Measuring the Effect of Tree Hugging! Sacred Geometry & Fractal Embedding Applied to the Charge Relationship of Human Hearts to the actual field effect of trees.

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Effect of Magnetics & Emotion on Trees, Measured:

Project Treelite:
Measuring The Profound Effect
of Trees Charge Envelope
Connecting To The Charge Envelope
Around Human Glands During Intense Emotion..

Remember in Celestine Prophecy that Clairvoyance Did Not Develop
Unless You Had the Opportunity to Sit under Old Growth Trees?

New June 06: Essene Saint-'Grace of Mt.Shasta'
presents real experience of BLISS lifestyle+experiences-with the HYGIENE and the LOVE .. Dan's intro suggests connection with the Science of Bliss to the reality-also noting the Egyptian origin/context of Essene +grail wisdom.

 3 new films from Implosion Group/ Dan Winter - ONLINE-June 06- (main film index)
Presenting:Solutions to ADDICTION / A.D.D.-with self-empowered neurofeedback
+Scientific understanding of BLISS-with Dan Winter- introduced by Dr.CorneliusVanDorp at New Zealand Maori holistic health center..(2004)
Measuring Tree Harmonics to measure ecologic health -
HeartTuner preamp - presented by Dan Winter in Netherlands (04)-How probe works - how pathologic harmonics identify sick tree - .etc .

EKG and the Earth's ELF Magnetic Resonance.

Frequency Signatures of ELF TREE fields embedded or phase locked or "touched" with human emotion.


Trace Mineral Geometry for Dying Trees. Trace Mineral Geometry for Dying Trees.

"Homeopathic" Charge Radiance by Perfect Fractal FernLike Embedding