Dan and Valerie on Tour

First.. In Germany

(above) The Castle near Gottingen where we meditate..

The Templar remnant in Gottingen area?..

Next .. In Sweden..


traditional tapestries in Valerie's hometown. Falun, Sweden

Above and Below.. Dan and Valerie with Val's childhood family friend. in Central Sweden..

Above.. Anders Johannsen sharing great spiritual memories near Stockholm

Above.. Dan, Anders & Osa from Stockhom, and Risto from Finland - at Valerie's ancestral lakeside home Falun, Sweden

Above.. Dan prepares to film in Sweden..

Above and Below.. more views of Valerie's family lake.. Rog

Risto & Dan play with Swedish neighbor.. former Ambassador.. on mushroom picking walk..

Above and below .. we visit artists home by the lake nearby..


After.. travels in Finland, Sweden and lecturing in Oslo.. Dan and Valerie.. traveled to Paris, then visited her family friends in Brittany and another home in the islands..

Then they flew from Amsterdam via London to Cancun via Mexico City..

below their tour group assembles outsife Tulum, Mexico..

above -Local Mayan's play near Chichenitzen hotel..

Above.. the view from Tulum.. not far from their retreat..

tour seminar group near Tulum

RogerRoger and Marisse- tour hosts.. fengshuiseminars.com

The scene atop Chichenitzen with Valerie and friends..

Above.. Ninon and Arturo from Mexico city.. part of the Tulum conference.. ready to take their spiritual FLIGHT..

After travels in Mexico..& teaching his 4 day advanced course Dan & Valerie flew to meet the extended group in Cuzco (after fairly painful flights from cancun to mexico city to Santiago-12hr layover- to Lima to Cuzco..).. then here onward to 4 hour trainride to the hotsprings at Machu Pichu.. see soulinvitation.com/peru for the solar temple information from that site..



Above & below.. Pablo Neruda's Famous Chilean National Poet and Hero.. home at the wild ocean coast outside Santiago, Chile.

Below- Many wonderful moments with the Sao Paulo, Brazil Group.. Including the Rural Ecovillage Conference- Sacred Geometry

here is the link to the Future Vision Eco-village- http://www.sustainablevillages.org/Resources/pages/csv_pilot.html

Above- the beautiful lake created & trees planets, last year- which brought them water this year..


Then New Zealand..


Te Rerenga Wairua- Meeting Point of Oceans (Tasman&Pacific)

Down the Beach...

Another Moment and In the Drink...


I think my toenails are wet...


Cape Maria Van Diemen


Firey Sunset on the Dunes..