Smith's work on the DODECA symmetry from Poincare - is with thanks to the suggestion from Michael Heleus -Gravity Code:Self-Similarity(Fractality)Creates Gravity&Awareness
Particular thanks to Michael Heleus
- also see link - for his suggestions here:. Step one: download TonySweBook.pdf - around 100 MB, a tagged pdf file. ...

'Hartmut Muller in Germany is also working with these same 4 constants as the basis of cosmic scaling in size time, and radiation. See his essay on this, Global Scaling as a pdf here GlobalScalingTheory01.pdf - also his web , finally - also from Dan Winter / Implosion Group:

Epilog:- Is the Bose Einstein CONDENSATE ("BEC")- the symmetry of this same Dodeca - Icosa - nest.:

(How is Charge PRECIPITATED- 'to CONDENSE'- is it in fact the dodec/ Phi COMPRESSION symmetry)

Note in the below that the Icosa + Dodeca (which merged ARE the snub dodec) have exactly 60 vertex total!

quoting further from Michael Heleus."Looks like we are in for some sort of vesica piscis scenario as traditionally to bridge the BEC to ordinary reality, as per Sarantites and others.

Before the correspondence with Hotson suddenly broke off, I had been writing about the possible geometric forms the 4 types of electron the Dirac equation (and the Riemann Zeta function points to at its singularity at x=1) calls for which use 60 vertices (which need for 60 it looks like Frank agrees with) and from the Archimedean systems there are just 4 with 60 vertices, conveniently, and 3 of the 4 have to exist in ordinary space, as only the 4th, the snub dodec is enantiomorphic and can thus map the only known way the BEC of epos can move, in a vortex--and it has 80 triangular faces where something can emerge into ordinary reality. Yet there are two solutions that are negative time/energy that have to stay in the BEC, and this leads to an ambiguity that may be behind the emergence of the system from the BEC into ordinary space as a snub dodec neutron. At this point, maybe you have some ideas for me since I haven't so far been able to visualize how to reconcile this emergent snub dodec with the other scenario that I think you and Frank have made some pieces for that I now can assemble--the body centered 4d tesseract cube that becomes self-dualed so that together the two make up an epo pair, with the polarity oscillating so that one is in ordinary space, and the other is in the BEC which then tilt arctan Phi^-1 =31.717 degrees 11 times (actually 11.35+), which is very convenient for Ostrander and other 11-horizon cosmos models, and recur at 5 different equally spaced positions during each tilt stage, thus giving 2X17 (tesseract) x 5x11 (dodec)= 1870 vertices. Phi just entered the act again since 55/34= 1.617+. The neutron being thus vortically and concentrically expelled out of the BEC requires only 1836 e- charge vertices, so we have an excess of 34 vertices, just enough to give a dual tesseract structure at the center and nucleate a new cycle of BEC neutron ejection! The center needs only 16 vertices and a 17th as center to have a central electron to balance the surrounding 1836 making up the proton. That extra 17 still in the BEC makes that center unstable, so the neutron has a much shorter life than the uncentered proton. That center has the pos energy/time electron inside, but the neg energy positron still in the BEC is non-local and can thus be outside the proton--and when it stays there more than half the time, hydrogen is born. Whew!"

Comment from Dan - kool how 'non-locality' means the same thing as perfected charge distribution radiating from the prefect compressibility of Golde Ratio ? fractality!>

Epilog 2: A Reminder about the Probably Dodec/ Icos structures of a) water and b) gold {powder} - in their activated / superconductive? states .. Implies the Golden Ratio based implosive collapse inviting dodeca / icosa stellation is the key principle ( self similarity creates gravity):

A reminder elsewhere we discuss why it is the dodeca / icosa self- similarity in gold's valence - is key.

"Hello Dan, Michael - I have been reading up on ORMUS again (!)

and I came across the following passage by a David Cater, which fits into the Iapus/ anti-gravity structure issue we'd talked about before, maybe? Best wishes Freddie

"In one of his un-transcribed lectures, David Hudson quotes from one of the scientific papers he uses for reference. (I wish I had the exact quote and the lecture reference but I don't and it might take days to find it.) The quote was probably from one of the Physical Review papers on monatomic transition elements. As I recall, the quote suggested that monatomic gold could only exist as a gas.

If this is true, what is it that we see when we see a small white particle of ORMUS gold? What is the bond that holds these particles together? Is it a chemical bond, a nuclear bond or something we have never heard of? We obviously need a theory, which will clarify how these seemingly contradictory facts can all be true. The hypothesis, which I would suggest might reconcile these contradictions, is that the bosonic unit (that is the monatom or diatom) is not what we are seeing at all. Rather, what we are seeing is the cage or box that the bosonic unit is held in.

I suspect that virtually all chemical manipulation of the unassayable ORMUS elements is actually just manipulation of the particular molecular cage it is in. ( insert note- here - look up the role of the dodeca - CLATHRATE cage in water molecular array, and as the contained for Pat Flanagan's implosive mono-atomic hydrogen based MicroHydrin)

If these elements are superconductors which exhibit diamagnetic properties in water then they would have to be single "unit" superconductors rather than matrix superconductors like we are used to. A single "unit" superconductor would have to be a boson with fully paired electrons AND fully paired nucleons as well.

The "preference" that these elements seem to have for hanging out inside molecular cages could be that these cages provide some shielding from magnetic and other forces. As single unit superconductors they would tend to retreat from magnetic fields into any structure which gave them some shielding from those fields. My colleague noticed this when he found that a rubber banded stack of microscope slides would tend to collect ORMUS in the tight space between the slides.

He took advantage of this effect when he would put a sealed bottle of aluminum oxide desiccant beads in the shielded container with his ORMUS products. He claims that these beads provide a tight comfy place for the ORMUS to hang out and that the ORMUS "gets into" the sealed container and changes the color of the indicator beads while the factory seal on the bottle is still intact. (I have seen this happen.) The sealed bottle of desiccant beads actually gains weight as the beads became saturated with ORMUS.

I would like to suggest that the ORMUS affinity for tight spaces also holds as an affinity for the very tight spaces inside molecules.
While in this tight inner molecular space I would expect the Meissner "field" to exercise some control over the behavior and configuration of the molecule it is associated with.

Dr. Martin Chaplin who is the Professor of Applied Science at South Bank University in London has a well-described theory that water is generally composed of icosahedral water clusters. You can read more about this theory at